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Drug and Alcohol Abuse:

A Growing Problem for Those Growing Old (StatePoint)




Misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol among the elderly is one of the fastest growing health problems in the U.S., according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), yet it can often be mistaken for normal aging behavior. The statistics are alarming: according to The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., 2.5 million older adults have an alcohol or drug problem; while a SAMHSA report shows that the use of illicit drugs, combining drugs with alcohol, and the nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals, results in






by Carolyn Shockey

an average of nearly 300 emergency room visits nationwide each day for those aged 65 and older. Despite these disturbing trends, substance abuse among the elderly often goes unrecognized and untreated. According to “The Tough Talk: Aging Parents and Substance Abuse,” a new survey commissioned by WellCare Health Plans, Inc., adult children of elderly parents know very little about the drugs and alcohol their parents consume, and three-quarters say it’s possible that they may not even know if their parent had a substance abuse problem, likely mistaking the signs -- such as slurred speech, dozing off and confusion -- for normal

behaviors of aging. “While family members may not feel equipped to identify an abuse problem, they are often the ones who can best spot changes in behaviors that could indicate one exists,” said Kevin Middleton, See DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE, Page 5


It is so easy to find fault, with all our experiences, especially when we look at how different things are today. While we try to keep up with change, we can also find it easier to be complacent or resistant, or we can run the risk of being critical. For several years now, while we have made tremendous strides in many areas, we have lost our values and moral compass. We are more informed than ever with cable news and the internet shedding light on everything going on in the world. I’m sure our ancestors had their share of infidelity, and other skeletons in the closet not revealed. However, news travels very fast these days and not much is kept from our knowledge. And as times

have changed, things once taboo are more accepted. Every day we read and hear of corrupt politicians and police, troubled youth using street drugs and stealing cars. It is so easy to label everyone by the behaviors of a few that come to light. What we don’t hear as much about is the other side of the coin. This brings me to addressing the youth of today, and what they are teaching us. I have a couple of

grandsons still in their teen years and have observed how different their world is today than when I grew up. They are much more worldly and knowledgeable than we were at the same age. Through their smart phones and social media, they can access anything, both good and bad. The recent Florida school shooting has been a revelation to us all about the resistance of our youth, and their ability to make us adults see our failings. For too long we have been looking the other way when it comes to issues of drugs and guns. It has been easier to ignore than face the issues for what they are and finding a solution that works. The high schoolers of today are See ACCOUNTABILITY, Page 8



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Celebrating Good Health in Older Americans


early, as well as maintaining a relationship with your primary care physician. During this visit, your doctor can establish a plan based on your age, gender and health status for the vaccinations and health screenings you need, such as mammograms, cholesterol screenings and colorectal cancer screenings. Medicare and Medicare Advantage cover certain types of annual exams at no extra cost. Check with your plan for details.

The contributions of older Americans are celebrated each May during Older Americans’ Month. This year’s theme, “Engage at Every Age,” emphasizes that you are never too old to enrich your physical and emotional wellbeing. To encourage happy, healthy and productive golden years when older adults are able to pursue their hobbies and passions, consider these tips from CignaHealthSpring, one of the nation’s • Take medications as largest providers of Medicare prescribed. Your drugs were prescribed for plans. a reason. It is important to adhere to your medication regime and • Get an annual exam. Annual visits are critical for take medications as prescribed. identifying potential health issues Some drugs can cause harmful

interactions, so make sure your for older adults at no extra cost. If doctor knows everything you take, your plan has a program like this, including over-the-counter drugs. make sure to take advantage of it. • If you smoke, stop. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S. It’s never too late to quit, and the benefits of doing so are almost immediate, according to the American Cancer Society. Keep in mind that parts of Medicare cover smoking cessation counseling and prescription medications. • Get some exercise. Regular exercise can help older adults stay independent and prevent many health problems that come with age. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer exercise programs designed specifically

• Have some fun! Be sure to make time for activities you enjoy and seek out others who also enjoy them. The social interaction is good for you. “We are constantly inspired by stories of older adults reinventing themselves later in life in meaningful ways, from running marathons to mentoring young people to painting for the very first time,” said Brian Evanko, president of Cigna-HealthSpring. “The key that unlocks all of this is maintaining your physical and emotional health and well-being through the years.”

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SOMEONE’S LOOKING FORWARD TO LONG WALKS TOGETHER. Let’s get the spring back in your step. Remember when you could walk your dog without having joint pain? If you’ve stopped doing the things you love because of chronic joint pain, you’re not alone. Activities such as exercise, physical hobbies or spending active time with your grandchildren shouldn’t have to be put on hold as pain slows you down. That’s where BayCare comes in. We’ll help you find solutions for your joint pain so you can return to an active lifestyle. Don’t let joint pain take the joyful moments from your life. Talk with an orthopedic expert today to find out your options. For a physician referral: (844) 260-7155 or


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Hypocrisy and Treachery


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I had another letter planned for this month, but I just found that I had to write this one. As most might know, in the last few days, President Trump has secured a meeting with Kim Jong Un of N. Korea. Now I am sure that some of you are not fans of our President, but that being said, how on earth can anyone have an issue with someone trying to de-escalate a situation that could end the world as we know it? As I listen to CNN and other news outlets I see a lineup of “experts” that have problem after problem with the US trying to get North Korea to end its nuclear arsenal. And I am convinced that if it was Barack Obama who made this overture, everyone on CNN would be praising Obama to no end. You know the same person who won a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing more than winning an election. I understand it is the job of the left or the right to tear down the other. The days where the two parties work together to better America or the World is long gone…all each party cares about is bettering their own situation. All of that being said, there is something far more sinister afoot here. Most of us remember the term… ”loose lips sink ships” from World War II. As the litany of guests fill the leftwing studios they seem to have a number of complaints they echo… and one I find more hypocritical than most of the others. They complain that Kim will use this meeting as propaganda to his people…you know the ones who have no TV or internet…so I am not sure how they even see the propaganda. But the N. Korean leadership will use these photo ops and sound bites to enhance Kim’s position in his country. And then they contin

ue to talk about how foolish Trump is and how he has been “bested” by Kim. This is where I take exception and feel that they have crossed a line they should never be able to return from. This alone, gives Kim the propaganda he wants. If he is smart enough he can use these clips to show the power he wields and how, even, America does not trust its own president and is not as wise as the N. Korean leadership. This is disgraceful at a minimum and potentially even treasonous. While the DNC and the left wing/ liberal media has made it clear they hate Trump and everything he stands for, it is now clearer than ever, that they have no concern for our country and its citizens…or its allies. On that note let me share with you a horrific quote from Left winger Bill Maher: "I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point," the host said on his weekly program, "Real Time with Bill Maher." "By the way, I'm hoping for it because one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession," he added. So we have a political party in America that is rooting for our President to fail, even when it will benefit our allies and us and we have liberal mouthpieces hoping that the average America ends up losing their homes, finances and their jobs. Both of these I find beyond the pale and unforgiveable in my book.

Evan Gold

JUNE 2018



Looking Past Faults: The Man Who Was My Father

My dad loved nature, planting flowers, the smell of newly-turned soil. Our yard was always a showcase of gorgeous zinnias, snap-dragons, day lilies, and purple morning glories. Adam may have been the first gardener on Earth, but we all knew my dad would be chief gardener in heaven. . . and that he would find wholeness there. He may have faltered as a father, but my dad was a wonderful grandpa. That role tapped into a deep, emotional well in him. Holly, his first grandchild, was his delight. He took her fishing. He taught her how to put worms on a hook. And the two of them would sit on a pier for hours talking, laughing, and waiting for fish to bite. It didn't matter that they hardly ever caught anything, Grandpa and she shared one of the best experiences of her life. The bond they had formed was particularly evident when "Grandpa" was in the hospital, in the last stages of his life. Holly was not old enough to visit him, but she would make him drawings out in the hospital courtyard which faced his room and would press her art work against his window. Despite the pain he was in, his little buddy brought a smile to his face. I know how he felt. In the years since his death in 1982 God has drawn pictures of my dad and pressed them against the windows of my heart. And yes, I am able to smile through the pain. And I truly love--and respect--the man who was my father.

by Jean Mlincek My dad sat on a kitchen stool talking to my mom. The perpetual alcoholic had come home— again— only this time, he looked different. He seemed younger, relaxed, at peace with himself. And he and my mother were laughing-something I rarely saw. The scene confused my young mind. I approached the kitchen table where my mother was, curious at this man sitting on the stool tucked between the stove and the kitchen cupboard. My dad had never sat there in his life, and here he was, carrying on an enjoyable conversation with my mom. I turned to my mom and asked (as if my dad were not there), "What's dad doing here?" Mom, after all, would usually drag one or two of us kids and search the bars for him and beg him to come home. But Mom had not left the house. Hmm. Mom laughed at my question. Then he laughed, this man who would leave our welfare in the hands of kind door-to-door salesmen who would let my mom put items on a running tab so we could survive while he stayed away months at a time. Her answer stunned me. "That's not your father." The man on the stool chuckled. Not my father? But he was the spitting image of my dad! "This is your Uncle George," Mom said. "This is your dad's younger brother." Obviously, I had never seen Uncle George before. He stayed several days, and there was a new joy in our household. He played with us. He made my mother laugh. I don't think he returned

after that summer. My real dad, however, did return. And left and returned. . . again and again. It wasn't until I reached adulthood that I began to understand a truth: people's lives are opaque. There was a good side of my dad that got lost in the turmoil of our lives. As a young man, my dad loved horses. He worked with them on Amish farms in exchange for "room and board"--in the stables! His dream was to be a veterinarian--because "unlike humans, animals can't tell you that they are hurting" (his words). Having compassion for those who have no voice, to me, is a consummate form of love. The dream of being a veterinarian ended with World War II because, while on furlough, my dad fell in love with a married woman--my mom. Although she was divorced when they married, my dad found himself with a ready-made family of three and an infant daughter (me). The horse whisperer was forced to work in a factory to make ends meet. And he began drinking. Jean Mlincek is a freelance writer who resides in He didn't always escape to the bottle, however. St. Petersburg, Fla.


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Psy.D., vice president, behavioral health, WellCare. “Given the serious consequences that overuse or abuse of drugs and alcohol can have on seniors, it’s important to look for those signs and also ask questions that will help determine if and what kind of help is needed.” Dr. Middleton advises those with aging loved ones to be aware of the following. • Life Changes Can Trigger Abuse: Retirement, the death of a spouse or dear friend, the loss of a pet and other significant life events, are times when the elderly are most likely to begin misusing or abusing drugs and alcohol. • Signs of a Potential Problem: Many older people will hide their problem out of shame, and while substance abuse can mimic symptoms of other diseases, always consider the possibility of abuse if there are any major changes in behaviors, such as loss of interest in hobbies, activities or socializing, as well as changes in appetite and sleeping habits. Other signs to be aware of are noticeable memory loss, slurred speech and confusion. • Asking Questions is the First Step: At times when loved ones appear sober and alert, start asking questions about their use of drugs and alcohol and if they think they have a problem. Speak frankly about your concerns

and the risks of substance abuse, but also be sympathetic to the difficulties with which they’re dealing. • Seek Help: If you do suspect a substance abuse problem, contact his or her health care provider and discuss the best approach to getting appropriate treatment. For more tips and information on managing

substance abuse for aging parents, visit WellCare’s blog at Identifying substance abuse can be challenging, particularly when it comes to the elderly. However, addressing the issue quickly is critical. If you’ve detected signs of a problem, start by asking the right questions.



JUNE 2018

Wardrobe Ideas When Returning to Workforce

by Ro Martinez Rimes If you have been out of the workforce for a while, the image you convey is especially important. Perhaps you returned to school to get your degree, your financial situation requires you to work, or you find yourself with free time on your hands as a result of grown children moving out? In this economy it is more important than ever to make a positive first impression. That impression is created before you even begin to speak. The image you display matters to a potential employer specially if your position involves heavy public contact where you represent the company and you are the first person clients or customers see. This is doubly true if you work in sales or in a reception area. The competition when applying for a position is greater than ever. Your wardrobe can set you apart as someone who is dedicated with much potential. A corporate setting is more structured, allowing for less flexibility in dress. The required wardrobe is generally more costly and may take some time to build. Purchasing good quality pieces and learning to properly care for your garments will help them last. Whether your office is all business or business casual, you can shop at discount and department stores taking advantage of the after-season sales. Consignment stores and yard sales are also options

that should not be dismissed. You do not need to spend your entire paycheck to look good. If you do have a variety of suits for each day of the week, a few tops and accessories to mix and match will make the same outfit look entirely different. Wardrobe ideas for professionals in the corporate world: • Pinstripe black, navy blue or charcoal grey skirt suit with one or two simple accessories. • Pant suit in a neutral color such as taupe or brown worn with a soft blouse to add a splash of color. • For men, a sport coat and a suit, with a variety of slacks and dress shirts. Seniors re-entering the workforce have it difficult because you may have been out of the loop for several years. If this is the case, your working wardrobe may be outdated. You may have had a corporate position where suits were the norm and now you seek a part-time position where dress is more casual. Examine your wardrobe. Perhaps simple changes can make it possible for you to look presentable without having to invest in a new working wardrobe. If you can’t salvage your wardrobe because it no longer fits, recycle it by donating your wardrobe to a charity making it a tax write off. Giving it to family or friends who can benefit from it is another option, or you may decide to take it to a consignment shop

where they can sell the garments, earning you extra money. Wardrobe ideas for seniors returning to the workforce or volunteers: • If you had skirt suits, wear the skirt with a lightweight sweater. Wear the jacket over pants and a cotton button-down shirt or simple tee. • Khaki pants with sweater sets and simple jewelry. • Black tanks and stretchy black pants worn under colorful tops or bright blazer. Ideally, research the company before you go on your interview and find out what their dress code is. It’s best to err on the side of caution and dress conservatively. After the first day of work you can see if you need to make adjustments. This may also apply if you are a volunteer. Periodically evaluating your wardrobe can also be beneficial if you want to improve your image , put your best foot forward and be the best-dressed employee in your workplace! A special thanks to our models Erja and Martha who look professional. Ro Martinez Rimes and Angela Mann are part of the Angela Mann Photography creative team. They will help you with branding, marketing materials, and all of your commercial photography needs.

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everyone who will listen. They have been ensuring that all those of age From Page 1 telling us they want an education know the facts, and vote in coming without violence in their schools, elections. and a chance to live their dreams, It is enlightening that these students are seeing the value of which isn’t too much to ask. Shame on us for letting them being a responsible citizen, one that down by allowing this to happen. we have let slide. Since they have We’ve given special interest groups awakened the adults in the room, and lobbies the opportunity for it’s up to us to support them as they personal growth at the expense and pursue a safer place to grow up and thrive. We owe them the right to safety of our youth. The students are speaking out grow up without fear, we need to be and have shown perseverance and accountable. How embarrassing it is resolve, standing their ground to that they had to teach accountability wake us up and change the laws to us. ignored for too long, confronting

In schools to encourage healing. As if dealing with his mom’s death wasn’t hard enough, Sean had to adjust to a new home and new school. It was a lot to handle, so he struggled emotionally and academically. Lee from Communities In Schools helped Sean develop coping skills by finding positive outlets for his feelings. As his attitude improved, his grades followed—going from D’s to B’s. Now, he’s focused on football and a promising future. There are millions of at-risk kids like Sean who need a caring adult to help them stay in school and succeed in life. See how we help all kids succeed.







Includes beverage! May not be combined with any other offers. Beverage includes one milk, or non-bottled beverage. Senior Special is valid for dine-in or to-go Combo #2.

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3 Steps Toward Better Sleep

(Family Features) With overscheduled days full of early-morning conference calls and endless to-do lists, it’s impossible to avoid the stress that comes with working hard. Handin-hand with all that pressure, a lack of quality sleep can lead to aches and pains, stiffness, sore muscles, tingling or numbness in your extremities, general fatigue, as well as an increased risk of getting sick. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night. In fact, a survey by Mattress Firm showed a correlation between stress and those who receive less sleep than recommended. Twice as many stressed people get fewer than five hours of sleep each night compared to those who

are not stressed. What’s more, those who are stressed are five times more likely to experience insomnia at least once a month. The proper amount and quality of sleep can have a dramatic impact on your life. If you’re stressed and experiencing trouble sleeping, these tips from the sleep experts at Mattress Firm can help ensure you’re getting the rest you need to improve your sleep health. Minimize technology use before you head to bed. The survey found that quality of sleep is negatively impacted because of stress-induced technology use. For example, those who are stressed are 60 percent more likely to watch TV an hour before bed, more than twice as likely to post to social media an hour before bed, twice as likely to check email an hour before bed and more than 40

percent more likely to sleep with their phones next to their beds. Ensure your body is getting adequate support. What felt comfortable to sleep on eight years ago may not provide the support your body needs today. Your weight, pressure points, ailments, etc. can change over the course of time, so it’s important to check the mattress tag. If it’s more than 8 years old, it is time to replace it. Another way to make sure your body has the proper support and alignment is to figure out your sleep position and select the right pillows  to support your body. This can help alleviate tossing and turning, and provide a more comfortable night of sleep. Avoid nighttime snacking. About 24 percent of extremely stressed people indulge in a snack an hour before bed, according to

the survey. There are many food and drink options that encourage a good night’s sleep more than others, such as tryptophanrich foods like dairy, nuts and seeds, bananas, honey and eggs. Conversely, foods and medications with caffeine and foods with highfat content should be avoided. The foods you choose are important, but also pay attention to the timing of when you eat and drink. Even fighting stress with an afternoon espresso  can affect your ability to sleep hours later when your head hits the pillow. Find more ideas for relaxing and achieving better sleep at, and follow # Wo r k Ha r d S l e e p Ha r d e r o n Face book, Twitter and Instagram.



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How Digital Technology is Helping Patients Manage Chronic Pain

(StatePoint) Digital apps have long existed to help people lose weight or track exercise, and now, developers are providing new high-tech ways for those living with chronic pain to track key measures of their conditions -- providing a solution to one of the biggest challenges patients face. For Elizabeth Newman, a 57 year old Chicago native, chronic pain is a way of life and a challenge she shares with more than 100 million Americans. Newman’s chronic pain started after an accident that resulted in a herniated disk and nerve damage that affects her legs and arm. She also has seven fused vertebrae, a spinal surgery that more than 400,000 Americans have every year. While millions of Americans rely on medications such as opioids to treat their chronic pain, Newman has started using a new mobile app to help tackle some of the complexities of living with chronic pain. The app and website Newman recently discovered is called PainScale, which offers digital tools that modernize how we understand and communicate about pain. The app gives users an opportunity to track key measures such as pain levels, medication use, treatments and activity levels. It also provides general information about treatment options and how to connect with a

pain specialist in the area. Patients can share information from the app with their physicians who may decide to use the information to tailor a treatment plan and assess what may not be working with their current approach. “Using PainScale has motivated me to track my pain more consistently, which gives my doctor a better understanding of what I am experiencing, rather than relying strictly on memory. That helps us connect in how we manage it,” says Newman. “Every day I read articles on the app and bookmark those

that I find helpful so that I can stay up-to-date on information about my condition and learn about new approaches.” The free app, which was developed with support from Boston Scientific, provides a range of tools, including a customized daily newsfeed that is personalized to each user based on his or her pain diagnosis, as well as the opportunity to learn about treatment options, exercis es, me dic at i ons and nutritional tips that may help improve quality of life. It also allows users to connect and share

their treatment experiences and gain insights on how others have managed their pain. For more information and to download the app, visit Digitizing the traditional one to 10 pain scale that physicians have relied on for decades to characterize patients’ pain is simplifying the way pain is tracked to keep up with the 21st century. If you are suffering from chronic pain, talk to your doctor about new resources and treatment options that may be available.

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MEDICAL UPDA E Dr. Wesley Pool Nearly everyone in our rich country recognizes that we have a problem with overeating or overdrinking calories, leading to a plethora of diseases. Most everyone likes to downplay the dangers of packing on a few pounds; it is depressing to think what it could bring later in life. Furthermore, our country is a collage of ethnic groups and cultures, melding together (for the most part) in a harmonious cornucopia of fellow countrymen. Part of this American experience is a menagerie of a wide variety of cultures. I mention this because people from various cultures and ethnicities, living in a prosperous setting, typically love to celebrate, and most of these celebrations revolve around food and drink. The role of fat collection in the human body is genius by design. We gain a little fat when we have more than enough to eat, and we lose a little fat when we food is scarcer. However, we live in a country where most of us do not go to bed hungry. Having an abundance of food and drink available, with many overconsuming calories, has resulted in most humans acquiring a little more fat on our bodies every single day. Thus, over sixty percent of Americans are considered medically to be overweight, and around thirtyfive percent considered obese. If you are under fifty years of age, you probably recognize that you have collected some unwanted smoothness over places that were not rounded in your earlier years. This collection of fat is mostly

categorized as subcutaneous fat. This type of body fat is collected between the underside of your skin, but over the top of underlying muscle tissue. Generally, you can pinch an inch or so of skin and pull it away from the underlying muscle to get an idea of how much fat has taken residence over the years. Today, most of us understand that our bodies morph into something less attractive and less healthy with the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. However, there is a more powerful enemy at work as we age and smooth our body over in an under-skin soft shell of unused calories. This is the most dangerous of all fat monsters; Visceral Fat. Visceral Fat (or Belly Fat) is fat that is stored deeper in our bodies, attached to our organs and a protective apron-like layer of fat that covers our intestines (the omentum). If you can picture a person who is skinny, but still has a protruding abdomen, this protrusion is generally caused by the bulk of visceral fat storage. This is commonly seen among the elderly. Researchers have come to realize that body fat is not dormant, but rather, biologically active, releasing hormones and cholesterol. Deeper Studies have found that while subcutaneous fat produces a higher proportion of beneficial molecules, visceral fat manufactures a higher percentage of powerful molecules leading to deleterious effects to our health, such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, asthma, cancer, and diabetes. If you have cut your calories

What’s The Big Deal About Belly Fat?

and started moving more, and although your overall body has responded while your waist size has not, you can blame it on visceral fat. Although visceral fat only makes up about ten percent of our fat, it is the most difficult to reduce. So, how can we fight visceral fat? There is no quick-fix. This dangerous fat will reduce with cardio exercise, strength training, eating healthy, moving more, and

adopting healthier habits. However, be focused, be consistent, and be unrelenting. This mean demon has moved into your body to stay and will reduce only through vigilant warfare. (Dr. Wesley Pool is a Health Psychologist, Performance Consultant, Research Scientist, Author, Writer, and Speaker.)



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SENIOR HAPPENINGS (Dance lesson- line dance $3.00 from 6;30 to 7;30 PM) July 27, 2018 Vocalist -Eric Lee-( Dance lesson- line dance $3.00 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM), Friday Tampa Bay Dance Club - 5601 Hanley Road, Tampa, Florida 33634 (Two Story Bldg. behind The Family of Christ West Church). The doors open @ 6:30 PM - dance starts @ 7:30 PM. BYOB type of club, snacks & set ups available EVERYONE IS WELCOME, DRESS CODE IS CAUSAL. NON- MEMBER $12.00. Face Book: Tampa Bay Dancing, E-mail:, Web Site: Contact: Roger Verszyla – President – 813-390-7160

HIDDEN SPRINGS ALE WORKS "ONCE AGAIN WE'RE STILL HERE" Runs through June 29, 2018 Hidden Springs Ale Works And Funky As A Monkey Art Studio present a new exhibition of local artists "ONCE AGAIN WE’RE STILL HERE: A Tribute to Tampa Heights and Ybor City History. Tampa, FL. Opening reception Friday, May 11, 7-closing. The current exhibit not only includes the art of our talented exhibitors in photographs, acrylics, sculpture and watercolor, but also Kelly Hickman, Life Enrichment Center’s Associate Director, launches her project, “The Historic Theatres in Tampa Project: 1906 to the present”. With photographs, Tampa residents personal recollections, newspaper articles and photo collections from Burgert Brothers and Robertson and Fresh, Kelly tells the fascinating and colorful stories of Tampa’s moving picture theatre history through an upcoming documentary and book. In her Historic Theatres in Tampa project. Kelly explores the beauty and societal impact of theatres in Tampa Heights, downtown Tampa, Ybor City, Sulphur Springs and West Tampa from 1906 to the present. Other exhibitors include Gene Bales, talented photographer and his wife, print-making maestro, Judy Bales, who fell in love with the etching and relief process which has become her primary means of self-expression. Erica Greskoviak, UT student and artist, will be exhibiting her mixed media sculpture and fantastic visions through her watercolors; Angela Moralevitz one of our newest artists, will be exhibiting her unique print-like art encompassing Gauguin-like portraits as well as wildlife images; Steve Nesius, a photojournalist based in Tampa Bay and owner of synPHOTO will exhibit astounding photographs of natural Florida wildlife and life from his “Connected to Water” series; Jyotika Shroff, exhibiting for the first time, specializes in contemporary acrylic and watercolor, implementing vibrant colors and stylized strokes inspired by nature and life experience; Jennifer Toth returns with her sensitive and ragingly colorful abstracts; Julie Vaccaro, an emerging Tampa artist is mostly self-taught. Julie examines life through her bold mixed media abstract paintings which “represent imperfection among layers upon layers, like that of the human psyche, displaying hidden words, messages and images.” Zitro is a conceptual black and white fine artist. His art pulls the viewer into a phantasm of lights, shadows, bad dreams, dark moments and the mental struggles we all hide within. His work is introspective, striking and emotional. Other contributing artists to the exhibit are Tim Gibbons and Cassandra LeSar. All art on show is available for sale. For more information, or if you are an artist interested in exhibiting your work, please contact Funky As A Monkey Art Studio at tim@funkyasamonkey. com. SUPPORT local artists and arts community! TAMPA BAY DANCE CLUB - JUNE & JULY SCHEDULES JUNE SCHEDULE June 15 DJ- Joey Royal (Celebrate Father’s Day- Bring finger food to share) June 22 Band - On Our Own (Celebrate the start of Summer) June 29 Male Vocalist and keyboard player - George Martin - Celebrate Independence Day JULY SCHEDULE July 6, 2019 Band- On Our Own with Albi & Mario July 13, 2018 DJ- Joey Royal (Annual Luau Party - Bring finger food to share) July 20, 2018 Band - On Our Own with Albi & Mario

SHINE OFFERS FREE MEDICARE ANSWERS – MEDICARE 101 PRESENTATIONS New River Library Wesley Chapel/Zephyrhills June 21st at 11:00 am. A SHINE Volunteer will be available to answer Medicare questions on Thursday at 11:00 am at the New River Library located at 34043 Fl-54, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543. For more information call 813-788-6375. ______________________________________________ Land O’ Lakes Library June 16th at 11:00 am - A SHINE Volunteer will be available to answer Medicare questions on Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Land O Lakes Library located at 2818 Collier Parkway, Land O Lakes, FL 34639. For information, call (813) 929-1214. ______________________________________________ Hugh Embry Library Dade City June 13th at 1:00 pm A SHINE Volunteer will be available to answer Medicare question on Thursday at the Hugh Embry Library located at 14215 4th St. Dade City, FL 33523. For information call 352-567-3576. ______________________________________________ Centennial Park Branch Library Holiday June 19th at 10:00 am. A SHINE Volunteer will be available to answer Medicare question on Tuesday at the Centennial Park Branch located at 5740 Moog Rd, Holiday, FL 34690. For information call (727) 834-3204. ______________________________________________ Appointments in Pasco county are available by calling 727-570-9696 ext. 273. SHINE is a program of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs program through which volunteers provide free, unbiased, one-on-one Medicare counseling and prescription drug assistance for elders, their families, and caregivers. We are looking to increase our volunteer corps. SHINE volunteers assist seniors in making informed health care decisions and make a difference in their communities every day. For information about volunteering, contact SHINE Program Manager Sue Samson at sue.samson@aaapp.or or 727-570-9696 ext. 234. For a volunteer application, visit join-the-team.aspx. ACHIEVEHERS WOMEN SHARING WISDOM SERIES

four service areas, including Child Safety and Preservation, and, Adult Behavioral Health Services; Hannah McCall, Youth Advocate, The Haven of RCS. Hannah has a special focus on dating violence prevention. She is a regular speaker throughout Pinellas County’s school system in middle and high schools, and, PSTA meetings; Representative Kathleen Peters, Florida House of Representatives. Kathleen has been an advocate for positive youth policies associated with juvenile justice throughout Pinellas County. She was recently recognized for her extensive legislative work in the mental health environment; Moderator Amy Maguire, of Maguire Strategies, partners with companies of all sizes to impact change through corporate philanthropy.

About the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce: We are Clearwater’s business resource, providing services and support to enhance the business climate. With over 600 members, we are the Voice of Business in Clearwater and North Pinellas County. Our mission is to enhance economic growth in the Clearwater region by focusing on the development of our members in the business and tourist communities. The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce has been open for business since 1922. Melissa Reddington, Vice President, Events & Marketing, Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce, 600 Cleveland Street, Suite 200, Clearwater, Florida 33755. P 727-461-0011 x229; F 727-449-2889; mreddington@clearwaterflorida. org PLANT CITY SOCIAL DANCE Plant City Social Dance will be holding their July dances, on the Saturdays of July 14TH and 28TH at Strawberry Square, where we have a 3,000 square foot floating wood floor to dance on. DJ Ken Miller will play music for social dancers. Strawberry Square: 401 Promenade Blvd., Plant City, Fl. 33563. Their website: strawberrysquaredancing. com. Dance time, 6:30 to 9:30. Cost, $6.00. No alcohol is to be brought on the property. Bring your own snacks, drinks and what table service you will need. For directions from your location, send a text or email to me. Please include your name. email address and phone number. Ken Miller, 863.409.7714]

ART LOVERS PLACE, INC. A Tax Exempt 501c3 Charitable Organization helping Seniors, Disabled and Veterans through Art. EIN: 81-2536225. 1300 Clearwater Largo Rd., Largo, FL 33770. 727-518-1300 Studio; 727-215-3636 Cell., ArtlLoversPlace.networkforgood. com/

June 21st Luncheon Focuses On Caregiving: The Secrets We Don’t Share CLEARWATER, FL – AchieveHERs, the women’s networking group of the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce, announces that tickets are available for its June 21st luncheon and panel presentation on CAREGIVING: THE SECRETS WE DON’T SHARE. This second part of AchieveHERs’ WOMEN SHARING WISDOM series addresses topics such as mental health, domestic violence and offers guidance whether coping for yourself or aiding family or a friend. The June 21st luncheon is scheduled from 11am-1pm at Bon Appetit Restaurant, Dunedin. Tickets for Chamber members are $40 or $45 for non-members and available online at AchieveHERs was formed to meet the demands of businesswomen and is a regional leader in camaraderie, support, networking opportunities and valuable new insights to women in business. AchieveHERs WOMEN SHARING WISDOM luncheons always reach full capacity of 150 attendees. Presenters include: April Lott, LCSW, is the President & CEO of Directions For Living, a multifaceted social services agency that serves children and adults. They have

JUNE 2018





Debt You Can’t Pay? JUNE HEALTH OBSERVANCES FATHER’S DAY Need an idea for Father’s Day? South Florida Baptist Hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services offers golf assessments. Physical therapists are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute to help golfers optimize their bodies, decrease their golf scores and help them play the game for as long as possible. A basic screening can determine what areas of the body are limited and what the golfer’s deficiencies are. Anyone may make an appointment for a golf assessment; they need not be a patient or have a referral. The Outpatient Rehabilitation team even offers gift cards that would make a great Father’s Day gift. CANCER FROM THE SUN MONTH June is Cancer from the Sun Month. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Most cases of melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer, are caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Learn more about prevention and treatment of skin cancer. NATIONAL APHASIA AWARENESS MONTH Stroke is the No. 5 cause of death and the leading cause of disability in the U.S. A stroke can have various communication effects, one of which is aphasia. Stroke is the most common cause of aphasia, which is a language disorder that affects the ability to communicate. June is National Aphasia Awareness Month, which is a national campaign to increase public education around the language disorder and to recognize the numerous people who are living with or caring for people with aphasia.

FORWARD PINELLAS, CREATIVE PINELLAS JOIN FORCES TO CREATE ALTERNATE U.S. 19 CULTURAL CORRIDOR PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – Connecting the vibrant arts and cultural destinations of north Pinellas County and creating new ones is the goal of two countywide agencies teaming up to designate Alternate U.S. 19 as a Cultural Corridor. Forward Pinellas, the county’s land use and transportation planning agency, and Creative Pinellas, the county’s designated arts agency, launch a four-month planning project today with a public workshop at the Tarpon Springs Heritage Museum from 6 to 8 p.m. A Cultural Corridor is a geographic area that features and connects multiple arts and cultural attractions, creating a magnet for entertainment, tourism, and urban revitalization. The goal of the project is to engage artists, cultural experts, and others in a conversation about promoting Alternate U.S. 19 as a public art and cultural asset corridor. The study area includes connections to and overlaps with the Pinellas Trail, one of the county’s premier existing cultural assets. The project effort will culminate with a corridor plan and open house unveiling event in October. The Tarpon Springs workshop will be followed by three others to gain a wide range of input from the community on a vision for the corridor: June 25 at SPC Clearwater, July 16 at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, and July 31 at the Largo Performing Arts Center. More information is available at To implement the plan’s recommendations, Forward Pinellas and Creative Pinellas will seek funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Hilary Lehman, Communications & Outreach Program Manager. Direct: 727-464-8355; Main: 727-464-8250.

Email Your Senior Happening to:



NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH National Safety Council data show that July and August typically record the highest number of preventable deaths, underscoring the need to use National Safety Month – observed each June – as a time to evaluate habits and resolve to reduce risks. A total of 117,041 people died from preventable injuries in July and August from 2011 to 2015 as a result of poisonings, car crashes, falls, drowning, choking and fires. Learn about the most common accidents seen in the Emergency Department at South Florida Baptist Hospital. ABOUT SOUTH FLORIDA BAPTIST HOSPITAL Since 1953, South Florida Baptist Hospital has served Plant City and surrounding areas as a not-for-profit community hospital. The progressive, 147-bed acute care facility offers a full range of diagnostic, rehabilitative, surgical, therapeutic and women’s services, including obstetrics. South Florida Baptist Hospital is part of the BayCare Health System, a family of health care providers consisting of the 15 leading notfor-profit hospitals in the Tampa Bay region. ABOUT BAYCARE HEALTH SYSTEM BayCare is a leading not-for-profit health care system that connects individuals and families to a wide range of services at 15 hospitals and hundreds of other convenient locations throughout the Tampa Bay and central Florida regions. Inpatient and outpatient services include acute care, primary care, imaging, laboratory, behavioral health, home care, and wellness. Our mission is to improve the health of all we serve through community-owned, health care services that set the standard for high-quality, compassionate care.

DIEGO FIGUEIREDO Friday, June 15 •8:00 pm • The Paladium Theater Brazilian guitarist Diego Figueiredo is an extraordinary fast-rising star in the jazz world. His superb technique, timing and imagination have made him one of the hottest international names on the scene today. At age 36, he has already released 23 CDs, 3 DVDs, and has played in more than 60 countries around the world. A brilliant musician, Figueiredo keeps the traditional essence of Brazilian music, and at the same time is extremely virtuosic, modern and innovative. His concerts unite technique and emotion in a fusion of Brazilian music and jazz. “Diego Figueiredo is one of the greatest guitarists I’ve seen in my whole life. The world needs to listen to his music”. – George Benson. Join us for an intimate evening of jazz and Brazilian Bossa Nova, chorinho and more with Figueiredo playing solo acoustic guitar, and a cameo appearance by Brazilian vocalist, Andrea Moraes Manson. GENERAL ADMISSION: $25. The Palladium Theater 253 Fifth Ave. N., St. Petersburg ST. PETERSBURG OPERA-MEREDITH WILLIAMS "THE MUSIC MAN" The Paladium Theater •St. Petersburg June 29, July 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 Strike up the band! The con-man Harold Hill plans to sell band instruments in a small town and skip town before the promised music lessons can take place. The librarian Marian may see through him, but that doesn’t stop her from falling for him. Ultimately, Hill is exposed as a fraud, but music can inspire miracles in this happy ending.. 727-823-2040 for showtimes.

HARASSED by Collectors?

Did You Know?

• Your social security and retirement income is protected by law. • It doesn’t need to be used to pay debt you can’t afford to pay. • Collector calls and letters can be stopped. HELPS charitable nonprofit law firm represents seniors nationwide in order to stop unwanted collector calls and letters. Your income can be used for your needs.


For answers to your questions toll free 855 HELPS-US

Dr. Bonnie Sanchez, DPM, ABPM

Dr. Gregory Cook, DPM

STOP YOUR FOOT PAIN! FOOT PAIN RELIEF WITH A GENTLE TOUCH BY BOARD CERTIFIED FOOT SPECIALIST! Our expert Podiatrists quickly and effectively help you with your foot pain; FOOT, ANKLE, TOE AND TOENAIL Now Featuring: Prosthetic Nails - making ugly nails beautiful in one treatment. Offering you and your loved ones: Diabetic Foot Exams, Custom Orthotics, Braces and not so ugly Orthopedic Shoes. If you experience, Joint problems: Ankle Sprains, Bunions, Crooked Bent Toes, Arthritis or Gout, we can help you. If you have skin or nail problems: Athlete’s Foot, Thick, Ugly or Discolored Nails, Dry Cracked Heels or Warts or other ugly spots, we can help you. Achilles’ Tendon, Heel, Arch or Ball of your foot Pain; we can help you. Burning, Numbness or Tingling, we can help minimize your awful symptoms. Walking Problems; Unsteady Gait or Balance, please call us so, we can help you! With any problem we get you out of pain as soon as possible and then work on the root of your problem! For Quick Effective Relief of Your Foot Pain — CALL NOW!

(813) 563-6458 Hillsborough • (727) 469-3821 Pinellas



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10 Ways to Add Colorful Curb Appeal to Your Home (StatePoint) Want to give your home a dash of curb appeal? Focus on color, say experts. “The home exterior is an open palette, and there’s so much opportunity to add curb appeal with colorful accents,” says color expert Kate Smith, chief color maven with Sensational Color. Here are 10 ways to give your house a colorful facelift. • No matter what style your home is, the roof is a major aspect of its curb appeal -- sometimes as much as 40 percent of the view. So think about it first. Use free online resources like the new Top Down Color visualizer from DaVinci Roofsapes to quickly visualize how different colors and products will look on your home. • Make landscaping decisions with color top-of-mind. Either go for a vibrant and natural look, or create a stylized look with patterns and designs. • Replace the numbers on your house or clean the old ones. Brass will certainly stand out on most housing materials; however, you may prefer to use large colorful accent numbers to contrast with your home exterior. • Forget about your bland, boring garage door. Use free online resources like HaasCreate, an online visualizer, to select one with color and distinction. Available at, the tool allows you to upload a photo of your home then select different garage door styles to see what will work best on your home. • Give your mail carrier a warmer welcome. Spruce up your mailbox with a fresh coat of paint. Or, if it’s rusty or splintered, replace it. There are many styles available, so consider selecting something with character. • Add decorative glass windows for a distinctive accent to your home exterior. An assortment of square, geometric and oval shaped options are available in both fixed and operable styles from such brands as Hy-Lite. Certain windows feature black, satin or brass caming to offset beveled glass pieces and other privacy textured glass, while

other windows boast silkscreened designs. • Soft touches, such as adding new colorful pillows to a front porch swing, laying out a new welcome mat or hanging a flag, can give your home cozy, colorful curb appeal. • Add color to shutters, door and window surrounds, and other trim pieces. Start with low maintenance polyurethane pieces that are moisture-, insect- and rot-resistant. Through the Classic Color Program available at Nu-Wood, you can have pieces pre-painted in any of 9,000 Sherwin-Williams paint colors and ready to install out of the box. The company includes a touch-up container of paint for convenience. • For natural hues that accent and add contrast to siding, consider applying mortarless stone veneer as full accent walls on your home’s exterior or as a half wall/ wainscot application. Check out easy-to-install products, available at manufacturers like ClipStone. Colors of their Ledgestone and ProStack styles include Ash, Poinset, Sand and Tan. • Pressure wash and repaint where necessary to restore your home to its original colorful splendor. Using color strategically, you can make your home more valuable to potential buyers or just more personalized for your own tastes.

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Improvements for Independence

Modifications to make your home more accessible (Family Features) Being safe and comfortable at home is a large part of living well. Home modifications and repairs can help everyone, especially older adults and people with disabilities, maintain an independent lifestyle and prevent accidents. Many older adults prefer to stay at home for as long as possible, but too often don’t think about whether their homes will meet their needs as they age. Making improvements for independence before they are needed is a good way to ensure that a home is ready for aging in place. Forwardthinking improvements may also help prevent falls, which often cause the need for long-term care. Many changes, such as adding grab bars in bathrooms, can be done without a major redesign or full-blown renovation. Depending on your circumstance, it may also make sense to consider things like widening doorways and lowering

countertop heights for someone who uses a wheelchair. Here’s how you can get started: Home assessment Before making any changes, assess the entire home. This checklist can help identify areas that might need improvement. Everyone has different needs, but in general, a “no” answer may be cause for action. • Are exterior walkways and entrances well-lit? • Is there a step-free entrance to the home? • Are entrance doors easy to lock, unlock, open and close? • Does the main floor include a kitchen, bedroom and full bathroom? • Are doorways wide enough for someone using a wheelchair, walker or service animal? • Are hallways, staircases, bathrooms and the kitchen well-lit? • Is wall-to-wall carpeting secure and in good condition? • Are area rugs secured to the floor with grips?

• Are walkways free from obstructions and hazards like cords and furniture? • Do stairways have sturdy handrails on both sides? • Can bathroom and kitchen cabinets be easily reached? • Is there a step-free shower entrance? • Are grab bars available in or near the shower and toilet? • Do showers have non-slip mats or adhesive strips? • Will smoke detectors provide visual as well as audio alerts? Are telephones and emergency supplies easily accessible on all floors? Cost and contractors Minor improvements can cost between $150-$2,000, and major renovation costs vary depending on the job. However, many contractors offer reduced rates or sliding-scale fees based on income and ability to pay. Public and private financing options may also be available.


WRITE IT DOWN! A LIVING TOGETHER AFTER RETIREMENT NOTEBOOK (Volume 2) Paperback – $10.95 by Graham Harrop (Author)

The follow-up to the popular “Living Together After Retirement” collection! This delightful little cartoon notebook will add a sparkle to your day. Also by Graham Harrop: the “Sorry You’re Leaving” retirement

gift book, now available on Amazon or through Gryndstone and Fusspot Press See Link below for more information: Write-Down-TOGETHER-RETIREMENT-Notebook/dp/1718765568

More information about home modifications, including financial assistance, can be found at


Golden Comfort by Ruth Yakirah Solo I sink into the soft cushion of my mauve chair. This is my safe place, My sanctuary. The place where, I journal, I pray, I meditate, I feel. I’m sad, But the tears won’t come. Goldie, my ginger cat, senses my sadness.

Graham Harrap draws the daily online comic strip "TEN CATS". He is a Vancouver Sun cartoonist and for more than 25 years his comic "BackBench" appeared in The Globe and Mail. Graham creates presentation or training cartoons for companies such as McDonald's Corporation, Princess Cruise Lines, Fairmont Hotels, Canada Post, BMO and Devon Energy. His work has appeared in Reader's Digest, National Post, as greeting cards published by Recycled Paper Greetings and as medical specialists' cards from SmartPractice. Graham's cartoons have won the Reuben Award and a BC Newspaper Foundation Award. Graham currently creates commemorative posters for corporate events, meetings and sponsorships.

If hiring a professional, remember to get a written agreement with specific tasks, a timeline and cost estimate. Make sure the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured for the specific type of work.

She jumps onto the mauve cushioned foot rest, Then places one paw on the arm of the chair, Her other paw steadies herself on my left leg, She takes a moment to stretch luxuriously,

Then settles on my chest, Where she begins kneading and purring. Her twelve-inch long striped tail gently sways to the rhythm of her kneading. She head bumps my head affectionately. Slowly I begin to stroke her soft fur. Ah, this is my place of comfort. Slowly the tears begin to flow down my face. Goldie gently licks the tears with her textured tongue. I feel the tension leave my body. I release a long sigh and kiss Goldie’s head. Her comforting task completed, She leaps onto the foot rest and onto the bed, And begins grooming herself, As she flashes her golden eyes at me. I reach for a tissue to wipe away my tears.

In honor of the American Humane Society’s National Adopt-a-Cat Month Ruth is a member of the “Poets Live” group which meets at the Largo Public Library on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. She is also writing her memoir. Ruth is the Poetry Coordinator for the “Senior Voice Newspaper”. If you wish to submit a poem, please contact Ruth at



JUNE 2018

ENTERTAINMENT TYLER HENRY– HOLLYWOOD MEDIUM Thu, Jun 21 at 7:30 PM Ruth Eckerd Hall Tyler Henry - The Hollywood Medium makes his way to Clearwater for his Ruth Eckerd Hall debut! For the first time, audiences will be treated to his new live show 5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Departed. This exclusive show will feature Tyler discussing his unique gift and how it affects his everyday life, and also includes a multi-media video presentation and interactive audience Q&A. Tyler was born with a unique gift that enables him to help countless people acquire closure, comfort and proof that consciousness transcends physical death. As an evidential based medium, his ability to provide detail-oriented specifics has quickly captured the attention of millions, even turning the most ardent skeptics into believers. Tyler is not only the most sought after medium in Hollywood, as witnessed on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry during his jaw-dropping readings to Hollywood celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones, but also a best-selling author with his first book, Between Two Worlds – Lessons From The Other Side. Tickets are *$150, $128.75, $88.75, $68.75, and $48.75. *$150 Pre-show Party Package includes a premium seat, access to party lounge including high-end appetizers, dessert, beer, wine, soda & coffee, beginning 2 hours prior to show time. Artist does not appear at party.

DAVE KOZ SUMMER HORNS TOUR Fri, Jun 22 at 8:00 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall Back by popular demand, Dave Koz and Friends kick off theSummer Horns Tour at Ruth Eckerd Hall! Following the highly successful Summer Horns Tours of 2013 and 2014, this year’s tour will have the same high-level energy delivering hits, including songs from the upcoming new album, Dave Koz and Friends Summer Horns II, a copy of which is included with every ticket purchased. Dave Koz has assembled a powerhouse line up for this Summer Horns Tour, with special guests Gerald Albright, known for his acclaimed solo recordings and performances with Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, and The Temptations; Rick Braun, chart-topping trumpeter, who has collabo-



rated across genre's with Rod Stewart, Sade, and REO Speedwagon; Richard Elliot, a former member of Tower of Power who has since forged a successful solo career. Koz is excited to introduce Aubrey Logan known for jammin’ on her trombone and sailing through a song with her nothing-held-back, multi-octave vocal instrument. And finally, guitarist Adam Hawley, named both Smooth Jazz News’ and JazzTrax’ Debut Artist of the Year. The first Summer Horns release debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Current Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. Playing new songs from the forthcoming Summer Horns release, as well as songs from their individual catalogues, this live show is sure to be one of the hottest shows this Summer not to be missed! Tickets are *$150, $100, $87, $52, and $37. *$150 Pre-show Party Package includes a premium seat, access to party lounge including high-end appetizers, dessert, beer, wine, soda & coffee, beginning 2 hours prior to show time. Artist does not appear at party. Special offer! Every ticket for this show includes a digital download of Dave Koz’s forthcoming album, Dave Koz and Friends Summer Horns II. You will receive an email with more information on this offer approximately 7 days after your ticket purchase.

BROADWAY BOUND Thu, Jun 28 - Fri, Jun 29 @ Murray Theatre A musical cabaret-style performance by the summer students of the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts. Genral admisson tickets are $5.00.

ROGER MCGUINN Sat, Jun 30 at 8:00 PM @ Capitol Theatre Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Roger McGuinn returns to the historic Capitol Theatre for the first time since 2012! He has not only lived history, he made history with his fearless sense of experimentation. Roger’s solo career began in 1973 and has yielded ten albums, a GRAMMY® nomination and extensive touring for enthralled audiences ever since. Roger can provide an educational seminar which includes aspects of rock history, musical techniques, and computer techniques he uses in recording. Tickets are $50, $35, and $25. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. New this season! The Capitol Theatre has joined with the renowned Clear Sky on Cleveland to offer a delicious premium dining and entertainment experience for $125 (Menu A) or $115 (Menu B).

DAN & PHIL WORLD TOUR 2018 Sat, Jul 7 at 8:00 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall Dan & Phil actually leave their house travelling from the UK to Ruth Eckerd Hall to see you IRL again! You’re in for a crazy evening of entertainment combining all the best features of Dan & Phil’s book, YouTube channels, radio shows and countless infamous videos online! Expect hilarious anecdotes, sketches, some surprises and lots of audience interaction that they will probably regret. Don't miss their return to Clearwater only at Ruth Eckerd Hall! Under 14s must be accompanied by a person aged 18 or over. Bag checks will be in operation at all venues; to save time avoid bringing unnecessary baggage or items. Please arrive promptly to help us start the show on time! There will be a 20 minute interval during the show. Photography and video recording is prohibited, all electronic devices must be turned off during the show. Tickets are *$156.50, **$125, $102.50, $62.50, and $37.50. *$156.50 ticket includes a premium seat and VIP Meet & Greet. **$125 Dinner Package includes a premium seat and pre-show dinner. Artist does not appear at Dinner.

CHICAGO Fri, Jul 13 at 7:00 PM @ Capitol Theatre $5 general admission or $9 general admission & unlimited fountain drinks and popcorn. Watch your favorite movies inside a luxury loge box! Loge boxes are available for up to four people. Total cost is $75. Box includes bottomless popcorn and soft drinks for each ticket holder. Please call Adam Burr at 727-712-2717 to purchase or for more information.

MARY POPPINS Wed, Jul 18 at 3:00 PM @ Capitol Theatre $5 general admissionor $9 general admission & unlimited fountain drinks and popcorn. Watch your favorite movies inside a luxury loge box! Loge boxes are available for up to four people. Total cost is $75. Box includes bottomless popcorn and soft drinks for each ticket holder. Please call Adam Burr at 727-712-2717 to purchase or for more information.

CAL PINK FLOYD-WYWH Fri, Jul 20 at 8:00 PM @ Capitol Theatre Classic Albums Live brings Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, note for note, cut for cut, live on stage at the historic Capitol Theatre! Wish You Were Here is Floyd's second album with a conceptual theme written entirely by Roger Waters. The album begins with a long instrumental preamble and segues into the lyrics for Shine On You Crazy Diamond and contains Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One and Two),Welcome to the Machine, Have a Cigar, Wish You Were Here and further instrumental excursions. Wish You Were Here appears on Rolling Stone's lists of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and the 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time. Classic Albums Live takes classic albums and performs them live, on stage - without all the gimmickry and cheesy impersonations - using the world's greatest musicians. You won't want to miss this legendary performance that only the Capitol Theatre can provide! Tickets are $50, $45, & $35. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. Purchase a Classic Albums Live Series Pass for $99 - Save $80! More Info. New this season! The Capitol Theatre has joined with the renowned Clear Sky on Cleveland to offer a delicious premium dining and entertainment experience for $130 (Menu A) or $120 (Menu B).

2018 MISS FLORIDA PAGEANT June 26-June 30, 2018 RP Funding center, YOUKEY THEATER LAKELAND, FLORIDA Purchase tickets in advance at RP FUNDING CENTER during regular business hours or the day of a show. The Box Office opens 3 hours prior to show time. Call the Box Office during regular business hours. After regular business hours, call our 24-hour ticketing line at 888-397-0100. Box Office Hours 9:30AM-5:30PM, Monday-Friday. RP Funding Center (The Lakeland Center) 701 W. Lime St. Lakeland, FL 33815. Tel: 863) 834-8100,

HEATHER LAND I AIN'T DOIN IT TOUR Wednesday, July 18. 2018 • Youkey Theatre • 7-9 PM Her hilarious Snapchat videos have us laughing - with more than 300 million views. Now you can see her in person on the 2018 i ain't doin it tour for a solid night of comedy as she says, "Full of crazy things I ain't doin (and a lot of mess I've already done). I'm also bringing some music your way so get ready!" There's a meet-n-greet before the show! Heather Land is a single mom who grew up in Tennessee and has a knack for finding the funny out of the frustrating. Leaving no stone or situation left unturned, she hilariously unravels everyday events - inviting audiences to laugh not only at each other, but also at ourselves. From ex-husbands to failed diets, her take on topics delivers consistent comedy in a charming, self-deprecating style that has made her adored by millions of people of all ages. Practically overnight, Heather burst through the clutter of the online world with her cutting and witty videos. After privately sharing her hilarious musings about the oddities of daily life to her immediate friends, they dared her to share them publicly. After reluctantly posting online, millions of people shared the videos and a true social media star was born. Over the course of only a few months, Heather's videos have been shared by celebrities like Miranda Lambert and social tastemakers, immediately connecting with her down-to-earth personality and reaching hundreds of mil-

JUNE 2018



ENTERTAINMENT lions of people in the process. Heather's audience was first drawn in by her quick wit filtered through a high pitched SnapChat voice changer, but they have remained connected to her because of the way she shows us how to laugh at the chaos we all live through on a daliy basis. What may surprise audiences the most is that she's a songwriter who plays the keyboard and sings her original songs. Many of her pieces are about love and loss. She says, "The Truth is, we all deal with loss and we all deal with hurt and heartache. Sometimes you've got to laugh or you're gonna cry. I've found this way for myself of being able to turn some hurtful situations into humor."

DONNY & MARIE SUMMER 2018 TOUR Friday, June 29, 2018 8PM • The Mahaffey Theater With more than 90 years in show biz between them, Donny & Marie are bringing classic songs along with their chart-toppers like “Puppy Love,” “Paper Roses,” and “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock N Roll.” Add in sibling humor, their supreme Las Vegas band and dancers, along with high-energy style and dance numbers and this is one production that is total entertainment for the young and young at heart. Donny & Marie have collectively recorded 142 albums, selling over 100 million copies with 51 Gold and Platinum recordings. They have starred in their own television series, specials, documentaries and numerous programs throughout the world. Collectively and individually, they have sold out venues worldwide, breaking box office records and received countless awards.

ERASURE WORLD BE GONE TOUR Saturday, July 7 at 8pm • The Mahaffey Theater Erasure will hit the road with their 2018 North American World Be Gone Tour, stopping at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts, Mahaffey Theater on July 7 for one very exciting night. They will be joined by Reed & Caroline. Tickets start at $39.50

THE ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS TOUR Wednesday, July 11 at 6:30PM • Mahaffey Theater This event is at AL LANG, next door to the Duke Energy Center for the Arts. With more than 30 million albums sold, 18 million digital single sales, billions of streams and 12 iconic hits combined, 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul are inviting fans aboard The Rock & Roll Express Tour this summer with special guest Soul Asylum on select dates. Grammy Award®-nominated multi-Platinum Mississippi rock band 3 Doors Down has been captivating audiences around the world for nearly two decades. With 20 million albums sold globally, their success has been fueled by hits including “Kryptonite,” “When I’m Gone,” “Here Without You,” and “It’s Not My Time.” Collective Soul rose to international fame in 1993 with the rock anthem “Shine.” The multi-Platinum quintet has a catalog of #1 hits under their belts that has helped shape and define alternative rock. They’ve sold over 20 million records worldwide and continue to average over one million Spotify streams per month. They were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009. The band’s latest live album, LIVE, was released December 8, 2017 on Suretone Records.Grammy Award®-winning rock band Soul Asylum garnered multiplatinum success with their commercial breakthrough albums 1992’s 'Grave Dancers Union' (3x platinum) and 1995's 'Let Your Dim Light Shine' (1x platinum). ‘Grave Dancers Union’ featured the international hit "Runaway Train," which won a 1994 Grammy as Best Rock Song while 'Let Your Dim Light Shine' spawned the hit "Misery.” Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum adds “Looking forward to hitting the road with 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul and seeing everyone! We’re going to have a good time - can’t wait!” Tickets start at $49.50

THE ILLUSIONISTS™ - LIVE FROM BROADWAY™ June 15, 2018 - June 17, 2018 • Straz Center Carol Morsani Hall Direct from Broadway, the world’s best selling magic show

is coming to Tampa. This mind blowing spectacular showcases the jaw dropping talents of five of the most incredible Illusionists on earth. THE ILLUSIONISTS™ – LIVE FROM BROADWAY™ has shattered box office records across the globe and dazzles audiences of all ages with a powerful mix of the most outrageous and astonishing acts ever to be seen on stage. This non-stop show is packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions. A Note from The Straz: We’re committed to inclusion and diversity in our programming, which means representing many different people, places, ideas and abilities. Since tastes and sensitivities vary from person to person, if you have questions or concerns about subject matter, age-appropriateness or stage effects such as strobe lights or theatrical fog that might impact your enjoyment or comfort, please write to contentquestions@strazcenter. org. Tickets start at $35.00

BOBBY BONES RED HOODIE COMEDY TOUR Friday, June 22, 2018 • Straz Center Carol Morsani Hall Radio DJ. Stand-up comedian. Best-selling author. Charttopping recording artist. TV personality. Philanthropist. Bobby Bones has built his career on the ability to multitask. Channeling humor, honesty and hard work, he’s also built the largest nationally-syndicated morning show in country radio - The Bobby Bones Show. Now Bobby hits the road with his brand-new stand-up act after 2017’s sold out Funny & Alone Stand Up Comedy Tour. New jokes, new show, same warped mind. Tickets start at $34.25.

MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL® June 27, 2018 - July 01, 2018 • Straz Center Ferguson Hall Now celebrating 17 years of female empowerment through hilarious musical comedy, Menopause The Musical® has evolved as a “grassroots” movement of women who deal with life adjustments after 40 by embracing each other and the road ahead. Inspired by a hot flash and a bottle of wine, Menopause The Musical was created as a celebration of women who find themselves at any stage of “The Change.” The laughter-filled 90-minute production gets audience members out of their seats and singing along to parodies from classic pop songs of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Tickets start at $39.25.

BRING IT! LIVE Sunday, July 01, 2018 • Straz Center • 7:00pm Carol Morsani Hall After two consecutive years of bringing down the house, “Bring It! Live” is back by overwhelming demand, and set to take the stage in Tampa. Miss D and her Dancing Dolls, the stars of Lifetime’s hit series Bring It! will be coming to the Straz Center with an all new “Bring It! Live” 2018 summer tour. In 2016, the elite world of hip-hop majorette competition was brought to the main stage for the first time with an incomparable energy that took the country by storm. Audiences across the nation were enamored by the fierce, original, high-octane performances that inspired fans of all ages and left them clamoring for more. With hotter-than-ever, never-before-seen performances on deck for the 2018 tour, there has never been a better time for Bring It! fans. New episodes of Bring It! can be seen on Lifetime Fridays at 9/8c or anytime on

DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES AND TRAIN Friday, June 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM. AMALIE Arena Tampa Multi-platinum and award-winning artists Daryl Hall & John Oates and Train announced their momentous coheadline North American summer tour will play Tampa’s AMALIE Arena on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Produced by Live Nation, the extensive trek will make over 35 stops across the U.S. and Canada including Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and more. This marks the first time legendary duo Daryl

Hall & John Oates will tour together with fellow award winning hitmakers, Train. Fans can expect full sets from both Daryl Hall & John Oates and Train, followed by a showstopping joint set. Daryl Hall & John Oates are the NUMBER-ONE SELLING DUO in music history, according to the R.I.A.A. The duo from Philadelphia has scored six #1 singles, including “Rich Girl” (also #1 R&B), “Kiss on My List,” “Private Eyes,” “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)" (also #1 R&B), “Maneater” and “Out of Touch” from their six consecutive multi-platinum albums—’76’s Bigger Than Both of Us, ’80’s Voices, ’81’s Private Eyes, ‘82’s H2O, ‘83’s Rock N Soul, Part I and ‘84’s Big Bam Boom. Train is a multi-GRAMMY and Billboard award-winning band from San Francisco, CA that has had 14 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 list since the release of their debut selftitled album – hits include “Drops Of Jupiter,” “Hey, Soul Sister” “Drive By” and “Play That Song.” They've sold more than 10 million albums worldwide, more than 30 million tracks, amassed over a billion streams with multiple platinum/gold citations, and dozens of other honors. Last year, the band released their 8th studio album, a girl a bottle a boat, via Columbia Records spawning the lead single, “Play That Song,” which went platinum in 4 countries including the US, hit Top 5 on the US iTunes chart, Top 10 at Hot AC radio, charted at Adult Top 40 and holds almost 70 Million streams on Spotify alone. Ticket Prices: $45.75, $55.75, $95.75 and $125.75

TAMPA BAY BRIDAL SHOW Sunday, June 24, 2018 from noon - 4 p.m. Presented and produced by Tampa Bay Times Something old, something new, so many details...what to do? Make it easy on yourself! Come to the Tampa Bay Bridal Show and spend the afternoon with the area's bridal experts! Look for great fashions, tips and wedding advice plus door prizes, giveaways and more. Tampa Bay Bridal. Ticket Price: $5.00


Sarasota Opera House 61 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota FL (941) 328-1300 The Historic Capitol Theatre 405 Cleveland Street Clearwater, FL 33755 Telephone: (727) 791-7400.

RP Funding Center (The Lakeland Center) 701 W. Lime St. Lakeland, FL 33815. Telephone: (863) 834-8100 The Mahaffey Theater 400 1st. St. South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Telephone: (727) 892-5798. Ruth Eckerd Hall 1111 McMullen Booth Rd. Clearwater, FL 33759. Telephone: (727) 791-7400. The Straz Center — 1010 North

Macinnes Place, Tampa, FL 33602. Telephone: (813) 229-7827.



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SENIOR TO SENIOR WOMAN SEEKING MAN SWF NS ND seeking M NS 58-65, likes to walk, flea markets, dining, relaxing at home. Only sincere reply, I’m 55+, 5’3”, 125 lbs., LTR. Answering machine, leave a message. Hernando County (352) 556-4147. Retired lady, widow, late 70s, I like dancing, tennis, dining out, theater & movies, have a dog. I seek someone with same interests who is honest and nice. New Port Richey (727) 2322272. WF NS ND, mid 60s, ISO soulmate, great, moral, clean, dedicated love, honest. Let’s talk! Tampa (813) 802-5640. Honest, loyal, passionate, affectionate woman who enjoys dancing, walking and bike riding, looking for a good man who likes back rubs and home cooked meals. I don’t drink or smoke, sorry. Pinellas Park, (727) 432-2719. Ballroom Dancer- CDF 63 yrs old, petite/ slender, new in town searching for dance partner/friendship. St. Petersburg, (510) 565-8333. Still Searching! 70-80, no smokers, drinkers, kidders, liars, druggies or players. Only LTR for travel, church, dancing, parks, etc. Largo/ Clearwater, (727) 247-9253. Retired, NS, ND, 79 yr old widow, likes a dancing partner and day trips, seeking goodnatured man. I have car and condo near Tyrone Mall. St. Petersburg, (727) 546-2735. Big Apple Lady ND W F, attractive, 60s, ISO independent, clean cut male, no deceptiveness for LTR, NS, SD, SH Multi-interests, easy going. Leave name and number. Largo, (727) 2513204. Blonde, Green eyes, I love cuddling and intimacy, doing new things. Call if you like this and we can talk and see, meet for lunch? (727) 272-4100.

Senior to Senior Abbreviations M: Male F: Female S: Single D: Divorced WD: Widowed W: White B: Black H: Hispanic J: Jewish

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the monkey, I have been mistaken for Stan Lee many times, Largo, (727) 330-6005. I know I am a good man, looking for a fit lady mutual in respect, sharing and caring. I am financially secure, single and willing to travel. God-loving. St. Petersburg, (727) 316-7860. Retired 79 yr old WCM, lonely, NS, ND, need nice female for love and companionship, I have my own place and need someone I can trust to help me. Thank you. Pinellas Park, (727) 2018302. FRIEND TO FRIEND

ISO SD or WD CF, HWP, to share a home Hola, WF NS ND, mid-60s, ISO a friend to with as a personal asst. No drugs, ND NS. Rent go shopping, out to eat, or just enjoy talking. and utilities included, but need job for your Tired of going out alone, kids all grown. Please cash. I’m a R-USN vet, M, C needs a little help call. Tampa (813) 802-5640. around the house. No drama please. ZephLooking for male friend to spend time withyrhills (352) 206-0453. beach, theater, sports and friendship. St. Petersburg, DWM 68, looking for a NS lady for romance. (727) 798-2438. No hang ups or baggage. If you’re looking for someone with great moral values and clean lifestyle, SENIOR TO SENIOR™ call me. Pinellas Park (203) Mail to: Senior Voice America 214-4711. P.O. BOX 1379, Lutz, FL 33548-1379 Email: ISO LTR WF 60-70, height Fax: (813) 422-7966 and weight proportionate, outgoing personality, finI am a:  Lady  Gentleman  Friend to Friend ished with travels abroad, I am 74, Aquarius, sign of Please include the following FREE AD of up to 30 words

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When buying hearing aids: 6 essential things to know (BPT - Brandpoint) Being an informed health care consumer is hard work. There is information everywhere. But how do you sift through it and make sense of it all? And how do you know what is reliable and what isn't? Sorting through the noise when buying hearing aids is no exception. In the past several months, there has been significant media coverage and social media discussion about the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017, which will make certain types of hearing aids available over the counter in the next several years. At the same time, there are many advertisements about devices called Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) - which are not hearing aids and are not designed to treat hearing loss - adding to the confusion. To help consumers cut through the clutter, the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) has pulled together six essential facts for people with hearing loss who are considering the purchase of hearing aids. BHI recommends that anyone who is ready to address their hearing loss keep these six points in mind: 1) Addressing hearing loss promptly and appropriately is important for health and quality of life. Research shows that hearing loss is linked to cognitive decline and dementia, depression, an increased risk of falls and hospitalization, and greater health care costs. Hearing loss also is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, moderate chronic kidney disease, obesity, sleep apnea and rheumatoid arthritis, studies show. 2) Hearing loss is not a simple mechanical issue and cannot be remedied as easily as buying a pair of reader glasses at the grocery store. Hearing loss is a complex sensory loss. It involves brain function and frequency losses specific to the individual. Human hearing involves a multifaceted interplay between specific parts of the ears and brain. For this reason, hearing aids which are designed specifically to compensate for hearing loss - must be cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure safety and efficacy. 3) Hearing aids need to be customfitted and programmed specifically for the individual so they correctly address those specific frequencies the individual has trouble hearing. The beauty of authentic hearing aids

is that they're tailored - through personalized fitting, programming and follow-up adjustments - to correctly address those specific frequencies the individual has trouble hearing. This gives the wearer the greatest benefit and ensures that the level of amplification is appropriate across the entire frequency spectrum. Follow-up hearing aid adjustments, along with training to help consumers adjust to amplification and re-learn how to hear and process sounds they had been missing, further increase user satisfaction.

4) Personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs) are not hearing aids and are not cleared by the FDA to treat hearing loss. Consumers need to be careful not to confuse hearing aids with PSAPs, which simply turn up the volume - sometimes to dangerously high decibel levels - regardless of the individual's specific hearing needs. Over-amplifying in this way may put the consumer at risk of greater hearing damage. 5) Seeing a hearing care professional is the best safety net for proper diagnosis and treatment. Going to a hearing care professional helps ensure that any underlying medical issue behind a hearing loss is identified and addressed. It also helps ensure that the person's hearing loss is safely and effectively treated. Hearing care professionals - audiologists, hearing aid specialists and ENTs (Ear, Nose and Throat doctors or doctors of otology and otolaryngology) - are best suited to help consumers with hearing loss. Audiologists and hearing aid specialists are expressly trained in all aspects of hearing aids and amplification, and they are statelicensed. Many work in practices with ENT doctors. They have the most appropriate and accurate equipment to give a precise read of an individual's current hearing level. Involving a hearing health care professional also means the consumer gets maximum benefit from their hearing aids. 6) Currently, hearing aids are only sold by licensed hearing care professionals. Today, real hearing aids cannot be purchased in the U.S. without the involvement of a licensed hearing care professional. The way hearing aids are sold, however, will change in a few years due to the Overthe-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017, which was signed into law in August 2017. Nevertheless, the complex nature of hearing loss will not change. The safest thing consumers can do for their hearing is to seek professional hearing health care advice from the start.

BHI urges consumers with hearing loss to remain encouraged. Most people with hearing loss can benefit from custom-fitted and programmed hearing aids. In fact, 91 percent of people who purchased hearing aids in the last year say they are happy with their purchase, and 90 percent say they would recommend getting

hearing aids to family members and friends, BHI research shows. For information on types of hearing loss, visit http://www.betterhearing. org/news/heres-what-you-needknow-about-different-types-hearingloss.

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