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* finola howard`s Marketing magic * Stop putting sticks in your own wheels * Not 1, Not 2, but 3! Siobhan Fitzpatrick`s intriguing story

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Publisher & Editor-In-Chief Kajsa Kinsella Arklow County Wicklow Ireland

Aideen Schweppe

Susi Lodola

Siobhan Fitzpatrick


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Isabelle Gaborit

Onwards & Upwards!

Editor`s Welcome

BY KAJSA KINSELLA Hi Everyone & All. GREAT things are happening here at Self Starter HQ! We are building a brand new and modern website for you all to interact with and before long, it`s going live so make sure to check in on As it happens, we had so much more inspirational business content that we wanted to share with you than we could possibly fit in the magazine, plus reviews of the very best of Irish, so we contacted web-maestro Teri Morris of Impulse Hub - - who is helping us create the very best for you with a professional and effective hand. Exciting times. This month, Claire Gallagher teaches you how to find and pick the best images for your website, without having the police knocking on your door! Also, we know you`re super busy, but don`t forget to ea. Try our mouthwatering and light lunch it`s made in next to no time at all. We recently joined forces with the superbly talented business mentor Finola Howard of How Great Marketing Works, as we decided to take part in her online course and learn how to market the magazine and what it stands for properly once and for all. Over the next few months, we will turn us into marketing experts for Self Starter Magazine, and you get to come along too! The course offers so much more than we can explain, so have a look on her website and see for yourself, we know you will love it. Read about step two in this issue. Make sure to submit your entry in our exciting new competition-Grab Yourself A Mentor. Win a 30-minute consultation with one of our three experts to get feedback, advice or simply to brainstorm. Let`s welcome our new columnist Éadaoin Curtin of Firechild Photography. She is a true powerhouse and will set you straight when it comes to all things that concern branding and the "look" of your business. P1

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For You This Month

P 7. Multiple entrepreneur and

P 14. Éadaoin Curtin of Firechild

P 22. The Cream Of The Crop,

networking mogul Siobhan

Photography is new to our team,

showcasing Ireland`s best

Fitzpatrick tells her intriguing

and will set you straight in terms

produce, design and


of branding.


P 11. Feeling the slump of the

P 16. Finally Lunchtime!

P 24.Finding your ideal

long, hot summer-well, it`s

Quick, healthy and simply

customers, not as easy as it

time to kick your business into

delicious-this pan-seared cod with

sounds, but it has to be done.

gear again and our resident

pesto, cherry tomato is sooo

Wendy Merrigan will guide

business coach Lynsey Hanratty


you through it.

is here to help.

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For You This Month

P 27.Looking after yourself is THE

P 34. When in need of a snack,

P 42. Be in with the chance of

most important thing for the

grab a handful of healthy

winning a 30 minute

longevity of your business and

cinnamon Granola-Yum!

consultation with one of our

Susi Lodola will show you how.

Made quickly and SO delicious.

three experts.

P 31. Fire and Flames-French

P 37. Pick the best images for

P 44. What`s happening in

artist Isabelle Gaborit has

your brand. Website strategy

Ireland in August! Find the

found her true calling in life.

expert Claire Gallagher is here

most interesting and exciting

to help.

events in your neighbourhood.

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More often than not, our upbringing shapes the way our career paths turn out. The people we surround ourselves with; the ones we look up to and listen to, instill their work ethos, their drive and innovativeness in us from a very young age, and although Siobhan Fitzpatrick originally had no interest in business, it was to become her whole life. We`re meeting on a sunny afternoon in Bray, at a restaurant with stunning views out, towards the ocean. I`m running a little late, due to not finding a parking space and as I half stumble in a hurry to our table, Siobhan is in her element; she is on the phone, taking notes and writing a text at the same time...this girl does not waste any time being unproductive and who could blame her; when you run not one, not two but three businesses at the one and the same time, you could be forgiven for seeing the benefit of multitasking! Although having come from an entrepreneurial family in Ireland, funnily enough, Siobhan, at the time of her leaving cert, had absolutely no wish to join in the race, and so she left school with no clear direction, and her poor parents exasperated...

P 07


After a short stint in admin, which didn`t suit her lively soul, Siobhan occupied herself with business studies whilst the, at the time, incredibly modern DOS system, was introduced on the market and she was quick to see the benefit of being able to work on a computer, something she was very fascinated by and, she could already then see the potential in this digital machine. Once finished with her studies, it was not long before Siobhan paved her own path, and one thing she discovered whilst doing some promotional work at a young age, was that she above all loved interacting with people; working with; working alongside and working for: people. The surge of joy and energy she felt when connecting and networking was indescribable and it was to become the very thing that shaped her entire career. Before long, Siobhan`s eyes were cast upon the Big Apple across the seas, and the possibilities of New York and America were calling her from afar. and after having found her feet, she landed herself the much enviable position of events manager for Downs Syndrome Society and later on as the same for Master Card positions which allowed her to utilize her strong creativity and people management and oh, the events she organized, and the things she learned, and the connections she made, many of which she still very much enjoys today. After a few wonderfully energetic and incredibly intense years of traveling all across the globe multiple times, Siobhan somehow found herself falling out of love with the hectic life which she led. She found herself no longer being able to add value and strongly felt the necessity to slow things down a little, beginning with seeking a placement closer to home. After a lot of soulsearching and re-evaluating of herself and life, she set sail towards the shores of the UK where she took up employment with a global financial services company. This was a place where she truly felt at home, and the four months she had originally planned to stay, whoops, became four years! Self-employment was at this stage naturally in the cards for Siobhan and her love for people paved the way for Catseye Coaching, a business and career transition agency where she dedicates her work to make her clients find their true path and fall in love with Mondays again. It is a place where you truly will learn what you are for, who you are for and the professional path that is best suited to , you guessed it, you! As Siobhan says, life is too short to be unhappy each and every day with what you do, each and every day.

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"BEING SURROUNDED BY LIKE-MINDED AND ENTHUSIASTIC PEOPLE IS MY ENERGY, MY OXYGEN AND I`M VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE LOVE THE MONDAYS AGAIN." Driven and ambitious, Siobhan was not content with running only one business, so, she developed another one. I the UK, as a newbie to the scene, networking had become her lifeline and battery charger. It came naturally to her to seek the company of various groups for women in business. One, in particular, which stood out was WIBN (Women In Business Network). Its organization, effectivity and concept of providing value for money suited Siobhan down to a T. They joined forces, and Siobhan became the representative of the island of Ireland. Since the launch in January of 2016, she has established 13 groups with 160 members in seven counties. Not bad for a girl who had no interest in running a business what so ever!

Thank you, Siobhan, for letting me into your life, your memories and your hopes for the future. I`m so impressed by your endless positivity and enthusiasm! Your kindness and never fading energy helps recharge so many empty batteries and I know that you have brought and will bring out the very best is so many people. Look after yourself and all the very best.

Remember I mentioned that there was a third business-well, great things are on the horizon for Siobhan. Her natural ability for adding value to the people she works with has brought her to embark on yet another exciting endeavor. This coming September, on the, at the Carlton Dublin Airport Hotel, you will experience a networking conference without comparison. The core mission of the gathering is for you, the participant to come away with an invaluable amount of advice and knowledge about what networking can and will do for your business. You will gain information which you can apply immediately with great effect. The line up of speakers is critically selected to offer the very best of value; to give you as part-taker exclusive information on how to elevate your business through the medium of networking. With the help of both national and international speakers such as pitch coach Catherine Moonan, professional profiler Joseph McGuire and keynote speaker Joanne O`Riordan, you will enjoy a day of the enriching company of like-minded people, entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level, just like you are. P 09

Business Coaching

How do you show up in your business?

By Lynsey Hanratty

So many entrepreneurs think they have to be able to do everything in their business. But focusing on the one or two things you’re good at means you turn up in your business ‘zone of genius’. This zone is where you combine your top talents and strengths with your purpose – it’s incredibly powerful when you are fully committed to it. When you work in this ‘zone’ in your business, the results are truly amazing. The way you run your business can mean the difference between thriving and surviving. If you have a business that’s not making money, you just have an expensive hobby. So how DO you show up in your business? What revamp can you make this month when all routines are out the window and summer has come to an end? What plans can you make to get ready to ramp up for the last third of the year – that productive month of September, when routines get back to normal, the kids are back in school, and businesses come out of the summer months more focused than ever. Showing up means following simple, consistent strategies, I say they’re simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy!

P 10

Lynsey Hanratty worked in the wellness arena as a neuromuscular and physical therapist for over 4 years before moving into coaching to fulfill her ambition to help wellness professionals realize their potential and use their gifts and talents to have their own successful businesses. She does this by way of one to one business coaching as well as speaking at various events. If you would like to avail of Lynsey’s 30-minute complimentary Profit Roadmap session to work on retaining and attracting clients and build your wellness business, you can contact her at or call her on 086 3569689.




Business Coaching

Making simple steps a habit is vital to the health of your business, so trying some of these tips could make a big difference: 1. focused! Get business

Make sure you have a strategy for how to make your business goals work and work them backwards to the current day. Start with the end in mind. How many clients do you want in the next 6 months? What impact will that have on your life? What can you do every day to help others? Where are your next clients coming from and how do you attract them?

2. Get Laser Focused! Showing up every day in your business means knowing how many clients you need to have to make a profit every month. Making plans without focusing on the numbers means you have no clear idea where the money is coming from, and how to make more of it. Have your profit board on your wall so you can see every day what the numbers are and how you can improve them.

3. Know your FLOW! That zone of genius you have needs to come through in your business, so know where to find it! Identify where you are happiest in your business – do you like being front of house or behind the scenes, meeting people or writing in peace and quiet, do you prefer creating or planning? Where does time fly for you in your business, where you are working on something and suddenly 3 hours have gone by without you even noticing. That’s FLOW.

4. Get uncomfortable!

Why do you put the important things off in your business? What part of the business process do you need to get better at? What do you stop doing after a while when you know deep down it’s the very thing that will bring in the money in the long run? Stretching your comfort zone will help you turn up better each day in your business.


Showing up in your business means working on it every day. If you’re half-hearted about aspects of your business, you won’t make it work as a whole. So get uncomfortable, make those sales calls, talk to people about your business, offer to do a speaking gig at a local event, whatever it takes to promote your business and get the clients you want. 50% commitment will equal a struggling business, 100% commitment will equal a successful business.

6. Value your time! Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter – focus on getting clients today, getting clients tomorrow, and then everything else. The ‘everything else’ pile is the social media, the accounts, the marketing strategy etc. The first two things on the at list are crucial, to the health of your business - everything else is a ‘nice to have.’ 5,000 worldwide followers on Instagram is a nice to have, but a talk at a local event could get you in front of your ideal client and convert to sales.

It can be a struggle some days to get motivated, to keep going after a knockback when you thought everything was going well in your business, to stay positive. But the great thing about business is that every day is a new day, and with that comes new opportunities and possibilities, and we get the chance to do it all over again. How you turn up every day in your business is how you utilize those opportunities and make those new connections – who knows where it will take you?

"How you do anything is how you do everything" – T. Harv Eker P 11



What am I meant to do? Let`s figure out what we really and truly want from our lives. By Kajsa Kinsella

I have a feeling that I`m far from the only one here who has "started" lots of different businesses (thankfully most of them only in my head). The pure excitement of planning, dreaming, figuring out, working towards and actually putting the necessary steps into place to start a new business is not comparable to anything else I have ever felt. It is all consuming and SO intoxicating. ...and costly and time-consuming, embarrassing and disappointing when you change your mind or it fails... If I had had the courage to truly sit down and figure out who I am and what I`m most suited for, I could have saved myself a lot of blood, sweat and tearsand money too! Today, we`ll find out which path is the best suited to us. Which type of business fits our personality, our location and our bank accounts. Hopefully, this exercise will set you on a more direct path than the one I had to endure.

P 12


"To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are." *Make a list of your natural abilities* This can be absolutely anything-great at washing the car, can make people feel at ease, can bake a damn good apple tart or can tell 20 jokes in a minute. Whatever it is, write it down even though it might not seem "career" related just yet. *Make a list of your natural interests* Concentrate and find out what your true, instinctive interests are, the things or events you are drawn to. Whom do you follow on Social Media and why, what do you read, are you drawn to technical things, to psychology, to spiritual or maybe to musical. All the things you put down, however small, are part of the bigger picture. *Merge the previous two* To create a business or career, you need to have four things present at all times: dedication, drive, interest, and ability and if you are lacking in any of those, it`s quite likely that your next business idea the way you would like to. Build it on what you now know: What you want to do, how well you can do it and how to create a business out of the two. *Be happy with you* It`s truly and wholeheartedly not worth it, living your life as someone you do not wish to be, doing things you don`t wish to do. It really is not worth it in the long run. Figure out who you truly are, honour the instincts of that person and create a path towards living and working as a happy, creative, productive and successful business owner.


"Be brave, Be Silly, Be Adventurous, Be Kind,Be Free, Be Your Own Magic"

When things are tough, remind yourself of this: *When you are old and finished with all this wonderous business-ing, what do you wish to feel when you think back on your life. It is better to be honest with yourself now, than pushing through a long life of hard work and unsatisfied emotions. Although it has been said so many times before, you do know that you only have one life and YOU are the one living it, make sure it serves you well... * Living a life that suits you and your personality. Confident and excited about every new day, that is where you should be headed. Only if you take the time to get to know yourself will you succeed and the more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you will get there. P 13

Branding Feature

Who Am I?


Branding Feature

Does your visual brand make an instant impact?

That photo that you see of me, the one I use on every single social media profile, every article I write, my website, my banner – that’s the photo I’ve been using for almost three years to promote my business. People recognize me by it, or they use to (apparently business or aging, hasn’t been good for my eyes or my greys!) But I realized something recently – I’m not walking my walk. Or maybe it wasn’t time for me to walk my walk just yet. But that photo, as well as it’s served me, is soon to go into retirement. You see, I’ve hired a photographer. I’ve gone through the process; I’ve had the conversations; I’ve hired an incredible photographer who I can’t wait to work with. We’re totally aligned, we feel so similarly about our work and although I know her work will fit really well with my own, she has a very distinctive visual voice that I’m excited to collaborate with. But, this is bringing up all sorts of everything. Now I really know how my clients feel! Now I know what they go through in the weeks coming up to their shoot. Now I know that mix of panic and excitement that comes with knowing that you’re about to take your brand, and business, to the next level! Fears. Is my brand fully formed? Do I look ok? Where did all these extra pounds come from? Do I look professional enough? Will people judge me? What will happen when I open myself up to more interaction, more eye contact, with my potential clients? I can rationalize every single one of those fears, of course, my brand is not fully formed, it’s the beautiful process of evolution that I’m so proud of (and as I look back at work I’ve done in previous years on my brand, I can see that my core values have never changed, despite the changes my business and service have gone through) Do I look ok? Ok for whom? That is a question I have to figure out all on my own.

Contact Eadaoin to bring out the best in you!

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P 16

Lunch Time!




"There is no love more sincere, than the love of food" You`d think that me being from Sweden I "should" naturally love fish, but I was very late at discovering the culinary delights of our oceans. Nowadays, as I have found how truly delicious they are, they are on my plate more often than not! /Kajsa, Editor-In-Chief

Directions & Ingredients-Time 20 Minutes 1.5 Lbs of Fresh Cod A Handful of Fresh Basil A Handful of Cherry Tomatoes 1Tblsp. Green Pesto 0.5 Tsp. Lemon Juice 2 Cloves of Garlic Salt & Pepper Olive Oil For Frying A Splash of White Wine Sour Dough Bread Add some oil to a non-stick pan and gently fry your fish, seasoned with salt and pepper. Freshly ground is best. Make sure to turn your fish, as it can stick to the pan. Slice your cherry-tomatoes in half and add to the pan, along with crushed garlic and a splash of white wine and the lemon juice. Let it all get soft and deliciously flavoursome, then gently spread on some green pesto. Last but not least, sprinkle on the fresh basil. Serve with a thick slice of toasted sourdough bread-YUM!! P 17



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Use Your Hashtags! Whether you are starting out in business or is a seasoned entrepreneur, don`t forget to use #Hashtags on all your posts and images.#Hashtags categorize all your posts on the internet and lets people find them so much more effectively.


Social Media

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COOLORS is the coolest thing since sliced bread! Play around and create combinations of colour for all your internet work. Free on the net, the app costs € 0.90. Great programme.

INVOICE & ESTIMATE On The Go. It`s a simple, easy and fast invoicing system. Try the free version-it will let you send professional looking invoices to your customers. Find it in your app store

ASANA lets you connect with up to 15 team members, coordinate your work to keep up with efficiency and deadlines.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS allows you to check your key metrics and real-time data any where and every where. Monitor your business on the go. Find it in your app store.

"MAKING MONEY IS A HOBBY WHICH WILL COMPLEMENT ALL YOUR OTHER HOBBIES JUST BEAUTIFULLY!" There are SO many excellent free programs, platforms, and apps on the net for business owners, which are just as efficient as the paid ones. You`d be mad not to at least try those out before the ones that charge, but always be careful when downloading anything from the internet. P 19


It`s a worry... Silencing your own head, when all it wants to do is worry is not easy. By Kajsa Kinsella

Let me tell you, worry is nothing but a killer! It stands firmly in the way of absolutely everything. Like a freshly sharpened knife being plunged in the stomach, it cuts you, claims it`s space and often the grip is so tight, you are close to giving up on even trying to get rid of it or conquer it... Often firmly wrapped up in the anguish of "What if`s"and "What is not`s", we tend to forget is that the action of worrying changes absolutely nothing. It can`t, because worrying is a completely and utterly non-productive state of emotions. P 20

No decision or forward action could or should be taken as a result of worrying. Your heart and brain are in chaos, it can`t help you in the way you need it to and trust me, you don`t want to have to look back on neither private nor business decisions having been taken during times of worry, which will cause you even more-you have guessed itworry! So let`see if we can turn this demon into action rather than reaction. NOMADIC | 24


"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of all its troubles, but, today of all its strength." Plan a specific time to think about what worries you,time alone to reflect.

Set a definite time-limit on your "worry-time". Decide how many minutes and stick to it.

Limit your choices/possible outcomes. With less "worry", you will reach a decision sooner.

Let go of perfection and allow yourself to make mistakes. Nobody`s ride is smooth, trust me.

Write it down-often, it`s hard to talk to a person about it, so write it down, and you will feel as if you told someone.

Stay here, stay present and focused. Nothing gets done in "What If"-Land.

P 21

The Very Best Of Irish

k c i P s ` r o t i d The Cream Of The E Crop

Roy Humphreys Woodturner Chupi Jewellery Wow, this ring is incredibly beautiful, I have to tell my husband that I need it now! Seeing how delicately the feather wraps around your finger is pure delight. I Can Fly-Swan Feather Ring €: 139.00 /

Sally Caulwell

This gorgeous A2 size print is made by talented artist Sally Caulwell. We`re in love! Burren Botanicals €: 85.00

P 22

Handmade in the historic county of Leitrim, Roy has an eye for both beauty and class. €: 20.00

29 Bride Street The perfect companion for your favourite house plant, these fabric pot holders are lovingly handmade in Dublin by Liz and Monica. From: €: 18.50

The Very Best Of Irish

Achill Island Sea Salt

The Sauce Guy

Harvested from the ancient shores of Achill Island, these crumbles of flaky salt are a divine addition to any meal. 75g. €: 3.75 Cuinneog

Jamie Parker, native of New Zealand has brought his passion for food to our Irish tables. Simply delicious! Gift Pack €: 10.00 First class butter with a truly homemade taste is nothing but luscious and this family-business produces only the best of dairy. Stocked by Dunnes, Supervalu, Tesco €: See in store

Oh, Naturelle Made only in small batches in Ireland, this mouthwatering dairy and soya free delight is also vegan-friendly and packed full of flavour. Stocked by Supervalu €: See in store

Ballyhoura Mushrooms Delicious Cep/Porcini mushrooms, dried and milled into an ultrafine dust, is the perfect addition to any homecooked meal-Yum! 40g. € 5.60

P 23

Financial Feature



When a business has been around for more than a year, the owners start to see where things go right and where they could go wrong. I'm a massive advocate of taking time to assess which jobs made you money and which didn't, so we can learn and grow from any mistakes. You can do this even if your business is less than a year old. Look at each job you do. In the past, I have written about recording your time (especially for any service company) see the March issue for a recap on this. Without reviewing what jobs have been monetarily successful or not, it may be the case that you keep going, without reflection and incur further losses on jobs. Taking the time out to evaluate where you are at (every month at least) is a great way to ensure your new venture works on its successes and learns what it can from the 'learning experiences' (I don't like the 'failure' word). Take stock and learn what you can from every challenge you face.

Financial Feature

SO,WHAT WORKS? The first step is to be focused and mindful enough to slow things down on a regular basis. Take the time out to review the past few jobs you have done and be honest with yourself about what worked and what didn't. Facing this truth is not about bashing yourself. Stay focused on the learning opportunity only. Ask yourself some of the following questions: (Writing these out manually can be a great way to really absorb the information) *When I compare a good and 'bad' job, what are the striking differences between both? *What worked really well that I made more money than normal this month? *What upset me about that work? *Why did I enjoy that project? *Was it a personality that I got along well with? *What had I in common with that customer/client? *What did I charge for that project? *How quickly did that job turnaround?

LEARN TO SAY NO We are all aware of how hard it is to say no to a new job. The key is to learn which jobs you will take on going forward and which ones you will say no to. It can be hard at first and definitely takes practice. You may feel you are losing out. You are not. You are being more strategic about your business than most people are, so be happy about this. Perhaps you can find a business to collaborate with. They may provide services that you don't and you may find you can work well together from a referral point of view. No two businesses are ever the same. Even if they look like they provide the same services, it's my experience that they usually have an individual focus that will always differ (either slightly or a lot). Most importantly, saying no frees you up to work with ideal clients. If you're busy with less than ideal clients, how can you work on getting more of the 'good clients' you want to work with?


When things start to get a little busy and as the sales come rolling in, you may find you have various opportunities. If you are in a good space, you may find you actually have too many opportunities. This can feel overwhelming and confusing. Being really clear about your mission, whom you want to work with and what opportunities you are interested in, means that when people approach you about new opportunities, you already have an idea of what you want and what you don't want. Many business owners, unfortunately, fall prey to other people's agendas. They end up servicing companies or people they never set out to. They can also end up not making as much money as they had thought. By doing 'ideal client' work very consciously, this keeps you focused on 'YOUR' end game. What you are trying to achieve with your business or through your business, is THE most important thing to remember. Yes, it's easy to fall off track. When you do, regroup and take time out again to review what's working and what's not. Everyone will have opinions on what you should do in your business, be sure to listen to the voice inside your own head first. Wendy Merrigan is a Chartered Accountant with a practice in Dublin. She enjoys working with business owners setting financial goals, targets and putting action plans together the insure targets are reached. If you wish to talk to Wendy or attend one of her workshops, email and set up a call or meeting. P 25

"Keep Your Head Clear, Your Chin Up And Your Heart Strong"

Wellness Feature

"Learning to look after yourself" By Susi Lodola


my name is Susi Lodola and I came to Ireland 25 years ago. I am originally from Vienna, Austria but I left my home when I was 18 years old to work as a hotel receptionist in Germany, where I also met my Irish husband. After working in Germany and Austria in the hotel industry, we moved to South Africa where we lived for 8 years and two of our children were born. I started out in the hotel and tourism industry, as this seemed to be a logical step to follow as my parents owned a restaurant

I then started another business which was bringing tourists from Germany and Austria to South Africa and I successfully operated until we left South Africa to move to Ireland. After our third child was born in Ireland I decided to stay at home with the children but continued to try and establish a small business during that time. I baked cakes for the local Super Value, made dessert for an Italian restaurant and I even sold dried flower arrangements at Blackrock Market!

in Vienna. My first move into selfemployment was when I was 24 and we opened a restaurant in South Africa. That did not end up very well. We knew nothing about market research or how to choose your location, and despite our best efforts we had to close the restaurant after one year. NOMADIC



P 27

Wellness Feature

"Stop putting sticks in your own wheels and get out there"

As the years went by I gained more and more weight and looking back at it now, it was all about not taking time out for myself and putting all my effort into my family. I think that is the case with a lot of women and men, when you decide to make looking after your family your main job. Many stop looking after themselves but really at the end of the day you are no good to anyone if you are feeling low, tired and have no energy. You lose all self-confidence and sometimes it gets really hard to find a way out of it. Underneath it all, I think there was also a bit of missing the work environment outside the home and interacting with other people, and food was the go-to for comfort and relieving stress. When my youngest child was almost finished in secondary school, I wanted to get back into the workforce, but having been at home for so many years it would have been difficult to get work, so I decided to go back to college aged 46. I was really terrified as I thought they probably will send me home by the end of the first semester as I won’t be able to keep up with the studying. As it turned out, I studied for 8 years, studying psychology and then psychotherapy and I am now in my last year of a masters in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. I started my business in December 2016 and opened my own clinic in Dublin, as a Psychologist/Psychotherapist. I offer counselling to adults and teens as well as give talks on mental health issues in schools and companies. In addition, I have developed a weight loss programme that is based on helping people get their mindset right and follow a healthy nutritional plan. This programme came about based on my own experience of weight loss. I have struggled most of my life with weight and at age 52, I decided it’s time to try one last time to get healthy and lose weight. I was no different to many women that come and see me to help them lose weight, as many get to a stage in their life when they think “what’s the point now, I have tried everything and now I don’t care anymore, I’m too old”. I was no different, but I thought I will try one more time. I followed healthy nutrition without any gimmicks, just good healthy wholesome food and cut out sugar and reduced starchy carbohydrates. It was the plan that worked for me and I lost almost 7 stone over a period of one and a half years. The difference this time around for me was working on my mindset which I have learned during my studies in psychology. If your mind is not right then it is very difficult to maintain the changes you are making, whether that’s changing your lifestyle or working in your business. As there are natural ups and downs on any journey and you need to be equipped to handle those downs. It is very easy to give up at the first hurdle and many people often self-sabotage their best efforts for a variety of reasons. So how do you go about learning to look after yourself and stop putting sticks in your own wheel?

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6 points that will put you on the right road to succeed in whatever you want to achieve: 1) ACKNOWLEDGE that you are in your own way and

2) NOTE the thoughts that enter

sabotaging yourself. Self-employed people are

your mind and write them down.

particularly blind to the fact they do this. Reflect on

Are you having self-damaging

goals you have set yourself in the past, in business or

thoughts? It could be: “I’m no good

personal life, and see how you have gotten on with

at..., so what’s the point”, or if you

them. Is there a trend that you start something and

are trying to lose weight:“I am so

don’t finish? A new project in work or changing your

tired/stressed, I need some

diet are the most common situation when people

chocolate and will start again on

tend to put sticks in their wheels.


3) REPHRASE those unhelpful sentences/thoughts in your head as they all lead to behaviour. That is a fact. You will do and act on whatever you are thinking. You are in charge of your thoughts. Furthermore, thoughts are just thoughts they are not facts.

5) ALWAYS review how you are getting on. What small action goals have you managed to complete in the week? Acknowledge it to yourself and give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Positive reinforcement will keep you doing it again the following week and before you know it you have establish new habits that will help you achieve your goals.

Wellness Feature

4) MAKE an action plan based on your rephrased thoughts. Set goals that are actions rather than outcomes. Instead of saying I want 5 sales appointments next week, make your goal, to phone just one potential client every morning. That way you will slowly build your confidence and in not time making those calls will seem a lot easier.

6) FINALLY – stop worrying. Worrying about our past does not change it. Worrying about our future is not necessary as we cannot predict our future. It can limit you in achieving your dreams and it becomes an excuse not to take action.

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My name is Isabelle Gaborit and I am an encaustic artist. In my studio located on the scenic shores of Lough Derg, I have rekindled the ancient painting process of Encaustics, an immediate and tactile painting method using molten pigmented beeswax manipulated by fire. I call it Firepainting. I was born and raised by the seaside in France and reached the shores of Ireland 25 years ago. I formally trained as an artist and got my fine arts degree in 2006, and carried on exhibiting my work in various galleries around Ireland and internationally, yet there was something missing. I had not found my flow, my purpose. In 2013, in the least creative phase of my life I decided to take the pledge to go in my studio every day for 40 days and produce a piecework a day, without judgment, without interpretation.

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Fire & Flames On day 30, I discovered encaustic painting. I needed to fix a bit of card unto my board, saw the beeswax on my shelves, melted it. My world changed that day. I was like a woman possessed, mind body and soul trapped in the lavish layers of beeswax and pigment, seduced by the sensuality of the encaustic process. Once you start applying heat and fire unto the molten pigmented encaustic medium, anything can happen and you can watch the painting change and transform in front of your very eyes... a true wonder to behold. I had found my passion, my Fire and I felt alive. Since then, my business has grown literally like wild fire. I myself built my own encaustic studio and have been facilitating encaustic painting workshops around Ireland since then. This year, I have created a you tube channel and do weekly live demonstration on FB where I demonstrate encaustic techniques with live Q&A.

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" I was like a woman possessed, mind body and soul trapped in the lavish layers of beeswax and pigment, seduced by the sensuality of the encaustic process."

In my ‘Wild Fire & Wax" studio located on the scenic shores of Lough Derg, County Clare, I have rekindled the ancient, sensual and tactile painting process of Encaustics. Encaustic is an ancient medium used as early as 300 AD, in Ancient Egypt, to create paintings and sculptures such as the Fayum mummy portraits, involving pure natural beeswax melted with Damar resin, to which natural pigments have been added. This process hardens and adds transparency, vibrancy and luster to the artwork. My creative process which I coined as ‘Firepainting’ involves the application of the semi-transparent layers of pigmented beeswax by blow-torch. I have an extensive and active knowledge in facilitating art workshops, gained from over 20 years experience and I organized projects through the Arts Council and have worked within the school system as an art teacher. Over the last few years, I`ve specialized my artistic practice in Encaustic painting and am experienced in conducting group workshops and demonstrations on demand in my lovely studio and all over Ireland for art enthusiasts, for absolute beginners and developing artists alike, wanting to discover a new versatile painting process. You can find me on Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: See also her Youtube channel where you can follow her wonderful P 3 33 work. P 3


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"For when you need a small, healthy snack"

Homemade Cinnamon & Honey Granola You Will Need: Unsalted Nuts-Peanuts, Cashews, Hazel, Brazil, Pecan, Walnuts, Almonds etc Mixed Seeds-Sesame, Pumpkin, Pine Nuts, Linseed, Sunflower etc Raisins Oat Flakes Honey Ground Cinnamon

Try adding some desiccated coconut for that extra kick. I LOVE recipes without specific measures because it means you really can`t go wrong (or at least that`s what I tell myself)! Place a mixture of nuts, seeds, oatflakes and raisins in a bowl. fill is halfway up with your mixture. If the nuts are too large, like the Brazil nuts, you might want to chop them in smaller pieces. Add a just little bit of honey. To half a bowl of Granola, I added one teaspoon-only enough to make the cinnamon stick to the nuts. Sprinkle on some ground cinnamon, a teaspoon will do-the fragrance alone will make your mouth water! Mix everything well and add more cinnamon if you like. Spread the Granola flat on greaseproof paper and roast in the oven at 180 degrees Celcius for 10-15 minutes. It burns quite easily, as I found out, so keep checking it. Let the Granola cool fully then separate the pieces and pop it in a small container for when you feel peckish at work!

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Website Coaching

How to find great images for your website, for free! By Claire Gallagher

When you’re getting set up online with a website and social media platforms, you quickly realize that you need to have a bank of images and graphics to hand. A good image on your site can grab attention, encourage sharing, communicate concepts. A consistent image style will strengthen your brand recognition and support all the efforts you put in to being visible and memorable.…. so you wanna’ get it right. While it would be ideal to work with a photographer to have images that are truly unique, sometimes that’s not a possibility. In this article, I want to tell you about how to get a strong consistent image bank for free.

"I offer my clients a clear path to getting more clients and money using their website to its full potential."

The key to all this is to have your style tie together! Stay close to your original ideas and your business will look consistent and have a strong online identity. I’ve created a special resource to accompany this article. Email me at to get your image style template.

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Website Coaching


Step 1. Define your style Create a simple image style guide. An image style guide is simply a set of rules and guidelines to help you stay consistent It really is the secret sauce to getting a professional consistent look for your online identity. It’s important to gather images that work together. If you just grab images randomly as you need them your style can look a bit scattered and inconsistent.

Step 2. List the images you need Consider your content and the purpose your images will serve. Websites need lots of images. Your homepage, your social media posts, your promotions, freebies, ebooks, presentations, services pages. Once you’ve gathered a collection of images, you simply dip into your images file when you need to. This will save you an unbelievable amount of time as you develop your online presence. Make a list of all the places you’ll be using images and consider what concepts you want to communicate. What do you need to show in these images? Places? People? Concepts? Write out a list of words and phrases that you’ll use to search in image libraries.

Step 3. Gather collections of images

Where to find free photographs. So, where to get your paws on some free pics! There are thousands of sites online where you can get images for free. Gathering images is time-consuming, very time-consuming! I recommend referring to my trusted favorites to save time. Pexels and Unsplash are my go-to libraries. I use both of these sources regularly. You can use the images 100% free and you don’t have to include a photographer credit if you don’t want to. There is a really wide range of photographs to choose from. Simply visit the site and search! The files are available to download and are completely free, with no photo credit required. You can even choose the specific size you need which is very handy when grabbing images for your site. Be careful: there are rather a lot of cheesy stock-style images in there as well as good images, so be sure to refer back to your style guide. Unsplash has a beautiful selection of images which are also available to download completely free, and with no credit required. Unsplash has a certain editorial style which sets it apart from the other free image libraries out there. Be careful: Because the images are free and high-quality, they are widely used across the web. Try to avoid images that are used by your direct competitors. Also, when you download images they are in very high resolution. If you add them directly to your site at full size they may cause your site to load slowly. P 38

How to choose consistent, professional looking images for your website (without accidentally breaking the law).

Website Coaching

1.Be real Learn to recognize stock style images. Stock style images often feature people smiling broadly against a white background. While its OK to use "posed" images, try to avoid studio shots, opting instead for real backgrounds and natural lighting. Realistic images tell a story, feel more genuine and give a richer feeling to your site. 2. Stay up to date Avoid outdated image styles. Free image libraries have vast quantities of images! Sometimes an old-fashioned image will still come up on your image searches. Be aware of overused stock images that appear all over the web! You’re trying to stand out, not look outdated! So if you find an image of scrabble pieces spelling out some business word, please, just don’t! 3. Be consistent Create an image style guide and USE IT! Define a set of characteristics for your images in your style guide and stick to them. Create a file that you can refer to easily or better still, gather all your images at the same time from the online portfolio of a photographer who has a style that matches yours. 4. Check the dimensions Make sure your images are the right size! Verify the size. Make sure the image is large enough for its purpose so that it doesn’t get pixelated or fuzzy on large screens. Check the image dimensions that your site needs and make sure you upload at the correct size. Also, if your images are downloaded at high quality, make sure they’re not too big! Large images can slow down your site. (You can quickly resize images at 5. Don’t steal Use online image libraries that state clearly that you can use the images. Using images from a Google image search is a frickin’ minefield! There is no way of knowing if the creator of the ORIGINAL image or people featured in the image have given distribution or reuse permission. If in doubt, don’t use it! REALLY! Just don’t! There are loads of properly free images out there, so don’t take that risk of being sued!

For a free consultation with Claire visit P 39

Marketing Magic

We Have Teamed Up!

The highly influential, experienced and superbly talented Marketing Strategist and Brand Builder Finola Howard of How Great Marketing Works and I have joined forces. This is THE place to go to become the master of your own marketing, a skill which will impact everything that has to do with your business. You will be trained and coached in getting to know yourself and your business inside out, back to front and front to back again; to think like a marketing strategist every step of your entrepreneurial path. The programme, which will challenge you to get to the top of your game by teaching you how to best utilize the power and passion you have as a self-starter and entrepreneur, is made up of 12 modules of bite-sized steps and easy to understand videos, practical worksheets and lots of help to keep you organized and on the right track. Each month, I will share my discoveries, my inspiration and my revelations with you all.

Don`t wait until you get too busy and forget about this again - sign up to Finola`s 14-day free trial TODAY and see how you can take charge of the future of both you and your business.

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Marketing Magic

Module 2 Each section is constructed in a very clear and simple to follow way with a video which includes easy to understand imagery. Finola is there to talk you through each step and the full text is inserted beneath, so you can refer back at any time. Sign up, make sure to print out your worksheets and we`re good to go!

* The second module is all about “Your Vision As Intention”-what you are, who you are for, who are you going to take with you on your journey, who are you looking to help with your business and how to ultimately get to where you want to go. Research your passions, your interests, what drives you and what does your gut instinct tell you to do. Honestly studying yourself, as if you were investigating another person, teaches you an invaluable amount about the past, present, and possible future and Finola`s exercises expect you to dig deep. This business of yours is to direct your life for quite some time, make sure it reflects who and what you are. *We will also define our actual or intended milestones and achievements. What do you need to obtain these goals, who`s expertise or help might you be in need of to win the battle? Make sure to add all the moments of success that you wish to achieve in your journey towards business success. In combination with the online course, Finola runs a very helpful private Facebook group only for members, where you practically have full access to Finola herself. She is on call to help, figure out, encourage and teach whenever you need her, and the support of established members is in my opinion, second to none. Sign up, you won`t regret it!

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Literary Feature

Sharon Thompson’s debut crime novel, ‘The Abandoned’ was published by Bloodhound Books UK on 25th June 2018. It launched at #1 Best-seller in Kindle Irish Crime Fiction. Sharon has signed for a further two crime novels and her other manuscripts are on submission, through her agent, Trace Literary Agency. Sharon lives in Donegal, Ireland and writes anything she can! She co-founded trending, tweet-chat #WritersWise and also started an exclusive, online writing group called On Sundays, her regular column Woman’s Words, is on the successful Donegal Woman website. Sharon’s #indulgeinbooks short-lists new book releases on the stylish woman’s online magazine She is also a regular guest writer on Ireland’s leading writing website Find Sharon on or @sharontwriter


"Behind a Closed Door" by Adele O`Neill Is anyone really safe? What if everything in your life was a lie? An emotionally tense story of love, loyalty, betrayal and revenge. DUBLIN – For the past two years Jill Ryan has tried to keep her darkest secrets deeply buried and remain relatively anonymous. Haunted by her tragic past and struggling to keep her life together, Jill soon realises that the last person she can trust is herself. KILKENNY – Only Heather Martin knows the lengths her husband will go to teach her a lesson and Heather has had enough. Faced with the impossible choice of saving herself or staying to care for her ailing father, Heather has a choice to make. But does she have what it takes to survive? Published by Aria P 42

"Donegal Table" by Brian McDermott Brian McDermott has built a national reputation as a chef on one simple belief – that tasty, healthy food based around traditional recipes and local produce is something every family can make and enjoy. As one of twelve children growing up in Burt in County Donegal, the focal point of the family was always his mother’s kitchen table, and that childhood memory of the family coming together and connecting over her home cooking continues to inspire Brian as he shares his own passion for food with others.

"Almost Love" by Louise O`Neill When Sarah falls for Matthew, she falls hard. So it doesn’t matter that he’s twenty years older. That he sees her only in secret. That, slowly but surely, she’s sacrificing everything else in her life to be with him. Sarah’s friends are worried. Her father can’t understand how she could allow herself to be used like this. And she’s on the verge of losing her job. But Sarah can’t help it. She is addicted to being desired by Matthew.

Whether it’s cooking freshly-caught mussels for the fishermen at Greencastle pier or sharing his skills with others at his cookery school.

And love is supposed to hurt. Isn’t it?

Published by O’Brien Press

Published by Riverrun



"I love learning. I have always thrown myself 100% into my studies and I suppose you could say I did the same at the university of life, and continue to do so!"


"Connecting with yourself is extremely important"

All Photo Credits: Firechild Photography Burn-out is a very real risk for entrepreneurs. We have an emotional attachment to our work, our clients and our purpose. Working yourself to the bone is all well and good if you truly believe in your business or idea and you’re investing time and energy into getting it up and running, but in the long run it’s counterproductive. Humans have an intrinsic ability to sense the energy of others. When your energy levels are low you emit a lower type of frequency and your interactions with others are impacted by this. Ever noticed how people are less enthusiastic about what you’re selling/offering when you feel drained? Investing in yourself, in self-care, time out to rest, recharge, recalibrate, will pay dividends in the end. It’s not indulgent, it’s a fundamental building-block of your life, as well as your business. If you want a solid foundation it is essential that you invest in self-care and personal development. I graduated from Dublin City University in 2003 with an honours degree in International Business with Languages and started my career in the Finance Industry. But as soon as I was earning a wage I started taking diploma courses in holistic therapies just for fun. It didn’t take long for me to get bored with the Finance world. My heart wasn't in it, it stifled my creativity and passion, I never felt valued enough, and a restricted number of holidays was always a sore point for me. P 44


Life’s too short! Plus, I love to travel, which supports my love of learning new languages, and 20 holiday-days a year was just not enough! Over the years I studied yoga and meditation and had the importance of nutrition and supplementation drummed into me by my Mum and my Grandmother from a very young age. A totally holistic approach to life, to health and wellbeing, has always been a natural way of life for me so I left the finance world to set up my own Health and Wellbeing business in 2007. In 2008 I studied Manual Lymph Drainage and achieved my qualification from the Vodder School in Austria. It wasn’t easy to get on the course, but I was determined to do it when a close family member developed Lymphoedema as a result of life-saving cancer treatment, and I soon proved my passion and natural capabilities to the school and passed with flying colours. I work with a variety of clients and see both sides of the spectrum daily - both health and sickness. In my MLD practice, each day presents new cases and challenges, from chronic sinusitis, skin conditions, pregnancy-related swelling, hormonal imbalance, sports-injuries, healing from cosmetic surgery to the more complex conditions like Lymphoedema, which is a common side-effect of cancer treatment. It’s not always a smooth road. It’s hard work and it can be difficult to switch off when you work for yourself. Working closely with clients who have been through a difficult illness and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it, it can be difficult to leave all those emotions at work, especially as an empath. If life has taught me anything it’s that you need to have some headspace, a healthy relationship with yourself and massive respect for your own needs before you can achieve anything else healthy in your life. Connecting with yourself is extremely important. When you are certain of your own values and goals it becomes easier to make decisions about your business, the direction it should take, which opportunities to jump at and which to pass over. Knowing your ‘why’ will keep you on track even when you are so busy you can barely think. Investing in self-care will give you the best foundation for building your business and the life you dream of. I practice what I preach and I draw on my experience in yoga coaching and meditation to help myself as well as my clients. If you would like to work with me on a 1:1 basis, avail of my services or collaborate on a project, check out my social media: or you can contact me on: 0851528969.

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Here are my top tips to help your body, spirit and mind, create a productive balance: 1) Healthy body, healthy mind. You can’t have one without the other. You really are what you eat, and what you think, and the words that you speak so choose wisely! 2) Self-care has become a bit of a buzzword, but it’s not a new concept. For me, it’s just about honouring and respecting yourself, your body, your mind, your energy, your emotions. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a deep breath, walking out of a room where the energy is toxic, or leaving a situation that drains your energy. You have to prioritize yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup! 3) Find your "Why". Then find the vehicle to help you create the life that you want. 4) You don’t have to go it alone. It’s easier when you have the support, encouragement, and guidance of other women in business and other entrepreneurs. Join networking groups, collaborate/work as part of a team, link in with experts who can help you and who understand your way of thinking. 5) Use affirmations daily! 6) Let go of the illusion of control and learn the art of surrender. If something is really not working ask yourself if you need to change it or if you need to let it go. Be honest with yourself. 7) At an event I attended recently Mickey Harte said that “leadership involves avoiding excessive highs and lows”. Celebrate your wins, but keep your feet on the ground with a regular practice that works for you, whether that is yoga, meditation, exercise etc. 8) Dream big! Visualise, affirm, get those goals on a vision board. 9) Never, ever ignore your gut feeling. I learned this the hard way. 10) Keep negativity at a distance and your dreams close to your heart. 11) Do you really deserve success and abundance though? If you wavered on that for even a split second I’d recommend delving into that a bit more. If you don’t have a solid belief in yourself you will crumble in challenging times instead of revelling in them and having the confidence to push through them. 12) Remember this - Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is carrying on despite the fear! 13) And finally, something a friend shared with me that has always stuck with me and guides all of my life choices: Never give up what you want most for what you want now.

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Liz Valloor, Author & Self Awareness Coach Elaine Denby-Allen, Entrepreneur, Mum, Business Owner

Sandra Losty, Solemniser,Wedding Planner & Over All Powerhouse

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Thank You! I hope you have enjoyed the magazine, that it has inspired you and given you a bit of a boost to start on your own path of entrepreneurship. My most sincere gratitude to this month`s contributors; Lynsey Hanratty, Wendy Merrigan, Sharon Thompson, Claire Gallagher, Éadaoin Curtin, Aideen Schweppe, Susi Lodola, Isabelle Gaborit & last but by no means least, the entrepreneurial powerhouse that she is, Siobhan Fitzpatrick

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