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Moose Hall Revitalized: Treasures, magic and stories by Doreen Marion Gee

the old attic, now located in Saanichton's 1898 "Moose Hall," caters to every taste and desire

When you purchase a collectible or an

antique at The Old Attic, you are also buying a fascinating piece of past or recent history. Almost every exquisite item – old or new – has a tantalizing human story behind it. At The Old Attic, the word "beauty" takes on a new life. The owners choose their treasures based on their creative explosion on our senses: how they delight the eye and grab the mind – whatever their age or pedigree. The Old Attic caters to every taste and desire, setting the imagination on fire. Entering The Old Attic store in Saanichton, I felt spellbound within my wildest fantasy: a magical wonderland of exotic collectibles and fine works of art lining every wall to the ceiling. The owners, Lynne Parker and Vic Clive, love what they do and the customers they serve. They formed a partnership in 2010 selling vintage, modern, retro and antiques. The Old Attic business has evolved from a business park warehouse enterprise to their brand new beautiful digs at 7925 East Saanich Road. Housed in an old-time 1898 "Moose Hall," it is one of the four oldest buildings in Saanichton. At The Old Attic, "beauty" is independent of time and judgement; the owners showcase items that simply stir our passions. Along

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with premium quality, the owners value the "specialness" of their treasures: "Our stuff is eclectic. It doesn't have to be antique or 400 years old. It has to be really interesting – that is the stuff that we want! That is what piques our interest." Hypnotized by an eccentric end table with a metal snake wrapped around it, I

"Our stuff is eclectic. It doesn't have to be antique or 400 years old. It has to be really interesting – that is the stuff we want!" was amazed to discover that it was made from a chainsaw, right down to the slithery reptile with nail fangs. The tale behind the collectible is equally valuable to Lynne and Vic: "If it has a back story behind it, that's even cooler." An old typewriter sits at the front of their store with a CBC sticker from a Vancouver newsroom on it, whetting my "journalist" appetite (I wonder what breaking news changed history from those metal keys!). Just after they opened, an old red trunk crossed their door

that had been in an 1895 California hotel. Inside the trunk were road pictures of the hotel – which burned down five years later. Lynn: "We research everything before we sell it. If there is a story behind an item, we tell the story as well." Customers are very eager to hear the tale behind the treasure: "It makes it just that more special." The sky is the limit at The Old Attic: old, new, furniture, paintings, artwork, an old mandolin, a Coca-Cola lamp, an exquisite 400-year-old cabinet-hutch-writing-desk combination, vinyl LPs, a fabulous chunky table made from re-purposed wood, antiques, old musical scores and a breathtaking etched glass swan that changes from turquoise to vermillion. Recently, a young collector brought in his array of Egyptian and Roman antiquities. Every item at the Old Attic is in premium condition and "priced very appropriately for the Victoria market." Visiting The Old Attic was a thrilling time machine ride, flying back and forth at a heady pace – complete with stories of human passion and intrigue and an over-arching sense of transcendent authentic beauty. For more info, visit Picture by Doreen Marion Gee.

Seaside Magazine September 2013 Issue  
Seaside Magazine September 2013 Issue  

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