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WELCOME My interest in the convergence of economic and environmental goals was sparked by the book Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken, L. Hunter Lovins, and Amory Lovins. Our bioinspiration journey began six years ago with corporate workshops, and has since expanded into K-12 education curricula and internal innovation and development initiatives. We have now established the Centre for Bioinspiration at San Diego Zoo Global. We strive to expand San Diego Zoo Global’s leadership in wildlife science and responsible innovation. As stewards of one of the world’s largest and most diverse living collections of plants and animals, we are inspired by nature. As you participate in the 4th Bioinspiration Conference, we wish you many unexpected biological insights and hope you learn practical ways to extend bioinspiration practices. Immersed in our biodiverse environment, we aim to inspire and challenge you to advance the dialogue. Over these next two days we will explore paths toward the creation of nature-inspired products, services, and processes that benefit humanity, wildlife, and habitats. By examining economic studies, business models, and go-to-market plans for bioinspired companies, we can be better equipped to practice bioinspirational approaches. We look forward to your contribution to this valuable innovation space. Our next 100 years will be changed by your efforts as a leader in this growing field. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Accelerating bioinspiration together, Paula Brock Chief Financial Officer, San Diego Zoo Global


Accelerating Development of Nature’s Solutions

AGENDA Wednesday, November 6th PRADO BALLROOM & SAN DIEGO ZOO 7:00 8:00 8:30



Registration & Breakfast (Prado Ballroom) Welcome & Opening Remarks:

Paula Brock, Chief Financial Officer, San Diego Zoo Global

A Conversation with Janine Benyus 15 Years After Publishing ‘Biomimicry’: Victoria Tucker, CEO, ZBGlobal Inc. Janine Benyus, Founder, Biomimicry 3.8, Author of Biomimicry

An Economist’s View: An Update of the 2010 Economic Impact Report

Dr. Lynn Reaser, Chief Economist, PLNU FBEI and Chief Economist, California State Controller’s Council of Economic Advisors

Break & Animal Presentation

10:15 Discovering Nature’s Potential: The Cutting Edge of Research

Moderator: Dr. Gabriel Miller, Director of Research & Development, Centre for Bioinspiration Dr. Robert Full, Director, CiBER (UC Berkeley) Dr. Ashok Goel, Co-Director, CBID (Georgia Tech) Dr. Paul Roben, Director of Business Development, Senior Director of Technology Development (Salk Institute)

11:15 Biological and Bioinspired Photonic Materials Dr. Mathias Kolle, Wyss Institute (Harvard/MIT)

11:45 The Challenges of Biological Inspiration: From Idea to Innovation Dr. Robert Full, Director, CiBER (UC Berkeley)

12:15 Lunch & Networking 1:15

Technology Transfer: Adapting Models for Bioinspired Success


Sources & Challenges for Early Stage Funding

Thomas Briggs, Partner, Jones Day

Moderator: Mike Rondelli, Director, Technology Transfer & Commercialization, SDSU Simon Tribelhorn, Managing Director, Liechtenstein Bankers Association Chris Garvin, Partner, Terrapin Bright Green Grace Chui-Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Correlation Ventures

2:45-3:00 Walk to the Zoo 3:00

Interactive Design Breakout Sessions (San Diego Zoo)


Reception & Networking (San Diego Zoo)

Health & Wellness – Dr. Tonatiuh Melgarajo, Kansas State University Mechanics & Engineering – Eric Olson, Stuart Karten Design Materials – Scott Clear, Intersection Inc. / Jacques Chirazi, Biomimicry San Diego Adaptability & Resilience – Greg Hewitt, SEEK / Tim McGee, IDEO Biophilia and Architecture - Bill Browning, Terrapin Bright Green / Ant Creed, DDStudio

AGENDA Thursday, November 7th PRADO BALLROOM 7:00

Registration & Breakfast (Prado Ballroom)


Opening Remarks



Bioinspired Products: The Story Behind the Success

Moderator: Lara Lee, SVP, Customer Experience Design at Lowe’s Home Improvement Jay Harman, CEO, PAX Water Technologies Mark Spiecker, CEO, Sharklet Technologies Mark Kerbel, Co-Founder and EVP Business Development, REGEN

Cleanwell: A Disruptive Experiment in Public Health Dr. Larry Weiss, Founder and Chief Scientist, Cleanwell


Break & Animal Presentation

10:15 Interface: Bioinspired Concept to Market Differentiation Mikhail Davis, Director, Restorative Enterprise, Interface

10:45 From Beaker to Cart: Translating Nature to Product Michael Taylor, Principal Researcher, Steelcase

11:30 A Conversation with Paula Brock: The San Diego Zoo’s Bioinspiration Journey 12:15 Lunch & Networking 1:30 2:00


Nature-Inspired Flight & Robotic Vision

Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics & Former WIRED Editor in Chief

Corporate Adoption of Bioinspiration

Moderator: Shawn Parr, Guvner & CEO, Bulldog Drummond Pete Foley, Associate Director, Behavioral and Innovation Science, P&G Darren Beck, Director of Environmental Initiatives, Sprint Jane Fulton Suri, Partner and Chief Creative Officer, IDEO

Closing Remarks & Networking Reception

The 2013 Conference will be jointly held at the San Diego Zoo and Prado Ballroom at Balboa Park: The San Diego Zoo 2920 Zoo Drive San Diego, CA 92101 The Prado at Balboa Park 1549 El Prado San Diego, CA 92101

Chris Anderson

I’m the CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones. From 2001 through 2012 I was the Editor in Chief of WiredMagazine. Before Wired I was with The Economist for seven years in London, Hong Kong and New York in various positions, ranging from Technology Editor to US Business Editor. I’m the author of the New York Times bestselling books The Long Tail and Free as well as the new Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. Awards include: Editor of the Year by Ad Age (2005). Named to the “Time 100,” the newsmagazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world (2007). Loeb Award for Business Book of the Year (2007). Wired named Magazine of the Decade by AdWeek for my tenure (2009). Time Magazine’s Tech 40 -- The Most Influential Minds In Technology (2013).

Darren Beck

Darren Beck serves as Director of Environmental Initiatives for Sprint. He is responsible for driving innovation at Sprint that helps reduces environmental impact while enhancing the company’s reputation and its bottom line. Darren achieves this by advising a range of operational working teams at Sprint focused on areas like sustainable packaging, device recycling, waste reduction, water conservation, responsible procurement, and ‘winning with corporate responsibility’ in business sales. Darren has an MBA from the University of Kansas and brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, strategy and corporate responsibility to his current role.

Janine Benyus

Janine Benyus is a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In Biomimicry, she names an emerging discipline that emulates nature’s designs and processes (e.g., solar cells that mimic leaves) to create a healthier, more sustainable planet. In 2010, Janine founded Biomimicry 3.8 which provides biomimicry innovation consulting, training for professionals, and curricula development for educators. Its mission is to inspire, educate, and connect the growing community of biomimicry practitioners around the world. An educator at heart, Janine believes that the more people learn from nature’s mentors, the more they’ll want to protect them. This is why she writes, speaks, and revels in describing the wild teachers in our midst.

Tom Briggs

Tom Briggs is a partner and global co-leader of the Licensing & Technology Transactions practice of the law firm of Jones Day, a global law firm of 2400 lawyers with 39 offices, including 1 here in San Diego. Tom’s practice focuses on commercial transactions where intellectual property, technology, information, and knowledge or other intangible assets are a significant factor. He focuses on licenses, joint development, strategic alliances, and joint ventures, and assists with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and settlement agreements.  Clients he represents in the life sciences industries include Abbott Labs (now AbbVie), Athersys, Avanir Pharma, Bayer, Bunge, Celgene, Genomatica, and Merial.  Of particular interest to the SD Zoo, Tom has assisted many clients to establish or improve formal IP management programs, including private companies, as well as nonprofit companies, like the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals of Cleveland, City of Hope and the San Diego Zoo.

Paula Brock

Paula Brock joined the Zoological Society of San Diego as Chief Financial Officer in June 2001. Prior to joining the Society, Ms. Brock was the founding partner in Brock, Tibbitts & Snell, An Accountancy Corporation, specializing in due diligence and securities work. She served as Senior Vice President and Senior Financial Officer at ITT Residential Capital Corporation. She was also the Senior Audit Manager with KPMG. Ms. Brock received her Bachelor of Science degree with honors from San Diego State University in California. She is a member of Financial Executives International, the American Institute of CPA’s, the California Society of CPA’s, American Woman’s Society of CPA’s, American Association of Zoos and Aquariums, American Association of Museums, and Legatus International. She is actively involved in numerous church and community organizations and projects.

Grace Chui-Miller

Grace Chui-Miller is CFO of Correlation Ventures and is responsible for the financial reporting of STET’s investment funds as well as day-to-day management of firm-wide finance, operations and investment monitoring. Grace is also responsible for investor relations and works with legal counsel on fundraising, operations and regulatory compliance matters. Grace has 20 years experience and was the CFO of DCM, a technology-focused venture capital firm based in the Bay Area with over $2 billion under management, where she had oversight of global finance operations and spent seven years at KPMG LLP, as an audit manager in the financial services and information technology industry segments.

Mikhail Davis

Mikhail Davis is Director of Restorative Enterprise at Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet. He is responsible for building partnerships that shift the marketplace toward sustainability and supporting the company’s efforts to become a restorative enterprise. He leads Interface’s product transparency efforts in the Americas and is editor of the Radical Industrialists column at He holds a B.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University and will complete the Biomimicry Specialist certificate program in November 2013.

Pete Foley

Pete Foley is a 24 year P&G veteran, who has worked across a range of disciplines, and with responsibilities that covered many countries in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. He has been heavily involved in innovation throughout his career, with well over 100 published and granted patents. He is currently working in Behavioral Sciences, with a specific interest in visual and multisensory communication design, applied behavioral economics, and innovation capability development. He has also been a bioinspiration practitioner, and a collaborator with the San Diego Zoo, for many years.

Robert Full

Robert Full is a Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of California at Berkeley. He directs the Poly-PEDAL Laboratory, which studies the Performance, Energetics and Dynamics of Animal Locomotion (PEDAL) in many-footed creatures (Poly) and is the founder of the Center for interdisciplinary Bioinspiration in Education and Research (CiBER). He is the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Bioinspiration & Biomimetics. Professor Full’s fundamental discoveries in animal locomotion have inspired the design of autonomous legged robots, artificial muscles and dry adhesive inspired by geckos.

Chris Garvin

Chris Garvin is an accomplished architect and active voice in the sustainable design community. Since moving to New York in 1998, he has specialized in environmental architecture and materials research, while serving on numerous advisory boards and in organizations that advocate for sustainability in design. An integral contributor to Terrapin’s development, Chris was named a Partner in 2008. In addition to his work at Terrapin, he is also a Senior Associate at COOKFOX Architects. He is the partner-in-charge for the NYSERDA Biomimicry Innovation Program, a 5 year program to integrate biomimicry as an innovation tool into the innovation ecosystem of NY State.

Ashok K. Goel

Ashok K. Goel is a Professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Science in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is Director of the school’s Design & Intelligence Laboratory and a Co-Director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Biologically Inspired Design. Ashok serves on the Board of Directors of the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, and is a member of BID Community Think Tank that publishes the Bioinspired! digital magazine. He is a life member of the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, the Cognitive Science Society and the Design Society SIG on Design Creativity. Ashok recently co-edited the first ever book on computational methods and tools for biologically inspired design. In 2011, his Design & Intelligence research laboratory developed one of the first interactive tools on the web for supporting biologically inspired design.

Jay Harman

Naturalist, entrepreneur, and inventor Jay Harman is founder and CEO of PAX Scientific and its subsidiaries. By designing industrial tools based on natural streamlining geometries, he seeks to show industry that more energy efficient equipment is profitable for both shareholders and the planet. Throughout his career, Jay has taken a hands-on approach to his lifelong fascination with the deep patterns found in nature. He uses biomimicry, the science of employing nature to create sustainable technology, to drive his design of efficient, sustainable industrial solutions.

Mark Kerbel

Mark Kerbel is co-author of REGEN Energy’s swarm logic patent, and involved in the development, funding, and commercialization activities of the firm, particularly with its key U.S. customers and strategic partners. Prior to forming REGEN, Mr. Kerbel served as a board member and executive as a founding partner of the SPi Group, one of Canada’s leading software solutions providers for the retail energy sector. Mr. Kerbel has participated on a number of committees in the energy sector, including the OpenADR Alliance’s Marketing Working Group, the Peak Load Management Alliance, and the Ontario Energy Board’s Electronic Business Transaction Standards Working Group.

Mathias Kolle

Prior to joining the faculty of the MIT Mechanical Engineering Department in 2013, Mathias held a research fellowship of the Humboldt-Foundation as a member of the group of Joanna Aizenberg at the School of Engineering of Harvard University, where his research focused on bio-inspired photonics. During graduate studies, he worked with Ullrich Steiner at the University of Cambridge, where he received his PhD in 2010. Mathias’ thesis was published in the Springer Series “Recognizing Outstanding PhD Research”. He received the dissertation award of the German Physical Society and the Salje medal of Clare Hall College, Cambridge in 2011.

Lara Lee

Lara Lee joined Lowe’s as senior vice president, customer experience design in 2013, and is responsible for translating business strategies into integrated, multi-­channel experiences that deliver value to home improvement customers and to Lowe’s. Named a “Master of Innovation” by BusinessWeek in 2006, Lee has driven customer-­ centric business transformation for more than 20 years. She served most recently as chief innovation and opertating officer at global design and innovation firm Continuum. Lee also spent 15 years at Harley-­Davidson, building the international business, launching new ventures and running a division that designed and monetized customer experiences. Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language from Brown University, a master’s degree in international affairs from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in multinational management from The Wharton School.

Gabriel Miller

Gabe is a scientist at San Diego Zoo Global devoted to the implementation of nature’s design and engineering solutions to advance humanity, wildlife, and habitats. After mechanical engineering coursework, he pursued a double major in biology and chemistry (B.S. with Honors, Caltech), during which time he worked with Nate Lewis on an electronic nose that emulated the mammalian sense of smell. Following this, as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Gabe used electrophysiological approaches to study mouse pheromones and the underpinnings of birdsong (M.S., Neuroscience, Duke University School of Medicine). He was awarded a Ph.D. in Zoology (Oxford University) for investigation of locust swarm immunity and chemical ecology in Australia. Most recently, Gabe was a Foundational Questions in Evolutionary Biology Postdoctoral Prize Fellow at Harvard University, where he studied cooperative relationships in the Peruvian Amazon.

Shawn Parr

As the CEO of Bulldog Drummond, an innovation and design consultancy, Shawn brings twenty plus years of strategic marketing, branding and business building experience to companies that run the gamut from start-ups to Fortune 100s. He moved to the U.S. in 1991 where he founded Bulldog Drummond, and has since built it into a nationally recognized consultancy specializing in innovation, brand and culture building. Bulldog Drummond’s clients include such companies as Nike, Adidas, Virgin, NestlÊ, Kashi, Clif Bar, Diageo, WD-40, American Eagle Outfitters, IDEO, MTV Networks, World Vision, Starbucks and Westfield to name a few. Both entrepreneurial start-ups and globally recognized brands seek out Shawn’s expertise in creating and refreshing brands, products and strategic business solutions, as well as his collaborative and transformational approach to identifying new business opportunities.

Lynn Reaser

Lynn Reaser is Chief Economist for the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University. The Institute engages in economic analysis, modeling, and forecasting with practical and actionable recommendations for corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Dr. Reaser has deep experience in the financial services sector, including ten years as Chief Economist of the Investment Strategies Group at Bank of America and currently serves as Council Member of Economic Advisors for CA State Controller John Chiang.

Paul Roben

Paul is the Senior Director of the Office of Technology Development and Director of Business Development, and is responsible for developing research collaborations and sponsorships with industry. Paul is a member of Ireland’s Innovation Taskforce, and was co-author of Ireland’s Economic Development Plan. He previously served as Director of Biotechnology for Enterprise Ireland in Dublin, where he led a team of professionals in commercializing technologies from throughout the Irish university system. Paul also has considerable technology company experience. He founded Target Protein Technologies, Inc. in San Diego in 1999, and served as its Chief Scientific Officer. He also served in research positions at Corvas International, Inc., NovaDx, Inc., Mitsubishi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and Flemming GmbH. Paul has a Ph.D. in molecular immunology from Dublin City University, Ireland, and holds certificates in Strategic Roadmapping from University of Cambridge, UK, and in Competitive Intelligence from Fuld Gilad Herring Academy in Amsterdam.

Michael Rondelli

The Director of the TTO, Michael Rondelli, provides a decade’s worth of expertise in business development and portfolio management from his former career in managing venture capital portfolios. Michael helps evaluate patentable technologies and leads the commercialization function through negotiation of licensing agreements. Michael earned his JD from the University of San Diego School of Law, his MBA in Finance from Texas Christian University, and a BSBA in Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis. Michael is an active member of the Association of University Technology Managers, the Licensing Executives Society, the Society of Research Administrators, and BioCom.

Mark Spiecker

Mark Spiecker serves as chief executive officer for Sharklet Technologies and holds Board positions with the Colorado Biosciences Association. Prior to joining Sharklet Technologies, Mr. Spiecker was director of restructuring and investor relations for Adelphia Communications Corporation. Before joining Adelphia, he was responsible for client services and operations structure development at 360networks in the western United States and Canada. He developed experience in the product manufacturing industry as he managed human resources and process engineering for LouisianaPacific Corporation, a home building products manufacturer. Prior to that Mark had operational roles with Tricon Global Restaurants.

Jane Fulton Suri is a

Partner and Chief Creative Officer at IDEO. As such, she’s responsible for evolving excellence in content and craft, human insight, and design thinking in service of clients worldwide. Jane came to IDEO with a background in psychology and architecture and the ambition to bring social science-based perspectives to our design practice. Working on diverse challenges for clients in multiple industries, she pioneered human-centered approaches and fostered a collaborative community of kindred spirits, including designers, anthropologists, and other social scientists. She evolved techniques for empathic observation and experience prototyping that are now employed widely in the design and innovation of products, services, and environments, as well as systems, organizations, and strategies. Jane went on to colead IDEO’s global Consumer Experience practice. Based in Boston, she now focuses on the creative direction of the company.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor is a Principal Researcher in WorkSpace Futures at Steelcase Inc., the global leader in the office furniture industry. Steelcase Inc. helps create great experiences – wherever work happens. Mike is responsible for exploring the interplay of material science and materiality. This includes leading Material Innovation - a joint effort by Research, Development, and Procurement to accelerate material innovation throughout Steelcase. Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering and a Master’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering, both from Michigan Technological University, and an MBA from Western Michigan University.

Simon Tribelhorn

After his studies at the University of St. Gallen, Simon spent many years in the banking industry, most recently four years as legal counsel in the Legal & Compliance department at the Swiss Union of Raiffeisen Banks. Since February 2006, he’s been working for the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA), first as a lawyer and later as Deputy Managing Director. As of January 1, 2010 he was appointed CEO of the LBA. As part of his function, he represents the LBA in various national and international commitees. Simon’s main objectives are the long-term preservation of the stability of the Liechtenstein financial sector, on the one hand, and the continuous enhancement of the capacity for innovation, on the other hand. His interests include the development of a sustainable financial system as well as impact investing. He participated and was significantly involved in the founding and developement of the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein.

Victoria Tucker is a

researcher, speaker and author bringing more than 25 years of experience to the table with an emphasis in developing life science and medical device organizations and the people within them. She has held formal senior management positions within multinational organizations including that of VP of Strategic Planning for Ismeca (a Swiss owned entity) and has led leadership and innovation development programs across University of California campuses (and multiple companies) in her capacity as Executive Director of the University of California Extended Studies Institute in Leadership & Management for Science & Technology Professionals. Currently, Victoria is CEO of ZBglobal – a workforce science & learning organization powering brilliant workplaces. ZBglobal is home to the BioCollaborative – a nationally recognized eLearning and eCommunity platform of Biotech and MedTech programs bridging science with business.

Bill Browning

Bill Browning, Terrapin Bright Green LLC, received a Bachelor of environmental design from the University of Colorado and a MS in real estate development from MIT. In 1991, Browning founded Rocky Mountain Institute’s Green Development Services, which was awarded the 1999 President’s Council for Sustainable Development/Renew America Prize. In 2006 he became a principal in Terrapin Bright Green LLC, which crafts environmental strategies for corporations, government agencies and large-scale developments. Browning coauthored Green Development: Integrating Ecology and Real Estate, Green Developments (CD-ROM), A Primer on Sustainable Building, Greening the Building and the Bottom Line, The Economics of Biophilia, and Midcentury (un)Modern.

Jacques Eduardo Chirazi

Jacques Eduardo Chirazi, certified Biomimicry Professional, has managed the California City of San Diego’s Clean Technology Program since 2007. His focus is to create economic growth while fostering sustainability. One emerging initiative is to bridge cleantech with biomimicry. He develops and supports a clean technology cluster in San Diego. Jacques served six years as Senior Project Manager at Bainbridge Inc., a strategic management consulting firm, which provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies. He currently teaches sustainability courses and clean technology to business students at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University. He holds a Masters of Arts from UCSD Graduate School of International Relations & Pacific Studies in International Environmental Policy and a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from San Diego State University. Jacques is also a certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.), Renewable Energy Professional (R.E.P.) and LEED-GC.

Scott Clear

Scott brings a new dimension to the world of Industrial Design with his unique competency, experiences, training and knowledge that is turning into a highly desired missing link in the “Business of Design”. As VP of Product Development at Intersection Inc., Scott has a very unique skill set; world class designer with expertise in material sciences, chemistry, and manufacturing processes that results in signature solutions and unexpected industry firsts that are unlocking areas of design opportunities and Intellectual Properties that quite often opens the doors to new acquisitions, management growth, and of course bottom line profits. Thinking beyond the constraints of existing processes he focuses on envisioning and implementing progressive solutions.

Ant Creed

Ant Creed leads and coaches cross-functional teams to bring products and services to market, and coaches business leaders on the principles and practices of successful innovation and design. At DDSTUDIO, Ant is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and implementing experience design strategy: he leads the experience design team to create captivating and unforgettable user experiences for the Company’s clients to share with their customers and users. Before DD, Ant was Vice-President, Experience Design, at Kelley Blue Book, where he led the vision, strategy and execution of experience design and user research for all of KBB’s software products and services. Prior to that, Ant was Chief Architect, Experience Design at Intuit, and held leadership positions at Sony, Kodak, IDEO and Philips Design (NL).

Greg Hewitt

Greg has developed and led research and innovation across industries for 100+ different brands. His expertise is in developing programs that engage others in the process of identifying the right problems to solve and then creating methods for innovating against those problems. Through the first nine years of his Seek tenure, Greg was a qualitative research innovator. He developed new methods, trained Seek staff/ clients and managed domestic and global projects. Now, Greg leads a team of diverse thinkers that feed the innovation pipeline for the Seek company.

Tonatiuh Melgarejo, DVM MS PhD

Dr. Melgarejo holds a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine (DVM) from the National University of Mexico. After moving to USA, Dr Melgarejo completed a MS in Clinical Sciences and a PhD in Pathobiology at Purdue University. Dr. Melgarejo conducted his clinical specialization at the University of Pennsylvania completing a Small Animal Internal Medicine residency. Dr Melgarejo currently holds an associate professor position from the departments of Human Nutrition (College of Human Ecology) and Anatomy & Physiology (College of Veterinary Medicine) at Kansas State University. His main research is aimed at development of novel bio-therapeutics by adapting biological solutions from more robust animal species to help advance human health.

Timothy R. McGee

Timothy R. McGee is a biologist and designer at IDEO Boston where he dovetails his experience in biomimicry and design with a penchant for materials, systems thinking, and biochemistry. At IDEO, Tim is contributes to a range of industries from healthcare to new ventures, helping refine project insights and experiences to find connections between human centered and life centered design. A hypothesis of which is that by keeping a human centered focus while allowing broader ecological and biological insights we can create designs that better resemble the attributes of life itself; including adaptability, resilience, and the ability to evolve through time.

Eric Olson

As Director of Design at product design and innovation consultancy Karten Design for 17 years, Eric has led major design and innovation programs for consumer and medical device clients, including Samsung, P&G, Boston Scientific, and CareFusion. Eric’s leadership and enthusiasm engenders a high level of creativity and design sophistication from all of Karten Design’s project teams. He blends his aesthetic sensibility, end user empathy, and strong awareness of market trends and business objectives to translate program requirements into compelling products with market appeal. Under Eric’s leadership, Karten Design’s products have won some of the industry’s top design awards, including IDEA Awards, the CES Innovations Awards, the Medical Design Excellence Awards, the Chicago-based GOOD Design Awards, and the iF International Forum Awards. Eric holds tandem design degrees from UCLA and Art Center College of Design.

Thank you to our

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Proud to support San Diego Zoo Global Centre for Bioinspiration. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is honored to join in wishing you all the best on your many achievements and future successes.

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BRIDGE Regional Partners:

Conference Partners:

CENTRE FOR BIOINSPIRATION Our Mission We advance the creation and development of nature-inspired products, services, and processes that benefit humanity, wildlife, and habitats. Our aim is to transfer ideas into working models, novel technologies, and breakthrough designs. The Centre protects intellectual property and attracts capital funding to foster true innovation and development opportunities. We connect academic, public, and industrial sectors to accelerate commercial and community solutions.

WHAT WE DO: 1. Corporate Projects: We work with companies to connect nature’s adaptations to specific design and industrial challenges. Our process typically comprises three phases: (1) challenge scoping and definition, (2) ideation workshop(s), and (3) development workshop(s). 2. Centre Development Projects: Our team applies San Diego Zoo Global’s collective knowledge and expertise to advance internally-developed technologies, processes, and ideas. We offer out-licensing and partnership opportunities to select companies and organizations. 3. Education and Outreach: The Centre promotes our interdisciplinary approach to problem solving through speaking engagements, corporate services, and collaborations. San Diego Zoo Global education programs encourage students of all ages to observe, create, and design alongside plants and animals.

2013 Bioinspiration Conference Program  
2013 Bioinspiration Conference Program