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ny bikes as a m s a l l e s ly to es isn’t simp ik B E long with S a t e l a y e t s r e e h if l l E a ue S The go SE fer the uniq f o o t is l a o you ride an rg n u e O h . w e l t a ib s h s t o p feel d our bikes. I f o e n ces of welde o ie p y r f e o v e h c & n u h ab eac h more than c u m g in ur very own o id y r n e o ’r p u o o h y , you bike bber. When u r d e vy of your d n o e c e r h o t l e o c m o & bec metal ill instantly w u o Y . e e s he block. ’ll t u o n y o , e e d ik u b d E t S des ome the bad c e b l ’l u o y peers and for Take a ride . in a l p x e ly I can’t real t a h t g in h It’s somet S TODD LYON ou’ll see. r e g a n a yourself & y M E Brand S



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ound for has been ar es ik b e c a r rst came series of PK Ripper fi e th The Ripper en h w MX. There s. It was 1977 the face of B ed over 30 year g n a h c er years e & forev the last 30+ er v o onto the scen s n o ti a ce to create any modific of experien have been m es d a ec d r e used ou and we hav ce line yet. our best ra LP r Team X PK Rippe / Integrated

XLP er TeaTm eam XLP PK Ripp PK Ripper

Frame w _ 6061 Alloy Tensioners ilt-in Chain Bu , et Heads lar bu -Spline Tu _ SE 3-pc 48 ks an CR-MO Cr e Rims w/ Supra Dom Axles  hrome Alex _C s w/ Hollow ub H te et Sealed Cass y Roller Tires st _ Maxxis Hol ce Seat & Po ls Ra l ta vo Pi E _ S Peda 6 Platform XM o ed idge _ X-P es w/ Cartr ak Br Vtro _ Tek ble Ca k ic Sl & Pads e Pads & Plat _ Includes SE

Metallic Red




e of our ly became on k ic u q & r a “PK Ripper” ebuted last ye e legendary The Ripper d th k o to e W ponents models. ordable com ff a best selling h it w p u Ripper to e & matched it nably priced style of fram so ea r st o m r ult is ou st a lot. & the end res n’t have to co es o d s es ln o date. Co Ripper

Frame oval Tubing  061 Alloy Fl _6 rk Fo r ea G  anding _L Headset  ange 1 1/8” _T akes  -Star V-Br _C r Cranks  -pc Tubula _3 & Plate Race Pads SE s de lu nc _ I

r Team PK Rippe / Integrated

Frame w _ 6061 Alloy Tensioners ilt-in Chain Bu , et Heads Cranks O bular CR-M w Axles _ SE 3-pc Tu ubs w/ Hollo H te et ss ls da _ Sealed Ca Pe 6 Platform  -Pedo MX_X Rims le Wall DM24 ub Do x le A  _ ls al w w/CNC Side & Plate Race Pads _ Includes SE

am ippereTreTeam PK RP K Ripp


Matte Black

SE Brown

e Metallic Blu




R Ripper J

Frame oval Tubing  061 Alloy Fl _6 Headset ss le ad re Th y Cranks _ 1 ” Tange 155mm Allo  ruvativ 3-pc _T Tires 8” 3/ 1III p Axles  ioga Com _T s w/ Hollow ssette Hub Ca d le e at ea S  Pl _ & Race Pads _ Includes SE

Ripper X

Frame Floval Tubing ks _ 6061 Alloy m Alloy Cran 0m 17 pc 3_ Truvativ es Tir p III 1-3/8” Axles _ Tioga Com s w/ Hollow ssette Hub e at Pl _ Sealed Ca & Race Pads _ Includes SE



Taxi Yellow




ipper iL RL 16” L16 ” Li Ripper

ology nce, & techn ie er p ex e, d same attitu e 24” Floval e created th We took the w en h w s ie e most per ser is one of th is th from our Rip , r a ye . Year after Flyer cruiser the tracks. cruisers at er ft a t h g u so L FLYER 24” FLOVA / Integrated

ame w  061 Alloy Fr _6 n Tensioners Built-in Chai Headset & rk Fo nding Gear  R-MO La _C -MO Cranks CR r la bu  E 3-pc Tu _S l Rims Double Wal  lex DM-24 _A & Plate ds Pa ce Ra _ Includes SE

ts Floval Tu Retro dropou _ 6061 Alloy erican BB, Rear End, Am ear Forks _ Landing G akes _ C-Star V-Br m Cranks  Piece 140m _3 & Plate Race Pads SE s de lu nc I  _

r val Flye er 24” F2l4o ” Floval Fly

ipper 16” LiL R Looptail bing Frame,

Team Blue

er MINI Ripp bing Frame

ipper MiniMR ini Ripper

Floval Tu dset _ 6061 Alloy readless Hea _ 1” Tange Th 140mm Alloy Cranks pc _ Truvativ 3III 1-1/8” Tires  ioga Comp _T s ssette Hub Ca d le ea S  _ les Ax w lo ol H / w & Plate Race Pads _ Includes SE

SE Brown

Cool White




r younger re perfect fo a es ik b o c n e track nco & Bro Take it to th . X M B The Mini Bro in d te hood. With getting star ur neighbor riders just yo d n u o r a nents, r buddies sized compo er ll a or race you sm & s n frame desig on. scaled down to start out es ik b t c fe er p they’re the



Mini Frame  ow Profile _L ter Brake ms w/ Coas Ri  einman _W e ak  -Star V-Br _C ing Grips  E Racing W _S at Se E S  _


Power Pink

co Mini i BroBn ronco Min

iate Frame le Intermed _ Low Profi ake _ C-Star V-Br Wing Grips _ SE Racing _ SE Seat

Stoplight Red

co Brorn B onco

Apple Green nge Popsicle Ora

Apple Green

Stoplight Red




reet bike. It e line dirt/st th f o p to r dset, Pro is ou tegrated hea in , B B The Wildman id m e, m o dropouts. ll Cr-Mo fra at, and micr features a fu se l ta o iv P street, yro tabs, rliest trails, a n g removable g e th r is perfect fo This bad boy k. or skatepar




ke Bottom Brac ame w/ Mid _ CR-MO Fr bs Ta le Gyro & Removab ed Headset ed Integrat ar _ Tange Seal rome 36H Re Ch e m Do a ub H te _ Alex Supr et Sealed Cass Rim w/ 10T O Cranks bular CR-M Tu pc 3E S  _ et ck w/ 28T Spro st l Seat & Po _ SE Pivota Pedals 6 Platform XM o ed _ X-P

man Pro ro Wild Wildman P ut Blue Fade O





man 18” ” Wild Wildman 18

e, but with Cr-Mo fram % 0 10 a h it is ready t w e rider who Pert is buil Xth r n a fo m d ed il n W esig ildman The nents. It’s d e tag. The W o ic p r m p o c ig b le e b a th o is for afford the rider wh h quite ready it t w o n in t t u h b ig , to shred e that fits r 18” wheels & dman 18 has ackage & pric il p W ts e r a Th p e. a m s a ti too big h st shred, but is s for the fir il to a ts tr n e a w th o g h n hitti e rider w a 20” bike t size for th is the perfec ite ready for u q t ye t o n t e, bu for a 16” bik


t ttom Bracke e w/ Mid Bo et _ New Fram 39T Sprock / w ks an Cr lar _ 3-pc Tubu r to Ro & akes _ C-Star Br Rims _ Alex G-303 at Se im _ SE Sl

SE Brown


t ttom Bracke e w/ Mid Bo cket ro Sp T _ New Fram 39 / lar Cranks w _ 3-pc Tubu r akes & Roto _ C-Star Br Rims 03 -3 G x le A  _ at _ SE Slim Se

O Frame  ew CR-M _N m Bracket tto Bo id w/ M lar Cranks bu Tu pc  E 3_S et ck ro Sp w/ 28T with ssette Hub  E Alloy Ca _S r ive Dr 10 Tooth  ST Rotor _S

an Wildilm W dman

X-Pert man a ert WildW ildm n X-P



e Metallic Blu e

Champagn Cool White




ils as cool angle Loopta d a u Q ” 4 2 em at e 20” & ‘em & rode th n o ed We built th p p o h e st as any . But once w ’re just as fa ey retro bikes th t a th d cool and e realize nbelievably u k the track, w o lo ey out there. Th u ask for? other bikes re could yo o m t a h W . they’re fast



m Bracket w/ Mid Botto anks  ew Frame _N Cr m lar 175m  E 3-pc Tubu _S et ck ro w/ 39T Sp es & Rotor  -Star Brak _C at Se im Sl E S  _

LE PRO QUADANG Mid Bottom Bracket

angle Quad Quadangle

ame w/ _ CR-MO Fr O Cranks bular CR-M _ SE 3-pc Tu et ck ro Sp w/ 36T heel Tooth Freew _ Odyssey 13 st Po & at Se  E Pivotal _S wall Tires umbut White _ Kenda Kikz

nge Urgent Ora

o le Pr dang Pro QuaQ uadangle er Green


Cool White




’s the Big net? Yup, it la p e th n o bikes BMX bike out of BMX ew r g The biggest u yo k in ink again. . Did you th u better th Yo Ripper 29er ? ll ta ft . eached 6 n this thing when you r otten rad o g e ’v ld u o c iant Andre the G

? Then serious racer a t o n e ’r u ruiser, but yo ame, chilled You want a c htweight fr g Li . u yo r g Gear yer is fo ks, & Landin n a r c the So Cal Fl c p 3t, y, comfy sea the track. out geometr ol on or off o c is e ik b forks. This L FLYER 24” SO CA ame  061 Alloy Fr _6 lar Cranks  -Piece Tubu _3 at  E Flyer Se _S d Tires  enda K-Ra _K

IPPER 29” BIG R ar End / Looptail Re


er Cal Flyly er 24” S2o 4” So Cal F

Frame w _ 6061 Alloy rks ing Gear Fo nd La ks _ Cr-Mo CR-MO Cran r la bu Tu _ SE 3-pc 1” tires 2. or pt ra _ WTB nano & Grip ing Padset  etro SE W _R ed ud Donuts Incl

Matte Black

Matte Black



can do rther. You Fa . er th o o er. Sm DJ Flyer. It Faster. High 26” wheeled e th n o s g in e disc all those th but with th e, ik b X M B a ity of s, and 26” has the agil ension fork sp su i h c c zo e has brakes, Mar e no BMX bik er h w o g to built wheels, it’s gone before.



t it’s nearly We know tha t. h ig r s t’ a rain on a h gears? Th y rough ter ll ea r An SE bike wit h g u o at. The bomb thr to do just th es ik b o impossible to tw e es ntain we created th own the mou d & p u u BMX bike. So yo ke ble hittin’ t Flyer can ta r is comforta ye Fl 16-speed Dir h lt Fi d the 9-spee ain. trails while ff road terr o y n a g in id rr BMX jumps o FLYER 26” DIRT / Box

Frame w _ 6061 Alloy ys ta Chains Fork 7 Duro DJ D _ Suntour SF p m Co a rig _ Tektro Au sc Brakes Hydraulic Di ks ktion 2 Cran Ru tiv va ru T  _ railleurs De o an m hi S  _ & Shifters

e Hip Hop Blu

h Flyer er 26” F2ilt 6” Filth Fly

Frame w _ 6061 Alloy 3 Forks Dirt Jumper hi cc zo ar _ M em St lt fe usse raulic _ Truvativ H a Comp Hyd  ektro Aurig _T Disc Brakes st l Seat & Po ks _ SE Pivota 1.0RG Cran n io kt Ru ifter _ Truvativ railleur & Sh De ar Re .7 _ Sram RX

mpact  R-MO Co _C ed Headset ed Integrat  ange Seal _T r 3 Fork w/ pe m Ju rt Di avel  arzocchi _M & 80mm Tr s le Ax h ug 20mm Thro l Rims al W le ub  lex FR32 Do _A es & Lever a Ryde Brak  ektro Aurig Cranks _T O -M CR r la  E 3-pc Tubu & Post _S l Seat _ SE Pivota Pedals X-6 Platform _ X-Pedo M

er DJ FJly 26” 2 6” D Flyer

FLYER 26” FILTH tays / Box Chains

R 26” DJ FLYEFrame

Chillin’ Blue

Gray Heavy Metal




on Mars, a rock or er d n u g in v ll the e been li have been a s d ee Unless you’v Sp le g n rew has had now that Si e Premium B then you k n li e th f o Cruise Our top des galore. a r g p rage lately. u h it coolest cat makeover w re to be the a complete su e ’r u o y & is bike around on th e. in your scen REW EMIUM B 700C PR e & Forks am Fr o -M

rew ium B Prem m Brew 700C 70 0C Premiu

gged Cr er Chainring _ Classic Lu w/ Messeng 2 Crankset es _ Sugino RD Tir t l Ultra Spor _ Continenta ttle Opener ms Seat w/ Bo uble Wall Ri _ SE Dragon Anodized Do ue Bl .1 R1 i tin os ub H Cr x ee le A  Fr _ d/ h Flange Fixe g _ Sealed Hig , 56cm, el & Fixed Co he w ee Fr / w 52cm, 54cm cm, 49cm, 47 in e bl ila _ Ava cm sizes 58cm, & 61 be Pad agon Top Tu Dr s _ Include

n Blue Drago




an you can ore style th m s a h er g r? Then proved La h a fixed gea it w e Our new & im id r to nt the hinged k at. You wa nd & remove u shake a stic o r a l ee h brakes. e rear w ps, and the li c simply flip th le b a c rmed your s, top tube just transfo e brake lever ’v u o y t, a st like th Shablaam! Ju a fixie. le speed into stylish sing R 700C LAGE

e _ Cr-Mo Fram rk d Cr-Mo Fo _ Triple Butte n Bars or llh Bu y lo _ Pazzaz Al Cranks pener _ FSA Vero w/ Bottle O rboard Seat Spokes ke s ec es nl Ch ai E S  St / _ Wall Rims w le ub ub H Do x ee le _ A d/Fr h Flange Fixe g _ Sealed Hig & Fixed Co , el he w ee Fr w/ 52cm, 54cm cm, 49cm, 47 in e bl ila es _ Ava siz cm , & 61 d 56cm, 58cm Top Tube Pa eckerboard _ Includes Ch

Cool White

gerr C LaLa 70070 ge 0C Matte Black



ver frame makeo te le p m o c a ut got 0% Cr-Mo The 29” Sto built with 10 w o n ’s It . r a ’s got rear end. It from last ye il ta p o lo a s en ha r, but rides tubing and ev y as last yea r et m eo g t ea the same gr part. d looks the n a smoother


aft Lite te 700c70Dr 0c Draft Li

ant to get iders who w r r fo t c fe ith per both come w aft Lite are ey r D Th & . ld ft r a o r D w The e frame gle Speed et in the Sin with the sam t il u b e r a their feet w ikes /free h as a fixed year. Both b c is su th es B d B a r o g r a Eu on has up ble clips. the Lite versi SE brake ca d n a s, r a & fork, but b rop oy cranks, d rear hub, all AFT LITE 700C DR acket ro Bottom Br

e w/ Eu _ Hi-Ten Fram ebar dl an H op Dr _ SE es _ C-Star Brak nless Spokes Rims w/ Stai d Cog _ Weinmann wheel & Fixe ee Fr Hub w/ _ Fixed/Free , e Cranks _ Alloy 3-Piec , 52cm, 54cm 47 cm, 49cm _ Available in es , & 61cm siz 56cm, 58cm

T 29” STOU am SE Brown/Te


AFT 700C DR uro aft c DrDr 70070 aft 0c

e w/E _ Hi-Ten Fram ket Bottom Brac ar ser Handleb _ SE 1.5” Ri es ak es  -Star Br _C ainless Spok n Rims w/ St _ Weinman anks _ 3-Piece Cr cm, 52cm, in 47cm, 49 _ Available & 61cm sizes , cm 58 , 54cm, 56cm

tout 29” S 29” Stout

le Red Candy App

e / Disc Brak O Frame w  ew CR-M d _N En ar Re optail Mount & Lo e Mount w/ Disc Brak  R-MO Fork _C y lo imus Al  ravity Max _G ks 3-Piece Cran es o Raptor Tir  TB 2.1 Nan _W Hanger ur ille ra De  emovable _R ”, & 21” sizes in 15”, 17”, 19 _ Available

Burnt Red e

Blue/Orang Matte Black




lding SE into l part in mo a r g te in n a years. er played the last 30 er v o s This PK Ripp d n a r b u were the oolest BMX PK Ripper, yo one of the c a e d o r u optail day, if yo PK Ripper Lo 9 0 20 Back in the r u O . k c meless style e on the blo ought the ti baddest dud r b & t en m o that m has captured f BMX. forefront o back to the L R LOOPTAI ame, PK RIPPE y Fr tro 6061 Allo

ptail er Loo Looptail PK Ripp PK Ripper

ition Re Retro _ Limited Ed erican BB, ar End, Am Looptail Re Gussets Dropouts & uble Wall ized Alex Do _ Red Anod s DM24 Rim SE Hubs ized Sealed _ Red Anod ttle Opener Bo / w at Se _ Retro Blitz st atpo _ Fluted Se & Wing Padset _ Retro SE cluded In ts nu Do Grip

Matte Gray

Cool White




attention re to be an su is r ye Fl M better oud. The O is bike, you th e id Loud and pr r u yo llowing you atter where audience fo getter. No m s u io r u c a ur dope to have ns about yo o ti es be prepared u q f o s ing all kind ike for you. around & ask is isn’t the b th e, p ty y e the sh ride. If you’r

ptail e Loo angl Looptail QuadQ uadangle

l retro tails as coo p o Lo le g n a ad them at the 20” & 24” Qu ‘em & rode We built the n o ed p p o y other nce we h as fast as an st ju bikes. But o e ’r ey d lized that th ol looks an elievable co track, we rea b n u e v a h ere. They bikes out th u ask for? re could yo o m t a h W . are fast



LYER 26” OM F ame w/

Alloy Fr _ Retro 6061 ar End Looptail Re 24 Rims uble Wall DM _ 26” Alex Do rome Ch e in pl -S _ SE 3-pc 48 -MO Cranks Tubular CR at te Se r ye Fl E S  _ aled Casset 4 Rims w/ Se -2 DM x le A  _ s le Ax w lo Hubs w/ Hol ts Included _ Grip Donu

er OM Fly r 26” 2 6” OM Flye

Team Blue

ptail e Loo ail adangln gle Loopt 24” Qu 24” Quada

o Double n Retro Cr-M /  imited Editio _L le Frame w ng da ua Q Downtube tro Dropouts Re & d En ar Looptail Re le Wall d Alex Doub  old Anodize _G DM24 Rims O Cranks -Spline CR-M  E 3-pc 48 Opener _S e ttl Bo / w Seat  etro Blitz _R atpost _ Fluted Se rip Padset & G _ Quadangle ed ud cl In Donuts

Metallic Red


n Retro  imited Editio _L Frame w/ Quadangle e ub nt w Do tro Dropouts Re & d ar En ms Looptail Re all DM24 Ri W le Doub anks Cr  hrome Alex _C O -M CR -Spline  E 3-pc 48 _S ttle Opener Seat w/ Bo  etro Blitz _R post  luted Seat _F rip Padset & G _ Quadangle ed ud Donuts Incl

Cool White




Team XLP ng w/ PK Ripper m Floval Tubi inu um Al _ 6061 kes Yo er sf Clamp an Tr Power adset, Seat rk, Internal He rs _ Includes Fo ne io Chain Tens & Integrated HT, 71° ST 15” CS, 74° _ 21.25” TT, e _ 4.4 lbs Fram

Team XXL ng w/ Power PK Ripper m Floval Tubi inu um Al _ 6061 s amp Transfer Yoke ternal Headset, Seat Cl rk, In rs _ Includes Fo ne io ns Chain Te & Integrated HT, 71° ST 15” CS, 74° _ 21.75” TT, e _ 4.5 lbs Fram

il le Loopta Quadang Design tro Re O -M _ 100% CR erican BB Tube w/ Am _ 1-1/8” Head Headset, Seat Clamp , rk _ Includes Fo HT, 71° ST .20” CS, 74° _ 21.3” TT, 15 e _ 5.6 lbs Fram

Team ng w/ PK Ripper m Floval Tubi inu um Al 1 _ 606 s ke er Yo Clamp Power Transf adset, Seat rk, Internal He rs _ Includes Fo ne io ns Te Chain & Integrated HT, 71° ST .75” CS, 74° _ 20.5” TT, 14 e am _ 4.2 lbs Fr

Looptail PK Ripper val Tubing m Retro Flo inu um Al 61 at Clamp _ 60 Se t, se ad rk, He , 71° ST _ Includes Fo HT ° 74 , CS 14.75” _ 21.25” TT, e _ 3.5 lbs Fram

optail angle Lo n 24” Quad Retro Desig O -M CR BB _ 100% w/ American be Tu ad p He _ 1-1/8” set, Seat Clam ad He , rk Fo ST ° _ Includes 73 , CS, 73.5° HT _ 22” TT, 16” e _ 5.7 lbs Fram

le Team ed Quadang p, & Integrat m Tubing inu um Al 61 set, Seat Clam _ 60 ad He al rn te rk, In _Includes Fo ners Chain Tensio ° HT, 71° ST 15.6” CS, 74 _ 21.25” TT, e _ 4.6 lbs Fram

le Butted DeVille ame w/ Doub r Signature Fr be er G is hr _ C Seat Clamp, Mid BB t, Integrated Top Tube & ated Headse ounts gr M te o In yr es G le ab _ Includ ket, Remov ac Br m tto ST Mid Bo ° HT, 70° 13.75” CS, 74 _ 20.75” TT, e am Fr _ 4.7 lbs

yer Floval Fl Tubing p inum Floval set, Seat Clam _ 6061 Alum Internal Head , rk Fo es rs _ Includ ne io ns Chain Te & Integrated .5° HT, 73° ST 15.75” CS, 73 _ 21.25” TT, e _ 4.4 lbs Fram 22” Top Tube Available w/ _ XL Version



Ripper X Tubing inum Floval Combo, _ 6061 Alum t, Seat/Post se ad He , rk rs _ Includes Fo ne io Chain Tens Seat Clamp, , 70° ST ” CS, 73° HT 14 , TT ” .5 19 _ e _ 2.9 lbs Fram




UTS WING DON rene _ Soft Neop ack Red, Blue, Bl _ Available in

LOVES s RIPPER G ced Patche With Reinfor kles uc Kn d _ Amara Palm an t oprene Wris _ Molded Ne s bber Patche _ Molded Ru b um Th _ Terry Cloth

G keychain SE RACIN k ac Bl & _Silver

AG SENGER B PLATE MES NUMBER® bric r _ Cordura Fa ith Organize partment W m Co e rg La _ ing f Lin _ Waterproo _ 19”x13”x6”

K GEAR FOR LANDING r” design “Landing Gea _ Legendary o -M Cr 30 41 d (New Design) _ Heat Treate ed Steer Tube _ CNC Machin ts _ 3/8” Dropou k, White Chrome, Blac _ Available in s ze Si ” and 26 _ In 20”, 24”,

AG SENGER B WING MES ® Fabric r a ur _ Cord ith Organize partment W _ Large Com f Lining _ Waterproo _ 19”x13”x6”

o Jersey 90’s Retr® l Polyester ro nt Ko r Ai _ oppe A by Hot Sh _ Made in US

S WING GRIP und Rubber _ Soft Compo Logo ing W sic as _ Cl ded d Caps Inclu En in w re _ Sc ack, Brown, Bl in e bl ila  va _A d Light Blue, Re

NER WING BAN d _ Double Side mmets _ 6 Metal Gro 10mm Vinyl _ Heavy Duty ’ x3 _ 5’

Caps eeper End rt Finger K se In tic d With Plas _ Alloy Cap Light Blue, Re Black, Silver, _ Available in

D SET lon Material RETRO PA Padding & Ny mouflage _ Retro Foam Ca Blue, Black, _ Available in

MP GRIPS BUBBLE JU d Rubber un _ Soft Compo Design s es el ng Fla _ ded d Caps Inclu _ Screw in En n, ow Br k, Blac _ Available in d Light Blue, Re

PAD SET ADANGLE RETRO QU the r fo y all ific Spec _ Designed optail Lo le ng da Qua lon Material Padding & Ny mouflage _ Retro Foam Ca k, ac Blue, Bl _ Available in

AT G BLITZ SE LIGHTNIN sign De tic as Pl _ Retro _ Cr-Mo rails ner Brace _ Bottle Ope

e P&A line ew our entir vi to m o c s. .sebike Go to www



38 Wildman

Wildman X-Pert

PK Ripper Team

m PK Ripper Tea


al 6061 Aluminum Flov Transfer Tubing w/ Powerrnal ly Rear Stays, Inte Tube, Machined Headin Integrated Cha Tensioners

inum Floval Frame 6061ngAlum Transfer Tubi w/ Powerrnal ly Rear Stays, Inte Tube, Machined Headin Integrated Cha rs ione Tens

100% CR-MO Land ing Gear

MO LandFork 100% CRing Gear

rnal Tange 1-1/8" Interidg e Threadless, Cart Sealed

e 1-1/8" Internal Headset Tangadless, Cartridge Thre Sealed 5" CR-MO PK Bar, 27.2 Handlebars 7.5", Chrome


5" CR-MO PK Bar, 27.2 x 7.5"

Ripper X


Floval 6061 Aluminum ular Seat Tubing, Rectang Forged & Chainstays, 3D Dropouts

al 6061 Aluminum Flov Tubing

rt 100% CR-MO Expe Landing Gear

Landing gear ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle SE Wing Bar, 25.5"

x 7"

Tange ER 1-1/8" Threadless Alloy SE Wing Bar, 24.5" x 6"

Ripper Jr

Mini Ripper

Floval 6061 Aluminum ular Seat Tubing, Rectang Forged & Chainstays, 3D Dropouts 100% CR-MO 1" Mini Landing Gear Tange 1" Threadless Aheadset Wing Aluminum SE Mini Bar, 22" X 4.5"

ing Mini, Front 8" Alloy SE Rac SE Front Load 1-1/ Load, 1" Alloy

Floval 6061 Aluminum ular Seat Tubing, Rectang Forged & Chainstays, 3D Dropouts 100% CR-MO 1" Mini Landing Gear Tange 1" Threadless Aheadset Wing Aluminum SE Mini Bar, 20.5" X 2.5" t SE Racing Mini, Fron Load, 1" Alloy



16” LIL’ Rippe

SE Racing Hi-ten al 6061 Aluminum Flov r End Tubing, Looptail Rea

SE Racing 1-1/8" Threadless

LiL' Landing Gear ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle SE Wing Bar, 20.5"

X 6"

SE , Top Load 1-1/8"


ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle 6" SE Wing Bar, 23" x SE Racing Top Load 1-1/8 Alloy SE Racing Wing Grip

Wildman Pro

Bronco Mini

grated 100% CR-MO, Inte Head Tube, Mid BB

SE Racing Hi-ten

ing 100% CR-MO Land Gear, 3/8 Dropouts

SE Racing 1-1/8" Threadless ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle SE Wing Bar, 20.5"

x 6"

SE Racing Top Load 1-1/8 Alloy Mini Grip

Tange 1-1/8" Sealed Integrated CR-MO Wild Bar, 25.5" X 7" 8" Alloy SE Front Load 1-1/ SE Bubble Jump Grip

Alloy Tektro 275A 2 Finger Pro Max 2 Finger Pro Max 2 Finger er Alloy Fing 2 ar C-St e, ro 317A, 2 Finger Alloy Tektro FX15, U Brak SE Racing Wing Grip A, 2 Finger Alloy Tekt C-Star V-Brake SE Racing Wing Grip Linear Pull, Soft s er Alloy Tektro 317 Wing Grip Tektro 317A, 2 Fing C-Star V-Brake Compound Shoe Grips SE Racing Mini V-Brake ar 2 Finger Alloy ar C-St C-St Alloy er A, 2 Fing Tektro 926AL Mini le er Alloy Tektro 313 m Tektro BX-2, 2 Fing Tektro 926AL Mini le V-Brake, Slick Cab SE Pivotal w/Custo tom Brake Lever Tektro 926AL Mini le V-Brake, Slick Cab SE Racing w/ Cus Cover tom Slick Cab ar V-Brake C-St ake, V-Br SE Racing w/ Cus Imprinted Cover ake, w/Custom r ro 930AL V-Br Seat Cove Tekt d Slim SE rinte Imp ake, BX-25 V-Br Slick Cable SE Racing Mini w/ Pivotal Micro Adjust Cover Brakes Tektroinum Cartridge Alum SE Racing Mini w/ SE Racing Straight Integrated Alloy Post Aluminum 25.4 SE Racing Mini w/ SE Racing Straight Pads, Slick Cable Integrated Alloy Post Post 25.4 ing w/ Custom Alloy Post ight Post 27.2 ed Rac Stra SE grat 25.4 SE Inte Post Cus mm, ed Aluminum d Cover Sleek Seat With r grat SE rinte Inte SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 175 Imp With BB, , e Seat d Cove Integrated Aluminum 1-pc Steel, Amrican 22.2 Mid Sealed Bearing Seat Pivotal Rac Cover tom Imprinte l, American BB, 140mm, 36T ed Aluminum Stee grat Inte 1-pc Custom Imprinted 22.2 Alloy , 28T mm SE Racing Straight SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 140r22.2 170mm, 40T e Rocker Micro-Adjust Post 27.2 ativ 3-pc Alloy, n Ball Bea Rac Truv rica Ame , just tal Micro-Ad Truvativ 3-pc Alloy ed Aluminum 27.2 140mm, Euro Sealed ing, 36T Seat Post Pivo ativ 3-pc Alloy, Aluminum 27.2 155mm, Euro Seal Bearing, 40T Alloy KMC Z410 Silver o, 170mm, Truv 170mm, Euro Sealed Bearing, 41T Alloy mm, SE 3-pc nCr-M KMC Z410 Ball BearAlloy 3-pc Cr-Mo, 180ring 41T SE rica , Ame ring , Bea mm KMC Z410 , 180 inum, Cr-Mo, Sealed Bea 4 0 Euro 44T Z41 X-Pedo MX-6, Alum ing, KMC ed Crankset SE 3-pc Seal n 48 Spline, Euro 4cups, FPD Composite Resi 44T Alloy KMC Z30, silver Cr-Mo Axle, Removposite Resin Com Z30, silver FPD Bearing w/ Alloy KMC Pins able FPD Alloy Platform, KMC Z30, silver 44T Alloy Wellgo Alloy Caged, KMC Z410 CR-MO Axle Wellgo Alloy Caged, KMC Z30, silver CR-MO Axle Alex Supra Dome,36H 36H me , silver go Alloy Caged, Axle Well MO CRWeinmann ZAC30, a. Double Wall 36H sChro , Chain KMC Z30 36H a. Alloy Platform Axle FPD MO , CRWienmann ZAC30, a. inum Aluminum, w/ 14G Rear, w/ Stainles 14G do MX-6, Alum 14G n ZAC30, 32H Axle w/ , X-Pe MO man , CRinum Wein inum es Alum Hole Spok Alum Spokes MX-6, n TR-18, 28 s Aluminum w/ 14 Ga. Axle, Removo man Cr-M Wein es Pedals X-Pedo Hole Spok n TR18, 28 r, w/ Stainles Spokes man Rea Cr-Mo Axle, Remov& Wein t able Pins Fron Hole 32 Rear, w/ Axle Weinmann TR18,Stai able Pins 14Ga. Spokes SE Alloy, 36H, 3/8" nless Front, 32sHole es n ZAC30, 36H Front & Rear, w/ Stainles 14Ga. Spok SE Racing 36H Double Wienman Alex DM-24, 36Hw/C Aluminum, w/ 14 Ga. 14Ga. Spokes SE Racing 36H ra Dome, 36H inum NC Alloy Alum ing es Wall Rac Spok Rims ALEX Sup SE , ow s, w/ Stainless Double Wall Aluminum SE Racing Alloy, Holl SE Alloy, Cassette, ow me, w/ sidewall ster Welded Joint, Chro SE Racing Alloy, Holl SE Racing 36H, Coa 14Ga. Spokes Axle, Sealed Bearing 36H, 14mm Axle, w/ ow es SE Racing Alloy, Holl SE Racing 36H w/ 16T Stainless 14Ga. Spok Axle, Sealed Bearing Brake w/ 16T 10T Driver Alloy 36H Alloy w/ 16T Bearing ing ing ed Rac el Rac Seal SE , SE whe Axle Free ring Sealed Bea Cassette, ing ing Rac el Rac SE SE whe Free ring Sealed Bea Cassette, , Alloy, Hollow Axle ing o ing ring Rac Rac Bea Cr-M , SE SE ed Alloy Seal Hub e, , Axle Front F&R SE Racing Cassett Alloy, Cr-Mo Hollow o Hollow Axle, w/ 16T Sealed Bearing, Alloy w/ Kenda K-1040, 2.1 , ow Axle, w/ 16T Cr-M SE Racing Alloy 36H Sealed Bearing, Alloy e, 2.125 F, 1.75 R Cassette w/ 16T Cr-Mo Holl SE Racing Cassett 16T Freewheel Cr-Mo Hollow Axle, 2.125 F, 1.75 R Cassette ing Aluminum r- Sealed Bearing Alloy,, R & Rac F SE 5" 2.12 e x Hub sett 16" Cas Rear ed Bea w/ 16T 8" Caps, 2 Pegs Cassette, 4 Sealow Cr-Mo Hollow Axle, Tioga Comp III 1-1/ Axle, 8" Caps SE Alloy End ings, Cr-Mo Holle Tioga Comp III 1-3/ SE Plastic Grip End Cassette F&R 8" tic Grip End Caps Tioga Comp III 1-3/ w/ 16T Cassett F&R e Pads, SE SE Plas Rac e, 5 F, 1.75 R Plat e 2.12 R Rac & F e, SE s Kenda K-Rad Race Pads, Race Plat Plastic Grip End Cap Roller s, Race Plate, SE Plastic Grip End Caps 2.125 F, 1.75 R Tires Maxxis Holy e, SE Race Pad s Race Pads, Race Plat 1.95 F, 1.75 R Plastic Grip End Cap s, Race Plate, SE Plastic Grip End Caps Pad e Rac Blue Fade Out rs, ione Apple Built-in Chain Tens tic Grip End Caps Popsicle Orange,t Red , Caps, Race Plas Chain Tensioners, Apple Green, StopGreen, Stopligh Extras Built-in End Caps, Race SE Alloy End e Blue Plat e Red Team t Rac Pink SE Alloy s, ligh er Pad Pow Cool White Pads, Race Plate Really Red 74.5˚ Taxi Yellow 72˚ k SE Brown, Matte Blac ˚ 73.5 Metallic Blue 72˚ Red 70˚ 73˚ Colors Metallic 72˚ 73˚ 71˚ 73˚ 70˚ 74˚ 20.75" 71˚ 74˚ 18" 70˚ Head tube 74˚ 19" 70˚ angle 16.5" 71˚ 14.25" 17.5" 71˚ 13.75" 18.5" Seat tube 71˚ 14.25" 19.5" angle 11.6" 12" 20" 9.4" 13" 20.5" 12" 13.75" Top tube 21.25" 5' 3"+ (160cm+) 5" 9.7" 13.7 cm) cm-142 length 10.7" 14.5" cm) 4'-4' 8" (122 4'6" -5' (137cm-152 11.2" 14.75" 5' (Under 152cm) er Und 11" 15" cm) ays 132 Chainst 3'6"-4'4" (107cm28 lbs w/o pegs 12" 4' 3"-4'10" (130cm26.1 lbs 11.45" 4' 6"- 5' 3" (137cm26.4 lbs 148cm) BB height 11.45" lbs 4' 8"-5' 5" (142cmcm) 20.8 160 (160 5' 3" - 5' 10" 16.4 lbs 165cm) (170cm+) 17 lbs 178cm) Suggested 5' 7"+ 18.2 lbs Rider Size 24.3 lbs 25.1 lbs Weight 24.6 lbs , 1-1/8" Stem SE Front Load Alloy

ing Top Load 8" Alloy SE RacAlloy SE Front Load 1-1/ 1-1/8

Expert Grip

Junior Grip

Mini Grip

Mini Grip

outs, Mid BB, 6mm Drop Gyro Mounts

CR-MO, Mid BB, Frame 100%ovab Rem le Rotor Tabs

MO Landing Fork 100% CR-m Dropouts Gear, 14m e 1-1/8" Threadless Headset Tang

outs, Mid BB, 6mm Drop Gyro Mounts

m Landing Gear, 14m Dropouts ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle X 7" SE Wing Bar, 25.5"

CR-MO, Wild Bar, Handlebars 25.5" X 7" 1-1/8" Stem SE Top Load

Wildman 18”


Alloy SE Top Load 1-1/8"

Quadangle Pro dangle 100% CR-MO Qua Frame Design, 6mmGyro dropouts, Mid BB, Mounts

m Landing Gear, 14m Dropouts ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle X 7" SE Wing Bar, 25.5" Alloy SE Top Load 1-1/8"

ing 100% CR-MO Land outs, Gear, 14mm Dropnts Front Brake Mou ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle CR-MO Wild Bar, SE 25.5" X 7"


Floval gn, 6061 Aluminum Quadangle Frame Desi Tubing, InternallyTube, outs, Mid BB, 6mm Drop Machined Headin nts Cha Mou ed Gyro Integrat Tensioners m Landing Gear, 14m e Dropouts, Front Brak Mounts ss adle Tange 1-1/8" Thre X 7" SE Wing Bar, 25.5"

1-1/8" Alloy 8" Alloy SE Top Load SE Front Load 1-1/ SE Bubble Jump Grip


24” Floval Fly

SE Bubble Jump Grip

100% CR-MO Land ing Gear rnal Tange 1-1/8" Interidg e Threadless, Cart Sealed Wing CR-MO SE Racing" Bar, 26.5" X 5.75 8" SE Front Load, 1-1/ Alloy SE Racing Wing Grip


24” So Cal Fly

Floval 6061 AluminumSE Tubing, Classic Dropouts

26” DJ Flyer grated 100% Cr-Mo, Inte sets Headtube Fillet Gus

CR-MO Steer Tube Landing Gear ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle SE Racing Wing Bar, 27.25" X 5.75" Alloy SE Top Load, 1-1/8" SE Racing Wing Grip

Finger Alloy er Alloy C-Star 2 Tektro 313A, 2 Fing

26” Dirt Flyer

per Marzocchi Dirt Jum Axle, 3, 20mm Through 80mm travel Tange 1-1/8" Sealed Integrated r Bar, SE 1.25" Alloy Rise 25.5" Wide ty, SE Front Load Shor 1-1/8" Alloy SE Bubble Jump Grip p, Tektro Auriga Com Hydraulic, Rear Only

26” Filth Flyer

Semi6061Aluminum,dtub , SemiHea e, Box 6061 Aluminumdtub e, Box Integrated Integrated Hea s, Water Chainstays, Water Bottle stay Seat Chain & Mounts Bottle Mounts D, Suntour SF7 Duro DJ 100mm Travel rnal Tange 1-1/8" Interidg e Threadless, Cart Sealed SE Racing 1.25"" Alloy Riser Bar, 25.5 Wide ty, SE Front Load Shor 1-1/8" Alloy SE Bubble Jump Grip Tektro Auriga Comp, Hydraulic, F & R

per Marzocchi Dirt JumAxle, 3, 20mm Through 100mm Travel rnal Tange 1-1/8" Interidg e Threadless, Cart Sealed 5" SE Alloy, 1" rise, 25.2 Wide 60mm Truvativ Hussefelt, SE Bubble Jump Grip , Hayes Stroker Ryde Hydraulic F&R

Tektro Auriga Comp, Finger Alloy, Tektro Auriga Comp,Disc F, Hydraulic, 160mm Alloy, C-Star 2Rea Tektro 275A 2 Finger aulic, 180mm Tektro Auriga Comp,Disc Front & r Hydr Disc F&R ake mm r C-Star V-Br Front & Rea Hydraulic, 160 160mm Disc R C-Star 2 Finger Alloy Tektro 839AL V-Brake ar m C-Star U-Brake, Lined SE Pivotal w/Custo Lin, rake m U-B usto A poun w/C 907 Com Tektro SE Slim Seat s Cover pound Pull, Soft m C-Star U Brake, Slick s, Front & Rear ear Pull, Soft Com r, 8mm Rail SE Pivotal w/Custo Shoe Cove rake U-B D r 933 Rea ar & C-St Cable SE Flyer Seat Shoes, Front Cover om 40 U Brake, o Adjust SE Racing withrcust Brakes TektroarFX-3 m just Pivotal Micr27.2 Line Pull, Soft s SE Slim Seat w/Csusto Race Rocker Micro-Ad imprinted cove Aluminum m SE Pivotal w/Custo inum 27.2 Pivotal Micro Adjust Compound Shoe Cover, 8mm Rail Alum m just usto o-Ad w/C Micr er Seat SE Slim Cover Aluminum 25.4 m just Race Rock 27.2 1.0RG, SE Slim Seat w/Csusto Race Rocker Micro-Ad Cover, 8mm Rails Aluminum , Truvativ Rucktion ed Seat w/Custom ativ Ruktion 2, Alloy SE Straight Post 25.4 Cover, 8mm Rail Aluminum 27.2 Alloy, 175mm, Seal Seat SE Slim8mm , MO, 175mm, Truv Rails Pivotal Micro Adjust Cover, w/ Howitzer Spindle, , SE 3-pc CR-ed 175mm, Sealed Euro mm Euro 25.4 , 180 ring Post MO, Bea ight CR25.4 SE Stra Aluminum , SE 3-pc 32T Alloy Euro 4 Seal mm 22T/ Alloy 25.4 180 36T Alloy Post MO, 39T ight CRBB, 3-pc SE Stra American 30T Alloy , o, 175mm, SE Straight Post 25.4 Euro 4 Sealed Bearing , SE 3-pc Cr-M Seat Post SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 175mm Mid BB, 39T 39T Alloy Shimano HG-73 , o, 152mm, SE Mid Sealed Bearing mm, SE 3-pc Cr-M KMC Z-92, Silver 175 o, Cr-M 34T 3-pc Mid BB, 36T Alloy mm, SE KMC Z510 Silver 175 , o, Cr-M 39T 3-pc Mid BB, Wellgo Alloy Platform KMC Z410 Crankset SE Sealed Bearing, Alloy Platform, Mid KMC Z30 Silver Cr-Mo Axle, Removinum, Wellgo Axle X-Pedo MX-6, Alum 28T Alloy KMC Z410 Pins Cr-Mo able , form r ovPlat Silve Rem , 0 FPD Alloy KMC Z41 Cr-Mo Axle w/ Wellgo Alloy Platform KMC Z410 CR-MO Axle able Pins , w/ FPD Alloy Platform, KMC Z410 CR-MO Axle Alex FR-32, 32HEyel , 32H ets, 0 Wellgo Alloy Platform CR-MO Axle Weinmann DM 30,inum, Stainless Steel , Chain KMC Z41 ble form Plat a. Alloy Axle FPD CR-MO Alex FR-32, 32H, Dou Double Wall Alums 14Ga. w/ Black Stainless 14G , , form inum Plat With Alum Alloy 3 Axle FPD CR-MO Alex G-30 k Stainles Wall aluminum nless Blac ble orm, es w/ Dou Platf Spok es 36H Alloy o Spok Axle 24, a. CR-MO Alex DM36H, w/ 14G ets, w/ Stai 36 Pedals Wellg O Axle , es Eyel inum Spok NC Alum w/C 3 inum CR-M , 36 Alex G-30 r, Wall Alumw/ Stainless 14Ga. Spokes Bearing Alex G-22 AluminumRear, Hole Front, 48 Hole Rea sidewall, SE Alloy Sealed m Aluminum Hole front, 48 Hole , 36 Alex G-303Ga. Spokes w/ 14Ga. Spokes SE Alloy 32H Disc w/ 14Ga. Spokes Disc, 32H, 20m Alex G-303 Aluminum 36H, w/14 Alloy Sealed Bearing Release , w/14Ga. Spokes k r SE Axle inum Rea Quic ugh Alum Hole Thro 48 Alloy t, , G-22 Hole Fron Rims Alex Front, 48 Hole Disc, 32H, 20mm ring SE Racing 36H es rings 36 Hole SE Racing Sealed oBea a. w/ 14Ga. Spok Through Axle SE Four Sealed Beaw/ m Axle Rear, w/ Stainless 14G 36H Alloy w/ Cr-M Axle SE 36H, 14m SE Alloy 32H Disc w/ , Alloy, w/ QR, 2T, SE 36H Alloy, 14mm Sealed Bearing , Quick Release, w/ Suntour 32H Axle Spokes 11-3 ow Alloy 50 Holl SE PG-9 Axle m w/ Sram ette SE 36H, 14m SE Racing 36H, Alloy Disc, 32H Alloy casssette 11-32T, 8 Speed e, 9 Speed SE 36H, 14mm Axle el SE Racing Cassett w/ Nutted w/ 15T Cas Alloy 17T Freewhe Alloy, 36H, 14mm Axle SE 48H, 14mm Axle Sealed Bearing 36H Front Hub SE Axle, w/ Alloy, 14mm Axle, 14T Freewheel d 2.3 ow 48H Holl SE o Cr-M 14T w/ , el F&R 26" Kenda K-Ra n SE 36H, 14mm Axle 13T Odyssey Freewhe w/ 26" Kenda K-Rad 2.3 17T cassette Front, Kenda Kiniptio 2.3 SE 48H, 14mm Axle Freewheel 26" Kenda K-Radptio 2.3 Rear Alloy, 48H, 14mm, a K-Rad 24 x a Kini n 14T Freewheel Kend Kend 24" t, Fron Rear Hub SE 10T Driver r Rea F&R 24" Kenda K-Rad, r RX.7 1.95 Rea 2.3 Sram t 1.95 F & R 1.95 F & R r, Sram RX.7 Shimano Acera Fron Alivio DeraillueShif Kenda Kikzumbut 1.95 Alloy End Caps er ters, Truvativ Derailluer, Shimano Grip End Caps SE 1.95 F, 1.75 R Shimano TriggGuid Front & Rear e, SE Alloy Rear Derailluer,SE ioners, SE Plastic Box &R Tens F in 2.1 tic Cha Plas t t-in , Fron Buil 40, 2.1 Acera Shifters Race End Caps h Rotor, 2 Pegs, SE Tires KendarK-10 SE Alloy End Capes, s End Caps r, 4 Pegs, SE Rus Cap Grip Roto End & Rea Oryg Grip Plat e SST tic Plas Pads, Rac , SE Heavy Metal Grey Rush Rotor, 2 Pegs Alloy End Caps , SE s Hip Hop Blue Rush Rotor, 2 Pegs Plastic Grip End Cap Chillin' Blue Rotor, 2 Pegs, SE Plastic Grip End Caps Extras SST Oryg s Matte Black Plastic Grip End Cap shop- SE Brown Urgent Orange, Gras 69˚ Cool White per Green 69˚ SE Brown 69˚ gne mpa Cha Cool White, ˚ 73.5 Blue 73˚ 73.5˚ Colors Metallic 73˚ 74˚ 73˚ 74˚ 73˚ 72˚ 22" 73˚ 74˚ 22" 70˚ Head tube 74.5˚ 22" 70˚ angle 21.5" 70˚ 16" 5" 21.2 70˚ 16" 19.5" Seat tube 70˚ 16" 20.5" angle 12.2" 15.75" 18" 12.2" 15.75" 20" 12.25" 14.25" Top tube 20.75" 5'4"+ (162cm+) 5" 12" 14.2 ) th leng 5'4"+ (162cm+ 11.9" 13.75" 5' 4"+ (162cm+) 11.4" 14.25" ) cm+ 5' 5"+ (165 11.4" ) Chainstays 14.25" 32.8 lbs 10.5" cm) 5' 4"+ (162cm+ 4' 6" - 5' 3" (137-160 32.9 lbs 11.6" 5' 3"-5' 10" (160cm33 lbs BB height 11.6" cm(122 4'-4' 10"' 26.3 lbs 178cm) cm(142 '5" 4' 8"-5 26.8 lbs 148cm) (160cm+) 29.9 lbs w/o pegs 165cm) Suggested 5' 3"+ 29.5 lbs w/o pegs Rider Size 27 lbs w/o pegs pegs w/o lbs 29.4 pegs Weight 29.2 lbs w/o

Jump Grip Grips SE Bubble 0 2 Finger XL32 Tektro Brake Lever Alloy

SE Bubble Jump Grip

SE Bubble Jump Grip

C-Star 2 Finger Alloy




29” Stout 700c Draft 700c Draft Lite Fender Mounts en, Water Bottle & le Speed Design, Hi-T Frame Urban Sing

700c Lager


29” Big Rippe

Quadangle Looptail

PK Ripper Looptail

Aluminum Floval Frame 6061ng, Rear Tubi Looptailouts End, Retro Drop

e 1-1/8" Threadless Headset Tang Wing CR-MO SE Racing Handlebars Bar, 27.25" X 5.75"

8" Tange Alloy DX4, 1-1/ Threadless

Load Stem Retro Top 1-1/8" Alloy Wing Grip Grips SE Racing er Tektro 313A, 2 Fing Brake Lever Alloy AL V-Brake Brakes Tektro 837


5" CR-MO PK Bar, 27.2 7.5", Chrome

Retro Top Load 1-1/8" Alloy

er Tektro 313A, 2 Fing Alloy, Red Anodized

SE Lightning Blitz Seat w/ Bottle Opener Retro Fluted Micro-27.2 Adjust, Aluminum

mm, SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 180 CR-MO, 180mm, 48 Spline Sealed Crankset SE 3-pc Sealed American BB, American, 44T Alloy 33T Alloy 0 Silver Chain KMC Z41 Alloy Platform w/ Pedals Wellgo CR-MO Axle

Retro Fluted Micro-25.4 Adjust, Aluminum

Tektro 930AL V-Brake SE Lightning Blitz Seat w/ Bottle Opener Retro Fluted Micro-25.4 Adjust, Aluminum

mm, SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 180 48 Spline SealedAlloy American, 44T

Classic WellgoAlloy , Platform, Cr-Mo Axle Removable Pins

Wing CR-MO SE Racing", Bar, 26.5" X 5.75 Chrome Retro Top Load 1-1/8" Alloy

er Tektro 313A, 2 Fing Alloy

SE Lightning Blitz Seat w/ Bottle Opener

KMC Z30, silver

8" Tange Alloy DX4, 1-1/ Threadless

SE Racing Wing Grip

Tektro 930AL V-Brake, Slick Cable

KMC Z30, silver Classic WellgoAlloy , Platform, Cr-Mo Axle Removable Pins

Lugged Urban Single Speed ble Butted, Classic 100% CR-MO, Doule & Fender Mounts Bott er Wat gn, Desi

100% CR-MO Landing Gear

Retro Top Load 1-1/8" Alloy

er Tektro 313A, 2 Fing Alloy


ed 100% Cr-Mo w/ lugg

Classic Wellgo Alloy , Platform, Cr-Mo Axle Removable Pins

8" Tange Alloy DX4, 1-1/


1" Threaded Tange Sealed Alloy

SE Racing Wing Grip er Tektro 313A, 2 Fing Alloy

420mm Wide

SE 3D Forged Alloy,

Tektro 839AL V-Brake

SE Flyer Seat Race Rocker Micro-27.2 Adjust Aluminum

KMC Z30 Silver Classic Wellgo Alloy , Platform, Cr-Mo Axle Removable Pins

, F&R Tektro RL-570, Alloy

Alloy, F & R

t Caliper F&R Tektro 316 Dual Pivo

t Calipers, F & R Tektro R320 Dual Pivo

ner er Light w/ Bottle Ope SE Checkerboard Sup

Bottle Opener SE Dragon Print w/

SE Micro Adjust Alloy

27.2 SE Micro Adjust Alloy Sugino RD2 Alloy, Euro

FSA Vero3-pc Alloy,

er Chainring BB, 46T Alloy Messeng


, 46T Alloy Euro Sealed Bearing

Axle, w/ Chrome Toe d Alloy Cage, Cr-Mo Wellgo R025, Machine & Straps


s Spokes , Blue Ano, Stainles Double Wall, 32 Hole Alex Crostini R1.1,

e & Toe Clips Wellgo Alloy w/ Cag es walls, Stainless Spok ble Wall w/ CNC Side Alex R500, 32H, Dou

4, 36H Double Double Alex DM2 inum, w/ Alex DM-24, 36H, Chro , Nutted me, Wall Alum , 32H, Sealed Bearing Wall Aluminum a. nless 14Ga. Spokes Stai SE High Flange Alloy Stainless 14G 00 w/ 240 ZAC n man Rims Wein Bearing, Nutted es ed Spok Seal w/ , , 32H inum , Alloy Alum 17T 36H SE High Flange es ed Bearing, Nutted, ing High Flange Stainless 14Ga. Spok d Free Alloy, 32H, Seal Flange, SE Rac , SE High Flange Fixe SE Racing High Alloy Alloy, Sealed Bearing ge 17T , Freewheel & 16T Cog SE Racing High Flan ed Bearing, Nutted, ed Bearing Axle Seal Seal , o ge 32H Cr-M , Flan , Alloy ring High Free d SE Racing , Sealed Bea Cr-Mo Axle SE High Flange Fixe ge ed Bearing, Cr- Alloy Racing, High Flange, Cr-Mo Axle ring Alloy, SealRed SE Racing High Flan Front Hub SE Freewheel & 16T Cog ge Anodized Cartridge Sealed Bea Mo Axle, SE Racing High Flan Alloy, Sealed Bearing ed Bearing Racing High Flange, 36H Alloy Axle w/ 17T Seal SE o , 28c Cr-M Alloy , ge, Alloy Flan Cr, Alloy Kenda K176, 700 X SE Racing High Alloy, o Axle w/ 17T Freewheel Sealed Bearing Free wheel Alloy, Cr-M Racing, High Flange, Mo Axle w/ 16T ring Sealed Bea,ring Rear Hub SE Freewheel e Ultra Sport 700C Cartridge Sealed Bea o Axle Red Anodized ntal Cr-M tine Con , Removable SE Brak 36H Alloy, w/ 18T Pad, Alloy Axle Nuts Kenda K-Rad w/F & R w/ 16T Freewheel Checkerboard Top Tube a K-Rad w/ Cassette Skinwalls 1.95 Retro Tread Kend s Brake Cable Clips F&R SE Clip K-50 le a le 1.95 s Cab ovab Kend wall Rem , Skin d s , Alloy Axle Nuts a K-50 Retro Trea Pattern w/ Skinwall Dragon Top Tube Pad tor, 2.1 F&R Kendern w/ Skinwalls Patt Tires WTB Nanorap 2.125 F, 1.75 R Alloy Axle Nuts, Grip Valve Caps, 2.125 F, 1.75 R Retro Pads, Alloy Axle e Alloy Donuts, Alloy s, Alloy Axle uts, s Pad Don o Cap Matte Black, Cool Whit Grip Retr , Nuts SE Alloy End Retro Pads, Alloy Axle , Grip Donuts, Alloy Valve Caps, SE Alloy uts, Alloy Valve Nuts, Grip Donuts, Alloy Nutse Caps, SE Alloy Valv Extras Grips,Don Dragon End Caps Blue Alloy SE s, Blue Cap Cap Retro Pads, Alloy e Valv End Caps Woodgrain, Team 58cm 61cm SE End Caps End Caps Cool White m 54cm 56cm SEAT TUBE 47cm 49cm 52c Metallic Red Cool White, Matte Gray m 61cm LENGTH 58c m 56c k 570 m Blac 54c m Colors Matte 555 559 563 SEAT TUBE 47cm 49cm 52c 71 TOP TUBE 530 539 545 LENGTH 73.5˚ 595 LENGTH 575 565 72° 555 74˚ 72° 72° 72° TOP TUBE 525 535 545 74˚ HEAD TUBE 72° 72° 72° 73 LENGTH Head tube 71˚ ANGLE 73˚ 73° 73° 73° 74° angle 73° 74° 72° 74° E 71˚ 74° HEAD TUB 70° 71° 71˚ SEAT TUBE 74° 74° 74° ANGLE 22.25" ANGLE 73° 73° Seat tube 73˚ 73° 409 73° 22" 409 5° angle 409 SEAT TUBE 73° 72.5° 72. 21.25" 409 409 409 21.25" ANGLE CHAINSTAYS 408 410 410 17.25" 410 Top tube 23.25" 16" 410 410 410 282 282 282 length CHAINSTAYS 410 15.25" 282 282 282 11.75" 14.75" BB HEIGHT 282 270 270 12" 270 Chainstays 17.75" 270 11.8" 270 270 BB HEIGHT 270 5’ 6”+ (167cm+) 11.45" 21.5 lbs. 5' 7"+ (170cm+) BB height 12" 5' 7"+ (170cm+) ) cm+ (170 7"+ 5' 20.95 lbs. ) cm+ (170 7"+ 28.9 lbs. Suggested 5' 27.5 lbs Rider Size 25.2 lbs 24.4 lbs lbs 28.5 Weight ble Alex DM-24, 36H, Dou a. Wall Aluminum 14G Red Stainless Spokes w/ Ano. Nipples

Double Alex DM-24, 36H, w/ Wall Aluminum Spokes Stainless 14Ga.

SE Drop Bar

Alloy Tektro 313A 2 Finger

,F&R Radius, 2 Finger Alloy F& Radius Alloy Caliper


Alloy Caliper F & Brakes Radius

SE Bubble Logo Grip

SE Bubble Logo Grip

hion Wrap Foam Grips SE Logo Cus 2 Finger Alloy, F & R ke Lever Radius

Pull Tektro 837AL Linear

e BB, Alloy, Euro Cartridg Crankset 3-pc


tom Cover SE Super Light w/ Cus

SE Super Light

SE Micro Adjust Alloy

SE Straight Post 27.2

Straight Post 27.2 Seat Post SE




t Seat SE Super Ligh

Riser Bar, 25.5" Wide

ree Rise SE Alloy MTB, 7 Deg

SE, 10 Degree Drop


ISIS Alloy, Sealed Euro w/ Gravity Maximus 3-pc

Spindle, 32T Alloy

ridge BB, 42T 3-pc Steel, Euro Cart 42T

KMC Z610 Silver Cr-Mo axle Wellgo, Alloy Cage,

KMC Z410 Cage FPD Resin w/ Alloy

0 Chain KMC Z41 n w/ Alloy Cage Pedals FPD Resi

KMC Z410 Silver KMC Z-410 Silver

SE Racing 2" Alloy SE 1.5" Riser Bar

ree Drop Stem SE, 10 Deg

7 Degree Drop

p Foam SE Logo Cushion Wra

Track Grip er Tektro RL-570, 2 Fing


ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle

ss Tange 1-1/8" Threadle

e 1-1/8" Threadless Headset Tang

mm Wide Alloy Bullhorn, 400

Degree Drop 6061 Alloy Quill, 17

Cr-Mo, 180mm, 180mm, SE 3-pc Sealed SE 3-pc CR-MO,rica n BB, 48 Spline 48 Spline, Ame n, 39T Alloy rica Ame 39T Alloy KMC Z30, Silver


Butted Track Bar, Pazzaz Alloy Double

nts Hi-Ten w/ Fender Mou er Mounts Fork Hi-Ten w/ Fend

Fender Mounts

le Mounts Rear End, Water Bott Brake Tabs, Looptail

Brake Tabs 100% Cr-MO w/Disc

er Mounts o, Water Bottle & Fend Design, 100% Cr-M Urban Single Speed

w/ Triple Butted Cr-Mo

Bar, SE Racing Wing Chro me 27.25" X 5.75",

SE Racing Wing Grip

Tektro 930AL V-Brake, Red Anodized, Slick Cable

e Rocker MicroSeat Post Rac Adjust Aluminum 30.8


Retro Top Load 1-1/8" Alloy

SE Racing Wing Grip

Seat SE Flyer Seat

8" Tange Alloy DX4, 1-1/ Threadless

8" Tange Alloy DX4, 1-1/ Threadless

700c Premium

ng, 6061 Aluminum Tubi Retro Looptail Rear End, dropouts

100% CR-MO Landing Gear

100% CR-MO Landing Gear

100% CR-MO Landing Gear

5" CR-MO PK Bar, 27.2 7.5", Chrome

26” OM Flyer

100% Cr-Mo Tub-ble 100% Cr-Mo Tub-ble ing, Classic Dou ing, Classic Doutail Rear Downtube, Looptail Rear Loop e, ntub Dow End, Retro Dropouts outs Drop o End, Retr

Floval 6061 Aluminum Rea r Tubing, Looptailouts & End, Retro Drop Gussets

MO Fork 100% CRLanding Gear


24” Quadang Looptail

100% CR-MO, w/ Disc

nts er Bottle & Fender Mou Design, Hi-Ten, Wat Urban Single Speed

00 Double Weinmann ZAC240

es , 36H, Stainless Spok Weinmann CN-520

s Spokes CN-520, 36H, Stainles Rims Weinmann

ee Alloy, 36H, Nutted, High Flange Fixed/Fr Rear Hub SE

es Stainless 14Ga. Spok

, Nutted ring Disc Hub, 36H SE Alloy Sealed Bea SE 36H, Nutted

, Nutted High Flange Alloy, 36H Front Hub SE

s, w/ Wall, CNC Sidewall

16T Freewheel & 15T

Fixed Cog

SE Alloy Cassette Disc

wheel , Nutted, w/ 16T Free SE Single Speed 36H

tor 2.1 F&R 29" WTB Nano Rap 700 X 28c

Tires 700 X 28c e Cable Clips Removable SE Brak Rear Fender Mounts, Extras Front &

Hub, 36H, Nutted, 18T

Grip End Mounts, SE Plastic Front & Rear Fender

le Red /SE Brown, Candy App Colors Team Blue 58cm 61cm m 54cm 56cm 47cm 49cm 52c SEAT TUBE GTH LEN 570 555 560 563 530 539 546 TOP TUBE LENGTH 72° 72° 72° 72° HEAD TUBE 72° 72° 72° ANGLE 74° 74° 74° 74° SEAT TUBE 74° 74° 74° ANGLE 410 410 410 410 410 410 CHAINSTAYS 410 282 282 282 282 282 282 BB HEIGHT 282

r Hanger, Removable Derailleu


SE Alloy End caps

Burnt Red Black Orange/Blue, Matte 58cm 61cm m 54cm 56cm 47cm 49cm 52c SEAT TUBE LENGTH 570 555 560 563 530 539 546 TOP TUBE LENGTH 72° 72° 72° 72° HEAD TUBE 72° 72° 72° ANGLE 74° 74° 74° 74° SEAT TUBE 74° 74° 74° ANGLE 410 410 410 410 410 410 CHAINSTAYS 410 BB HEIGHT





































BB HEIGHT 26.6 lbs

27.0 lbs

Weight 26.4 lbs




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