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At CoutureHospitalityConcept together with our international project and management teams, we have been instrumental in assisting private and institutional investors to develop, position and manage an exclusive portfolio of independent luxury hotels around the globe. It all started decades ago with my first operating company, Selected Hotels Promotion L.C. It has always been been our expressed desire not to surrender to standardisation, and so we focused on smaller independent luxury retreats. By thinking and acting without the constraints of a large chain, we were able to maximise the hotel's potential from planning and design to operating concepts that provide highly personalised guest services and unique experiences. The following pages are a celebration of what we have accomplished so far. Whilst I do take enormous pride in CHC’s evolution as a business, none of our success would have been possible without the support and endurance of my partners and our extraordinary clients whom I wish to thank profoundly.

Frank M. Pfa!er President | CEO

“ LUXURY IS ... where quality, creativity and rarity are combined. 'Deeper Luxury' means extreme care of the social and environmental consequences of what we do and how we do it. And especially in our hospitality industry,



WHAT WE DO We BUILD and EXTEND Brand Value Luxury brand owners know today that the value of a company, the ROI and the bottom line profitability is more than 50 percent dependent upon the value of their brand. But for a brand to have high value and be extensible to adjacent segments, it must first be based on a solid concept and a strategy that is flawlessly and relentlessly implemented. CHC is a lifestyle hospitality company that develops made-tomeasure concepts and manages and operates award winning hotels and private residential clubs. Through exclusive partnerships with visionary associates, dedicated leaders from the industry, CHC is dedicated to delivering the very best in service and design, Founded by President & CEO Frank M. Pfaller, CHC is a privately held company working in collaboration with international associates.



“ To cherish the classic hospitality tradition of excellence and to provide superior services to guests and owners.” Frank M. Pfaller

Frank M. Pfaller Biography

I recall with pleasure my very first assignment as GM in Kenya, East Africa at the leading safari resort ‘Blue Marlin Hotel’ then with 22 years of age. Four years later, I opened my first 5-Star hotel on the island of Fuerteventura, And five years later joined Sol Kerzer, whom I adore as my mentor, in South Africa as Managing Director, first for the Beverly Hills Hotel, thereafter the ultra luxury Maharani, in Durban, followed by Le Touessrok,Mauritius. I then founded my own firm, Selected Hotels Promotion L.C. and opened, positioned and managed a total of about 26 luxury hotels in more than 16 countries around the globe.

I’ve had the great pleasure and the privilege to open or manage some of the most enigmatic hotels around the globe, such as Le Touessrok, Mauritius; Le Guanahani, St. Barth; Las Dunas, Marbella; K-Club, Barbuda; St. James’s Club and Shanghai’s first urban resort for the government.


Q Tell us about how you got in :

to this wonderful Industry?

A Actually, by sheer coincidence: :

Born in Bavaria, Germany, I earned some money on the side as a skiing instructor during my schooling; decided to study sports and enjoy the good life - on the slopes in winter, and on the tennis courts in summer. Waiting tables during a summer holiday - again to refill the empty pockets - the restaurant owner encouraged me to try a career in the hospitality industry as he saw ‘…something’ in me - I guess he was not so wrong.

How would you describe the difference between a Boutique Hotel and, what you call, a Couture Hotel?

Above all it’s the feeling you get already when you walk into a Couture Hotel, where just everything is made-to-measure, tailor made, so to speak, as opposed to off-the-shelf. Surely ‘Boutique’ was invented by Ian Schrager and today it is over used as a term, especially by global players who are ‘uniformizing’ their much too large properties to suit their brand - how can a 1-200 keys hotels be even called ‘boutique’? And obviously, guest experience and services must be in line with the made-to-measure concept.

Q: Which exiting projects are you working on today?

Our CoutureHospitalityConcept partnership has been and continues to be instrumental in assisting private investors to develop, position and manage an exclusive portfolio of some of the finest hotels around the globe. As a one stop solution provider, from overall concept, architecture, branding, to pre-opening and management, it consists of some of the most established individuals in the hospitality industry.

We also have mandates to act as Owner's Representatives for various private hoteliers in Europe, South America and Asia. All of our present ongoing developments are small luxury CoutureRetreats small and personal is beautiful!

What advice would you give someone looking to work in the luxury lifestyle and Hospitality sector? Don’t try to do it my way! I never saw a hotel school from the inside - I’m totally self-trained and made! Try to get the very best education and training available in our todays evolving and very demanding industry! Work your way up expeditiously by choosing the right hotels and try hard to stay an ‘individual’!

What advice would you give someone looking to work in the luxury lifestyle and Hospitality sector? Don’t try to do it my way! I never saw a hotel school from the inside - I’m totally self-trained and made! Try to get the very best education and training available in our todays evolving and very demanding industry! Work your way up expeditiously by choosing the right hotels and try hard to stay an ‘individual’!

You are obviously a very busy man with lots going on, what is your main focus on at present.

Together with my partners in New York, the seventh art group, one of the top branding companies in the world, we are busy to further position the new VP limitedEdition label, the brand extension of the renowned Villa Padierna

assistance of a few willing ‘Ambassadors’, fellow hoteliers who shared our foresight and embraced our philosophy.

Today it has an impressive global membership through the active help of a selective group of distinguished supporting partners from our industry, ‘Special Trustees’ for ‘Branding & Marketing’, ‘Luxury Hotel Investment’, ‘Branded Hotel Networking’. And we still stand firm to our policy of not admitting applicants!

Hotels can look amazing but some are not quite up to scratch, what do you think really makes a hotel exceptional? I guess we all agree that the definition of luxury has definitely changed, and shifted from opulence to experiential design and simple elegance. Consequently,

Ribbon cutting by Princess Bhargavi Mewar of HRH Hotels and F.M. Pfaller, assisted by Filip Boyen, the CEO of Small Luxury Hotels & the lovely TV presenter Ece Vahapoglu. Collection Marbella, Spain. As I already mentioned, we presently also involved in some very special independent properties in Europe, Asia and South America.

Beside your day-to-day are very actively involved in various professional and social activities.

This is indeed very important to me - I want to give back to the industry which has been so good to me! Therefor, I founded HoteliersGuild some years ago as “The global association of discerning hoteliers, a closed, private and strictly confidential web-community, comprising active and well established colleagues and their families as a means to initiate, implement and guide social interaction and creativity among members. I did this with the kind

this trend also means moving away from conformity and paying more attention to technology influences. The goal must be to create authentic, experiential hospitality and architecture - something which is evidently absent and missed in so many of today’s chain hotels.

To be different! To foresee and offer what you guest segment really wants and/or expect and to try to surpass their expectations. Sounds too academic? Well, actually it’s not at all rocket science! All you’ve got to do is to KNOW your customer, their needs and desires - in travel and beyond! Then create a new level of engagement by being authentic and an offer of personalized experiences which provide unique added value. Personal service always was and remains the KEY topic - it’s the little things that count for a lot!

We understand that you have a differentiating opinion on ‘branding’?

personalizing experiences! Provide unique value - personal service remains key, and little things count for a lot!

Indeed, I have always been very sceptic as to the ‘overbranding’ of luxury properties which I’m very pleased to note that it’s shared by quite a few distinguished industry leaders. Therefor we took a soft-branding approach in all of our own projects in agreement with the investors who wanted to create something very special. High-end hotels have become oh so interchangeable. Their logos are often the only distinguishing feature. Remember Conrad Hilton, who started out as a luxury hotelier? And Juan Trippe of Pan Am, who founded InterContinental having luxury hotel oases around the world in mind? When investors took over both companies later, they began to ‘uniformise’ the properties! Today, as major investment groups are acquiring landmark hotels solely with ROI in mind, they squeeze most of them into the same management model, thus creating ‘look-alikes’ , and luxury brands loose their individuality. This is opening niches, which luckily are sometimes filled by discerning independent hoteliers with a foresight!

What advice would you give someone looking to work in the luxury lifestyle and Hospitality sector? Don’t try to do it my way! I never saw a hotel school from the inside - I’m totally self-trained and made! Try to get the very best education and training available in our todays evolving and very demanding industry! Work your way up expeditiously by choosing the right hotels and try hard to stay an ‘individual’!

Regine Sixt accepts the ‘Woman of the Year’ award.

Opening the Hall of Fame, Frank M Pfaller and Ricardo Arranz of Villa Padierna Hotels & Resorts

In essence - what’s the key to success in the small luxury retreats you are involved when it comes to create guest loyalty? To be really exceptional, you have to first of all know your customer and their needs and desires - in travel an beyond! Be authentic - don’t try to copy the ‘big boys’ the chain hotels! Create a new level of engagement by

What is the basic idea behind your today’s activities? Our vision is to act as innovate developers and operators, cherishing the classic hospitality tradition of excellence, whilst thinking and acting – allow me to use the phrase “outside

the box” – meaning without the constraints of a large chain or organisation. This puts us into a position to be able to maximise the property’s potential without surrendering to standardisation.

When it comes to operation, my own expressed philosophy has always been that no two people are alike, and I really believe the same should apply to luxury hotels and villa estates. Each property has its very own character, style and concept and must meticulously reach and maintain highest standards of quality and personalised guest services. And above all, none should have to bear the dull stamp of conformity.

You have founded the very first International Hall of Fame for hoteliers - do tell us more about this. Well, everybody seems to have a Hall of Fame, right? From Tennis to Basketball - but there was no such institution for hospitality leaders and luxury service providers.

I always thought of our industry and their leaders as something very special. Having dedicated more than three decades of my professional live as an independent hotelier to assist private and institutional investors in the

The truly magnificent Hall-of-Fame is physically located in Palacio Linares, at the renowned Villa Padierna Palace Hotel, Marbella, Spain, and was inaugurated with an exclusive event jointly with the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards in October of 2016. Actually, the ribbon was cut by Princess Bhargavi of the Mewar family, who own India’s Historic Hotels Group and by the President of The Small Luxury Hotel Group, both of course very active members of HoteliersGuild. HoteliersGuild is also supporting an award company. You are of course referring to the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards. There are quite a few players on this field, but we felt that this company is dierent when it comes to transparency, due to their unique voting and monitoring system which is designed to give each nominee full control during the voting period.

Delegation from the Spanish government, lead by the lady minster of Tourism. development, positioning and management of an exclusive portfolio of some of the most idiosyncratic independent hotels and resorts around the globe, it has always been my desire to form an institution dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the historical development of hospitality and its impact on our culture.

With the Hall of Fame, we now have a very selective Board of Advisors and we are carefully examining and evaluating the activities of our colleagues as to their most innovating activities that had dramatic impact on both, business results and pioneering of innovative concepts, guest services and experiences. We are honoring inventors of a new form of deeper luxury, which will help the current and future generations of hospitality professionals through education, training and inspiration. We celebrate the innovators, leaders, thinkers, and doers, across all hospitality disciplines.

And we are honored by the support received from so many well established colleagues and companies from the luxury hospitality industry.

Prior to accepting to act as their Honorary Chairman, I declared that the awards are not understood as being a ” rating ” agency nor do they provide the title of “Seven Star Hotel” or resort.

Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards is designed to identify and to separate the exceptional from the very best by bestowing the SIGNUM VIRTUTIS, the seal of excellence upon the most exceptional luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle properties and products worldwide.

The SIGNUM VIRTUTIS is the highest, most exclusive award for the pinnacle in Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle and is therefor the only award agency which we support.

Last but not least, what is
 your motto? In business, to take extreme care of the social and environmental consequences of what we do and how we do it. And especially in our hospitality industry, EMOTION IS TODAY’S TRUE LUXURY. And in life, that life is NOT a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming, “Wow! What a ride!”

As a much wiser person said: It’s not the years you add to the life, it’s the life that you add to the years!

“ The International Hospitality Hall of Fame has been conceived to celebrate brilliance in our industry. To reward and immortalise the extraordinary achievements and careers of the most exceptional leaders of the hospitality industry, both past and present ” Frank M. Pfaller

‘The One&Only ‘Sol Kerzner accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award

Click: HallOfFameSpecial

Dear Frank,

What a wonderful book!

It gave me great pleasure to read the stories of the distinguished Hoteliers inducted in the Hall of Fame. They all represent our marvellous industry with such wisdom and humility.  There is no better feeling than to be inspired so thank you!

Kindest regards,


Filip Boyen

Chief Executive Officer

Small Luxury Hotels of the World Management Ltd

3rd Floor, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BH


Michel Mein | Branding Partner Michel is the Founder of The Seventh Art. He and his team have successfully completed property and hospitality marketing for high-profile projects around the world, including The Setai, W Hotels, The Plaza, Seven Harrison, St. Regis, Stella Tower, 20 East End Avenue, the Four Seasons and the Mandarin Oriental.

Don Ricardo Arranz de Miguel | Entrepreneur Since more than three decades in Marbella, one of Spain’s most established and respected entrepreneurs. President of Andalusia’s Developers and Residential Tourism; private developer of luxury hotels, villas & residences, golf courses.

Mario Gamba | Restaurant Concepts & Management Mario Gamba’s career is unprecedented.. He worked for some of the most renowned restaurants in Europe, for Hotel Palace in St. Moritz, for Alain Chapel in France, at Tantris with Heinz Winkler, who then sent him to Puerto Portals to open the restaurant Tristan, which under his management achieved two Michelin stars. After a stopover with Gualitero Marchesi in Milan, Mario Gamba opened Acquarello in 1994. Since 2000 Acquarello holds a Michelin star. Rosso presented Mario Ga Gamba with the “Falanghina Sannio Chef Award” naming him the best Italian cook world wide outside of Italy.

Onno & Alexa Poortier | Senior Hoteliers Onno Poortier, a renowned senior hotelier and founder member of HoteliersGuild, former president of PENINSULA Hotels and LEELA Hotel, and his wife Alexa, have opened an online portal providing discussion, research, innovations and inspiration on how to travel with a conscience. NOW is a legacy project created by Alexa and Onno Poortier in a l l i a n c e w i t h i n s p i r i n g fi g u r e s a n d companies from the hospitality industry. Our goal is to support the industry we know and love, helping it thrive in the future without negative impact on people and planet.

Paul K. Dean - Mixed-use Expert One of the industry’s most respected independent consultants. Has set up over 100 resort and mixed-use projects in 20 different jurisdictions during his 30-year career. Key strengths include mixed-use resort development, branded residences, shared ownership, private residence clubs and hotel-related real estate.

Supporting Partners & Charity 

The International Hospitality Hall of Fame The International Hospitality Hall of Fame has been conceived to celebrate brilliance in our industry. To reward and immortalise the extraordinary achievements and careers of the most exceptional leaders of the hospitality industry, both past and present

Matteo Thun | Architecture & Design Matteo, a world renowned architect is a member of HoteliersGuild and a Supporting Partner. We especially rate very highly his philosophy for an ecoluxury architecture that is rich in longlasting and therefore sustainable.

HoteliersGuild International Hall of Fame The HoteliersGuild International Hall of Fame has been conceived to celebrate brilliance in our industry. To reward and immortalise the extraordinary achievements and careers of the most exceptional leaders of the hospitality industry, both past and present

WHOLEWORLDWWater Today over 1 billion people don’t have access to clean and safe water. WHOLE WORLD Water is a Campaign designed to unite the Hospitality and Tourism Industry on a non-competitive platform to eradicate this issue. But this is much more than a fundraising initiative. It is a revolutionary way of thinking, a new way to do business designed to balance environmental, economic and societal issues.

Regine Sixt | Drying Little Tears The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation is committed to the most vulnerable in society, although they are the least responsible for the world as it is. We are committed and do our best for children whose fate we want for the better and where we can personally make a difference.


MADE-TO-MEASURE LUXURY HOTEL MANAGEMENT MARKETING | BRANDING | OWNER’S REPRESENTATION Creating distinctive branding, operating and marketing concepts for luxury hotels around the globe.


Villa Padierna Palace Hotel | Spain - Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel | Spain - Lagaciรณ Mountain Residence | Italy Hanging Gardens of Bali | Ubud - Rumah Puthi | Nusa Lembongan | Bali - Injidup Spa Retreat | Australia


encouraging colleagues from around the globe for their gracious support

A new initiative calling for accountability and sustainability in travel

“Doing nothing is no longer acceptable. We want to ignite global consciousness about the urgency and the need for responsibility, creative solutions and action.�

Onno & Alexa Poortier

As a hotelier with extensive international experience, I remember when climate change seemed a distant possibility. Hoteliers started to discuss the “green issue” in the late 80’s after the UN published “Our Common Future” (Bruntland Report), which explained the concept of sustainability to create awareness of the disturbing relations between human society and the natural environment. Here we are thirty years later. Climate change has become the defining predicament of our time but the hotel industry is still hesitant to talk about the issues. Our sector prospered as millions travelled. Travel is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry, so you could argue we have contributed in both a positive and negative way to people and planet. However, as annual temperatures rise and the impact on our planet becomes more evident, we can no longer afford not to make the environment and social responsibility a business priority. Travellers today expect safer, more responsible, sustainable destinations and accommodations. However, our industry is not really clear about what that truly means. Today, many hotels are doing excellent work in sustainability and obtain certifications to reflect their growing compliance and legitimacy, but most still hesitate to be visibly transparent with their guests for a host of reasons. Many hotels believe that sustainability is not yet an important issue to today’s traveller. In many cases, they are right, but that is changing and changing fast. Consumers know that too many companies have prospered at the expense of society and nature. In particular, the next generation of travellers and hotel staff are critically aware that there is a direct link between sustainable business, the environment and people’s lives; and there is no hiding in today’s interconnected and interdependent world. I believe that a more caring and responsible form of hospitality will gain wide support from travellers and can be commercially successful. There will be increased demand from our guests for sustainable choices and greater expectations for hotels, resorts, cruise ships, train hotels and B&B lodgings to be credibly certified and independently audited. Sustainability saves money and its good for people, planet and profit. I urge owners and operators in the hospitality industry to move beyond seeing environmental and social challenges as costs, to seeing the potential savings and opportunities to make good things happen.

Onno Poortier

Founder, Chairman & CEO NOW Transforming Hospitality GmbH

NOW, a new initiative calling for accountability around sustainability in travel was launched on Earth Day (22 April 2017). Working as a ‘Force for Good’, NOW is forming a global community of consumers who are passionate about travel and want to help tackle the environmental and social challenges facing our planet. The empowered traveler with the wallet and the soon-to-be-launched “NOW Good Hotel Evaluator” in their mobile device will be our future guests and global influencer. Being a ‘‘FORCE FOR GOOD’’ matters to your guests, your staff, your community, our planet and your profits. We will be inviting qualified properties to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance to access the NOW Community and get direct bookings without being charged commissions. NOW is a legacy project in alliance with inspiring figures and companies from the hospitality industry. Join us … together let us support the industry we know and love, and drive the fundamental changes we need to help it thrive. It must be NOW!

C Corporate Social Responsibility as we understand it at CHC is not just a window-dressing. We proudly support the organisations featured on the following pages and encourage all our colleagues and friends from the hospitality industry to join us and contribute to their noble cause.

1 to become a member go to



Every child has the right to a family, to parental care, and to a safe home. But reality often looks quite different. That is why we support the building of children’s homes, orphanages, and playgrounds worldwide. We renovate c h i l d re n ’s d a y c a re centres, especially for disabled and disadvantaged children who cannot help themselves.

Every child has the right to develop his or her abilities and go to school. But in many countries they do not even have the bare essentials. Adequate schools and good teachers a re o f t e n i n d i re shortage. That is why we support and finance the building of classrooms and schools, develop lear ning programs and improve infrastructure on location.

Health The UN Convention guarantees the right to assistance and healthcare for sick children. We build clinics, mobile medical facilities, and intensive care wards in children’s hospitals. We provide medical equipment, and our staff visit sick children worldwide to help give them courage.

Emergency Aid Emergency Aid

Catastrophes afflicting people and nations make children the ones suffering most. The UN grants them protection. To help guarantee this right, we support homes and schools for refugee children, send much-needed materials into


W We are publishing the quarterly LookBook, exclusive e-magazines for HoteliersGuild members and their discerning guests. Featured are trend setting member properties and we are assisting our colleagues in their marketing and sales efforts by sharing the magazine via our global network with the gracious support from our associates.


Spring/Summer 2017


Spring/Summer 2016

THE PRIVATE SOCIETY FOR DISCERNING HOTELIERS A league of its own Affiliation by invitation only





Frank M Pfaller joined the forces of his CHC-Couture Hospitality Concepts signature label, operated by Selected Hotels Promotion LC, with his international project teams for a mission. This merger of expertise has been instrumental in assisting private, institutional investors to develop, position and manage an exclusive portfolio of independent luxury hotels around the globe while they remain the sole properties of the respective owners and companies.

Our vision was and remains to be "To cherish the classic hospitality tradition of excellence and to provide superior services to both guests and owners.� Because CHC can think and act without the constraints of a large chain, we are able to maximise a hotel's potential without surrendering to standardisation.


Starting with our latest project. Construction of this truly splendorous estancia LAS PORTUGUESAS which overlooks the ocean from a deep and peaceful countryside, was completed in 2009. Built on a 13,5 ha lot in a privileged location with an outstanding panoramic view, it has unique characteristics of good design and top quality construction. 4.000 sqm built in a contemporary architectural style with the predominance of pure lines. Hi-tech installations provide the villa with an optimum comfort level in every room. This Uruguay’s largest & most exclusive luxury home. Our mandate included the conceptional design, marketing and management of this property as a private club for individual investors, owners and rental pool, to be operated with 5-star services. Marketing partners - the seventh art; proposed operating brand - VPlimitedEdition



delMango privatevillaestate bali

Project Development | Concept | Marketing & Sales Bali’s first eco-luxury urban retreat with entirely new concept, including ‘lifestyle-ownership’ - fractional ownership scheme. Award winning architecture and interior design - CHC has again created yet another original.




Concept | Pre-opening| Management El Retiro, perfectly located in close proximity to Malaga, is a privately owned and indescribably exclusive property, covering approx. 500.000 m2 of pristine botanical gardens. It has a history dating back to the 16th century, which is closely connected to a son of King Felipe IV., the creator of the world renowned Retiro gardens of Madrid. A rejuvenated historic ensemble and true jewel, aiming to become one of Eruope’s and the world’s leading cultural retreats. The master project consists of four important components - EL PRIVÉ, with its 16 extraordinary villa suites; a new development, Las Puertas al Paraíso, with 32 cottage style suits and private pools; the ChefAcademy, and the already existing exclusive event venue El Realengo.

Our architects and designers are being invited to create something entirely different Combining the best elements from the past with the latest technology available, this will certainly be

Andalusia’s most avant-garde nature & health retreat located inside the famous historic Jardines de El Retiro Attention to detail is evident no matter where your eye may wander.


Las Dunas Suites L I F E S T Y L E


Home... o

nly for the discern ing f


Las Dunas Suites Las Dunas Suites | Marbella | Spain

Concept | Marketing & Sales | General Management Inspired by the architectural traditions of Andalusia, Las Dunas Suites offers just 34 luxurious residences along with the pleasures and privileges of the renowned Las Dunas Beach Hotel & Spa. It captures the very essence of Spanish Mediterranean lifestyle under the year round sun of Costa del Sol.


Capri Couture Hotel Collezione Capri

Concept design | Branding Proposal An attractive opportunity exists on the island of Capri for a differentiating hospitality offer to satisfy the requirement and expectations of today’s affluent guests. CHC has been retained to develop a concept, brand and manage a small eco-luxury collection of villa retreats and beach lounges.

CapriBeachLounge Concept

Concept | Branding | Operating Staying at one of CapriCoutureHotelCollezione villas of course also means enjoying the entire range of CapriBeachLounge world of dolce-far-niente. Non-resident guests are welcome for daily membership.




At no time did we believe that bigger is better. We know and recognise that smaller luxury hotels offer those uniquely personal touches that discerning travellers are rating so highly. Furthermore, we recognise that emotion is todays true luxury in our service industry, and that long lasting experiences not only are precious, but also contribute to generate and increase loyalty from present times discerning nomads.

Therefor, we seek out the smaller gems that offer genuine, nonpareil experiences - it could be lashings of luxury at a palatial mansion or barefoot bliss on a desert island. We focus on investors who are allowing and encouraging us to come up with something a bit different, most certainly not a faceless chain concept with ‘uniformised’ rooms and equally non descript guest services. We value ideas which demonstrate and dare to be different in architecture, design and operating concepts.


Owner’s Representative since 2005 Group Owner’s Representation to design new marketing concept for all hotels and spas. Introduction of the Couture Villa Ownership concept. Preparations to expand the Villa Padierna brand to China, implementation of operating standards and management of the new properties under the VPlimitedEdion brand. Integration of The International Hospitality Hall of Fame at Palacio Linares.


Owner’s Representative Owner’s Representation to design new marketing concept for the group and introduce a couture villa ownership concept. Preparations to expand the Villa Padierna brand to China, implement operating standards and manage the new properties.


The K-Club Barbuda | Antigua

Re-opening & Positioning | General Management Minimalist architect renowned renowned

beach retreat, designed by Italian star Gianni Gamondi, owned by world fashion designer Mariuccia Mandelli of Italian fashion brand KRIZIA.


Lagaciò Hotel San Cassiano | Italy

Owner's Representative | Marketing Concepts Assisting private owners in all marketing & sales efforts with the creation of innovative made-to-measure operating & training concepts and introductions to our global network.


Las Dunas Beach Hotel & Spa Marbella | Spain

Concept | Opening & Positioning | General Management Andalusia’s and Spain’s leading beach & spa retreat. Michelin star restaurants , Five-Star-Diamond Award and numerous other international accolades. Fully conceptualized and jointly managed by Selected Hotels Promotion L.C. under a luxury alliance with Hotel Weisses Roessl, Kitzbuehel, Austria


The RuiJin Shanghai

Concept | Owner’s Representation Retained for brand adaption & concept proposal, as well as hospitality program, business & experiential concept development for Shanghai’s foremost Gated Urban Retreat of Sino-British and French Heritage in the very heart of Shanghai’s former French Concession


Le Touessrok Mauritius

Take Over & Upgrading | New Concept & General Management Take-over from private owner for Sol Kerzener’s Southern Sun Group; new operating concept & upgrading


LeGuanahani St. Barth | French Antilles

Resort Concept | Pre-Opening, Opening & Positioning Management Le Gunahani, designed by famous Christian Liaigre, was the Caribbean’s foremost hotel, achieving highest accolades and room rates. Nestled between Marigot Bay and Grand Cul de Sac, the Hotel Guanahani & Spa has subsequently established itself as a haven of luxury, comfort, and elegance.



Concept | General Management Re-opening, upgrading to international 5-star standards, positioning with The Leading Hotels of The World, Five-StarDiamond Award and joint general management contract in luxury alliance with Las Dunas Beach Hotel & Spa, Marbella.


Puente Romano Marbella

General Management Marbella’s iconic ‘grand dame’ - the renowned luxury beach hotel, designed to recreate the character and charm of an Andalusian beachfront village. The lush sub-tropical botanical exuberance that embraces the ancient Roman Bridge dating back to the 1st century enraptures with its scents and colors.


Hotel La Bobadilla Loja | Granada | Spain

Concept | General Management Built to resemble a ‘White Village’, this very special property is located in a natural environment and designed in the Nazarí style with the architecture of ancient Andalusian palaces. Eco-luxury and sustainability at its very best - 700 hectare of land.


Hotel Tres Islas Fuerteventura Canary Islands

Marketing & General Management At it’s time the first 5-star property in Fuerteventura. We provided marketing & sales services from the German speaking markets and general management. 370 rooms & suites, set inside the white dunes of Corralejo.


Maharani Durban | South Africa

Repositioning| & Upgrading | General Management At that time, S.A.’s leading 5-Star deluxe property by Sol Kerzner, featuring the first panoramic lift and the famous Raffles Supper Club with outdoor pool on the top. Award winning Cristal Room restaurant, 220 luxury rooms and suites.


The Regency | Kuwait

Re-branding & Upgrading | New Operating Concept & General Management

Couture Hospitality Concept

Phone: +41 22 534 94 78 e-mail: Skype: selectedhotels

CHC BrandBook & Excerpt from IndexBook | Jan.2018  

CoutureHospitalityConcept partners are providing made-to-measure management & concept solutions for discerning Hoteliers

CHC BrandBook & Excerpt from IndexBook | Jan.2018  

CoutureHospitalityConcept partners are providing made-to-measure management & concept solutions for discerning Hoteliers