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A Quarterly Educational Resource for the Women of Sussex, Wicomico and Worcester Counties. Dr Jose. A. Pando Fibromyalgia

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Health & Wellness Dr. William Pfaff is a board certified orthopaedic spine surgeon. He has been practicing in Delaware since 2009. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware where he studied biochemistry. He then went to medical school at Jefferson Medical College, followed by an orthopaedic residency at Temple University Hospitals. Next, he completed a fellowship in spinal reconstructive surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. His goal is to reduce his patient’s pain and increase their function so they can live a more comfortable and active life. Lewes Spine Center is conveniently located between Lewes and Rehoboth on John J. Williams Highway. Please call 302-231-4333 to schedule an appointment.

Low Back Pain: Nonoperative Treatment is the Preferred Choice By William L. Pfaff, MD As a board certified Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, the most common ailment I treat in my office is low back pain. Approximately 80% of our population will experience at least one episode of disabling low back pain during their lifetime. For most people, the low back injury and pain will subside completely within a few days to 3 months; however, in some the pain will not subside and becomes chronic in nature. Those who experience an episode of low back pain may expect a lifetime recurrence rate of up to 85%. It can be difficult to treat low back pain successfully due to multiple sources creating the pain. A person can experience back pain from something as simple as a ‘pulled/ sprained’ muscle. A degenerative disc, although a normal process of aging, can cause pain in some. Arthritic joints in the back of the spine can also cause pain. Pinched nerves and weak core musculature can be responsible for part of the patient’s pain. These potential sources are called ‘pain generators’ and each one may be causing a large amount of the pain, a small amount of it, or none at all. Once in a while, a patient will inquire as to an operation to ‘take away their low back pain’. As I explain in my practice, it is very seldom that lumbar spinal surgery is indicated to reduce low back pain. Only in rare situations should it be performed. In the majority of patients, there are other alternatives to surgery which can reduce their pain and increase their function enabling them a better lifestyle. The mainstay for treatment of low back pain starts by treating the acute injury with rest and ice as needed. Missing a few days of work at this point can be expected. If able, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

medications (ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin) should be used judiciously. Physical rehabilitation can be very helpful during this time which may be in the form of physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, massage or a combination of these. These treatments help in the acute period but what can one do about chronic low back pain? Engaging in a regular stretching program can be very helpful at eliminating or reducing the occurrence and severity of low back pain episodes. I encourage my patients to enroll in a yoga or Pilates class or to buy a yoga exercise DVD. Maintaining a healthy body weight will also help reduce low back pain. If you smoke, you are also at a higher risk for low back pain. One should think ergonomically about their workspace and maintain a good posture. Slumping forward makes it difficult for your low back muscles to support your weight. Be extra careful maintaining your posture while lifting heavy objects as bending from the waist can result in an injury. Instead, bend at the knees and use your legs to do the lifting. For women, avoid wearing heels as they may be contributing to their low back pain. If these treatments fail to provide relief, I may recommend cortisone injections. These injections may be one of a few different types depending on what is causing the pain. With an acute episode, a cortisone injection into the muscle can provide relief very quickly. This is what is commonly referred to as a ‘trigger point’ injection. If this doesn’t work or if the pain is of a more chronic nature, a nerve block to the arthritic joints in the back of the spine (facet joints) can be very helpful.

frequency ablation may be beneficial. This is a procedure that ‘kills’ the nerves that innervate the arthritic, painful facet joints through needles. The patient does not require anesthesia and it can be done in the office setting. It has the potential to significantly reduce low back pain for over a year in properly selected patients that suffer from chronic low back pain and rarely produces any negative side effects (like worsened pain). Patients with low back pain can be divided into two groups. Those who sustained an acute episode which should resolve within a few days to

3 months utilizing the treatments discussed above including rest, ice, physical rehabilitation and over the counter medications. Patients with chronic low back pain who have failed these treatments will need further diagnostic work up to identify their pain generator. Nonetheless, surgery for low back pain remains the least favorable option for patients and should only be considered in carefully selected patients. Even then, surgery has low success rates and high complication rates when trying to eliminate low back pain in a patient with an arthritic spine.

“Since my cervical fusion surgery in 2002, I have suffered with chronic neck pain. After I met Dr. Pfaff, I began treatments and now get injections once or twice a year around my cervical fusion. The nerve blocks I get eliminate my neck pain and I’m able to enjoy a more active lifestyle. Now I can play with my grandchildren without being in pain.” -Wendy O. Rehoboth, DE “I suffer from chronic low back pain which interferes with even basic chores like cooking dinner. At 84, surgery isn’t an option. Prior to meeting Dr. Pfaff, I was very limited with any activities that required me to stand or walk. The injections to my low back enable me to stand and walk farther. If it weren’t for these injections, the quality of my life would be very poor and I wouldn’t be able to do anything!” -Grace S. Rehoboth, DE

Some patients find that these nerve blocks work quite well but the cortisone does not last long. For these individuals, a procedure called radio-

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LATEST KNEE SURGERY TECHNOLOGY HELPS PATIENT BACK TO HIS FEET Maybe another big family vacation will be possible soon, like the one we took at Deep Creek. We enjoy those when we can get everyone together.”

Pictured (L to R): Frank Leonhartt, patient, and Dr. William Doran, Orthopedic Surgeon, the day after Frank’s knee replacement at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, DE. Nanticoke is the only hospital on Delmarva offering the Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted surgery for knee replacements.

By Sharon Harrington, Nanticoke Health Services Frank Leonhartt is used to being on his feet. Though he is “retired,” he works part-time for the University of Maryland System in the field of construction engineering providing project oversight. His job - making sure the job is being done right. Over time, Frank developed back, hip and knee pain. He went through physical therapy that helped, but the knee pain remained. Frank’s knee pain became progressively worse. He has had therapy and a cortisone injection in the past. Just as it is for so many others suffering with knee pain, there came a point when these no longer worked. For Frank, the turning point came during one of his recent work assignments. While walking up and down, and all around a six floor building at Salisbury University, the pain became too much. “It really hurt,” he said. “I’m the eyes and ears of the construction project, but if I can’t walk the floors or climb the stairs, I can’t get to where the work is being done. I can’t do my job. The pain became so bad, I had to stop work. It was unbearable. I needed to find something that would help me get back to work.”

4 I Spring 2019

Frank called and scheduled an appointment with Dr. William Doran, a surgeon with Nanticoke Orthopedic Surgery in Seaford, Delaware. Frank has seen Dr. Doran in the past. While he didn’t know Dr. Doran was performing knee replacement surgery using the new Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted System, he did know he needed help. Dr. Doran offered a solution. Frank was scheduled for testing and it was quickly determined he was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. He was then scheduled for a CT scan to map his knee. The Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted technology uses the CT scan to map a person’s knee, allowing the surgeon to develop an individualized surgical plan ahead of the procedure. The mapping and planning process allows for a custom fit with more precise removal of damaged bone and a custom fit for the implant. This means less pain and quicker recovery. Frank completed Nanticoke’s Joint Camp to help prepare him for surgery. Here he learned what to expect during and after the surgery. He was provided exercises to do before the surgery to help strengthen the joint and was able to meet the people who would be taking care of him at the hospital. Frank then had surgery the last week in November. “The team at Nanticoke had me up and walking right away,” said Frank. “I was discharged the next day. Two weeks later, I’m doing great. I have 100% mobility and range of motion in my knee. I’ve got good balance. I’m feeling really good. In fact, the team at Nanticoke Outpatient Therapy, where I’m doing

my physical therapy, told me that I must have had a good fit for my knee because I had a good range of motion at my first visit. They didn’t know I had the Mako surgery before they told me that.”

Frank has had a long and successful career, working first with DuPont, then American Mirrex, and then the Maryland University system including oversight of projects at UM

Two weeks after surgery, when asked about pain, Frank said he still has a little pain right after a physical therapy work out, but he said “it’s more of a toothache type pain – not a sharp pain. It’s very manageable.” Frank is continuing physical therapy to build strength in the knee. He is walking and getting back to his daily routine at home. “Frank has done exceptionally well and he isn’t the only one. All of my patients who have been treated using the Mako Robotic-Arm are doing well,” said Dr. William Doran, Nanticoke Orthopedic Surgeon. “I am excited to see how this tool changes the lives of individuals in this community.” Though it may be a few more weeks before Dr. Doran releases him for work, Frank and his wife Mariellen are looking forward to what is next. They came to Seaford because of a transfer with DuPont. Now their family has grown to include five children and fifteen grandchildren. He has children living in Lewes, Arnold, Columbia and Eldersburg. His oldest grandchild graduated from the University of Maryland. “We spend a lot of time with our family,” said Mariellen. “Some are close and some we have to drive to see, but we are always going to one activity or another to support the grandchildren. It will be great to have Frank back to himself, free from the pain and able to enjoy the family.

Pictured (L to R): Mariellen and Frank Leonhartt at home two weeks after his knee replacement surgery. Frank is one of the first patients at Nanticoke to have knee replacement using the Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted technology. Nanticoke is the only hospital on Delmarva using this technology for knee replacements. College Park, UM Eastern Shore and Salisbury University. But, at 77 years young, he isn’t ready to quit. He is anxious to get back to work. “I feel great. I’m just waiting for Dr. Doran to give me the all clear so I can get back on the job. I’m ready to go.” Nanticoke is the first and only hospital on the Delmarva Peninsula to offer this new technology. Several surgeons including Dr. William Doran and Dr. David Eakin are certified to perform knee replacement using the Mako Robotic ArmAssisted technology. For more information, visit www.nanticoke. org/Mako.

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Nanticoke Health Services includes Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, the Nanticoke Physician Network and the Nanticoke Health Foundation. Nanticoke Memorial Hospital was the first hospital on Delmarva to receive a 4-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is the only hospital in Delaware and Maryland to be nationally recognized by Healthgrades with both the Outstanding Patient Experience Award™ and the Patient Safety Excellence Award™. Nanticoke holds a Level III Trauma Center certification, is nationally certified by the Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center, and is a Gold Plus Award performer according to the American Heart/American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines® program. Nanticoke’s Cancer Care Services holds Accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and is a member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers. Nanticoke’s medical staff includes over 180 health care providers practicing in 38 different specialties including the 60 providers employed within the Nanticoke Physician Network.

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Health & Wellness

Bellafill Restore Youthful Facial Volume Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in BioIdentical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine.

With time, age, and gravity, our facial structures tend to lose some of the youthful volume it once had. The cherubic apples in our cheeks fall, leaving us with a drooping jaw line that becomes jowls, and deep lines form around the nose and mouth areas, known as the nasolabial folds. Fortunately there is a solution for these pesky issues of aging. Physicians can now treat their patients with an in-office procedure known as dermal filler injections. What are Dermal Fillers? Dermal fillers are medical products that are injected by a trained physician to fill in facial areas where volume has been lost. It is possible to lift those cheeks back up and fill in the deep lines around the nose or nasolabial folds, and the depressions around the lower mouth and chin areas known as the marionette lines. Treatments with dermal fillers are a wonderful way to restore a more youthful appearance. However, what has not been so wonderful is how long they lasted, which has been temporary, on average from 6 to 18 months, as the products are slowly reabsorbed and eliminated by the body. This has been a disappointing aspect of dermal fillers. But this is

6 I Spring 2019

where the story in non-surgical facial rejuvenation takes an upswing. Now there is a dermal filler that can fill in lines and sagging with much longer lasting results that can last five to ten years, if not longer. This product is Bellafill. What is Bellafill? Bellafill® is a smooth, collagen-based dermal filler with polymethyl methacrylate microspheres, or PMMA. It is injected by a physician to stimulate your own natural collagen to fill in areas in the face that have lost volume over time, due to aging and gravity. The collagen gel in Bellafill® provides immediate volume and lift so that results are seen right away. Once injected, the PMMA microspheres stay in place and create a base that provides structural support and stimulate formation of your own naturally produced collagen for long lasting results. PMMA is a biocompatible material that has been safely used in medical implants, such as lens implants after cataract surgery, and other devices for more than 65 years. How long does Bellafill Last? Since Bellafill stimulates the body to produce it’s own

collagen, the results of Bellafill can by quite long lasting. When the skin creates new collagen for structural support, this natural collagen in our skin lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 years. The effectiveness and patient satisfaction rates of Bellafill® have been studied and established through 5 years when used to correct nasolabial folds, and 12 months when used to correct acne scars. Since Bellafill stimulates your skin to make more of it’s own collagen, the look and feel of Bellafill is very natural.

among the top one percent of Bellafill injectors in the United States. BellaDiamond physicians perform the highest volume of Bellafill treatments in the country so they have the most experience with Bellafill.

Where is Bellafill available? Bellafill® is only available through physicians and is offered by Dr. Michelle Parsons, at ReNove Medical Spa in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. Dr. Parsons is a physician who has achieved BellaDiamond status. BellaDiamond physicians are

Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at 302-227-1079 for a free consultation. Mention this article and receive an Introductory Special on Bellafill.

If you are interested in learning more about Bellafill dermal filler treatments and would like to see if you are a good candidate for this very effective and long lasting non-surgical office treatment to restore youthful volume and fill deep facial lines, please call the office of


Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue • Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


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Health & Wellness Dr. Richard J. McCann, D.M.D., P.A. Dr. McCann grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and attended King’s College where he earned a B.S. degree in Biology. He went on to graduate with honors from Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. McCann is Northeast Regional Board Certified. Dr. McCann and his wife, Nina have lived in Salisbury, Maryland since 1989. His outside interests include, golf, fly fishing, skiing and traveling.

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Oral Care During Cancer Treatment Presented by Richard J. McCann, D.M.D., P.A.


Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy drugs and radiation, can cause trouble in your mouth. Oral side effects from cancer treatment can include: • cavities • change in taste • dry mouth • jaw Stiffness • oral sores Some side effects from cancer treatments can cause problems with eating, talking, or swallowing, while others can make it hard to fight infection. You may be able to reduce the risk or seriousness of oral side effects by working together with your dentist and the doctor treating your cancer. What Can You Do? There are some things you can do to help reduce the risk or seriousness of these problems. See your doctor The National Cancer Institute recommends that you see the dentist four weeks before you begin chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Your dentist can look for things like cavities, gum disease, and mouth sores; anything that can get worse or cause problems during your cancer treatment. Your dentist can take care of problems in your mouth and may help you avoid delay in treatment of your cancer.

stimulate the saliva production • if you use a mouth rinse choose one that is alcohol free • use a humidifier at night Here are some other things that might be helpful • avoid salty or spicy foods • limit alcoholic beverages • stop any use of tobacco Lessen jaw stiffness Radiation treatment for head and neck cancer can cause stiffness of your muscles. This can be painful and may make it harder to chew and swallow. Your dentist or the doctor treating your cancer can teach you stretching exercises that may help.

Oral sores are painful and result in infections that may interfere with your cancer treatment. Talk to your dentist, or the doctor treating your cancer, if you notice a sore developing so you can get treatment as soon as possible. They also may suggest an ointment or rinse to reduce pain from the sore. Conclusion Cancer treatment can have side effects that affect your mouth. Working together with your dentist and the doctor treating your cancer, may help you reduce the risk and seriousness of these side effects. Your dentist can help. See your dentist before you begin treatments for cancer and let him or her know about any problems with your mouth during treatment.

Seek treatment for oral sores

PUBLISHER’S TESTIMONIAL After seeing Dr. McCann for the last 20 years as a family of seven, we must say, based on all of our experiences Dr. McCann is truly the only painless dentist that we have ever experienced. Dr. McCann can give you a shot of Novocain and you would never, ever feel it. Make your next dentist appointment painless, call the office of Dr. McCann and go away with healthy clean teeth and gums, and a painless smile, we guarantee you.


RICHARD J McCANN, D.M.D., P.A. I Committed to Excellence

Reduce the risk of cavities Cancer treatment may increase your risk of cavities. Good oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth can help lower this risk. To take care of your teeth, do the following: • brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste that has fluoride in it • clean between your teeth once a day with floss or another cleaner designated for that purpose • avoid sugary foods and drinks Limit the effects of dry mouth Radiation treatments for head and neck cancer can damage salivary glands, which can cause you to have a dry mouth. Many medications, including those that are used for chemotherapy, also can cause dry mouth. Here are some tips for making yourself more comfortable if your mouth is dry: • sip water or sugarless drinks that do not contain caffeine • suck on (do not chew) ice chips • apply lanolin-based lip balm often • use sugar-free chewing gum or sugar-free candy to

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31413 Winterplace Parkway • Salisbury, MD 21804


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Health & Wellness R. Alberto Rosa, M.D., FACC Dr. Ramon Alberto Rosa is a graduate of the University of Santo Domingo in his native Dominican Republic. He completed his post-graduate medical education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia with a residency in internal medicine (1991-1994), Chief Medical Resident (19941995), and cardiology fellowship (1995-1998). Dr. Rosa has practiced cardiology in Sussex County since July 1998. He has served as Medical Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and as Chief of the Department of Cardiology at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, DE. Dr. Rosa is trained in non-invasive cardiology, Nuclear Transesophageal Echocardiograms, as well as invasive diagnostic procedures and pacemaker implantations. Dr. Rosa is board certified by the American Boards of Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He is also a Certified Aviation Medical Examiner and is Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology.

Coronary Calcium Score: What is it and how it can help me stay heart healthier? The presence of calcium in the coronary arterial wall is a reliable marker for obstructive coronary artery disease. The coronary artery calcification (CAC) score can be calculated based on CT scan imaging. This is relatively simple to do, at a reasonably low cost and low risk of radiation exposure. The score generated, also called Agatston score, has important predictive value in regards to the probability of major coronary events, such as heart attacks, in the near to intermediate future. It has been established that a CAC score of 0 is the ideal result for the test. It means that the probability of having significant coronary artery disease is less than 1%. This confers a favorable outlook in terms of the low likelihood of coronary events such as heart attacks or death. A score of 1-99 indicates mild degree of coronary disease, 100-399 moderate disease and greater than 400 is compatible with severe disease. This score

8 I Spring 2019

is mostly indicative of the extent of coronary artery disease and less of the severity. According to the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association recommendations, the CAC is more reliable in individuals considered to be at intermediate risk for coronary artery disease as calculated by the Framingham risk score which is based on factors such as age, cholesterol levels and elevated blood pressure. A calculated risk of 10-20% for cardiac events or mortality at 10 years, is the recommended patient in whom to obtain a CAC score for further risk stratification and preventive treatment. The coronary calcium score works best for individuals in their late 40’s to mid 60 ‘s, with no previous cardiovascular history and without symptoms. A moderate to high score (over 100) would indicate a higher probability of heart attacks, stroke or even

cardiac death. This will also lead to making stronger recommendations for more aggressive risk factors, modification, and reduction by your healthcare provider. In addition, further screening for “silent” coronary blockages might be warranted, such as stress testing for those individuals in the higher score categories. The CAC score is a valuable tool for the right patient in helping

determine the level of risk for coronary disease and possibly heart attacks or even death. They should be used in association with other traditional and more established risk factors such as age, high cholesterol, hypertension, sedentary life style, smoking and being overweight. Diabetes mellitus is considered an equivalent to coronary artery disease and the CAC is less reliable in those patients.

You might want to discuss with your healthcare provider the use of this tool, if you are in the right age group, have no symptoms and you are at an intermediate risk for coronary events as calculated by the Framingham risk calculator (10-20% chance in 10 years). Please look this up! It might prove the proverbial “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” deal for you. Know your calcium score!

Dr. Kenneth Sunnergren, MD • Dr. R. Alberto Rosa, MD Dr. Barry Denenberg, MD • Dr. G. Robert Myers, MD Dr. Ajith Kumar, MD • Penny Johnson, DNP, CRNP • Compassionate and Comprehensive Cardiac Care • Most Advanced Systems and Technology in Delaware

302.645.1233 • Offices in Lewes and Millville

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NOW OPEN FOR YOU It’s here. The Bayhealth Hospital and Outpatient Center, Sussex Campus is now open. It’s warming and private, built around providing you and your family the amenities that deliver a better patient experience. It’s equipped with the latest technology and staffed with talented specialists to make your diagnosis and treatment prompt, accurate and safe. It’s located right here at 100 Wellness Way in Milford to give you improved access and added convenience. And it’s all built around one goal — improving the health of our patients and community. TO LEARN MORE VISIT BAYHEALTHSUSSEX.ORG OR CALL 302-422-3311.

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built around you

now open

Spring 2019 I 9

Health & Wellness

A New ERA In Lens Choice For Cataract Surgery diopters of the goal) results improved by 40 years. Our surgeons here at Delaware of meeting the patients’ goals for visual about 50%. function after surgery. Eye were among the first in Delaware to pioneer modern small-incision, noIn addition to the improvement in lens Traditionally, surgeons have relied on stitch surgery with foldable intraocular educate. enrich. empower. power selection, the ORA provides measurements made prior to surgery lens implants. This took us from a time valuable information for dealing with by instruments measuring through the where cataract surgery was routinely an astigmatism. Astigmatism is a natural cataract of the patient to determine inpatient surgery requiring sandbags to irregularity of the shape of the front best lens choice. While this method immobilize the head for several days of the eye that disease leads to a ifdistortion of of measurement has been effective postoperatively and a healing process others are easily picked clearly, hit and field ages 65 and 74. Early manageable images both near and far without glasses and accurate for a good of stretchedeye over several months,better to up duringthat a routine a baseball and detection of portion macular caught early. correction. Traditional intraocular patients, there is an inherent flaw to a point of outpatient surgery typically examination. improve their lacrosse degeneration allows your If no signs measuringdoctor councilthat you on kDiabetes: lenses used at the time of cataract throughtoa cataract lasting 10-20 minutesgame. with rapid Let’s start with the or symptoms I skew these preventative measures Diabetic surgery areretinopathy incapable of correcting measurements, which results, oftentimes showing significantexist,can children. improvement One out of in visualrecommend a routine eye and create awareness is responsible for 8% astigmatism, confining the patient with must be very precise to attain the best function within a Charles Curry, MDevery four children has exam at the age of four, of vision changes that of legal blindness and significant astigmatism to constant results. The ORA works by making few days of surgery. We have also been aoffered visual impairment. another before school need to be the leading cause of patient‘s faceaddressed and eye will be patients will be asked to wash at the Delaware Eye physician’s pre-op of instructions. outcomes. glasses wear, even after cataract surgery, the calculations lens power while in among the leaders intelevision the useface ofthen premium their and hands. Ittwo is not prepped and draped for surgery¡ feel any discomfort. closed-circuit system Patients are generally inModern cataractCenter surgery Surgery ishas more efficient When you consider starts, every immediately. Research The anesthetist administers I.V. sedation and new cases of blindness Patient comfort is an important goal at the necessary to disrobe for most and the eye. connected This During surgery, most patients foradults all distances. ORA measures the operating room after the surgeon lenses that enable more Following surgery, patients to the surgeon’s structed to refrain from eating undergone a gentle revolution in the that 80%onintraocular of learning years thereafter. has shown that a diet in ages The 20-74. the eye is anesthetized to guarantee patient surgery center. Certified anesthetists are on procedures, but shoes will efficiency tofor more patient remain aware ofto their surround- astigmatism while in the operating room, Cataract surgery is, by far,past thedecade. most are moved our recovery ˜› Â?›’—”’—Â? ŠĞŽ›be –’Â?—’Â?‘Â? Today, leads cataract operating has removed the cataract. This permits glasses-independence for those with staff each case. microscope. Our nurses are experts in comfort. When thein time for surgery arrives, is delivered through rich green leafy Each year 12,000 to comfort, lesskeeping inflammation, more removed. Dentures, prosthetics, ings. They canoperating hear voices and area where, again, their before procedure. Howsurgery by is invasive than arrival, patients will patients comfortable and safe during patients arevegetables, wheeled tomeasurement the room. frequently performed procedure a less child’s eyes, it is Upon Of course, asa we no once smoking 24,000 people lose strategies sight for permitting two useful much more reliable that significance astigmatism and for those rapidprocedures. recovery and better visual and hearing aids (except forblood the music, but don’t feel any dis their visit. Patient family members are invited to vital signs will be monitored. ever, heart and pressure check-in with our receptionist. many dental The There is no need (or patients to transfer to an- because of uncontrolled imperative that they start age, the chance for and taking vitamin the general ophthalmologist. This, outcomes. surgical side ear) may remain in. comfort. reducing astigmatism postoperatively in typically, only aoperating couple of who desire lesspatient need glasses formedications near remain with during their stay in pre- requires, other in the ’•• room shouldstretcher. usually beOnce ŠÂ?’Ž—Â?Âœ ‹Ž ˜ěŽ›ŽÂ? “ž’ŒŽ At the that time, thefor receptionnewest-generation offPatient withequipment a foundation eye increases. supplements tailored for are blood sugar. 1)Annual eyepremium Vitaldisease signs willwith be monitored and comfort an Following surgery, patients of course, makes it imperative that op andis recovery. Familyand members may, the vital signs will again be monitored and the pathese patients: specialized extra minutes of time while inŒ˜–Â?˜›Â?Š‹•Žǰ the vision activities. —ŒŽ taken. All patients must make ˜›  ŠÂ?Ž›ǯ ist will review help the ˜ěŽ›ŽÂ? ŠÂ?of Â?‘Ž Ž•Š Š›Ž  ¢Ž the operative eye dilated. Once important goal at the surgery moved to our recovery area clear vision so they Routine eye care is the disease can inhibit exams are used to detect permission, observe the procedure tient‘s face and eyeItwill be prepped and join draped the surgeon hones his or her skills family member may sure they understand their Surgery Center isCertified morepatient’s ef- anesthetists patient complete theirpatient admislens implants called toric lenses can room. does not require any leaking the is comfortably center. are where,aonce again, their vitals can concentrate instrumental in theoperating blood vessels, through aon c1osed-circuit television forsettled, surgery¡progression. Jaythe Taylor, M.D.ꌒŽ—Â? Š—Â? them. Post-op instructions are be chosen and accurately positioned physician’s pre-op instructions. Â?Ž—Â?•Ž ˜— Â?‘Ž Ž¢Žǯare sion paperwork. Patients aresystem and By: utilizes most advantageous they may have a family member on staff for each case. Our nurses signs will be monitored. Patients repositioning of the patient in the midst We excited to, most recently, be the the material they to are detection, monitoringDuring surgery, most patients remain aware retinal swelling (macular connected the surgeon’s operating microand hear copy given to The anesthetist adminis-will bereviewed ‘’œ ÂŽÄœÂŒÂ’ÂŽÂ—ÂŒÂ˘ •ŽŠÂ?Âœ Â?˜inscope. –˜›Ž then invited to our pre-op join them. are experts keeping patients offered juice water. technology to attain repeatable and of surgery their surroundings. They can voices and edema) in the eyeand to maximize reduction of of because the ORA isorattached first practice in Delaware to offer ORA learning, not wasting and treatment of many kGlaucoma: The lipid mportance of routine, the patient forause at home. ters I.V. sedation thedon’t eye ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â? Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Ç° •Žœœ ’—ĚŠ––Šarea for the administration of are generally in- andbut comfortable and safearrival, duringpatients their will Patients Once comfortable family music, feel any discomfort. Upon check-in with our exceptional results ateye this most visit. energy struggling to see ocular and systemic second leading cause deposits in the retina – implants astigmatism, 2) standard lens to the operating microscope that is Wavefront Aberrometry to our cataract comprehensive structed to refrain or Patient family aretime, member may join are them. Post-op Patients must be released into is anesthetized toFollowing guarantee anyAt necessary medications. tion, more rapid recovery and members surgery, patients to receptionist. that the receptionist willfrom eating clearly. Some children’s diseases including: ofthroughout blindness in themoved U.S. all of which are signs of with common important drinking after midnight before a invited to remain with the patient exams. and, Too arguably, often I most instructions are reviewed and can be used, but supplemented being used the procedure. patients to improve their results, i.e. the care of a responsible adult. patient comfort. When the time While entering pre-op pa‹ŽĴŽ› Â&#x;’œžŠ• ˜žÂ?ÂŒÂ˜Â–ÂŽÂœÇŻ review and help the patient complete their our recovery area where, once again, their vitals David Robinson, M.D. eye diseases, such asand found mostly in to the bloodguided vessels. procedure. However, heart and during their stay in pre-op copy given todothe for use damaged have seen patients surgical procedure. Here at Delaware Please notpatient plan on for surgery patients tients willtheir be asked to wash Patient comfort is anpossibly imporsigns will beis monitored. Patients will bedrivoffered admission paperwork. Patients areglasses then invited By: David Robinson, M.D. corneal incisions by the ORA to Itarrives, does not require a second trip the reduce need for medications blood pressure members may, recovery. Family atOnce home. Patients must be reamblyopia and infantile kMacular over 40 crowd. It isGenerally, suffer permanent vision juice oroperating water. comfortable a family memto our pre-op area for the administration of any ing yourself home. their face and hands. It is not are wheeled to the tant goal at the surgery center. Eye Institute, all of our surgeons help reduce astigmatism. These strategies operating suite for lens implantation, for some activities after surgery. Each With the experience of 16,000 surgical proceshould usually be taken. All with the patient’s permission, the care of a responsileased into glaucoma, need to be to disrobe Degeneration: Theber characterized by kCataracts: If you may join them. Post-op instructions are renecessary medications. While ŃŽŃŁŃ–Ń‘ ÇŻÇŻhave loss that could WithŃœŃ?Ń–Ń›Ń ŃœŃ›Ç° the experience of 16,000 patients will wearhigh an eye patch necessary forentering most pre-op room. There is no need for Ž›Â?’ęŽÂ? Š—ŽœÂ?‘ŽÂ?Â’ÂœÂ?Âœ Š›Ž ˜— dures, Delawareto Eye Surgery Center combines are dedicated doing justEye that. Our patients must make sure they and observe the procedure through a to leading bleconsignment adult. Please do notfor plan on can reduce or eliminate astigmatic because a full of lens of our cataract surgeons now has about viewed copy given to the patient use at patients will be asked wash their face and cataract surgeries, Delaware picked up as early as cause of pressure in the eye that live long enough you been prevented if the for a short time following the patients to transferpreto another procedures, but shoes will be their ÂœÂ?Šě Â?˜› c1osed-circuit ŽŠŒ‘and ÂŒÂŠÂœÂŽÇŻ ž› —ž›œŽœ the most modern eye surgery technology understand physician’s television system driving yourself home. Generally, surgeons bring years of dedicated home.and Patients mustare be kept released into the hands. It is not necessary tofrequently disrobe for most Surgery Center combines the glasses need after surgery. types powers on hand incare two years of experience possible to prevent problem had only been blindness inusing the U.S. damages the optic nerve. have cataracts. ™›˜ŒŽÂ?ž›Žǯ —ŒŽ ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â?Âœ ‘ŠÂ&#x;ÂŽof will ÂœÂ?›ŽÂ?ÂŒÂ‘ÂŽÂ›ÇŻ —ŒŽ ’— Â?‘Ž ˜™Ž›ŠÂ?removed. Dentures, prosthetare experts in keeping patients he Delaware Eye Surtechnique with a warm and friendly atmosop instructions. connected to the surgeon’s patients will wear an eye patch a responsible adult. Please do not plan on drivprocedures, but shoes will be removed. Denmost modern eye surgery technolservice learning their craft andpatients have detected earlier. Accurate permanent vision loss. is athe result ofingthe isatypically afollowing slow, A cataract is any our surgical suite. For the patient and this exciting new tool in surgical phere. This combination promises ansafemicroscope. recovered and received their room vital signs will It again ics, and hearing aids (except comfortable and durgery Center combines The anesthetist administers operating for short time the proing yourself home. Generally, patients will wear tures, prosthetics, and hearing aids (except for ogy and technique with a warm spectacle prescriptions unparalleled surgical experience. demonstrated a commitment openness Amblyopia, in particular, deterioration of progressive process that or clouding post-op instructions, they be signs monitored patient’s forrevolutionary the side ear) may ing to their visit. Patient family the most modern I.V. sedation and thecertain eye isand cedure. Once patients have Upon arrival, patients willsurgical It is always important to keep in mind surgeon the process istime seamless, while suite. This system the an eyethe patch for a short following the pro- opacification the surgical side ear) may remain in. is Vital and friendly atmosphere. This Modern cataract surgery has undergone a are commonly a is much more difficult wheeled to their car and face and eye will be prepped remain in. Vital signs will be members are invited to remain cells in the macula, has noaresymptoms until the lens in theoreye. anesthetized to guarantee patient check-in with our receptionist. At recovered anddramatic. received their post- of eye surgery technology and to the newest technologies toanimprove cedure. Once patients have recovered and rewill be monitored and the operative eye dilated. the combination promises patients that no technology surgical procedure improved results are first of its kind to gather information revolution in the past for decade. cataract simple with solution 40 Today, comfort. the time for time, the receptionist op instructions, are wheeled released. Forthey most patients, the Typically cataracts do and draped forofsursurgery. monitored and the operative with thethat patient during their to treat after the agewill ofis comfortably which isWhen thethey portion 10% of the nerve technique aresults. warm and ceived theironly post-op instructions, they are Once the patient settled, unparalleled surgical experience. our surgical is perfect. The ORA Wavefront Studies looking at the results after use in real time during the course of the surgery is less invasive than many dental procegery arrives, patients wheeled their car released. and released. For somethings with review and help patient experience at the center Duringare surgery, Ž¢Ž Â?’•ŠÂ?ÂŽÂ?ÇŻ —ŒŽthe Â?‘Žjoin ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â? Â’Âœ located stay in pre-op and recovery. wheeled to patheir carentire and For most pa- not pose a health risk may have a family member them. friendly atmosphere. This chronic 6-9. Often athe detailed retina in themost istofunctional and the Modern cataract surgery has equipment dures. The newest-generation offeredtheir to the operating room. There notheir most patients the entire experiAberrometer is one more tool that of theisthe ORA versus with traditional lens procedure which helps guide complete admission headaches andpatients fatigue at members tients entire experience at the center takes but Patients arepapergenerally instructed to refrain only takes about 90 minutes. tients remain aware of Family may, cataract with the Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Š‹•¢ œŽĴ•ŽÂ?Ç° Â?‘Ž¢ –Š¢the undergone apromises revolution 1n the combination refraction glasses back of eye necessary patient has permanent can seriously impair at the Delaware Eye Surgery Center iswork. more Patientsfor need (or patients toatransfer to90 ence at the center takes about 90 improves our results after cataract are then invited tochoice Technology has been especially kind to about minutes. from eating orin drinking after midnight before work and children doing past decade. Today, cataract measurements find that the number the surgeon the of lens power For an appoinment otr more surroundings. They can hear patient’s permission, observe have a family member join an unparalleled surgical expecan be found to improve for sharp vision. This vision loss. Treated your vision. Many efficient and gentle on the eye. This efficiency another stretcher. Once in the minutes. or more information call our pre-op area the adminisForbut andon’t appointment procedure. heart and blood pressure poorly in These surgery less invasive than the field of school. ophthalmology over the last voices and of music, the procedure throughvision a for information call 302-645-2300. rience. leads toismore patient comfort, less inflammasurgery.will No machine withFor excellent (within 0.5 and type toHowever, be used todisease improve our odds a child’s sothem. they affects 11% ofpatients predominately with eye struggleor surgeon can operating room vital signs will tration of any necessary medicaan appointment or more people 302-645-2300. medications should usually be taken. All pamany dental procedures. The problems and many tion, more rapid recovery and better visual see the board at school Caucasians between drops; glaucoma is a very to get enough light to glassesagain be monitored guarantee a patient perfect tions. While entering pre-op information call 302-645-2300. tients must make sure they understand their and the newest-generation equipment read and stop driving free eyesight after surgery.atAlmost all night because of their patients, regardless of technology used, cataracts. The visual will find they require glasses for near symptoms progressively vision activities after cataract surgery. worsen and are Almost all patients will find their sometimes accompanied by a shift in the glasses distance vision could be improved, at prescription. least slightly, by a mild pair of glasses for the distance after surgery. The Fortunately, many ORA and other technologies we use at ocular diseases are Delaware Eye treatable andInstitute vision permit a larger number patients to function more loss canofbe prevented ifcomfortably caught infor a timely more activities without manner. rely onWe are committed the use of We spectacles. our vision for so many to continued advances that facilitate things, eye health is too continued improvement in these results.





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important to overlook. I strongly recommend The mosta ringing endorsement I can adding comprehensive, give is toeye echo Dr. Robinson’s statement dilated exam to your regular that “If I, or myhealth family care members, were regimen. having cataract surgery I would insist

on my surgeon use the ORA System Dr. Jay Taylor, at intraoperatively�. The Delaware Eye Institute, has been

phone 302.645.2300 April/May 2011

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For more information about serving the eye care needs of patients in surgery, ORA technology, cataract Sussex lens County for 14 premium implants, and To make ancenter please ouryears. ambulatory surgery appointment call visit (302) 645-2300.

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It’s Sunglasses Season!

By: Glenn Courtney, A.B.O.C. Delaware Eye Optical With sunglass season upon us, eyeglass wearers have more options than ever before when choosing sunglasses for protection and visual comfort. Over the years, we have had many request for prescription sunglasses as well as contact lens wearers choosing plano (non-prescription) sunglasses to wear over their contacts. Our inventory of sunglasses reflects those requests ranging from sport lines such as Kaneon, Maui Jim, costa Del Mar, and Oakley to fashion lines such as Tiffany, Tom Ford, Kate Spade, Barton Perreira, Porscha, Ray Ban and many others inventoried in most of our locations. For the most part the fashion lines carry a prescription digital polarized lens without any need for compensation due to curve. Sport active and even some high fashion lines require

compensation for the prescription to enable wearer’s easy transition from everyday eyewear to the larger high base curve found today in many sunglass lines. Those large lenses with higher base curve or steeper curve of the lens enables the wraparound effect of fashion but more importantly protection from harmful UV and infrared light. Having been in the industry for over 35 years, I have witnessed the evolution of lens designs to enable better vision, protection, and ease of wear in the sunglass lenses. The digital revolution has been a key to enabling these compensation factors, broadening the  availability in many frames and prescriptions, as well as treatments and materials. The fitting of sunglasses still requires prescription analysis to  steer the patient to the frame more suitable to their prescription, but the choices have increased dramatically over the past five years. Currently Delaware Eye Optical is fitting many sunglasses with very few rejections or nonadapt to changing from every day to higher base curve sunglasses. These

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personalized progressive or single vision lenses designed for wrap frames comes in many materials, can be treated with polarization, tinted, backside anti-glare (keeps reflection off the back side of the lens), Transition lenses, many treatments are available. These personalized designs take in to account the lenses fitting closer to the face and extreme panoramic angle most sunglasses have when wrapped. These lenses allow a wider field of vision with less peripheral distortion and fewer errors across the lens due to high curve. Lenses are decentered as well which allows people with small P.D. (pupillary distance)

to wear larger frames than were available in the past. Back surface free form lenses adding the aspheric design provides the highest level of optical resolution available in the large wrap around frames. We have been fitting theses lenses very successfully and are pleased with the reaction and outcomes many of our clients have experienced. As worn technology measurements are taken in fitting eyewear and we have implemented this procedure. N-Form measuring system takes in to account vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, and panoramic angle with the frame

dimensions and the person’s prescription, as wells as pupillary distance. Those measurements are then fed into a computer which designs the ultimate customized prescription for the wearer. It is an exciting time in the eyewear design both from available lens choices as well as frame selection. If you ride a bike, play golf or just go to the beach we can help design a lens for you and select a frame the best suits your personalized needs. With the largest selection of prescription frames and sunglasses frames in the region your choices are unlimited.


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What is Ultherapy? The beauty of Ultherapy ‘uplifting ultrasound’ is that it is a face and neck treatment that improves skin laxity in a meaningful way but completely non– surgically.

Jowls Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in BioIdentical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine. Here at ReNove Medical, Dr. Parsons offers Ultherapy, a state of the art medical procedure utilizing focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten sagging skin. No scalpel or anesthesia is needed. Ultherapy is great for people who would like tightening and lifting of facial skin without having a surigcal facelift. The Ulthera sound energy passes right through the skin and targets the areas you want lifted. During a typical 30-60 minute Ultherapy treatment session, an ultrasound applicator is passed over each region of the face. The sound waves emitted deliver small, controlled amounts of energy into the deep layers of skin and soft tissue.

Ultherapy works great for sagging jowls, where the skin is fatty, heavy and drooping. Ultherapy is able to reduce this fatty heaviness, tapering the jaw line, for a more youthful look. Ultherapy can restore a more youthful shape to the face from a square to the inverted triangle.

Nasolabial Folds

Ultherapy also works well to minimize the drooping of excess skin that we get along each side of the nose, or lower cheeks. You may think that you need to fill in these areas with a filler, but the real problem may be that fat and loose skin is just falling down due to the effects of gravity. With ultherapy we can target this area and minimize the fattiness and tighten up that skin. Again this will restore the more youthful balance of the face with the center of gravity higher in the cheek areas.


Ultherapy can tighten up that loose skin underneath our necks as well. The area that Ultherapy works the best is that area just underneath the chin and extending into that curve of the neck. Ultherapy won’t duplicate the results of a surgical neck lift. But if you have somewhat loose and fatty skin in your upper neck, hanging just beneath your chin, Ultherapy can improve this area, and improve your profile.

Eyelids and Brow Lift

Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


12 I Spring 2019

Perhaps one the most dramatic areas that Ultherapy can improve on without surgery is the eye area and creating a brow lift, helping to lift

heavy drooping eyelids. Ultherapy can make the eyes appear more open, more awake, rested and more youthful. This may be subtle change but this small difference can have a significant effect! Our clients really love this part of the Ultherapy results.


Overall Ultherapy works wonders to taper, redefine your facial contours, while eliminating fatty, droopy areas, and lift and tightening skin around the eyes and underneath the chin, for a more youthful sculpted look. The stars in Hollywood do this treatment, and now you have access to this age defying procedure right here in Delaware at the beach. Dr. Parsons is pleased to bring this cutting edge highly sought after technology to you to help you look your best. If you think you may be candidate for Ultherapy, please give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Michelle Parsons. 302-227-1079.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Ultherapy? After just one treatment with no downtime, your skin will gradually shift back into a more youthful position. Improvements include a sleeker, more


defined jawline and tighter skin on the neck under the chin. Sagging skin on the cheeks can be tightened and lifted, which in turn can improve folds from the nose to mouth, folds from the mouth to jaw, and drooping corners of the mouth. Tightening of skin on the forehead can reduce the sagging skin on the eyelids and promote a more open, refreshed look in general. The results of Ultherapy are permanent, just as the results of a facelift are permanent, 0f course, your skin will continue its natural aging process. While Ultherapy is not a replacement for surgery, it is an inviting alternative for those who are not ready for surgery but looking for meaningful results.

TESTIMONIAL One week after my Ultherapy Treatment, my husband, after being out of town for a couple of days asked me “what’s different about you,” he was staring at my face! Not having told him about my treatment I innocently said “what do you mean?” His response was “I am not sure but your face looks different.” I asked “different good or different bad?” He replied “different good, looks stretched.” I was surprised that the results were noticed that quickly. I found the treatment to be bearable, certainly wasn’t pain free, but tolerable. I was very happy when it was over! For the past 2 weeks following the treatment my face has been tender which is a reminder that the treatment is continuing to work! I would highly recommend it to all! K.M. – Ocean City, MD.

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Spring Cleaning does not have to wait until Spring! Article written by Karen Dawson, C.S.A., Assistant Agency Director Change is inevitable. For many seniors, it is a time to celebrate and enjoy the golden years! Finally, time to enjoy grandchildren, travel, reading, or start working on their bucket list. For those with health conditions, an enjoyable retirement and good quality of life can be more of a challenge. Age generated hurdles can often be diminished with a bit of help. For seniors who live independently, cleaning and cooking can be difficult for those with moderate or advanced physical difficulties. Strenuous tasks that require heavy lifting or significant stress to joints will be difficult for many seniors. When dust builds up, or cleanliness is neglected, allergic reactions or conditions such as asthma can flair up. Other potential risks include falls, that could cause breaking of bones or other injuries that can have serious consequences. Always Best Care, serving all of Delaware, provides services for our clients that enables optimal living within their own homes. In addition to with helping with activities of daily living, our caregivers can also provide light house-keeping chores services. To help maintain the best senior living experience, it is important to ensure that our client’s homes are well maintained, supportive, comfortable, clean and most of all safe! “It helps a whole lot” said one client, who has asthma, when given a periodic call to gage how well her services are going. When our intake team provides the initial assessment, it is designed to ascertain the needs of each individual client. An assessment of the home is provided free of charge. The assessment includes many factors. Some of the items on our checklist include: Entrance or Exit (Outside) Steps. Steps and walkways, especially when wet or icy also pose dangers for a fall. Lighting. Having adequate light throughout the home is very important. Our intake team checks to ensure proper lighting for vision safety Floors. Our caregivers are directed to ensure pathways are open and tidy. It is important to make sure that tripping hazards or objects are not in walking pathways. It is also important to be aware of uneven floors as it is easy to miscalculate and have a fall. We check that scatter rugs are removed or taped to prevent slipping. Stairs: Handrails are checked to ensure they are securely fastened to the wall. It is helpful if stairways are well lit and carpet is secure and smooth. Bathroom. Bathrooms can potentially be dangerous as they combine hard and often wet and slippery surfaces. Our intake specialists check for safety measures, we check water temperatures, encourage rubber-backed non-skid rugs to prevent tripping, and that decals be applied in the tub or shower floor. Grab bars by the shower and toilet are a must. A toilet seat riser is also a good idea for comfort and safety Kitchen: Burners and refrigerator are checked for safety. Our caregivers know to look out for foods that may have expired. Surfaces It is important that surfaces are clean to prevent bacteria, mold, pests, and other potentially hazardous contamination. Caregivers dust and vacuum to help with conditions such as or allergies or asthma. We train our team to look for potential hazards such as mold, strong chemical or fumes, irritants related to pet dander, and to eliminate spreading of germs by cleaning surfaces properly. Additionally, factors that contribute to the client’s overall happiness and independence are considered. Many seniors want to stay in their homes, and your Always Best Care Team wants to ensure that we are supporting our client’s ability to stay at home with independence as well as safety.

Testimonial: “Always Best Care spreads some holiday cheer adopting a local Sussex County family.”

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Home is where the heart is and working for Always Best Care we are all family! If you would like to help a person in need to lead an independent life and be able to comfortably age in place then becoming a Direct Care Worker (DCW) for Always Best Care may be perfect for you! Interested in a rewarding opportunity, contact: Angela Lewis, 614 Mulberry Street, Milton, DE 19968 302-409-3710 ext. 167, Apply:

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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Stem Cell Therapy Dr. Childers believes that by harnessing your body’s innate capacity to heal and grow itself, new progress can be made without the use of drugs and invasive procedures so that our patients get healthy and stay healthy. The use of stem cells, which have the ability to regenerate themselves and self-replicate, is a crucial new component in a regenerative cell therapy approach that allows different types of medical issues to be treated, including issues related to chronic pain. Adult mesenchymal stem cells are your body’s internal repair system and replenish other cells. These regenerative cells have the unique capacity to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a specific function within the human body such as bone, cartilage, muscle, hair or skin cells. Given their powerful and unique regenerative nature, adipose derived regenerative cell therapy offers new potential in the treatment of certain issues as a way of non-surgical treatments for most skeletal-muscular conditions, including all joints plus hair and skin restoration.

FREE Stem Cell Local Seminars - Check website or Call for Information.

Lyme Disease Specialist Delaware Integrative Medical Center is a Lyme literate institution and specializes in an integrative approach to the treatment of Lyme disease. Dr. Childers, a respected international clinician in the treatment of Lyme associated diseases, frequently presents new findings at medical conferences.

Medical Weight Loss Do you need to lose weight, but are finding that diet and exercise alone are not enough to achieve your goals? With a medically supervised diet, and utilizing a very low-calorie meal plan, over a prolonged period of time in conjunction with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), you can achieve extraordinary results so that you can lose the weight, and keep it off for good.

Henry Childers, IV, MD, FAAO Board Certified in General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery Advanced certifications in Cellular Medicine Dr. Henry Childers is board certified in General Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery, with advanced certificates in both FSM and ozone therapy. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and is co-investigator on the Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board Ozone efficacy research study. Dr. Childers has a special interest in alternative therapies for the treatment of Lyme Disease and is one of the only Lyme Literate medical doctors (LLMD) in the region.

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CoolSculpting Non-Surgical Fat Removal non-surgical treatment for removal of fat from localized pockets of excess fat. This non-invasive procedure represents an alternative to surgical liposuction by using a novel cooling technology that permanently removes fat cells from treated areas.

Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in BioIdentical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine. The biggest trend in cosmetic surgery is the expansion of non-invasive body countouring technology, the best of which is CoolSculpting, which is now available at ReNove Medical in Rehoboth Beach. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that uses precisely controlled cooling to destroy fat cells, thereby eliminating unwanted love handles, bra rolls, and stomach fat. Arms and legs can be treated as well. Unlike some other non-surgical technologies that release fat from fat cells, such as Vasershape and I-Lipo, Coolsculpting destroys the fat cells thereby eliminating treated fat permanently, as our body does not make new fat cells. Coolsculpting is a unique

How does CoolSculpting Work? The technology behind CoolSculpting was developed by Harvard scientists who noted that fat was destroyed by cold under certain conditions. CoolSculpting is a result of their efforts to harness and refine this application of cold to selectively remove unwanted fat deposits in a safe manner. During a treatment, your unwanted fatty area will be pressed and chilled to a temperature 12 degrees above freezing. At this temperature the fat within fat cells crystallizes. When the fat within the cells crystallizes, it damages and kills the fat cell. Skin and other tissue is not damaged as the water in other cells is not crystallized, only fat. The body will then eliminate the killed fat cells over time. The best news is that we do not make new fat cells. Fat cells merely get bigger or smaller as they store more fat or lose fat. So in essence the fat removal from CoolSculpting is permanent. And we have seen instances of patients who if they gain weight, the weight will not return to the treated areas. What are the most common areas to be treated? Many people on a weight loss program continue to have stubborn hard to lose areas, no matter how much dieting, sit ups or weight they lose. Such stubborn areas are typically around the abdomen, the love handles and inner thighs. Once you are over forty, losing fat in these areas is extremely difficult. These are

the areas that CoolSculpt can address. Basically if there is an area you can pinch several inches, that area can be treated and eliminated by CoolSculpt. Most of our patients are interested in losing fatty areas in the upper and lower abdomen, the muffin top, waist, brat fat, back fat, love handles, and “mommy pooches.” We can also treat arms, thighs and saddle bags.



Are there any side effects from CoolSculpting? The side effects from a CoolSculpting treatment are minimal. It is possible to have bruising after the treatment, which resolves in a week. It is common to have numbness or decreased sensitivity in the treated area lasting 1 to 2 weeks. In some instances patients will develop a burning tingling sensation 5 days after the treatment which can be controlled with a Lidoderm patch. There are virtually no long term negative side effects.

we have Netflix available so you can watch a movie or catch up on your favorite television program. Busy moms find this time to themselves a real treat! We also have Wi-Fi.

What does CoolSculpting feel like? Our treatment room is very comfortable where you will relax on a padded recliner. When the CoolSculpting is applied to the fatty area to be treated there is a sensation of pulling that feels slightly uncomfortable for the first 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually this sensation lessens to the point during the treatment any uncomfortable sensation is minimal. There seems to be a natural endorphin release during the treatment so patients are very relaxed during the treatment, which takes an hour. Some people have fallen asleep during the treatment! A typical treatment session lasts between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how many areas are treated. During the treatment,

How long to results last? Once the fat cells are frozen, killed and naturally eliminated by your body, the results are permanent. You can still gain weight in other areas if you over eat and don’t continue to try to remain fit. If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting and would like to see if you are a good candidate for this effective treatment to lose unwanted fatty areas, please call us today to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Michelle Parsons at ReNove Medical, Health Rejuvenating Spa, in Rehoboth Beach, 302-227-1079. We will be offering an introductory Special this season, so please inquire.

How quickly do people see results? After a CoolSculpting treatment, the fat cells are actually killed and will be eliminated by the body over time. Many report seeing changes in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. The full benefit will take as long as 60 to 90 days.

Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


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We are getting the basics right while leading in innovation and technology in dental implants.

Do you have missing teeth affecting your smile or making it difficult to chew? We offer compassionate comprehensive dental care including implant treatment here in your hometown. Implant dentistry has become the new standard of care for replacing missing teeth as they come the closest to looking and feeling like your natural teeth. Many people do not know the importance of replacing missing teeth immediately. As soon as you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth start shifting towards the missing tooth space. That leads to gum problems and retaining food surrounding the adjacent teeth. Also, other teeth need to bear more load to compensate for the missing teeth. So the chances of fracturing adjacent teeth are higher. Replacing a missing tooth now will save you money, frustration, and discomfort in the future. We can provide many different options to replace your missing teeth including fixed implants, Implant supported dentures, all on 4 Implants, same day dental implants, fixed bridge, full mouth implants, partial or complete removable denture. You can make a clear choice after having a free consultation. Our doctors at Fenwick Dental have had extensive training allowing them to place dental implants safely and effectively. The dental Implants used at Fenwick Dental are a medically grade titanium and are considered one of the highest grade implants on the market. At Fenwick Dental we use Biohorizon dental implants which exclusively used with TeethXpress have a 99.2% success rate.

16 I Spring 2019

If you are looking for a dentist near you with expertise in dental implants Fenwick Dental is the place to go. Dr. Ketan Ginoya and Dr. Ashwini Jagadeesh of Fenwick Dental are local dentists with big city experience in the dental field. Our doctors provide complimentary implant consultations and second opinions. We will meet with you and determine what type of dental implants would be best for you. Contact us to learn more about implant procedures. In addition to being a dentist near you, Fenwick Dental provides all dental implant services in one location. Our doctors will take care of each step during your dental implant case rather than referring you to several offices to complete treatment. Call today to set up your no charge dental implant consultation or a full new patient exam. We can help you maintain or restore your smile and chewing function. Emergency dental care- Immediate Appointments available.

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Health & Wellness Catherine Welton Pando RN HTPA. Catherine has been an RN for over 30 years. She has worked in many clinical areas (Critical Care, ER, Cardiac rehabilitation and Orthopedics) Most recently became certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner and is currently completing advanced training as a Family Constellation facilitator. Catherine is the Founder and director of the Lewes Wellness Center in Lewes. Dr Jose A Pando is an Integrative Rheumatologist practicing in Delaware for the last 20 years. He completed his Internship and Residency at the Yale University Primary Care Program, Fellowships at Georgetown and NIH. Most recently completed an Integrative Medicine Fellowship with Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. He is the founder Delaware Arthritis and is the Medical Director of the Lewes Wellness Center.

Fibromyalgia Most of us will experience pain during our lifetime. While uncomfortable, the pain will improve within a short period of time and we recover uneventfully.

of exclusion. This means that multiple other medical problems that present in this fashion must be excluded before the diagnosis is made.

In patients experiencing Fibromyalgia, the pain is widespread involving muscles and joints. The pain is described as “all over”, constant and dull and is present for over 3 months. Pain is usually associated with fatigue, sleep disturbances, memory problems and a number of other conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, migraines (and other headaches), palpitations and frequent urination. The patients usually describe they wake up tired despite sleeping for long periods of time, and also commonly mention symptoms like “restless legs”.

Common conditions with similar presentations are, thyroid dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, Celiac Disease, Inflammatory diseases (of bowels or joints) Multiple Sclerosis and others.

The patients are usually women and the symptoms start usually early in life (teens and twenties). Why does it happen? The symptoms may begin following emotional or physical trauma (sexual or physical abuse, accidents), infections by viruses (Epstein Barr, Parvovirus, Hepatitis C) or other organisms (Bacteria, Lyme, Ehrlichiae) or may accumulate over time with not one large triggering event, but a series of events. It is important to keep in mind that Fibromyalgia can occur as secondary to chronic medical problems (secondary Fibromyalgia) and there certainly is a genetic component. In recent years a number of publications have demonstrated structural changes in the brain of patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. These changes indicate neuroplasticity that will provide specific targets to monitor results of treatment of therapeutic interventions. It also gives additional evidence that “quieting your mind” (with meditation, yoga or gentle movement that the person feels is meditative or deeply relaxing) is extremely important for the management of this condition. How is it diagnosed? The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is one

There is no specific test for the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. We usually request a panel to make sure no other “look alike” condition is present. Fibromyalgia is not a new medical problem, it has been described in the medical literature for centuries and named in different ways. How about medications and supplements? There are a number of medications approved by the FDA for the management of Fibromyalgia. Other supplements and older medications that while not formally approved, have been helpful in the management of this condition. Medications like SNRIs (Cymbalta, Effexor and Savella) are commonly used as well as medications like Gabapentin (Neurontin) and PreGabalin (Lyrica). Supplements and vitamins are used as well. In cases of cramping, magnesium is helpful. Other patients benefit from Vitamin D and Vitamin B complex supplementation. The addition of adaptogens, while studied only in limited fashion, has been used for generations for the management of this problem. The medications are used to decrease the symptoms and increase function. At this time, there is no “cure” for Fibromyalgia and we depend on patient involvement and collaboration to achieve a better ourcome. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, what can I do to feel better? If your provider has diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia and the common “look

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-​ Increase your level of activity. ​- Quiet your mind. ​- Get involved, and get connected in groups with your neighborhood or church. Decrease your screen and couch time. - Find a new hobby and volunteer. - Build community around yourself, friends and family.

alike” conditions have been excluded, you may be wondering, what now? There are a number steps that you can take to feel better and decrease the symptoms that you are experiencing. ​- Practice Self Care: develop a routine of relaxation and stretching of your muscles every morning to decrease stiffness and pain. Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are wonderful activities to get engaged in. ​- Educate yourself, participate in group appointments and positive support groups that provide good information that invigorates you (avoid a low energy complaining session).

Other suggestions? We suggest to our patients and clients to start a journaling practice and a stress reduction routine that may involve walking in nature, gardening, painting, music and movement.

“The road to a better you starts here!!!” at

& All Are Welcome to Enjoy Wellness Center Activities: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Meditation , Tai Chi and Healing Touch! *You don’t have to be a patient to particlpate.

Delaware Arthritis

The Lewes Wellness Center

302 644-2633 302 313-9990 20268 Plantations Road Lewes DE 19958

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How to Ask Your Doctor if Medical Marijuana is Right for You • Be Prepared: Your doctor might not be familiar with the medicinal properties of cannabis, so you should do some homework beforehand on how medical cannabis can help you manage your condition and its symptoms. Research which product or delivery method you prefer − smoking, topical, capsules, etc. You might be the patient who educates your doctor or changes their mind about medical cannabis. • Be Transparent: Your conversation is confidential. Let your doctor know what you want to use, why you want to use it and what you’d like the outcome to be. If you’ve already experimented with medical cannabis, let them know. Make it clear how you plan to use medical cannabis to manage your condition. • Be Inquisitive: Even if your doctor is well-versed in the medical benefits of marijuana, he or she shouldn’t be the only one talking. Ask questions: Will medical cannabis interact well with your other medications? Are there studies about cannabis treatment and your condition? What cannabis would be best for your condition? Your doctor should be able to add to your research. If you don’t get the information you’re looking for, find another medical professional and ask for their insight on whether cannabis might be right for you.

By Mark Lally, Delaware’s Medical Marijuana pioneer and CEO of First State Compassion. You know the adage – if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Your physician is there to help you live your best life. If you think medical marijuana will alleviate some of your symptoms – speak with your doctor. Ask questions. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable. Although there is still some stigma around medical cannabis, there is nothing illegal or inappropriate about discussing it with your doctor (the First Amendment protects you both). Your current primary care physician is the best person to talk to first, but if you do feel uneasy, find a doctor with a medical cannabis specialty. By law, First State Compassion (FSC) is not permitted to refer patients to physicians, and vice versa, but we can help you by providing these tips on having a meaningful, productive conversation with a physician:

Remember, doctors do not write prescriptions for medical marijuana; they provide certification that a patient has a qualifying condition.

• Be Ready to Walk Away: After all your research and candid conversations with your doctor, he or she may still feel apprehensive about recommending medical marijuana. Perhaps their practice does not allow them to certify cannabis treatment. Respect their decision but don’t stop pursuing a conversation – find another doctor who is willing to make medical cannabis part of your treatment. Always remember to be your own advocate. Find a doctor who’ll collaborate with you on a treatment program. Remember, this is your health, your quality of life, your decision.

First State Compassion Locations: Wilmington: 37 Germay Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804 Phone: 302-543-2100 We work hard to keep our patients’ trust, and love that our job is helping to relieve pain and making life a little easier. Our patient advisors at FSC are all trained to answer your questions.

18 I Spring 2019

Lewes: 12000 Old Vine Blvd, Unit 102, Lewes, DE 19958 Phone: 302-281-4888

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Carolyn Showell is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor, a nationally certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, trainer and coach. (302) 754-3273 Email:

You Can Heal Yourself Can someone actually heal herself? Yes, most of us have heard of patients diagnosed with serious illnesses going into spontaneous remission after being prescribed a placebo (sugar pill), right? This is called the placebo effect. In medical clinical research trials, the placebo effect happens more than you might think. Even when patients know they are prescribed a placebo, many still experience healing. How is this possible? The placebo works because patients believe and feel that the “sugar” pill prescribed them is aiding in their healing. The placebo has no medicine in it, so that can’t be it. These patients are healing themselves by their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and lifestyle changes. You see, the human body is designed to heal itself and you can tap into this healing power by learning a few basic techniques. How can I learn these basic techniques to heal myself? I can teach you how to use mindbody-energy techniques to alter your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and body’s physiology to aid in your healing.

genetic factor or past experiences, when we practice new ways of thinking, believing and feeling it produces physical changes in our body that lead to healing. What are some of the mind-body-energy techniques you can teach me? Mental rehearsal is a technique similar to meditation and guided imagery. The process involves using mental focus, your imagination, and feelings, to imagine your healing or desired outcome over and over again until it becomes akin to reality. This technique works because your mind and body don’t know the difference between having a real experience vs. just intently imagining and feeling an experience. Mindfulness meditation- Jon Kabat Zinn, founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction defines Mindfulness as “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” Mindfulness is one of the most researched mindbody-energy techniques with evidence demonstrating how it improves mental

Is there any scientific evidence that proves this stuff works? Yes, the research found that 70 percent of our thoughts are negative and repetitive. These negative thoughts create the opposite effect of the placebo effect and often lead to what is called the nocebo effect. You may have heard the expression, “thoughts are things”. Well, it’s true. Our negative thoughts, stress and worry often lead to serious sickness and disease. But, there is hope. Neuroplasticity has proven that when we learn to think differently and have new experiences, our brains change to create healing. Epigenetics also confirms that despite

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and physical health. Mindfulness helps the body/mind to heal by reducing rumination and by regulating emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) is another technique that involves tapping on meridian points on your body while verbalizing phrases about a particular emotion, pain or belief. This technique can help you remove negative emotions, stress, pain and memories trapped in your body and thoughts. When these emotional blocks are eliminated, it opens a space in your body/mind for healing and emotional freedom. Self-Hypnosis is a technique that allows you to easily reprogram your mind and body to change habits, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and feelings that no longer serve you. Hypnosis is a state of heightened focus and awareness. In this state, you are more open and receptive to positive suggestions which can lead to rapid change. Psychotherapy sessions provide a safe space for you to explore and challenge

any limiting beliefs so that you can develop positive coping strategies for change. Mirror work, a technique developed by Louise Hay who used it to heal herself of cancer, is used during sessions to help you get in touch with your inner self to promote self-love, acceptance, and self-care. Who can benefit from these mindbody-energy techniques? Anyone who is open to change can benefit from mind-body-energy techniques. I specialize in trauma, insomnia relief, weight loss, addictions, depression and anxiety treatment. Testimonials “I felt a shift in myself when I left the session last week and have been practicing the technique since”. Rebekah N, Wilmington, DE. “Carolyn is a very knowledgeable and caring therapist. She helps you discover who you really are and to like and enjoy your life more”. Rose Mary, H. Bethany Beach, DE

Renew Your Heart and Mind, LLC

Millsboro, Delaware 19966 • (302) 754-3273 Carolyn Showell

Licensed and Certified Therapist • Accepting New Patients Medicaid, Medicare, and most major insurances accepted. Specializing in Weight Loss, Addictions, Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression. Combining Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Energy Work to help you achieve your desired outcome quickly.

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Terri Pippin CMT, Reiki Master & Shaman, is founder of The Medicine Woman. Terri started her spiritual journey of healing in 1986 when she was first introduced to meditation. She has been a Certified Massage Technician since 1996. Her journey has included the development of Reiki skills, culminating in the achievements of the Master Reiki Level in 2007 and the development of several energy healing techniques. The Medicine Woman is trained in both Celtic and Native American Shamanism and has been a shamanic healer since 1998.


The Art of Tarot Card Reading - For Fun and Profit • The Major and Minor Arcana Cards meanings. • The Clarification Cards; Court suits; Court Arcana and Tarot Numerology meanings. • The cards that tells time. • The different spreads and how to create your own spread. • How to do a reading. Conjure – Magic Root Work • The meanings of different herbs and barks for Conjure work. • The use of herbs, oils, barks and roots to create prosperity, love, and health. • How to Cleanse land, houses and business. • The steps needed to Conjure up what you want in life. • Different herbs and recipes to get you started at home. Prosperity for Entrepreneurs – How to Avoid Financial Disaster • How to turn simple disciplines into success and happiness. • How to create your current financial “Comfort Zone”. • How to use lack and abundance to grow your business. • What is your relationship with money? How do you make it better? • Learn what dysfunctional behavior can cost in your business. • How to embrace a risk. • How to leverage your gifts by investing in yourself. Seats are limited in all 1 Day Classes - Register Early


Reiki Level 1 & 2. • An overview of the history of Usui Reiki. • The hand placements for treatment on yourself and others. • Learn Byosen Scanning and Eye and Hand Beaming to fix issues in the physical body. • The 2nd degree Reiki symbols and how to activate and use them. • How to send Reiki into the past, present, future and at a distance. • Different breathing techniques to raise your vibrational healing rate. • Attunement for 1st Degree Reiki and 2nd Degree Reiki

Polarity Chakra Balance – A must for all healers in the Holistic healing field. •This class is an intensive study of the 7 major chakras. • The technique, theory and hand positions used to balance each chakra. • The technique of Spine Cleansing to release blockages and balance the chakras. • The technique to do a cleansing/dusting of the Aura. • The breathing exercises to increase your healing vibrational rate. All Seats in Two Day classes are limited - Please register early.

For information on Class Registration, Tuition and Class Dates for all classes please visit our website.


The Medicine Woman’s School of Holistic Studies 34444 King Street Row, Unit B • Lewes, DE 19968 20 I Spring 2019

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2 Conditions You Need to Know About Migraines You might notice the warning signs a day ahead of time: Irritablilty and neck stiffness are common in some, while others feel hyperactive. Throbbing headache, blurred vision, lightheadedness and nausea so serious you may throw up. You retreat to a dark, quiet room, as sound and light only make it worse. Migraines are far more than your run-of themill headaches and can last anywhere form four to72 hours. Some people go months without a migraine, while others have them several times a month. What happens? Some scientists think migraines are caused by temporary brain changes that affect the trigeminal nerve, a major pain pathway. Migraines might also be caused by imbalances of brain chemicals responsible for controlling pain. Why women? About three out of four people with magraine problems are women. The problem might lie with changes in estrogen levels. More than half of women with migraines note that their migraines are linked to their menstrual cycles. Migrainies tend to strike right before your period, when estrogen levels are at their monthly low. High estrogen levels may protect against headaches, while low estrogen levels worsen them. That explains why pregnancy-when estrogen levels are high- tends to improve migraines while perimenopause (the years leading up to menopause, when estrogen levels fluctuate) tends

to make them worse and more frequent. Take charge. Some foods are triggers for migraines. Watch out for alcohol, caffeine and processed foods, and try not to skip meals. Stress, certain medications, and changes in sleeping patterns can also play a role. Drugs that include hormones, such as birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, can make migraines worse, though some women experience an improvement. Reviewed by Elaine Brown, MD Depression The world has slowed to a crawl. Everything that used to matter-friends, family, relationships, hobbies- is just a reminder of the unattainable time when you used to feel happy. Nothing gives you hope. Nothing is worth getting our of bed for. Even simple tasks, like emailing someone, seem exceedingly difficult. Everyone feels down now and then, but depression is in another ballpark entirely. Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss or anger pervade all aspects of your life and persists for weeks, months or even years. What happens? Major depression usually starts with a huge stressful life event, like a divorce or the death of a loved one. This may be due in part to changes in sex hormones like estrogen. Certain life events, like puberty, pregnancy and PMS, cause major changes in estrogen levels, which might

The County Woman’s Journal

disrupt the brain chemicals that regulate mood. The gender gap might also be caused by social problems that target women more that men, such as abuse and sexism. Take charge. The people most resistant to depression are those with good self-esteem and strong friendships- a strong social support network can help you recover from traumatic life events. Take steps to control stress, especially between ages

25 and 44, when you are most suscepitible to depression. If you think you may be depressed, talk to your doctor or a mental health professional. Regular heart-pumping exercise and a healthy diet can help fightand prevent-mild to moderate depression. Reviewed by Elaine Brown, MD

Come in and get your Vaccine at


Flu Shots

Hepatitis A & B Vaccine

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Shingles vaccine

Tdap Vaccine

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$avings on ALL Generics, many Brand medications, and even Pet meds. Plus, earn 10% rebate on Walgreens-brand products & Photos. Comprehensive benefits for diabetics, including insulin, glucose monitors, test strips and supplies

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Understanding Peanut Allergies An advanced honors student, Alexandra has been a straight A student since kindergarten. Alexandra is a member of the National Honor Society, a Duke TIP Scholar, received honorable mention two years in a row at Canterbury School’s Science Fair, Regional First Place at HOSA for Nutrition and a Science Olympian member. Alexandra aspires to be a surgeon specializing in female cancer research and helping children with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a condition that affects the development of bones and other tissues of the face. Alexandra was diagnosed by Dr. Robert Wood, of the John Hopkins, at the age of 4 with a most severe peanut allergy after she went anaphylaxis after eating a peanut product. Alexandra feels the best way to prevent a severe reaction is education on food labeling, and fellow student education on this deadly condition. You or your child can correspond with Alexandra by email, and she will help with any suggestions and experiences.

Presented by Alexandra Gallagher Signs and Symptoms There’s a difference between peanut allergy and peanut intolerance. Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether you are allergic or intolerant to peanuts. • Peanut intolerance. If you have peanut intolerance, you usually can eat small amounts of peanuts with only mild symptoms, such as indigestion or heartburn, or no reaction at all. A peanut intolerance doesn’t involve your immune system. • Peanut allergy. An allergy to peanuts involves an immune system response. Even a tiny amount of peanuts may trigger a serious allergic reaction. Tests can help determine whether you have true peanut allergy. Peanut allergies trigger an immune system response. Your immune system reacts to proteins found in peanuts. Exposure to peanuts or traces of peanuts may cause immediate reactions, such as itching, redness, swelling, shortness of breath, wheezing, nausea, abdominal pain, lightheadedness or loss of consciousness (anaphylaxis).The chemicals in peanuts can cause hives to develop on the areas of your skin that have come in contact with peanuts or traces of peanuts. Hives may spread to the rest of your body. Allergic reactions to peanuts usually occur within minutes after exposure, although reactions within an hour or so after ingestion are possible. Signs and symptoms can range in severity depending on which body systems are involved in a reaction and how much peanut protein you’ve been exposed to. The most serious and potentially deadly allergic reaction to peanuts is an anaphylactic response. If you are highly sensitive, an anaphylactic reaction can develop immediately after peanut exposure, causing the airways (bronchi) to constrict, making breathing difficult. Blood pressure may drop to life

22 I Spring 2019

threateningly low levels, making you feel dizzy or lose consciousness. Other serious signs and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction include: • Wheezing • Rapid or weak pulse • Blueness of your skin, including your lips and nail beds • Diarrhea • Nausea and vomiting • Dizziness • Loss of consciousness Seek emergency medical care if you or someone else develops an anaphylactic reaction. Causes Peanut allergy is caused by an immune system malfunction. Your immune system identifies peanuts as harmful triggering the production of immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to neutralize the peanut protein (allergen). The next time you come in contact with peanuts, these IgE antibodies recognize it and signal your immune system to release histamine and other chemicals into your bloodstream. Histamine and other body chemicals cause a range of allergic signs and symptoms. Histamine is partly responsible for most allergic responses, including runny nose, itchy eyes, dry throat, rashes and hives, nausea, diarrhea, labored breathing and even anaphylactic shock. Exposure to peanuts can occur in three ways: • Direct contact. The most common cause of peanut allergy is direct contact with peanuts. This means exposure via all routes of contact usually through eating peanuts, but including kissing or touching someone who’s been in direct contact with peanuts. • Cross contact. This is the unintended introduction of peanuts into a product. It’s generally the result of exposure to peanuts during processing or handling of a food product. • Inhalation. An allergic reaction may occur if you inhale dust or aerosols

containing peanuts, such as that of peanut flour or peanut oil cooking spray. Common food products that can trigger peanut allergy symptoms if they contain peanut proteins include: • Peanut butter • Peanut flour • Ground or mixed nuts • Baked goods, such as cookies and pastries • Ice cream and frozen desserts • Energy bars • Salad dressing • Cereals and granola • Grain breads • Marzipan (a molding confection made of nuts, egg whites and sugar) • Nougat Peanuts may be present in not so obvious foods including: • Arachis oil. This is another name for peanut oil. Pure peanut oil usually doesn’t trigger allergic reactions because peanut proteins are usually removed during processing. However, peanut oil can become contaminated with peanut proteins. • Artificial tree nuts. Peanuts can be flavored to taste like other nuts, such as walnuts or pecans. • Chocolate candies. Some chocolate candies are produced on equipment that is also used for processing peanuts or peanut containing foods. • Cultural foods. Some African, Chinese, Indonesian, Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese dishes often contain peanuts or are exposed to peanuts during restaurant preparation. • Nut butters. Nut butters, such as cashew nut butter, are often processed by the same equipment used to make peanut butter. • Specialty items. Foods sold in bakeries and ice cream shops may come in contact with peanuts. • Sunflower seeds. Many brands of sunflower seeds are processed on equipment also used to produce peanuts. Risk factors It isn’t clear why some people develop allergies while others don’t. However,

people with certain risk factors have a greater chance of developing peanut allergy: • Family history of allergies. You’re at increased risk of peanut allergy if other allergies, especially other types of food allergies, are common in your family. A child’s first allergic reaction to peanuts usually occurs between ages 1 and 2. • Personal history of peanut allergy. About 20 percent to 25 percent of children with peanut allergy outgrow it. However, even if you seem to have outgrown peanut allergy, there is still a small risk it will recur. • Altered immune system. According to recent studies, the prevalence of peanut allergy has doubled in young American children in the last five years. Although reasons are unknown, some scientists believe that the destroying of many infectious diseases may have altered the immune system. Other experts suggest that improved hygiene is involved, proposing that higher standards of cleanliness in Western countries may have confused our immune systems, increasing the chances of developing allergies later in life, when the immune system is usually more prepared to prevent allergies from occurring. Treatment Medications, such as antihistamines, may reduce symptoms of peanut allergies. These drugs can be taken after exposure to peanuts to control your reaction and help relieve discomfort. However, the only way to prevent an allergic reaction is to avoid peanuts and peanut proteins altogether. Despite your best efforts, you may still come into contact with peanuts and have a severe reaction. In this case, you may need an emergency injection of adrenaline (epinephrine) and a trip to the emergency room. If you’re at risk of having a severe reaction, you may need to carry injectable epinephrine with you at all times. For more information call your pediatrician.

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Home is where the heart is: Congestive heart failure and the benefits of palliative care In June, John found himself in the hospital’s emergency department (ED)—AGAIN. The symptoms of his congestive heart failure (CHF), combined with other complications, had been landing him in the ED on average once a month. Occasionally, he was even admitted. But this time was different. This time John was referred to Delaware Palliative, a program of Delaware Hospice. And it’s been nearly ten months since his last ED visit. Palliative care serves as an extra layer of in-home support for your loved one with acute illnesses. It focuses on controlling symptoms and improving your quality of life while you continue to pursue treatment options with your own primary care doctor and specialists. And for individuals with CHF, better regulations of symptoms like swelling and difficulty breathing usually means fewer late-night trips to the ED. At Delaware Palliative, we dramatically improve the lives of people struggling with CHF by taking the following steps: Provide in-home evaluations. When you enroll in Delaware Palliative, you receive an initial visit from one of our advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs), who

serves as your primary point of contact. Depending on the situation and needs, an ARNP may visit anywhere from once or twice a week to every couple of months. The ARNP’s primary objective is to help you meet your goals for treatment.

call a “2 a.m. Plan”—written steps to take if in the middle of the night there is a crisis situation, including how to recognize when to make a 911 emergency call and when to try certain interventions at home first, like a nebulizer or oxygen.

Work closely with your cardiologist or primary care doctor.

Connect you with crucial services.

We work closely with your own cardiologist or primary care doctor effectively to manage symptoms. Your doctor gets a copy of the ARNP’s clinical notes from every visit. If it is an urgent matter, the ARNP will pick up the phone and call your doctor to address the situation immediately.

Delaware Palliative’s social workers play a critical role in helping heart failure

patients meet their goals, especially when you have little or no other support at home. When you first enroll in palliative care, a social worker evaluates what additional outside resources might be beneficial. The social worker often helps you begin the Medicaid process to cover expenses, fill out DART applications for transportation to doctors’ appointments, and be connected with other resources like Meals on

Wheels, in-home lab services, or even their church. Far too many of our palliative care patients with heart failure say they wished they’d known about the program six months sooner. It’s never too early to get extra help managing your symptoms. Talk to your doctor today about whether palliative care is right for you. Visit www.delawarepalliative. org or call 800-838-9800 to learn more.

Intervene early to manage symptoms like swelling and lung congestion. Symptoms associated with heart failure can escalate quickly. But sometimes it takes a few days or even a week to get an appointment with a doctor. Our palliative care team makes it a priority to evaluate and address worsening symptoms within 24 hours, before a trip to the ED becomes inevitable. Educate you and family members. Your ARNP reviews the early signs and symptoms of heart failure with you and your caregivers, explaining what to look for and when to call us. They also help create what we

The County Woman’s Journal

My dad taught me to fly, to never fear tomorrow.

So I will teach my son to soar and not to accept limitations. That’s why I chose Delaware Palliative. If you’re coping with a serious illness Delaware Palliative can help alleviate symptoms and stress. Even if you’re still receiving active, curative treatment. We help keep the focus where it needs to be- life lessons between a father and son. See how palliative care can improve quality of life at or call 800-838-9800.

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MEMORY CARE: Where do You Turn for Help?


t’s never easy deciding that a loved one can no longer live independently due to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other forms of memory impairment. There may come a time when escalating needs are unfortunately more than you and your family can handle. Sudden mood swings, disorientation, delusions and even aggressive behaviors are just some of the signs that indicate that your loved one and you, their caregiver, need to seek help.

Look for Holistic-Style Nurturing

Selecting a memory care community is not an easy decision. You want a place that provides a positive, personalized approach, which means focusing on what the individual is still able to do, not what they can no longer do. The resident should be able to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible. By normalizing cognitive deficits and the social stigmas associated with them, a good community helps residents continue relationships and develop new ones in a safe, yet stimulating, environment. A memory care community must be able to assure families that their loved one is cared for compassionately, with respect and encouragement. Residents need to feel valued, secure and involved in the world around them— you don’t want that ‘institutional’ mentality. And it’s vital that the community understands that no two people are alike. You have to take the time to thoroughly understand each individual’s current reality, while also respecting his or her past.

Kara Abdala

Certified Dementia Practitioner

At Harrison Senior Living, our daily activities provide entertainment, exercise and diversion in one-on-one or group sessions that best optimize physical, cognitive, emotional and psychosocial needs. Activities are organized to involve many senses which helps offer fulfillment for those residents who may otherwise be difficult to engage.

Sensory Experiences Are Important

Chefs prepare homemade, nutritious, meals served in private dining rooms which helps to create comforting mealtime memories, encourage interest in eating and promote socialization in a secure setting. A small staff-toresident ratio allows for increased interpersonal relationships. Even something as simple as

getting to know a person’s special food likes and dislikes is a means of helping ensure that this individual’s day is richer. Our memory care staff complete specialized dementia and behavioral health training to receive professional certification. In addition, ongoing continuing education helps our Harrison Senior Living teams stay abreast of recent innovations in memory care.

Due Diligence is Very Important

The time you spend doing research, asking questions and taking tours is, understandably, a tiring process. But it’s one that will pay dividends when you have the peace of mind knowing your loved one is in the right hands. Remember – not all places that offer memory care are the same!

Savor Sweet Moments

Sometimes a familiar taste, smell or tune is all it takes to bring back happy memories. At Harrison Senior Living, we help individuals with memory impairment hold on to the past while embracing new realities.

Embracing Special Needs

Memory care communities like those at Harrison Senior Livings’ Salisbury (John B. Parsons), Snow Hill, and Georgetown locations were created to provide this special care in a safe, home-like environment. Residents are encouraged to bring some of their own furnishings for greater familiarity. Details like paint selection and lighting are geared to the needs of the population and help reduce fear, anxiety and frustration. The idea is to embrace these special needs in order to strive for a sense of freedom and belonging.

24 I Spring 2019

MEMORY CARE Harrison House of Georgetown, DE Harrison House of Snow Hill, MD John B. Parsons, Salisbury, MD


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New Found Freedom, Thanks to Easterseals Camp Fairlee

By Natalie Scott When Maria is on the water in one of the new adapted kayaks at Easterseals Camp Fairlee, she feels free. She is able to explore the lake independently. Being independent is something many people take for granted. However, for Maria, who has cerebral palsy, it is not often she is able to “call the shots” on her own. Camp Fairlee provides that sense of freedom while providing a nurturing and safe environment for all. “I am happy, I liked it. It’s independent. I could paddle it myself with the counselors nearby but not in the kayak,” Maria says of the kayak. “My favorite thing about Camp Fairlee is getting out by myself for a week. Meeting new people and making friends.” Maria’s dad, Greg, and stepmom, Stephanie, are also thrilled their daughter is not only able to be independent on the kayak, but also experience freedom at Camp Fairlee. While Maria is at camp enjoying her favorite activities, her parents are able to enjoy a break from caregiving to enjoy a date night or get away for a day or two. “Camp has been a godsend to Maria and to us. It gives us a break. We do what we want to do without worrying about Maria being safe,” Greg says. “We get to be empty nesters for a week.”

“Our goal for Maria is independence. The kayaks allow her to do it on her own. She has to rely on herself. For her to have that knowledge is exceptional,” Greg says. “We love Camp Fairlee. It is a great place to meet new friends and try new things.” If you are a caregiver who needs a break from the constant demand of caregiving turn to Easterseal’s Camp Fairlee. Camp Fairlee outside of Chestertown, Maryland, is one of the only facilities in the region that provides a typical residential camp experience for children and adults with disabilities year-round. Give your loved one an unforgettable experience by taking advantage of Camp Fairlee’s week-long-summer-camp experiences, weekend respite program from September through May, Fairlee Vacation program and Daily Adventures program. Learn more about Camp Fairlee at or by calling 410-778-0566. Along with Camp Fairlee, Easterseals offers a range of services. Please visit our website to learn more about our services for people of all ages and abilities:

Camp Fairlee’s summer sessions are available for both children and adults of varying disabilities, including specialized sessions for those with autism. The summer sessions include some of Maria’s favorite activities; kayaking, campfires, dancing, talent show and so much more.

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FLOATATION THERAPY & WEIGHTLESS RELAXATION Whether guests seek pain management, sports recovery, stress relief, improved focus, or simply need to digitally detox, Urban Float is committed to creating a sanctuary to help everyone, everywhere improve their quality of life.

Article written and presented by Urban Float in cooperation with Amy & Carlos Casas What is Floating? Floating allows you to rest in a private, sensorymanaged float pod for a 60-minutes session; in purified water and 1200lbs of Epsom salt to deliver proven physical, mental and emotional benefits. The body is relieved of the effects of gravity, the senses are restored, and physical & mental stress are alleviated. For centuries, the Dead Sea, amazingly rich in salt and minerals has been known for its therapeutic properties and continues to benefit people. The unique combination of physical suspension and minimal stimulation creates an environment that enables the body, mind and spirit to rest. The healing properties of floating have been clinically studied and are well-documented in peer-reviewed medical journals such as the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Journal, Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Inc., and Human Performance Lab in Karlstad, Sweden Welcome to Urban Float Urban Float is the premier floatation therapy spa in the nation. Urban Float has locations across the country and has been featured in Entrepreneur and Reflections Magazines. The Rehoboth location is now open and features 6 private rooms equipped with the industry leading Dreampod Max. Each float room will have a private shower and safety, non-slip flooring.

Maxine Fluharty is the Urban Float Rehoboth Spa Manager and she is supported by area developer’s Amy & Carlos Casas also from Rehoboth Beach. Urban Float was founded in 2011 by Joe Beaudry and Scott Swerland out of Seattle, WA. With successful franchise locations across the country, they are excited to partner with Amy, Carlos, and Maxine to open their first of five franchise locations along the East Coast. You’ll often see Amy and Carlos throughout the Cape region with their kids, Charlie (13) and Ellie (11). “I’ve been floating for well over a year and a half. Floating has been, for me, the best, most effective tool to mitigate insomnia and help me with chronic pain.” - Maleah Krishnaswami, Business Coach “When I first came to Urban Float, I was greeted with a smile. It’s a consistent customer service experience. Urban Float has allowed me to come to a place where my creativity is greatly enhanced.”- Dr. David Paul Zimmerman, Microsoft Showcase Schools “My first float with Urban Float was very welcoming. I felt immediately that I belonged. My chronic pain and inflammation have subsided greatly since I’ve started floating. I’m pretty grateful for the whole experience at Urban Float” - Julie Rottinghaus, Project Manager

TRIPLE PURIFIED CRYSTAL-CLEAR WATER Water quality is important, which is why we filter each pod 3-4x before and after each float through a sophisticated filtration system. FLOATING IS SAFE Floating is a natural & clean way to renew and refresh. Our water is so buoyant, you float, even if you fall asleep. OUR ROOMS ARE PRIVATE Whether you float in your bathing suit or in your birthday suit (which we recommend!), your privacy is a priority. At Urban Float, you have access to your own private shower & floatation pod. FLOAT IN DARKNESS (OR NOT) Our rooms are designed to give our guests total control of their float session. Float in the dark with all the lights off or manage your comfort level by leaving lights on or the pod open. The choice is yours. FLOATING IS GREAT FOR YOUR SKIN Epsom salt naturally smoothens and softens your skin. OUR PODS ARE BIG Our float tanks have been tested with floaters weighing up to 350 pounds who have been able to float without issue and long enough for taller customers. SAFE TO FLOAT WHILE PREGNANT Not only is it safe but it’s encouraged! Some say floating is “a pregnancy must!” Floating allows you to escape the added stress and weight of pregnancy.


PERFECT WATER TEMPERATURE We maintain water at your skin’s temperature, between 93.5-95F. This means you lose track of where your body ends and when the water and air begin for perfect relaxation. ENHANCE CREATIVITY Musicians, writers, and creatives from around the world use floating as a tool to enhance their flow.

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Health & Wellness The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition Presents...

Breast Cancer Survivorship Becoming Cancer Fierce The 22nd Annual Breast Cancer Update

The event is FREE and open to the public.

For registration information, sponsorship opportunities, and an agenda, visit

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 7:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. The Rollins Center, Dover Downs Hotel 1131 N., DuPont Hwy., Dover DE 19901

Featuring leading medical experts and speakers discussing the most up-to-date information on breast cancer treatment and survivorship. Contact hours and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available.


Want to… LOSE


At Healthy Outcomes we specialize in weight loss. Each patient meets in a one-on-one setting with a Board Certified Weight Loss Physician as well as a Weight Loss Educator.

We offer:

• Metabolic and hormonal testing • Customized diet & nutrition plans • Behavioral modification and therapy • Fat burning injections • Appetite suppressants • i-lipo (non-invasive lipo suction) FDA Approved Our center has all the necessary tools to provide patients with a complete weight loss intervention

making our success rate over 95%.

WeWe Now Offer Offer i-lipo Laser Liposuction (a laser alternative to liposuction) reduce fat smooth cellulite • tighten skin shape your body instant results fda approved 2 Lee Avenue, Georgetown, DE 19947 302.856.4022

Fabricio Alarcon, MD Jennifer Morelli, Weight Loss Director

2 Lee Avenue, Georgetown, DE 19947 2 locations to better serve you!



12001 IOld Vine BLVD, I 302.856.4022 Suite 102 - Lewes, DE 19958

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Health & Wellness Most people do not even realize that they have a hearing loss!

• Untreated hearing loss increases your chance of developing dementia. • Actively wearing hearing aids decreases the risk of cognitive decline by improving communication and social interaction. • Ignoring hearing loss may make matters worse when you do decide to get help. • Find out how well you are hearing. • We can help you find the best solution. Karla K Quillen is licensed and board certified in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia as a hearing instrument specialist. Practice in Lewes is a full time office.

It is time to enjoy listening again! We work with all major manufacturers. Free first appointment with clean and check. No high pressured sales. When your warranty runs out, we won’t.

119 W 3rd St. • Lewes, DE • 443.235.4461


Hearing Evaluation

B wanted to have her own home that would provide care for the Beverly June Gray- Mears a Seaford graduate has always

Join us on facebook! ParadiseSeniorLiving Pictures courtesy of Cape Gazette. Sign was designed by Penuel Signs of Georgetown.

elderly. Paradise Senior Living has made that dream come true. Beverly is a registered nurse who has over 20 years of experience in long term care. “I see the residents as family,” “I look at them as they were my grandparent, aunts or uncles. It is so important to make each day special, and remind them how amazing they are. Care giving has been my passion since I was a young child.” Paradise Senior Living is a welcoming, one-story home on Paradise Road, in Georgetown, a road named by her husband Rodney’s father James Brooks Mears. Designed as a long-term assisted senior living care facility, the space can also serve as a respite care center where caregivers can take a short break. Paradise is the perfect size to ensure that everyone who comes to stay there can get the individualized care they deserve.

Paradise provides housekeeping, home-style dining, laundry service, personal care, medication assistance Beverly June Gray- Mears and activities. A live-in caregiver provides companionship and care and is on-site 24 hours a day. In addition, a nurse is on-call 24 hours a day. Services such as transportation, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy can be scheduled using outside companies. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and common areas such as a dining room, living room, enclosed porch and a fenced back yard, Paradise can accept up to three residents.

Let’s see what Paradise can do for you!

Call 302-855-9059 or email 28 I Spring 2019

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Health & Wellness Jenna Tryon, PT, DPT, CEEAA is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the clinical director at Tidewater Physical Therapy in Lewes. She specializes in physical therapy related to rotator cuff repairs, total joint replacements, deconditioning, vestibular disorders, balance disorders and lower back pain; as well as compensatory treatments for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and care of geriatric patients. Her office is located at 17015 Old Orchard Rd, Unit 1, Lewes, DE 19958. The office shares a parking lot with the Lewes Surgery Center and Orthopedic Associates of Southern DE. For scheduling or questions, please call (302) 645-0742.

TESTIMONIALS: “The staff. Their encouragement and patience with each patient is awesome. One feels valued as a patient. Their dedication and concern does not go unnoticed.” – Lewes Patient “Both my husband and I have visited Tidewater Therapy at the Old Orchard Road location in Lewes Delaware. They are very professional, caring, and take the time to listen and explain the procedure you will be getting. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!” – Lewes Patient

Is Physical Therapy Right for Me? Written by: Jennafer Tryon, PT, DPT, CEEAA Have you ever asked yourself, “is physical therapy right for me?” This is a question I get asked frequently as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Most of the time, the answer is, “Yes!” Physical Therapy can address a variety of concerns from pain, to balance and falls, and even vertigo. As a practicing therapist for the past six years with certifications in geriatrics and vestibular rehabilitation, I am here to help you get back to living your best life. Who is a candidate for outpatient therapy? Anyone can seek physical therapy. The most common conditions I treat are rehab after surgeries (joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs, spinal fusion, etc.), pain conditions (neck pain, back pain, knee pain, etc.), osteoarthritis, impaired balance and falls, vertigo/vestibular dysfunction, and muscle weakness. Do I need a doctor’s referral? This is probably the most common question that I am asked. The short answer is, “no.” In the state of Delaware, you can seek physical therapy services for 30 days without a physician referral. Most insurances cover direct access to therapy. If you are concerned about whether or not your insurance will cover PT without a referral, give us a call and our office will check with your insurance provider. We are here

to help you navigate the murky waters of healthcare coverage. Learn more about Direct Access at direct-access/.

Therapy, we treat each person as a unique case and address the issues that affect them the most, as opposed to a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach.

What sets Tidewater Physical Therapy apart from the rest? We are the only certified Medicare Rehabilitation Agency on the Eastern Shore. This classification means our organization is not only credentialed to see Medicare patients, but practices according to a stringent set of operational guidelines, including annual inspections for protection of patients’ rights and safety. Also, Tidewater prides itself on offering one-on-one care by the same therapists at every visit. Therefore, we only have one Physical Therapist practicing at each clinic. This ensures better continuity of care and outcomes for our patients.

My doctor said I have arthritis. How can physical therapy help with that? Osteoarthritis is a deterioration of the joint cartilage, usually caused over time due to aging. While physical therapy can not undo the damage of time, it can help by strengthening

the muscles and improving flexibility; and in many cases pain associated with arthritis can be reduced. This equates to improved performance of daily and recreational activities. Is Physical Therapy painful? The goal of physical therapy is to reduce pain and improve function. Therefore, it should not be painful. As part of treatment, I create an individualized plan for each patient, that will be within their

Tidewater Physical Therapy Since 1984

Working with you, living by you, caring for you!

Tidewater Physical Therapy 17015 Old Orchard Road Lewes, DE 19958 p (302) 645-0742 | f (302) 645-6142

What sets you apart from other physical therapists? I am a Certified Exercise Expert for the Aging Adult (CEEAA) through the geriatric section of the American Physical Therapy Association. I also completed a comprehensive 6-day course at Emory University specially designed for physical therapists to learn how to assess and treat the complexities of vestibular dysfunction. What is Vestibular Rehab? Vestibular Therapy treats conditions related to chronic dizziness or imbalance that impacts the ability of the individual affected to perform one or more activities of daily living. At Tidewater Physical

The County Woman’s Journal

capability. As well, I always advise that the exercises should be done within a comfortable range of motion, avoiding any significant increase in pain or symptoms. There is sometimes muscle soreness associated with starting a new exercise routine, but our goal is to avoid pain during treatment, and heal each individual.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday 8am - 6pm Tuesday 8am - 1pm Wednesday 8am - 6pm Thursday 8am - 6pm Friday 8am - 1pm SPECIALTIES: Pre & Post Op and Joint Replacement Therapy

Orthopedic and Sports Therapy

Certified Exercising Expert for the Aging Adult

T I D E WAT E R P T. C O M | 8 0 0 . 7 3 6 . 3 0 2 0 |

I N F O @ T I D E WAT E R P T. C O M |

Vestibular Therapy

Manual Therapy


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New Year, New Nose One of our specialties at Hunterdon Otolaryngology & Allergy Associates is rhinoplasty, the art of altering the nasal appearance. It can help to shorten a long nose, remove or soften a nasal hump and refine the tip. The nose is the central and perhaps most important feature of the face. Any change in it, ranging from a small refinement to extensive reshaping, can dramatically affect one’s appearance. In addition to improving one’s appearance, rhinoplasty can also help individuals with chronic nasal obstruction and breathing problems. We take great satisfaction in witnessing the benefits successful rhinoplasty can bring to a patient’s overall happiness and emotional well-being. Anyone over the age of 16 with realistic goals is an appropriate candidate.

Dr. Shilpa Renukuntla is a board certified head and neck surgeon and completed a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Her extensive training has provided her an intricate knowledge of the external and internal nasal anatomy. Her surgical skills enable her to improve the appearance of the nose without compromising its function or breathing. Dr. Renukuntla’s passion for the art of rhinoplasty ensures that her patients receive the very best of care. At your consultation, you can address both your concerns regarding the appearance and function of your nose.

A rhinoplasty procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and can be completed with either an “open” or “closed” approach. With an open approach, a small, external incision is made between the two nostrils. This allows for improved visualization of the underlying structures and more precise reshaping of the nose. With a closed or “endonasal” approach, all the incisions are hidden inside the nose. This allows the surgeon to avoid the external incision and also limits swelling associated with the procedure. As both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, the appropriate technique is chosen based on the complexity of the anticipated surgery.

Call us to schedule your consultation today!

(908) 788-9131

After the surgery, most patients return home the same day. They are asked to rest at home immediately after the surgery, keeping the head elevated in order to reduce swelling and bleeding. Dressings usually come off after a week. A patient may experience puffiness in the face and minor bruising for a few days while they heal. Some cosmetic changes to the nose are immediately apparent, but as healing continues over time, more subtle enhancement can follow. Some results may take up to a year to be fully noticeable.



& Allergy Associates • Ear, Nose & Throat • Head & Neck Surgery • Sinus, Allergy & Asthma Management

• Facial Plastic Surgery • Hearing Aid Dispensing & Servicing

The expertise you need. The care you deserve. Call us today to schedule your appointment in Flemington or Hillsborough. (908) 788-9131 |

30 I Spring 2019

Shilpa Renukuntla, M.D. The County Woman’s Journal

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The Surprising Science of a Chiropractic Adjustment Dr. Tracy Hudson

Dr. Sheila Burek

Dr. Hudson is a ’95 Cape Henlopen High School graduate and continued her educational career at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. While attending UNCW, Dr. Hudson suffered an injury playing softball and she sought treatment with a local chiropractor. After a few adjustments, Dr. Hudson was back on the field. Now being a true believer, she decided to further her education in the natural healing art. She attended Life University in Atlanta, GA for 3 years, and then transferred to Texas Chiropractic College in Houston. After graduating in 2004, she moved to Clearwater, FL, where she was in private practice for 8 years. During that time, she also became a Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. She has now moved back to her home town to share her love of chiropractic with our community.

Dr. Sheila Burek is a Buffalo, NY native, who received her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology at D’youville College. She then worked as a medical research assistant in Cardiology at the University Of Buffalo School Of Medicine. It was at that time that Dr. Burek suffered an injury at the gym, for which she sought chiropractic care. It was through this experience that Dr. Burek became interested in furthering her healthcare career in alternative medicine. She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating in 1995. After 18 years of private practice in Pennsylvania, working in a multi-disciplinary setting, including orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists, she relocated to our beautiful beach town.

More and more, people are turning to chiropractic care to treat painful conditions without drugs or surgery.

muscles. Chiropractors refer to this disturbance of the normal vertebral motion or position as a subluxation.

In fact, about half of American adults have visited a chiropractor; of the estimated 35 million who visit annually, 95 percent report that it is effective. Chiropractic is a form of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Chiropractors use hands-on manipulation to provide treatment for many conditions, including neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, pain in the extremities and for injuries. Other methods of treatment such as muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, lasers, decompression traction, massage and exercise may be involved.

This fixation/misalignment doesn’t just happen in the spine but can happen in any joint — such as wrists, hips, feet, knees, ankles, ribs and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

What then, does a chiropractor do? And what exactly is going on in your body when you have what’s commonly called an “adjustment?” When working on a patient, chiropractors are looking for fixations that affect the spinal joints. The fixations are usually accompanied by inflammation of the joint and surrounding tissues along with spasming of surrounding

There are many different types of adjustments used by chiropractors, but the most common is referred to as HVLA, or a high-velocity, low-amplitude maneuver. This adjustment uses a quick, but not very forceful, impulse to produce movement in the joint. It works like this: a joint is comprised of two surfaces surrounded by a capsule, which is air- and watertight. The chiropractor works with the motion of the joint and pushes it until it won’t go further, then pushes just a little more, causing the joint surfaces to separate. It’s then you hear a “popping” sound, which is known as cavitation. Cavitation is the release of gases from within the joint spaces, as the adjustment occurs. The gases are produced within the body, by something called synovial fluid – a fluid that helps lubricate the joints. Think of cavitation the same way you would think of opening a bottle of champagne – there is a little bit of pressure that has

built up inside the bottle, and when the cork is removed, you hear a popping sound as the pressure abates. It is the same sound that is made when people crack their own fingers, as these are synovial joints as well! Once you start restoring some of the lost motion to a joint, you start stimulating nerve endings called mechanoreceptors. Because your brain is more concerned about mechanical stimulation than pain, the brain focuses on the stimulation first, thereby blocking the perception of pain. It’s a phenomenon called “pain-gating,” or the gate control theory of pain. For example: If you bump your elbow and rub it, it feels better. The release in the joint also releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. Once the joint is moving better, the movement tends to pump out inflammation, which also decreases pain. Many people will try to adjust themselves or self-manipulate. And it can feel good — if your neck is stiff and you stretch it back and forth to pop it, there’s an endorphin release. But a short time later, the pain and stiffness will usually come back. The difference is that the art of chiropractic is finding that fixed joint. When you do a self-adjustment, rarely do you release the fixed joint. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn palpation skills, to feel the fixation. So, don’t take your spinal health into your own hands, consult a professional today for your first step towards pain relief.

Testimonial Dr. Tracy is a calm, caring, and thorough chiropractor. I trust her completely with my spine. Hope E., Lewes DE

The County Woman’s Journal

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Health & Wellness

Easterseals Has the Answers You Need

By Natalie Scott Jack knew something was not right when he and his wife, Jackie, were driving home from the store one day and, suddenly, Jackie did not know where she was going. Jackie was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, confirming his suspicion. After traveling the path of a caregiver alone for a while, Jack turned to Easterseals for the help he was seeking and the socialization Jackie needed. “Jackie is no longer able to be left alone. With Easterseals, I do not have to worry. She is with people I trust. It is a comforting feeling to know she is in good hands,” Jack says. “Jackie enjoys the people there and loves interacting with them. Jackie is all smiles when she leaves Easterseals. That is the most important aspect.” Easterseals adult day care services provide support for adults, young and old, who have experienced a disabling condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, brain injury, other physical limitations and conditions of aging. Meals are provided. The program provides a break from caregiving for families or those who work and have other responsibilities. Jackie spends several days a week at the Easterseals day program for aging adults and those with disabilities. Not only is Jackie able to remain active in the community, she is also becoming more flexible through the exercise program Easterseals provides, making it easier for her to walk up stairs and perform other physically demanding tasks.

A full-time nurse provides medical support including monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar, coordinating with physician offices and arranging appointments. The nurse acts as a liaison between participant families, case managers and other health care providers. If needed, physical, occupational and speech therapies also are available on site through Easterseals, and can be added to the individual’s personal care plan. In addition, trained staff are able to help all participants with activities of daily living and personal needs “Caregiving is a learning process. Readjusting our life has been difficult. I am still learning how to deal with my changing circumstances,” Jack says. “Everyone I have met at Easterseals is caring, professional and knowledgeable. They have a sincere concern for their participants. It takes a considerable amount of skill to do what they do.” Like all Easterseals services, adult day care services are comprehensive and individualized to meet each client’s needs, family-focused to meet each family member’s concerns and have the goal of enhanced independence. The adult day care program offers a break for family caregivers responsible for a relative who is unable to function independently, but does not require 24-hour nursing care. For more information about Easterseals Adult Day Care Services contact Kate Antisavage at 302-253-1111 or Nationally, Easterseals is celebrating 100 years of exceptional services for people with disabilities. Easterseals Tunnell Center is located at 22317 DuPont Highway, Georgetown, DE 19947. Please visit their website and see all of the local services for people of all ages and abilities:

“Easterseals offers a broader opportunity for their participants to thrive. Their programs provide mental stimulation. Jackie is doing something she is proud of,” Jack says. “While Jackie is at Easterseals, I am able to rejuvenate and prepare for her return. It is a mental refreshment.”

32 I Spring 2019

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Easterseals A Lifetime of Services By Natalie Scott

For 100 years nationally, Easterseals has served as an indispensable resource for exceptional services for children and adults with disabilities! It’s very likely that you or someone you know has been touched by the myriad of services and supports offered by Easterseals. At Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore, services are designed to meet the needs of individuals throughout their lifespan. From children’s therapies, to adult day services, to employment training and support to services for caregivers, Easterseals is there to help people with disabilities find and live out their full potential. They are the “go to” place for caregivers to find support, for families to find the answers they need to meet life challenges. As the number one provider of early intervention services in Delaware, Easterseals helps children meet milestones and surpass all the limits others put on them. Under the care and guidance of Easterseals skilled speech, occupational and physical therapists, children and their families are encouraged as they face the unknown. With Easterseals, families are empowered and they know they are not doing it alone. Easterseals services go far beyond children’s services. Adults with intellectual disabilities are served in their Intellectual Disabilities Services day program. They are able to stay engaged in their community through activities or pre-vocational training. Or, they can choose the Supported Employment services which helps them find a meaningful job with competitive wages. Adults with physical disabilities, including veterans and seniors, enjoy their days in Easterseals adult day program, where lifelong friendships are formed. Participants can choose to take part in a multitude of activities throughout the day. Specialized services for those individuals living with dementia or Alzheimer’s also are provided. Caregivers are not forgotten at Easterseals! The Community Outreach Program offers valuable resources for caregivers as well as access to assistive technology, support groups, trainings and information and case management. In addition, small grants are available for caregivers to provide respite, or a break, from the constant demands of caregiving. Easterseals Camp Fairlee provides a break to caregivers while providing adventure and independence to the children and adults who attend. Campers grow and become more independent each year during their time away from home. While their loved one is away at camp, families and caregivers can relax knowing their child is in capable hands enjoying themselves. Camp provides respite and adventure for families during the summer and throughout the year during the respite season from October through May. Additionally, Fairlee Vacations provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for participants to enjoy a vacation to places like Disney, Nashville and on cruises. In other words, Easterseals serves people through the entire life spectrum, all the years in between and the people that love them! Easterseals Tunnell Center is located at 22317 DuPont Highway, Georgetown, DE 19947. Our Salisbury location can be found at 1336 Belmont Ave., Suite 502, Salisbury, MD 21804. Please visit their website and see all of their services for people of all ages and abilities:

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What Our Advertisers Say About The Women’s Journal “I just wanted to let you know that the editorial that we did last issue was a great success for us. It brought us customers that were selling and gold that otherwise we probably would not have had. Our Gold / Silver buying aspect of our business is VERY important to us. We had a great response!” - Jewelry Exchange of Delaware We could not be happier with the results Our Real Estate team gets from advertising in the womans journal . Our rep Barbara Steele is a power house of a net worker ! She has single handled introduced me to several business partners! Great return in advertising dollars spent! - Emma Payne , The Delmarva Group “I absolutely love the professionalism and passion that goes into every aspect of creating each publication for us. Whether it is through the Women in Profile that I have been featured in or when my organization is submitting a quarterly ad, every detail is perfectly orchestrated. Women (and men) who read the County Women’s Journal can feel and appreciate the love that goes into each page and truly value how it is a wonderful source of information for women in all stages of business. I highly recommend getting involved with the CWJ staff, because in my opinion, it is the best publication around about women, for women and in true support of women!” - Pamela Mayse, Executive Vice President, Delaware Small Business Chamber “Thank you for your wonderful publication, it has been the single best advertising I have ever done in my 25 years in business. Effective, cost efficient, and a return on advertising investment, everything a business woman could ask for.” - Carmella Gibellino-Schultz, Permanent Cosmetics “Honestly, I was reluctant to do yet another print ad for my business. I had not seen results in past advertising attempts and it was hard to make another such investment. But something told me that The Women’s Journal would be different. Is it ever! I saw immediate, direct results in my business! The Women’s Journal reaches my target audience and because it is so informative to perspective clients, they follow through and I get the sale. I have the bottom line to prove it! Thank you so much.” - Melisa Ferriola, CPCP, Lasting Looks

“The array of health information that is provided in each publication is why Delaware Hospice is proud to partner with this publication for the past 7 years. The Women’s Journal is a great publication that helps educate our community and increases the awareness on how to live a better life.” - Susan D. Lloyd, MSN, RN CEO & President of Delaware Hospice “The Women’s Journal has been a useful tool in the process of expanding and growing our medical practice. After moving from our location in Springfield where I had been in practice for 7 years, the exposure the Women’s Journal provided us in Delaware, Chester, and New Castle Counties was helpful in getting our name and our unique sports, spine, and regenerative medicine as well as age management and aesthetic services out to other areas and bring patients in who otherwise would have never known that our practice or the procedures we provide existed. The Women’s Journal has become a close colleague and friend of ours. As a family business, we take our relationships with our patients and the community we serve very seriously and the staff at the Women’s Journal has never been anything short of wonderful to work with to get our message out to help our patients be the best they can be.” - Brian J. Shiple, D.O. “Working with The Women’s Journal is simply a breath of fresh air! They are easy to work with, a great listener who truly cares about her craft. She delivers quality and excellence and goes to grave lengths to accommodate her clients’ needs!” - Monica Eboda, MBA, CSP, Owner of PrideStaff Wilmington “It has been a pleasure working with The Women’s Journal over the past two years. Not only has it been a wonderful way to share information with the community but also a great way to find clients who are interested in my services.” - Liz Brown PCC, CACP, NBC-HWC, CPRC “I am taking this time to share how pleased I am with our partnership! I have received referrals and much more from my articles in the Women’s Journal. Huge thank you!” - Dr. Pat Smith

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Health & Wellness

Local Women Named “Unsung Heroes” for Extraordinary Caregiving 2018


From left: Maria Rendina and Stephanie Dubrel receive the 2018 Unsung Heroes Caregiver Makeover Contest Awards on Delmarva Life from host Jimmy Hoppa, and from Nancy Bagwell, Vice President of Home Health Operations Peninsula Home Care of Maryland and of Nanticoke, which created the contest.

Stephanie Dubrel and Maria Rendina Honored for “Putting Others First” Being a caregiver is relentless and isolating. That is why when two area women learned they’d been named winners in the “2018 Unsung Heroes Caregiver Makeover Contest,” they were astonished. “I was surprised and thrilled to death,” said Stephanie Dubrel of Princess Anne (Md). “I have been caring for my mother so long that I don’t know life any other way.” Maria Rendina of Rehoboth Beach (De) said, “I was honored when I found out my niece nominated me. It takes a village, and that’s why I do what I do.” Created by Peninsula Home Care of Maryland and Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke, contest encouraged family and friends to nominate caregivers in Maryland and Delaware. Winners received a plaque donated by Etch Art, a prize basket and an appearance on Delmarva Life. “Each time we enter a patient’s home, we bear witness to how challenging caregiving can be,” said Nancy Bagwell, Vice President of Home Health Operations. “While every caregiver nominated was deserving, our panel felt these two winners had unique and important stories of how they dedicate themselves.” Dubrel was nominated by her husband, Louis, who wrote, “She took on the role as caregiver at age 17, when her mother suffered a brain aneurysm that left her paralyzed. She gave up her dream of becoming a police officer to care for her mother, and later her father. (Mother and daughter) love each other unconditionally and look like twins. I know exactly what my beautiful wife will look like when she is in her 70’s.” Rendina has always gone out of her way to help care for family members. When her sister passed away, she took in her brother-in-law, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Along with buying him a new wardrobe and making his meals, Maria takes him out and makes sure he is comfortable and engaged. “I wasn’t surprised she took in my Uncle Norman because she has always been a selfless person, said nominator Samantha Maloney-Gracie. “She took care of my grandparents; it’s just who she is. (For instance,) she went out of her way to surprise Uncle Norman with something he kept talking about. Aunt Maria, who is 100% Italian Catholic, went out and bought him a menorah for Hanukkah. We learned so much about the holiday. What a wonderful world we would live in if more people were like my Aunt Maria.”Selflessness is at the heart of the Unsung Heroes. Bagwell notes, “One

The County Woman’s Journal

of the most important but often- forgotten tasks for caregivers is caring for themselves. A caregiver’s physical, emotional, and mental health is vital to the well-being of the person they are caring for, and we wanted to reinforce that idea.” The women were presented with gift baskets that included pampering at About Faces Salon & Spa, dinner at Restaurant 213 or Dogfish Head, tickets to a Delmarva Shorebirds game and Regal Cinemas, gift certificates to Vernon Powell Shoes and gift cards for clothing purchases from Peninsula Home Care. Bagwell encourages the community to check Peninsula’s new website (www. and Facebook page. The contest will be back this summer with great prizes for the next “Unsung Heroes.” Providing skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy for more than 30 years, Peninsula Home Care has served 40,000 patients on the Lower Eastern Shore and is the Preferred Home Care Provider for Peninsula Regional Medical Center and Nanticoke Health Services.

Two Partners, One Goal


Maryland Going above and beyond for you!

Peninsula Home Care and Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke are proud to bethe Preferred Home Health Care Provider for Peninsula Regional Health System and Nanticoke Health Services.

Going above and beyond for you! Wicomico & Somerset Counties 410-543-7550 Worcester County 410-208-4828 • Sussex County 302-629-4914

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Chris Rementer Budget Blinds

Chris and his brother, Tony, started Budget Blinds back in 2005 and now they and their highly experienced staff cover the southern half of Delaware from just south of Dover on down and three counties in Maryland. Both he and his brother are native Sussex Countians in fact their family has been here for many generations and self employment was a model presented to them early with one grandfather an area farmer and the other owning a shoe shop just off the circle in Georgetown. Growing up in a close family, they were taught the virtues of love, grace, loyalty, and hard work. They were always taught to be accountable to one another, to work first, play later and if it’s worth doing, it is worth doing right. They carry those values into both their personal lives and in the business that they run. After more than ten years of Budget Blinds they have acquired a great deal of knowledge about window coverings and running a business in general but they feel that one of their best assets is the desire to learn more and improve along the way. With only 10 full time employees, including the two of them, and one part time, they have nearly 70 years of experience when combined. That is a particular point of pride because they feel it is an indicator of what really makes a good company, which is employees that love what they do. They know that a person who is enjoying their job, will do it better and with more care. That leads to what Chris and Tony feel is their most important skill and that is choosing employees. “If we make sure our employees and our clients are happy, our happiness will always fall right in line.” says Chris. Chris is Married to his wife Julie who is a speech pathologist for a local elementary school and they have 2 boys, Gavin and Parker who are 10 and 8 respectively. He loves just being around his family, reading, golfing and fishing.

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Heather Bouges DeMarie

Dominick Bambace

Heather’s Home Works

Can Do Painting Services & More

Heather’s Home Works, LLC was started in 2003 when Heather Bouges DeMarie moved to the beach from Northern Virginia to be closer to her family. Although she had never owned her own company, she had confidence in her ability to provide superior cleaning services to homeowners here at the Delaware beaches. Now 15 years later she has grown the company to 25+ employees bringing in $1 Million in annual revenue. Heather believes that the keys to their continued growth & success have been 1) her focus on staff education and promotion, 2) consistently providing superior service to her residential clients and local businesses and 3) working in the community to give back through Cleaning For a Reason, where they provide FREE cleaning services to women of Sussex County while they are in treatment for various forms of cancer. ‘Giving back a portion of our resources’ is written into the Heather’s Home Works, LLC mission statement and will be forever in honor of both of Heather’s fathers who each passed from cancer.

I was born and raised in Port Chester, NY, a small town just outside of NYC. I graduated from Port Chester Senior High School in 1988. Directly after graduation I enlisted in the Armed Forces as a Seabee builder in the United States Navy. In the nine years I served as a Navy Seabee I learned most of the skills I have used for the past 25 plus years in the painting industry, including drywall repair, finish trim, and light carpentry. My attention to detail, positive demeanor and can do attitude directly correlates with my time in the military. The motto of the Seabees is “ CAN DO “ and once a Seabee, always a Seabee…. So it is only fitting that the name my company is “Can Do Painting Services & More”.

The County Woman’s Journal


Cathy Basenese

Habitat for Humanity Cathy, a long time resident of New Jersey, worked for over two decades in Operations. Most of her career was spent at a Fortune 500 Company as the Director of Operations. Cathy was responsible for providing leadership and direction to franchised-owned as well as Company- owned offices. During her tenure she was responsible for territory development, site locations, budgeting, marketing, training and business improvement plans within her assigned area. In April of 2016, Cathy joined Habitat for Humanity as a cashier in the Georgetown ReStore and quickly moved through the ranks. In August of 2016, Habitat for Humanity had just secured a new location for a second ReStore to be opened in Sussex County. Cathy took on the role of Project Manager responsible for the layout, design and build out of the new ReStore which is located on route 9. Shortly after the ReStore opened Cathy was promoted to Assistant Manager responsible for the day to day operations of the store. Today, Cathy is the ReStore Manager and is responsible for all aspects of the operation. Cathy feels that her success is due in part to her attention to detail, her unsurpassed commitment to customer service and her unwavering loyalty to both her internal and external clients. Cathy discovered the ReStore many years ago from her passion to renovate and decorate. Over the years, she has bought, renovated, designed and sold several homes and has developed a great design sense as well as a wealth of construction knowledge. Cathy will tell you, “The start of every project begins with a trip to the ReStore”, therefore it only stands to reason she would thrive and succeed here at the ReStore.

The County Woman’s Journal

Beth Foster

The DelMarVa Group of EXP Realty LLC As a Delaware native I have witnessed many changes throughout our small state. Some have been for the better, some not so much. Life is full of changes also, I was a professional pet groomer for over 20 years before I made the switch to real estate. I am very proud of having created, owned and operated Fluff Pet Salon for over 10 years. Fluff is still operating on Philadelphia Pike in North Wilmington. Having been self-employed for most of my professional life, it has made me understand that trust is what can make or break a business. When I moved to the beach 6 years ago, I was determined to start a business down here that I could be proud of as well. After receiving my license three years ago I joined DelMarVa Resorts Realty. DelMarVa Resorts also has gone through some changes. We are now The DelMarVa Group of EXP Realty LLC. Through my partnership with Emma Payne we have created a team that can help our clients though any kind of home buying or selling transaction. Regardless if you are buying or selling a home, the process can be overwhelming. By providing our clients with trusted vendors: movers, attorneys, lenders, cleaners etc., we can help alleviate some of the anxiety. With the help from an agent that you can trust, the home buying or selling process can become a lot less stressful. I would love the opportunity to be that trusted agent!

Micha Seto Micha Seto, a Jersey Shore native, founded Blooming Boutique. She spent many summers working in various types of small businesses and dreaming about owning a business of her own one day. Graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, Micha, obtained valuable experience working in management positions in retail, banking and direct sales. From summer jobs to post graduation experiences, the dream unfolded. While on vacation in 2004, she happened upon some unique handbags and beach bags that were as pricey as they were beautiful. Inspired, Micha decided to design her own line of stunning, yet affordable bags. It wasn’t long before the public began to take notice of the Blooming Bags. Seeing the opportunity for a business, Michiko Seto began looking for a place to sell her bags. in 2006, Micha opened her first Blooming Boutique in Lewes. The store now carries a wide variety of fashion options, including handbags, shoes, jewelry, and resort wear. Micha’s commitment to offer unique, fun and useful products for women at exceptional prices, coupled with excellent customer service, fulfills her passion and purpose at Blooming Boutique! From a single 375 square-foot shop on Market Street in Lewes, Micha now owns 10 brick and mortar stores including Blooming Boutiques in Lewes, Milford, and Long Neck with dozens of employees. In Lewes, you’ll also find Lewes Wear; Lewes Gifts; Just Lewes, Treasures in Lewes, and Blooming Boutique Accessories and Treasures and Bayside Gifts in Long Neck. You can also find Blooming Boutique online at

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Health & Wellness Anik Patel, M.D. Dr. Anik Patel is a board certified gastroenterologist at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates. He completed his internal medicine residency and fellowship in Gastroenterology at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineloa, NY where the institution’s strong nutrition department led him to a focus on nutrition. He has been trained in endoscopic mucosal resection, which involves using an endoscopic technique to remove large polypoid growths and early cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Patel is one of three physicians in Hunterdon County trained in the ReShape Weight loss Balloon procedure.

Colon Cancer Screening –

One Day Can Save Your Life I’m too busy…I can’t take time off work…I can’t go a full day without eating…The prep is terrible…I would be so embarrassed… If these thoughts or others have you delaying a colonoscopy, we suggest a different thought. One day can save your life. According to estimates from the American Cancer Society, colon cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the US, after breast, lung, and prostate cancers. But, more patients die of colon cancer than either breast or prostate cancer. That is a disappointing statistic, because colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. Unlike many other cancers, there is an easy way to screen for colon cancer.Colonoscopy is readily available and effective. Large, national studies have shown that colonoscopy reduces an individual’s risk of dying from colon cancer by nearly 70%.

How does a colonoscopy work?

You, as the patient, devote that one day of your life to eating only clear liquids and drinking a laxative to clear out your system. (The prep continues to be improved by the manufacturers – the taste has been changed and the volume consumed has been reduced. So, those stories from well- meaning friends and relatives about the prep may not be completely true.) Then, you visit your physician for the short procedure, which typically lasts about 30

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minutes. The physician inserts a tube that has an attached camera into your rectum, then guides it through your large intestine. He or she views your intestine on a large screen, looking for abnormalities. You are sedated during the procedure to keep you comfortable. You do not feel the tube traveling through your intestine. Colonoscopy is valuable because colon cancer is a slow growing tumor. Colon cancer is typically (but not always) caused by abnormal growths called polyps, or adenomas, that develop very gradually over time to become cancerous. During the colonoscopy, the physician will look for and remove polyps. By removing polyps early, the risk of developing cancer is reduced. Without colonoscopy, the polyps continue to grow, abnormal cells continue to change, and cancer may develop. After the procedure, you will typically need 30 minutes or so to recover from the sedation. You will go home shortly after the procedure feeling well, although you may be a little tired. You can return to eating normal foods immediately. You may want to start with a light

meal, and then gradually add other foods as the day progresses. Individuals who develop colon cancer are faced with the possibilities of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, depending on how

far the cancer has progressed when it is diagnosed. Isn’t that one day for a colonoscopy worth the attempt to prevent what could be many days spent battling colon cancer?

No one looks forward to having a colonoscopy, but I want to thank all of the members of your staff and the physicians for being so professional and pleasant. – Maureen W.

 Men or women over the age of 50  Smoker  Personal or family history of inflammatory bowel disease  Overweight  Close family member with colorectal cancer  History of prior polyps or colon cancer  Women with a family history of breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer

Be proactive about your health and make your appointment to be screened today! 908-483-2047 We have extended hours for your convenience: Office Consultation Appointments Flemington Office Somerville Office Monday through Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm Monday and Thursday: 7:30am-4:30pm Monday and Thursday: 7:30am-8:00pm Wednesday: 11:00am-7:00pm Procedure Appointments Hunterdon Endosurgery Center Monday through Friday 7:00am-5:30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 7:00am-8:00pm Saturday 7:00am-2:30pm Flemington Office

Hunterdon Doctors Office Building 1100 Wescott Drive, Suite 206/207 Flemington, NJ 08822

Somerville Office 135 West End Avenue Somerville, NJ 08876


The County Woman’s Journal


A Photobooth for Every Occasion C.M.Baker Photography A photobooth has the ability to capture the most amazing memories, in the most fun way possible! Loaded with props and loaded with fun, the photobooth will provide a fun opportunity for your guests to take home a piece of your event. Whether it be a wedding, graduation, birthday party or corporate event, there is a photobooth to fit your needs! It’s your daughter’s 10th birthday party. She’s been planning her party for months and would love to have a photobooth there to match her movie star themes party, but space is a little

tight. What’s the best photobooth for this event? Our more compact 5 foot by 5 foot all black photobooth! This still comes with all of the props best suited for your event, but is more compact for saving space in smaller venues. High school graduation is here! All the cousins, aunts and uncles are coming in from out of state. All her friends will be there, together for the last time before they head

The County Woman’s Journal

off to college. Her party is an outside tent party to celebrate her successes. What’s the best photobooth for this event? The Shasta Shutterbug! The Shasta Shutterbug is a 1969 Shasta, completely renovated and stocked with props to match your event. It is sure to provide added fun to your outdoor space and capture the memories to last a lifetime. 6 years later, your little girl is getting married. Time sure does fly! Her wedding is being held in a beautiful ballroom with a lot of indoor space. She wants to have a photobooth there to capture all the fun and memories of her special day. What’s the best photobooth for this event? Our new inflatable photobooth! Weddings are changing, and so are photobooths! Ready in minutes, this white inflatable photobooth is decked with lights and gives a modern, more colorful flare to the classic photobooth. All photobooth props are customizable on request. Each event will also have it’s own unique photo strip with colors, text and designs all able to be customized. Let C.M.Baker help you decide which photobooth is right for your next event!

Whether it be a wedding, graduation, birthday party or corporate event,

there is a photobooth to fit your needs!

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2019 Pineapple Princess Summer Wear O

Oh sweet summertime, how we have missed you. Summer 2018 is fast approaching which means sun and fun and swimwear time. We, at the Pineapple Princess, are gearing up for a fabulous summer season with lines of swimwear and apparel arriving daily starting in April for the summer season. It is looking like it will be a great summer ahead so let our gals at the Pineapple Princess help fit you in the perfect swimwear when it comes time to tackle the lovely task. We carry a wide variety of sizes ranging from XS-XXL (4-24) and we specialize in cup sizes A-G in one pieces, tankinis and two piece bikinis in name brands that include Tommy Bahama, Sea Folly, Sea Waves, Sunsets, Swim Systems, Betsey Johnson, William Rast, Becca, Maxine, Penbrooke, Gottex and many more. Match any swimsuit with a beautiful coverup and/or dress for the perfect beach day or cruising around town in brands such as Dream Dance, JValdi, Dotti, Tommy Bahama, Alison Sheri and more. Accessories are always a must at the beach to doll up an outfit and we love to hand pick our accessories such as jewelry and sun hats for you to highlight any outfit or swimsuit. For that even more perfect fit, we offer alterations and adjustments on swimwear right on store premise which makes the choices  endless with one of the largest swimwear selections at the beach! Let our staff make you feel like a princess and assist in making the daunting task of swimsuit shopping into a pleasant one as we handpick selections for gals to help flatter any shape. Open daily through Spring 10am-6pm and starting memorial day weekend 9am-10pm daily. Hope to see everyone at the beach this summer and have blessed 2019 beach season!

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The County Woman’s Journal


The County Woman’s Journal

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Change Your Life In 2019 Licenses May Be Available in Your Area!

Women Publishing Entrepreneurs Wanted Join over 371+ counties that are publishing or have an option to publish in the United States and BE YOUR OWN BOSS! We are looking for a few bright, energetic, creative women and men to publish our trademarked, copyrighted newspapers IN YOUR COUNTY, IN YOUR STATE, IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! MINIMAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED! References provided. Maximum return ... Be your own boss, set your own hours and make your life mean more! ALL TRAINING PROVIDED! Fall 2016


A Quarterly


Amy Bixler, RPh.

n of Sussex Count

rce for the Wome

Resou Educational

James R. Gaul MD, FACS

A Permanent ic Fix for Chron ers Sinus Suffer

Charles Curry, MD In A New ERA Lens Choice For Cataract Surgery

Area Healthcare Supervisor, Walgreen Co. Pages 20-21

Page 4

Page 3

ard, Palmer-Shep MD, Debra Hannaway, and Kelly Yoder. Christine D. Monica Smith , DE Julie Abel, Services, Seaford Photo by Mike



Terry Perso

Health at Nanticoke

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countyw www.sussex Friend

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If you are interested in developing with us in 2019 in your STATE, in your COUNTY call, references provided.


Summer 2016


A Quarterly

Educational Resou

rce for the Wome

n of Sussex,

Delaware Palliative, a Program of Delaware Hospice


Wicomico and

Worcester Count

Thomas P. Barnett, M.D., F.A.C.S. The Weight is Over: To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve?

Page 14


ies. Charles Curry , MD A New ERA In Lens Choice For Cataract Surgery

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Time Designs

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The County Woman’s Journal

Home & Garden

Sleep: The Key To Vitality And Well-Behaved Kids Most of us know, or at least acknowledge, that we must eat right and exercise in order to remain healthy. But what about sleep? Sleep is essential – a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Yet, majority of us struggle and report having sleep problems at least once per week.

Did you know that sleep deprivation can lead to problems including obesity, heart disease, depression and impaired immune function? (Reported by The National Sleep Foundation) Sleep problems are no longer adult issues either. New research shows that there is a direct correlation between disruptive behavior in children and sleep. School children who are disruptive with aggressive behaviors are twice as likely to show signs of sleep problems compared to well- behaved kids. (Parker-Pope, Tara. “The School Bully is Sleepy”. Web blog post. Ask Well. The New York Times. June 2011. well.blogs.nytimes. com) So how do we combat this problem? How do we get a good night’s sleep, protect our children and get quality sleep which is a predictor of physical and cognitive health, wellness, and vitality? One of the best ways to achieve optimum sleep is to make sure that you create the perfect environment. Start with your bedroom by setting-up a blissful dreamland you’ll be excited to spend two-thirds of your life in. Keep a reasonable daily schedule, keep the room dim, hide your electronics, and most importantly invest in an awesome mattress. That is especially true for your

children! Local retailers, such as Scott’s Furniture in Bridgeville, DE, can help you with that last detail. The foundation, of any sleeping oasis, is a quality mattress. It can be a daunting experience choosing the right one with so many brands and styles available. Each brand has its strengths which needs to be catered to individual needs. Scott’s Furniture carries DelMarVa’s largest selection of TEMPURPEDIC (America’s most recommended brand), Sealy (the most trusted name in sleep) and Stearns & Foster (America’s #1 brand of luxury bedding) mattresses and bed bases. Scott’s Furniture, on Route 13 North in Bridgeville, DE, has a mattress or sleep set to fit any budget, any support level, any comfort preference or any sleep need. Free delivery is available for most sleep sets plus a complimentary haul-away of your old mattresses. Whatever your personal preference; Spring, Foam, Memory Foam, Gel Memory Foam, or Hybrid - Scott’s Furniture has your next great night’s sleep covered. Euro Pillow Tops, Plush, Cushion Firm, Firm, Ultra Firm all on display! The latest in sleep technology, support options, and comfort choices along with old fashioned quality and service are

The County Woman’s Journal

right around the corner. In addition to the massive mattress inventory, Scott’s Furniture sells Egyptian Cotton sheet sets, waterproof mattress protectors, and box spring encasements. Interest free financing is available as are additional hours by appointment. Layaway is always an option plus discounts for cash purchases. With over 100 years of

combined experience among Scott’s Sleep Specialists, plus the most trusted names in bedding, Scott’s provides you better quality, better sleep, for better health, for less money. Scott’s Furniture, Inc., 18451 Sussex Highway (U. S. Rt. 13 N) Bridgeville, DE 19933 302-3378274

Delmarva’s LARGEST Sealy, TempurPedic & Stearns & Foster Selection!

Route 13

18451 Sussex Highway, Bridgeville (Across from Jimmy’s Grille)

Open Monday - Saturday 10a-5pm Additional hours by appointment

302-337-8274 •

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Real Estate

The DelMarVa Group

(302)Group 200-9053 The DelMarVa

We want to be your Real Estate Consultant for life. FIND YOUR DREAM HOME TODAY! We Believe That The Future Of Real Estate Lies In Technology and In Service, and The Future Of Real Estate Is Now.

Take Your Time and Enjoy Searching! We Hope This Site Is A Helpful Step To Finding That Perfect Home, and We Look Forward To Earning Your Trust and Business. 144 Kings Hwy,Suite 30, Dover, DE 19901

Brokered by EXPGroup | 144 Kings Hwy, Suite 30, Dover, DE 19901 | (302) 450-1007 The DelMarVa • 302-200-9053 •

As a dedicated mortgage professional, my purpose is to fulfill your dreams of homeownership! The Law Office of Bonnie M. Benson, P.A. has been providing real estate settlement services to buyers and sellers in Sussex County for over twenty years. We handle each closing as if we were representing a friend or family member. Our staff goes above and beyond to assist our clients in the closing process and we are excited to partner with the EXP team!



We Offer: Competitive rates • Impeccable service Hassle-free process • Latest technology Unparalleled turn times • Transparent communication The home buying process can seem challenging but having the right people and resources by your side can make all the difference. “ Our first step when speaking with a new buyer is to get them To Joe for qualification for a loan! We know he will get them To the closing table! “ Emma Payne The Delmarva Group

Contact me today to learn more! 7460 Lancaster Pike, Suite 6 Hockessin, DE 19707


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Professional development and personal enrichment to achieve your family’s lifelong learning goals Professional Development Certificate & Certifications K-12 Educators | Counselors | Business and Leadership | Health Communications and Media | Project Management Nonprofit Management and Grant Writing | Soft Skills Mastery Court Reporting | Digital Reporting | Event Management and Planning Renewable Energy | NCRC WorkKeys Assessment | AM I Job Ready Technology and Training | Much More!

Personal Enrichment

Travel-Learn Program | Creative Dance | Book Club | Couples Cooking Mindfulness and Transformation Growth | Extreme Couponing


Customized training and professional development courses for your personnel

Youth Enrichment Programs

Summer Camps | Year-round Learning and Fun-filled Offerings

LEARN MORE or 302.857.6820 | | Three locations -- Wilmington, Dover and Georgetown -- to serve Delmarva.

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A DIFFERENT KIND OF WORKFORCE. FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF DELAWARE. We are Delaware Tech. And we make the people who make Delaware. The people who feed it. Heal it. Watch over it. And push it to be better than it’s ever been before. People like you—with skills to hone, and a passion to be part of something bigger. If you’re ready, we’re here to help you hit the ground running. Visit to apply today.

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Insurance Coverage Reneta L. Green-Streett is an attorney in the Morris James Personal Injury Practice Group. Reneta’s litigation experience includes trials in all of Delaware’s courts of law with a focus on Superior Court practice. It is this litigation experience that enables Reneta to offer her clients insightful and practical advice throughout the life of their case. Reneta is also an adjunct professor at Delaware Tech’s Dover and Georgetown campuses teaching torts in the paralegal program. When she’s not zealously advocating for her clients, Reneta can be spotted kickboxing, spinning, or playing with her dogs. She fancies herself a bit of a “foodie,” and loves to try new restaurants. She also enjoys a tortured love of the Philadelphia Eagles. By Reneta L. Green-Streett

Most Delawareans know that they are legally required to purchase automobile insurance for their vehicles. However, beyond knowing that insurance is required, most people do not understand what they are purchasing or why. This article aims to explain the coverages you purchase – or should purchase – in your automobile insurance policy. If you are ever injured in a car accident, it is essential to understand your insurance policy. Medical bills and lost wages resulting from your injuries caused by an accident can be significant. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while in a Delaware insured car, your medical bills and wage loss are paid by the automobile insurance covering the car you are occupying – REGARDLESS OF WHICH DRIVER IS AT FAULT. This coverage – applicable to your medical bills and lost wages – is known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. It is also commonly referred to as no-fault coverage.

an accident in a car that does not carry no-fault/PIP or carries insufficient coverage. This coverage is for YOUR benefit. Unfortunately, there are some Delawareans who make the choice to drive uninsured. One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is: “If I am hurt in a car accident that wasn’t my fault, and discover that the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, am I out of luck?” Not necessarily. If you have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage, you will have a claim. Under Delaware law, uninsured motorist coverage applies in four situations: (1) the at-fault driver has no liability insurance; (2) the insurance company insuring the at-fault driver is insolvent; (3) the insurance company for the at-fault driver denies coverage; and (4) the accident was caused by a hitand-run driver. In Delaware, an insurance company must properly offer uninsured/underinsured (UIM) motorist coverage in an amount equal to the amount of your liability

PIP coverage is required to be carried on every Delaware registered motor vehicle. Delaware law requires that, at a minimum, each car carry $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident coverage. Higher limits are available. It is recommended you purchase the highest amount of PIP coverage you can afford. It is typically not very expensive, and can provide some peace of mind knowing there is sufficient coverage for your medical bills and lost wages. Remember, PIP coverage covers you and any occupants of your car if involved in an accident. It also generally applies to any relative residing in your household who is in

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coverage. If the insured company has failed to make a proper offer of this UM/UIM coverage, it can potentially be increased even after the accident. An experienced Delaware personal injury attorney will be on the lookout for this issue. Underinsured (UIM) motorist coverage applies when the value of your injuries is greater than the at-fault person’s insurance coverage. Uninsured (UM) and Underinsured (UIM) motorist coverages are sold together. They can only be purchased as a “package” deal – even though they serve different purposes. Again, like PIP coverage, UM/UIM coverage is for YOUR benefit. So far, all of the coverages described have been for your benefit – if you are injured in a car accident. But what about if you are the one deemed to be legally at fault for an accident and injure someone else? Your liability coverage is coverage that protects against claims resulting from injuries or property damage that you caused. If you are found to be legally

Represen�ng Individuals Injured in Auto Accidents and at Work

responsible for an accident, your liability insurance coverage covers any payouts or settlements to the injured party. The State of Delaware requires you to maintain $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident liability coverage on every vehicle you drive. That coverage is the required minimum; it is wise and prudent to purchase additional insurance if you are financially able to do so. Finally, a cautionary word about deductibles. A deductible is the amount of money you will pay out of pocket on an insurance claim before an insurance company will pay any expenses on that claim. For example, if you have a $5,000 PIP deductible on your $15,000 PIP policy, you must pay $5,000 toward your own medical bills before the insurance company is obligated to pay for your medical bills or lost wages. Generally, deductibles are not a great idea. While they may lower the cost of your insurance, they potentially place you in a difficult spot if you do not have the amount of your deductible immediately in your bank account.



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Credit Or Debit: The Great Debate Y

ou found everything you came to the store to buy and then some. The cashier tells you the total. You open your wallet and don’t have enough cash. Now, you face a GIANT decision. Credit? Or Debit? As the world we live in continues to shun cash payments, the use of credit and debit transactions is growing rapidly. In fact, the Federal Reserve reports that the growth is over 7% annually for both. Over the last decade or so, the line between credit and debit cards has been skewed. No matter what your friends and family prefer, it is important to remember that what might work for Jim and Bob, might not work for you. In other words, everyone is different.

So Credit Cards Have Better Protection? Although both debit and credit cards offer some sort of protection to their users, credit cards are the clear winner in this area. If you see a charge on your credit card statement you don’t recognize, you can dispute the charge and, after a brief investigation, see your money returned to your account. This is a perk of using credit. It is important to realize that you can reap the benefits of both debit and credit cards by using each strategically — such as only using credit cards to earn rewards points on big purchases, then immediately paying off the balance. It is also important to remember that what works for you, might not work for me. Everyone is different and you have to find your fit!

There are benefits to using each type of card and making the choice that’s right for you, depending on your unique situation. So as the new year begins, here are a few things to consider when narrowing down which piece of plastic to use regularly:

“I LOVE CREDIT CARD REWARDS” Many credit cards come with the opportunity to earn big rewards. Airline miles, cash back and points are all very attractive to consumers. These rewards are a good thing, and you should enjoy them. However, it is important to be careful that you are not spending money that you don’t have trying to earn rewards that you don’t need.

Use Debit to Avoid Debt If you have loads of credit card debt and are struggling to pay your bills, we recommend using your debit card for all purchases. This way, you’re paying for everything up-front and not adding to your financial problems. Please understand that if you are paying large credit card bills, you are not alone. In 2017, American credit card debt soared to $931 billion. That was an eight percent increase from 2016. To break it down a little further, the average household has a credit card balance of more than $15,000. With that being said, it is safe to say that not everyone pays off their credit cards in full each month.

Card Security is Important Too... Right? ABSOLUTELY! Security is always a concern. Especially in a world that sees a new case of identity theft every four seconds. Security can AND SHOULD be a concern for debit card users, considering a thief can empty a person’s bank account in a matter of hours. Most debit cards do come with a zero liability policy to protect account owners in case of fraud or theft, but it is important for you to be aware that the process to return the funds can take days, and sometimes even weeks.

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PROTECT YOUR TODAYS.... LIVE AND ENJOY YOUR TOMORROWS When’s the last time you had a financial check up? Planning is essential and periodic review is critical. You are never too old to plan! And, you’re never too young to start! Financial balance gives you security, confidence and clarity!

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I specialize in life, disability and long term care insurance*. Deborah Ann Crawford financial representative

Allow me the opportunity to share my financial wisdom with you.

Call (302) 858 2606

C: 302-858-2606 I Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), 355 Lexington Avenue, 9th Fl., New York NY 10017, 212 541-8800. Securities products/services and advisory services are offered through PAS, a registered broker/dealer and investment adviser. Financial Representative, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian. Wealth Advisory Group LLC is not an affiliate of Subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. PAS is a member FINRA, SIPC. Guardian nor any of its subsidiaries offer Long Term Care insurance. 2019-72529 Exp. 2/28/2021.

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Chris is the president and financial advisor of Guardian Investments. He is an experienced professional who has been serving clients since 2008. Chris has been named a Five Star Wealth Manager in Delaware every year since 2013.* A graduate of Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, Chris got his start in the financial services business in 1992 as a regional manager with Primerica Financial Services. He operated a branch office for Edward Jones Investments in Ocean View, Delaware, from 2008 to 2010. In January 2011, Chris became a financial advisor for BIG Investment Services, one of the largest financial advisory firms in Delaware. Based on years of experience, his commitment to personal integrity, and hearing from clients about what they need and value most, Chris founded Guardian Investments in 2018. Guardian Investments was established to help clients focus on what really matters to them and their dreams and aspirations for the future.

Retirement Income Planning:

The Total Return Approach Vs. the Bucket Approach Presented by Chris Theis, CKA® Most working Americans have only one source of steady income before they retire: their jobs. But when you retire, your income will likely come from several sources, such as retirement accounts, social security benefits, pensions, and part-time work. When deciding how to manage your various assets to ensure a steady retirement income stream, there are two main strategies to consider: the total return approach and the investment pool—or bucket—approach. The total return approach With the total return approach, you invest your assets in a diversified portfolio of investments with varying potential for growth, stability, and liquidity. The percentage you allot to each type of investment depends on your asset allocation plan, time horizon, risk tolerance, need for income, and other goals you may have. The objective of your investment portfolio generally changes over time, depending on how close you are to retirement. • Accumulation phase: During this phase, your portfolio’s objective is to increase in value as much as possible, focusing on investments with growth potential. • Approaching retirement-age phase: As you near retirement, your portfolio becomes more conservative, moving toward more stable and liquid assets in order to help preserve your earnings. • Retirement phase: Once you retire, the idea is to withdraw from your portfolio at an even rate that allows you to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. A widely quoted withdrawal rate for the first year of retirement has usually been 4 percent. Ideally, that 4 percent should be equal to the amount left over after you

subtract your yearly retirement income (e.g., pensions, social security) from your total cost of living, including investment management fees. Each year, you will most likely increase your withdrawal percentage to keep up with inflation. Keep in mind, however, that the appropriate withdrawal rate for you will depend on your personal situation as well as the current economic environment. The bucket approach The bucket approach also begins with a diversified portfolio, following the total return approach throughout most of the accumulation period. Then, as retirement approaches, you divide your assets into several smaller portfolios (or buckets), each with different time horizons, to target specific needs. There is no “right” number of buckets, but three is common. • The first bucket would cover the three years leading up to retirement and the two years following retirement, providing income for near-term spending. It would likely include investments that historically have been relatively stable, such as shortterm bonds, CDs, money market funds, and cash. • The second bucket would be used in years three through nine of retirement. Designed to preserve some capital while generating retirement income, it would include more assets with growth potential, such as certain mutual funds and dividend-paying stocks. • The third bucket, designated to provide income in year 10 and beyond, would contain investments that have the most potential for growth, such as equities, commodities, real estate, and alternatives. Although the risk profile of this bucket is typically higher than the other two, its

longer time horizon can help provide a buffer for short-term volatility.

three fluctuates due to market conditions, your immediate cash income is coming from bucket one, which is likely to be less volatile. This may also alleviate the need to sell investments that have lost money in order to generate retirement income.

As you enter the distribution phase, you draw from these buckets sequentially, using a withdrawal rate based on your specific lifestyle goals in a particular year. The big picture Many people are familiar with the total return approach, but the bucket approach has been gaining popularity, thanks in large part to its simplicity. It also accounts for different time periods during retirement, potentially allowing you to allocate money more effectively based on your personal situation. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the bucket approach is that it can help provide a buffer during times of market volatility. If the value of the investments in buckets two and

While the bucket approach has its advantages, some investors feel more comfortable using the total return approach. The best strategy for your retirement is unique to you and your personal preferences and needs. However, you choose to pursue your retirement dreams, it’s important to work with a financial professional who can help you create the most appropriate strategy based on your goals and situation. Contact us today to learn more about the different paths you may take to pursue a sustainable and enjoyable retirement.

panic panic

calm calm

The The shortest distance these shortest distancebetween between these twotwo points PLAN. financial plan . pointsISisAaFINANCIAL Let anLet independent financial advisor help you craft a plan an independent financial advisor help you craft a plan that putsthat your interests andand objectives That’sanan approach puts your interests objectivesfirst. first. That’s approach that makes sense in these—or any—market conditions. that makes sense in these—or any—market conditions.

C. Theis, C. Theis, CKA® CChristopher hristopher 28371 DuPont Blvd, Ste 3, Millsboro, DE 19966 CKA®

28371 DuPont Blvd,• Ste 3,302.541.2114 Millsboro, DE 19966 Toll-Free: 877.712.8087 Phone: • Toll-Free: 877.712.8087 • Phone: 302.541.2114 Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, A Registered Investment Advisor • Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, A Registered Investment Advisor

*The Five Star Wealth Manager Award is based on 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria, including a minimum of 5 years as an active credentialed financial professional, favorable regulatory and complaint history, accepts new clients, client retention rates, client assets administered, education, and professional designations. 1,609 Delaware area wealth managers were considered for the award; 66 (4 percent of candidates) were named 2018 Five Star Wealth Managers (The criteria provided reflects the most recent year for which advisor received the award. The criteria used, the number of wealth managers considered for the award, and the percentage of those who receive the award, may vary from year to year). These awards are not indicative of the wealth managers’ future performance. Your experiences may vary. For more information, please visit Diversification does not assure against market loss, and there is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Chris Theis is a financial advisor with Guardian Investments located at 28371 DuPont Blvd., Suite 3, Millsboro, DE 19966. Chris offers securities and advisory services as a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. He can be reached at (877) 712-8087 or at © 2019 Commonwealth Financial Network®

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Over 80 Exhibitors, Realtors, Developers, Builders, Mortgage and Financial Firms, MANY Home Products and Service Companies All sharing some of the newest products on the market!

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! d e e t n a Guar

2098 Bay Road • Milford • 302-422-6026 • 302-335-1100 • Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm

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Veterinary Services

Testimonials Great veterinary practice. Appreciate the great relationship between Dr. Reid and staff. Dr. Reid takes all my concerns seriously and is always available to talk to in person and via text. - Julie S

Everyone was great from the second we walked in. Very helpful and attentive. Won’t go anywhere else, so much better than any other place also not over-priced. - Willliam S

I really love how Dr. Reid, her staff and even other clients are so caring and personable when we visit. The atmosphere gives us a feeling of comfort. Dr. Reid is a wonderful person and very responsive to my questions, email and even small talk. - Marty V

The office was friendly and thorough. I appreciated the fact they are not pushy salespeople-they want to take care of your pet, not perform unnecessary tests and sell you one of everything. Those things are available if needed, but it was a good, laid-back experience. - Ellen S

I have been overly pleased with services, we are new to the area. Not only is the office clean and pleasant, I appreciate the way the practice is run. Doctor is efficient and thorough and does not over test or treat. If anyone asks, I tell people they are the best! - Ann R We love Dr. Reid and the staff is friendly, helpful and professional. Beautiful offices and really appreciate the calm and kind care for our unruly critter. - Alexandra B Love Dr. Reid and staff. They truly care about my dog. - Katherine B Dr. Reid and staff are kind and delightful people. Dr. Reid makes sure to educate us about the services and medical options for our animals so we are making the best informed decisions possible. And…she uses an inclusive approach to our animals care so we make a team. Slam dunk for animal care! - Valerie M

I love Peninsula Veterinary Services. The vet is so knowledgeable and they are so friendly and caring. I would strongly recommend them to anyone with an animal who needs veterinary care. - Cindy D

Love, love love this veterinary office! The staff and vet are outstanding! - Deb S The staff and Dr. Reid are so kind and caring. They have gone out of their way to help us out with our rescue dog who came with so many health issues. I would recommend this service to anyone with dogs and cats. - Adrienne M Always enjoy bringing Jenny in to get her what she needs. Dr. Reid and the staff is always so nice. - Nancy M I have been very impressed with the care Beth has received . I would highly recommend the practice. - Debbie Z Very personable staff. The wait time was short, cost reasonable and friendly atomosphere. - Sandra H I was very pleased with the staff and Dr. Reid. All were very friendly and professional. The facility was very neat and clean. I explored other options but they came highly recommended. I would refer others here without any reservations. - Robin B

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Veterinary Services Peninsula Veterinary Services is a full-service, AAHA-accredited hospital located in Long Neck, Delaware. Owner Dr. April Reid moved from Brooklyn, New York in 2015 to start her own practice in this area after spending summers in Rehoboth growing up Dr. Reid is a graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She previously owned a thoroughbred racetrack practice for 14 years before making the move to small animal practice. Dr. Reid works closely with several local rescue organizations. She is currently pursuing board certification in veterinary practice as well as finishing an MBA degree. In her spare time, Dr. Reid enjoys being with her two Great Danes, Ambrose and Amelia, and her three cats.

Anxiety in Pets Anxiety in pets is perceived as a relatively new issue in pets, yet the FDA actually approved the first anxiety medication for pets over twenty years ago. Pet owners have become much more aware of clinical signs of anxiety in their pets and more comfortable discussing the issue with their veterinarians. If you have a pet that you think is suffering from anxiety, it is important to discuss it with your veterinarian as medical conditions that could cause behavior changes should always be ruled out first. The next step in determining if your pet is suffering from anxiety is to figure out if the behavior in question is really anxiety or if it is a fear or phobia, as each of these conditions is treated differently. Fear comprises physiological, behavioral and emotional responses to an object, situation or stimulus. Fear is not always a negative behavior; it evolved as a protective mechanism. However, certain fears may seem irrational to the owner. Closely related to fear is phobia, which is an intense fear to a particular situation or object. Both fear and phobia are usually best treated with a behaviorist. Your pet’s veterinarian can discuss socialization windows for your pet with you as well as different ways to help your pet feel more comfortable.

Anxiety in pets has received a great deal of attention lately and the reasons for this are varied. There is much less stigma in discussing anxiety among the general public as it is so prevalent in today’s fast-paced society. Pets are very skilled at reading their owner’s emotions, so change in the household, health issues and general stress definitely affects them. The number of pets that are adopted as rescues has increased and most of these pets do not come with much history and owners tend to assume the worst about the previous life of the pet. Some pets, like people, are naturally anxious. We will most likely never turn the fearful Chihuahua into the exuberant Golden Retriever. However, the goal should be to reduce the amount of cortisol and stress our pet feels to a level where it is not harming them. There are several mainstays of anxiety treatment. Pheromone therapy can be very helpful and these products are sold in pet stores. Thunder shirts and other compression garments are wonderful if the pet tolerates them. Behavioral training is by far the most important tool and your veterinarian should be able to provide you with basic exercises to work on with your pet as well as refer you to a behaviorist/dog trainer if needed. Finally, pharmaceuticals may be a useful addition.

The County Woman’s Journal

The majority of pets that are surrendered to shelters are for behavior issues. Anxiety in your pet and the often-destructive behaviors that can sometimes result may not be cured overnight, but finding the right team to work with is imperative. “Happy Visits” and “Fear-Free” veterinary visits are relatively new concepts that can make a huge difference

in your stress, as well as your pet’s stress, when going to the veterinarian. All of the above information is applicable to both cats and dogs. If you dread taking your cat to the vet as much as he/she hates going, please know that cat anxiety is a very real and treatable condition as well.

32038 Long Neck Road • Millsboro Delaware 19966

302-947-0719 phone 302-947-0707 fax

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BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY Unlike any other jet boat in the industry Yamaha designs and builds every aspect of each boat and stands behind every component

• Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty for Original Purchaser* • 10 Year Limited Transferable Structural Warranty • 3 Year Limited Component Warranty *Complete details in Written Limited Warranty.

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 Berlin, MD (410) 641-3040

 Ocean View, DE (302) 402-6266

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DO MORE THAN EVER BEFORE We've crafted the ultimate experience with the new 2019 Yamaha Waverunners, designed for every moment you spend on the water.

RiDE is the first system of its kind - no other personal watercraft allows the same amount of control and maneuverability. Get the perfect ride, every time, with Yamaha.

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 Berlin, MD (410) 641-3040

 Ocean View, DE (302) 402-6266

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Home & Garden

Humidifiers and Indoor Air Quality

Tired of dry air, itchy skin, and static shock? Ask Pro Works, Inc. how a whole house humidifier can help you with indoor air quality and overall comfort. Whole house humidifiers are often overlooked when we talk about comfort and indoor air quality. The proper use of humidifiers and indoor air quality are directly related, particularly in the winter

60 I Spring 2019

conditions when outdoor humidity levels drop. Certain humidity levels tend to create indoor environments that support specific air quality conditions. Making the connection between humifiers and indoor air quality can keep your home healthier and its occupants more comfortable. The federal Environmental Protection Agency states that humidity levels should range between 30 percent and 60 percent. Levels below this in a

home can usually be a direct result of low outdoor humidity during winter. The other major factor in low humidity in a home is the result of using a forced air furnace. The continuous circulation of forced hot air throughout the house removes water vapor. Combined with naturally drier winter air infiltrating into the interior of the home, interior humidity may drop below recommended levels. Viruses, and respiratory illnesses can thrive in low moisture level conditions. Other byproducts of low indoor

humidity include comfort related issues such as itchy dry skin and static shock when touching certain surfaces. The other simple fact is the body feels moisture more than temperature therefore a properly conditioned home maintaining 30 to 60 percent humidity will feel warmer.

Call Pro Works, Inc. today and ask how we can help with your indoor air quality.

“After doing business with Chad, the manager of Pro Works for over 6 years, we found him to be a truly professional service/maintenance person in all our heating and air conditioning needs. With a great work ethic and good service prices, you will find none better and more reliable, we guarantee it.� - The Publisher

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g Your Next Cleaning Service

Home & Garden Home & Garden

r’s Home Works, LLC was started in 2003 when Heather Bouges DeMarie moved to the beach from Northern Virginia to be to her family. Although she had never owned her own company, she had confidence in her ability to provide superior cleaning s to homeowners here at the Delaware beaches. Now 15 years later she has grown the company to 25+ employees bringing Million in annual revenue. Heather believes that the keys to their continued growth & success have been 1) her focus on stafff ion and promotion, 2) consistently providing superior service to her residential clients and local businesses and 3) working in mmunity to give back through Cleaning For a Reason, where they provide FREE cleaning services to women of Sussex County hey are in treatment for various forms of cancer. ‘Giving back a portion of our resources’ is written into the Heather’s Home LLC mission statement and will be forever in honor of both of Home Works, LLC D was started eather Bouges eM arie in 2003 when Heather Bouges DeMarie moved to the beach from Northern Virginia to be r’s Fathers who each passed Heather’s from Hcancer. closer to her family. Although she had never owned her own company, she had confidence in her ability to provide superior cleaning

77 Essential Essential Questions Questions to to Ask Ask

When When Hiring Hiring Your Your Next Next Cleaning Cleaning Service Service

services to homeowners here at the Delaware beaches. Now 15 years later she has grown the company to 25+ employees bringing 1. How long have youHeather been inbelieves that the keys to their continued growth & success have been 1) her focus on stafff in $1 Million in annual revenue. business? education and promotion, 2) consistently providing superior service to her residential clients and local businesses and 3) working in It takes more than a mop and bucket to For run a Reason, where they provide FREE cleaning services to women of Sussex County ss? A reputable cleaning the community to give back through Cleaning a professional cleaning service. Industry while they are in treatmentservice for various of cancer. ‘Giving back a portion of our resources’ is written into the Heather’s Home run a professional cleaning service. Industry likeforms Heather’s tell usstatement that almost Works, numbers LLC mission and50% will of becleaning forever in honor of both of aning services will go out of business by the Works will services will go each outHome ofpassed business bycancer. the end of Heather’s Fathers who from their first year... make every attempt

We opened our doors in 2003back and have to come expanded tolong a team of 25 the last 1. How have you beenover in business? reputable cleaning expanded to a teamimmediately of 25 over the last and15do Aservice It takes more than a mop and bucket to run a professional cleaning service. Industry like Heather’s Heather DeMarie is our ownerer-operator, she serves on the Boardyears. ofCustomer name: Job number: File name:12-5 x12-5 BB Layout-F whatever is necessary numbers tell us that almost 50% of cleaning services will go out of business by the Home Works will operator, she serves on the Board of amber of Commerce, and she lives in locally in end of their for firstthe year... attempt Company: Order taken by: Price:0.00 Directors Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce, sheproblem. lives locallyIf make every to fixandthe 6. What happens if I am unhappy with my cleaning? to come back in Frankford. Street:to a teamgoing P.O. number: Email: money- back We opened our doors in 2003 and have expanded of 25 over the last back to fix an issue doesn’t resolve the problem, we have 100% Some cleaning services only offer a specified percentaoff of your next service if immediately and do 152.years. Heather DeMarie is ourdo owner-operator, she serves on the Board of What kind of insurance you carry? What happens in the event Job number: File name:12-5 x12-5 BB Layout-FINAL City: date: you aOrder displeased. rry? What happens in the event something guarantee. Customer name: whatever is necessary

Directors for the Bethany-Fenwick of Commerce, and she lives in locally in something gets damaged orChamber broken? Company: Order taken by: Price:0.00 to fix the problem. If State/Zip: coverages and check to Customer Terms: A reputable cleaning service like Heather’s Home Works will make every attempt Frankford. name: Job number: File name:12-5 x12-5 BB Layout-FINA Proper insurance is vital. Always verify insurance see Street: P.O. number: Email: money- back 7. Is your company agoing good neighbor or steward community? back to fix an issue doesn’t resolveofthethe problem, we have a 100% to come back immediately and do whatever is necessary to fix the problem. If that there is a written policy on how to handle breakage/damage… Company: Order taken by: Price:0.00 y insurance coverages and check to see that Delivery date: City: Order date: 2. What kind of insurance do you carry? Country: What happensMost in the event guarantee. of thesomething best companies in business today have added a philanthropic component going back to fix an issue doesn’t resolve the problem, we haveEmail: a 100% moneyStreet: P.O. number: gets damaged or broken? dle breakage/damage… Terms: At HHW, all team members know how toPhone: report damaged or broken item,State/Zip: that Shipping: guarantee. 7.back Is your company a good Order neighbor toand their mission statements. City: date: or steward of the community? Proper insurance vital. Always coverages check toare seeto that Country: Delivery date: they report theseis items to their verify on-siteinsurance supervisor and the office and leave Most of the best companies in business today have added a philanthropic component Fax: State/Zip: Terms: neighbor 7. Is your company a Shipping: good or steward of the community? there is a written policy on howwhen to handle breakage/damage… to report damaged orthebroken item, that they a written note for client they are not home at the time of the occurrence. Phone: to their mission statements. At Heather’s Home Works our culture includes a mandate of ‘service to the Country: Delivery date: Most of the best companies in business today have added a philanthropic Description: Heather’s Home Works our team are all hired as W-2item, employees. visor and the office and areknow to leave written AtAtHHW, all team members how members toareport damaged or broken thatFax: theyWe Phone: Shipping: component to their mission statements. At Heather’s Home Works our culture includes a mandate of ‘service theReason’ pay all federal and stateon-site taxes and also carry compensation all way in which we give back is through our ‘Cleaning FortoA One Description: Comments: report these items tooccurrence. their supervisor and workman’s the office community’. and are to leave aon written me at the time of the Fax: community’. One way in which we give back is through our ‘Cleaning For A Reason’ team Comments: Heather’sfree Homeor Works our culture includesservices a mandatetoofwomen ‘service tointhe program, which Atprovides low-cost cleaning our note formembers. the client when they are not home at the time of the(C4R) occurrence. Description: (C4R) program, which provides free or low-cost cleaning services to women in our community’. One way in which we give back is through our ‘Cleaning For A 3. What kind of pre-screening is performed when hiring employees? embersAtare all hired W-2ouremployees. whoComments: with We feel honored havetobeen nominated Heather’s Homeas Works team membersWe are all hiredcommunity as W-2 employees. Weare dealing community whocancer. are dealing with cancer. We feel to honored have been nominated for for Reason’ (C4R) program, which provides free or low-cost cleaning services to Do they perform criminal background checks? Do they do drug testing? If you pay all federal and state taxes and also carry workman’s compensation on all team the ‘Best in Business’ and most ‘Community Spirit’ award by the Bethany-Fenwick carry workman’s compensation thefeel ‘Best in Business’ most ‘Community Spirit’ award the Bethany-Fenwick women in our community who are dealing withby cancer. We feel honored to have hire ‘Mary’ from down the street on as aall soloteam maid, will you comfortable asking and members. Chamber of Commerce in recent years. nominated for the ‘Best in Business’ and most ‘Community Spirit’ award by Chamber of Commercebeen in recent years. these questions? the Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce in recent years. 3. What kind of pre-screening is performed when hiring employees? Heather’s Homecriminal Works performs background ondrug EVERY newIfhire they perform background checks? Dochecks they do testing? youvia hirea ormedDo when hiring employees? nationwide database. We have a written policy EVERY new hirethese is drug from down the street as a solo maid,drug will you feeland comfortable asking checks?‘Mary’ Do they do drug testing? If you hire tested in-office before they ever step foot in a client’s home or office. questions? maid, will you feel these receive? 4. What kindcomfortable of training doasking your cleaners Heather’s Home Works performs background checks on EVERY new hire via a Many maid servicesWe arehave desperate for drug ‘warm bodies,’ just anyone theyiscan get to nationwide database. a written policy and EVERY new hire drug show up and throw into the field. tested in-office before they ever step foot in a client’s home or office.

groundAtchecks onhave EVERY new hire via a HHW, we a 5 – 10 4. What kind of training do day yourtraining cleanersprogram receive?where each team member works n drug Many policy and EVERY new hire is drug 1-on maid 1 with their trainer in the field, after which they a written exam services are desperate for ‘warm bodies,’ justtake anyone they can get to to graduate from ‘training.’ Our team is nationally certified, and we are members of ot in a client’s home show up and throwor intooffice. the field.

both ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International) and the AtIWCA HHW, we have a 5 –Window 10 day training program where each team member works (International Cleaning Association). aners receive? 1-on 1 with their trainer in the field, after which they take a written exam to graduate 5. Do you have a formal quality assurance program in place? warm bodies,’ just anyone cancertified, get to and we from ‘training.’ Our team isthey nationally are members of both What methods does the company use to measure quality on a daily, ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International) andweekly, the IWCA monthly basis? Do they send out surveys or call clients directly for feedback? (International Window Cleaning Association). Manager, and her team haveinwritten g program where each team member works 5.Our Do Quality you haveAssurance a formal quality assurance program place?guidelines and standardized checklists they use to provide both written verbal evaluations. Whatthey methods does the company use to measure quality on and a daily, weekly, monthly er which take a written exam toby graduate On-going employment is determined continued quality performance, not basis? Do they send out surveys or call clients directly for feedback? certified, and longevity. we are members of both through Our QualityInternational) Assurance Manager, andthe her IWCA team have written guidelines and aning Services and standardized checklists they use to provide both written and verbal evaluations. Special: iation).On-going employment is determined by continued quality performance, not through longevity.

$50 off of a any rance programcleaning in place? service over $200. 6. What happens if I am unhappy with my cleaning?

o measure on aMust daily, weekly, Somequality cleaning services only offer a specified percentinoff your next service if you not have hadmonthly service theoflast clientsa directly displeased.for feedback? 12 months to qualify.

her team have writtenWoman’s guidelinesJournal and The County vide both written and Woman’s verbal evaluations. The County Journal y continued quality performance, not through

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God Always Wins at &

Expert Carpet Upholstery Cleaning




302-470-5129 Ask About Our Dual Process Godwin’s provides STAR performance on each and every job. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Carpet Care

Rapid Dry Time with NO Residues • Carpet Repairs • Pet Odors • Water Damage • Oriental Rug Cleaning • Tile & Grout Cleaning Truck Mounted System • Serving Sussex & Kent Counties for over 29 years • Locally Owned & Operated • Licensed & Insured

Traffic Area Traffic Area Traffic Area 3 Rooms 1-2 Rooms 4 Rooms Steam Cleaned Steam Cleaned Steam Cleaned




95 $

With coupon only. With coupon only. Offer expires 9/15/18.


95 $


Each Additional Room $25

With coupon only. With coupon only. Offer expires 9/15/18.

With coupon only. With coupon only. Offer expires 9/15/18.

Scotchgard Upholstery Cleaning




Per Room or Any Furniture Item With coupon only. With coupon only. Offer expires 9/15/18.



6’ Sofa $60 Loveseat $50 Discount Recliner $30 for Military $ Chair 25 & Seniors With coupon only. With coupon only. Offer expires 9/15/18.

With coupon only. With coupon only. Offer expires 9/15/18.

To advertise in your local Money Mailer call 302-855-9209 or 1-800-Mailer1. C366-29-196-3b/30-1a,1b

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“The Best Little Boat Dealer In Delaware” Lingo Marine is your full-service boat dealer, representing manufacturers such as Xpress Boats, Veranda Pontoons, Mercury and Suzuki outboards, and LoadRite trailers. Our 10-person service department is led by factory-trained techs with over 40-years combined experience, specializing in Mercury, Mercruiser, Suzuki, and Yamaha outboard motor repairs. Marine services include boat bottom painting, fiberglass repair, pontoon repair, custom canvas work, rigging, and boat storage, including hauling and launching. We maintain an inventory of the parts most often needed by our customers, along with accessories to compliment everyday boating activities. Our new and used boats inventory varies with the season. If you’re looking for a bass boat, deck boat, or pontoon - aluminum or fiberglass - hunting boat or for fishing - check with us often. And, we regularly accept consignments. Lingo Marine is a third generation business serving local boating needs since 1961.

121 Delaware Avenue • Millsboro, DE 19966 “Tax Free Delaware” 302-934-9877 •

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AVAMER ROOFING We Look Forward to Earning Your Business

Locally owned and operated, specializing in full service roofing. We provide excellent workmanship and use only quality materials. Fast, friendly, professional, and bilingual, we take pride in every job. Owner Operated by Angel Merino.

KNOWN AS “THE BEST ROOFERS IN TOWN” COVERING AREAS FROM OCEAN VIEW TO MILFORD WITH FOLLOWING SPECIALTIES: INSTALL, REPLACE OR REPAIR TO ASPHALT SHINGLES, FLAT, FOAM OR SINGLE PLY, METAL. Jasok K. says, “I had a hard time getting roofers in the area to show even up for an estimate. Angel came out the next day on time and quoted a fair price. He squeezed me between a couple of other jobs and had it done 2 days later. I couldn’t be happier. Don’t call anyone else. This is your guy.”

Call NOW for free estimate.




Ground Maintenance • Lawns • Hedges • Shrubs Tree Cutting & Pruning • Planting • Sodding • Seeding Fertilizing • Mulching • Bluestone • Hauling Stone Walls Built • Brick & Cement Work Snow Removal • Fully Insured Landscaping, Bobcat & Backhoe Services

(302) 537-2508


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Update your home with modern window treatments! From a master bedroom where both light control and privacy are paramount, to a kitchen in need of a stylish, yet practical window treatment, there is a perfect window covering for every room in your home!

Living and Family Rooms


As your kitchen is the heart of activity in the home, it’s no surprise that choosing window treatments that are both highly functional and stylish can become a challenge. Faux wood blinds and composite shutters offer added durability and are ideal for high-humidity rooms like kitchens. They resist cracking, fading, and warping from stovetops and ovens. Cellular (honeycomb) shades, which let soft, natural light in, are an excellent solution for retaining privacy. To protect your kitchen’s interior from harmful UV rays, try pleated Roman shades, which also add an elegant, sophisticated design accent.

Friends and family gather here daily, so why not make them say “wow” when they see your beautiful window coverings. From artisan-inspired wood shutters to elegant Roman shades, find the perfect finishing that will generate compliments for years to come. From layering versatile shades with drapery panels, to making a design statement with the perfect valance, it’s easy to create the look you’ve always wanted.

cause many inferior types of window coverings to warp or fade. Interior shutters, shades and blinds are right at home in your bathroom environment. Quality blinds are made with highquality components in the headrail to prevent rusting, and moisture-friendly composite shutters are designed to resist fading and warping over time. For an elegant look, consider pairing fabric shades in a distinctive print or pattern with drapery panels. Cellular shades are another popular window treatment for bathrooms since they offer both a view and privacy.



A stylish and well-dressed bathroom is a trend worth joining. Since the bathroom is inherently a highmoisture and humidity area, it may

For restful, tranquil sleep, turn your bedroom into the perfect retreat with an amazing array of choices of window treatments and designer accents. As a room that’s often forgotten because few people see it, we sometimes don’t take the time to update or design our bedroom. From stylish shades and draperies in the latest patterns and fabrics, updated and highly functional designs can

dress your bedroom with window treatments that give you a great night’s sleep. A great recommendation involves pairing bedroom drapes with honeycomb shades for an extra layer of insulation and comfortable temperatures for sleeping. Want to sleep in or just need it extra dark in the baby’s room, consider a room darkened solution to extend the darkness well into the morning hours. You may also consider modern and trendy roller shades.

Still not sure where to start?

You’re not alone. Now that you have some ideas, it is a great time to call in the experts. A reputable custom window provider will help you understand the pros and cons of each treatment choice. Oftentimes, a look can be subtly carried from one room to the next, even if color pallets change and the function is completely different. Of course, there is new technology to consider as well. You could optimize both safety and convenience with a touch of a button from motorized and/or home automation solutions— the sky’s the really limit! Find a reputable vendor like Budget Blinds to walk you through each room. Even if your ideas are not fully thought out, this is what we’re here for. Good luck and enjoy your updated look!

Style and service with North America’s #1 choice. We’re Budget Blinds, and we’re North America’s #1 provider of custom window coverings. We

do it all for you; design, measure and install — because we think everyone, at every budget,

Call now for your free in-home consultation!

302.856.6799 <000-000-0000> <Budget>

deserves style, service, and

the peace-of-mind of the best warranty in the business.

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TERMITE & PEST SOLUTIONS Born and raised on the Eastern Shore, Service is the backbone of my business . -Dean Bennett, Because Local Matters Just like you, my day starts right here; I’ve been in the pest control business for almost 24 years but I’ve been a local to these shores all my life...born and raised. Growing up here has shaped my life and how I do business. It’s why family and commitment come first, and why service and responsibility are part of every job I do. And with every job, it’s important you know I’m only ever a phone call away. The same goes for our technicians. Each one is professionally trained and state certified and that’s important. But just as important to me is that each one treats you and your home with respect, courtesy and professionalism. In fact, we treat your home like our home because in a way, it is. So no matter what your pest control need is, we can help because we are your true, local pest control service team: residential or commercial, builder, realtor or property or dad. We’re here when you need us because we’re here all the time.

Testimonials The Milford Public Library being a public building for all, we were experiencing many issues with cockroaches, called Bennett’s , they responded to us with their expertise and professional knowledge and staff to assist us to eliminate our issues. A few months later after signing contracts with them, we experienced a bed bug problem, immediately they were finding a solution, Dean Bennett spent many hours researching how to handle this problem in a library where the heat treatment could not be used and within days had our situation under control and found a maintenance program for regular prevention. Dean, and all Bennett employees are professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Recently I experienced an issue with bed bugs. I called around to several different pest companies in Baltimore, MD and I came across Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions. I spoke with Bruce for over 40 minutes, he answered every single question I had. He was very informative and detailed about the process not missing a beat. The next day I told him I wanted to hire them for my treatment he did a conference call with himself and Dean(Owner) and there after Vinnie and Dean came out a few days later and did the heat treatment. Very professional, informative, fast and efficient. I work for a housing office in Baltimore and we plan on using this company for some of our client’s needs. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone. It’s worth every dime and you will have a peace of mind bug free.

P.O. Box 191, Bishopville, MD 21813

410-352-3222 MD / 302-856-2127 DE / Fax 410-352-5440 Serving the Lower Eastern Shore for All of Your Pest Control Needs

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Three Tips to Refresh Your Entryway for Spring and Summer or an impressive foyer, you want to maximize its potential with organized entryway storage that is easy and accessible to use, and tailored to your family’s specific needs.

Bill and Janis Nickerson opened Tailored Living serving Rehoboth Beach in early 2014. Janis is a Georgetown native. This move completes a commitment Bill made 20 years ago to retire to Sussex County. The Tailored Living franchise allows Bill to pursue two of his passions: woodworking and entrepreneurship. It has been an exciting fourth year completing many pantries, garages, home offices, Murphy beds, and closets in and around DelMarVa. Let us design a solution for you!

Entryways and mudrooms can take a beating during the winter months. With lots of inclement weather, coats, hats, boots and scarves bring rain, snow, and mud into your entryway where, hopefully, it stays, sparing the rest of the house. After months of winter, doesn’t your entryway deserve a “thank you for your service” makeover to celebrate kinder, gentler weather? The following three home organization tips from Tailored Living® will help you refresh your entryway and get it in top shape for Spring and Summer. An organized entryway makes life easier on you and your family by helping everyone get out of the house on time for work and school, with all the stuff they need for their day. Tip 1: Assess Your Space The ultimate goal is an attractive and inviting entryway with adequate storage that has a place for everything. So whether you have a small entryway

Tip 2: Sort/Purge/Clean Start with the “official” organization mantra: Clear the space. Undoubtedly, things have collected in the entryway, so a sort/purge is in order to remove what should not be there to make room for what should be. Then, you want to clean into all the nooks and crannies. Tip 3: Decorate for Spring You want your entryway to be welcoming, a prelude to your home. So guests and family will enter with a smile, have something interesting in the entryway, like a favorite painting or interesting collection. Functional and fabulous do go together very well. Custom entryway design uses all available space, incorporating open and enclosed storage to keep family essentials accessible and organized and, of course, beautiful! If your entryway is tired looking or not optimized for efficient storage, now is the perfect time for a Tailored Living custom design to maximize your space and make your entryway more user-friendly. As whole home organization specialists, Tailored Living’s designers and professional organizer can help you with innovative storage and organization solutions for any room in your home, including custom closets, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, garage storage cabinets, garage flooring and more. Our Spring Sale event and our promotion in support of Cape Henlopen Food Basket (sidebar) are going on now, so be sure to ask about special offers to see how much you can save! Call 302-360-8342 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to Sign up for our free eNewsletter for home organization ideas, decorating trends and storage solutions to keep your home running smoothly all year long.

Tailored Living Supports Cape Henlopen Food Basket! Tailored Living of Rehoboth Beach is pleased to announce that during the months of March, April, and May we will contribute 1% of each sale to the Cape Henlopen Food Basket! The Cape Henlopen Food Basket (CHFB) is a local food pantry that provides assistance to anyone who has an emergency need for food and lives within the boundaries of the Cape Henlopen School District in Sussex County, Delaware. People who live outside the district are referred to an agency serving the community in which they reside. In 2018, the CHFB served 2,160 households representing 6,313 individuals. The CHFB provides these families a 10-day supply of canned and frozen food, as well as a supermarket voucher which allows them to receive fresh milk, eggs, and margarine. The food is supplied by the USDA, by grants to non-profits, by local supermarkets, and by donations from a generous Cape community of organizations and individuals. Many in our community face difficulties providing for themselves and their families – the volunteers devote many hours to the CHFB’s mission to help our neighbors who have an emergency need for food. For more information about the Cape Henlopen Food Basket or ways to support its mission, please visit the organization website at Volunteers unload deliveries from USDA.

New Year, New Organized You Trust the largest whole home organization company in North America to refresh and revive your home, giving you a beautifully organized life at the right price.

FREE In-Home Consultation

Ms. Efficiency

Amy J. Fisher Professional Organizer


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Here are a Few Things to Think About When Choosing Colors for Your Home or Office Projects



By Dominick Bambace

Choosing colors should be fun but it’s not always easy, and it really helps to keep a few things in mind when selecting the right colors. LIGHT How much light does the room or areas you want to paint get ? A well lit room is great for most colors, where a dark space is not so EASY! SURROUNDINGS Let the colors in your furnishings, draperies, countertops, back splash, hardwood floors, tile, Etc. be a helpful guide when choosing colors.



like and figure out what it is you like about them. Do you like dark colors, light colors, warm colors, or cool colors? A lot of times paint swatches don’t give you the true color you see on your walls so we recommend you buy a quart of different colors to sample on the walls in the desired areas you want to paint. Always remember that the colors will dry darker and be sure to give it some time so you can see the colors in different lighting to make sure you really like them. ACCENT WALLS Accent walls are a great way to add a color pop to any room without over whelming the space. FINISHES Typical finishes are; flat - for ceilings, eggshell or satin- for walls, unless you’re looking for something with less sheen but still want the wash-ability of an eggshell or a satin finish paint, enamel-based flat finish paint works well. I recommend enamel-based flat finished paint in all 2 story foyers and great rooms. Semi-gloss works best for trim and is extremely washable, scrubbable, and durable.

At CAN DO we will always work with you to choose the right colors for you home or office space.

BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF How much color can you handle? Search online for rooms painted in colors you



Testimonials My wife and I heard about Can Do Painting through an inspector at our new home. Dominick came highly recommended due to the quality of his work and pricing. We called Can Do a month before we got into our home to schedule his services. Once we met in person we knew that not only was he going to do good work, but he and his staff were good people and that means a lot today. During the project he ran into small issues and a few delays, never once did he stop work to talk about change orders or how this would hold up the job, he just moved forward and got the job done. Final product of his work of painting nearly the entire house was perfect, he has now done work at my parents’ house, quoting at my brothers and is doing another job at our house in December. I know that quality, good people and fair prices don’t usually go together these days, but with Can Do Painting, they do. - Vince Rozell We used Can Do painting for our new home remodel. The owner Dominick was professional and very meticulous. Can Do painting delivered on time and at a very fair price. We would definitely highly recommended him and his company. Dominick, Can Do! - Jessica Matthews

The County Woman’s Journal


Dominick Bambace, Owner/Estimator

302-359-7347 Veteran owned and operated

Free Estimates • Licensed and Insured

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Fabulous Foods

Fabulous Foods Fabulous Foods

PUBLISHER’S RESTAURANT POLICY Our criteria said it all! First and foremost, the food has to be of the highest quality and freshness. Second, the staff must be courteous and friendly. Third, is the consistency. Knowing that each and every time you dine at that restaurant, it will always live up to its reputation. This is the most controversial category in all our newspapers. So, we thought we would answer honestly and objectively the most frequently asked questions by our friends and readers.

“Why do you have so few restaurants in your newspapers?” Simple! The following restaurants in this Women’s newspaper are the only restaurants we HAVE INVITED to join our list of restaurants, and that we could absolutely guarantee met our criteria.

Try any of the restaurants listed in this paper and if you don’t agree opening pen pen for with us, call us at 1-800-993-3822 or if you have other restaurants that you would recommend, please let us know. We will review them. This he 2013 he 2014 We unconditionally guarantee the foods reviews in all our newspapers. They have been prepared by the restaurants that have been personally Spring! Season invited to be with us.”


The restaurants that you see on the following pages are not advertisers. We are presenting them to you as hand selected skillful artists who take pride in preparing the best meals possible. No other newspaper syndicate turns down advertising from restaurants. WE DO! In fact 95% of all restaurants that contact us are not invited to be with us, after we try them. We take the time to go through our criteria and only select the best for your enjoyment.

Serving Dinner starting at 6pm Lunch and Sunday Brunch 11 to 3 Après Surf menu is served 3:00 to 5:30

(302) 227-3674 • ww “ Give us one try, and you will keep coming back ” A conversation with Shawn Xiong of Confucius Chinese Restaurant Cumin Beef or Kung Pao Shrimp. If you like fish, Salmon with Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Halibut or Crispy educate. enrich. empower. Whole Black Sea Bass are all excellent choices. If Cumin Beef or you are a first ilmington Avenue in downtown Wilmington. My wife and I came to Kung Pao Confucius time cusRehoboth Beach has long been Rehoboth because we want to have Shrimp. If you everybody Restaurant was opened in destination. the a food lover’s Popular a restaurant that wewho areitexcited tomer, we entown, allows me to take zines.We had aAnd chance to talkknows eateries have called Wilmington about. We want to have exciting like fish, you to tell our server Confucius is.folspring of 2004 in downtown fast food restaurant COMcourage some time away from work with Shawn XIong and the Ave. their home for a long time. food for people who are looking for a with Rehoboth Beach. Shawn Located on is the the second block of the of good dining experience. Wefeeling only put guilty about it. BINED ). While this has made Salmon or what you do or do not like, without lowing summary our avenue is a small building on our menu fooddecide that we ourselves Q:housing What made you to Xiong, the owner, Confucius had previChinese food popular in this Black and Bean we will offer the right recconversation. Restaurant, the only fine love or we think our customers will relocate to Rehoboth? ously owned a Chinese dining Chinese restaurant in the enjoy.” country, it has made Chinese Sauce, Q: What was your ommendation for you. I beRehoboth – Lewes area. Steamed HalX: When had my previous restaurant in Wilmington food a stereotype ( think Q: Why do you callI your lieve every customer deserves biggest challenge comShawn’s philosophy is best one of exemplified in his menu selections. ibut or Crispy restaurant in Wilmington, I prior to relocating restaurant toChinese the food has been “$5.99 eat all you can eat”, special attention at my “Confucius”? ing to Rehoboth? the most popular ethnic foods People who enjoy a good seafood Black If they order was working 360 a year, beach area. Sincein then, Con“free deliveries” for example). I Whole X: When I started Confucius, X: There were restaurant. America, as evidenced in the meal can finddays such popular items plenty of chalnumerousthe take-out and12 Salt & Pepper Shrimp, Bass are they don’t quite athat day. After I had fucius has been named have to explain to people whatSea I wanted to offerbuffet ahours menuas lenges I Halibut have faced. The something restaurants in pretty much every with Ginger & Scallions, or Panexcellent I seared decided that I of best Chinese restaurant in the shopping center or stripmy mall.son, But Salmon with black bean all was not knowing we do, but once people give usalllike, most “generic” Chinese biggest they are welcome to send unfortunatelyand for real Chinese sauce. Anyone who loves hot & wanted tospicy spend more time Delaware Today magazine a try, they keep coming back. choices. market restaurants Wherever it back Iffor exchange AT NO food lovers, most of offer. these places food willthe be very happy to when I first you are a Ifirst with more time with his favorably mentioned varioffer more oryou less the same kindhim, entrees such as Hot Pepper opened. The other challenge youin go, probably willfind find COST. want customer to of menus. In order to enjoy a good Chicken, Cumin Beef or Fivecuseducation. Coming to a( up resort ous newspaper and magaQ: What are your most time and a Chinese eatery everyspiced have a pleasant dining experiChinese meal, you will havein to take Duck. was Growing in continues to be estomer, en- place. town, itoffers allows mepecially toof take zines.We had a chance talk a trip to to a nearby big city to satisfy Hunan Province China, Shawn popular dishes? during the summer shopping center that ence we at my craving. Xiong has a particular affection fast food COMcourage youtoto tell our server some time away from work with Shawn XIongyour and the fol- the X:effort This is a hard question )tofood. convince people that Chipretty much same items Therefore, herestaurant has made every for hot and spicy As a to ensure that Confucius kitchen Established seven years ago, Confucius Restaurant result, any spicy food lover will ). While this has made or what you isdo or Q: do not like,are your hours without feeling guilty about BINED lowing is the summary of our answer. There are different What nese restaurant IS INDEED such as lo meins & chow staff be as accommodating as Confucius was designed to provide located at 57 Wilmington happy to learn that Confucius is Chinese food popular in this and we will offer the right recconversation. possible. Rice You want to request gluten popular dishes tothedifferent an alternative to a take-out more and meins. Our menuoris more fo- stocked and Specials? regularly with than all kindsjust Fried Avenue on second block free meal? Not a problem. You are buffet style menu. According to hot ingredients ranging from it than has made Chinese What your ommendation I befrom the beach. Iton is now customers depending theirfor you. X: Confucius is open year Eggrolls. Therecountry, are more cused on itemsQ: you don’tofwas usua vegan or vegetarian? We are going Shawn Xiong, owner of Confucius, Habernera, Jalapeno, to Szechaun open forlieve Summer day (own think Q: Why do youhis call your every customer deserves biggest challenge comto try a ourstereotype best. don’t like whatpersonal taste. goalfind is to provide quality food Ifevery you like round. 7 days a week in sea40000 Chinesefood eateries inYou this ally in those places. SoredI peppers. dry at 5pm for dinner. For other you ordered? Weall canyou replace it. Noeat”, and quality service. “ I used to can “$5.99 eat special attention at myand currently is open for restaurant “Confucius”? ingnot to name Rehoboth? spicy we offer dishes reservations/information, call son country ( more than McDondecided that will reasonable request is ever denied at food, own a restaurant in aI typical Shawn Xiong is fully aware that 302-227-3848. example). X: When I startedshopping Confucius, X:or There plenty of chalrestaurant. If theydinner order everyday except TuesConfucius. mall setting when I was in were every customer’s taste is different. as HotI Pepper Chicken, alds’, Pizza Hut“free anddeliveries” all other forsuch my place “ wok” “great wall” have to explain to people what something they don’t I wanted to offer a menu that lenges I have faced. The dayquite beginning at 5:00pm. We most “generic” Chinese biggest of all was not knowing we do, but once people give us like, they are welcome opento forsend lunch and dinner a try, they keep coming back. the market when I first restaurants offer. Wherever it back for exchange AT Sunday NO every starting at Voted by the National Women’s Newspaper opened. The other challenge you go, you probably will find COST. I want customer to Every Monday, ALL 11:00am. Q: What are your most was ( and continues to be esa Chinese eatery in every have a pleasant dining FISH experientrees are on special popular dishes? pecially during the summer shopping center that offers ence at my place. while supplies last. Next FebX: This is a hard question to )to convince people that Chipretty much the same items ruary around President’s Day, answer. There are different Q: What are your hours nese restaurant IS INDEED such as lo meins & chow we will hold our annual CHImore than just Fried Rice and popular dishes to different meins. Our menu is more foand Specials? NESE NEW YEAR BUFFET. cused on items you don’t usu- Eggrolls. There are more than customers depending on their X: Confucius is open Foryear a fixed amount, you will 40000 Chinese eateries in this own personal taste. If you like round. 7 days a week ally find in those places. So I haveinaseachance to enjoy about spicy food, we offer dishes son and currently 30 is open for dishes, most of country ( more than McDondecided that I will not name different such as Hot Pepper Chicken, dinner everyday except my place “ wok” or “great wall” alds’, Pizza Hut and all other which Tuesare seafood. day beginning at 5:00pm. For moreWe information, you can open for lunch andcall dinner Confucius at 302-227every Sunday starting 3848ator visit us online at ConVoted by the National Women’s Newspaper 11:00am. Every Monday, ALL FISH entrees are on special is located at 57 Confucius while supplies last. Next Feb- Avenue, Rehoboth Wilmington ruary around President’s Beach. Day, we will hold our annual CHIYEAR BUFFET. June/July 2012 The County NESE Woman NEW Newspaper 48 For a fixed amount, you will have a chance to enjoy about 30 different dishes, most of which are seafood. For more information, you can call Confucius at 302-2273848 or visit us online at Confucius is located at 57 Wilmington Avenue, Rehoboth Beach. or “palace”, yet I want people know it is Chinese. Confucius Chinese Restaurant was opened in the And everybody knows who Confucius is. spring of 2004 in downtown Rehoboth Beach. Shawn Q: What made you decide to Xiong, the owner, had previrelocate to Rehoboth? ously owned a Chinese X: When I had my previous restaurant in Wilmington restaurant in Wilmington, I prior to relocating to the beach area. Since then, Con- was working 360 days a year, 12 hours a day. After I had fucius has been named the best Chinese restaurant in the my son, I decided that I thand wanted to spend more time Delaware Today magazine or “palace”, yet I want with people him, more time with his favorably mentioned in variit is Coming to a resort Chinese ous newspaperknow and maga-

“ Give us one try, and you will keep coming back ” A conversation with Shawn Xiong of Confucius Chinese fabulousfoods Restaurant

Confucius 8 Season At The Beach W Fabulous Foods

Fabulous Foods

ehoboth Beach, Delaware udy 40th Anniversary

A 5-Star Restaurant

Voted 59 Rehoboth Avenue •Ru R Best Dining CelebratingFineOur in Bethany

5 59 Rehoboth Avenue • Call for Hou

The County Woman Newspaper

302.537.7500 • w

The County Woman Newspaper

114 Garfield Pa

A 5-Star Restaurant

Summer Spring 2013 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 68 I Spring 2019


R O O t th SS

Reopening Open for Open This the 2013 the 2014 Spring! Season Season

Serving Dinner starting at 6pm

Summer 2014

The County Woman Newspaper

The County Woman’s Journal

Fabulous Foods

The County Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Journal

Spring 2019 I 69

Fabulous Foods

Voted the Only 5 Star Restaurant in Bethany Beach THE SUSSEX COUNTY TM

Traditional Fine Dining

Steaks, Crabcakes & Seafood • Full Bar • Catering Childrens’ Menu • Lite Fare Menu In-House Private Parties

Perfect Dining Room for:

Rehearsal Dinners • Birthday Celebrations Family Reunions • Anniversaries • Wedding Receptions 114 Garfield Parkway • Bethany Beach, Delaware 19930

(302) 537-7500

70 I Spring 2019

The County Woman’s Journal

Fabulous Foods

Your palate will truly be satisfied.

“The food here is beautiful. The setting is elegant. The drinks are fine. It is a nice change from the seafood staples of this beach town. I always over order. It is worth it.” - Badhoh G., Rehoboth, Delaware

Confucius menu is focused on delicate, refined gourmet dining not found in any other restaurant. Created for the diner’s individual personal taste!


Voted #1 Chinese Restaurant in Delaware and Best at the Beach! The County Woman’s Journal

57 Wilmington Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

302.227.3848 Spring 2019 I 71

Fabulous Foods

“Quietly cooking slow food for over 45 years”

Will Be Opening in May 2019 for the Season

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

George Bernard Shaw

72 I Spring 2019

The County Woman’s Journal


Everything you need for a cocktail or beach party! lus Great Gifts!


Glassware, cocktail mixers, wine accessories. Lots of snacks, chips and dip, salsas, nuts, crackers and spreads, chocolate bars, cookies and dessert sauces. Stonewall Kitchen, Savannah Bee and Coola Suncare products. 98 Garfield Parkway • 302-616-2657 OPEN EVERY DAY 10AM–9PM • OFF SEASON HOURS VARY In the Blue Surf Building on the Boardwalk 


It’s why I’m here. Your home and car are more than just things. They’re where you make your memories – and they deserve the right protection. I get it. It’s why I’m here. LET’S TALK TODAY.

Jeanine O'Donnell, Agent 16583 Coastal Hwy Lewes, DE 19958 Bus: 302-644-3276


KƉĞŶƚŽƚŚĞƉƵďůŝĐĂƚƚǁŽ ^ƵƐƐĞdžŽƵŶƚLJ>ŽĐĂƚŝŽŶƐ͗  ϭϬϳĞƉŽƚ^ƚƌĞĞƚ 'ĞŽƌŐĞƚŽǁŶ͕ϭϵϵϰϳ  ZŽƵƚĞϵ͕ϯŵŝůĞƐtĞƐƚŽĨZƚ͘ϭ ;'W^͗ϭϴϱϬϭ^ƚĂŵƉĞƌƌͿ >ĞǁĞƐ͕ϭϵϵϱϴ  ;ϯϬϮͿϴϱϱͲϭϭϱϲ

One HUGE Location!

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Fire and Casualty Company Bloomington, IL

The County Woman’s Journal

Call Today! (302) 855-1156 Spring 2019 I 73


Small Business. Big Support. Visit for one-on-one help with starting or growing your business. The Loocke Dover


74 I Spring 2019

The County Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Journal



with Melson Funeral Services

It may not be easy to talk about end of life wishes, but we believe it is one of the most important conversations you can have. Pre-Funeral planning with Melson Funeral Services allows you to choose what type of services you will have, relieving the financial burden of your loved ones and make an otherwise overwhelming time less difficult.

will plan the perfect service to honor your life and legacy. After your consultation and prearrangement, we will keep it stored confidentially until the time comes for your final wishes. While the option to pay in full is available, we also offer monthly installment

Services may be customized to your choosing; incorporating pictures, readings, songs, or anything of personal importance. We are here to insure your service is exactly what you and your loved ones desire. Death brings with it an array of tasks, decisions and emotions. This is why we, here at Melson Funeral Services believe pre-planning is one of the most selfless things you could do for your loved ones. By taking advantage of our pre-planning options, you allow your family, loved ones and friends to focus less on the financial and organizational burden of the service and more on healing and remembrance. With the friendly staff at Melson’s, planning has never been easier. We will sit down and discuss your options and help choose what service works best for you; traditional funeral with a viewing, cremation with a viewing, memorial service, direct cremation. Together we

The County Woman’s Journal

plans. We believe that a paid prearrangement alleviates the financial burden and prepayment is not required. There is no need to worry if life takes you in a different direction, your prearrangement and payments can be transferred to another funeral home.

With three locations, over 55 years of experience, and a friendly, dedicated staff, it is our pleasure to assist you with your pre-planning needs. For more information, please call us at 302-732-9000.

Testimonials “Your kindness and professionalism during this very difficult time of our lives will never be forgotten. We could not have asked for anyone more thoughtful and with sincere compassion.” “We cannot tell you how much you helped us through this trying time. Your sincerity and professionalism will remain foremost in our hearts and minds.”


Melson Funeral Services & Crematory Licensed in Delaware & Maryland

Ocean View 302-537-2441

Frankford 302-732-9000

Long Neck 302-945-9000 · email:

Spring 2019 I 75

Custom Window Coverings

“I loved working with budget blinds. They were recommended to us by friends who used them. Service was great. Sales associates helped with choices. Installers were terrific. Mark and Doug our installers were knowledgeable and professional.” – Nancy M., Millville, DE


FREE In-Home Consultations & Estimates

CALL TODAY! 302.856.6799 Each Franchise Independently Owned and Operated

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