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Founder & Editor Kajsa Kinsella Created on Canva Arklow County Wicklow Ireland



Siobhan Fitzpatrick  Conscious Connector & Networking Queen

Vanessa  Fox-O`Loughlin Best Selling Author & Literary Agent Extraordinaire

Finola Howard Marketing Magician & Superbly Inspiring Bundle Of Energy

"Until You Dare To Spread Your Wings,You Have NO Idea How Far Or High You Can Fly!"

For You This Month

P 8. Do You Dare To Put Pen To Paper? Focusing your ideas into words might be a little scary...we`ll help you with that!

P 11. Siobhan Fitzpatrick, expert in business coaching & networking, tells us like it is.

P 28. Finola Howard solvesthe marvellous marketing conundrum.

P 19.Best selling author, literary

P 27. Treat yourself to guilt-

agent & writing expert Vanessa

free energy snacks.

Fox O`Loughlin teaches us how to get published.


"For me, being self-employed is about building a a strong future for my family, whilst fortunate enough to feel the exhilaration of being creative in a productive way."

Editors Welcome BY KAJSA KINSELLA Let`s face it, we all strive to be on top of things; to be productive; to be in control; to be the leader. I frankly think that it`s human nature to want to be the top dog, don`t you? Life, without question, throws us a few curve balls along the way as we grow up, making this vision and aspiration, although it might be burning bright, seem too far to reach or nearly impossible more often than not. Self Starter Magazine is here to help you see the woods for aaaaall the trees; to give you the insight and backbone it takes for you to dare to realize your dreams of starting a business of your own. We aspire to inspire, to inform you and last but not least, give you a nice big kick in the butt, to go and register your business with a smile, rather than a shiver. Let`s find out how you can begin to build your empire today and become the person you wish to be. P1 P4

Self Starter Idea, Conviction & Â Purpouse

"This magazine is really written as much for you, as it is for me-by me!"

Ever since I was a little girl, have I yearned for becoming selfemployed, free and master of my own time, fate and fortune. I wanted to be the director of my day, of my life and of my future, nobody else. Life, marriage, children and all the things that, although you love them happening, become obstacles happened and I found myself very far away from the goal I had when I was young.

A few years ago, I decided to take the bull by the horn and get back into the wonderful world of business again, and have since I took the leap of faith in 2013, written two books, co-written another two, developed a popular Scandinavian style fabric range and I write for numerous international magazines, but I am far from finished and feel most comfortable when I have many eggs in my basket, keeping me busy. The idea of Self Starter Magazine came to me actually due to a little bit of desperation, as I realized at the age of 40, how little I actually knew about a lot of things in business, and those insecurities were adamant to stand in my way, but still was able and eager to get on with things and with the help of a few of my treasured friends in business, this magazine became possible for me to make. Together we will break down as many barriers and cover as many topics as possible for you as possible and do you know what, I really look forward to learning too.

P1 P5

Let`s Swap Words! I bet you have also heard this "It`s all just in your head"-malarkey when negativity sets in a thousand times and although you know people are only trying to be nice, you`d really just like to give them a hard pinch and run away! Well, don`t do that, because they are actually right-there is a wonderful saying by Lisa M. Hayes I use for myself each day, which goes like this:

"Be Careful How You Speak To Yourself Because You Are Listening" meaning, that you actually do control which words are floating around in your mind. Let`s do some positivity training and get excited about what we can achieve today. Swap the worry-words that bombard with positive ones and you will feel immediate effect!













Do You Dare To Put Pen To Paper?

Writing your ideas down on a piece of paper might just be the kick in the old "You Know What", that you need.

If you think for a minute that you are the only one who is putting starting your own business on the long foot, think again! Countless people with enviable entrepreneurial spirit fail to get to even the starting line, simply due to the fact that all the incredible, innovative, engaging and important ideas of business, simply stay in their heads and goes no further... Take a leap of faith with me today and put your pen to the parchment...sure what harm could it do! P8

When the first seed of a business idea is born, fragile and unfinished as it is, being imaginative creatures as we are, it does not take long before we tend to clothe it in all kinds of layers, building ourselves a near enough complete image of what our ideal career was to look and act like. The finished picture is shining, glamorous and oh so delicious and desirable! But, for many of us, the yearning of success stays just that, as a hunger, which we choose to ignore due to lack of guidance on how to initially start.


that you admire and aspire to become

Writing your ideas & info down will let you see things so much clearer!

RESEARCH EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM! Find out as much as you possibly can about how they made it to the top; study their look, their message, their language, their policies, their interaction, their "pull", their story their highs and their lows, and how they improve either alongside, despite or in connection with similar businesses i.e competition. Although this might sound tedious and boring, you will very soon be surprised how many fabulous ideas and possible pitfalls spring to mind as you work. Learn from others who have already walked the walk and from those who have made the mistakes you hope to now be able to avoid. Turn your research into a fully fledged project or compendium and LEARN HOW TO SUCCEED IN YOUR VERY OWN BUSINESS BEFORE YOU EVEN START, THROUGH LEARNING ABOUT THEIR SUCCESSES AND FALIURES. P9

Become a... #HashTagHooligan# ...little did they know, that this tiny sign was to take over the entire world of Social Media by storm..!

HASHTAGS ARE WAYS OF CATEGORIZING/ LABELING ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT. If You Add #Business to the end of your Tweet, Pinterest Pin, Facebook Post, Instagram Post or other, anyone looking for business-info by adding #business to their search, will find your post. HASHTAGS ARE NON-CASE SENSITIVE + YOU CAN ADD NUMBERS TO IT TOO. The more specific to your field, cause or organization you are when choosing your hashtags, the easier for your audience to find you. CREATE YOUR OWN, INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS HASHTAG (for example #selfstartermagazine) AND USE IT AT ALL TIMES! Pick out 5 social media accounts in your type of business that you aspire to become, check out what hashtags work for them- you'll be surprised how logical it really is. ENJOY!!


If only someone had told me!


Siobhán Fitzpatrick is a ‘Conscious Connector’ of people, through her coaching practice (Catseye Coaching) and ‘Women In Business Network’ Ireland. Siobhán has over 25 years’ experience working in large organizations in New York, London and Dublin, across many different industry sectors including Investment Banking, Financial Services, Aerospace, Recruitment and Not-for-Profit. Her coaching integrates her vast experience in people and change management, enabling clients to set and achieve meaningful personal and professional goals. Siobhán’s signature strength is her ability to connect with clients at a heart level, working with the whole person in order to help them find clarity and a deep sense of meaning. Having experienced extreme unhappiness in her own career and successfully making a complete career change (in her mid-40’s) she is passionate about helping other’s love Monday’s again through her career transition program and personal empowerment. Another of Siobhán’s passions is networking with authenticity. In January 2016, she launched Women In Business Network Ireland, which supports local businesswomen across the country. Her motto is ‘Create value before you extract it, through authentic and genuine engagement.”

Find Siobhan on & P11


Where are you in your life? Starting a new

How much do you need to live? When working

business takes brains, bravery, and what will

on your business plan, do not forget about the

seem to be endless hours of hard work. When

most important factor - YOU. You need to take

you own your own company, there is always

into account your living costs. Rent/mortgage

something that has to get done. You will wear

and health insurance, etc -- these are all

every hat in the business (i.e.: business

things that don’t pay for themselves. You will

development, accountant, marketing,

most likely need to cut out all the unnecessary

administration, oh and tea maker!) You will

extras you can live without. Make sure you

most likely find yourself working at least 60-

account for unforeseen or unexpected

80 hours a week. That being said, I’ll ask you

expenses by factoring a little flexibility into

one very important question: Are you ready to

your budget for those “just-in-case” moments.

give up your personal life for the next three years? Commitment will be core to your success, so if you’re not committed, think again. You’re not going to know everything! In fact, you probably won't know anything when you first start. Start anyway. When I first started my coaching practice, I knew how to coach and was very good at networking however I wasn’t so hot on the accounting and marketing side of things. I figured it all out ‘on the job’. You will too.



Stop designing business cards, logos, websites

Focus on your higher paying tasks. Divide up

and stationery! They don't matter right at the

your tasks and determine what your "€10 per

very start. Go build your business and stop

hour" tasks are and what your "€1,000 per

doing busy work that makes you feel like you

hour" tasks are. Focus on doing more of the

are accomplishing something. Focus on the

"€1,000 per hour" tasks and fewer of the "€10

money earners, not spenders. I really thought I

per hour"-ones. Think about it, if you earn

had to have the best business name/logo

more €1,000 tasks, you can afford to engage in

before I could get going or that I needed the all

the services of others who can do the €10 ones

signing / all dancing website before I could attract clients to my business – wrong! A simple business card and the ability to pick up the phone or go network was much more important.

Get a Hustle Buddy. Being self-employed can

Get a Hustle Buddy. Being self-employed can

be a very lonely place (unless of course you’ve

be a very lonely place (unless of course you’ve

gone into business with a partner). Do yourself

gone into business with a partner). Do yourself

a favour and identify a ‘hustle buddy’,

a favour and identify a ‘hustle buddy’,

someone who is there to support you, hold you

someone who is there to support you, hold you

accountable, to motivate and challenge you.

accountable, to motivate and challenge you.

Motivation may get you started, but when it

Motivation may get you started, but when it

comes to achieving a goal and sustaining the

comes to achieving a goal and sustaining the

results, you may need to rely on more than

results, you may need to rely on more than

your desire to succeed.

your desire to succeed.

P13 P11

Network, network, network. Reach out to

Plan. You’re probably very familiar with the

people who have experience in the space you’re

Benjamin Franklin quote ‘By Failing To

working – people you know and people you

Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail’ well it’s so

don’t. Create value before you extract it --Do

true. If you don’t know what you’re working

favours without expecting anything in return.

towards how will you know when you’ve

Ask questions, but most importantly, listen

achieved it? When I started, I was working on

when they’re answered. Build your network and

a 5-year plan and this got me so frustrated and

remember to nurture the network you already

to be honest, a little overwhelmed. So, I cut it

have! Your network is a powerful source and

back to a one year plan -- far more

unless you take good care of it, it won’t take

manageable. I since check where I am against

care of you.

this plan every quarter and have more regular checks on a weekly basis. And often at times, there are things that pop up which can divert

Family matters. Your family matters more than your business - never forget that! P14

that overall plan, but for the better – and I’m ready for it. NOMADIC



Dinner Time! I know, I knowbusiness-ing is so much fun, but, we all have to eat sometimes too! Put this delicious and nourishing pie together in no time at all and enjoy a mouthwatering homemade feast.


GOOD FOOD EQUALS GOOD MOOD! Ingredients For Pie Crust: 125g of Soft Butter 1.5dl Plain Flour 1dl Wholemeal Flour Instructions: Mix all ingredients with your fingers in a bowl to a light dough. Remove a of the dough to use later. Shape the rest into a ball and roll out flat to fit your form. Add this to the pie form, prick the dough with a fork all over and bake in a 200C oven for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool a little.

Ingredients For Pie Filling: 400g Mince Meat 1 Yellow Onion Chopped 150g Mushrooms 1 Red Pepper Chopped 2Tbsp Plain Flour A Squirt Of Tomato Puree 1 Crushed Clove of Garlic Salt,Pepper, Chopped Thyme A Drop Of Water If Needed


Instructions: Add all ingredients for the mincemeat mixture to a hot pan and cook until you have a lovely goo, full of flavour and vigour. Place the mincemeat mixture to the pie form, roll out the remainder of the dough, cut into long strips and decorate your pie before you cook it in the oven at 200C for 20 minutes.



While your pie is cooking and filling your kitchen with wonderful fragrances, grate a quarter of a cucumber on a plate, discard the surplus of water; crush a clove of fresh garlic and add both to a bowl. Gently fold in Greek Yoghurt and the cucumber: Voila, you have a mouthwatering addition to your homecooked dinner.


Canva is a tool which I use on a daily basis-I even make this magazine on it! In the FREE option, you have thousands of images, frames, layouts, illustrations, backgrounds, overlays and much much more to work with.

Mr Mail Chimp is a brilliantly reliable partner to have at your side as a new business;sign up for FREE and enjoy building up your email list to 2,000 subscribers, allowing you to send out 12,000 emails/month.

Free Stuff On The Net DON`T YOU JUST         IT WHEN YOU     GET SOMETHING    FOR NOTHING !?  Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, is something I`m sure your mother told you when you were young, and although you most likely did like me; rolled your eyes and sighed, you knew she was right! In these exciting times of researching about starting your own business, holding on to your money for as long as you can is imperative and here are a few websites I have found which will help you do just that.

Although I absolutely LOVE grammar, writing and "word-labour", the old brain can get tired at times and then Grammarly comes to your aide; install for FREE and receive spot-on spell correction suggestions, synonyms and how to better put your sentences together. FAB!


After having struggled countless hours, sweating and cursing over my computer, trying to create a website of my own, Weebly rode in as my knight in shining armour! With numerous beautiful, sleek, cute, romantic, businesslike, inviting and so easy to use templates, you can create a stunning website for FREE in an afternoon.


GETTING PUBLISHED By Vanessa Fox O`Loughlin

Finding The Path To Success How many times have you watched Dragon's Den and thought 'I know I could do that better' or read a success story and wished it could be you? Many people want to write a book, but still more have a hankering to explore a new avenue, and if you love something and are passionate about it, it's guaranteed that you'll try harder and be better at it than something you've been pushed into. Happiness is the greatest motivator of all – how many times have you heard the phrase, ‘if you love what you do, it’s not work at all’? Understanding your goals and making the decision to work towards them is a huge part of achieving them. EL Doctorow says that writing is ‘like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.' The key to achieving your goals is to switch on those headlights and focus on what you want. P19

IT ALL STARTED WITH A MAN ON A BOAT... I always wanted to write a book so in 1999 when my husband set sail across the Atlantic for 8 weeks I decided I'd give it a go. I had an idea and time, so wrote it long-hand, typing it up at the weekends in the office at Corporate Events where I was Business Development Manager. By the time my husband got back, the bug had truly bitten and I've spent every evening since bashing away at my keyboard. At the time I was convinced it would be a bestseller – it was duly rejected by everyone and anyone who could reject anything, but I kept on writing. I didn’t realise then that it takes time to get to where you want to be – Malcolm Gladwell nailed it in his book Outliers where he estimates it takes 10,000 hours to reach the tipping point to success - being prepared for that, and being prepared to work for success is another vital element in achieving it.

I always wanted to start my own business, and when I realized that I needed help to improve my writing, I saw a niche. I couldn’t get to a creative writing class because my husband was a member of An Garda Siochana and worked erratic hours - a babysitter every week was just too expensive. I discovered there was nowhere in Ireland running top quality one day writing courses. So I started my own. Inkwell began as a little thing, something I could do during the winter when the children were in school. It was fun, it used a lot of the skills I had gathered over the years in various jobs, from learning how to talk to people and ask questions in order to sell clothes, to creating print and media campaigns to market a shopping centre. It was in a field that I was fascinated by - I wanted to learn more and to connect with professionals. P20

I had no idea then that it would grow into four related businesses with three business partners and become internationally successful. It worked because I’m passionate about what I do, I love writing and I love creating opportunities for writers, and I put the time in. I’m a connected person (actually I’m just very nosey, it’s vital to being a writer), I love meeting people and I remember them and their needs and goals so when I meet someone else who needs what they’ve got or has what they need, it’s very easy for me to put them in touch – connections create synergy and then everything moves to a new level. Who knew Hazel Gaynor, who came to a workshop about writing for the web would go on to write a New York Times bestseller? Well, she did, because that was her goal and she put the hours in to learn her craft and used all her skills to make it happen. Hazel also came to a workshop on writing women’s fiction fourteen people attended and six have publishing deals. Inkwell’s success in assisting writers to publication puts every other similar organization in the shade.

MAKE IT HAPPEN! But how can you make things happen for you? I’ve spent ten years learning the publishing business from blank page to bookshelf and I now myself and my team can save a writer years of slogging away silently, painfully learning from their mistakes. I’ve developed a business but I’ve also connected with hundreds of writers and I’ve learned something from every single one. I took my eye off the writing goal while I developed, but then through a chance conversation with Simon Trewin, an agent I scout for (whom I had forgotten to tell I wrote), my book was shaken out and found a rather incredible home with one of London’s most progressive publishers, Bonnier’s Twenty7 – Little Bones came out in May under my pen name Sam Blake in 2016, with In Deep Water following it a year later. It took a bit longer than I thought, but I’ve achieved my goal - my first novel was an instant bestseller and shortlisted for Crime Novel of the Year. I`m a firm believer that if you work hard enough for something, take the right advice and LISTEN to that advice, you’ll get where you want to be. It might take a little longer than you think it, but I’ve also discovered that if you rush something, it invariably goes wrong somewhere. Take your time, learn your craft, develop your skills and focus on your goal – don’t wait for someone to make it happen for you, you can create your own opportunities for success. • Make time. Everyone has fallow time in their day, identify yours and use it better. Plot in the shower. Turn off the TV and pick up your pen and start planning.Get up half an hour earlier, get the bus to work instead of driving and you work on the way. If you are stuck in traffic, listen to podcasts or dictate your story into your phone. • Make lists: Organise your life and you will have more time – plan ahead. • Set goals. Identify what you want and set medium and long terms goals. Want to be published in a year’s time? Write it down (but don’t forget the 10,000 hours.) • Ask the experts. Get advice, talk to people. Listen to what they say. Being able to take direction and critique is vital to improvement. If you exist in a bubble convinced you are right, you are likely to come unstuck. • Think outside the box. Be prepared to develop your idea, whether it’s a book or a business, to think laterally to find opportunities that might not be obvious. Eastman Kodak developed Superglue by accident in 1942 while making clear plastic gun sights; Alana Kirk was offered a publishing deal based on her blog after I introduced her fiction to Hachette Ireland (I didn’t see that one coming!) • Be prepared to pivot. I love this phrase. In my head it means to turn around to look at things from a different angle, to Venture Capitalists it means to scrap the first idea and try something new. “Try Again. Fail again. Fail better," as Samuel Beckett said. Keep trying. The best advice I was ever given was by Sarah Webb: ‘just keep writing’. P21

Vanessa Fox O`Loughlin Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin the founder of The Inkwell Group publishing consultancy and is Ireland’s leading literary scout who has assisted many award winning and best selling authors to publication. Vanessa conceived and developed the award winning national writing resources website, an online magazine that updates daily. She also developed and presented the National Emerging Writer Programme for Dublin City of Literature, and was the lead consultant and presenter for WritersWebTV bringing free, live, online workshops to writers worldwide. Vanessa is the Chair of Irish PEN and the Irish and appears regularly at festivals and events across Ireland, as well as on TV and radio. Vanesa writes crime as Sam Blake - the first of her Cat Connolly thriller trilogy LITTLE BONES was published in May 2016 and hit the bestseller list, spending 8 weeks in the Top 10 with 4 weeks at No. 1. IN DEEP WATER, book 2 of the trilogy came out in April 2017 and NO TURNING BACK will be out in 2018.




Considerable,Substantial, Pronounced,Sizeable, Extraordinary

Substandard,Poor, Amateurish,Negligent,Inferior

Interesting Captivating,Riveting, Gripping,Enthralling, Engaging


Laborious, Strenuous,Demanding, Aduous, Gruelling


Effortless, Straight Forward, Elementary, Uncomplicated


Your  Words! 

We all wish to feel confident in discussions and come across as intelligent and articulate, Well, Here Are A Few Synonyms of common words To Add To The Conversation! Important


Main, Paramount, Principal, Dominant, Foremost, Supreme

Trivial, Minor, Insignificant, Secondary, Irrelevant

Business Vocation, Occupation, Profession, Field, Line Of Work, Trade



Evolution, Progress,Success, Expansion, Growth

Leverage, Sway, Authority, Power, Weight, Prestige P23

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CRTL+N- Create New Document


CRTL+o- Open New Document

As a new business owner, you will inevitably write A LOT on the computer and I for one am in LOVE with any kind of info I can find about how to make my work more efficient and less timeconsuming on my Microsoft Office.

CRTL+v- Paste


CRTL+s- Save Document CRTL+a- Select All CRTL+c- Copy

CRTL+z- Undo CRTL+1- Single Spacelines CRTL+2- Double Spacelines NOMADIC




Treat Yourself To A Homemade Snack Cutting down on the refined sugar is sometimes easier said than done, but these little bundles of vitality are made in 10 max and are SO delicious: Pop 90 g Oatflakes 3 Tbsp Cocoa Powder 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract 8 Medium Dates Pitted in a food processor, add water if needed and roll into balls, which you then roll in desiccated coconut-YUM!



FINOLA HOWARD IS A BRAND BUILDER, MARKETING STRATEGIST, SPEAKER AND ADVISOR TO BUSINESSES WHO WANT TO BUILD, GROW AND SCALE. I am the Founder and Creator of How Great Marketing Works: An Accessible & Affordable Online Course that teaches businesses of all sizes how to build a marketing process that works for their business. It’s the perfect complement of strategy and action that leads to results.

An Integrated Marketing Approach is a cornerstone of how I work; blending the traditional with the non-traditional, the thinking with the doing, the offline with the digital and so on. I’ve a total social media following of over 78,000, I’ve been listed as one of Ireland’s Top Women in Digital Marketing and my blog was one of the Top Ten Marketing Blogs in Ireland by Search Engine Journal. My passion is in growing businesses. It doesn’t matter what size they are. It could be someone with an idea and little else or a business that’s got 400 people working with them. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch the transformation that occurs when someone gets their marketing right. It’s a game changer! I believe that every business can achieve success… if they are open to it and are willing to do what it takes to get to where they want to go. It’s why I built How Great Marketing Works in the first place. And it’s also why I made it so affordable. I didn’t want there to be any barriers to success for any business. P28

My Top 5 Tips For Marketing Everyone knows that you need marketing to make a business successful. It’s behind every product we buy, every place we go and even how we get there. Yet, marketing is something that lots of businesses struggle with. They struggle with the idea of it, how much there is to be done, how it all connects and works together etc.

1. EMBRACE THE IDEA THAT MARKETING TOUCHES EVERY PART OF YOUR BUSINESS. There is a common misconception that marketing is something separate from every other aspect of your business. David Packard said it best when he said “Marketing is too important to be left to the Marketing Department” Think about it! Marketing is your way of communicating with your customer so anything that impacts them… impacts your marketing. It could be your pricing strategy, the product or service you offer, it could be your first hire and how you manage them and so much more. Everything impacts your marketing and your marketing impacts everything!

2. FIND YOUR REMARKABLE Seth Godin always talks about being remarkable. In simple terms, it means making sure you are amazing at what you do (remarkable) and also realising what it is about you that’s worth remarking on. It’s another way of thinking about your point of difference. So, what are you remarkable at? And yes, YOU are remarkable! Nobody does what you do the way you do it. Just capture it and use it as the cornerstone of all your messaging!

4. REALISE THAT YOU’RE MARKETING EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT Your silence tells a story as impactfully as your messaging. If you don’t update your website your audience might deduce that you are no longer in business or out of date. If your business is with other businesses and they never see you they may think you don’t want any new projects.

3. MARKETING IS YOUR TRUTH TOLD The real story is always the most significant story you can share with your customers. Embrace it. And More… make sure everything you DO proves that story. It is our behaviours that really tell our truth. Do your behaviours match the story you’re telling? Marketing is a Truth that Every Part of your Business is Telling, With or Without YOU. So, why not make that TRUTH great! Your Truth... and Your Marketing becomes Great when others Share It! Because that means they believe you and in you. And they want to spread the word about you and what you do. Great Marketing is your Truth SHARED.

5. YOUR CUSTOMER IS YOUR BEST TEACHER Find them first and then start listening. When you truly listen to your customer, they will whisper to you, the secret to reaching them best. They’ll like, love, comment, sign up and buy when you really connect with them. And, they’ll be silent when you’re not. Don’t get frustrated when they’re silent. Know that you’ve discovered something not to repeat and move on. Never stop listening!


ESTÂ 2018

SELF STARTER MAGAZINE According to the dictionary, a Self Starter is: A Dynamo, A Fireball, A Go-Getter, A Spark-Plug, Sharp, Active, Ambitious and an overall awfully exciting person to be with! Let`s become Self Starters; learn to shine brightly as new business owners and in turn, help others become one too. Thank You For Taking The Time And I Hope You Enjoyed My New Magazine.


Self starter magazine january 2018  

Have you always had the desire to become a Self Starter but didn`t know where to begin? Then this magazine is for you, it`s full to the brim...

Self starter magazine january 2018  

Have you always had the desire to become a Self Starter but didn`t know where to begin? Then this magazine is for you, it`s full to the brim...