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Feb 12, 2011

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Page 2 The Populace Now

Declining High School Graduations By Buffy Griffin, a North Carolina Correspondent An average of fifty-eight (58) percent of students in fifty of the largest cities within the states actually graduate. Various studies show a number of determining factors for the decline in high school students who receive their diploma. Among those factors are teen pregnancy, teen incarceration, learning disabilities, increased peer pressure and bullying, drugs, gang-related matters, coupled with a lack of concern or support from both the school system and home. These are a few contributors to the decline in the numbers graduating from high school and the increased drop-out rates.

do not have diplomas. http:// issues/high-schooldropout-rates/13784

In an article by Stacy Teicher Khadaroo, staff writer / June 10, 2010 found at http:// (The Christian Science Monitor), stats show forty-six percent of black students, 44 percent of Latinos, and 49 percent of native Americans did not According to Education Week’s article earn a diploma in four year. By 2011-12, posted June 2, 2010 by Christopher B. the U.S. Department of Education will hold Swanson, every school day more than states accountable 7,200 students There is a growing number of individuals for progress in fourfall through the choosing to go the entrepreneur and soloyear graduation cracks of Amerpreneur route, creating jobs for them- rates. ica’s public high selves out of hobbies and learned skills schools. Three Studies also show out of every 10 outside of the school systems. signs of improvemembers of this year’s graduating class, ment for some U.S. cities and states. Those 1.3 million students in all, will fail to get with diplomas and higher education have their diploma. shown a significant increase in wages, while those with less education and trainThough suburban students graduate ing have seen a dramatic decrease. Add to at much higher rates, overall, close to 10 that a weakened economy forcing doctors, percent of 16- to 24-year-olds in the U.S.

lawyers and the like to relocate and take lower paying jobs (creating a domino effect) to make ends meet, which forces those with less education and training out of jobs they once found some comfort in and relied on for a living. There is a growing number of individuals choosing to go the entrepreneur and solopreneur route, creating jobs for themselves out of hobbies and learned skills outside of the school systems. Likewise, many are going back to school later in life to pursue their dream careers and earn an income that suits and even exceeds their financial need.

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African - American Education By: Patrick Sellers, an Illinois Correspondent

First of all let’s not talk about the educational system in America , every system has flaws. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the real reason behind our educational short comings, ourselves: black folks. Our cognition or cognitive or thinking process if you will, reflects how we learn and what we allow ourselves to learn, somehow we have lost our way when it comes to education. When, due to slavery and later Jim Crow laws. When weren’t allowed to go to school or read or even look at a book, that was all we wanted to do was to acquire a higher level of thinking. Nowadays, children run from a book like it’s the bubonic plague. It is “Cool” to be dumb in this day and age--or so that’s what our children believe. Our children finish their homework and then refuse to turn it in. I heard one student say “It’s done (meaning homework) but I ain’t gonna turn it in, 'cause I ain’t no nerd!” Whatever happened to the old cliché’ “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Our children are so afraid of what others may say about them that they are literally failing themselves out of school, jobs, society and life. Remember back in the day when you had to do well in school or else? The Black family has replaced the “or else” with a passive whatever and our children’s education has been left to be decided by the federal government. It is imperative that we take ownership of our own education and drive the point home that education in detrimental to the survival of any human being.

Education begins at home, period. I can recall going into kindergarten and already knowing my ABC’s, that is, how to write and spell my first and last name along with some basic addition and subtraction. How did I know how to do all of these things at such an early age? Well my mother, father and older sisters started my education as soon as I was able to utter words and they continued to educate me all through school. Like many Black families, my mother and father migrated from the south and in their younger years they had to work in the fields in order to survive. I look up to them because they took it upon themselves to finish their high school education nontraditionally. So they are my heroes.

My mother tells me that I remind her of her grandfather. My greatgrandfather was a Professor and started his own High School. And back in those days, being a Black Professor was just as unheard of as a Black Doctor. People like my great-grandfather gained their education during the time when black education was forbidden. But he did not just learn for himself. What he learned he taught his family and other blacks. There are countless stories of our black ancestors obtaining an education while enduring unthinkable peril and hardships. But we must ask ourselves collectively as a people, Are we where we should be educationally? How do our children’s test scores compare to those of other nationalities?

Page 4 The Populace Now

A World Without Black People By: Anonymous Internet Writer

This is a story of a little boy name Theo, who woke up one morning and asked his mother, "Mom, what if there were no Black people in the world?" Well, his mother thought about that for a moment, and then said, "Son, follow me around today and let's just see what it would be like if there were no Black people in the world." Mom said, "Now go get dressed, and we will get started." Theo ran to his room to put on his clothes and shoes. His mother took one look at him and said, "Theo, where are your shoes? And those clothes are all wrinkled, son. I must iron them." However, when she reached for the ironing board, it was no longer there. You see, Sarah Boone, Boone a black woman, invented the ironing board, and Jan E. Matzelinger, Matzelinger a black man, invented the shoe lasting machine. "Oh well," she said, "please go and do something to your hair." Theo ran in his room to comb his hair, but the comb was not there. You see, Walter Sammons, Sammons a black man, invented the comb. Theo decided to just brush his hair, but the brush was gone. You see, Lydia O. Newman, Newman a black female, invented the brush. Well, this was a sight: no shoes, wrinkled clothes, hair a mess. Even Mom's hair, without the hair care inventions of Madam C.J. Walker, Walker well, you get the picture. Mom told Theo, "Let's do our chores around the house and then take a trip to the grocery store." Theo's job was to sweep the floor. He swept and swept and swept. When he reached for the dustpan, it was not there. You see, Lloyd P. Ray, Ray a black man, invented the dustpan. So he swept his pile of dirt over in the corner and left it there. He then decided to mop the floor, but the mop was gone. Guess

what? Thomas W. Stewart, Stewart a black man, invented the mop. Theo yelled to his Mom, "Mom, I'm not having any luck!" "Well son," she said, "Let me finish washing these clothes, and we will prepare a list for the grocery story." When the wash finished, she went to place the clothes in the dryer, but it was not there. Can you imagine? George T. Samon, Samon a black man, invented the clothes dryer. Mom asked Theo to go get a pencil and some paper to prepare their list for the market. So, Theo ran for the paper and pencil but noticed the pencil lead was broken. Well, he was out of luck because John Love, Love a black man, invented the pencil sharpener, Mom reached for a pen, but it was not there because William Purvis, Purvis a black man invented the fountain pen. As a matter of fact, Lee Burridge invented the typewriting machine and W.A. Lovette, Lovette the advanced printing press. Theo and his mother decided just to head out to the market. Well, when Theo opened the door, he noticed the grass was as high as he was tall. That's because John Burr, Burr a black man, invented the lawn mower. They made their way over to the car and found that it just wouldn't go. You see, Richard Spikes, Spikes a black man, invented the automatic gearshift, and Joseph Gammel invented the supercharge system for internal combustion engines. They also noticed that the few cars that were moving were running into each other and having wrecks because there were no traffic signals. We can give credit for that to Garrett A. Morgan, gan a black man invented the traffic light. Well, it was getting late, so they walked to the market, got their groceries, and returned home. Just when they were about to put away the milk, eggs, and butter, they noticed the refrigerator was gone. John

Standard, Standard a black man, is responsible for inventing the refrigerator. So, they just left the food on the counter. By this time, Theo noticed he was getting mighty cold.Mom went to turn up the heat, and what do you know? Alice Parker, Parker a black female, invented the heating furnace. Even in the summertime, they would have been out of luck because Frederick Jones, Jones a black man, invented the air conditioner. It was almost time for Theo's father to arrive home. He usually takes the bus, but there was no bus, because its precursor was the electric trolley, invented by another black man, Elbert R. Robinson. son He usually takes the elevator from his office on the 20th floor, but there was no elevator because Alexander Miles, Miles a black man, invented the elevator. Usually, office mail got dropped off at the nearby mail-box, but it was no longer there because Philip Downing, Downing a black man, invented the letter drop mailbox, and William Barry invented the postmarking and canceling machine. Theo and his mother sat at the kitchen table with their heads in their hands. When the father arrived, he asked, "Why are you sitting in the dark?" Why? Because Lewis Howard Latimer, Latimer a black man, invented the filament within the light bulb. Theo quickly learned more about what it would be like if there were no black people in the world, especially if he were ever sick and needed blood. Dr. Charles Drew, Drew a black scientist, found a way to preserve and store blood, which led to his starting the world's first blood bank. So what if a family member had to have heart surgery? This would not have been possi-

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Negroids In Ancient America By William Vann III, a Michigan Correspondent “It is resolved!” (Movie, The Great Debaters, 2007) World history has yet to be fully written and now that Black History Month is here, we cannot let years of research go undigested. When I was thirteen, my father, William Vann, Jr. handed me a book called, They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima who followed the work of Leo Wiener. It must be known that Leo Wiener, the precursor of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima is not of the Negro race and was one of the first people to write a book on Blacks traveling to Ancient America before Columbus. Looking back, I recall looking at the front and back covers and finally looking at the pictures in the middle of the book. What my did then was plant a seed that has sprouted in so many different ways. For example, while vacationing in Belize City, Belize with some friends, I had to break away to visit the ruins of the Olmec people. They asked questions and wondered were I was headed off to. I told them that my father had given he a book when I was thirteen and now the book is about to come to life. They smiled and told me, "good luck." When I got to the pyramid, I was frozen a couple of times as I learned and saw things other people may never get to see. In an instant, I lost my breath as the tour guide explained that the Olmec kings/rulers are believed to have come from Africa, but there is not enough evidence to make the theory a law. The only evidence there is is the Negro features on the stone faces of the king/rulers who may have once ruled the area. Because of the faces, we know they were there and may have been wor-

shiped. And that’s the extent of it. Another piece of evidence are the hieroglyphics, only a few symbols correlate with the hieroglyphic symbols of Ancient Egypt. One possible connection? Timbuktu. How? Masa Musa, a famous African king made a voyage to Mecca via Egypt and may have possibly traveled the Eastern Atlantic Sea Board during that era and shared secrets and knowledge from Egypt with Ancient America. What secrets or knowledge you may ask? Before Columbus, some voyages were kept secret. For instance, Marco Polo was told by Ancient Chinese Emperors not to divulge any of the secrets he was entrusted with. And they actually kept him hostage for many years before releasing him to return to Europe. When Marco Polo wrote his book, many people laughed at him and did not take him seriously till many years later. One person who did not take him as a joke was Christopher Columbus. Columbus was even arrested and jailed on his 3rd voyage for having the slightest clue that Negros and Portuguese created a demarcation zone

South of the Caribbean Sea where gold was being extracted. Christopher Columbus hired a Negro named Pedro Alfonzo Nino, to command his final voyage and negotiate his way into areas that were considered forbidden to him. When I got back with my friends, They asked about my excursion and I told them that the body of the ruler was still in one of the pyramids that I had visited and that the pyramids were discovered in 1958. Great Britain did not publicize or make the pyramids available to the public until 1982. As we all know, Great Britain was the country behind the finding of The Tomb of King Tut in the early 1900's. Finally I closed the conversation and asked the question, What if some secrets are dug up somewhere in a modern city that was once an ancient city and created evidence that would totally change our way of thinking. Would these secrets become “weapons of mass destruction!!!”

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The Populace Now

Master P By Denita Robinson, A Missouri Correspondent

The purpose of pain is to propel us dom. Don’t allow towards the Potter’s House to be in His pitfalls to push you presence preparing for our promotion away from promiwith the Promise Keeper who has a plan nence in Master’s and a purpose for our public life – ponP’s perfect will for tificators of the Gospel. Master P’s plan your life. Don’t play is to prosper us in this life if we position games or pursue ourselves through the power of corporate unrighteousand private prayer. ness. Pay attention prayer So, praise the Lord for the privilege of His passionate pursuit and the Great Physiof us while we sit in perfect peace with cian will pave the our mind stayed on Him in the procway for you on this ess. prestigious road ess Press on toward the promised blessing spoken prophetically knowing… called destiny! Pity “By His stripes, we are healed!” Please the one who parlays keep the proper perspective in all ponhis soul trying to profit with the riches of derings knowing that practicing the presthis world. Don’t take the path of the ence of God provides you with the proProdigal son. Instead, Party with the tection that only He can give. Yes, Prince of Peace – because foolish these are perilous times, but Master P preaching it is not! He is a Prominent will prevail over and proDon’t placate people (especially your peers) by lific every predicament you find compromising the Gospel. Instead, persistently writer; yourself placed pursue the pure unadulterated truth found in His Word in. Don’t placuts like Master P. cate peoa twople (especially your peers) edged sword. Why would a good God peers by compromising the Gospel. Instead, persistently permit such practices? practices It’s all about our pursue the pure unadulterated truth postureposture- are you positioned in prayer found in Master P. petitioning God for His divine will and P And just who is He – this Master P? prophetic Word for your life? Understand P He is the Great I AM. He is Abba Father. He is the promulgation this; discipline is necessary because it of all truth. He is the Master Promise produces spiritual growth. Punishment Keeper. causes pain, Keeper No problem is too great or too pain but it produces power small. He can (and will) handle them through prayer. You’ve heard it said beall. Why? It pleases the Father when His fore, “No pain – No gain!” After all, pain people are positioned for service and is all about love and love having its perpatterning themselves after His precious fect work in us. (Ephesians 4:174:17Son, Jesus. Perhaps you need to do 31) Divine providence at its best! Who some purging and pruning in your life in wouldn’t want to participate in Master order to stay connected to the P’s program? Precious in His sight are vine. Don’t let pride prevent you from we. “Thank you Lord for being our Shepyour rightful place in God’s Kingherd, making us lie down in the green

pasture and leading us beside the still water!” Let’s praise the Potter and say Amen. Scripture inspiring Master P - St. Luke 8:43-48: And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, but no one could heal her. She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped. "Who touched me?" Jesus asked. When they all denied it, Peter said, "Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you." But Jesus said, "Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me." Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. Then he said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace."

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