2020 SHD Annual Report

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Annual Report

Meals on Wheels volunteers prepare and deliver meals

Meals on Wheels volunteers prepare and deliver meals to homebound SHD residents.

Photo by Magali Gauthier Embarcadero Media



Serving in a Pandemic Our community partners step up in this time of need to serve SHD residents


District Elections November 3 Sequoia Healthcare District residents will elect board members for Zones B & D


Message from Our CEO Pamela Kurtzman outlines the successes, challenges, and inspiration in our work


Investing in the Community See the impact of your dollars during a year defined by COVID-19



hope you and your families are healthy

Our Core Values: Sequoia CARES

and safe during these very uncertain and challenging times. We recognize

the devastating effects the pandemic and the wildfires are having on the lives of our residents, especially for those who are


vulnerable among us. We also recognize that the current health crisis is underscoring

We demonstrate care by the programs we provide and support

deep-seated inequities and increased vulnerabilities across our community and that our work to create systemic change to address racial and health inequities is more important, and more challenging, than ever.


We act as catalysts for developing and implementing innovative and impactful programs


We give due regard for the rights of everyone and uphold the dignity all people deserve


We are committed to improving access to health and wellness services for all residents

STEWARDSHIP We are diligent and ethical in our entrusted role with taxpayer funds

As the current crises continue to disrupt our daily lives, our nonprofit partners are seeing an extraordinary rise in the demand for their services. Over the past six months, the District has undertaken several measures,

You Are Invited

Both regularly scheduled and special SHD Board meetings are open to the public. Currently, all board meetings are held over Zoom. The Zoom information is posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting, and the board agenda is available on seqhd.org. Regular board meetings are held the first Wednesday of every even month.

Sequoia Healthcare District Zones San Mateo

including a new $3 million-dollar investment

do you think real change looks like? What

to ensure these agencies can maintain

opportunities have emerged for the future

operations and continue their crucial work

of healthcare and for the reorganization of

as they adapt to this new level of need.

our institutions? How can the District best

Sequoia Healthcare District is committed to

support its community? For more information

supporting essential public services every

about these Town Halls, please visit our

step of the way. We are also committed to

website at www.seqhd.org.

identifying opportunities, helping tackle the health inequities these crises are exposing and acting decisively to implement real change. To that end, we will be hosting monthly

Pamela Kurtzman

Town Hall meetings to hear from you. What

CEO Sequoia Healthcare District

San Francisco Bay


Belmont San Carlos

ÂŁ â „



Redwood City 84

North Fair Oaks 82

Atherton Menlo Park West Menlo Park 280


Election Zones Within Sequoia Healthcare District Zone A: Zone B: Zone C: Zone D: Zone E:








94404, 94065, 94002, 94070, 94063, 94025, 94403 94062, 94061, 94027, 94025, 94063 94062, 94061, 94070, 94002 94063, 94062, 94025, 94061 94403, 94002, 94402, 94028, 94062, 94020, 94070, 94025


Your Vote Counts Sequoia Healthcare District is governed by five board members, each representing a geographical zone. Each board member serves a four-year term. Board members from Zones A, C, and E were elected in 2018. Board positions up for election this year will represent Zones B and D.

Redwood Shores


In good health,

Portola Valley

We have a new online zone locator tool LocateMyDistrict on our website at (www.seqhd.org) at the bottom of the home page that allows community members to type in their address to locate the zone in which they reside and learn who their board member is. SHD invites community members to learn if their board members are up for election and find out more about who represents them. Board biographies are available at www.seqhd.org/ board. By law, each zone must be equal in population based on the census; therefore, SHD will be redrawing zone boundaries before the 2022 elections based on 2020 census information. We plan to establish a public process for rezoning that includes gathering public comment. We welcome all community members to participate.





The District receives the bulk of its income from a portion (1.3 percent) of annual property tax from residential and commercial properties within its boundaries. The District’s annual budget is approved each June by SHD’s Board of Directors and an annual audit is provided by an independent auditing firm. SHD’s fiscal year runs from July 1 of the first year through June 30 of the second year.



Income $17.9M Tax Revenue



$14.6 Million

Pension (pass-thru income)

$2.7 Million

Rental and Investment Income


Caring Community


Each year, SHD provides grants through our competitive Caring Community Grants program, ranging from $10,000 to 150,000 to local non-profits that offer key health services to District residents. Grantees are required to make mid-year and end-of year reports detailing how they used funds to positively impact the health of District residents. The 2019-20 Caring Community Grants served over 30,000 SHD residents. On May 6, 2020, SHD Board approved of the Grants Committee’s recommendation to award $3 million for the 2020-21 grants cycle.



Expenses $17.5M

Community Health Investment 2019-2020


Healthy Schools Initiative (HSI)

$4.4 Million

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

$3.0 Million *

Caring Community Grants

$3.0 Million

Major Funding Initiatives

$2.7 Million

Pension (pass-thru expense)

$2.7 Million

Programs and Administration

$1.1 Million



Health Literacy 51%



Socio-Emotional 4,900 Clinical 2,800 ATOD



Total SHD Residents Served 33,500 3%

*Over $600,000 have been disbursed in the 2019-20 fiscal year

Healthy Schools Initiative Over the past 10 years, Healthy Schools Initiative (HSI) has helped support ongoing health needs in our local school districts by funding health and wellness leads, nurses, mental health services, and a variety of health-related programs through our school grants program. Our annual contribution to these efforts exceeded $4.4 million and impacted a total of 28,000 students across 8 school districts.

PE+ coach practices socialdistancing while creating online curriculum

The focus areas of our dollars in the 2019-20 school year have been around mental health, social-emotional learning (SEL), and Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs (ATOD). We provided funding for staff and parent trainings on topics spanning the gamut of mental health, strength-based training, equity and diversity, and ATOD prevention. The 2019-20 HSI grants program provided an additonal half a million dollars distributed across 21 non-profit organizations that directly served over 12,000 students, teachers, and parents during the school day. Healthy Schools Initiative Expenses 8%

Direct Staffing



$2.7 Million

PE+ $900,000 61%

HSI Grants


Programs $300,000 Total HSI Expenses

$4.4 Million

$4.4 Million Total investment in Healthy Schools Initiative


Number of school districts


HSI school grants awarded in 2019

28,000 Students served by Healthy Schools Initiative




PAID Burlingame, CA Permit No.63

525 Veterans Boulevard Redwood City, CA 94063



Participants at Adaptive PE’s Senior Aging Week

Board of Directors

Who We Are

Kim Griffin, RN

Sequoia Healthcare District was formed in 1946 and was the first healthcare district in California. The district covers central and southern San Mateo County. Specifically, this includes the cities of Atherton, Belmont, Redwood City, Portola Valley, San Carlos, Woodside and portions of Menlo Park, Foster City and San Mateo. There are approximately 220,000 residents in this area from the last census count.


Jerry Shefren, MD Vice President

Arthur Faro


Aaron Nayfack, MD/MPH Rafael Avendaño

Staff Pamela Kurtzman, MPH CEO

Karen Li, MD,

Director of School Health

Jenny Bratton

Manager of Grants and Programs

Heidi Stamper

Executive Assistant

We are one of the 78 California Healthcare Districts created to respond to the specialized health needs of our communities. As a healthcare district, we are directly accountable at the community level. In many instances, SHD provides funding for local health and medical services that form an integral part of the community’s health care safety net.

Free Virtual CPR Classes

Our Mission & Vision Our mission is to improve the health of District residents by enhancing access to care and promoting wellness through responsible stewardship of District taxpayer dollars. Our vision is for all District residents to experience optimal physical and mental health at every stage of life.

During the pandemic, SHD is providing free Virtual CPR classes to learn Infant and Adult CPR. Get hands-on experience using the American Heart Association’s research-proven practice-while-watching technique in a virtual environment. Classes are designed for those who want to learn CPR but do not need a certified course completion card. To register for your free class: http://bit.ly/SHDCPR

“A $50,000 COVID-19 grant from Sequoia Healthcare District will allow for the production and delivery of frozen meals. This modification of our program, transitioning to frozen meals, would allow us to deliver multiple frozen meals to clients over two to three deliveries a week. This is important and necessary in order to further minimize contact with meal recipients and to meet the increased need for home delivered meals for 225 SHD residents.”

Stepping Up Our Services in a Time of Need Our agency partners are essential lifelines for so many in our community, and SHD is staying nimble to provide them with the resources and support they need at this critical moment. These service providers are stepping up to meet unparalleled demand and we are happy to be in a position to help.

For Menlo Park-based Peninsula Volunteers, COVID-19 has forced the closure of revenue-generating programs, which help support their safety net services like Meals on Wheels (MOW). “By opening grants and marshalling resources, with flexibility, Sequoia Healthcare District is helping us to keep providing meals on wheels and purchase equipment needed to get more meals out the door every day,” said Peter Olson, CEO and Executive Director of Peninsula Volunteers. Funding support and flexibility from Sequoia Healthcare District has meant that Peninsula Volunteers can not only keep Meals on Wheels running for seniors in need, but can expand the program to include frozen meals for later use.

Some Ways Our Partners Are Meeting Community Needs

With funding provided by SHD’s COVID-19 emergency grants, our partners have been able to meet the increased demand for services from March-June, 2020: MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION: 150 Spring Street Housing (RWC) clients provided essential services during ShelterIn-Place

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL: $100,000 provided in safety net services 52 families representing 208 individuals served RAVENSWOOD FAMILY CLINIC: 785 health check-ins provided 524 dental check-ins provided SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK: 4,996 residents served per month 660,000 pounds of food distributed SHD ANNUAL REPORT 2020