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Women can’t leave kids home alone Salt Lake City police say woman brought kids to drive-by shooting Man does his nut Linden, N.J. Police detective Lt. James Sarnicki theorizes that Richard Baird, 49, was "frustrated" that squirrels kept invading his house through a hole in the wall. "He was frustrated to the point where he proceeded to put some peanut butter by a tree in one of his backyards to lure the squirrels to the peanut butter," Sarnicki said, "and then he was shooting them with a BB gun." But that wasn't enough: he made an example of them: "After he killed them," Sarnicki continued, "for some unexplainable reason, he was hanging their bodies from one of the fences in the backyard." Baird was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, and faces a $1,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail. (RC/WCBS New York) ... most people would have just fixed the hole in the wall.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that A woman with children ages 1 and 2 in her car fired a gun at a man twice early Sunday. All the bullets apparently missed. About 3 a.m. Sunday, the 33-year-old woman Vera Marie Castillo approached a group of people in Salt Lake City and fired multiple times, according to a report Salt Lake City police filed with the jail. Then she singled out one man, who was her neighbor, and chased him and shot at him, the report says. The woman got in her car and drove away, then returned and shot at the neighbor "several more times,". The report says that the two kids were in the car while the woman was shooting from inside the vehicle. Castillo was arrested and remained in the Salt Lake County jail. She is being held without bail on suspicion of assault and attempted to commit a capital How its done in Florida: Kalpeshkumar Patel, 40, pulled in to a gas station in High Springs, Fla., where he used to work. The station's owner was expecting him: he said Patel had called several times and left messages saying he was going to set fire to his car to burn the station down. Sure enough, Patel pulled up to a pump, witnesses say, and spewed gasoline on his car and on himself. But he couldn't complete his threat: he asked several people if he could borrow a lighter, and either they didn't have one, or wouldn't loan it to him. Patel was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and attempted arson. (RC/Gainesville Sun) ...Reason for dismissal: "Reports to work unprepared."

Trip cover for people living in all EUcountries The policy is written in English and the premiums are the same irrespective of which country you live. It is not necessary for you to have formal residential documents Travel Insurance for people living in Spain Globelink have been providing specialist Travel Insurance policies for many years and offer a unique combination of personal service, sensible cover and security including a 24 hour multi-lingual emergency service. This enables you to relax and enjoy your holiday with the comfort of knowing that you will be looked after by experts if things go wrong. Travel Insurance cover used to be a problem for Brits living in Spain. Most UK insurers will only offer cover if you live in UK, and Spanish insurers provide very restricted cover at an enormous premium. That’s all changed. Globelink International is a UK based Travel Insurance specialist Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority and Approved by EU Regulators. Globelink have become the leading provider of Annual Multi Trip policies and also Single .

In view of recent events, we believe that our clients should be insured for Emergency Medical Expenses and Repatriation should they be injured as a result of a terrorist attack and our underwriters have agreed to include this cover. In practice this means that we will provide the necessary medical assistance required in the event that an insured person is inadvertently injured as a result of a terrorist action. Cover for many pre-existing medical conditions are included, others may require you to make a quick telephone call to ensure that you will be insured in the event of a re-occurrence, or in case it causes you to cancel a pre-booked holiday. Most hazardous activities are covered as standard and higher risk activities can often be included for an extra charge. A full list of activities is given on our website

Globelink Annual Multi Trip policies give cover for an unlimited number of trips with a choice of cover for Worldwide or Europe only. You can select from policies giving a maximum individual trip duration of 17, 31 , 45 , 60 , 90 or 120 days. This is reduced to a maximum of 60 days for people aged 66 to 71. Policies for single trips are available for people aged up to 84 for European travel or to 74 for Worldwide cover.

For an instant quote and to arrange cover securely online, enabling you to print your policy documents immediately, by visiting or you can telephone Globelink on: 00 44 1353 699082 or their Spanish link line on 966 265 000.

by Jan Morley Aussie bacon and pineapple and cheese burgers

INGREDIENTS 1kg lean minced beef 3 cloves garlic crushed Bunch chopped flatleaf parsley Salt and pepper 1 egg yolk 75ml tomato kĂŠtchup 50ml oyster sauce To serve Sliced red onions Sliced cheese Fried egg Sliced pineapple Sliced beetroot Sliced beef tomatoes Burger buns Method Knead together all the burger ingredients, divide into 6 equal balls, flatten into burgers using a palette knife, and then chill, overnight if possible,( or at least an hour ) To cook,light the bbq and use the 15 second test (as mentioned above )to see if ashen coals are ready for cooking Place the burgers on the bbq to cook until edges start to colour, turn carefully until coloured on the other side, then move to the cooler corner with less coals to cook for a further 15 minutes Meanwhile cook the bacon and pineapple, top the burgers with the cheese, fry the eggs in a pan , warm the buns and served layered with red onions sliced tomatoes and beetroot. Secure with a pinchos stick,


In 2008, a military conflict between Georgia and a grouping of Russia, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia was instigated by the shelling of Georgian towns around South Ossetia. And attacks on Georgian police and peacekeepers, supposedly by South Ossetian militias. On August 7, 2008, Georgian forces began shelling the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali; this was followed, on August 8, 2008, by an advance of Georgian Army infantry, tanks, and police commandos, leading to the capture of a number of key towns and retreat of Russian peacekeepers and South Ossetian forces. However, after a Russian peacekeepers' base was shelled and personnel killed, units of the Russian Army, entered South Ossetia through the Roki Tunnel, thus leading to a three-day battle which left the city of Tskhinvali in ruins.

Georgian forces were subsequently forced to retreat and the Russian Air Force began launching airstrikes against multiple targets inside Georgia proper. The Georgian Air Force resisted and later continued to carry out air strikes against Russian troops. A second front was opened when the separatist Republic of, Abkhazia with Russian support, launched an offensive against Georgian troops. Georgian troops offered minimal resistance and soon withdrew. On August 12, 2008, President Medvedev announced a halt to further Russian military operations in Georgia and ordered a gradual withdrawal. Despite this Russian forces remained in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Since the war, South Ossetian and Russian officials have made a number of unsubstantiated claims that the Georgian Army was responsible for killing 1,400-2,000 civilians. Human Rights Watch and European Union investigators have subsequently accused Russia of exaggerating the scale of such casualties. All sides sustained casualties, with Georgia accounting for the

greatest number of military casualties with 170 confirmed dead or missing. Since the war, Georgia has maintained that Abkhazia and South Ossetia are under Russian occupation and remain, legally, part of Georgia. Georgia has gained much international support for this position although attempts at limiting international access to and enforcing an economic embargo of the two break-away regions have produced mixed results.There are many famous places in Georgia and the country's culture and heritage is a clear reference of colonial rule. Georgia being one of the most beautiful countries, there are many tourist attractions and famous places in Georgia. Tbilisi : The capital city is one of the famous places in Georgia. Tbilisi has a humid subtropical climate, which makes it a tourist's favorite. Sameba Cathedral: is another famous place which you can visit in Tbilisi. It is one of the largest monument and architectural glories in the South Caucasus Region. Metekhi: Is referred to as the historic district which you must see. It was the earliest

inhabited place in the whole city. There is a church in the district which reflects the medieval structure and style. The church was built by Demetruis II Freedom Square: Was formerly known as Erivan Square and is situated in Tbilisi and is a major attraction. It has the Freedom Monument which is also known as St.George Statue, right in the center. Freedom Square was an important site for many demonstrations Narikela: is one of the famous places in Georgia. Narikela means coconut. The first sapling of coconut tree was planted here and that is why it was named Narikela to remind people of the incident. When to visit Georgia? Georgia experiences diverse climate even though it is a pretty small nation. Generally there are two main climatic zones which separate the Western part from the Eastern part. In the Western region you will find humid subtropical kind of climate and in the Eastern region, it varies from humid subtropical to continental.

The Hog Roast Run by, Adrian Davies, an accomplished chef both in the UK, and for the last 12 years working on the Costa del Sol, the Hog Roast and Event Catering company successfully combines all the elements needed to ensure your party is well organised and enjoyed by you and your guests. “You have fun and we do the work�, says Adrian, even down to removing all the rubbish at the end of the event. Their hog roast is more than just pork in a bun! Your party / event will be managed personally by Adrian and his team to suit your tastes and needs. The hog roast can include salads, apple sauce, stuffing, bread rolls, jacket potatoes and sauces or can be accompanied by fresh vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy. The choice is endless.

To add a Spanish flavour, you could have paella cooked in front of your guests. BBQ's are also a great favourite with their clients. They understand that you also may like to hold a children’s party. The children enjoy a BBQ and they have an ice cream booth giving children a unique chance to help themselves to toppings for their ice cream. A karaoke and DJ is also available. They have an extensive and comprehensive hire service. Starters and desserts are also available. They also cater fully for vegetarians and understand the different dietary needs that may be required. Please visit their website . where you can see a short video and photos from recent events, plus the complete range of services which can be supplied.

George Clooney: I know I'm going to hell when I die Actor George Clooney says he's not so innocent Comments George Clooney doesn't mind getting older George Clooney reckons he's been a bit of a bad boy over the years. If the afterlife exists, the actor says he doesn't think he's done enough to get into heaven. 'Well, I know that when I die I'm going to hell,' he says. George, 51, who's currently dating former wrestler Stacy Keibler, 32, has calmed down since his wild days and is coming to terms with becoming middle-aged. 'I was watching Up In The Air and I thought: "Jesus, who's the old grey-haired guy?" I never wear make-up for movies and now it's starting to show,' he tells the Sunday Express's S magazine. 'But I'm kind of comfortable with getting older because it's better than the other option, which is being dead. So I'll take getting older.' TOWIE's James 'Arg' Argent and Gemma Collins: We're having the best sex ever and it's love The Only Way Is Essex stars Arg and Gemma are loved-up Gemma Collins and James 'Arg' Argent insist their relationship is genuine TOWIE fans saw James and Gemma enjoying a passionate kiss at an Olympics-themed party on the hit ITV2 show last weekend. Now they've revealed that they've been enjoying 'the best sex they've ever had' since first hooking up in Marbella earlier this year. 'We got to my hotel room and she made me go downstairs and get her a brandy and Coke with two cubes of ice,' recalls Arg, 24, about their first time in bed together. 'I came upstairs and she was in bed in her silk and lace. And she was playing the Backstreet Boys!' Arg - who split from co-star Lydia Bright after 4 years earlier this year - and Gemma, 31, have found it difficult to persuade some people that their relationship is genuine.But the couple deny that they're only together for a storyline and say they've even told each other that they're in love.

'I'd just moved into my new flat and James walked into the bedroom and said: "That's my side of the bed,"' says Gemma. 'Then we went for an Indian and I said: "I love you," and he said "I love you, too Cheryl Cole finds herself in a love triangle Cheryl Cole caught malaria during a holiday with Derek Hough. Hough's friendship with Katherine Jenkins seemed to be heating up when we saw them getting touchy feely at the Wireless Festival in London three weeks ago. But now we hear there's a fly in the ointment - in the shape of Cheryl Cole. Sources close to Derek, 27, and Katherine, 32, tell us the singer's upset with Derek putting Chezza first.'She feels Cheryl has too much influence over him,' says a friend. 'Cheryl called him recently when he was out with Katherine and he spent ages on the phone. 'It's normal for them, but Katherine felt like a third wheel.' Despite strong denials by Katherine's representatives, Now's source adds: 'Cheryl's a good friend of Derek's, but it's becoming a sticking point for Katherine. 'Every girl wants to feel they're most important.'But a source close to Cheryl, 29, says: 'Cheryl isn't aware of how Katherine feels and she'd be mortified that she's put Derek in that situation.'

Why do I support the Positively Pink Charity ?? By Dr David Deardon, The British Surgical Clinic and Medical Lead for the Positively Pink Screening Programme As a UK born surgeon who trained in the 1980’s when dedicated breast cancer services were being established in hospitals throughout the UK I have been involved in managing breast disease for many years. The need for screening was acutely emphasized for me when 3 members of my family were affected by the disease. After leaving my post as a consultant surgeon in the NHS and joining the Gibraltar Health Authority in 2005 as their only fully accredited surgeon, one of the first things I did was establish a one stop breast clinic. This clinic identified over 30 new cancers in the first year of existence (twice the number expected from historical data) and was instrumental in diagnosing cancers earlier. Consequently there was a need for less destructive surgery and long term outcomes improved. I was the surgical lead on the GHA steering committee which has now successfully seen the Gibraltar Health Authority introduce its own breast screening service. Breast Cancer Facts Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. The lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is one in nine and in the UK, 41,000 new cases are diagnosed each year (1% of cases occurring in men). The risk of breast cancer is increased in some patients if there is a family history (particularly on the maternal side). The risk of breast cancer increases with age and 80% of breast cancers occur in women over the age of 50. Current data indicate that survival rates from breast cancer are improving. The key factors for this improvement are increased breast awareness and early detection and presentation of breast cancer. What Is Breast Awareness? Every woman’s breasts are different, so becoming Breast Aware means knowing what is normal for you. Women should become familiar with the appearance and feel of their breasts during everyday life. Regular self examination can be very helpful, so make breast awareness a normal part of caring for your body. I often advise women to examine their breasts on the same number day as their birthday each month. cont’d....

Remember that 90% of cases of breast cancer are detected by women themselves or by their partners so follow the Breast Awareness Five Point Code: 1. Know what is normal for you 2. Look and feel 3. Know what changes to look for 4. Report any changes without delay 5. Attend for breast screening The Normal Breast It is important for you to know what is normal for you. If in doubt get your doctor or practice nurse to show you how to examine your breasts. Before the menopause breasts are affected by the hormonal changes in the milk producing tissue and change throughout the cycle. For some women their breasts may feel lumpy or tender before a period. After the menopause the breasts are not affected by monthly hormonal changes and will feel less firm, softer and without lumps. If you have had a hysterectomy your breasts may still show the same monthly changes (because the ovaries are still functioning). This persists until the time when periods would have naturally stopped. What Changes to Look For The purpose of self examination is to be aware of anything that is new or abnormal for you. Look for any changes in the skin (particularly puckering or dimpling), lumps or bumps, especially if different from the other breast. Be aware of any pain or discomfort in one breast that does not go away. Also be aware of any changes in your nipples such as discharge, bleeding or rash. It is extremely important that any changes are reported to your doctor / nurse without delay. There are many reasons for breasts to change and most are harmless, but they all need to be checked out. You will not be wasting anybody’s time and the earlier any problems are detected the easier the treatment is likely to be. All breast lumps require a triple assessment, clinical assessment, mammogram and ultra sound, this is termed the “gold standard” screening process. Breast Screening Programmes Throughout Europe many different screening programmes exist. Each country has its own ideas and in Spain, women over the age of 50 are offered screening mammograms to detect breast changes. Women under the age of 50 are offered breast screening when the need arises.

Breast cancer can occur as early as 30 years of age and as late as 80 or 90 and all screening programmes exclude these age groups. In the early 1990’s three types of tests were available namely mammography, ultrasound and thermography. Huge advances in digital x-ray technology and ultrasound over the last 20 years have resulted in Mammography and Ultrasound becoming the mainstay of government breast screening programmes. It is now possible to determine whether a lump in the breast is cancerous or not simply by the accuracy of the scans or mammograms. Thermography has become an outdated modality of investigation, and most data on the use of this technique are now nearly over 10 years out of date. It is not used by any major western government health care screening programme because the technique is associated with an unacceptable false positive (over-diagnosis) and false negative (missed disease) rate. Some recent research claims that thermography with surface cooling may be a sensitive test, but this has yet to be fully evaluated and is not widely available outside of research institutions. More exciting is the recent emergence of MRI (Magnetic Resonance scanning) in the detection of breast cancer. Currently costs limit its use, but in those patients where ultrasound and mammography are not been diagnostic, MRI scans can help doctors decide whether or not to operate. Positively Pink I was very pleased last year to be invited to support the Positively Pink Campaign and help the charity develop a safe evidence based breast screening service for non entitled or interested British women on the Costa del Sol. Again this year, the programme offers free state of the art breast imaging (Ultrasound and / or Mammography) supported by a clinical examination with a suitably trained doctor or nurse. Self examination training is also available during your screening consultation. At Positively Pink, we believe that prevention and early detection is your best line of defense. Positively Pink is very fortunate to have Dr David Deardon overseeing the Free breast screening programme in conjunction with Clinica Medicare in La Cala. Dr David Deardon is also now available at the clinic, for consultation and his expertise cover’s a wide remit. Tel 952 835 778. For more information on Positively Pink look at the website or call Clinica Medicare to make an appointment for your FREE breast Screening.

Visit the gallery: Cero Arte Marbella, Urbanización Marbella Real, Local 23,The Golden Mile, 29602 Marbella. 951 136 515 |

Triangular Tournament 2012 The yearly Triangular Tournement with Benalmadena, Lauro Golf and Mijas Lawn Bowls has now come to an end. This year’s winners were Benalmadena Bowls Club, congratulations to them. The three clubs would like to thank Avalon Funeral Plan (Barry) for sponsoring this event. After the final game everyone who had taken part over the last few weeks were invited to have lunch at the British Society in Benalmadena. Our thanks go to all the staff that made it a very enjoable afternoon.

What a night! Art lovers in high spirits at Cero Arte Cero Arte the ‘new' must-visit art gallery on the Golden Mile held a launch party on Friday 29th June. Wow, what a night! The glittering event treated Marbella’s art lovers to an evening of free flowing champagne, great food and live music, which was still in full swing well past midnight. Cero Arte is an exciting new art gallery, located at the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile. Modern and relaxed, spread across two stories offering a wide range of original paintings and prints by popular contemporary artists. Artists such as Sam Toft and Iain Faulkner, Alfredo de la Maria famed for his automotive art and US celebrity artist Todd White are just a few examples of the calibre and originality of the paintings and prints on offer. All exhibits have been handpicked personally by Cristina and Malcolm to specifically appeal to the hot climate and style of Marbella and to add the finishing touch to your home. The owners of the gallery have more than twenty years experience and a shared interest in interior design. Friendly service and advice is provided by Cristina and Rosalia who are on hand to help you choose your painting. Other services include bespoke framing, delivery and hanging, plus if required home approval can be arranged. Visit the gallery to see the wide choice of paintings available. Prints start from 350€ and originals from 650€.

Women in Business Spain toast 10 year anniversary at Tikitano On Friday 9th July, Women in Business Spain celebrated their 10th anniversary with a slap up lunch, liberal amounts of wine and a lot of laughs, at the Tikitano restaurant in Estepona. Reinforcing all the reasons why the organisation has been such a success over the last decade. Women in Business Spain started out as a small group of ladies meeting in Marbella, today it is considered to be one of the most effective female support systems on the Costa del Sol. It provides a platform for like-minded ladies to share ideas and of course to spread the word about their respective businesses and skills. Having reached the milestone 10 year anniversary, the ladies of WIBS decided to really push the boat out, choosing the spectacular beach side restaurant Tikitano, as the setting for a delicious celebratory lunch. A menu of fine food, good wine and heart-felt speeches was followed by a fashion show by Twist boutique (CC La Colonia, San Pedro) and a raffle with prizes supplied by each WIBS member. Caroline Bowley, President of WIBs says “We are extremely proud that after 10 years WIBS is stronger than ever. When running a business, especially in hard times, support and inspiration are essential – and this is what WIBS does best”. WIBS also provides the opportunity to get involved with local charities, forge business alliances and of course make new friends and let your hair down at the regular social events. If anyone would like to join WIBS or to find out further details about the organisation, contact Redline Company by telephone on: 952 816 678 by email: or visit the website at

Saving money..… by Ann French of This month’s focus is on how you can save money and bag a bargain. We all want to be fashionable but sometimes the item we want is just way out of reach. Well how about turning an affordable item into an expensive looking item? Let’s take those black high heel shoes. Try customizing them by sticking flat backed diamantes to the heels and/or platform. You can buy stick on crystals and gems so you simply peel and stick wherever you want. When buying please check that they will stick to the fabric of your shoes. Want a pair of Christian Louboutin’s famous red soled shoes but cannot afford them, then take a tip from the savvy fashionistas who are buying little pots of red paint to turn their ordinary heels into designer inspired. If you consider doing this then don’t forget to check that the paint can be used on the material of your soles. Kiko have sales items on their website ( with great offers and also take a look at the promos they have, that change every few weeks. However, don’t register on their website until you want to make a purchase as you get free delivery with your first order, otherwise delivery is free for orders over 49€. Yves Rocher has a low threshold for delivery, as you’ll only need to spend 20€ to get free delivery to all Spain (including Balearic and Canary Islands). Check out for this month’s offers. El Corte Inglés is offering plenty of “summer deals” until 31st August. Offers are both in store and online ( and are not just limited to their clothing departments but also cover outdoor furniture and sports equipment along with plenty more. MoneySaverSpain is dedicated to providing information in English on how to save money in Spain. Checkout and sign up for their newsletter helping you take advantage of offers from anything to do with money and business, house and home and shopping.

Also, if you can understand Spanish take a look at – offers on beauty, family, days out, etc and providing a weekly email of offers on various brands and at various shops such as Blanco, Cortefeil, Caramelo, Scholl, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. So sign up and begin saving. Don’t forget to read the small print. See you next month….. Ann Visit See a range of our jewellery, keyfinders, diamante bra straps and handbag hangers in A.I.D. or The Wardrobe, Alhaurin el Grande or CHAIN, La Trocha, Coin.

Avoid dangerous traditions.. like catching a baseball. July 2011 confirmed true by Darwin

Honouring those who improve the species.... by accidently removing themselves from it! or almost!

Nail guns can pierce bone.... Confirmed True by Darwin July 2012 A Masterton man lost his sight in one eye after he put a nailgun to his forehead to test if it could pierce bone. He pulled the trigger and it had enough power to drive the nail into his skull, pinning his beanie to his head and ending up behind his nose. "He actually walked himself into the hospital and was laughing about it," Vicki Hookham, charge nurse manager at Wairarapa Hospital's Emergency Department told Fairfax. The 2010 case was one unearthed in Wairarapa Hospital emergency department figures requested by the publisher. The man was testing the gun to see if it would go through bone, she said. "Needless to say, there wasn't a lot of brain function going on before or after that decision." The man was taken to Wellington Hospital, where the nail was removed. He lost sight in one eye.

A man trying to catch a baseball during a Texas Rangers game died after falling head-first about 20 feet to the ground. The victim—who attended the home game with his young son—fell over a rail while attempting to catch the ball. His son was not involved in the fall and was not injured. The accident occurred during the second inning of the Rangers v. Oakland A’s game, after Conor Jackson of the A’s hit a foul ball near left field. Star outfielder Josh Hamilton retrieved the ball and threw it into the stands. Catching a baseball, whether it’s a fair or foul, is a rich tradition for spectators of the sport. Some balls, such as the one Barry Bonds hit for his record-breaking 756th home run are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but most are simply cherished souvenirs. Yet this incident may force the Rangers franchise, who won the American League Championship Series last year, to shift its focus to making this particular pastime safer at the Arlington home base—and not only because it was fatal. Last July, another fan fell 30 feet from the second deck of Rangers Ballpark while trying to catch a foul ball. He survived, but suffered a fractured skull.

LEGAL Q & A This month De Cotta Law, Mijas/Calahonda’s established firm of English Solicitors and Spanish Abogados offer answers to some of your legal questions. Q: I’ve always wanted a Timeshare property in Spain, so my family and I can enjoy cost effective and regular holidays here. The prices are very attractive at the moment but I am worried about miss-selling and getting caught up with a firm that isn’t legitimate. What can I do to protect myself? A: All the studies show that over 80% of people who own timeshare are satisfied or very satisfied with their ownership. Yet the miss-selling stories are usually those given the most coverage. Spain both regionally and locally has rules and laws on the selling and use of timeshares. You should be cautious if the company invites you to a lengthy presentation and then provides documents that refer to countries outside of Europe where the companies are not subject to European and Spanish legislation. You should always be given a cooling off period particularly where there is a consumer credit agreement. If you do pay a deposit by credit card you may be able to claim money back if there is miss-selling so always keep all the documents and receipts of any transaction. Q: We live in an apartment building but we’re having real problems with neighbours not paying the community fees needed to maintain the building, pool and gardens. Some owners are in the UK whilst other units remain unsold and the developer isn’t contributing. This is so unfair, but we’re told there is a 3 year delay before the court can take action! Why is this and what can be done? A: It is true that court delays can be prejudicial to those people who pay their fees on time by allowing debts to increase and placing a heavy burden on the “good guys”. The time frame varies depending on the particular court but you can ask your lawyers to issue burofaxes promptly even if the debt is relatively low. Additional pressure can be put on the debtors if you have details of their addresses in the UK or other countries so that they receive notice effectively. The Spanish and UK courts in particular are working more quickly to issue claims on those resident outside the country. Developers who do become bankrupt are more of a problem but again it is important the Community is legally represented as a creditor. Q:We have rented out one of our properties in Spain on a long term lease. The couple have been in the property for about two years, but for the last

4 months they haven’t paid the rent and won’t return emails or calls. We’ve been told that we can’t get a court date for 4 months despite a new law saying we can get an eviction date in less than 2 weeks! What should we do? A: Keep calm and carry on with the services of an experienced litigation lawyer! The new procedure allows the owner to apply to the court for eviction on failure to pay. The court will give the tenant 10 days in which to either leave the property voluntarily; pay the overdue rent or provide a defence to the eviction. The court will also give a specific date for the eviction and if the tenant fails to respond, pay the overdue rent or oppose the matter the eviction can take place with the assistance of the authorities. There are fixed timeframes in the law but it is true that there are occasions when the actual date for eviction is some months hence rather than weeks. Your lawyer is best placed to explain your particular circumstances and will be in direct contact with the court and the authorities on your behalf. For a private consultation with De Cotta Law’s specialist Spanish Qualified Lawyers call Sandra Wrightson on 952 931 781 or email Centro Comercial Valdepinos 1 Calypso 29649 Mijas Costa (Málaga) Tel.: +34 952 931 781



Defensive habits: If caught they may squeak, and may bite, although this doesn't hurt in any way.

Moorish Gecko History and originThe Moorish gecko was first described by Linnaeus in 1758, the scientific name of this species is Tarentola mauritanica. Tarentola from Latin meaning Taranto (an Italian city). Mauritania from Latin meaning 'Mauritanian' from Mauritania. Description: SizeThey hatch at around 2 to 2.5 cm long, averaging about 8 cm long growing up to sometimes 10 cm long (measures not including tail, Max. adult size tail included is up to 20 cm long). Morphology: They are a typical gecko, they have a robust body with large head, a bulky tail and big limbs. Their fingers are a unique shape, almost round and flat, these fingers stick on most surfaces. They have a vertical pupil. Patterns & colours: They are usually light brown, sometimes light greyish with darker and lighter patterns along the body. Juveniles are more vivid where the shades of colour variations are more visible. For specimens that dwell at night under lamps in the street, they are usually the 'light' form whereas specimens that are more 'wild' and do not have the advantage of an insect lure such as lamps, these specimens are more often seen by day and are very dark. The belly is yellowish. Geographical range: Found over much of the Iberian peninsula except from the northern and north western parts, otherwise this species is restricted to within 50 to 80 km from the coast in Mediterranean Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Albania, Crete and an isolated part of Greece on the western coast. Otherwise they are present on the Balearic’s islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and Malta. Sexual differences: Females are larger in spring due to their eggs. Diet: They feed mainly on large insects.

Reproduction: Breeding occurs when they wake up from hibernation in spring, a week after, they are all looking for each other and mating begins. After only a few weeks about 4 eggs are laid (extremes are from 1 to 5 eggs) in between rocks and cracks in walls, often laid in roofs under tiles The eggs incubate for around 10 weeks before hatching (sometimes as quick as only a few days! this happens if the female retains the eggs for longer inside her). Sexual maturity, life span: The average life span for Tarentola Mauritanian is about 8 years, they reach their sexualmaturity when they are about 8 cm long (including tail). Habits: They are active by night. They are very common and are usually seen in large families. They can be active by day in the case of more 'wilder' population that doesn't rely on lights to lure in prey. When night falls and the street lights are on they get to work, they sit in ambush near a light, as the insects they eat are attracted to the light when they come, they can get a feed. They can be expected out as long as the temperature doesn't drop below 15 ° C. Habitat: In Europe they live close to humans in their houses, barns and close by areas, the expansion of this species is in a general way due to the building and transport of building materials where they are often hidden. Predators: Birds, cats.

Capricorn 22nd December – 20th JanuaryTemperance After some interpersonal strife in late July comes the resettling of peace and harmony for Capricorn. This joy and harmony in your personal life encourages the more creative and inventive part of your nature to shine. You will find yourself able to be an inspirational teacher to the young and problems that arise over the month will be swiftly and easily solved. August is a month where you leave the difficulties and sorrows of the past behind you and start on a whole new more positive path. Aquarius 21st January – 18th February Queen of Swords Financial burdens play hard upon you this month, as seen in your sector of romance and relationship. There's someone in your close vicinity who's being unreasonably demanding, so you must impose clear constrictions on them in order to protect yourself from being further overburdened. Once the current dust settles, new ideas will become reality and improve your financial state Pisces 19th February. – 20th March Queen of Wands Virgo, you're sitting fairly contented, feeling secure and at peace with your life this month. A rich emotional harvest will be yours. Time spent with friends or lover or family will be nourishing. Hearth and home will be of great enrichment, especially if you put energy into entertaining Aries 21st March – 20th April Ace of Swords It's time to make some stark decisions where your career is concerned. Time to withdraw when you can and meditate on where you are best served in going at this point. You will come through this period with an extreme change in your work direction. It's a situation where either you make that change consciously, or the change will be thrust upon you. Consider working with a loved one or partner to achieve greater success. . Taurus 21st April – 21st May Three of Wands, Your own wisdom and forethought has won through to a position where you'll attract others to your side in order to expand or consolidate your avenue of income. Harmonious work alongside trustworthy others, perhaps but not necessarily in partnership, will bring you a richer harvest in the future than working on your own would attract. Gemini 22nd May – June 21st Nine of Cups What are you wishing for where your carer is concerned Gem? Because you can securely look forward to that wish coming true in the near future. Troubles that cross your path as the wish unrolls will be swiftly and easily overcome and financial advantage will be yours. The hand of destiny is upon events in your career this month, as if an Angel is watching out for your wellbeing. You are protected

Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July Three of Pentacles You will have more than one avenue of work, in fact most likely you'll have three. This month the burden you are carrying is a little too heavy for your shoulders as you juggle between obligations. Maintaining and marketing your skills in more than one area tends to be financially demanding, which is playing on your mind right now. Have faith. Solutions will soon come your way due to a win in one of your avenues of endeavour. Leo 23rd July – 23rd August Ace of Wands New work opportunities arise for you this month. Once again, it will be having the courage to take a chance, a step into the unknown that will prove your winning move. Expect quite a sudden change in your career activity. Although you'll be feeling rather nervous about the new and unknown, it will be a change for the better.

Virgo 24th August – 22nd September The Lovers There's been an extreme change in your life circumstances of late, dear Virgo. Something to do with the peace of mind that ensues, albeit after getting used to such an extreme, allows your heart to open to new possibilities of love. It is the attainment of greater independence and security that has come with changes that have you feeling you are playing on a more level playing field and therefore not needing to compromise. Love. Libra 23rd September – 22nd October Seven of Swords Someone within your closest and most personal life is, frankly, utterly deceptive and has intentions to rip you off materially. You'll know who that person is, as you've already experienced great disappointment in relation to them in the past. Although it will feel stressful, you must do all you can to stand strong, protect your material assets and ensure that the person in question cannot cause further distress. Scorpio 23rd October - 22nd November Eight of Swords There's been quite a lull in your career sector of late and it seems you are feeling rather trapped and unsatisfied with your work. You know that the way things are is far from suited to your nature. Your best bet is to gather what financial resources you can and study something new. This study or training may or may not be in your current field. Only you can decide what would suit you best. Sagittarius 23rd November - 22nd December Ten of Cups Expect a happy home and happy family this month, Sag. That will be the signature feeling for you over August. This harmonious experience will have much to do with financial issues becoming more settled, allowing for more time spent with loved ones under less stressful circumstances.

1. In the International Morse Code a dash is equal to how many dots? 2. A left-handed boxer is called a ‘what’…paw? 3. During which year did the pre-decimal halfpenny coin cease to be legal tender in the UK? 4. What is the name of the dog in Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’? 5. American singer Frank Castelluccio is better known by what name? 6. ‘No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie’ is in the credits of which film? 7. The fruit ‘Carambola’ is better known by what name? 8. The character Miss Froy goes missing on a train in which 1938 Hitchcock film? 9. Ted Stevens International Airport is in which US city? 10. Hibernia was the Roman name for which European country? 11. Devil’s Lair, Jacob’s Creek and Banrock Station are all wines from which country? 12. Who shot former US President Ronald Reagan in March 1981? 13. Which British-American actress died on 23rd March 2011, aged 79? 14. In Greek mythology, who fell in love with and appeared in the form of a white bull to Europa and carried her off to Crete? 15. Who wrote the ‘Twilight’ series of books? 16. ‘Donnerstag’ is German for which day of the week? 17. Who became US President John Kennedy’s Vice President in 1961? 18. The International Olympic Committee is based in which European city? 19. Who hosts the UK lottery show ‘In It To Win It’? 20. In 1918 which newspaper mogul became the first UK Minister of Information?

Answers on page 52

Stereo grams Turn the page sideways clockwise and look at the image you should see a 3D PICTUREl? Can’t see it, heres some tips that might help The Pullback Get very close to the stereogram, and very, very slowly pull it away from you. At first you won't even be able to focus on the image... However, keep moving the image in and out, relaxing, and it will appear. Look at the Reflection You'll need to LOOK at something about twice the distance of the image. It turns out we have something that is almost always available that is the exact distance... your reflection. By looking at your reflection, this will help, if not put the book one side of a glass door enough to let you see your reflection.then... After looking at your eye, simply stop focusing on your eye, and try to see the image. Repeat, switching your focus from your eye to the image, and your reflection... and suddenly you will get it.

Across 1. Semblance (8) 5. A four-wheel covered carriage (6) 9. Third (8) 10. Annoy (6) 12. A Finnish steam bath (5) 13. Detailed (9) 14. Altercation (6) 16. Thronged (7) 19. Nervous (7) 21. Appraise (6) 23. He doesn't use garbage bins (9) 25. A freshwater fish (5) 26. Tastelessly indecent (6) 27. Lazy (8) 28. Frustrate (6) 29. Varied (8) Down Answers on page 52

Down 1. Most recent (6) 2. Commotion (9) 3. Nigerian monetary unit (5) 4. A medical operation (7) 6. Corresponding in function (9) 7. A highly-emotional play (5) 8. Faltering (8) 11. Secular (4) 15. A review course (9) 17. Disconcert (9) 18. Sewer water (8) 20. A rounded projection (4) 21. Cherubic (7) 22. A typeface with slanting letters (6) 24. Tossed (5) 25. What a book is called (5)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Discover how to break a code: Every number in the codeword grid is 'code' for a letter of the alphabet. Thus the number '12' may correspond to the letter 'L', for instance. We have given you 3 letters, 12 = S, 24= E & 25 =C Answers on page 52

Golfer at the dentist Richie and his wife walked into a dentist's office. Richie said to the dentist, "Doc, I'm in one heck of a hurry I have two buddies sitting out in my car waiting for us to go play golf, so forget about the anesthetic, I don't have time for the gums to get numb. I just want you to pull the tooth, and be done with it! We have a 10:00 AM tee time at the best golf course in town and it's 9:30 already........... I don't have time to wait for the anesthetic to work!' The dentist thought to himself, "My goodness, this is surely a very brave man asking to have his tooth pulled without using anything to kill the pain." So the dentist asks him, "Which tooth is it sir?" The man turned to his wife and said, "Open your mouth Honey, and show him........

Two priests decided to go to Hawaii on vacation. They were determined to make this a real vacation by not wearing anything that would identify them as clergy. As soon as the plane landed they headed for a store and bought some really outrageous shorts, shirts, sandals, sunglasses, etc. The next morning they went to the beach dressed in their 'tourist' garb. They were sitting on beach chairs, enjoying a drink, the sunshine and the scenery when a 'drop dead gorgeous' blonde in a topless bikini came walking straight towards them.. They couldn't help but stare. As the blonde passed them she smiled and said 'Good Morning, Father ~ Good Morning, Father,' nodding and addressing each of them individually, then she passed on by. They were both stunned. How in the world

did she know they were priests? So the next day, they went back to the store and bought even more outrageous outfits. These were so loud you could hear them before you even saw them! Once again, in their new attire, they settled down in their chairs to enjoy the sunshine. After a little while, the same gorgeous blonde, wearing a different colored topless bikini, taking her sweet time, came walking toward them. Again she nodded at each of them, said 'Good morning, Father ~ Good morning, ‘Father,' and started to walk away. One of the priests couldn't stand it any longer and said, 'Just a minute, young lady.' 'Yes, Father?' 'We are priests and proud of it, but I have to know, how in the world do you know we are priests, dressed as we are?' She replied, Father, it's me, Sister Kathleen. A man wakes up in the hospital, bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, "Ah, I see you've regained consciousness. Now, you probably won't remember, but you were in a pile-up on the motorway. You're going to be okay, you'll walk again and everything, but..

"Something happened. I'm trying to break this gently, but the fact is, your willy was chopped off in the wreck and we were unable to find it." The man groans, but the doctor goes on, "You've got £9000 in insurance compensation coming and we have the technology now to build you a new willy that will work as well as your old one did - better in fact! But the thing is, it doesn't come cheap. It's £1000 an inch." The man perks up at this. "So," the doctor says, "It's for you to decide how many inches you want. But it's something you'd better discuss with your wife. I mean, if you had a five inch one before, and you decide to go for a nine incher, she might be a bit put out. But if you had a nine inch one before, and you decide only to invest in a five incher this time, she might be disappointed So it's important that she plays a role in helping you make the decision.." The man agrees to talk with his wife. The doctor comes back the next day. "So," says the doctor, "have you spoken with your wife?" "I have," says the man. "And what is the decision?" asks the doctor. "We're having granite worktops."

Whoa has somebody turned the heating up? sure is hot out there with our daily temperatures now well into the 30’s its time to sneak indoors and do the Siesta thing, One of the best ways of relaxing in the shade is with a bit of really cool music - whether you love or hate the classical style of artists like Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti you will love the voice of Stephen Lloyd Morgan’s and his new album "In My Father’s Footsteps", it is an eclectic mix of music from Buddy Holly through Volare to Myfanwy a beautiful piece of work by a truly dedicated artist - here is even an amazing version of Chasing Cars. Stephen’s new album was released on 1st July 2012, raising funds for both the Welsh cancer charity Tenovus and The Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice in Spain If you want to relax and take a well earned siesta then this is an excellent choice The Boss is on the Road - yes if you haven’t heard by now Bruce Springsteen has packed an overnight bag or two and hit the tour trail with his new album Wrecking Ball which was released in March of this year. This album has became Springsteen's tenth No. 1 album in the United States tying him with Elvis Presley for third most No. 1 albums of all-time. Only The Beatles (19) and Jay-Z (12) have more No. 1 albums. This album is the first without the legendary "Big Man" Clarence Clemons on Sax who sadly passed away last year. Having friends who have seen this year’s show I can confirm that non of the energy has gone from the stage it’s still 100% E Street and the Boss. The album truly does reflect this. More stars are appearing on the Costa del Sol including Paul Anka, George Benson and of course the legend Julio Iglesias who has an album on sale worldwide at the moment simply called "1". I first came across George "Bad" Benson through the track Supership in the 70s - the track became one of those Northern Soul Dance floor fillers later in the 70's by which time he had dropped the “bad” bit and moved on to Jazz and Jazz funk with such tracks as Breezin

and into the 80s with the dance floor classic "Gimme The Night". No matter whether it’s the beautiful The Greatest Love or the the swing Beyond the Sea or even the Disco Jazz funk Classic 20/20 vision the man has it all.Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions: Vol 2 is the new collection of tremendous tracks from Joss - a lady so full of soul it makes me tingle. The Single "While you were out looking for Sugar" s reminiscent of Johnie Taylors classic "Who’s makin love to your old Lady whilst you was out makin love", but brought right up to date. Joss just has one of voices that makes you believe she could be black or white - don’t believe me then listen to "(for God’s sake) Give more Power to the People" hmmmm Enjoy the music, the sunshine and the chilled drinks but most of all enjoy 96.1 Heart fm Spain now not only on but on i Tunes ........... Catch you later

1.Three 2.Southpaw 3.1969 4. Timmy 5. Frankie Valli 6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’? 7. Star fruit 8. The Lady Vanishes 9. Anchorage 10. Ireland

11. Australia 12. John Hinckley Jr 13. Elizabeth Taylor 14. Zeus 15. Stephenie Meyer 16. Thursday 17. Lyndon B Johnson 18. Lausanne 19. Dale Winton 20. Lord Beaverbrook

Codeword: 1=F, 2=H, 3=X, 4=W, 5=B, 6=A, 7=Y, 8=G,

9=J, 10=T, 11=P, 12=S, 13=M, 14=I, 15=O, 16=V, 17=U,

18=Z, 19=K, 20=L, 21=D, 22=N, 23=Q, 24=E, 25=C, 26=R,




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The coasts No 1 A5 magazine. The little mag that fits in your bag. The Sentinella Malaga is a free publication in Spain, Malaga province, se...