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Provilllus For Women Why Provillus Reviews Say It Works

The hair growth product Provillus has been making waves over the Internet and while not much marketing has been done in commercial spaces, many online Provillus reviews have given it gleaming recommendations.

Most hair growth products tend to develop and market their solutions towards men because men generally suffer from such hair problems more often than women. However, there is still a sizable portion of the population out there that suffers from this issue women.

Provillus reviews have highly recommended the hair loss product for women because of the customized ingredients used that is catered towards the root cause of why women suffer from hair loss. Men and women's bodies work different and the cause of hair loss is very different. Most hair loss products tend to have a one-size-fits-all approach to curing the loss of hair and very often, it is the main reason why results have been lukewarm at best.

Provillus contains azelaic acid which helps to not only encourage hair growth, but also repair hair follicles. This ingredient is found in many hair loss solutions and is proven to be very safe with almost no side effects.

Women tend to lose hair because of hormonal imbalance and this is very different when compared to men, whom are losing hair because of the substance DHT. Because the cause is not the same, the solution is also customized to tackle each problem with maximum effect. Provillus reviews have discovered that it is because of the customized solution that results are often better for women who want to cure their hair issues and to regain their crown of hair.



Why Provillus for women reviews say it works  

Provillus for women reviews