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5 Keys to Overcoming Adversity

iting your potential. Read books and take classes that provide you with the knowledge and support to accomplish goals and feel better about yourself. The key is committing to never-ending improvement.








Adversity naturally sounds like a bad thing, but an opportunity to overcome a difficult situation can actually be a valuable gift, say experts. “Times of adversity are simply stepping-stones to live a better life,” says Coach Michael Taylor, author of the new book, “Adversity is Your Greatest Ally.” “They’re neither good nor bad until you choose to label them.” Born in the projects, a victim of child abuse and a high school dropout, Taylor was well-acquainted with hardship in childhood, and has been no stranger to it in adulthood. His new book details his journey to success and happiness, offering advice to others seeking to do the same. While Taylor cites success stories of notable scientists, artists and entertainers like Albert Einstein, Jay Z and Oprah Winfrey as examples of those who surmounted life’s hurdles, he firmly believes that anyone with the right attitude and habits can make an upward leap. Here, Taylor offers five keys he says are needed to overcome adversity.

• You must be willing to take responsibility for your life: You can’t blame your parents, where you were born, or the color of your skin. You can’t blame lack of education, an ex-spouse, or your age. Decide that you’re going to take 100 percent responsibility for your life and make it happen. • You must be willing to leave your comfort zone: Fear is a choice. You can choose to let it keep you from accomplishing your goals, or you can feel the fear and do it anyway. Learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable if you truly want to accomplish extraordinary things. • You must commit to growth: Upgrading your inner software means that you’re willing to look at the subconscious beliefs that may be lim-

• You must develop a positive attitude: If you’re truly committed to turning your adversities into allies, it is necessary to develop a positive attitude. A negative attitude makes life’s challenges more difficult to overcome. • You must discover your unique gifts: Everyone has special gifts and talents. When expressed, you will find your true purpose in life. If you’ve forgotten what yours are or have given up on sharing them with the world, rest assured they are within you. Gifts are not necessarily something you do; they are primarily about who you are. For example, being loving and caring is a gift. Being intelligent and analytical is also a gift. For more tips and information about the book, visit With patience and persistence, you can turn the page on a challenging chapter in your life and write your own story.

Addressing Chronic Pain Amidst a National Opioid Crisis (StatePoint)




Chronic pain is among the most prevalent and debilitating medical conditions in the U.S. and opioids are the most commonly prescribed class of medications that are frequently relied on for the management of chronic pain. The high risk for dependence on these drugs and their frequent abuse has results in a

national epidemic. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is a proven, non-addictive, FDAapproved therapy available to help patients manage chronic pain. To learn more about SCS, visit www. Awareness of drug-free treatment alternatives for chronic main management is more important than ever. See COPD Page 15



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You Need More Fruits And Veggies: 5 Easy Ways To Get There


adding fresh side dishes is a simple solution that can help make you feel good about what you're eating, even with a hectic schedule. Choose your favorite frozen prepared foods and pizzas as the foundation, add side dishes made with fresh fruit and vegetables and you have a balanced meal that is both delicious and nutritious. NestlĂŠ's Balance Your Plate educational program aims to help you put together delicious and nutritious meals that incorporate frozen and fresh foods. The website, www., provides information, tips and recipes to help consumers create easy, balanced meals that meet dietary guidelines. Here are some quick and easy tips for including more fruits and veggies in your diet:

Most Americans understand the importance of including a variety of fruits and vegetables into their diets, but finding inspiration and fresh ideas for incorporating them into everyday meals can be challenging. Research shows that only 10 percent of Americans are meeting the MyPlate recommendations for daily intake of fruits and veggies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a rule of thumb, half the foods you eat for any given meal should be made up of fruits and veggies - preferably ones incorporating a range of different colors and nutrients. Daily meal planning is made easier if you turn to your freezer for a little help. Balancing your plate with frozen meals and pizzas and 1. Chop, eat, repeat.

Not into cooking? Simply buy whatever looks good, wash it, cut into slices and enjoy, perhaps dipping it into salad dressing or a yogurt dip. 2. Shop the frozen-food aisle. Delicious and easy-to-prepare frozen foods such as DiGiorno pizzeria! thin Margherita pizza or Lean Cuisine Ricotta Cheese & Spinach Ravioli provide your family plenty of wholesome meals without requiring lengthy prep time. Simply pair with tasty side dishes made with fruits and vegetables for a balanced meal.

other tasty ingredients that will motivate you to want more; consider slices of grilled meat or shrimp, boiled eggs, or small amounts of nuts, cheeses, dried fruit, etc. Then divide the mix into individual plastic containers for the week's lunches. 4. Top it off. As soon as your favorite frozen pizza comes out of the oven, boost its nutrient punch by adding pieces of fresh tomato, basil, pineapple, spinach or arugula.

5. Stir it in. Add complementary veggies to your favorite comfort food, like 3. Divide and conquer. Each Sunday night mix your fa- Stouffer's Mac & Cheese. Suggested vorite veggies into a big salad bowl stir-ins: roasted broccoli, cauliflowwith a cover, combining Romaine er, zucchini, carrots or butternut and iceberg lettuce with darker squash. green varieties and throwing in

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Gingerbread House Hits Construction Snag by Jean Mlincek My friend Margaret had never made a gingerbread house in her life, so when she got an invite to a party centered around that event over the Christmas holidays, it was more intimidating for her than exciting. Margaret simply was not part of that “butcher, baker, candlestickmaker” world where the average Joe can grill a mean steak, has ten bakeoff contest ribbons, or is a master at crafts. She is the only person I know who won’t trade in her two-slice toaster because monitoring four slices would be too daunting. Nevertheless, Margaret armed herself with a bag of M&Ms and a bag of name-brand gum drops. Far be it for her to make her house out of cheap materials; neither the M&Ms nor the gumdrops were under a dollar. As she headed to the “construction site,” she was wishing she had Googled how to make a gingerbread house, but it was too late for that. When Margaret arrived at the

by Carolyn Shockey When I need a reality check regarding the state of my health, I remind myself that if I were a car, I’d have been in the junk yard a long time ago. We take the magnificent workings of our body for granted, especially in our younger years when we think we’re invincible. It is only as we age and things begin to go awry that we become aware that things are not operating as they once did. We have all been guilty of neglecting or misusing our bodies as we wander through life, whether it’s through sports, high demanding physical jobs or careless behaviors that take a toll on us. Our body continues to serve us the best it can, especially when we do our part with regular checkups, sensible lifestyles, and medication if needed to tweak the blood pressure, or maybe an antacid before a pizza: The little things that help an aging body keep up and make us comfortable. A person whose heart rate is 70

host’s house, she realized she was among quite a few housebuilding veterans. Many of this construction crew knew what they were doing. There were piles of shredded wheat for rooftops, candy dots, mini marshmallows, pre-baked gingerbread “walls” and “rooftops,” along with bowls of a powdered sugar mix to serve as mortar. All Margaret had to do was to assemble these items. Sadly, this was no “piece of cake” project for Margaret. As she watched the houses going up around her, she wanted to slink out the door. Several crew members could see she was having trouble getting the walls of her house to stand up and offered a helping hand, but Margaret was determined to have a ReMax listing before the party was over. She watched with envious eye as various houses were set on the display table, construction worthy of the title “mansion.” So far, her house was looking like a one-seat outhouse without a roof. More houses were added to the

display table featuring candy canearched doorways and red licorice, cut into small lengths, serving as windowsills. The houses looked good enough to eat, except for Margaret’s. The sugar dots kept falling off her half-finished project, and HER doorway was graced not with candy canes, but worms!!!! Yes, Margaret spent several minutes trying to stretch green and yellow gummy worms around the door to her abode. Now, that’s a welcoming sight, wouldn’t you say? Then, without warning, Margaret walked off the job. That’s right; just like many of Florida’s unlicensed contractors do, she quit before construction was complete! One of the crew gathered up her shanty and placed it on the table with the beautiful, creative houses. There would be no ReMax sign for Margaret. Instead, one of the crew scribbled on a piece of paper and set it down by Margaret’s roofless endeavor. The sign read “Foreclosure.” At that point, it wouldn’t have mattered to Margaret

Affairs of the Heart

beats per minute, for example, will have their heart pump 1610 times a day, or 587,650 times per year. Now multiply that by your age, and you’ll have a good idea of just how hard it’s been working for you, keeping the circulation going, to feed and oxygenate your cells and organs through miles of veins and capillaries.

In order to get the most out of our body, we must take responsibility for helping it function. We shouldn’t expect it to serve us well if we neglect it, or the warning signs as they appear. Neither should we rely on medication to fix something we can manage with correct behaviors or lifestyle changes. Being diagnosed as a borderline diabetic,

FORECLOSURE if the sign had read “Condemned.” Her construction debut was behind her. She popped a gumdrop in her mouth and headed home to a house that, thankfully, was not made of gingerbread. Jean Mlincek is a freelance writer and resident of St. Petersburg, Fla.

for example, will often respond to a healthy eating regime, with less sweets and carbs rather than relying on a pill so we can eat what we want. If our bones creak, and our joints are stiff, sitting in a chair so we don’t hurt is not the answer. What we need is to move to keep everything going. Personally, for me, this is a big one. Having crippling arthritis history on both sides of my family tree, I’ve had relatives lose their ability to function, so I’m forever pressing on going to the gym to try to stay limber and function independently. The gym has never been a hangout of mine - I still don’t relish it - but after knee and shoulder replacements I’ve come to see the mandatory need for it to keep moving. It’s sad that we must learn these lessons after the the damage is done, but we can still have a life with quality, using what we have that still works to enjoy our time here…even if it means going to the gym. And while we’re at it, thank our hearts for beating for us, and keep doing our part to help it keep on ticking.





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DIAGNOSED WITH LUNG CANCER? HAVE YOU CONSIDERED SURGICAL TREATMENT? Cancer treatment decisions deserve second opinions.



Director of Thoracic Surgery

TGH Thoracic Surgeon

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Eric Sommers is nationally recognized for his expertise in minimally invasive video- and robotic-assisted lung and chest surgery, with faster recovery times and world-class outcomes.

Recognized for her excellence in critical care, Dr. Mary Vinson specializes in the treatment of lung cancer and lung nodules via robotic surgery.

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5 Tips to Shed Those Pounds

(StatePoint) Maybe you want more energy, or perhaps you want to lose weight and keep it off for good. Whatever your goals you can decide that now is the time to make a fresh start to become the best version of yourself. Here are five tips from Nutrisystem experts to get your scale moving in the right direction and support your long-term health. 1. Skip “diet” drinks: Of course, you know not to order the regular cola with your meal, but you figure the lower-calorie diet version is an okay choice. Not necessarily. One recent review of research found that artificial sweeteners often used in diet drinks may not be as beneficial for weight management as intended, and that drinking them regularly may be linked to an increased body mass index. If you want something fizzy, opt for seltzer with lemon or lime. But if you can’t stop dreaming of that diet soda, it doesn’t have to be completely off-limits. Just try to cut back. Moderation is key!

2. Drink more water: Every part of your body needs water to work properly. When you don’t get enough, your body can’t perform normal functions, which can drain your energy. More fatigue means less physical activity. Plus, mild dehydration is often masked as hunger -- prompting you to grab a snack when all you really need is water. Nutrisystem experts recommend drinking at least eight, 8-ounce glasses daily.

Even if you’re tracking your food intake with an app or food journal, overestimating portions can sabotage progress. McCormick’s solution: Measure portions -not forever, but for a while at the start. Doing so will help you get a visual of what portions should actually look like. You may also consider eliminating some of the guesswork with a program, such as Nutrisystem, that offers pre-portioned, nutritionally-balanced meals.

5. Reduce stress: Stress can cause your body to burn calories more slowly, which could lead to weight gain, according to a study. Plus, stress increases hormones that stimulate appetite, and the foods you’ll crave for comfort tend to be high in fat and sugar. Help manage stress with deep breathing, meditation, exercise, hanging out with friends or listening to music. More tips on jump-starting your weight loss goals can be found at 4. Don’t eyeball portions: “The super-sized meals at restaurants have With these tips, you’ll be on the road to realgiven us a skewed view of proper portion size,” istic weight loss achievement and have more ensays registered dietitian for Nutrisystem, Court- ergy for your day-to-day life. ney McCormick. 3. Slow down: It takes 20 minutes for the “I’m full” signals from your stomach to reach your brain. When you inhale your food, it’s much easier to eat more than your body really needs. One review of 23 studies found that fast eaters were about twice as likely to be obese, compared to slow eaters. To help slow down, take smaller bites, chew 10 to 15 times and put your fork down between each bite.

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Chris Loraine Wells At the beginning of my “Across America – Ellis Island to Denver, CO” presentation I ask if any seniors have had parents, relatives, friends or acquaintances who came through Ellis Island on their trip to America. I usually get many hands raised. I have even had a few keep their hand up telling me they came through Ellis Island themselves! I also show a short video clip about what it was like for those immigrants to come from their homeland, having sold everything to start a new life in America. I paint the picture of immigrants stepping off the boats with each and every person being greeted by a team of doctors trained to spot signs of many communicable diseases. They were given the nickname as the “6 second specialists” because it was a fast and important inspection needed to get to the next stage of the immigration process. Once done with Ellis Island we embark on a road trip across the country starting with New York City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Hershey (where I hand out Hershey candy bars) and on across the country. I was at an Assisted Living facility and had many people come up afterward to talk about their memories. I finally gathered all my equipment and turning to leave saw there was a lady still sitting there – in her wheelchair with an oxygen tube in her nose. I remembered her coming in on her own so I knew she was not waiting for a staff member to take her back to her room. I approached saying “I’m all done sweetie. I don’t have any more to tell.” She slowly looked up at me and quietly said “I want to talk with you.” I set my stuff down, knelt on one knee and asked how

can help her. She looked directly into my eyes, reached out to take my hand and said “At the beginning of your presentation, you talked about those doctors, you called them the 6 second specialist” She paused then said “That was my dad.” I had chills go down my back. She proceeded to tell me that as a young girl her family lived in New Jersey. She recalled the family sitting at breakfast table before dad went off to work at Ellis Island. Then each evening at supper dad would tell stories of the immigrants he met that day, from places like Ireland, Germany, Austria and others. “Chris, I didn’t know I still had those memories. I wanted to thank you for I spent your entire presentation with my dad.” I had tears in my eyes. I was not trained to do this but sharing from the heart has opened so many pathways. Sharing is something so rewarding and so appreciated by seniors that I encourage you to explore such options. I was a school teacher, an entrepreneur and a successful business owner. I loved getting into nature – hiking, trying to capture that beauty with my photography, traveling and staying healthy. Imagine my shock when, during a routine physical, my doctor comes in with the EKG printout asking when I had my heart attack. “Never” was my reply. I was wrong. That was a life-altering moment. We determined my heart issues were hereditary. I do not smoke, I exercise daily, eat healthy, have reduced stress factors in my life and drink only moderately. The heart issue changed the course of my life, making me truly realize how precious life is and it is what led me to photography. My goal was to try to capture what I feel

with my photographs and not just take a picture. That is part of the passion I now share with seniors. I find it helps unlock memories for them. Life is good! My name is Chris Loraine Wells and I do nature and travel presentations from places all over the world at senior living facilities in Colorado, Arizona and Florida. I am a senior woman (68 years young), and close to the age of the people I present to. I am lucky. I got a calling to marry my love of nature and travel with a late-in-life passion for photography (I started at age 60). I began to brainstorm creative ways in which I could share these loves. I thought maybe I could help excite seniors enough to get them to venture out and explore some of nature’s gifts that were nearby (initially I was in Colorado). That led me to inquiring at Senior Living facilities to see if they would be interested in my doing a National Parks presentation. I explained that I would be using my photos and my stories to bring presentations to life. My intent was to take these seniors to a good place, a memory of a time when they were younger. It was a hit.



MARCH 2019

MARCH 2019




A Tale of Two Ghost Singers

by Nick Thomas

India Adams and Annette Warren have a lot in common. Both now in their nineties, their career paths merged in the 50s when the pair were hired by studios to dub the singing voices of actresses as socalled ‘ghost singers.’ Adams sang for Joan Crawford and Cyd Charisse in films such as “The Band Wagon,” “Torch Song,” and “Johnny Guitar,” while it’s Warren’s voice heard for Ava Gardner in MGM’s musical “Show Boat” as well as Lucille Ball in several movies. “I was appearing at a club and someone from MGM asked me afterward if I’d be interested in dubbing,” recalled Ms. Adams from her Los Angeles home. “I did ‘The Band Wagon’ first, and one of the songs for Cyd Charisse, ‘Two-faced Woman,’ was cut out but used for Joan Crawford in ‘Torch Song.’ It’s the only time in motion picture history that two different actresses have lipsynched to the very same track.” Ms. Warren broke into Hollywood after seeing a Los Angeles Times ad. “It turned out MGM was looking for a vocalist to dub Ava Gardner’s songs in ‘Show Boat,’” she recalled from her home in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. “That same night I was at a party and introduced myself to Marvin Saltzman who was an

agent and the son-in-law of Arthur Freed who was producing the film.” Saltzman helped Warren secure an audition – in front of the entire cast. “That never happened when you went for most dubbing jobs,” said Warren. “But they were all there – Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, even Joe E. Brown and Agnes Moorehead. I sang ‘Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man’ and when I fin-

ished Kathryn Grayson – who was a fabulous singer – walked up to me and said, ‘My dear, we could all learn a lot from you!’ But Ava wasn’t happy because she wanted to sing in the movie. And to be honest, I couldn’t blame her because she had a fairly good voice herself.” Adams has vivid memories of singing for Crawford and Charisse. “I worked a lot more with Joan than I did with Cyd who was cold

and reserved although part of it might have been that she was rather shy,” she said. “Joan was very friendly and would invite me back to her dressing room. She had a passable voice, but they really wanted someone to provide a more professional edge.” Despite the obvious vocal talents of both singers who spent many years working in other areas of the entertainment industry, they were dedicated to raising their families. “I never really promoted myself as much as I could have,” admitted Warren. “But I have never, ever felt any regrets about not becoming a better-known singer. I was the happiest woman in the world raising a family.” “I always wanted to become a really big star,” added Adams, “but don’t believe it would have allowed me to have the fulfilling family life that I had. I’m content to be a little star!” Nick Thomas teaches at Auburn University at Montgomery, and has written features, columns, and interviews for over 700 newspapers and magazines.



MARCH 2019


Unhappy Gut? Some People Suffer for Years Before Seeing a Doctor (StatePoint) Abdominal pain? Diarrhea? An estimated 16 million Americans live with a type of irritable bowel syndrome called IBS-D (the D stands for diarrhea), and it affects both men and women almost equally. However, only 30 percent of individuals consult a physician about their symptoms. Why is that? “People who experience symptoms of IBS-D can feel like their symptoms are not severe enough to seek medical attention or that there isn’t anything doctors can do to help,” says Dr. Howard Franklin, vice president of medical affairs and strategy at Salix Pharmaceuticals. "But doctors want to hear about everything you are feeling so they can determine the underlying cause of your discomfort and help you find a treatment plan that is right for you.” A closer look at IBS-D Symptoms of IBS-D, which are different in everyone, include stomach pain and cramping, frequent diarrhea, gas, bloating and an urgency to use the bathroom. Many people experience feeling frustrated, missing out on activities because of symptoms and avoiding situations where there is no bathroom nearby. IBS-D can be diagnosed based on symptom history, including: • Abdominal pain at least one day a week during the last three months • More than 25 percent of bowel movements are loose or watery (diarrhea), and less than 25 percent are hard or lumpy (constipation) • Symptoms started at least six months ago

What could be the cause? While the exact cause of IBS-D is unknown, and people may have IBS for more than one reason, an imbalance in the usual numbers and proportions of normally healthy bacteria in the digestive system (the gut microbiota) has been found in many people with IBS-D. The microbiota help digest and absorb food and work with the immune system as a barrier against other microorganisms that can cause disease. “One study of 109 patients with IBS showed that 73 percent had an imbalance in their gut microbiota, compared with only 16 percent of healthy people,” says Dr. Franklin. “Other potential reasons may include previous gastrointestinal infection or food poisoning, communication problems between the brain and digestive system, a family history of IBS and other causes.” Treatment options There is currently no cure, but there are treatments that can help with the symptoms of IBS-D. Lifestyle changes, such as eliminating certain foods and increasing exercise, could help. “Studies have shown that between 50 and 70 percent of patients failed to respond to either fiber or antispasmodics as a treatment therapy,” says Dr. Franklin. “There are different types of prescription treatments for IBS-D. If one isn’t working, it’s important that patients ask their healthcare professional about trying a d i f - ferent medicine to find what treatment is right for them.” For more information, visit If you’re experiencing symptoms of IBS-D, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about all of them. This is the first step toward helping find a treatment plan and getting relief.

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10 Doctor-Recommended Healthy Habits

3. Know your blood pressure numbers. Visit to better under Are you looking for tangible ways to improve stand your numbers and take necessary steps to your health? Not sure where to start? Consider get your high blood pressure -- also known as hythe top recommendations from the American pertension -- under control. Doing so will reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke. Medical Association (AMA). “From time to time, it’s important to consider your personal goals, and how you can make posi- 4. Reduce your intake of processed foods. tive health choices,” says AMA President Barbara Especially those with added sodium and L. McAneny, M.D. “Small lifestyle changes to- sugar. Also reduce your consumption of sugarday can have a lasting effect in improving your sweetened beverages and drink more water instead. health.” To help you get started, Dr. McAneny and the experts at the AMA are offering 10 recommenda- 5. Take antibiotics exactly as prescribed. tions to help you determine where you can make If your health care professional determines the most impactful, long-lasting improvements that you need antibiotics, take them exactly as prescribed. Antibiotic resistance is a serious pubto your health. lic health problem and antibiotics will not make you feel better if you have a virus, such as a cold 1. Learn your risk for type 2 diabetes. Take the self-screening test at DoIHavePrediabe- or flu. Steps you take now can help prevent or 6. Consume alcohol in moderation. delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. If consuming alcohol, do so in moderation as defined by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Ameri2. Be more physically active. Adults should do at least 150 minutes a week cans -- up to one drink per day for women and of moderate-intensity activity, or 75 minutes a two drinks per day for men, and only by adults of legal drinking age. week of vigorous-intensity activity. (StatePoint)

7. Talk with your doctor about tobacco and nicotine use and quit. Declare your home and car smoke-free to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke. 8. Pain medication is personal. If you are taking prescription opioids, follow your doctor’s instructions, store them safely to prevent diversion or misuse, and properly dispose of any leftover medication. 9. Make sure your family is up-to-date on their vaccines. Keep your family's vaccines up to date, including the annual influenza vaccine for everyone age six months or older. 10. Manage stress. A good diet and daily exercise are key ingredients to maintaining and improving your mental health, but don’t hesitate to ask for help from a friend or mental health professional when you need it. The lifestyle choices you make now will have long-lasting impacts. So, prioritize your longterm health by forming great habits.



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FRIDAY TAMPA BAY DANCE CLUB MARCH  2019 Schedule MARCH 1 BAND – ON OUR OWN MARCH 15 DJ- JOEY ROYAL / DINNER – CHICKEN MARSALA & TRIMMING & DESERT MARCH 29 SINGER KAREN KALLEN – LITTLE MS DYNAMITE Location: 5601 Hanley Road, Tampa, Florida 33634 (Two Story Bldg. behind The Family of Christ West Church) Other Information: Music to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, Latin & Country BYOB type of club, snacks & set ups available EVERYONE IS WELCOME, DRESS CODE IS CAUSAL ADMISSION COST: $8.00 EVERYONE DOORS OPEN @ 6:30 PM DANCE STARTS @ 7:30 PM ENDS @ 10:30 PM Face Book: Tampa Bay Dancing E-mail: Web Site: Contact: Roger Verszyla – President – 813-390-7160 ORANGE BLOSSOM GARDEN CLUB OF LUTZ Meetings are the first Wednesday of the Month. The Orange Blossom Garden Club of Lutz holds their meetings, the firstWednesday of each month at the Lutz Civic Center, 98 1st Ave, NW, Lutz across from the Lutz Library at 9:40 a.m. Please bring a canned good for the food bank, and a plant/cutting for the plant exchange. Newcomers are always welcome! For more information or directions, please call 813-949-1301 or leave us a message on our Facebookpage ADOPT A MANATEE THIS SPRING FROM SAVE THE MANATEE CLUB For a heartfelt and educational gift that’s perfect for any occasion, Adopt-A-Manatee® this spring from Save the Manatee Club. The Club’s popular program features real, living manatees with known histories and is a great present for anyone special in your life. Teresa Cooper from Canada shared why her family adopted “Electra” as a family birthday gift. “We were introduced to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in the early 2000s by family who spent winters in Florida. We knew our young cousin would enjoy regular updates about a cute marine mammal (an interest of hers), and it would fit with her home-school science curriculum,” Teresa shared. “It gives the recipient a year of updates and information on wildlife conservation and marine ecology while supporting a great cause — all without any packaging or waste!” Membership adoptions at Save the Manatee Club feature a personalized adoption packet that includes an adoption certificate, photo and life history of a real Florida manatee, and a fact-filled membership handbook. Four print newsletters and six e-newsletters are also sent to gift recipients throughout the year. Adopt at the $35 level or above and receive a spring-themed manatee ornament by Kevin Rowley with the packet. Shipping is free within the United States. The manatees up for adoption can be viewed on the Club’s website at Manatee “Electra” is a permanent resident at the park and can be visited year-round. Save the Manatee Club was founded in 1981 by former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham and

singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett. The Club’s mission is to protect manatees and their habitat. For the past 38 years, Save the Manatee Club, an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has educated millions around the world about imperiled manatees and the threats to their long-term survival. In 2018, over 200 imperiled manatees died from red-tide related causes, and there were record number of manatee deaths caused by watercraft collisions. “The threats today are both great and increasing,” explains Patrick Rose, Save the Manatee Club’s Executive Director and Aquatic Biologist. “Educating the public and those in public office is key to understanding the impact humans have on manatees. The hope is that education leads to action.” Through the adoption program, many more people are learning about manatees, their aquatic habitat, and how they can help. For Teresa and her family, adopting a manatee also serves as a reminder of their travels to Florida. “We adopted our own manatee, as a family, to continue to support the conservation work of the Club and keep a connection to Florida. We really enjoyed those trips to warmer winter weather!” For more information about manatees and adopting a real manatee as a gift or for yourself, contact Save the Manatee Club at 500 N. Maitland Ave., Maitland, FL 32751, call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646), or visit their web site at Read about the Club’s activities and accomplishments at Follow the Club using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram Check out manatee videos on YouTube at JUST FOR LAUGHS DINNER THEATRE PRESENTS NANNA’S NAUGHTY KNICKERS Just For Laughs Dinner theatre presents Nanna’s Naughty Knickers through March 31. Thursday and Saturday 11a and 4p , Friday and Sunday 4p , $36.00 dinner, sales tax and ashow. 1999 Starkey Rd. Largo, 33771. Reservations: 727 466 6546 PINELLAS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION GRANT AWARDED TO TAMPA BAY SYMPHONY The Tampa Bay Symphony, a prominent nonprofit orchestra under the direction of Maestro. Mark Sforini, has been awarded an operating grant in the amount of $4,500 from the Pinellas Community Foundation to promote its Jack Heller Young Artist Competition for the 2019 calendar year. Since its founding in 1986, the Tampa Bay Symphony has held its Young Artist Competition, giving a cash scholarship award and providing an opportunity for an outstanding musician under the age of 24 to perform a solo with the Symphony in its three spring concerts. Since 2016, the competition has been named for the late Jack Heller, who was music director and conductor from 1986 to 2011. Board President Susan Rhein states “With the help of the Pinellas Community Foundation, we can do more to promote awareness of the Jack Heller Young Artist Competition on social media, and we can focus on increasing the number of applicants from K-12 schools in Pinellas County. We have been able to increase to $2,000 our scholarship award to the winner, and we will now be able to start offering scholarship money to the finalists, as well. The PCF has been a key partner in allowing us to reach our long-term goal of developing this very important youth program. We are very grateful for their continued support.” The Tampa Bay Symphony is a premier regional orchestra. All 80 or so players are classically trained. Some have played in professional orchestras, many have university degrees in music, and many are private music teachers or school music teachers. Some of the players are retired, but others are still working in a wide variety of occupations. Tuesday nights, they drive from as far north as Homasassa, as far east as Brandon. and as far south as Bradenton for rehearsals in St. Petersburg or Clearwater. In fall, winter, and spring, there are concerts in Clearwater at St. Petersburg College Arts Auditorium; in St. Petersburg at the Palladium; and in Tampa in Ferguson Hall at the Straz Center. Tickets are $20 at the door; and free for students, who must show student ID if they are 18 or over. The Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) is the only charitable organization of its

kind dedicated to perpetually enhancing the lives of every Pinellas County resident. For more information, contact Susan Rhein, president of the Tampa Bay Symphony, 727271-2152 JUST FOR LAUGHS DINNER THEATRE - DEATH BY GOLF - COMEDY April 6th through June 9th, $36.00 includes Dinner, Show and sales tax. Thurs and Sat 11am and 4pm, Sun at 4pm. Just For Laughs Dinner Theatre is located at: 1999 Starkey Road, Largo 33771. Reservation 727 466 6546 THE SOUTH PASADENA COMMUNITY BAND The South Pasadena Community Band presents a FREE concert “Featuring Our Own”.    This program highlights the talents of solo musicians and featured sections performing various musical compositions.  Please join this band of 40+ talented volunteer musicians for an evening of entertainment. The concert will be presented at Treasure Island Community Center (1 Park Place, 106th Avenue) on Wednesday, March 27th.  All concerts start at 7:30 PM.  Check our website to find the complete program music list at Our remaining performance schedule and location follows: Treasure Island Community Center - 4/24; South Pasadena - 4/25.   ACHIEVEHERS 2019 WOMEN SHARING WISDOM LUNCHEON AchieveHERs 2019 Women Sharing Wisdom Luncheon Series in conjunction with the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce Life Cycle Part II: Women & Transitions, That Was Then, This Is Now” Thursday, March 28, 2019, 11am-1pm, Bon Appetit Restaurant, 148 Marina Plaza, Dunedin, FL 34698. AchieveHERs, the business women’s networking group of the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce announces that tickets are available for its March 28th luncheon and panel presentation on Life Cycle Part II Women & Transitions. This second part of AchieveHERs’ WOMEN SHARING WISDOM series digs deep into the issues that affect women in their professional and personal lives.  The 2018 series was SOLD OUT. Four dynamic women, at very different points in their journeys, will share perspectives and retrospectives on how they juggle priorities among self, career, home and that elusive state called LIFE BALANCE.  When the path got tough, each called upon her concrete will to summon the courage to succeed.  Our panel of experts includes: Christina Capri, Vice President Commercial Banking, Synovus Ashley Lowery, President & CEO, Homeless Empowerment Program, Kathy Rabon, CFRE, CFRM, Executive Director, Suncoast Hospice Foundation Anna Leo Holder, MBA, Vice President of Client Services, Frank Crum. What Is AchieveHERs: A group of 300+ dynamic women, AchieveHERs was formed to meet the demands of businesswomen and is a regional leader in camaraderie, support, networking opportunities and provides valuable new insights to our members.  Questions: or 727-461-0011, ext. 229. AchieveHERs information: https://clearwaterflorida. org/achievehers/. About Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce Since 1922, the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce has been open for business.  Our mission is to enhance economic growth in the Clearwater region by focusing on the development of our members in the business and tourism communities.  We are Clearwater’s business resource, providing services and support to enhance the business climate.  With over 600 members, the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce is the Voice of Business in Clearwater and North Pinellas County. SOUTH FLORIDA BAPTIST HOSPITAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS - MARCH 2019 PLANT CITY, Fla., Feb. 26, 2019 — Since 1953, South Florida Baptist Hospital has served Plant City and surrounding areas as a not-for-profit community hospital. The progressive, 147-bed acute care facility offers a full range of diagnostic, rehabilitative, surgical, therapeutic and women’s services, including obstetrics. South Florida Baptist Hospital is part of the BayCare Health System, a family of health care providers consisting of the 15 leading not-for-profit hospitals in the Tampa Bay region. South Florida Baptist Hospital offers the following free or low-

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SENIOR HAPPENINGS cost classes and events to the community: Community Events • Have a Healthy Pregnancy This class covers recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and will be held the first Thursday of every month. Topics include: - Highlights of each trimester - Proper nutrition - Decrease risks - Safety concerns - Warning signs and when to contact your health care provider Participants may bring one guest to classes. Please bring a notepad to take notes. Snacks will be provided. March 7, 6 – 8 p.m. ICU Conference Room, 2-South Registration required – Free Call 1-855-269-4777 • Your Hospital Stay and Postpartum Issues This class covers hospital policies regarding hospital stay, emotional changes and adjusting to the new parent role. Topics include: - Visitation - Safety concerns - Discharge process - Postpartum blues - Adjusting to being a new mommy - Follow up Participants may bring one guest to classes. Please bring a notepad to take notes. Snacks will be provided. This class is held the third Thursday of every month. March 28, 6 – 8 p.m. ICU Conference Room, 2-South Registration required – Free Call 1-855-269-4777 Heart Health Screenings High blood pressure increases the heart's workload, causing the heart to enlarge and weaken over time, and the risk of coronary heart disease rises as blood cholesterol levels increase. Get both your blood pressure and cholesterol checked on a regular basis. • Blood Pressure Checks Every Tuesday, 1 to 2 p.m. Community Resource Center (main hospital lobby) No appointments necessary – Free • Diabetes Prevention Screenings (blood pressure, BMI and glucose screening – fasting NOT required), along with a diabetes risk quiz. A1C offered for those who qualify. Every fourth Tuesday of the month, 2 to 3 p.m. Community Resource Center (main hospital lobby) No appointments necessary – Free. Safety Courses • CPR and Basic Life Support Recertification This course provides CPR basic life support recertification for health care workers. Your CPR card must be current (no expired cards). If your current CPR card is expired, you must attend a new certification class, per the American Heart Association guidelines. You must bring your current card with you. The course is 2.5 hours long

and you must pass a written test and a skills validation to receive a new card. March 4, 5 - 8 p.m. ER Conference Room Registration and pre-payment required - $55: includes book and card Call 1-855-269-4777 Support Groups • Aphasia Support Group Aphasia is a language disorder caused by damage in a specific area of the brain that controls language expression and comprehension, and leaves a person unable to communicate effectively with others. If you and/or a loved one has aphasia, this support group can help. Held the last Thursday of each month. March 28, 3 – 4 p.m. ER Conference Room Registration not required but appreciated. Free. Call (813) 707-2123. • Weight Loss Surgery Support Group Our complimentary support group meetings are exclusive to our BayCare Weight Loss Surgery patients; combined pre- and post-op surgery. Facilitated by our team of registered dietitians, behavioral health specialists and fitness educators, topics of discussion often highlight patient success stories, behavior changes, new recipes, problem solving and tips for staying or getting back on track. Held the fourth Thursday of each month. March 28, 6 – 7 p.m. Swindle Medical Arts Center, Building B Conference Room 1601 W. Timberland Dr., Plant City FL 33566 Registration not required but appreciated. Free. Call (813) 707-2152.


The Spring concerts of the Tampa Bay Symphony, under Music Director and Conductor Mark Sforzini, will be Sunday, April 28, at 2:30 p.m. at the St. Petersburg College Arts Auditorium in Clearwater; Tuesday, April 30, 8 p.m. at the Palladium in St. Petersburg; and Sunday, May 5, at 2:30 Ferguson Hall at the Straz Center in Tampa. Tickets are $20 for adults and free for students, who must show student ID if they are 18 or over. The orchestra will play Symphony No. 2 by Jean Sibelius. It has been called “The Patriotic Symphony” by the Finns. The winner of the Jack Heller Young Artist Competition, Bailey Michelle Collins, will play Piano Concerto in F by George Gershwin, and the orchestra will play the second annual Composition Competition winner, “Waking Up Down at the Bottom of the Sea,” by Alejandro Rutty, a professor at the University of North Carolina. The Tampa Bay Symphony, celebrating its 32nd season, has more than 80 classically- trained volunteer players, many of them music teachers. For additional information, please visit the website: Tampa Bay Symphony (727) 827-8087, P.O. Box 4653, Clearwater FL 33758. Mark Sforzini, Music Director and Conductor.

About BayCare Health System BayCare is a leading not-for-profit health care system that connects individuals and families to a wide range of services at 15 hospitals and hundreds of other convenient locations throughout the Tampa Bay and central Florida regions. Inpatient and outpatient services include acute care, primary care, imaging, laboratory, behavioral health, home care, and wellness. Our mission is to improve the health of all we serve through community-owned, health care services that set the standard for high-quality, compassionate care. REGGAE RISE UP MUSIC FESTIVAL Mar. 15-17 • Saturday, March 16th 2019 Vinoy Park, 500 Bayshore Drive NE, St. Petersburg PALM TALK AND STROLL March 16, Saturday, 10:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. Sunken Gardens, 1825 4th St. N. Palm Talk and Stroll Rick Nale, long-time leader within the Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum and St. Petersburg’s City Beautiful Commission, leads you on a special tour through the gardens to learn about our many palms and which ones would work best in your landscape. Pre-registration required due to limited space.  Call 727-551-3102 to reserve your spot. Free with paid gardens admission or membership


Dr. Bonnie Sanchez, DPM, ABPM

Dr. Gregory Cook, DPM

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MARCH 2019

President’s Day and Occupation Babies

by Eric W. Olsen Following the defeat of Japan, the American military occupied Japan from August 1945 until September 1952 with US military bases currently in Japan to this day. Around nine months after the Occupation of Japan

began the first Amerasian baby was born. Thousands more were later born and became known as “Occupation Babies.” Although around 10,000 Japanese women married American servicemen during this period, there were many more babies born to Japanese women with American fathers who were abandoned and placed in orphanages. One


Tampa Bay Times Masterworks

The Planets Feb 15 - 17 Free Tickets for Kids in Advance

Tampa Bay Times Masterworks

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Feb 22 -24

Raymond James Pops

Women Rock Mar 2 & 3

Free Tickets for Kids in Advance Raymond James Pops

Broadway Tonight Mar 16 & 17

Tampa Bay Times Masterworks

The Creation Mar 22 - 24

Free Tickets for Kids in Advance

LISTEN LOCAL | Concerts in Tampa, St. Pete & Clearwater | 727.892.3337 or 1.800.662.7286 TFO-SeniorVoice-Feb.indd 1

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of these occupation babies became my secretary. This is Miki’s story. Ameriasian children born in Japan faced a difficult future. Many rejected by mothers and fathers were placed in orphanages. Her Japanese grandparents arranged for her to be adopted by a Navy Chief Petty Officer and his wife in Japan. They raised her as their daughter in Japan. We talk much these days about immigration. During that period there were very strict immigration laws. Between 1945 and 1952 many American servicemen were not even able to bring their Japanese wives back to the states because of immigration quotas. Let alone half Japanese babies. For nearly two years Miki’s adopted mother attempted getting her daughter a visa so they could bring her back to America. It simply wasn’t possible. She faced roadblocks at every turn. But she couldn’t imagine the thought of leaving her little girl in Japan. In 1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower was sworn in as president of the United States. Not knowing where to turn she made an international telephone call from Japan to the White House and asked to speak with President Eisenhower. The phone was answered, and, of course, the receptionist said that it wasn’t possible for her to speak with the president. The receptionist asked what she wanted, but she wouldn’t say, just that it was imperative that she speak with the president. Her call was transferred to someone else who told her the same thing. She refused to take “no” for an answer and wouldn’t explain why she needed to speak with the President, just that she did. She was transferred from one person to the next, told the same thing and placed on hold for hours at a time. Finally, after nearly four hours, a man got on the phone whose voice she recognized. “Hello Mrs. Laurich, this is

President Eisenhower, how can I help you?” Miki’s mother explained her dilemma, how she and her husband had adopted this American-Japanese little orphan girl. They were due to be transferred back to the states soon, but couldn’t get a visa for their daughter. President Eisenhower personally took down all the pertinent information and said he would help on one condition: they would write him when her little girl was naturalized. Thanks to President Eisenhower they got the visa and brought “Miki” to America. They later sent him the letter he requested. I can’t imagine anything like this happening in current times. And it it’s pretty amazing to imagine how this happened even back then-but it did. President’s day was created in 1879, originally held on February 22, President Washington’s birthday, to honor the life and achievements of our first president. However, the day is now held to honor and remember all past US presidents. Many seniors today have very early memories of President Eisenhower, the General who commanded all allied forces in the European theater of World War II. Who orchestrated the invasion of Europe on D Day. Who then became president of the most powerful nation on earth. And who somehow heard about an American mother in Japan on the phone and took the call. Eric W. Olsen | Executive Director HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm HELPS educates seniors how they can maintain their financial independence and protects seniors and disabled persons from unwanted collector contact you can visit us on the web at

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"Generals, Recalling Age 19" Review by: Jay Callahan son of James Brian Calahan, a.k.a. Brian James, Author Brian James is a Dunedin resident and successful local author. He has appeared on several TV shows such as “Books and the World” and “Cape Cod Book Scene” and been interviewed on numerous radio programs (most recently National Public Radio and Tan Talk Radio).  In 2011, Brian completed his first book “Headstone” which was very positively reviewed. This led to a second book “Fortune, the aftermath of an infamous bank vault heist”, followed by a third “Chase, the humorous side of paranoia”.  This completed his humorous crime trilogy. For his fourth book, Brian left the crime genre behind and wrote a memoir titled “Generals, recalling age 19”.   In “Generals”, Brian recounts a slice of his life at nineteen, a period of time substantially influenced both positively and negatively by his participation in a fledgling college football program.  He recalls humorous beer drink-

ing antics with his teammates. However, “Generals” isn’t just memories of a time of irresponsibility and crazy exploits.  It details Brian’s first meeting with his future wife, the instant chemistry they shared and the growth of their relationship.  Brian relays why these times represented a critical turning point in his life.  He states that “life is a series of choices, and, whether you are right or wrong, you’re left with the results.” Like Brian’s previous books, “Generals” is an easy read.  His books are short, but contain a plethora of emotions.  Brian entertains the reader with stories of his freshman adolescent misadventures, but also touches the audience with the tale of his romance with his wife of now fifty years!   All four of Brian’s books are available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  They are also also available for check out in all the local libraries.     He is currently busy with book talks at libraries, fairs, book store signings, etc. He has even made an audio book of his first book Check out the “Headstone” Facebook page to view upcoming book signings and talks and to see pictures of Brian’s past events! 


What Do I Remember? by Marie Moser

This new year vision, I have knitted from hidden purple strands buried below the fragrant blossoms of a childhood tree I dreamed like a row of Fir trees, from a nursery fable of great desire and daylight. I began to write poetry when I was 10 years old. I continue to write new poems as I turn 75.



MARCH 2019

ENTERTAINMENT TURANDOT Fri 3/15/19 7:30PM, Sun 3/17/19 7:30PM Wed 3/20/19 1:30PM, Fri 3/22/19 7:30PM Sarasota Opera House In exile, Prince Calaf wanders outside the Chinese Imperial Palace, where any man seeking the love of Princess Turandot must answer three riddles. If they succeed, the reward will be the princess’ hand—if they fail, execution. After a glimpse of Turandot’s fabled beauty, Calaf declares his intention of meeting the challenge and winning the Princess’ heart. For times, dates and tickets, contact the box office. Call (941) 3281300 or THE MAGIC FLUTE Sat 3/16/19 1:30PM, Thu 3/21/19 7:30PM, Sat 3/23/19 7:30PM , Sarasota Opera House The Magic Flute tells the story of Prince Tamino’s heroic quest. After being rescued by the Queen of the Night’s three ladies, Tamino is visited by the Queen herself, who asks him for help saving her daughter from Sarastro’s evil hands. With the gift of a magic flute and the help of a clumsy new friend, the bird catcher Papageno, the prince will find out that hero and villain aren’t always who they may seem. NABUCCO Wed 3/13/19 7:30PM, Sat 3/16/19 7:30PM Tue 3/19/19 7:30PM, Sun 3/24/19 1:30PM Sarasota Opera House Nabucco, king of Babylon, conquers the Hebrews, destroying the temple and taking them into captivity. Meanwhile, his rebellious daughter Abigaille plots to take power and gain the affection of her sister Fenena’s lover, Ismaele. Learning of the coup, the blasphemous Nabucco seizes the crown and declares himself god, but is struck mad by a thunderbolt. Will he regain his reason, repent, and return the Jews to their homeland? There will be a pre-performance talk beginning 45 minutes before each performance of the opera in Felding Hall in the back of the Donna Wolf Steigerwaldt Courtyard Please be aware that smoke, strobe lights and loud noises are used in this production. RITA/SUSANNA'S SECRET Tue 3/12/19 7:30PM, Thu 3/14/19 7:30PM, Sun 3/17/19 1:30PM Wed 3/20/19 7:30PM,


Sat 3/23/19 1:30PM • Sarasota Opera House These two rare one-act comedies by Donizetti and Wolf-Ferrari will make for a delightful evening at the opera. Rita (Two Men and a Woman) Gaetano Donizetti. Rita and her husband Peppe own an inn. Peppe, a sweet and timid man, is terrified of his tyrannical wife. When Gaspar, Rita’s first husband whom she believed drowned, comes back, he turns Rita and Peppe’s lives upside down. Susanna’s Secret Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari Continuing our Beyond Verdi series: Susanna has a secret she isn’t telling. Her husband, Count Gil, smelling tobacco on his wife’s clothes, is convinced that she is having an affair. He searches and searches, but can’t seem to catch her in the act. What could her secret be? There will be a pre-performance talk beginning 45 minutes before each performance of the opera in Felding Hall in the back of the Donna Wolf Steigerwaldt Courtyard SIMON & GARFUNKEL REVISITED Sun, Mar 17 at 1:00 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall Take a trip back to 1981 to celebrate the most iconic folk duo's now legendary reunion as Simon & Garfunkel: Revisited makes their Ruth Eckerd Hall debut! Award-winning recording artists, Lee Lessack and Johnny Rodgers recreate that magical night when more than 500,000 music fans gathered in Central Park to witness the now legendary reunion of folk duo Simon & Garfunkel. With dulcet vocals harmonizing over lilting guitar, you’ll hear all the beloved poetic masterpieces that made Simon & Garfunkel famous: Mrs. Robinson, Homeward Bound, Scarborough Fair, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, The Sound of Silence and many more. Single Tickets are $35, $25, and $18. A BOWIE CELEBRATION Sun, Mar 17 at 7:30 PM @ Capitol Theatre Returning to the Capitol Theatre after their smash 2018 debut, A Bowie Celebration : The David Bowie Alumni Tour brings together key alumni musicians of David Bowie’s bands from across the decades, anchored by his longest standing member Mike Garson, along with other amazing Bowie band alumni including Corey Glover, Earl Slick, Charlie Sexton, Carmine Rojas, Bernard Fowler, and Lee John performing an unforgettable and critically acclaimed evening of Bowie songs with world-class vocalists and an ever-rotating mix of hits and deep cuts. You won’t want to miss a night that highlights the elements that influenced Bowie and that in turn Bowie influenced: pop culture experimentation, art, fashion, science, and futurism. Ticket are $65.50, $52.50, & $42.50. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. A Bowie Celebration - Meet & Greet Package $199 • One premium reserved ticket located in the first 5 rows • VIP early entry into the venue • Exclusive meet & greet with members of A Bowie Celebration • Personal photograph with members of A Bowie Celebration • VIP access to A Bowie Celebration’s preshow soundcheck • Q&A with members of the band • Specially designed A Bowie Celebration tour shirt (exclusive to package only!) • Collectible tour poster autographed by the band (limited print) • A Bowie Celebration button set • Exclusive A Bowie Celebration merchandise item • Official meet & greet laminate • Commemorative ticket • Limited availability An email will be sent with details for the time of the meet & greet 2-3 days prior to show. If you haven't received an email by the day prior to show, please call the ticket office at 727-791-7400, as we can't be responsible for spam blockers or incorrect email addresses. VIP Packages are non-refundable & non-exchangeble. A Bowie Celebration - VIP Package $149 • One premium reserved ticket located in the first 12 rows • VIP early entry into the venue • Specially designed A Bowie Celebration tour shirt (exclusive to package only!) • Collectible tour poster autographed by the band (limited print) • A Bowie Celebration button set • Exclusive A Bowie Celebration merchandise item • Commemorative tour laminate • Commemorative ticket • Limited availability The Capitol Theatre has joined with the renowned Clear Sky on Cleveland to offer a delicious premium dining and entertainment

experience for $135. JOAN OSBORNE SINGS BOB DYLAN Tue, Mar 19 at 8:00 PM @ Capitol Theatre Multiple GRAMMY®-nominee Joan Osborne brings her critically acclaimed concert, Joan Osborne Sings The Songs Of Bob Dylan, to the Capitol Theatre! In addition to releasing a string of studio albums featuring her frank, expressive original songwriting (the three-time platinum, six-time GRAMMY®-nominated Relish, Righteous Love, Pretty Little Stranger, Little Wild One and Love and Hate), Osborne has also released three albums of soul, R&B and blues covers (How Sweet It Is, Breakfast In Bed, which also features originals and the GRAMMY®-nominated Bring It On Home). Most recently in 2017, she released her ninth studio album, Songs of Bob Dylan. On Songs of Bob Dylan, Joan Osborne unleashes her sizable gifts as a vocalist and interpreter upon Dylan’s celebrated canon. With performances honed during the time Osborne spent polishing them throughout Joan Osborne Sings The Songs Of Bob Dylan, two critically acclaimed two-week residencies she performed at New York City’s Café Carlyle in 2016 and 2017, Osborne now brings this tour on the road. The album spans Dylan’s beloved standards from the ’60s and ’70s (Masters of War, Highway 61 Revisited, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Buckets of Rain, Tangled Up In Blue) to some of Osborne’s favorites from his later albums, including Dark Eyes (from 1985’s Empire Burlesque), Ring Them Bells (from 1989’s Oh Mercy), Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (from 1997’s Time Out of Mind) and High Water (from 2001’s Love and Theft). Tickets are $45, $32, & $25. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. The Capitol Theatre has joined with the renowned Clear Sky on Cleveland to offer a delicious premium dining and entertainment experience for $120. THE MODERN GENTLEMEN Wed, Mar 20 at 1:00 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall All-star vocal group originally brought together by a legend, The Modern Gentlemen return bringing 60's and 70's classic hits with a modern style back to Ruth Eckerd Hall after their smash headline debut and PBS appearance in 2018! For well over a decade, they’ve been "the real guys" wowing audiences worldwide providing all the background vocals and choreography alongside a rock & roll icon! Since then, they've developed their own signature sound blending their modern voices together with high energy, tight dance moves, and spot on vocals with harmonic perfection performing the classic hits of Motown, Pop, Rock and Doo-Wop! You've seen them on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and A Capitol Fourth televised live from the July 4th celebration in Washington, D.C. with Michael McDonald, Patti LaBelle, John Williams and many more! They've appeared onstage with The Beach Boys, The Manhattan Transfer, Tony Bennett, Smokey Robinson and so many other greats, as well as performed for presidents of The United States and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Single Tickets are $35, $25, and $18. CHICAGO Fri, Mar 22 at 8:00 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall GRAMMY Award® winning iconic rock band Chicago returns to Ruth Eckerd Hall with their signature horns for the first time since their sold-out show in 2014. With worldwide sales of more than 120 million records, five consecutive #1 albums, and an astonishing 50 hits in the U.S. alone, including 21 Top 10 smashes, such as “Saturday in the Park”, “25 or 6 to 4”, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”, “Make Me Smile” and “If You Leave Me Now”, Chicago is one of the most successful bands in rock music history. They are the first American band ever to chart albums on Billboard’s pop chart in six consecutive decades. An incredible 25 of their 36 albums have been certified platinum and the band has a total of 47 gold and platinum awards. From the signature sound of the Chicago horns, their iconic vocalists, and a few dozen ever-classic songs, their concerts are celebrations. The band is now in their 47th consecutive year of touring, without missing a single concert date! Tickets are *$175, $104.25, $94.25, $74.25, and $64.25. *$175 Pre-show Party Package includes a premium seat, access to party lounge including high-end appetizers, dessert & coffee, plus one beer, wine or soda, beginning 2 hours prior to show time. Artist does not appear at party. Chicago Front Row Meet & Greet Package - $450 - Ticket limit of 2. Package Includes: - One FRONT ROW reserved ticket - Exclusive Meet & Greet with members of Chicago

MARCH 2019



ENTERTAINMENT - Personal photo op with members of Chicago - Autographed Chicago Tour Program - Chicago VIP Merchandise - Commemorative Chicago VIP Meet & Greet Laminate - On-site VIP host Chicago Meet & Greet Package - $375 - Ticket limit of 4 Package Includes: - One reserved ticket in rows 2 - 5 - Exclusive Meet & Greet with members of Chicago - Personal photo op with members of Chicago - Chicago VIP Merchandise - Commemorative Chicago VIP Meet & Greet Laminate - On-site VIP Host No returns or exchanges on VIP packages. An email will be sent with details for the time of the meet & greet 2-3 days prior to show. If you haven't received an email by the day prior to show, please call the ticket office at 727-791-7400, as we can't be responsible for spam blockers or incorrect email addresses. BRAD PAISLEY AT VALSPAR Sat, Mar 23 at 6:30 PM @ REH On The Road Country mega star Brad Paisley will headline this year's Valspar LIVE concert! Paisley, with more than 20 #1 country hits to his name, will hit the Osprey Driving Range Stage at Innisbrook Resort after the conclusion of third round play on Saturday, March 23 at approximately 6:30 pm. This concert is free of charge to all Saturday tournament ticketholders. Valspar LIVE began in 2015 when Ruth Eckerd Hall on the Road produced The Band Perry, followed by Rascal Flatts (2016), Toby Keith (2017) and just

last year, the first dual headliners, Jake Owen and Dustin Lynch. Presented by Ruth Eckerd Hall on the Road and Chick-fil-A. 70S FEST Sat, Mar 23 at 7:00 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall Pull out your bell bottoms and platform shoes as we travel back in time with some of the greatest bands of the era at the 2nd Annual 70's Fest at Ruth Eckerd Hall starring Little River Band, Pablo Cruise and Firefall! Don't miss the 70's Marketplace featuring Classic Car Show, Vintage Vinyl Vault, 70's Inspired Vendors, Live Pre-show Entertainment, food for purchase, and more starting at 5PM. Little River Band has claimed their place as one of the great vocal bands of the 70's and 80's with chart-topping hits including "Reminiscing", "Lady", "Cool Change", "Lonesome Loser", "The Night Owls", "Take It Easy On Me", "Help Is on Its Way", and many more! Formed in 1973, Pablo Cruise is known for such hits as "Whatcha Gonna Do?", "Love Will Find a Way", "A Place In The Sun", "Cool Love", "I Want You Tonight" and "I Go To Rio". Firefall achieved platinum and gold success with hits such as "Strange Way", "Just Remember I Love You" and their 1976 charttopper, "You Are The Woman".Tickets are *$135, $70, $55, $45, and $35. *$135 Pre-show Party Package includes a premium seat, access to party lounge including high-end appetizers, dessert & coffee, plus one beer, wine or soda, beginning 2 hours prior to show time. Artist does not appear at party. CHATHAM COUNTY LINE Sat, Mar 23 at 8:00 PM @ Murray Theatre American bluegrass quartet Chatham County Line bring their consistently crafted top-notch, original modern acoustic music to Clearwater for their Murray Theatre debut! For nearly two decades, the Raleigh, NC-based group has drawn upon their American roots forefathers with music characterized by poignant songwriting and inventive arrangements. Their latest album, Autumn, is built around songwriter/guitarist Dave Wilson’s clever lines and compelling vignettes and is a treasure trove of the wistful balladry and dynamic toe-tappers that’ve become the band hallmarks. John Teer (mandolin/fiddle), Chandler Holt (banjo), and Greg Readling (bass) add stellar three- and four- harmonies for vocal highlights, while their impeccable yet unconventional picking—rooted in bluegrass but informed by a wealth of other influences—impresses without overshadowing Wilson’s rich storytelling. General admission tickets are $27.50 and $22.50. AMERICAN GIRL LIVE Sun, Mar 24 - 2:00 PM & 5:00 PM @ Capitol Theatre In American Girl Live, a new, original, 90-minute musical that celebrates the power of girls and strength of friendship, audiences join five spunky campers and their fearless counselor at Camp American Girl, an overnight camp in the North Woods. Overcoming fears and obstacles along the way to having the summer of their lives, these brave campers rely on wisdom and advice delivered by Rebecca, Maryellen, Julie, Nanea, Luciana, and Melody – the beloved American Girl dolls they’ve brought along to camp – who inspire audiences in surprising and delightful-musical numbers, each reflecting their historical eras. Empowered by the stories and conviction of their American Girls, the campers learn that they can overcome anything and achieve their dreams, so long as they stay true to themselves and support one another! Tickets are $48, & $38 TFO: THE CREATION Sun, Mar 24 at 7:30 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall Tampa Bay Times Masterworks The Creation, Michael Francis, conductor , Madison Leonard, soprano, Zach Finkelstein, tenor, Michael Dean, bass , Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, Haydn: The Creation Haydn’s crowning achievement describes the creation of the world, from first light to the Garden of Eden, in a resounding choral masterpiece, featuring the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. Michael Francis conducts. SICILIAN TENORS Wed, Mar 27 at 1:00 PM @ Ruth Eckerd Hall One might consider this show “The Three Tenors meets The Rat Pack,” but it is so much more! The Sicilian Tenors takes you on a romantic journey from Hollywood to Broadway to Italy with favorites like Be My Love, O Sole Mio and Music of the Night at their return to Ruth Eckerd Hall. The Sicilian Tenors are ready to tour the U.S. with their own particular brand of music, fun, and romance. Using multimedia backgrounds, storytelling and song,

The Sicilian Tenors provide an evening of non-stop entertainment. The Sicilian Tenors brings together three marvelous Tenor voices, Aaron Caruso, Elio Scaccio, and Sam Vitale, singing their own interpretations of the world’s best music. Single Tickets are $35, $25, and $18. JIMMY WEBB-GLEN CAMPBELL YEARS Thu, Mar 28 at 8:00 PM @ Capitol Theatre Chart-topping songwriter Jimmy Webb comes to Clearwater to celebrate The Glen Campbell Years at his Capitol Theatre debut! This show highlights some of the 100+ recordings from the Webb/Campbell songbook, pulling the audience in with various accounts each night of the personal side of generational touchstones like Honey Come Back, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, Galveston and more from decades of shared musical memories.Webb’s moving and often humorous account through performance and anecdotes punctuated with photos, video and audio clips, is a very personal music event that celebrates the legacy he created with his friend Glen Campbell. Jimmy has had chart-topping hits in a unique range of genres over the last 50 years, from country to pop to disco, with songs including Worst That Could Happen, The Highway Man, Up, Up and Away and MacArthur Park. But perhaps the most enduring partnership out of all those memorable songs is his musical brotherhood with Glen Campbell. Tickets are $55, $45, & $29. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. The Capitol Theatre has joined with the renowned Clear Sky on Cleveland to offer a delicious premium dining and entertainment experience for $135. BLAST FRIDAY: THE RIPPINGTONS Fri, Mar 29 at 5:30 PM @ REH On The Road Grammy-nominated contemporary jazz group The Rippingtons return to Clearwater for their Blast Friday debut! Founded by guitarist and composer Russ Freeman in 1985, the group has passed the thirty year mark, and continues to innovate. Under Freeman's production, the group has released 22 albums, all of which have attained top 5 Billboard status, with 5 of them reaching #1. Jazziz magazine called their debut album, Moonlighting, "the number one most influential contemporary jazz album of all time." Special guests Gloria West & The Gents to open the show. A limited number of SUPER VIP packages for all Blast Friday concerts, priced at $49 are available, which includes a ticket with seats in the first three rows of reserved general admission seating directly in front of the Tampa Bay Times Stage, a meet and greet opportunity with band members and two complimentary beers or wine and access to super VIP tent, which includes snacks. An email will be sent with details for the time of the meet & greet 1-2 days prior to show. If you haven't received an email by the day prior to show, please call the ticket office at 727-791-7400, as we can't be responsible for spam blockers or incorrect email addresses. In addition, a limited number of VIP packages for all Blast Friday concerts, priced at $29 are also available, which includes a general admission ticket in the reserved seating section directly in front of the Tampa Bay Times Stage and two complimentary beers or wine. Blast Friday returns to the Cleveland Street District in Downtown Clearwater for its 9th season, presented by West CMR. Food trucks and vendors will be serving a wide variety of freshly prepared specialty food and beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages that will be available for purchase. Concert goers are welcome to bring their lawn chairs to watch the concert.

VENUE ADDRESSES AND CONTACT INFORMATION Sarasota Opera House 61 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota FL Telephone: (941) 328-1300

The Mahaffey Theater 400 1st. St. South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Telephone: (727) 892-5798.

The Historic Capitol Theatre 405 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL 33755 Telephone: (727) 791-7400.

Ruth Eckerd Hall 1111 McMullen Booth Rd. Clearwater, FL 33759. Telephone: (727) 791-7400.

The RP Funding Center 701 W. Lime St., Lakeland, FL 33815. Telephone: (866) 820-4553

The Straz Center 1010 North Macinnes Place, Tampa, FL 33602. Telephone: (813) 229-7827.



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SENIOR TO SENIOR WOMAN SEEKING MAN SWF NS ND seeking M NS 58-65, likes to walk, flea markets, dining, relaxing at home. Only sincere reply, I’m 55+, 5’3”, 125 lbs., LTR. Answering machine, leave a message. Hernando County (352) 556-4147. Retired lady, widow, late 70s, I like dancing, tennis, dining out, theater & movies, have a dog. I seek someone with same interests who is honest and nice. New Port Richey (727) 232-2272. WF NS ND, mid 60s, ISO someone with great morals and values, clean life and love to give, spend quiet times together. If you think this is you, call me! Tampa, (813) 802-5640. Honest, loyal, passionate, affectionate woman who enjoys dancing, walking and bike riding, looking for a good man who likes back rubs and home cooked meals. I don’t drink or smoke, sorry. Pinellas Park, (727) 432-2719. SBF ISO LTR with someone who has plenty of positive love to give. Love music, weekend getaways, movies, etc. Widowers welcome. St. Petersburg, 727831-4642. SWF, NS, SD, 62 who loves being with family, working out, financially secure. ISO SWM who likes the same. Love to cook, life and people, searching for my soulmate. Largo, (727) 710-8235. SWF ISO SWM, best friend, partner, enjoys travel, beaches, off the beaten path. ND who loves life and has a SOH! Largo, (973) 727-9991. Like to go to music pavilion #6 in Gulfport, bus trips, Travel Is fun tours, gems, mystery trips, swim. Use walker. Gulfport, (727) 793-5111. PH 70s NS ND ISO someone who enjoys loving life together, passionate, affectionate, active, good health. Time is too short, let’s enjoy our golden years together. Largo, (727) 754-4195. SWCF, 5’2”, youthful looking, likes walks, movies, reading, flea markets, ISO SWCM, 62+, NS for LTR. Tampa, (813) 570-1690. MAN SEEKING WOMAN ISO SD or WD CF, HWP, to share a home with as a personal asst. No drugs, ND NS. Rent and utilities included, but need job for your cash. I’m a R-USN vet, M, C needs a little help around the house. No drama please. Zephyrhills (352) 206-0453. DWM 68, looking for a NS lady for romance. No hang ups or baggage. If you’re looking for someone with great moral values and clean lifestyle, call me. Pinellas Park (203) 214-4711. Caring, affectionate Pittsburgher, retired teacher, house manager, looking for loving, affectionate relationship, business minded. Clearwater, (949) 5667059. Retired 80yr old WCM, NS, ND, need nice female for love and companionship. I have my own place and

Senior to Senior Abbreviations M: Male F: Female S: Single D: Divorced WD: Widowed W: White B: Black H: Hispanic J: Jewish

C: Christian ISO: In Search Of LTR: Long Term Relationship NS: Non-Smoker ND: Non-Drinker SD: Social Drinker SOH: Sense of Humor

Ballroom dancer, 70, slim, healthy, very active and young looking, God-directed days, varied interests. ISO experienced dancer for learning more and dancing pleasure. LTR desired, let’s enjoy life together. Clearwater, (727) 712-1906. DWM Questing free spirit, naturist, loves animals, walks in the park, classical music, comedies, candlelight dinners, ISO friend to enjoy all this with. St. Petersburg, (727) 384-4908.

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FRIEND SEEKING FRIEND Hola, WF NS ND, mid-60s, hoping to find a nice lady friend to go shopping, out to eat, church, go places. My kids are all gone, it gets lonely. Please be in Tampa area. (813) 802-5640. Looking for male friend to spend time with. I’m very outgoing, enjoy the beach, dining out, movies and fun times. Madeira Beach, (727) 798-2438. Hello, I’m 54, BM in good shape looking for a friendship with WM in good shape, NS, ND and no drugs. I like to talk and have fun. Tarpon Springs, (727) 6231738.

need someone I can TRUST to help me. Thank you. Pinellas Park, (727) 201-8302 or (727) 403-1003. Retired CWM 6’ HWP, gym rat ISO CWF, NS, ND, into health and fitness as workout partner and varied interests, LTR Possible, please text. Seminole, (727) 501-4093. DCWM, NS 6’, 200lb, gray, blue, active, caring, devoted, passionate, a hugger and hand holder. ISO attractive, proportionate, intelligent lady who desires quality time togethMail to: Senior Voice America er. Palm Harbor, (727) 452-1967. 3820 Northdale Blvd., Suite 205A, Tampa, FL 33624 Can this be magic? Email: DWM attractive 70s, NS, Fax: (813) 422-7966 5’10”, 175lbs, physically fit, easy going, loves travel, exercise, movies, din- I am a:  Lady  Gentleman  Friend to Friend ing out, ISO good hearted, attractive woman for Please include the following FREE AD of up to 30 words LTR. Dunedin, (973) 885describing me or what I look for in a friend or a date: 8013. ISO LTR 70s-80s, energetic, love theater, din- ____________________________________________________ ing out, comedy, music. ____________________________________________________ Clearwater, (860) 8237690. ____________________________________________________

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Tips to Tackle Your Financial Goals With Confidence

“Diversifying your portfolio to include a source of protected lifetime income, like an annuity with optional benefits, can help to safeguard savings and provide for predictable income in your retirement,” says John Kennedy, head of Retirement Solutions Distribution, Lincoln Financial Group.

(StatePoint) Many Americans have a certain vision for their financial future but not a clear path for how to achieve their goals. Use these tips to tackle your finances with greater confidence. • Set a specific goal. Setting goals may actually boost your confidence about achieving them. In fact, those who set a financial goal for themselves in 2017 were more likely to feel that their finances had improved over the course of the year, compared to those with no financial goal, according to research from Lincoln Financial Group. Whether it’s saving more for retirement or paying off a debt, setting a goal is a great place to start. • Make a plan. Having a financial plan in place can help you prepare for life’s surprises and face them with confidence. A financial plan doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should cover everything that’s important to you at this specific stage of your life. A financial advisor can provide an objective voice to help you stay focused on your goals while balancing your risk preferences and time horizon. They can also provide education to help determine if and when to fine-tune your plan. If you already have a relationship with an advisor, schedule time to review your plan and make any necessary adjustments.

• Consider sources of protected lifetime income. Eighty-two percent of preretirees are concerned about what will happen to their investments if the market drops. Build diversity into your retirement income plan by incorporating different sources of lifetime income in addition to Social Security. Do you have a pension? Have you considered incorporating an annuity as a portion of your plan?

• Strategize taxes. Recent changes in tax laws have some concerned about how taxes will impact their finances and retirement income this year. Discuss tax-smart strategies with your advisor to help increase your income and keep you on the right track. More information, tips and resources can be found by visiting For financial success, stay focused on your goals and don’t work without a plan. Also, consider consulting an expert who can provide financial and tax advice, and can help you strategize ways to be successful..

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