The Night Before

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The Night Before Written by Cynthia Bergmaier Illustration by Shannon Bergmaier

To my beautiful mother, Thank you for all you do for me and our family! I owe so much to you! I am so glad I was able to bring your high school story to life through illustrations. This was very special for me to work on. Merry Christmas, I love you!

The Night Before Written by Cynthia Bergmaier Illustration by Shannon Bergmaier

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the night, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” But sleepers do not exist in Santa’s house until the “wee” hours of the morning. How busy would you expect the household to be considering the next day is Christmas? Take yourself into the land of imagination and spend Christmas Eve at the Claus house.


“Ouch!” Bang, bang went the hammer. “Ouch! Ouch! Why do little boys always want a birdhouse for Christmas? Those nature refuges are murder on the thumbs,” hollered one little elf.


Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! The siren on Mickey Travers’ fire engine blasted. “Oh, my ears!” screamed another elf covering his ears with his fingers. “They’ll never be the same again.” Back in the corner of the room, another toy had drawn the curiosity of someone else.


“MY NAME IS MINNIE. WHAT IS YOURS?” sounded softly from the record on the “Minnie” doll just invented for the Christmas season. Tyke, the small elf playing with the “Minnie” doll, was so taken with it that he did not notice Santa walk into the room.


“MY NAME IS...” “Now Tyke. Don’t play with the toys,” reprimanded Santa. “We wouldn’t want the string to be worn out for the little girl receiving this present tomorrow, would we?”



“Oh no,” cried the shame-faced elf. “I’m sorry.” Tyke placed the doll back in its place on the shelf and ran to his friend, eager to help with any finisihing touches on the two-story dollhouse Melissa Sanders wanted. Other elves were scurrying about finishing up the last minute details on the various gifts Santa was preparing to take out.


Meanwhile, the piercing cold North Pole wind was biting mercifully into the hands of elves Dillie, Tollie, and Gillie.


They hurriedly hooked Santa’s sleigh to the eight reindeer. Rudolph’s red nose brightly displayed the journey’s path awaiting Santa.


Voices sounded the house ringing out Christmas carols. A scampering of little feet brought the collection of gifts and packages together in Santa’s bag.



Soon, Santa’s jolly voice sang:




and off through the night he went with the sleigh

bells chiming loudly. A chorus of voices remaining home cheerfully warmed the chilling skies.


The tired eyes of the elves sought their warm beds after a thorough clean-up that once again sparkled the Claus house. In the morning, children everywhere laughed and played joyfully with their new toys but that house in the North Pole slept take out.



The End

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