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March 13, 2010

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“Communicating to Communities Nationwide.”

A profile of the life of Mrs. Geraldine Jones

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First Facts About Women pg. 3

Career Pioneer: Mrs. Catherine Taylor Banks pg. 4

41st NAACP Image Awards pg.4

Why We Are Celebrating Women pg.5 & 7

The Preacher's Corner pg. 5 & 7

Mother's Day pg. 4

Patrick A. Sellers Publisher

Bobbie Collins Editor-In-Chief

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Page 1 The Populace Now

Health Care Reform Update By Buffy Griffin, A North Carolina Correspondent I was afforded the privilege of attending an Organizing for America event this week, invited by Mary Hardval, our community organizer. The main topic was that of Health Care Reform. In attendance was Lindsey Siler NC State Director for Organizing for America also referred to as OFA and Paul Choi Western Carolina Regional Director for OFA. Both of whom shared a wealth of information pertaining to the facts regarding the proposed health care reform bill. Both Lindsey and Paul did a wonderful job explaining and answering our questions. Listed below are three of the many facts shared within the meeting. •

Providing affordable health care for those who can not afford Providing health care to those

who do not qualify due to preexisting health issues Capping out-of-pocket expenses

There has been quiet a buzz that Congress could vote on this bill as early as March 18/2010. Because this is such an important matter, I urge you to find out the facts for yourselves before calling your elected officials and voicing to them if you are for or against the bill. The media is a good resource but, keep in mind they tend to report what is most controversial, which leaves out details needed to make an intelligent decision on something this important that will greatly affect the lives of so many including our own. Likewise, don't just take the word (opinion) of friends and family who may only have limited knowl-

edge regarding the Health Care Reform Bill. An excellent tool to utilize for current and correct information is and for a direct link to view President Obama's summar i ze d pr o po sa l k ey in h ttp: / / files/summary-presidents-proposal.pdf Lastly, if you can't get through to your elected official by phone due to high call volumes, you can use other methods like writing and faxing. Ensure that you are routing your call, letters and faxes to the correct persons and locations so that they are received promptly.

A Message from Our Publisher By Patrick A. Sellers, An Illinois Correspondent

Dear Reader, As you probably already noticed…. we have changed, and it is a change for the better. Our new template represents our ongoing commitment to excellence and our dedication to you. When The 3rd Ward Communicator was first introduced in 2008, we knew that we were on to something good, but we knew that we had to be patient and allow the vision to unfold. What you see now The Populace Now is a vision materialized, with greater things yet to come. Throughout the years, we have delivered hard-hitting articles that provoked thought, enlightened minds, and challenged the status quo. During our transition we have experienced many ups and

downs. But we are still here and are continuing to move forward. Though challenges remain (that’s just the nature of business), we look forward to facing those challenges head-on and overcoming each one. With a consistently growing readership base spurred by superb guidance, we here at The Populace Now are more confident than ever. Confidence does not constitute arrogance; we remain humble to our mission, to our partners and even more importantly to you our readers. Every community that we service has a special meaning to each of us, and we reiterate those feelings through our issues, articles, and mannerisms. We are quickly becoming an active part of every community that we serve and we take

pride in that. We are planning more new and exciting things for The Populace Now and that means more new and exciting things for you. Within the next year, our exposure will be even more evident to the world, introducing new multi-media extensions to our publication that will remain user-friendly. We are excited about the future and look forward to sharing our success with each and every one of you. Sincerely yours,

Patrick A. Sellers P.S. Momma (Hazel Sellers) Happy Mother’s Day! I Love you!

Page 2 The Populace Now

The Other Coal Miner’s Daughter A Collaborative Article By Bobbie Collins and Patrick Sellers both Illinois Correspondents As I began to talk to Mrs. Jones, the interview became a monologue. And I no longer heard an elderly lady speaking but wisdom and experience.

• •

So this is a Profile of The Other Coal Miner's Daughter: Mrs. Geraldine Jones. Notice the pearls of wisdom in quotes. Parents: William Marion Fly (Tennessee) Sarah Francis Smith (Kentucky) Born: Danville, IL Married: Isaac Jones, Jr. in 1945 Children: One daughter Sarah Odessa Jones Came to Freeport: in 1942 to work at Savanna Ordinance Activities: Y.M.C.A.; Girl Scout Leader; member, St. Paul M.B.C. (youth department) Baptist Training Union; missionary society; Sunday School teacher; Library Board (17 years); mother and mentor. Educational Accomplishments: Accomplishments

The first of all of her siblings to graduate from high

school The first black woman to graduate from Highland Community College, 1966 Graduated from HCC on the exact same day that her daughter graduated from Freeport Senior High School

“I loved school and I was not going to miss it. I walked a mile and a quarter to school.” "While my daughter was in school, I put getting my Bachelor's Degree on hold to make sure that my daughter had every opportunity to go to college.” "I came to believe that we should have the best educators in our schools, to produce the best students to send out into the world, to make it a better place." Employment Accomplishment: Worked for Amity Society for 30 years (a grantgrantsupported day care/learning center, for working parents) “My Father was not an educated man as far as schooling. He was a coal miner and my mother was a country school teacher. My grandmother had to sell eggs in order for my mother to get her certificates to teach school.”

"We were poor people. As a coal miner’s daughter I was one of the good Lord's creatures and He took care of me. I came here by myself. I had to earn money, and it was a different climate not only for the body but also for the mind. I know that Jesus loved me and as I said before, He took care of me. So many times in life I could have cried. But I had to get up. The sun was shining or the moon and stars were glowing. So what did I have to cry about?" "If you ask the Lord, He will go with you. You will never fail. I have to give credit to my God for all that he has done for me." “I learned to respect a lot of things about other people just by being around them”. "It’s a beautiful world because it's God's world and He is not going to let go, God is still in charge!" “We are gonna have some better times. The world is not full of bad people. Look at our President. He had some hard times but he made it. And you can too.”

Showing 3/15, 9:009:00-10:00 PM The team digs into the lives of freed slaves at the site of an Illinois town (New Philadelphia, IL) founded by a freed slave. Field School students excavate a trench at New Philadelphia, Illinois. Photo: Doug Brazil

In the months since Time Team America worked at the New Philadelphia site, the big news for the New Philadelphia Project was the site's designation as a National Historic Landmark. This designation is reserved for the country's most historically significant sites and is a testament to the site's potential for ongoing research.

Page 3 The Populace Now

First Facts About Women By Bobbie Collins, An Illinois Correspondent

Did You Know 1809 - Mary Kies, Kies first to receive a patent, for a method of weaving straw with silk

1849 - Elizabeth Blackwell, Blackwell first in U.S. with medical degree, earned from Medical Institution of Geneva, N.Y. 1853 - Antoinette Blackwell, Blackwell firsrt American ordained minister in a recognized denomination (Congregational) 1864 - Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Crumpler first black woman to receive M.D. Degree, graduating from the New England Female Medical College 1885 - Sarah Goode, Goode first to receive a patent for a bed that rolled up into a cabinet & intended for use in apartments 1926 - Gertrude Ederle, Ederle first to swim across the English Channel 1932 - Amelia Earhart, Earhart first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean 1933 - Francis Perkins, Perkins first woman member of a Presidential cabinet, appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, as Secretary of Labor 1967 - Althea Gibson, Gibson the first black tennis player to win a singles title at Wimbledon 1972 - Sally Jean Priesand was ordained the first woman rabbi in the U.S. *1974 - Sharon Taylor (Williams), first black caseworker for the St'e of IL Dept. of Public Aid, Freeport; retired as Public Aid Lead Caseworker 1981 - Sandra Day O'Connor (appointed by President Regan), the first female Justice of the Supreme Court 1983 - Dr. Sally K. Ride, Ride first American woman to be sent into space 1985 - Wilma Mankiller, Mankiller first woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma 1990 - Dr. Antonia Novello, Novello first Hispanic U.S. Surgeon General 1991 - Sharon Pratt Dixon, Dixon first black woman to serve as mayor of a major U.S. city (Washington, D.C.) 1992 - Carol MoselyMosely-Braun of IL, first U.S. senator 1992 - Dr.Mae Jemison, Jemison first black female astronaut 1993 - Janet Reno, Reno first woman U.S. Attorney General 1997 - Madeline Albright, Albright first U.S. Secretary of State and highest ranking woman in U.S. government 2000 - Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first First Lady elected to national office * A local First Fact woman

Page 4 The Populace Now

Career Pioneer Catherine Taylor Banks By Bobbie Collins, An Illinois Correspondent Growing up in Freeport, IL meant seeing a small number of upwardly mobile blacks. One such person, looked up to by this writer (20 years her junior) was Mrs. Catherine Banks. At the time, she was Catherine Taylor. The time was 1958. And Catherine's future husband (Roosevelt) was hired for Taylor Park Elementary school as its first black male teacher the same year Catherine was hired by the IL Dept. of Public Aid. Her 38-year career climb inside the organization was meteoric. Her first job was as secretary in the Springfield office. Soon she became a case aid trainee, then a caseworker, then a caseworker supervisor. But there was more in store for Miss Taylor. In 1981,

she became the first black female to serve as Employee Administrator, Administrator both for Stephenson County and for awhile, Ogle County (between 1991 and 1995), with simultaneous duties. During the month of March, when we are celebrating the accomplishments of women, I publicly acknowledge a longtime admiration for Mrs. Catherine Banks. The way she carried herself in a professional way at all times and the outward as well as inward beauty she daily displays, makes her a role model for generations of females to look up to. I am certainly one that she inspired and challenged to reach for excellence in all things.

During the month of March, when we are celebrating the accomplishments of women, I publicly acknowledge a long-time admiration for Mrs. Catherine Banks. The way she carried herself in a professional way at all times and the outward as well as inward beauty she daily displays, makes her a role model for generations of females to look up to. I am certainly one that she inspired and challenged to reach for excellence in all things. Editor-In-Chief, Bobbie J. Collins

41st NAACP Image Awards By Jim Neusom, A California Correspondent

From Left: (Actor) Will Smith, (R&B Singer) Beyonce’ Knowles, (R&B Singer) Jennifer Hudson and (Former Vice President) Al Gore

Friday, Feb 26th (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX networks) will be the 41st annual celebration of the NAACP Image Awards. The Image Awards is the nation's premier event celebrating the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts. The NAACP Image Awards honors and salutes, projects and individuals that promote diversity in the arts (television, recording, literature and motion pictures) as well as acknowledging those individuals and/or groups involved in the fight for social justice. This year Tyler Perry will receive the NAACP's coveted Chairman's Award. The Chairman's Award, chosen by NAACP

Board Chairman Julian Bond, is bestowed in recognition of special achievement and distinguished public service. Past honorees include President Barack Obama and former Vice President Al Gore, Aretha Franklin, Bono, Danny Glover, and Janet Jackson.

with 12, and FOX, Lifetime and TNT with 9 each. "Grey's Anatomy" received 7 nominations, followed by "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" both receiving 4 nominations, followed by "Ugly Betty" with 3.

The NAACP received over 1,200 nomination entries. From those entries, a special committee of 300 industry professionals and NAACP leaders from across the country selected five nominees in each of 53 categories. The final selections are voted on by NAACP members, and winners will be announced during the live airing of the 41st NAACP Image Awards.

In the Recording Category, Columbia Records leads with 7 nominations, followed by Roc Nation and Def Jam both with 5 nominations. J Records/MBK Entertainment received 4, and Interscope Records with 3. Jay-Z and Maxwell both received 5 nominations, followed by Alicia Keys with 3 and Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, and Rihanna with 2 each.

The ABC network led with a total of 23 nominations, followed by NBC with 13, CBS

Page 5 The Populace Now

Why We Are Celebrating Women By Bobbie Collins An Illinois Correspondent In this our 25th or Silver Issue of The Populace Now, we are Celebrating something great! The 30th Anniversary of Women's History Month. Thirty years ago, this worthwhile recognition was approved under President Jimmy Carter's administration. Because women have always been a part of human history, we Celebrate! Because without women, there would be no sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, it could be said that women are half of human history. The childbearing part, the nurturing part. It has been aptly said, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." To this end, throughout our 25th issue,

you will see various tributes to great women. Certainly my own mother, 73 year old Luvinia Collins is the greatest woman I know. Raised three children as wife of a preacher man, then later a pastor. Made great sacrifices, some known, some never told. Is now partially disabled but her spirit is strong. Her plan: determined to continue moving forward. You were the best role model for me, mother! In this issue on influential women, I mention Katie Vanraden who died October 2008 at 78 years of age, a woman who encouraged the use of my singing and speaking talents. I miss her terribly.

And I miss Dr. "Mom" Ruth Smith, President of Highland Community College. Another mentor who died in a head-on car accident on the highway in '02, who truly modeled what a Servant Leader is. We're proud of the interview by Publisher, Patrick Sellers of Mrs. Geraldine Jones, The Other Coal Miner's Daughter. There are additional details concerning career pioneer Mrs. Catherine (Roosevelt) Banks. (Continued on pg. 7)

Searching For a Signal By Pastor J.J. Fletcher Jr. A Florida Correspondent

In recent years, GPS (global positioning system) has gone from something only found in six figuretype neighborhoods for expensive vehicles, to something everyone can afford. And though the portable GPS my wife and I have in our vehicle is not high end, it's quality is good enough to get the job done. I can program it to avoid tolls and highways. And I learned the other day that I can even program it for ferry rides, to make coastal gulf trips, which comes in handy since we recently made Florida our home. Though GPS can accurately guide us when we don't quite know where we're going, I have discovered it's flaw. No matter how expensive the device, from time to time it has a hard time locking in

the satellite signal. And this is significant because a driver can easily become lost-if impatient. Let me explain. I've noticed if I wait a few minutes, by just sitting still in the driveway or the parking lot, the signal is soon found and the device is ready to give me my directions. But if I'm impatient and move prematurely, the device can't easily lock that signal in. So for mile after mile, the display will read, "Searching For A Signal...Please Wait." This dilemma of course steered my thinking toward a simple but perhaps profound question: How often do we who are spiritual, stand still long enough to be guided by the God Positioning System (the Holy GPS)? That type of GPS will steer us with the greatest of ease in

the direction the Lord will have us go. But because we are constantly moving, we make ourselves busy and we call it "the Father's business." Another bake sale, car wash, reaching the youth of the ghetto or the downtown drug dealers. Outreach here, reaching out there, this program, that concert. These are all noble things, but our efforts will amount to NOTHING if we don't first stand still and wait for our signal. The God Positioning kind. We cover a lot of ground under our own power. We are somewhere in the vicinity of the greatness that God has called us into. But until that signal locks in, we won't know exactly where to turn. (Continued on pg. 7)

Page 6 The Populace Now

Mother’s Day By William Vann,

A Michigan Correspondent,

about the Ku Klux Klan chasing her tin Luther King, Jr. The Emmett Till PlayMonths before Mother's Day, I do not and my grandmother, when she was ers often accompanied only remember my young, as they made their way home her during her extensive mother who made a from a Wednesday night Bible study. travels. She was very profound impact on me. stern but loving as we But I have two practiced. I didn't underother great women who She recalls a truck that passed them stand her toughness helped shape me. One on the road. When the driver turned then. But now that I'm an is Mamie Till Mobley, off the headlights and turned the adult, with children of my the mother of Emmett truck around, my grandmother told own, I am happy that my Louis Till, 14 years her daughter to run into the cornfield mother allowed me to be old (murdered in Missisand lay down. They split up and lay Mrs. Mamie Till Mobley active in this and other sippi, in August of down in separate places. When the ways as I grew up. Mother Mobley passed men got out of the truck, they walked 1955). Mrs. Mobley was a member of on January 6, 2003. the church my family attended and I less than two was one of several children that travfeet away eled with her to different churches. We from where Another lady of my life was my mother lay. Sheyann Webb-Christburg. recited the speeches of many great civil rights leaders. We practiced at her When the Her life story is seen in the home, right off of 87th and State Street truck finally movie, "Selma, Lord, in Chicago, IL. Let me tell you a little left, my Selma." Mrs. Christburg more about Mrs. Mobley. mother and c u r r e n t ly s e r v e s a s grandmother a Student Counselor at Alacontinued to b a m a S ta t e U n i v e r In September 1956, she entered Chilay still until sity. While I studied there, I cago Teachers College. She graduated grandmother ran for SGA president and cum laude in three and a half years felt it was safe lost by only five votes. Mrs. and finished fifth in her class. Assigned Mrs. Thelma Vann to come out of Christburg was my listening to Carter Elementary School in 1960, hiding. ear and consoled me when it was rushe saw the need to continue her edumored that the contest ballots were cation, earning a Master's Degree in counted unfairly. She put me at ease durAdministration and Supervision at Long after Black History Month ing a time when I felt Loyola University. She comes and goes each year, I think of like former Senator Hillary served as an elementhe courage and spirit of the three Rodham Clinton must have tary school teacher women who enhanced my life. felt when losing to then from 1960-1983. And Months before Mother's Day arrives, I Senator Barack Obama, in she was one of seven applaud them all because their deterour last U.S. Presidential founding members of mined spirit resides in me. Spirituality race. Evangelistic Crusaders should be a tool used to help others Church Of God In through future struggles, Christ in May of 1973. just as these three women have Last but not least, I introhelped me and shown me a more duce my own mother, Sheyann WebbWebb-Christburg excellent way. Thelma Vann, as the Mother Mobley travwoman who influenced me most. She eled and spoke across the country, exposed me to great things through other recalling the struggle for civil rights and people. She made very good decisions urging her listeners to "be the best they regarding the future. I am blessed to still can be." She founded the "Emmett Till Thank you, my mothers! have her and I still visit her at a nursing Players," a rotating group of her elehome in the south suburbs of Chicago. mentary school children who delivered I'm often reminded of the story she told the speeches and sermons of Dr.

Why We Are Celebrating Women

Searching For A Signal Continued from pg. 5

Continued from pg. 5 These are details we were unable to include for lack of space and time in the 24th Issue of The Populace Now. The only thing we regret is not procurring a photo of this beautiful woman, before deadline. And please note the First Facts About Women. Women This is a partial, chronological list of what women that were first, contributed to their field of interest.

few lines about a woman in your life that had a profound affect on your life. Please go t o t o leave your comments.

We won't know exactly when to move forward. And we most certainly won't know when to STOP! Psalm 46:10 says to BE STILL (that is to say, please wait) and KNOW that I AM GOD (G). In I Thessalonians 5:17 it says, PRAY without ceasing, PRAY and seek the direction of the Lord. PRAY(P). As I begin to wrap up, the book of James 1:19 says that we should be quick to listen; Matthew 11:15 says, he who has ears let him hear; and I

Samuel 3:10 says speak, I am your servant--ready to listen. All these verses lead us to conclude that the S in GPS means "Shhhh," (S) turn down all the noise around you and listen for instructions from God. Man's doctrine will fail you. Church leaders can mislead you, television evangelists can rob you. But when we use God's Positioning System, there is NO WAY we can be lost.

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