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Produced by : Mick & Kim Workman, Mike Parker, Chris & Mel Wilson, Guy Redmond, Marilyn Butt, with watercolour above by Julian Crawford

Photo by Bob Cooper

Summer at last - we hope! August and September 2012 A SeSaME Production. No 5

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Your Village needs You Have you any experiences you wish to share, a skill that could please our villagers? Do please us all by submitting articles, recording your events and most importantly, hitting our deadlines. Editor’s extra request: Calling all village under 18s. Have you ever penned a poem, drafted a drawing, crafted a cartoon, juggled jokes, or just have tales to tell? If so, share them with us in the Sedgeberrow Post and hit the small time!

Submitting material for publication If you are a local villager you will have a choice of a double A5 page spread, a single A5 page, a half page and a quarter page. We have some estimates of how many words you will need for each size. These are just approximations and will vary according to logos that you may also want to feature and the number of large headlines that you want. By working to these parameters when you are emailing your piece, you will help the editorial process immensely. Some of you will have a basic template that you can modify accordingly for each new issue. Email is best for us. A double A5 page spread. - Approx 560 words (No 12 font) A single A5 page. - Approx 280 words (No 12 font) A half A5 page. - Approx 140 words (No 12 font) A quarter A5 page. - Approx 60 words (No 12 font)

Talk to Mike, who will help you estimate how much space you will need. (01386 881863)

Remember. If it’s in too late you've two months to wait! It‘s all free to villagers and with colour also available. Though our recent experience with the Christmas edition has taught us that next Christmas we will have to ask for an affordable donation from village groups who want a page full of intense colour. That‘s if they think it‘s worth the extra expense.

Can you recommend a qualified local Tradesman who makes a good, reasonably priced job of servicing your Oil Heating Boiler? If so call Mike on 013686 881863 and he will pass that information on to the retired local villager who requested it. 3

From: The Sedge Warbler. In Praise of the Wood-burner At one time it was considered rather old fashioned to have a wood fire in the house. When we moved in here everybody seemed to be sinking tanks into the ground to store gas or oil. We were no exception, having installed a gas tank in the 1970s - now long gone, both tank and that era. I had worked at haymaking in Norway, as a student during the long summer breaks, and been introduced to the delights of a wood stove. Not only that, I saw first hand the importance of good stacking, to ensure really dry logs that burn well. So as a backup to our cheap gas we always started the winter with a year‘s supply of logs that had been happily drying, stacked neatly away for 18 months. Whatever the winter threw at us we were free from total dependency on our heating suppliers over the dark months of winter. We then had renewable energy on our own doorstep which I still have. Times change. No cheap gas or oil now and wood-burner sales are up. Quite the fashionable new addition to the home they are. Wood costs are also up a bit though, inevitable unless you have cottoned onto tapping into the plentiful supplies that can be found in skips and elsewhere. There is some icing on the cake for me in the form of a 4 gallon, Victorian cast iron ―kettle‖ complete with brass tap. This giant gives hot water for night-time washing up, then enough for night-time hot water bottles and a morning wash. The water complements the wood-burners heat dispersal, slowly adding its heat loss to the room, after the wood-burner has cooled down, giving heat for longer . If ever there was a time to investigate local energy sources, this is it. There is massively increasing demand from Asia. Sources of fossil fuel are fast reducing. Locally sourced renewable energy will be a tremendous asset in the future. An indication of how desperate oil companies are for new supplies is the fact that Shell‘s disingenuously named oil drilling ship, ―Noble Discoverer‖ left Seattle for Dutch Harbour, Alaska late in June. It will wait there until the ice melts, awaiting permission from the US government to drill for oil there. What chances are there of a Gulf of Mexico style oil spill in that perilously harsh environment? An unbearable thought but we can’t expect to have cheap-n-easy oil for long.

So investigate what your boiler can do for you.


Sedge Warbler

Do yourself a favour! Reduce your fuel costs. Buy Oil at consistently Low Prices, Whether 500 or 1000 litres. Go for the payment method of your choice. (You can spread payments over 12 months). Ensure that you get a reliable delivery when the weather turns nasty. Receive a monthly reminder to check your oil tank.

Do your Village a favour! Help bring some cash into the village to support our activities. Reduce the number of HGVs that enter our Village. Ensure less infrastructure damage and noise. Over the last 12 months our households bought 89766 litres of heating oil from Evesons, and our 0.25p a litre levy has earned a cheque for £224.41 from them. Last year‘s money helped launch this year‘s Post and this year‘s money should be free for other projects, once we know in December that we have a high repeat rate with our advertisers. Let‘s beat that figure with more members over the next 12 months and also support our advertisers. For a monthly email reminder - contact Mike Parker Don’t miss out! Next Delivery Dates are Fri 17th Aug & Fri 14th Sept Make sure that you buy regularly as a member of Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group, as come the crunch at any time, because of supply and weather conditions, loyal members will be prioritised. 1. Check the year‘s dates. – See below 2. Phone on 01905 775920 or by email to 3. No orders taken after midday of the day before delivery. 4. You must say you are part of the Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. 5. Give full delivery name and address. 6. Payment can be made either at time of ordering but certainly within TEN days of delivery, either by cheque or by phoning in with debit card details. 7. Sign up with SeSaME for an ―email - order date reminder‖ if you lead a busy life. 8.The price is not fixed until two days before delivery, as market prices change every day. Delivery Dates for 2012 Fri 12th Oct - Fri 16th Nov - Fri 14th Dec. Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy SeSaME – Email: Contact: Mike Parker (Chair) Tel: 01386 881863


Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. SeSaME Oil Buying Group, in association with Evesons of Worcestershire,


SEEN FROM MY ARMCHAIR For 6 weeks recently, after having surgery on both feet, I was stuck in the armchair, unable to walk, But it has meant that I have been able to observe the comings and goings of the village past my house in Main Street. I have seen the good drivers and the bad – you could not believe the speed some drive at (one day, there will be a horse in the road just around the bend, and you will not be able to stop). I have seen the thoughtful dog walkers, but also some unthoughtful ones, you will know what I mean, the evidence can be seen all along our pavements. I have seen how some children reacted to a ‗road-kill‘ hedgehog (before its removal by the road-sweeper) - inspecting it, and moving it around with their feet, before continuing up or down Main Street. I have seen a lot of people pause and look at the unusual conifer in our front garden (for those who are interested, I am told that it is a Korean Fir (abies koreana) and it is about 20 years old). And, on one occasion, what I saw prompted me to contact Neighbourhood Watch. A man with a very large camera was photographing/filming the houses. Rapid response by NW resulted in the explanation - a TV company, complete with Aled Jones, was filming for an episode of ―A House in the Country―! So, it was interesting to see what goes on – we see things that we perhaps miss as we rush from one thing to another. Chris Trewick (Mrs)

Watch out for increased Gas Prices. The news is that suppliers are quoting big price rises this coming winter. If you buy LPG gas and want to explore a possible, group buying scheme for the Village, then phone Mike on 01386 881863or email him on Explore how village, bulk LPG buyers can achieve lower prices by them regularly buying as a group. Not easy but worth investigating. Meanwhile, check what your underground service pipe, or yard line is made of, as all metal pipes are being replaced before the end of 2013. Come to a meeting on Wednesday 5th September at 7.30, in the Queens Head, to work out the best way to proceed.




Loyalty scheme available. Opening Hours Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm Saturday - 9am to 5pm Tel: 01242 609330 9 North St, Winchcombe Gloucestershire GL54 5LH

Portrait Commissions Undertaken In Watercolour or Pastels By local artist - Carolyn Email:


Watercolour by Pam Cuthbert. 2003

The Sedgeberrow Village Website: If you are a Village Group who would like to keep people up to date with activities on a page that you control on this website, contact Mike Parker at or on 01386 881863. Courtesy of our own Chris Wilson, we are offering Villagers access to their own page, via their own unique password, enabling them to update their own written material. We hope that people will come forward to cover many facets of village life.

SC Heating And Plumbing

Tel: 07521 283002 A small Family business for all makes & models of cars. Free collection & delivery service. Free courtesy cars. Lowest labour rates within the area.        

We specialise in bathroom renovations, minor heating installations and general service and repair.

Manufacturer’s spec Servicing . Mots by appointment. General repairs Preventative maintenance Quality used car sales Paint work/body repairs Tyres and clutches Free Quotations

Feel free to call to arrange for a free quotation on 07850151199 or 01386 882167

6 Orchard Industrial Estate Toddington, Nr Cheltenham. GL54 5EB Open Daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm


Royal British Legion Womans Section The August Monthly Meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st at Aston Somerville, by kind invitation of Christine Bradley of 7, Glebe Road. It will be a cheese & wine evening held at the usual time of 7.30 pm Contact either Mrs Bradley 852331 or Sylvia Brown 881620 Monthly Meeting Wednesday Sept 29th @ 7.30pm. In the Betteridge Room. Hostesses: Mrs E Hardman, Mrs T Holder, & Mrs A Crowther The monthly prize Mrs Gillard Speaker: Rosemary Prosser. ― Hot meals & Cold Meals‖ Come to Bingo on: Sept 29th, Oct 27th, Nov 24th If any member would like to donate a Bingo Prize this would be very much appreciated as this is our main money raising event. S.M.Brown Secretary. Phone: 01386 881620

Local in Sedgeberrow

WOODY’S GARDEN SERVICES For all your garden requirements, your local parish lengthsman... fully insured, friendly service, no job too small

Martin Woodhouse Telephone 882497 Mobile 07766 113 671

Registered & Reliable, Flexible Service with Trust. Cost Effective.

Worcestershire County Council approved contractor 9

200 Club Winners Weeks 11 to 20 Thank you for your continued support Week Week Week Week Week Week Week

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No 13 No 195 No 258 No 46 No 152 No 56 No 173

Mrs McLaren Mrs J Hughes Mr P Dobbins Mrs Birtwhistle Mrs Leeson Mrs J Driver Mrs D Pinchin

£10 £10 £10 £20 £10 £5 £10

Drawn by Mrs S Wilson


Week Week Week Week Week Week Week

26 No 27 No 28 No 28 No 28 No 29 No 30 No

285 104 150 325 14 127 307

Mrs.Dooey Mrs.S.Beasley Mr.B.Bunn Mrs.Jones Mrs.F.Swords Miss.Newborough Mrs.A.Leonard

£10 £10 £20 £10 £5 £10 £10

Drawn by Mrs.J.Hughes


We are always looking for new members. It only costs 20p per week the same as it did 23 years ago. Each week there is a £10 prize, every 4th week £20, £10 and £5 prizes, and in week 52 there is a £100 prize. Anyone wishing to join please ring me, Cyril Banks on 881623 Cricket I've been teaching a few hobbits how to play cricket. Bilbo's good at catching, but he can't really Frodo.


The Queens Head Main Menu now started. Food will be served at these times: Friday 6.30 - 9pm Saturday 6.30 - 9pm Sunday 12.00 - 2.30pm Booking is advisable Our New Number is 01386 881135

Abbey Cleaning Services Traditional Window Cleaners Family Run Business Established 1993 Domestic and Commercial

01386 446098 11

Sedgeberrow Parish Church News Benefice of Hampton, Sedgeberrow & Hinton on the Green. Priest in Charge: Revd. Mark Binney as at Hampton Vicarage on 01386 424235. Churchwardens: Ann Banks 881623 and Doreen Hayes 881965 Drawing by John Livingstone

August/September Services August

Aug 5th.. 10am Benefice service at Hampton . Aug12th. 10am Benefice service at Hinton. Aug. 19th 10 am Benefice service at Sedgeberrow. Aug 26th 10am Benefice service at Hampton. Aug 26th Baptism at Sedgeberrow.

September in Sedgeberrow Sept 2nd. 9am Holy Communion. Sept 9th. 11am Family Service. Sept 16th. 9am Holy Communion. Sept 23rd.11am Holy Communion. Sept 30th. 10am Benefice service. TBA.

Coffee Mornings The coffee mornings continue to be a success so why not come along and meet with friends and enjoy a natter. The next coffee mornings are Thursday August 23rd and September 27th 10am-12noon.

Bingo starts again on Saturday September 8th, October 13th, November 17th, December8th.. All at 8pm in the Village Hall Jubilee Fete. The Jubilee Fete was postponed due to the weather conditions it was held in the Village Hall on July 14th Harvest Supper The Harvest Supper will take place in the Village Hall on Friday October 5th 7 for 7.30pm.Tickets available in September from Ann Banks 881623 The Church Clock. Our Church Clock used to tell the time to the inhabitants of Winchcombe from their Church Tower. A new clock having been installed in Winchcombe the pieces of the ancient clock were given to Revd. Marsh by the Vicar and Churchwardens of Winchcombe in 1901. The pieces remained in the Rectory Attics for one year for nobody would undertake to put it together in the Tower. In March 1902 a Mr Collins of Radford said he would make the attempt. He succeeded, and the Clock first struck the Hour on March 3rd 1902. With occasional repairs and careful attention it has kept time ever since, and though parts of it must be at least 250 years old it still keeps very fair time. The pieces were a gift to the Parish but it cost £17—2 shillings and 11 pence to put it together. Taken from the Parish Magazine August 1938


Contact details of your key elected members. Maureen Pratt – Chairman of Sedgeberrow Parish Council Tel: 01386 881637. Email Clerk: Jacqueline Shields. Parish Councillors: John de Paris, Darren Farmer, Richard Hunt, Alan Stow.

Still Awaiting Photo

Roma Kirke – District Councillor Woodpeckers, 9 Hands Orchard, Great Comberton. Pershore. WR10 3DZ. Tel 01386 710514 Liz Eyre – County Councillor 150 High Street, Broadway, WR12 7AJ Tel: 01386 854807. Mobile: 07801816755 County Hall: 01905 766880

Harriett Baldwin – Member of Parliament. The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. (For Caseworkers).Tel: 01684 585165. Advice Surgery: Call Malvern Office to make an appointment on 01684 585165

Hand tied Bouquets, Contemporary Floral Arrangements, Country Main St, GL20 7AD Posies and 01386 881248 Vase filling.

Beckford Stores Speciality Foods & Delicatessan Post Office & PayPoint Dry Cleaning Email: Tel: 01386 881248

Parkers Paraffinalia “keeping old lamps aflame” Want to know more about your paraffin lamp? Do you .like complete, old lamps of your own for a kind mellow light and help in power cuts? Then call on Mike. 01386 881863 or 07949 200207 I collect and restore all kinds of old oil lamps, like Tilley, Hinks and Wells Unbreakable lamps. I am also quite happy to help you with queries about ways to restore or find parts for your lamps and give talks about early lighting. Email: Website:


Locality Village Store As you will no doubt already know your only local Village Store has now closed. It went to auction on 1st July and, like 4 out of 10 lots, failed to meet its reserve, Bridget and Steve have called it a day and won‘t be reopening. It is still for sale We all had high hopes four years ago when Bridget and Steve resurrected our long lost shop to the delight, and one must admit some surprise, of many Sedgeberrow residents. They faced an uphill struggle as soon as it became apparent that a good spread of rural Post Offices wasn't high on any of our Royal Mail‘s central planning agendas. Then the surge in oil prices meant increased delivery costs. They did their best and we should be grateful for that. I cut my milk teeth on small shop management and I can tell you that it‘s no picnic for the faint hearted.

Thank you Bridget & Steve from all Sedgeberrow folk. For many, they could not match the price and variety of our Evesham mammoths, Morrisons & Tesco and last year it was particularly hard for them to make it viable. That‘s perhaps not the best memory to leave you with. Rather we might ponder how pleased all of us were for their presence when the snow came. Mike Parker. Editor

So what can we do? If anyone would like to explore ideas, get together with others, talk to the Parish Council to get their views about the possible opportunities, then let us know before it is too late. Tel: 01386 881863

Sedgeberrow Post Advertisements To discuss your needs, format your advert, ring 01386 881863 (Mike)

Single Issue

For 2012 - 2 Issues

1/4 page ……£7.50 1/2 page…...£15.00 Full page…..£25.00

1/4 page ……£10.00 1/2 page……£20.00 Full page….. £40.00

Sponsorship: Double page spread = full page advert and full page editorial. Plus mention in editors copy on page three. One Issue…….£60.00 Please email advert material to: We can afford to include some colour in your advert for a logo or small section. If however you wish to have full colour throughout we will need to negotiate with you on the price


Regain Your Natural Poise

Chimney Pots Chimney Services


Chris Hurley

Can help with: -Woodburners and Liners fitted -Bird Guards and Pots fitted -Pointing and Repairs -Gutters cleaned -Broken roof tiles replaced 01386 841808 07969 423020

 

stress poor posture, back, neck and joint pain  improved performance in sport, music and other activities


Philippa Rands MSTAT 01386 881633

Ohmpride Electrics All electrical work undertaken:

Extra sockets, downlighters, security lighting. New consumer units to current specification. Testing and certification. Free estimates. Part P and 17th edition qualified.

general health & well being

Beauty by Lindsey Sedgeberrow 01386 881 841 Lindsey is a fully qualified vtct beauty therapist, has worked in the beauty industry since 2003. The home based salon is peaceful, professional, private and well equipped.

15% OFF your first visit FOR A FULL PRICE LIST OR TO BOOK A TREATMENT CALL: 01386 881 841 OR 07801 629756

Treatments Include:

Please call Pete on 01386 882212, 07899 778725.

Brow shape £6 Half leg £12 Bikini £7 Facials from £16 Lash & Brow Tint £14 Manicure Classic ... 45min £17 Back Neck & Shoulder £18 Nailtiques, Jessica, Geleration, Guinot, AnneBorlind


News from Sedgeberrow CE First School 01386 881391 Mrs M M Humphreys Headteacher

I do hope that everyone has had a good summer. Everything got very busy at the end of last term with building work going on alongside our usual end of year events. The whole school took the theme of ‘The Olympics’ for their topic during the last half-term and thoroughly enjoyed all their studies. We were awarded an arts council grant to contribute a piece for the Olympic Torch Relay celebrations in Broadway on Sunday 1st July and created a whole school version of the Olympic rings. Each year group had a ring representing a different continent and they filled it with art work including clay models. On the reverse of their ring they put flags from all the different countries competing in the games. The finished article was amazing as you can see and it attracted a great deal of interest in Broadway when we all enjoyed watching the torch come through. The rings are now suspended in our library where we would welcome visitors who are interested.

During the Summer Term we had a whole school walking challenge aiming to cover the distance that the torch travelled from Olympia to London. The whole school regularly went on walks around the village aiming to cover the distance which was represented on a large map displayed in the school hall to show progress.


The challenge finished at the end of our ‘Healthy Living Week’ with a final walk down to Glebe meadow where we all celebrated with a picnic. The money raised goes towards our ICT appeal for much-needed replacement computers. Our building work is now complete and has made a huge difference to the school. We now have two larger classrooms to accommodate the full year groups in Year 1 and Year 2 and a larger office with proper security areas. We are delighted with the expansion of our lovely school both in terms of number on roll and size of the accommodation. With 30 new children starting Reception again this year we are moving towards being full throughout the school however there are still some spaces so we will be inviting everyone to an Open Morning later this term which I will mention in the next issue.

Wychavon Games Cross Country Aged 14 years or over? Do a bit of running? Why not think about being part of the Sedgeberrow team for this event? The race will be held at Pershore High School on Monday 3rd September at 6.30pm, and the distance is about 2 miles on the school‘s grass playing fields. For the past two years we have entered a team in this race. The maximum number for a team is six, but so far we have only managed to get together three runners on each occasion. Whether you run for fitness or pleasure please consider representing Sedgeberrow, as it would be great if we were able to put in a full team for the first time. Whatever your ability do not rule yourself out, as although a few good runners do enter, the overall standard is not daunting and the atmosphere is quite relaxed. Most people take part to help out their village and just to enjoy themselves. If you would like more information or maybe want to chat the idea over with me, please get in touch. Dave May tel: 01386 882113. e-mail:


Yew Tree Garage Conderton

Est. 1928

Quality Service and mechanical repairs for all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles

Sedgeberrow Based Driving Instructor SHIRLEY BUTCHER

Specialist in Classic Cars

Preferential Rates for Sedgeberrow Residents

MOTs arranged

Mon– Fri: 9 – 5.30. Sat: 9 – 12

Telephone: Home 01386 881505 Mobile 07808 476412 Email:

Arthur Turbefield Tel: 01386 725223

Dumbleton Village Club Entertainment 2012 We have live Country Music most Saturday nights. 8:15-11.30pm Entrance Fee £5.00 Our Skittle Alley is currently available. Please get in touch to find out more. Contact : 01386 881462


Broadband Volunteers needed The Worcestershire Broadband plan aims to get superfast broadband to 90% of the county by 2015, and for all communities to have access to at least 2 Mbps download speeds. You can help influence the speed with which superfast broadband is rolled out. If you go to you can click on the 'Show Support for Fast Broadband for Worcestershire' link, and do just that!

Better than that. You can also join the three of us by helping to undertake a definitive door to door survey of all villagers. That way we will have really hard facts to support the case for Sedgeberrow village as an essential part of that 90%. Please call one of us asap. Chris Wilson: 01386 881194. Chris Brooks 01386 565343. Mike Parker: 01386 881863.

Back Faster Broadband for the Village Hard Pressed-Village Ironing Service Need more time at home or work? Lots of ironing to do, but no time to do it? I accept all orders, large or small at very competitive prices. Ironing can be collected and delivered back to your door.

CLEEVE ROAD, MIDDLE LITTLETON, EVESHAM, WORCS. WR11 8JR VEG BOX DELIVERY SCHEME 6-7 ITEMS £6.50 9 ITEMS £10.50 Home Grown, Local, Seasonal Produce 01386 834241

Call Lucy today for a friendly, efficient service.


01386 882353 or 07542748742 Email:



SEDGEBERROW PARISH COUNCIL Maureen Pratt – Chairman. Tel: 881637 - Email:

Litter Picking. The Parish Council has agreed to award a bursary of £200 for any village organisation that organises and carries out the annual village litter pick. If any organisation would like to volunteer to take part, please get in touch with me and I will let you have further details and the necessary paperwork. Clean up kits can be borrowed from Wychavon District Council. New Play Area. Work to refurbish the children‘s play area in Main Street is now almost complete and the Parish Council has decided to rename it ‗The Jubilee Play Area‘. It is hoped to arrange an official opening at the beginning of September, so please watch the village notice board for further details. Included with the new equipment is an outdoor table tennis table and this is available for use by children and adults. Please supply your own table tennis bats and balls. Register of Electors.The annual Register of Electors forms have been sent out early this year so that Wychavon District Council can update the Register in time for the new Police and Crime Commissioner elections that are being held in November. If you have no changes to make to your details, you can respond by telephone, text, mail or online. If you need to amend your details then the forms can be returned by freepost. It is important that you register as otherwise you could have problems in the future with getting credit, a bank loan, a mortgage, or a mobile phone contract, as well as not being able to vote. Flooding Help. If you are concerned about flooding, sandbags (either empty or full) can be obtained from Wychavon District Council at Evesham Contact Centre or Pershore Civic Centre. South Worcestershire Development Plan. Following the public consultation last year regarding the Preferred Options to the South Worcestershire Development Plan, a range of proposed changes has now been published. Full details of the proposals can be seen on the website There will be a further public consultation into the proposed ‗Significant Changes‘ for a period of 6 weeks from 6th August to 14th September. The new consultation will be on the proposed ‗Significant Changes‘ only and not on the Development Plan as a whole. There are changes to housing allocations for Sedgeberrow, being 2 sites, one in Main Street that has been brought back, and a new one in Winchcombe Road. There will be a series of staffed roadshow events and Sedgeberrow will be covered by the following events: Evesham Town Hall – Thursday 30th August 4pm to 8pm Beckford Village Hall – Wednesday 5th September 4pm to 8pm Forms will be available for any comments, which must be on the ‗Significant Changes‘ and on planning issues only. Any previous comments made on the Development Plan will still stand. Forms can be completed online and must be returned by 14th September.


Travel Passes. In 2008 new Concessionary Travel Passes were introduced offering eligible elderly and disabled people free travel on off peak local bus services anywhere in England. The passes are issued on a 5-year basis, meaning that those issued in 2008 will be coming up for renewal in the next 12 months. Worcestershire County Council has approximately 70,000 travel passes to renew by May 2013 so it is proposing to phase the renewal process over the next 10 months. The County Council will be writing to all customers over the next 10 months to ask them to renew their pass, free of charge, for a further 5 years should they want to continue to receive the benefits of the scheme. Customers will be provided with full details of the renewal process which can be done relatively simply either over the phone or online. Highway Issues. Any highway problems, e.g. potholes, drainage, damaged signs, mud or oil on the road, etc should be reported to the County Council by contacting the Worcesterhire Hub, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by visiting the website at There is the facility to track any reported incidents by using the ‗Track Progress‘ function and entering the reference number the incident was recorded against. Superfast Broadband. See the previous Page (19) for details of the broadband aims of Worcestershire County Council

Sedgeberrow Parish Council Jubilee Play Area Grant aided by Wychavon District Council and some past parental fundraising. Designed and built by Green Landscapes.

Routine Nail Cutting: £20* (Subject to nail assessment)

Routine Treatment: £28

In full swing immediately post the School day

(Reductions for Group Bookings– 5+ people) > Nail Cutting* > Callus (Hard Skin) < Corns > Dry Skin > Cracked Heels

Fungal Nails < Verruca < Athlete‘s Foot < Ingrown Toenails < Thickened Nails reduction <

Routine Treatment includes podiatric assessment & advice

Contact Me Visit my website for special offers

Tel. Home: 01386 858854 Tel. Mob: 07925822686 E-mail: grokhotova399@


Sedgeberrow Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Institute

'Water Summer' if you will pardon the pun. However in spite of the weather we were able to carry on with our activities. Sadly the village fete had to be cancelled but luckily the cakes which had been decorated for the Jubilee were able to be judged at the Jubilee Tea. The coffee morning held at Judith's was well supported. Then Surprise! We were blessed with a beautiful evening for our garden party, we could hardly believe it. On July 2nd we saw the planting of a Norway Acer in the church yard. This was to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Several of our members attended and Mark blessed the planting. On that day the tree was well watered in. We debated whether or not to go ahead with the 'Games' afternoon due at Farmcote but then decided in favour. Thursday July 5th was a perfect day, the sun shining all day. Tennis, table tennis and boules were offered. Several members played table tennis but mostly we sat and enjoyed the sun, the views and of course the cream tea! On July 14th we went on a visit to the Arts Centre and on July 17th we had a talk on 'The Parkinson's Society given by John and Shirley Lynch. August will be a quiet month. Some members are going to the Cheltenham Croquet Club for an afternoon of Croquet. Other informal meetings may be arranged in September. There will be the usual coffee morning and book club meetings . On September 18th there will be a talk and demonstration on Wood Turning by Oliver McLaren. The Annual Council Meeting will be held at Cheltenham Racecourse on September 28th. In September there will be a sale of Christmas cards, wrapping paper etc. We look forward to seeing you, and new members are always welcome. Ella Hardman. 01386 881088.


Local I.T Domestic & Business Support

Server & Network Installations WiFi & Mobile Advice Virus/Spyware Removal Custom Office Support Scenarios

Horse Rugs

Dog Bedding & Coats

Stable Rug Wash from £7 Turnout Wash from £8 Turnout Wash & Reproof from £14

Dog Coat Wash £5 Dog Bed Wash from £5 Dog Coat Wash & Reproof from £6

Competitive Rates Maintenance Contracts

*** Free Local Collection ***

Tel: 01684 273118 Mob: 07788 922534

Call Natasha: 01684 273118 or 0776 6141994

Your IT Solution

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Jubilee Tea Party ―By common consensus we had a superb afternoon tea‖ The food was great and, as Enid Blyton would say, ―lashings of tea‖ wereserved in china tea pots. We had a DVD of the Queen‘s early years as our monarch playing in the background. We topped it by a visit from a Pseudo Queen (from daughter in law Sarah, complete with crown & sceptre) and to finish off the party a rousing sing-along. What more could we ask? Our cup truly runneth over. We must pay tribute to the ladies who provided the sandwiches, and the ladies who baked such wonderful cakes, none of whom would accept payment. And the people who made dozens of jellies, those who generously donated raffle prizes and then there were the team who worked tirelessly to organise and run the day, from Marylyn & Brian who decorated the hall to Sue & Pat and Joyce & Sophie and Wendy for making seemingly endless pots of tea. It was lovely to see our Vicar and his wife and the whole party started with the Jubilee Grace said of course by the Rev Mark followed by a toast to the Queen from the day‘s host Brian Palmer. If ever there was a demonstration of community in action, this was it in spades. Thank you one and all. We deliberately wanted this to be a non profit making event but due to peoples generosity we did have a small surplus. Thanks to Richard Hunt agreeing to pay the hall hire from the community funds, we have enough to provide a memorial of some sort to our Queen‘s marvellous 60 year reign. We realise that trying to get a consensus on what that memorial should be would be impossible, so the tea party committee (Barbara, Wendy & Brian) have opted for a professionally framed photograph of the queen, subject to the proposal being acceptable to the school‘s Head and the Village Hall Committee. If we do get approval it is our intention that we have an unveiling ceremony and celebration event sometime around autumn. Once again many many thanks to everyone for their time, and their generosity in so many ways. I think I feel an annual village Tea Party coming on. Barbara, Wendy & Brian



For a great service and sparkling windows

Roger Andrews Telephone 881255 Mobile 07541 990 871

25 Sedgeberrow Post is now available online. Some of us like our reading material in hand, and then stored on the shelf for easy access. Some of us have no regular access to a computer. Some of us don‘t want paper clutter and like to catch up with the news on the Internet. If you are one of those, contact the editor via .We won‘t deliver but send you a link to its place on our SeSaME website.

I’ve just met Darth Vader’s corrupt brother: Taxi Vader 26

SUMMER WALKS AROUND SEDGEBERROW August / September 2012 FINAL SUMMER WALK AND A VISIT TO SANDFIELD FARM Please note that all walks start at the Village Hall. Saturday 11th August at 10.00am: The final walk will go across the fields to Dumbleton, then on to Dumbleton Mill. We will return via Wormington before heading back into Sedgeberrow through the ―lost‖ village of Littleton. This walk will take approximately 3 hours and is about 5 miles long. N.B. All the routes for these walks can be found on Ordnance Survey map OL45. Important: You should wear suitable clothing and footwear for country walking, and bring a drink and snack with you too. None of these routes involve climbing hills, but as they are rural walks the surfaces will vary and we will be crossing some stiles and narrow bridges. Walks may be amended or cancelled if deemed necessary. Please consider joining us on any or all of these walks, whether or not you‘re new to rambling. Sunday 2nd September at 10.30 am: Following the success of previous years‘ visits we are going back to Sandfield Farm to see the latest developments in the conservation areas. We will be meeting in the Old Orchard, from where Emma Harrison (project organiser) will lead a tour of the farm, which should last about 1.5 hours. If you wish to walk via Sandfield Lane please be at the village hall at 10.00am, however if you are going by car, parking is available at the farm. Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear should be worn. Please consider joining us for these activities, whether or not you have been before.....and of course old friends and guests are as welcome as ever. These events may be cancelled or amended if thought necessary. Many thanks to the farmers and landowners who help keep our footpaths accessible, and to those of you who make good use of them throughout the year. As ever if you have any questions about the above events or our footpaths in general, do not hesitate to contact me. Dave May (footpath warden) tel: 01386 882113 email:


My Brother Woe,Woe and Thrice Times Woe!

Hallo Everyone, Muppet here What a torrid time we‘ve had! Our two-legs took us to this horrible place where a really nasty other two-legs stuck a sharp thing in my brothers neck, then went and stuck a sharp thing in ME – the nerve of it - and I went all sleepy. When I woke up my tummy was really sore and it hurt for days and days and days. It hurt every time I moved and there were a couple of ‗accidents‘ in the night, mind you, I did wake the two-legs up after I‘d done it so she could clean it up but she didn‘t seem as happy as Grey Muzzle is to pick up poo! While I‘ve been in my kennel poor Doofuss has been working his tail to the bone, guarding the lair, chasing the birds out of the garden and trying to communicate with our two-legs – why they still don‘t understand plain dog is a mystery wrapped in an enema to us. We‘ve received a few training tips but unfortunately our neighbour Ralph‘s would only work if you‘re the size of a brick built kennel and have more paws than brain cells. Penny‘s tip only works if you are really cute and as for Betty‘s tip Doofuss says ―Not while I have breath in my body‖ but I‘m not sure what he means ‗cause I didn‘t get to hear what the tip was! You‘ll be pleased to know that I‘m on the mend so I hope to see you out and about in the village very soon. Love Muppet (and Doofuss)

Can they both be right? “Seeing is believing” As is often said. 28


Bootsale Bounties

Selling Tips.

A follow on to Buying Tips in your June/July Post Not only are Boot Sales a classic example of positive recycling but they can be a fun, social occasion, often providing a fascinating insight into the lives and tastes of other people. So take the plunge, get out there. 1.Pre-sale site planning. Choose a Sale nearby, if possible. Go as a buyer the week before you want to sell. Check where to go and general layout. Where is the toilet? Ask a seller when cars start arriving and the cost. Arrival is often much earlier than the official start time. 2. Pre arrival planning. Take a cash float, lots of £1 coins, some 50ps and 20ps and a few fivers and a safe container for it. A bum bag is ideal as you don‘t want your money to be left lying around. Price as much as you can before the actual day. Remember you will be bartered down but not up, if you have under-priced. Some things you can decide a general price for, like books, but some, including certain books, are more desirable than others. If in doubt check on the internet. Try to make sure that you have three paste tables and table cloths, if you are that way inclined. Good neighbours should be happy to lend their tables. (Why three? see later). Monitor weather forecasts and don‘t go if it looks like heavy rain. Stockpile unused shopping bags. Your customers will often ask for one. 3. Who to take. Avoid doing it on your own if possible. Take your partner or a friend and make sure that you have two folding chairs to sit on. This will give you freedom to leave for the loo, or an ice-cream, and dare I say it, a quick look at the other people‘s items, when the rush is over! 4. Dream Team. If one of you has a big enough car and you both don‘t have too much to sell then ―booting‖ with a friend or neighbour is the bee‘s knees. You can still keep your goods for sale separate. Good for entente cordiale and halves your costs.


5. Packing. Scrounging a few empty, flat fruit boxes from your local shop in the weeks before is a great help, both for packing and speedy removal from the car and placing items on to the table. Pack the chairs first in the car, then the items for sale. On top of them table cloths, if you are having them, and finally the three tables. You need the tables out first. 6. Arrival tactics. Get there as early as possible. Try to be near the exit, if you think it gives you a good position and on any hard standing, if possible. This is good for your departure, if there is a downpour and the ground is already a bit wet. New arrivals tend to be a bit mobbed, especially by ―the trade‖, so stop in your chosen place, get out, lock the car and wander off to look at other stalls. When the crowds have moved away to other cars go back, take the tables out and close the doors again. Place one table across, just away from the boot and the other two at right angles, arranged so that there is only one exit from the little ―fortress‖ you have created. Unload from the rear, leaving the other car doors closed. Keeps the ―trade‖ out of the front. Remember that if you go to a large, busy boot sale you may not be given enough room for that table tactic. 7. Trade tips. Goods not priced and open front or rear car doors are ―manna from heaven‖ to some boot sale ―traders‖. You end up trying to sort out all the price queries at the back of the car, while they are rooting around at the front. You then feel hassled and frantic as they try to push you into selling a great item at a ridiculous price. I see it happening all the time! Keep an eye out for theft or ―non payment‖. It can happen, especially when you are distracted. Damaged items, particularly glass and pottery, have a much reduced value. 8) Bartering. You can expect bartering. If you want £2 for an item, price it at £2.50 and knock 50p off. Everybody‘s happy! Sell with a smile. Make eye contact and say hello. If you take children, make sure that they have something to do, like jobs and playthings. Give them a little money to spend! Enjoy yourself. Hopefully you will have new money in the kitty. Mike Parker



August/September Recent Developments on the Allotment Plots just off Churchill Road “The First Four Steps” There has been much group tackling of all the prolific vegetation that has been growing unchecked for some time, brambles in particular. The first plot has been allocated and this is what confronted the new keen growers, Anna Hadley and Michelle Baker & families What was then needed was a systematic attack on all those roots of the old closely packed vegetation that remained.

First step was to let rip with a petrol driven strimmer and mark the area.

Here‘s the start with still a fair bit to go and a stout arm & a stout spade.

The approach was to cut the ground into small turf squares and turn them upside down so that they can rot down without being able to easily grow back. It will have a raised bed, the parts courtesy of Guy‘s spare wood and posts rescued by Mike from the skip, when the School‘s old portakabins were removed. This will be filled up with topsoil left over from the new play area work.

If you wish to apply for an Allotment Plot, contact either Cerys or Guy below. Help is at hand, if you are new to it all. Cerys McCreanor: 01386 882816 Guy Redmond: .Tel 01386 882889


SEDGEBERROW FLOOD GROUP Flood Warden - Richard Hunt 01386 882079 Secretary –

A very successful visit took place at the Environment Agency Incident Room in Tewkesbury on 28th May 2012. Members of the Sedgeberrow Flood Group together with interested residents were shown the facilities and technology used to identify weather patterns and the improvements made to the monitoring of rivers. The EA were extremely receptive

to the many points raised by the group and this has opened the door for an ongoing dialogue which we hope to be able to report on further in the future. See Photos below The Flood Group has carried out an Isbourne River Bank Survey to identify obstructions from Wormington all the way to the Hinton parish boundaries. This was passed onto the EA to help inform their bi-annual banksman visit. In response to the flood group raising concerns about the impact of the A46 bypass during the 2007 flood , the Highways Agency is now conducting a major survey on the culverts both East & West of the A46 at Sedgeberrow and you may have noticed staff dressed head to foot in yellow around the bridge and river area. We eagerly await the results from this survey due sometime in September. Insurance inconsistency issues are continuing to be pursued via Harriet Baldwin MP. Questions were raised in the Houses of Parliament this month where she repeated her call for insurance companies to continue to offer universal flood insurance cover. We would like to issue a general reminder to all villagers – please remember you can contact the Environment Agency and sign up for Floodline Warnings Direct by calling Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or registering on their website at Don‘t forget you can also register to receive the Alert - All clear message. This means you will be informed when no further flooding is expected in your area. All villagers are asked to remain vigilant over the coming months and report any surface water flooding, particularly blocked drains, to Richard Hunt Flood Warden on 882079.


The QUALITY Vehicle Valeting Service For Evesham and the North Cotswolds Mobile: 07849 712709 Landline: 01386 761290 Email:

Evesham Central Indoor Market. High St, Opposite the Co-op

Steve’s Stationery Supplier of affordable stationery. For both home and office. Books, envelopes, photo copier paper, word searches, children‘s colouring materials, craft materials. Writing pads, pencils pens, and a wide range of other goods.

I supply and fit watch batteries and straps, sell watches and clocks.


One on One Studio Evesham


6.00 - 7.00pm


Sedgeberrow School Hall

Zumba Pilates

6.30 - 7.30pm 7.30 - 8.30pm

Weds Harvington School Hall

Zumba Pilates

7.00 - 8.00pm 8.00 - 9.00pm


St Egwin’s Middle School


7.30 - 8.30pm


Evesham High Sch Dance Studio


7.00 - 8.00pm

We have a wide range of tobacco supplies, rolling papers, filters, lighters, rolling machines, pipes and much more.

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm Saturday 9am - 5pm

Ring me on 07747 327033


Village Hall Events (MH) = Main Hall (BR) = Betteridge Room

What’s on in August

What’s on in September th

7th Zumba Pilates 14th Zumba Pilates 21st Zumba Pilates 28th Zumba Pilates

4 6.30pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm

(MH) (MH) (MH) (MH) (MH) (MH) (MH) (MH)

5th 8th 11th 18th 25th 29th

Zumba Pilates RBLWS Church bingo Zumba Pilates Zumba Pilates WI Zumba Pilates RBLWS Bingo

6.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 8pm 6.30pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm 8.00pm

(MH) (MH) (BR) (MH) (MH) (MH) (MH) (MH) (BR) (MH) (MH) ( MH)

Items of Interest Countywide Roadworks. Are you tearing your hair out, as you keep unexpectedly coming across road-works, like the most recent ones at the Abbey Rd bridge? Go to County Councillor Liz Eyre‘s blogspot:, where she is keeping a close eye on any traffic holdups. You can also visit the website map which can give you a pictorial view of what‘s going on.

Worcestershire Joint Services Review The NHS in Worcestershire is looking at ways to provide high quality, safe and affordable hospital services into the future. Six potential models of hospital care for Worcestershire have been announced. Read the full Case for Change document - ―Why we need to change our hospital services in Worcestershire‖. You can also see an 'at a glance' description of each of the models and the decision criteria here. ―The main focus of the review will be on acute hospital services (those that are provided from the Alexandra, Kidderminster and Worcestershire Royal Hospitals), but it will also look at the wider health and care system, particularly the links for care between hospitals, GP surgeries and primary care‖. ―We want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. We know that the more we listen to patients, the public, professionals and our wider partners, the better the options and future plans will be‖

Don’t just let it happen – get involved. Editor 36

Sedgeberrow Post Aug-Sept-2012  

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