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A Quarterly Educational Resource for the Women of Sussex, Wicomico and Worcester Counties. Angela CaswellMonack, DO Is Your Period Running Your Life?

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Photo by C. M. Baker Photography at Betterliving Showroom, Dagsboro, Delaware

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Health & Medicine

Is Your Period Running Your Life? Abnormal vaginal bleeding may be a sign of a health concern Dr. Angela Caswell-Monack, DO, is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She practices with Beebe Women’s Healthcare – Plantations at 19405 Plantation Road, Rehoboth Beach. For more information or to contact the practice, call (302) 480-1919. For more women’s health and wellness tips directly to your inbox, create a profile on Beebe’s Women’s Health website: www.beebehealthcare.org/be-there.

By Angela Caswell-Monack, DO Beebe Women’s Healthcare – Plantations One of the most common issues affecting women in our practice is abnormal vaginal bleeding. Do you ever have bleeding that gets in the way of your normal life? Do you feel your life is being controlled by your period? Are you concerned you might be bleeding too much? You may benefit from seeing an OB/GYN.

What is normal?

Normal menstrual bleeding is bleeding that occurs every 24 to 38 days and that lasts up to 8 days. The amount of bleeding is subjective, but heavy bleeding with flooding or soaking through clothes and bedding (more than rarely) might be abnormal. Bleeding or spotting between periods, bleeding or spotting after sex, and bleeding after menopause should also be evaluated. For average, non-pregnant, pre-menopausal patients who are experiencing what they consider excessive bleeding, we first need to determine what their normal is and how severe the bleeding has become. We ask questions and work together to choose the right treatment plan.

What are some causes of abnormal bleeding?

The underlying cause of abnormal bleeding could be related to the woman’s body or the structure of her organs or it could be related to another health issue or disorder. Some body or structure causes could be endometrial

polyps (outpouching of the lining inside of the uterus), fibroids (noncancerous growths of the muscle wall of the uterus), adenomyosis (condition of endometrial tissue trapped within the muscle wall of the uterus making it boggy in texture and can cause heavy bleeding and pain), endometrial cancer or precancer, cervical cancer or precancer. Health issues causing abnormal bleeding could include coagulation disorder (condition of blood not clotting appropriately such as hemophilia or von Willebrand disease), ovulatory dysfunction (ovary not releasing an egg each month which is very common in the perimenopause period), infection such as chlamydia, endocrinologic disorders such as thyroid dysfunction or bleeding caused by medications or hormones.

Can the bleeding be controlled

or treated?

Once testing is complete, each patient works with her OB/ GYN and medical care team to determine the best treatment based on test results. In the shortterm, bleeding can be addressed with medications such as various different multi-dose regimens of birth control pills, a progestin IUD, oral estrogen, occasionally intravenous estrogen, or a nonhormonal clotting medication called transexamic acid could be tried. Correcting a coagulopathy (blood clotting problem) should

be done quickly. There are also surgical options that can be discussed and the type of procedure will depend on the patient’s desire for future fertility and also whether or not she is stable enough for surgery. If there is a polyp or a fibroid, therapy could be directed at removing the abnormality. A procedure called a dilation and curettage (D&C) would remove a polyp. Removing a fibroid (myomectomy) could help, especially if a patient plans to have children in the future. If future fertility is not a concern, an endometrial ablation or a

hysterectomy could be an option. An endometrial ablation is a quick surgical procedure that destroys the lining of the uterus to get it to stop bleeding. A hysterectomy is the definitive surgery to stop bleeding as it removes the uterus. Treating abnormal bleeding should start with a conversation between yourself and your OB/ GYN. There are many options and you should feel comfortable with the treatment. The bottom line is, if you are experiencing excessive bleeding, talk to your physician and know that you have options.

What is the path to diagnosis? Evaluation starts with taking a good history of menstruation and also your general health. This can help guide the direction of laboratory testing that might be needed. Your OB/ GYN might consider lab tests to look at thyroid studies, blood count, coagulation studies, or liver function. A good physical exam can assess the pelvic organs for size, consistency, infection, related signs such as multiple bruises or severe anemia. Tests such as sampling of the endometrium, pap test, cultures of the vagina or cervix can also be collected. Another valuable test is a pelvic ultrasound which can reveal any structural issues that could be the root cause of bleeding.

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Health & Medicine

Are You Interested In A Better Looking Nose? One of our specialties at Hunterdon Otolaryngology and Allergy Associates is rhinoplasty, the art of altering the nasal appearance. It can help to shorten a long nose, remove or soften a nasal hump, and refine the tip. The nose is the central and perhaps most important feature of the face. Any change in it, ranging from a small refinement to extensive reshaping, can dramatically affect one’s appearance. In addition to improving one’s appearance, rhinoplasty can also help individuals with chronic nasal obstruction and breathing problems. We take great satisfaction in witnessing the benefits successful rhinoplasty can bring to a patient’s overall happiness and emotional well-being. Anyone over the age of 16 with realistic goals is an appropriate candidate. A rhinoplasty procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and can be completed with either an “open” or “closed” approach. With an open approach, a small, external incision is made between the two nostrils. This allows for improved visualization of the underlying structures and more precise reshaping of the nose. With a closed or “endonasal” approach, all the incisions are hidden inside the nose. This allows the surgeon to avoid the external incision and also to limit swelling associated with the procedure. As both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, the appropriate technique is chosen based on the complexity of the anticipated surgery.

Dr. Shilpa Renukuntla is a board certified head and neck surgeon and completed a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Her extensive training has provided her an intricate knowledge of the external and internal nasal anatomy. Her surgical skills enable her to improve the appearance of the nose without compromising its function or breathing. Dr. Renukuntla’s passion for the art of rhinoplasty ensures that her patients receive the very best of care. At your consultation, you can address both your concerns regarding the appearance and function of your nose.

Please call our office to schedule your appointment today!

(908) 788-9131

After the surgery, most patients return home the same day. They are asked to rest at home immediately after the surgery, keeping the head elevated in order to reduce swelling and bleeding. Dressings usually come off after a week. A patient may experience puffiness in the face and minor bruising for a few days while they heal. Some cosmetic changes to the nose are immediately apparent, but as healing continues over time, more subtle enhancement can follow. Some results may take up to a year to be fully noticeable.



& Allergy Associates • Ear, Nose & Throat • Head & Neck Surgery • Sinus, Allergy & Asthma Management

• Facial Plastic Surgery • Hearing Aid Dispensing & Servicing

Shilpa Renukuntla, M.D.

The expertise you need. The care you deserve. Call us today to schedule your appointment in Flemington or Hillsborough. (908) 788-9131 | www.hunterdonent.com

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The County Woman’s Journal

Health & Medicine Richard Arrigo, DO Dr. Richard Arrigo is also a board certified gastroenterologist at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates. Prior to his fellowship, Dr. Arrigo was in practice with the Liver Transplant program in Newark, NJ where he managed patients with severe liver disease. Dr. Arrigo is trained to perform Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS), a procedure that uses sound waves to create visual images of the digestive tract, and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), a procedure that is used to diagnose diseases of the gallbladder, biliary system, pancreas, and liver. Dr. Arrigo is one of three physicians in Hunterdon County trained in the ReShape Weight loss Balloon procedure.

Colon Cancer Screening- One Day Can Save Your Life I’m too busy… I can’t take off work… I can’t go a full day without eating… The prep is terrible… I would be so embarrassed… If these thoughts or others have you delaying a colonoscopy, we suggest a different thought. One day can save your life. According to estimates from the American Cancer Society, colon cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the US, after breast, lung, and prostate cancers. But, more patients die of colon cancer than either breast or prostate cancer. That is a disappointing statistic, because colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. Unlike many other cancers, there is an easy and effective way to screen for colon cancer. Colonoscopy is the best option and is readily available and effective. Large, national studies have shown that colonoscopy reduces an individual’s risk of dying from colon cancer by nearly 70%. There are additional screening options on the market, although less effective, and you should schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist to discuss those options. How does a colonoscopy work? You, as the patient, devote that one day of your life to eating and drinking only clear

The County Woman’s Journal

liquids and drinking a laxative to clear out your system. (The prep continues to be improved by the manufacturers – the taste has been changed and the volume consumed has been reduced. So, those stories from well-meaning friends and relatives about the prep may not be completely true.) Then, you visit your physician for the short procedure, which typically lasts about 30 minutes. The physician inserts a tube that has an attached camera into your rectum, then guides it through your large intestine. He or she views your intestine on a large screen, looking for abnormalities. You are sedated during the procedure to keep you comfortable. You do not feel the scope traveling through your intestine. Colonoscopy is valuable because colon cancer is a slow growing tumor. Colon cancer is typically (but not always) caused by abnormal growths called polyps, or adenomas, that develop very gradually over time to become cancerous. During the colonoscopy, the physician will look for and remove polyps. By removing polyps early, the risk of developing cancer is reduced. Without colonoscopy, the polyps continue to grow, abnormal cells continue to change, and cancer may develop.

After the procedure, you will typically need 30 minutes or so to recover from the sedation. You will go home shortly after the procedure feeling well, although you may be a little tired. You can return to eating normal foods immediately. You may want to start with a light meal, and then gradually add other foods as the day progresses.

Individuals who develop colon cancer are faced with the possibilities of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, depending on how far the cancer has progressed when it is diagnosed. Isn’t that one day for a colonoscopy worth the attempt to prevent what could be many days spent battling colon cancer?

No one looks forward to having a colonoscopy, but I want to thank all of the members of your staff and the physicians for being so professional and pleasant. – Maureen W.

 Men or women over the age of 50  Smoker  Personal or family history of inflammatory bowel disease  Overweight  Close family member with colorectal cancer  History of prior polyps or colon cancer  Women with a family history of breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer

Be proactive about your health and make your appointment to be screened today!

908-483-4000 Hunterdon Endosurgery Center is open 7 days a week for Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy Procedures. Weekdays: 7:00am-8:00pm; Saturday and Sunday: 7:00am-2:30pm Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates Office Consultation Appointments: Flemington Office: 7:30am-8:00pm; Somerville Office: 7:30am-7:00pm Flemington Office

Hunterdon Doctors Office Building 1100 Wescott Drive, Suite 206/207 Flemington, NJ 08822

Somerville Office 135 West End Avenue Somerville, NJ 08876

908-483-4000 www.HunterdonGastro.com

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Health & Medicine

Nanticoke Offers Lung Cancer Screening: Reducing Lung Cancer Mortality by 20% As you may already know, lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. And while there are several causes of lung cancer, smoking is at the top of the list. For many, lung cancer develops without symptoms. If a person is experiencing symptoms, the cancer is much more likely to have already spread to other parts of the body, making it more difficult to treat. The good news…like with many cancers, if diagnosed early the chances of surviving lung cancer increase significantly. A study funded by the National Cancer Institute of patients using the low-dose CT scan to detect lung cancer found a 20 percent reduction in the death rate due to this disease, because the cancer was found earlier.

6 I Spring 2018

Nanticoke Health Services now offers this low dose Computerized Tomography (CT) screening. This screening is used on people that have a high-risk for lung cancer before symptoms appear. (This screening is used to detect lung cancer in high risk people before symptoms appear.) How the Screening Works: The low-dose CT scan takes multiple, cross-sectional images of the lungs, providing detailed views that can reveal nodules too small to show up on a traditional x-ray. It actually detect(s) abnormalities the size of a grain of rice. This is important because the larger the tumor, the higher the chance the cancer has spread. The scan takes less the (than) sixty seconds and keeps the (delete this word) exposure to radiation at a minimum. There are no injections and nothing to swallow.

This screening is covered by most insurance providers if you meet the criteria: • Are between the ages of 55-80; Medicare patients, between the ages of 55-77. • Are a current smoker or you have quit within the past fifteen years. • Have smoked an equivalent of 30 pack years. This means you have smoked about 1 pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for fifteen years. • Have not had a chest CT scan in the last year. • Do not have any signs or symptoms of lung cancer. It is important you have a conversation with your health care provider before scheduling the screening. Some insurance providers, including Medicare, require a separate shared decision making visit to discuss the risks, benefits and other health care information surrounding this

screening. This visit is required by Medicare for the costs of this screening to be covered by insurance. If you do not have insurance you may qualify for other financial assistance from Delaware’s Screenings for Life program. Your healthcare provider must schedule the screening. Nanticoke Health Services is here to provide for the health of our community. It is our mission to provide you with the best care possible and (delete?) with the necessary information to make healthcare decisions that are right for you. You can learn more about the lung cancer screening with a low dose CT by calling your health care provider to schedule a shared-decision making appointment.

The County Woman’s Journal

Health & Medicine

Myths About Lung Cancer: “I feel fine. I don’t need to be tested.” A low-dose CT lung screening is a test specifically designed for those without any symptoms. People with lung cancer do not typically have symptoms until the cancer has spread. If you have a high risk for lung cancer, getting tested before you have symptoms may save your life.

“I quit smoking years ago so I don’t have to worry about lung cancer.” While quitting smoking is one of the most important things you have done for your health, your risk for lung cancer is still higher than someone who has never smoked. If you have quit in the past 15 years, you may still be a candidate for the lung cancer screening. Talk with your provider.

“I don’t want to get screened because I don’t want extra radiation exposure.” This is good to discuss with your provider. For those at high risk for lung cancer, the benefits of the low-dose CT scan may out weight the small risks that come from the low levels of radiation exposure. “I’ve heard that things that aren’t cancer show up on the test. Does that mean I shouldn’t trust the

test?” Many adults have spots on their lungs that are not cancer. There are guidelines to help doctors determine if a spot is more likely to be cancer. Doctors ready (reading?) the results are radiologists trained in these guidelines. Source of Myths About Lung Cancer: www.lungcanceralliance.com

In order to schedule a low-dose lung cancer screening, talk with your healthcare provider. During a dedicated shared, decision making visit your provider will review the benefits and risks. Most insurances including Medicare require this shared decision making visit in order to cover the costs of the screening. For more information talk with your healthcare provider or visit www.nanticoke.org/lungcancer

The County Woman’s Journal

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Health & Medicine

All-on-4 Dental Implants


Delaware Periodontics offers an alternative solution by employing the latest technologies to provide patients with the most predictable and comfortable surgical care. The All-on-4 Implant Protocol allows Dr. Klassman to remove all infections and replace a failing set of teeth with a fixed set of new teeth in just one surgical session. He is the only surgical specialist in the area that will complete the surgery and the temporary teeth in the same day.

By Dr. Bradford Klassman


ery few people are aware of how much they use their teeth on a daily basis. It is not until an individual begins to lose teeth and their oral health and quality of life declines that they begin to understand the impact of impaired oral function on their daily life. Patients with missing and/ or failing teeth suffer from malnutrition, reduced self esteem, and self confidence. They possess a high risk for developing oral conditions such as boney atrophy. Patients also suffer from periodontal disease, cavities, root canal infections, and serious bite problems called “Bite Collapse”. In addition to serious dental conditions, patients with severely failing dentitions can also be more at risk for serious medical conditions such as: cardiovascular problems, stroke and diabetes, complications if pregnant, with a high risk of preterm and low birth weight babies. There are several solutions for individuals with failing dentition. The typical sequence of therapy to address these complex dental conditions could require at least three surgeries. First, the teeth are extracted and the bone is allowed to heal. Patients will temporarily function in a traditional upper or lower denture, which at times impacts the patient’s diet choices. Next, the implants are placed and require a healing time of three to four months. A third surgery is done to expose the implants. The start to finish time is six to eight months. During this time, patients use removable dentures to function.

8 I Spring 2018

The All-on-4 Protocol uses only four dental implants to replace an entire arch of teeth. By angling the back implants, we can avoid nerves and sinus grafting which often requires much more aggressive surgical treatment. Not only does this technique replace an entire arch of teeth, but it allows Dr. Klassman to correct bite problems that were not correctable with other treatment options. Patient’s lives are improved instantly by giving them immediate fixed teeth which improves eating, nutrition, psychological confidence, and removes all sources of infection. This occurs by connecting the new set of teeth to the implants, protecting the surgical site. Any post surgery discomfort is dramatically reduced. Patients can resume eating and activities right away. Testimonials “Thank you for all your hard work to help complete my smile”. - Selma T., New Castle, Delaware

and predictable surgical care. He partners with top practices as co-therapists to strengthen and support comprehensive and esthetic oral health. Educated at Temple University School of Dentistry and Post Doctoral training in Periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Brad is also Board Certified. Additionally, he is the first periodontist in Delaware to use Laser Periodontal Therapy and the LANAP protocol and he is certified in the Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Dr. Brad is proud to provide patients with Virtually Instant Dental Implants with a Same Day Smile. He teaches at the Christiana Care

About Dr. Klassman Dr. Bradford Klassman improves the lives of his patients by using the highest level of technology to provide the most exceptional

For more information please contact Dr. Bradford L. Klassman Delaware Periodontics 1110 N. Bandcroft Parkway Wilmington, DE 19805 www.delawareperiodontics.com 302-658-7871 or info@delawareperiodontics.com

Have You Been Told You Have Gum Disease?

“Everyone in Dr. Klassman’s office made me feel as if I were their only patient. Dr. Klassman explained every detail of my procedure, and he and his staff made me feel very comfortable. If you are considering treatment, consider Dr. Klassman.” - Janene, K. Newark, Delaware. “My implants look and feel like my own teeth. In fact , they are better than my own teeth. Dr. Klassman is very capable, and so personable. I feel that is so important when you go to see a dental specialist.” - Sally G. Hockessin, DE

Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and is a member of the American Dental Association, Delaware State Dental Society, American Academy of Periodontology, and the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. He lives in Hockessin, Delaware with his two children. He enjoys fishing and cooking his fresh catch of the day.

Introducing Laser Periodontal Therapy™ For Treating Periodontal Disease    

Patient friendly. No incision and no stitches. Heal quickly and naturally with full retention of your gums. Rapid return to your normal activities after treatment.

Call Today for an Appointment! DELAWARE PERIODONTICS

DELAWARE PERIODONTICS 1110 N. Bancroft Parkway Wilmington, DE 19805 302-658-7871 302-658-7871(ph) www.delawareperiodontics.com www.delawareperiodontics.com The County Woman’s Journal

Health & Medicine

My Life So Far (1941 – ) “I feel fully content, fulfilled and ready to go when death comes,” commented Natasha Reatig of Bethany Beach. Natasha had a normal 1950’s girlhoodsock hops, football games, and boyfriends. Upon graduation from Vassar College, Natasha spent time traveling and volunteering for the newly formed Peace Corps. She eventually found her way to Israel, studying the language and working for a cultural anthropologist. After returning to D.C., she worked in the newly emerging field of Psychopharmacology. Natasha came across her dream job when she was named the first Director of Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness- a national program providing grants to state agencies authorized to advocate for and protect the rights of those in residential facilities. After 31 years of service, “exhausted,” Natasha retired. Even though she has traveled the world and has friends scattered throughout, she now remains happily at home in Bethany Beach. After being diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2016, Natasha entered treatment at the Tunnell Cancer Center in Rehoboth Beach. Even with the best medicine, her tests confirmed the cancer had spread to both lungs and her liver. In mid-2017, “My treatment team recommended that I enter Delaware Hospice’s program.” Since then Natasha is visited at home by her Delaware Hospice nurse, Nancy “who is wonderful; she monitors my vital signs and answers my questions. I receive a weekly call from a Delaware Hospice

The County Woman’s Journal

volunteer to ensure that I have ‘everything I need’. I presently have no pain other than those of normal aging, and I am comfortable. I have been reevaluated by the Delaware Hospice Doctor, and I remain status quo...I know that my experience thus far is perhaps untypical...I truly expected to be dead by now...but, as they keep telling me, ‘no-one knows’...” Even while receiving hospice care, Natasha stays active with her yoga and Reiki sessions, as well as deep tissue massages. She currently enjoys the pleasures of good company, singing with the AARP Chorus, and working with the Shore Democrats. Modeled on early 20th century Salons, Natasha and a friend started Natasha’s Salon for Creative Minds which meets in different locations for ’happy hours’ each month between November and April. “I would recommend Delaware Hospice to EVERYONE when the time comes and the need arises...I was with my mother in her final weeks (in D.C.) and hospice was extremely helpful, as I expect it will be for me, even though I will have a family member caretaker living with me...Who would not want a trained and kindly professional available?” “I feel fully content, fulfilled and ‘ready to go’ when death comes. My life choices - to stay single, to not have children – have enabled me to explore all of my interests and passions. I would not wish to remain long... Meanwhile, I relax, enjoy, and do what I can… I’ve been very lucky and I feel very grateful and very happy.” Through Delaware Hospice’s team approach, Natasha is still able to experience new and exciting adventures here in Delaware! Her quality of life continues to be her top priority and Delaware Hospice is here to assist.

Vacation SELFIES We may not be recognized for vacation selfies, but Emma thinks we are. With our help, Emma can be there for good times and bad photos. Delaware Palliative helps alleviate symptoms and stress with care delivered in your home. We add an extra layer of support to the curative care you are already receiving.

Call us to see how palliative care can improve your quality of life.

delawarepalliative.org 800-838-9800 Spring 2018 I 9

Health & Medicine

B to have her own home that would provide care for the elderly.

Beverly June Gray- Mears a Seaford graduate has always wanted

Join us on facebook! ParadiseSeniorLiving Pictures courtesy of Cape Gazette. Sign was designed by Penuel Signs of Georgetown.

Paradise Senior Living has made that dream come true. Beverly is a registered nurse who has over 20 years of experience in long term care. “I see the residents as family,” “I look at them as they were my grandparent, aunts or uncles. It is so important to make each day special, and remind them how amazing they are.” Care giving has been my passion since I was a young child. Paradise Senior Living is a welcoming, one-story home on Paradise Road, in Georgetown, a road named by her husband Rodney’s father James Brooks Mears. Designed as a long-term assisted senior living care facility, the space can also serve as a respite care center where caregivers can take a short break. Paradise is the perfect size to ensure that everyone who

comes to stay there can get the individualized care they deserve. Paradise provides housekeeping, Beverly June Gray- Mears home-style dining, laundry service, personal care, medication assistance and activities. A live-in caregiver provides companionship and care and is on-site 24 hours a day. In addition, a nurse is on-call 24 hours a day. Services such as transportation, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy can be scheduled using outside companies. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and common areas such as a dining room, living room, enclosed porch and a fenced back yard, Paradise can accept up to three residents.

Let’s see what Paradise can do for you!

Health & Medicine Call 302-855-9059 or email paradiseseniorliving@gmail.com. Want to… LOSE


At Healthy Outcomes we specialize in weight loss. Each patient meets in a one-on-one setting with a Board Certified Weight Loss Physician as well as a Weight Loss Educator.

We offer:

• Metabolic and hormonal testing • Customized diet & nutrition plans • Behavioral modification and therapy • Fat burning injections • Appetite suppressants • i-lipo (non-invasive lipo suction) FDA Approved Our center has all the necessary tools to provide patients with a complete weight loss intervention

making our success rate over 95%.

WeWe Now Offer Offer i-lipo Laser Liposuction (a laser alternative to liposuction) reduce fat smooth cellulite • tighten skin shape your body instant results fda approved 2 Lee Avenue, Georgetown, DE 19947 302.856.4022 www.healthy-outcomes.com

Fabricio Alarcon, MD Jennifer Morelli, Weight Loss Director

10 I Spring 2018

2 Lee Avenue, Georgetown, 19947 2 locations to better serveDEyou!


12001 IOld Vine BLVD, I 302.856.4022 www.healthy-outcomes.com Suite 102 - Lewes, DE 19958

The County Woman’s Journal


educate. enrich. empower.

Have An Overactive Bladder & Medication Didn’t Help? Don’t Give Up An Implant that sends the right electrical impulses to the nerves


ou might have heard about medications and other therapies for improving urge incontinence and overactive bladder, which You will meet highly skilled and causes a frequent, urgent urge to caringpass physicians who are the only urine that sometimes results urogynecologists in in leaking. Delaware who

track record, providing relief in more than 70 percent of cases for women who have not achieved the results they want after trying medications, physical therapy, behavior modification and other strategies.

Health & Medicine

neurostimulator near the hip. For a lengthier test period it is common to do the procedure in an operating room under sedation.

held programmer that the patient can use to turn the device on and off, as well as increase or decrease the impulses.

Most patients return to their jobs and other routines the next day. During the trial, patients must be careful when they are bathing to avoid getting the device wet. They should not do any heavy lifting.

The implant is permanent. The battery that powers it has a life have completed fellowships and span of five to seven years. Patients But many women are not No more uncomfortable pads, can check their hand-held device are board-certifi ed in femalestill pelvic aware a highly successful, no more staking out the nearest to check if the battery is getting medicine andofreconstructive surgery. simple therapy called sacral restroom, no more staying home low, or they will notice a return of Babak Vakili, neuromodulation which treats because you never know when the symptoms. Battery replacement is During the evaluation phase, urge incontinence to go will come. No wonder so takes about ten M.D.,and is theoveractive At oneurge there are faster and more a procedure discussthat all your options with time in her life, at wear black all the time.” patients keep a diary of their bladder by helping theofnerves in least one many patients say they wish they minutes to perform. director the effective procedures to correct your doctor. At the Christiana of every two women urination and leakage to gauge the bladder to Christiana function properly. will experience had learned about the implant Care Center for Urogynecology incontinence, “I lost 100 pounds after I started the problem, enabling patients The implant is truly a life-altering if the device is helping. Most years ago. Care Center for to get back to their busy lives in and Pelvic Surgery, we will that annoying “wet” feeling, exercising again.” Here’s how it works. To control patients say the impact is almost therapy. Urogynecology just a few days. discuss a broad range of because she couldn’t make it “I used to stay home all the the nerves of the bladder, a small immediate, often within 24 hours. Take it for a trial run and Pelvic® The most important thing nonsurgical surgical to the bathroom in time. time. But now I go out and meet To learn more orand make an device called InterStim is inserted, This device is unique in that to remember is you have a treatments and together friends.” Surgery. Dr. Vakili If patients’ symptoms are greatly appointment at the Center we will through the skin, near the tailbone, patients can try it out to determine lot of options. If you have an make the decision that is best Sometimes, even a good We encourageimproved our patientsortocured his It works during the for Urogynecology and Pelvic also known ascompleted the sacrum. if it’s a good fit for them. The overactive bladder, don’t suffer for you. laugh -or a cough or sneeze go out and share the good news fellowship in female pelvic medicine evaluation, they can go on to longReconstructive Surgery please call by sending the right nerve impulses evaluation phase can be as short as ® in silence! -can result in leaking. But with their friends. Frequently, term use of InterStim therapy, in 302-623-4055. and reconstructive surgery at the to the nerves of the bladder, which four days or as long as two weeks. in providing the incontinence is no joke. they discover they are suffering which the device isDedicated implanted. Louisiana State University To learn more or make decreases the urgeHealth to urinate. Please mention you read about expert care you deserve. Here’sFor the agood news. from the same problem. brief trial run, the patient Science Center. an appointment, call this treatment in The Women’s A life-altering therapy Since approval by the FDA in There typically to the officeOften, and OAB can Our advice to women who is a highly comes specialized be treated ® Journal.302-623-4055. InterStim comes with handthe doctor placesofan external suffer froma incontinence is to subspecialty with changes in lifestyle. Emily 1998, K. Saks,it has demonstrated a goodand growing

Let’s talk about incontinence and discuss solutions that work!

obstetrics and gynecology called Even losing a modest amount M.D., MSCE, is a that devoted of weight caninmake an who urogynecologist You will meet highly skilled and caringurogynecology physicians who areisthe only urogynecologists Delaware to pelvic floorinconditions suchmedicine improvement. So can pelvic have completed fellowships and are board-certified female pelvic and reconstructive surgery. with the Bladder problems shouldn’t keep you as urinary incontinence, fecal floor exercises, in which you Christiana incontinence and pelvic organs train your muscles by stopping from the things you enjoy most in life. Care Center for that have prolapsed, or dropped. the flow of urine in midstream, Urogynecology It’s a very fulfilling then repeat sets of contractions and Pelvic fi eld in medicine because when you aren’t going to the Surgery. Dr. Saks completed her urogynecologists help to restore bathroom. fellowship in female pelvic medicine women to active, productive Cutting back on caffeine and and reconstructive surgery lives -- often without surgery. alcohol helps, too. Artificial at the Hospital of the University of One of the conditions we sweeteners irritate the bladder, Pennsylvania. see often is overactive bladder, as well, so use them in Howard B. also called OAB or urge moderation. Babak Vakili,Goldstein, Emily K. Saks, Howard B. Matthew Fagan, incontinence, in which the Can you drink a cup of M.D., is the director Goldstein, D.O., MPH, M.D., MS, is a D.O., MPH,M.D., is a MSCE, is a muscles in the is bladder contract morning coffee with Splenda? of the Christiana urogynecologist a urogynecologist urogynecologist urogynecologist at the wrong time. Yes, you can.the Christiana Care Center forwith the with the Christiana withSymptoms the Christiana with include feeling to gofor CanCare you drink 12 diet Urogynecology and Care Center for an urgent Care Center Center for sodas a Christiana to the bathroom, heading to the day? No, you should not. Pelvic Surgery. Urogynecology and Urogynecology and Urogynecology and Care Center for Surgery. Let us help bathroom manyPelvic times Surgery. during the There are aSurgery. number of Dr. Vakili Pelvic Pelvic completed his Urogynecology Dr. Saks day completed Dr. Goldstein Fagan completed and night, and leaking urine different Dr. medications that can you get back and Pelvicher fellowship fellowship in female completed hisit on occasion before you make reducehis the fellowship urge to go ifin lifestyle pelvic medicineSurgery. Dr. in female pelvic fellowship in female female pelvic medicine to what really changes don’t do the trick. to the toilet. andcompleted reconstructive medicine andDon’t think of pelvic medicine and There and reconstructive Goldstein his fellowship also are techniques an overactive matters. surgery the surgery reconstructive surgery surgery at Greater in female pelvicatmedicine and reconstructive bladder as an inconvenience you you can learn so that you Louisiana State at the Hospital of at Cooper University Baltimore Medical reconstructive surgery at Cooper have to endure. Instead, imagine can train yourself to go to University Health the University of Hospital in Camden, Center/University of University Hospital in Camden, New on a schedule, how much better youJersey. will feel if the bathroom Science Center. Pennsylvania. New Maryland. Jersey. gradually increasing the time you don’t have to worry about Christiana Hospital Medical Arts Pavilion between trips. Think of it as dashing to the ladies room. 2 302-623-4055 800-693-CARE (2273) 4735 Ogletown-Stanton Road, Suite 1208, DEover 19713 Matthew Fagan, mind bladder. Patients often tell us how Newark, M.D., MS, is a Smyrna Health & Wellness Center has302-623-4055 Some cases of OAB require relief from incontinence 100 S. Main improved Street, Suite 215, in Smyrna, urogynecologist surgery. But most operations their lives very DE 19977 are much less invasive than the ways. with the Christiana Care personal Concord Health Center 610-361-1030 christianacare.org/urogynecology surgeries of the past. Today, “It’s so nice Pike, not to have to Ford, 161 Wilmington-West Chester Chadds PA 19317 Christiana 16WHS13 www.christianacare.org/urogynecology Care Center for Urogynecology www.TheWomensJournal.com 7 and Pelvic Surgery. Dr. Fagan completed his fellowship in female pelvic medicine Christiana Hospital Smyrna Wilmington Hospital and reconstructive surgery at Greater Medical Arts Pavilion 2 501 West 14th Street Health & Wellness Center Baltimore Medical Center/University of 4735 Ogletown-Stanton Road Gateway Building 100 S. Main Street Suite 1208 2nd Floor Maryland. Suite 215 Newark, DE 19713 Wilmington, DE 19801 Smyrna, DE 19977

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facelift and browlift, eyelid rejuvenation surgery, rhinoplasty and otoplasty as well therapies like Botox and Healthas&non-invasive Medicine facial fillers.



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CoolSculpting Non-Surgical Fat Removal pockets of excess fat. This non-invasive procedure represents an alternative to surgical liposuction by using a novel cooling technology that permanently removes fat cells from treated areas.

How does CoolSculpting Work?

Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine. The biggest trend in cosmetic surgery is the expansion of non-invasive body countouring technology, the best of which is CoolSculpting, which is now available at ReNove Medical in Rehoboth Beach. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that uses precisely controlled cooling to destroy fat cells, thereby eliminating unwanted love handles, bra rolls, and stomach fat. Arms and legs can be treated as well. Unlike some other non-surgical technologies that release fat from fat cells, such as Vasershape and I-Lipo, Coolsculpting destroys the fat cells thereby eliminating treated fat permanently, as our body does not make new fat cells. Coolsculpting is a unique non-surgical treatment for removal of fat from localized

The technology behind CoolSculpting was developed by Harvard scientists who noted that fat was destroyed by cold under certain conditions. CoolSculpting is a result of their efforts to harness and refine this application of cold to selectively remove unwanted fat deposits in a safe manner. During a treatment, your unwanted fatty area will be pressed and chilled to a temperature 12 degrees above freezing. At this temperature the fat within fat cells crystallizes. When the fat within the cells crystallizes, it damages and kills the fat cell. Skin and other tissue is not damaged as the water in other cells is not crystallized, only fat. The body will then eliminate the killed fat cells over time. The best news is that we do not make new fat cells. Fat cells merely get bigger or smaller as they store more fat or lose fat. So in essence the fat removal from CoolSculpting is permanent. And we have seen instances of patients who if they gain weight, the weight will not return to the treated areas.

What are the most common areas to be treated?

Many people on a weight loss program continue to have stubborn hard to lose areas, no matter how much dieting, sit ups or weight they lose. Such stubborn areas are typically around the abdomen, the love handles and inner thighs. Once you are over forty, losing fat in these areas is extremely difficult. These are the areas that CoolSculpt can address. Basically if there is an area you can pinch several inches, that area can

be treated and eliminated by CoolSculpt. Most of our patients are interested in losing fatty areas in the upper and lower abdomen, the muffin top, waist, brat fat, back fat, love handles, and “mommy pooches.” We can also treat arms, thighs and saddle bags.

Are there any side effects from CoolSculpting?


The side effects from a CoolSculpting treatment are minimal. It is possible to have bruising after the treatment, which resolves in a week. It is common to have numbness or decreased sensitivity in the treated area lasting 1 to 2 weeks. In some instances patients will develop a burning tingling sensation 5 days after the treatment which can be controlled with a Lidoderm patch. There are virtually no long term negative side effects.

What does CoolSculpting feel like?

Our treatment room is very comfortable where you will relax on a padded recliner. When the CoolSculpting is applied to the fatty area to be treated there is a sensation of pulling that feels slightly uncomfortable for the first 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually this sensation lessens to the point during the treatment any uncomfortable sensation is minimal. There seems to be a natural endorphin release during the treatment so patients are very relaxed during the treatment, which takes an hour. Some people have fallen asleep during the treatment! A typical treatment session lasts between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how many areas are treated. During the treatment, we have

After Netflix available so you can watch a movie or catch up on your favorite television program. Busy moms find this time to themselves a real treat! We also have Wi-Fi.

How quickly do people see results?

After a CoolSculpting treatment, the fat cells are actually killed and will be eliminated by the body over time. Many report seeing changes in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. The full benefit will take as long as 60 to 90 days.

How long to results last?

Once the fat cells are frozen, killed and naturally eliminated by your body, the results are permanent. You can still gain weight in other areas if you over eat and don’t continue to try to remain fit. If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting and would like to see if you are a good candidate for this effective treatment to lose unwanted fatty areas, please call us today to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Michelle Parsons at ReNove Medical, Health Rejuvenating Spa, in Rehoboth Beach, 302-227-1079. We will be offering an introductory Special this season, so please inquire.

Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


www.RenoveMedSpa.org Info@Renovemedspa.org

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Health & Medicine Dr. Richard J. McCann, D.M.D., P.A. Dr. McCann grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and attended King’s College where he earned a B.S. degree in Biology. He went on to graduate from Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. McCann is Northeast Regional Board Certified. Dr. McCann and his wife, Nina have lived in Salisbury, Maryland since 1989. His outside interests include, golf, fly fishing, skiing and traveling.

Invisalign is a wonderful new treatment that straightens teeth with no metal, no pain and no visible braces. This article takes a look at how it works to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Invisalign Offers The Modern Miracle Of Invisible Braces Presented by Richard J. McCann, D.M.D., P.A.


If you’re one of the millions of Americans who is troubled by having a less-than-perfect smile, Invisalign is for you. This is quickly become the number one method for teeth straightening, and it can boast lots of happy people who are no longer afraid to show the world their smiles. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it works to get you the smile you’ve always wanted. What’s Invisalign and How Does It Work? Invisalign is a whole system designed to fix your teeth and your teeth only. It is a series of trays that are designed to straighten your teeth little by little. These trays are called “aligners” and they are changed every two weeks. The entire process takes about a year, but it depends on how much straightening needs to be done. By using sophisticated computer imaging, dentists can construct the perfect aligner system for your teeth and guarantee the results you’re looking for. If you’ve ever worn metal braces, you know that it requires dentist visits every 6 weeks where they tighten the metal in a painful way. Invisalign is much easier. Why Is Invisalign So Much Better Than Metal Braces? The main benefit of Invisalign is that the braces are invisible. One of the reasons lots of people hesitate before fixing their teeth is that it causes social embarrassment to have a mouth full of metal. Correcting your teeth is something most people do when they’re kids or adolescents, so you don’t want to show the world. This treatment is nearly invisible; you’d have to be pretty close to see that somebody’s wearing them! Another reason this treatment is so popular is the pain factor. Traditional braces hurt when the dentist

14 I Spring 2018

adjusts them. When you go every two weeks to get your aligners straightened, there is no pain at all. It’s just a matter of your dentist taking out the old trays and putting in the new. You won’t even cringe! And of course, everybody loves the treatment because it works to get the results you want. The computer imaging can show you exactly how your smile will look when the whole thing’s done.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling! Start by talking to Dr. McCann. He’ll decide if you’re an ideal candidate or not (most folks are!). He is specially trained to provide this service to his patients. He will answer all your questions you may have. Invisalign also has developed this new app that can give you even more information: app.consultationinvisalign.com/dentist.


RICHARD J McCANN, D.M.D., P.A. I Committed to Excellence

31413 Winterplace Parkway • Salisbury, MD 21804

410-546-9940 rjmccanndmd.com

Love Your Smile! Make it Brighter with Our Custom Whitening System!

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Giving Back is REWARDING Harrison Senior Living is known on the Eastern Shore for its superior senior communities. The buildings exude warmth and comfort and the staff provides residents exceptional care using the latest medical advancements. The success of the family-run business is attributed to the family and staff’s dedication to excellence. Harrison Senior Living owns and operates Harrison House of Snow Hill, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, Harrison House of Georgetown, and John B. Parsons Assisted Living. Harrison Senior Living has always maintained a strong reputation, not only for the care they provide, but for their involvement in the communities they serve. For this reason, communities have made it a point to seek out Harrison Senior Living. After seeing the success of Harrison House of Snow Hill, Delaware’s Sussex County commissioner and former mayor of Georgetown asked Harrison Senior Living if they would consider opening a facility in Georgetown. It didn’t take the Harrisons long to conclude that the proposal was ideal. A few years later, the Harrisons were approached by Parson’s board of directors in Salisbury, Maryland. The board of directors recognized the need for new management and strongly believed that the Harrisons would be the best fit to take over their facility. Together, they reached an agreement that the Harrisons would lease the property for five years, with an option to buy the operation when the lease was up. At the end of their lease, all 68 beds were filled and the Harrisons decided to purchase John B. Parsons. Harrison Senior Living has always been honored by the fact that these communities chose them to serve their needs, and to show their appreciation, they always give back when they can.

Flamingo Flocking to Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness

John B. Parsons hosts a first responder appreciation breakfast every year. The breakfast is put on by the staff, and all the food is donated by Harrison Senior Living. They also organize the annual Flamingo

The County Woman’s Journal

Flocking, a fundraising event for Alzheimer’s research, support, and services. The event allows sponsors to choose a friend’s yard to be flocked. Once a recipient is identified, the staff at Parsons arranges purple flamingos in the recipient’s yard. The event is fun and raises Alzheimer’s awareness in the community.

Promoting Downtown Development

Harrison House of Georgetown participates in Georgetown’s annual Return Day parade, a time-honored tradition where the town crier informs the town’s people who won the election. In addition, the CEO of Harrison Senior Living participates

in the downtown development district task force, a program used to identify suitable areas around town to receive grant monies for small town revitalization efforts. Harrison House of Georgetown also hosts an Alzheimer’s support group that is led by a Harrison Senior Living social worker. Any member of the community is welcome to attend at no charge.

A Community Haven When the Need Arises

Harrison House of Snow Hill is a platinum sponsor of the town’s annual oyster roast. Not only do they help sponsor the event, but the CEO serves on the planning committee.

Harrison Saunders, CEO Harrison Senior Living

Harrison Senior Living also donates and serves barbecue that is prepared using a secret family recipe. Recently, during a bomb threat, the facility took in local school children and fed them lunch while they waited for word to come back that everything was okay. The children wrote thankyou cards and the staff talked for days about how much fun it was to interact with the kids. It’s nice to know that the facilities can feel like an extension of home, not only to the residents, but to the communities they serve as well. Harrison Senior Living also owns and operates Harrison House of Chester County, PA and Harrison House of Christiana, PA.

Our Patients, Residents and Families SAY IT BEST... We are blessed to have both of our mothers cared for in a community like yours. – Tom and Sarah K.

The care was better than any I’ve ever dreamed of having. – Rick E.

The staff is absolutely great!

– Audrey C.


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Living life...with diabetes It’s estimated more than 30 million Americans have diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is often hereditary, and characterized by insulin dependence. More Americans than ever before have type 2 diabetes, sometimes stemming from poor diet and obesity. People with type 2 diabetes often need medication to keep their blood sugar under control.While type 2 diabetes can’t be cured or reversed, it can be well controlled. Those in control of their diabetes live a normal life, many times medicine-free. “There are many lifestyle changes we suggest for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,” said Chitra Choudhary, MD, with Bayhealth Endocrinology. “We don’t expect our patients to change their lifestyle overnight, but there are easy small changes all patients can make. We encourage our patients to start slow and gradually build up physical activity while adopting healthy dietary practices. This is the best recipe for success.” TACKLE YOUR DIET Dr. Choudhary suggests starting with a healthy diet. The Mediterranean diet is a good guide for most patients. The Mediterranean diet focuses on more protein, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Food items on the Mediterranean diet have low glycemic index, so they don’t spike sugar levels. “I generally tell patients to increase the portions of protein and vegetables and avoid carbohydrates and sugars. It can be challenging, but it will have a very good impact on blood sugar numbers,” said Dr. Choudhary. Go for vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, lean meat, eggs, and avoid fruit juices, starch, white rice, white bread, fatty meats. EASE INTO EXERCISE Next, Dr. Choudhary encourages patients to exercise. “Ideally everyone should be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. I advise patients to incorporate exercise slowly. Start with walking. Maybe add a little more distance

every day,” she said. “You don’t need a fancy gym membership. Something as simple as a walk can have a big impact. Don’t underestimate a 10-minute walk, especially after meals.” It’s important for people to pick activities they will enjoy doing, so they continue doing them. Go for a brisk walk after dinner, a beginner-level workout, and avoid strenuous exercise too soon — start slow and build endurance. CONSIDER SURGERY For certain people, weight loss surgery may be recommended. “We don’t recommend surgery for every patient,” said Dr. Choudhary. “For patients with high body mass indexes (BMIs) who suffer from other issues such as high blood pressure or arthritis, weight loss surgery may be a good option.”

LOOK FOR WARNING SIGNS Type 2 diabetes is becoming more prevalent in the community. It’s important to know what to look for. Dr. Choudhary says excessive thirst, excessive urination, blurry vision, and unexplained weight loss are all common warning signs. Family history is also crucial. “It’s important for patients to know their family history. Those with a strong family history should be proactive about getting checked,” said Dr. Choudhary. “Being diagnosed with diabetes can be scary. I want patients to know there are resources available to help control diabetes. I want to help my patients however I can. Together we can make changes that will truly benefit the patient for the rest of their life.”

Patients with type 2 diabetes are encouraged to talk to their endocrinologist if they are considering weight loss surgery. Look into resources. If you’re interested in weight loss surgery, you can learn more at Bayhealth.org/Surgical-Weight-Loss. SEEK SUPPORT Connecting with other people who are going through similar challenges can be especially helpful for patients. “I always tell patients to find a support group. Working with peers can really help facilitate diet and exercise changes by watching how others are doing it and succeeding,” said Dr. Choudhary. “The Diabetes Wellness Center at Bayhealth is also a great resource. Patients get a personalized approach and so much education and support.” For more resources and information about the Diabetes Wellness Center, go to Bayhealth.org/Diabetes-Management.

To better serve your needs, our Physician Referral Service Line is open 24 hours aday. Just call 1-866-BAY-DOCS (229-3627) or visit Bayhealth.org/Find-A-Doc and we’ll match you to the physician best suited for you.

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Bellafill Restore Youthful Facial Volume Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine.

With time, age and gravity, our facial structures tend to lose some of the youthful volume it once had. The cherubic apples in our cheeks fall, leaving us with a drooping jaw line that becomes jowls, and deep lines form around the nose and mouth areas, known as the nasolabial folds. Fortunately there is a solution for these pesky issues of aging. Physicians can now treat their patients with an in-office procedure known as dermal filler injections. What are Dermal Fillers? Dermal fillers are medical products that are injected by a trained physician to fill in facial areas where volume has been lost, so that it is possible to lift those cheeks back up and fill in the deep lines around the nose or nasolabial folds, and the depressions around the lower mouth and chin areas known as the marionette lines. Treatments with dermal fillers are a wonderful way to restore a more youthful appearance. However, what has not been so wonderful is how long they lasted, which has been temporary, on average from 6 to 18 months, as the products are slowly reabsorbed and eliminated by the body. This has been a disappointing aspect of dermal fillers. But this is where the story in non-surgical facial

The County Woman’s Journal

collagen for structural support, this natural collagen in our skin lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 years. The effectiveness and patient satisfaction rates of Bellafill® have been studied and established through 5 years when used to correct nasolabial folds, and 12 months when used to correct acne scars. Since Bellafill stimulates your skin to make more of it’s own collagen, the look and feel of Bellafill is very natural.

are among the top one percent of Bellafill injectors in the United States. BellaDiamond physicians perform the highest volume of Bellafill treatments in the country so they have the most experience with Bellafill.

Where is Bellafill available? Bellafill® is only available through physicians and is offered by Dr. Michelle Parsons, at ReNove Medical Spa in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. Dr. Parsons is a physician who has achieved BellaDiamond status. BellaDiamond physicians

youthful volume and fill deep facial lines, please call the office of Dr. Michelle Parsons, MD in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at 302-227-1079 for a free consultation. Mention this article and receive an introductory Special on Bellafill.

If you are interested in learning more about Bellafill dermal filler treatments and would like to see if you are a good candidate for this very effective and long lasting nonsurgical office treatment to restore

rejuvenation takes an upswing. Now there is a dermal filler that can fill in lines and sagging with much longer lasting results, results that can last five to ten years, if not longer. This product is Bellafill. What is Bellafill? Bellafill® is a smooth, collagenbased dermal filler with polymethyl methacrylate microspheres, or PMMA for short, that is injected by a physician to stimulate your own natural collagen to fill in areas in the face that have lost volume over time, due to aging and gravity. The collagen gel in Bellafill® provides immediate volume and lift so that results are seen right away and once injected, the PMMA microspheres stay in place and create a base that provides structural support and stimulate formation of your own naturally produced collagen for long lasting results. PMMA is a biocompatible material that has been safely used in medical implants, such as lens implants after cataract surgery, and other devices for more than 65 years. How long does Bellafill Last? Since Bellafill stimulates the body to produce it’s own collagen, the results of Bellafill can by quite long lasting. When the skin creates new


Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue • Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


www.RenoveMedSpa.org Info@Renovemedspa.org

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Health & Medicine R. Alberto Rosa, M.D., FACC Dr. Ramon Alberto Rosa is a graduate of the University of Santo Domingo in his native Dominican Republic. He completed his post-graduate medical education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia with a residency in internal medicine (1991-1994), Chief Medical Resident (1994-1995), and cardiology fellowship (1995-1998). Dr. Rosa has practiced cardiology in Sussex County since July 1998. He has served as Medical Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and as Chief of the Department of Cardiology at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, DE. Dr. Rosa is trained in non-invasive cardiology, Nuclear Transesopageal Echocardiograms, as well as invasive diagnostic procedures and pacemaker implantations. Dr. Rosa is board certified by the American Boards of Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He is also a Certified Aviation Medical Examiner and is Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine.

There are a number of popular beliefs out there about your cardiovascular health that might be misleading and dangerous when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. Here are some of the most common ones: 1. “Heart disease runs in my family, so it’s only a matter of time until I get it too” No question there is a strong genetic component to heart disease, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. On the contrary, a strong and consistent set of measures should be taken early to dramatically reduce your risk: stay active, don’t smoke, strict cholesterol control, treat diabetes and hypertension, reduce salt intake, change and stay on a healthy diet. 2. Chest pain is a sure sign of a heart attack”. Not quite. Chest pain remains the most common symptom of a heart attack, but there are many others just as important that can be subtle: Shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, pain or discomfort in the arms, shoulders, jaw, mid upper back, or palpitations. It’s important to recognize any so these symptoms and to call 911 immediately. 3. “ I can get to the hospital just as fast ( or faster) than the ambulance can” Wrong and very dangerous for many reasons: The emergency medical system staff will initiate the right treatment and activate the hospital system ahead of your arrival in the hospital. You will get into the emergency department much faster. Don’t be a fool, call 911 and let them help you instead. People have had cardiac arrest while driving and have become unconscious, causing fatal accidents.

18 I Spring 2018

Ten Common Myths about Cardiovascular Disease

4. “ I am too young to worry about heart disease”. An early adoption of a healthy life style will have a tremendous impact in the prevention of cardiovascular disease later on. The heart attack someone might have in their 40’s or 50’s began as a process of plaque accumulation in the coronary arteries and others in childhood and adolescent years. So, educating your children for life long healthy living is perhaps the most important legacy.

5. “Diabetes won’t affect my heart so long as I take my medicines”. It’s critically important to keep a very strict control of diabetes and sugar levels to reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke. However, you still remain at high risk for those events. Weight loss, regular exercise, smoking cessation, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol become even more important if you are also diabetic. 6. “ I will know when my blood pressure is high because I will have a headache” High blood pressure continues to be a “silent killer” and most people will have no symptoms, until it’s late and other organ systems are involved. Early detection and effective treatment of high blood pressure are absolutely critical in preventing stroke, heart attacks, heart failure, and kidney failure. Check your blood pressure regularly and discuss it with your health care provider. 7. “ Cholesterol checks are for older people”. Not exactly. The American Heart Association recommends an initial cholesterol check at age 20. Early detection and intervention are very important. If you have a very strong family history for heart disease, checking before age 20 is a good

idea as well. Again a healthy diet and regular exercise are the cornerstone of treatment.

8. “ I stopped my medicines because my blood pressure was normal, or my cholesterol was normal or I feel good now”. Very often people assume that once your blood pressure and cholesterol reach the recommended levels, then the job is done and the medications are no longer needed. The reality is these are chronic problems and need maintenance and continued treatment. Please consult with your doctor before stoping any medication on your own. Feeling better is fine, but it might be because you have been on that treatment in the first place. If you are having trouble affording

medications, talk to your doctor to be switched to a less expensive alternative or they may have certain discount programs available to you. 9. “Aspirin is a good blood thinner to prevent strokes if you have atrial fibrillation”. This is a common one. The truth is that if you have this heart rhythm problem you are at a much higher risk for a stroke and you need to be on a true blood thinner, such as warfarin or one of the newer agents now available on the market. Aspirin alone is not an effective treatment in this situation.

10. “Drinking a glass of wine a day reduces your risk of heart disease.” The question is -- how big is your glass

of wine? The recommended amount of daily consumption of wine is 5 ounces for women and men over the age of 65. For men under age 65 they can have 2 glasses of 5 ounce each. The standard wine glasses hold between 12-14 ounces of wine, so it is very easy to consume more than intended. Red wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which has been studied in animals to potentially reduce the risk of heart disease, but recent research has discredited some of this claim. The same antioxidant can be obtained from eating grapes and drinking grape juice, so wine consumption is not necessary for this potential benefit. Just some food for thought. Maybe over a glass of red wine, or maybe not.

Dr. Kenneth Sunnergren, MD • Dr. R. Alberto Rosa, MD Dr. Barry Denenberg, MD • Dr. G. Robert Myers, MD Dr. Ajith Kumar, MD • Penny Johnson, DNP, CRNP • Compassionate and Comprehensive Cardiac Care • Most Advanced Systems and Technology in Delaware

302.645.1233 • www.cvcde.com Offices in Lewes and Millville

The County Woman’s Journal

Health & Medicine

What is Ultherapy? is a face and neck treatment that improves skin laxity in a meaningful way but completelynon–surgically.


Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine. Here at ReNove Medical, Dr. Parsons offers Ultherapy, a state of the art medical procedure utilizing focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten sagging skin. No scalpel or anesthesia is needed. Ultherapy is great for people who would like tightening and lifting of facial skin without have a surigcal facelift. The Ulthera sound energy passes right through the skin and targets the areas you want lifted. During a typical 30-60 minute Ultherapy treatment session, an ultrasound applicator is passed over each region of the face. The sound waves emitted deliver small, controlled amounts of energy into the deep layers of skin and soft tissue. The beauty of Ultherapy ‘uplifting ultrasound’ is that it

Ultherapy works great for sagging jowls, where the skin is fatty, heavy and drooping. Ultherapy is able to reduce this fatty heaviness, tapering the jaw line, for a more youthful look. Ultherapy can restore a more youthful shape to the face from a square to the inverted triangle.

Nasolabial Folds

Ultherapy also works well to minimize the drooping of excess skin that we get along each side of the nose, or lower cheeks. You may think that you need to fill in these areas with a filler, but the real problem may be that fat and loose skin is just falling down due to the effects of gravity. With ultherapy we can target this area and minimize the fattiness and tighten up that skin. Again this will restore the more youthful balance of the face with the center of gravity higher in the cheek areas.


Ultherapy can tighten up that loose skin underneath our necks as well. The area that Ultherapy works the best is that area just underneath the chin and extending into that curve of the neck. Ultherapy won’t duplicate the results of a surgical neck lift. But if you have somewhat loose and fatty skin in your upper neck, hanging just beneath your chin, Ultherapy can improve this area, and improve your profile.

Eyelids and Brow Lift

Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


www.RenoveMedSpa.org Info@Renovemedspa.org

The County Woman’s Journal

Perhaps one the most dramatic areas that Ultherapy can improve on without surgery is the eye area and creating a brow lift, helping to lift heavy drooping eyelids. Ultherapy can make the eyes appear more open,

more awake, rested and more youthful. This may be subtle change but this small difference can have a significant effect! Our clients really love this part of the Ultherapy results.


Overall Ultherapy works wonders to taper, redefine your facial contours, while eliminating fatty, droopy areas, and lift and tightening skin around the eyes and underneath the chin, for a more youthful sculpted look. The stars in Hollywood do this treatment, and now you have access to this age defying procedure right here in Delaware at the beach. Dr. Parsons is pleased to bring this cutting edge highly sought after technology to you to help you look your best. If you think you may be candidate for Ultherapy, please give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Michelle Parsons. 302227-1079.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Ultherapy?

After just one treatment with no downtime, your skin will gradually shift back into a more youthful position. Improvements include a sleeker, more defined jawline and tighter skin on the neck under the chin. Sagging skin on the cheeks can be tightened and lifted, which in turn can


improve folds from the nose to mouth, folds from the mouth to jaw, and drooping corners of the mouth. Tightening of skin on the forehead can reduce the sagging skin on the eyelids and promote a more open, refreshed look in general. The results of Ultherapy are permanent, just as the results of a face-lift are permanent, 0f course, your skin will continue its natural aging process. While Ultherapy is not a replacement for surgery, it is an inviting alternative for those who are not ready for surgery but looking for meaningful results.

TESTIMONIAL One week after my Ultherapy Treatment, my husband, after being out of town for a couple of days asked me “what’s different about you,” he was staring at my face! Not having told him about my treatment I innocently said “what do you mean?” His response was “I am not sure but your face looks different.” I asked “different good or different bad?” He replied “different good, looks stretched.” I was surprised that the results were noticed that quickly. I found the treatment to be bearable, certainly wasn’t pain free, but tolerable. I was very happy when it was over! For the past 2 weeks following the treatment my face has been tender which is a reminder that the treatment is continuing to work! I would highly recommend it to all! K.M. – Ocean City, MD.

Spring 2018 I 19

Health & Medicine

Walgreens Stores Giving Seniors Tips to Avoid Injury from Slips and Falls Walgreens encourages their customers to talk to pharmacy staff about fall injury prevention, Walgreens stores will have informational materials available, including a CDC screening tool that can help the user measure their fall risk. The tool asks questions such as whether they have fallen in the past year or take medications that make them feel light-headed or drowsy. Rina Shah, vice president of pharmacy operations for Walgreens, said, “With our Walgreens presence in communities throughout America, and our trusted relationship with customers, we have a great opportunity to help older adults and caregivers make homes and other environments safer and avoid injuries from slips and falls. These injuries are often highly preventable and education is the key to prevention.”

Come in and get your Vaccine at


Many factors associated with aging can elevate the risk of falling, a risk that continues to increase with age, according to CDC’s STEADI program, Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries. These risks include: • Diminished eyesight from conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts • Medications that can make an individual dizzy or drowsy, including some over-the-counter medicines • Vitamin D deficiency that can affect bone, muscle and nerve health • Poor balance According to the CDC, more than 1-in-4 older adults suffers from a fall each year. To reduce risk, experts encourage preventive measures such as bathroom grab bars, adequate stair and passageway lighting, exercises to improve balance, and a home environment uncluttered by items that a person can trip over. About Walgreens Walgreens, a provider of trusted care in communities since 1901, is included in the Retail Pharmacy USA Division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBA), the first global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise. Approximately 8 million customers interact with Walgreens in stores and online each day, using the most convenient, multichannel access to consumer goods and services and trusted, cost-effective pharmacy, health and wellness services and advice. Walgreens operates 8,100 drugstores with a presence in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with its omnichannel business, Walgreens.com. Approximately 400 Walgreens stores offer Healthcare Clinic or other provider retail clinic services.

20 I Spring 2018

Flu Shots

Hepatitis A & B Vaccine

Pneumonia vaccine

Blood Pressure Measuring

Shingles vaccine

Tdap Vaccine

Most Insurances accepted

prescription savings club 5-20% discount on all immunizations including flu and Tdap shots

$avings on ALL Generics, many Brand medications, and even Pet meds. Plus, earn 10% rebate on Walgreens-brand products & Photos. Comprehensive benefits for diabetics, including insulin, glucose monitors, test strips and supplies

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Lace Up & Register Now!


www.defeetbreastcancerwalk.org Produced by Races2Run

Sunday, May 20, 2018 • Tanger Outlets Seaside • Rehoboth Beach

7:00am- Registration opens 7:55am- Pre-race activities begin 8:30am- 5k Run/Walk start 8:35am- 1 Mile Fun Walk start


Brought to you by:

Post Race Party Food Court Special Survivor Recognition Chip Timing for all runners and walkers Prizes for teams and individuals And more to come!

*as of 2.1.18

5K Run/Walk and 1-Mile Walk $25/person ($30 Day of Event) An all ages event!

All proceeds benefit DBCC’s local breast cancer programs and services in Delaware and the surrounding communities. Sussex County Women's Journal is proud to sponsor this page.

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Spring 2018 I 21

and very different le Spectrum Healing is work done within Sh boundaries and with of the Medicine Whe Retrieval will help yo what was physically and/or spiritually lo traumas in your life

The Medicine Woman is now offering fantastic therapies. Take that hour or two and let yourself drift away to your private sanctuary, where the person that needs and gets the attention is you. Our prices start at $80.00 a service.

Health & Medicine

Spring Scrubs & Wraps Did you know the largest organ in the body is actually on the outside? It’s our skin! It glows when pampered and erupts when angry. It shows the first effect of cold weather and can adjust itself to heat. It is governed by the first chakra and has manifested around the 2nd trimester during mothers pregnancy. It then interacts with the 7 major chakras that follow, most especially the 2nd chakra. That is just the beginning, your Aura extends from your body and expands 3 feet. The Chakras and Meridians also travel thru and rest on the skin as it does it’s holistic healing. So…why don’t we treat it with respect, keeping it clean and at it’s healthiest. When we take care of ourselves our holistic body stays in a healthy state and continues to heal us at a very deep and profound level. Do what is needed to keep yourself healthy, health&medicine happy and content.

Oh so sweet…..Amber Sugar Scrubs Pure sugars helps to naturally renew the skin. We have two perfectly scented Sugar Scrubs to give your skin a beautiful feel. All our scrubs and polishes are for the most sensitive skin types. !

! !












Lavender Aphrodisia – Natural Sugars that have soaked in Amyris Oil, Balsam Copaiba Oil,        Basil Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lavendin Grosso Oil, Lemon Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Patchouli Oil is gently scrubbed on the body to leave your skin soft,                     smooth and glowing. Leaving you with a very                                   relaxed feeling.

The Me

Vanilla Lemongrass – Natural Sugars that have soaked in Lemongrass Oil, Grapefruit Oil,                        Lemon Oil, Peppermint oil is gently scrubbed educate. enrich. empower. on the body leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Leaving you with an invigorating feel.

It’s Fun Being The New Kid On The Block…

The Medicine Woman is offering a fascinating By: Terri Pippin, With all that is new going The Medicine Woman on we are also offering our experience for the Body. tried and true services that are the backbone of The Medicine his is an exciting time for The Lets Scrub the winter away, smooth Woman. We willout nevercellulite leave Medicine Woman as we moved T our Holistic roots and The to our new location in Historic andLewes, tighten the skin, wrap up our hurt muscles Medicine Woman will always offer De. Our doors are open Shamanic and Energy Healing we are ready for business. andand start healing our skin! Start this Spring and services. This is a time for new beginnings, new friends, new services and We willdreamed keep on balancing Summer with thehonoring skin you only about! new clients while also

Past Life Journey so you can find out why you like or dislike certain people, places and things. Prices start at $125.00 a service.


and get 10% off any Service until 8/1/12

have ever had.

“I have been a healer for 20 years Oh Yea! It’s a Wrap!!!        as a Massage Therapist and an Herbologist. My dear friend gave Botanical Mud Wrap.   me a gift certificate and told me We will also be doing The Terri was very impressive. I went This is Circles a blend of Kaolin Clay to draw out Shamanic Healing and our and was blown away with the Three Step Prosperity Workshop. work and the valuable information impurities, lavender powder to cleanse, There will also be a few new June/July 2012 Herbal Detox Wrap. she provided. I have seen Terri workshops added and meditation for several treatments; just as Powder to circles available. Just wanted chamomile powdermyto calm and Rose This combination of Ginger Root, Rosemary friends have had multiple to give you something to look and repairing your chakras and and respecting old friends, old sessions. Terri is truly gifted in forwardnourish to in the fallthe of 2012!! skin. services and especially old clients. cleaning out and cleansing your Leaf, Allspice Berry, Eucalyptus Leaves and all that she does. I hope after Aura. We will do reflexology to reading this, you call and make help move the energy to promote WePolish will be offering different Body and Sugar Scrubs….. The Medicine Woman Clove Stems pulls toxins from the body as it heals healing in different areas of the types of massage that will an appointment!” 33800 Dreamweaver Lane body. Healing done on your increase flexibility, relieve muscle ~Sue M., Lewes, DE Nice and only 30 minutes! This Mud Wrap reduces water retention, certain and sooths sore and hurt muscles. This is a must mind, body and spirit, either at pain and body tension while Lewes, Delaware 19958 our new location or a distant relieving stress. Choose from “Terriand is an exceptionally gifted, 302-220-1146 Citrus Body Polish types of acne, eczma psoriasis. Helps to for those that are sports minded, workout guru or Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Swedish healing when you can’t get to spiritual and loving individual. I www.TerriPippinand Prenatal massage. What will us. Our prices start at $50.00 a recommend Terri’s services Lemon, orange and oils perform heal damaged skin.highly Evens out your skin tone as service. a weekend gardener. Add a Citrus Body Polish for be coming in the future arelime Thai essential TheMedicineWoman.com to anyone who wishes to embark and Hot Stone. Our prices start Shamanic Healing & firms on the or to those a simply body polish. When lightly it tightens and thespiritual skinpath, while helping with As always, our Shamanic at $50.00 amazing a service. a slice of Heaven. who simply want to feel better Workshops Healing is done on a very deep life.” T. massaged intoWoman the isskin while the appearance of about Cellulite. Start ~Marty this Wrap with and very different level. Full The Medicine now it exfoliates Energy Work Spectrum Healing is energy offering fantastic therapies. Massage nourishes. This leaves skin soft, a Wraps Citrus Body to get the best effect of this work done renewed, within Shamanic Take that hour or two and let your Body and ScrubsPolish As Publisher of the Country boundaries and with the power yourself drift away to your private Woman’s Newspapers, I can say it of the will Medicine Wheel. Soul sanctuary, where the person that skin silky and hydrated. Your feel likeA velvet. Mud Wrap. Mention this Newspaper is the best deep tissue massage I Retrieval will help you recapture what was physically, emotionally and/or spiritually lost thru traumas in your life. Take that

needs and gets the attention is you. Our prices start at $80.00 a service.

! !















~ Elizabeth K.

The Medicine Woman, LLC at Therapy at The Beach

A Center For Holistic Healing & Education

The Medicine Woman   Founded founded by Terri Pippin by Terri Pippin

Massage, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing Classes & Workshops

Massage, Energy Work, Body Therapies & Shamanic Healing

33800 Dreamweaver Lane, Lewes, Delaware 19958 302-645-8369 (w) 302-220-1146 (c)




June/July 2012


The County Woman Newspaper


34444 King Street Row, Unit B, Lewes, De 19958

22 I Spring 2018

Terri Pippin CMT, Reiki Master & Shaman, is founder of The Medicine Woman. Terri started her spiritual journey of healing in 1986 when she was first introduced to meditation. She has been a Certified Massage Technician since 1996. Her journey has included the development of Reiki skills, culminating in the achievements of the Master Reiki Level in 2007 and the development of several energy healing techniques. The Medicine Woman is trained in both Celtic and Native American Shamanism and has been a shamanic healer since 1998.

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33800 D



Health & Medicine Dr. Andrea Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein is a board-certified specialist in gastroenterology/hepatology who received her medical degree from Georgetown University. She enjoys being on the leading edge of new treatments for diseases that in the past had no cure. Dr. Goldstein is one of the physicians who perform the CRH O’Regan System at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates, for internal hemorrhoids. In most cases if the CRH O’Regan system is deemed appropriate, it can be performed at your initial consultation. Dr. Goldstein is an involved mother, helping her children with piano lessons and volunteering with Girl Scouts. She was trained in opera and sings in the community choir. She is also active with her synagogue, including delivering food to a local shelter through the Jewish Relief Agency. “As a doctor, I strive to give my patients the best possible medical care they can receive, in an environment where they can feel comfortable. This starts with talking and listening closely to ensure that I get a complete picture of the patient’s medical history and symptoms, and also that my patient understands what she needs to know to follow her treatment plan and return for the follow-up testing she needs to protect her health. Giving my time, compassion and full attention is as important as any test or procedure I perform.”

HEMORRHOIDAL TREATMENT Over half the population will experience some type of hemorrhoidal problem in their lifetime. You may be suffering in silence because you are too embarrassed to discuss the problem, or worry that the cure will be more painful than the problem itself. Now, advances in medicine have made hemorrhoid treatment fast and virtually painless. Your only challenge is finding a doctor who offers the right treatment and makes you feel comfortable receiving it. How do hemorrhoids develop? Hemorrhoids are simply swollen and engorged veins in the anal and rectal region. They are most commonly caused by changes in frequency of bowel movements, pressure of straining and hormonal changes or pressure during pregnancy. The veins swell and stretch and gradually lose the support of surrounding connective tissue. Hemorrhoids can cause the following symptoms: Itching/Burning Bleeding Protrusion during Bowel Movements Pain Hygiene Concerns Are all hemorrhoids the same? Hemorrhoids are actually classified into four stages based upon severity. This helps determine which treatment is most appropriate for you. 1) Stage I: The hemorrhoids remain inside at all times. They do not protrude from the anus. 2) Stage II: The hemorrhoids protrude with a bowel movement, but reduce spontaneously. 3) Stage III: The hemorrhoids protrude with a bowel movement, but require manual insertion. 4) Stage IV: Fourth degree hemorrhoids: The most severe hemorrhoids always protrude and cannot be pushed back inside. What are the treatment options for removing hemorrhoids? Effective hemorrhoid treatment depends on your specific medical condition. No doctor should recommend a solution without first doing an exam

The County Woman’s Journal

to rule out other potential causes of rectal pain or bleeding.

Once you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids, you will have different options to choose from, depending on the severity of your case. You may get adequate relief from increasing fiber in your diet, taking warm sitz baths and using topical creams. Treatment options include a variety of minimally invasive procedures that cut off blood flow to the hemorrhoid and cause it to shrink. In some cases your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure to remove excess tissue. What is the most painless method for treatment? An even less invasive and pain-free solution has recently been approved for internal hemorrhoids. This new banding option, the CRH O’Regan System ™ is considered the “gold standard” in treatment and almost eliminates the discomfort and recovery time associated with other hemorrhoid removal options. During the 60 SECOND procedure, the physician uses a gentle suction device to place a small rubber band around the tissue, just above the hemorrhoid. There are very few nerve endings in this area to cause any pain. The hemorrhoid shrinks and falls off within a day or two. Research has shown that 99.8% of patients treated with the CRH O’Regan System ™ have no post-procedure pain and require no pain medication before, during, or after the procedure. There is no bowel prep, and you can drive yourself home afterwards. Another advantage, external hemorrhoids may also improve with this option. Make an appointment with a specialist If you or a family member is ready to get permanent relief from hemorrhoids, you should make an appointment with a digest specialist for an accurate diagnosis and the

most appropriate treatments available. Only doctors who have been specially trained by CRH O’Regan System ™ trainers/doctors are licensed to provide this state-of-the-art banding treatment. Locally, it is performed at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates (HGA).

Please call 908-483-2047 to make an appointment.


“I can’t believe I

suffered needlessly with hemorrhoid pain for over 3 years!” – SHELLY R.

We don’t want you to suffer in silence. At Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates, you’ll find a physician who is easy to talk to without embarrassment. You’ll have an exam to check for hemorrhoids and rule out other potential causes of rectal pain or bleeding. If we do detect hemorrhoids, you’ll get all the information you need to understand your condition and treatment options.

HGA offers the most effective hemorrhoid treatments available for immediate and long lasting relief. • The newest non-surgical and painless band ligation procedure that lasts under 60 seconds, called the CRH O’Regan System. HGA doctors have been specially trained to offer this virtually pain-free, drug-free solution for internal hemorrhoids. • Infrared coagulation • HET bipolar coagulation Your HGA specialist will provide the treatment that’s right for your individual needs so you can enjoy life free from the pain and irritation of hemorrhoids.

Call today for an appointment.


Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates

Medical Experts in the Treatment of Digestive Diseases


Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates

Flemington Office Hunterdon Doctors Office Building 1100 Wescott Drive Suite 206 / 207 Flemington, NJ 08822

Somerville Office 135 West End Avenue Somerville, NJ 08876

Name & photo have been changed to protect the privacy of the patient.


Spring 2018 I 23

Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates

HCW_HGA_Hemorrhoid.Final.indd 1


2/5/15 2:55 PM

Health & Medicine


the Place for Your Aging Loved One By Natalie Scott

When Judi and Frank moved to a new area with Judi’s mother, Bea, who has Alzheimer’s they did not know where to turn for adult day services. Thankfully they found Easterseals. There is not a day that goes by that Judi is not thankful for Easterseals Memory Care program. Not only does it keep Bea involved in her community, but it gives Judi and Frank a break from caregiving. “This is the place for Mom. We knew when we walked in the doors and saw that all of the participants were engaged with staff or an activity, that Easterseals is the place that will help Mom remain living at home,” Judi says. “I believe you are a better caregiver when you have a community of support and that includes Easterseals.” Caring for a spouse or elderly parent going through the stages of Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia can be overwhelming. The need for adult day care is greater than ever as the older population continues to grow at a rapid pace. To meet that growing need, Easterseals developed the Memory Care Program, which provides center-based day care for adults with all forms of dementia, and, in particular, persons with early and mid-stage Alzheimer’s. “The Memory Care program offers us the opportunity to keep Mom living at home with us, but spending her days being stimulated by others besides us,” Judi says. “We are so lucky to have Easterseals so close. We know they will be there as she starts to decline.” While Bea is staying connected with her community in the Memory Care program, Judi and Frank are able to settle into their new home and new community. They are able to unpack without worrying about Bea since she is in the capable hands of the staff at Easterseals. Judi has also been able to focus on her two sons and grandchild during a recent visit. The Memory Care Program, partially funded by the Delaware Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities, includes modifications

24 I Spring 2018

such as secured doors and special program areas designed to better serve families. While their loved one is being cared for by a staff consisting of a fulltime nurse, activity coordinators and persons who provide meals, caregivers can experience a day of relief to catch up on sleep, shopping or other activities. “I can see by the art work coming home and the communication from Easterseals that Mom is not just sitting there. She is being engaged and staying connected,” Judi says. “Easterseals Memory Care program staff is patient with her. They assist her with each art project so each piece of art is her own. It holds a piece of her in it.” Like all Easterseals services, the Memory Care program is comprehensive and individualized to meet each client’s needs, family-focused to meet each family member’s concerns and have the goal of enhanced independence. The adult day care program offers a break for family caregivers responsible for a relative who is unable to function independently, but does not require 24-hour nursing care. For more information about Easterseals Memory Care program, contact Greg Artis at (302) 253-1111 or email Greg at gartis@esdel.org. Easterseals Tunnell Center is located at 22317 DuPont Highway, Georgetown, DE 19947. Please visit our website and see all of our services for people of all ages and abilities: www.de.easterseals.com.

The County Woman’s Journal


Health & Medicine

Heading to Camp Fairlee:

a Vacation for Campers and Their Families By Natalie Scott Tina was reluctant to leave her youngest son, Kyle, for the first time at Easterseals Camp Fairlee. Thanks to some gentle nudging from her daughter-in-law, she was finally persuaded to give it a chance. All that worry went away as soon as she opened the car door and saw Kyle’s smiling face. “My son and his wife worked at the camp for a couple of summers. They always talked about how nice it was and how Kyle would have a great time. I was very nervous leaving Kyle, not just about leaving him at camp overnight for the first time, but also out of state and with people I have never met until the first day of camp,” Tina says. “Kyle, on the other hand was not nervous at all. He was excited as we got out of the car and he saw all of the other campers and the swimming pool. He was all smiles.” While it can be nerve wracking to leave a child for the first time, Tina learned that Kyle, who has Cerebral Palsy, was not only completely safe at Camp Fairlee’s fully accessible camp, but also that he was having the time of his life. Camp Fairlee’s summer sessions are available for both children and adults of varying disabilities, including specialized sessions for those with autism. The summer sessions include some of Kyle’s favorite activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, horseback riding, canoeing and so much more. “Kyle had the best time being outside having cook outs and camp fires. He also loved the art projects, music and singing,” Tina says. “But I know his favorite activity was swimming. Kyle loves the water. He can move more freely in the water and I am sure that is one of the reasons he loves it so much. He also loved horseback riding. Kyle was all smiles as soon as he saw the horses.” While Kyle is at Camp, Tina is able to spend some time with her brother and sister-in-law in their mountain home. Tina also looks forward to spending time with her two grandsons. That first year may have been nerve wracking, but now going to Camp Fairlee each year is a tradition and something the whole family looks forward to all year. Needless to say, everyone is excited for Camp Fairlee each year. “I am so happy that my daughter-in-law convinced me to let Kyle go to camp. I may have dragged my feet because of my fear of leaving Kyle with people I do not know. What a mistake that would have been. Look at all the fun and great times Kyle would have missed out on because of my fear,” Tina says. “Camp Fairlee is a great

The County Woman’s Journal

place; I cannot say enough wonderful things about it.” Recently, Camp Fairlee expanded to serve more families every year with new, modern and fully accessible buildings. Along with a much larger dining hall, a larger pavilion welcoming campers, a new health facility and a new activity center, camp has also added several new accessible cabins. If you are a caregiver who needs a break from the constant demand of caregiving turn to Camp Fairlee. Give your loved one an unforgettable experience by taking advantage of Camp Fairlee’s week-long-summer-camp experiences, weekend respite program, Travel Trip program and Daily Adventures program. Easterseal’s Camp Fairlee outside of Chestertown, Maryland, is the only facility in the region that provides a typical residential camp experience for children and adults with disabilities year-round. Camp Fairlee offers week-long camp sessions throughout the summer, Travel Trips throughout the year and weekend respite/retreat programs from August through May. Learn more about Camp Fairlee at www.de.easterseals.com/fairlee or by calling 410-778-0566. Along with Camp Fairlee, Easterseals offers a range of services. Please visit our website to learn more about our services for people of all ages and abilities: www.de.easterseals.com.

Spring 2018 I 25

Health & Medicine

Tips to Avoid Pain from Spring Cleaning Dr. Tracy Hudson

Dr. Sheila Burek

Dr. Hudson is a ’95 Cape Henlopen High School graduate and continued her educational career at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. While attending UNCW, Dr. Hudson suffered an injury playing softball and she sought treatment with a local chiropractor. After a few adjustments, Dr. Hudson was back on the field. Now being a true believer, she decided to further her education in the natural healing art. She attended Life University in Atlanta, GA for 3 years, and then transferred to Texas Chiropractic College in Houston. After graduating in 2004, she moved to Clearwater, FL, where she was in private practice for 8 years. During that time, she also became a Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. She has now moved back to her home town to share her love of chiropractic with our community.

Whether we do it because we like it – or because we must – spring cleaning can cause neck and back pain to flare up, leaving us sore or even worse, causing an injury. If you have a pre-existing issue in your neck or back, you should be cautious about reinjuring yourself. And if you don’t already suffer pain, the last thing you want is to start down that path. Fortunately, you have more control over this than you think. Here are some tips to prevent you from experiencing minor annoyances to major pain that can occur from spring cleaning. Take them to heart and you can have a clean house, a nice yard, AND feel well! Feet First First and foremost, wear supportive shoes. We cannot tell you how many of our patients complain that their back pain flared up horribly over the weekend after cleaning and cooking a lot. With some probing, we often find out that they were walking barefoot around the house while doing all those activities. We hear similar stories with yard work only to find out that the patient was wearing flip flops in the yard.

Dr. Sheila Burek is a Buffalo, NY native, who received her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology at D’youville College. She then worked as a medical research assistant in Cardiology at the University Of Buffalo School Of Medicine. It was at that time that Dr. Burek suffered an injury at the gym, for which she sought chiropractic care. It was through this experience that Dr. Burek became interested in furthering her healthcare career in alternative medicine. She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating in 1995. After 18 years of private practice in Pennsylvania, working in a multi-disciplinary setting, including orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists, she relocated to our beautiful beach town.

Having proper arch support in the feet can take stress off the knees, hip and back. So, start your house and yard work by wearing supportive shoes – or even better – wear custom made orthotics in your shoes for optimal support. Don’t have any? We can help you get some right here in our office. Take a Stand How you stand, or bend can make a big difference in avoiding pain after household activities. When sweeping or raking, try a scissor stance with your legs instead of bending forward. Put one leg forward and one leg back, keeping your chest up while you sweep or rake. Switch feet every so often. If your activity involves lifting, lift properly, slowly and mindfully! Keep your legs about shoulder width apart. If the object is awkward or large, it is okay to widen your stance. Also make sure to: • Get right in front of what you are lifting. Never lean to the side or twist to lift. • Squat by bending the knees and flexing at the hips, pushing your buttocks backwards but keeping your chest up as much as possible. • Hold the object you are lifting close to your body. When you set it down, do the same thing in reverse. Never twist or lean to the side to set the item back down. Take a Break Don’t try to do the

entire task in one day. Because we live such busy lives, we have so little time. We often find that patients hurt themselves because they try to fit a large project into their one, free day of the weekend. Whether you can and should take on a large task in one day depends on your fitness level and how easily fatigued you get. So, you may want to just clean the bathrooms one day instead of the whole house! Or just do the front yard work and leave the back for another day instead of taking on your whole yard. All the Right Moves Exercises are not just for general fitness – specific ones can be preventive for pain. Since most house and yard work involves repeated bending, it is great to counteract that by taking breaks and doing a few McKenzie exercises if you are able. You can find videos online for demonstration. If you experience back pain during the press up, see if you can only go part way up without pain. You may also find that after one or two press ups, the pain starts to improve. We’ve found that it can be normal to feel a little sore the next day after doing a lot of house or yard work, similar to when you have had an intense day at the gym. So, a little soreness is no reason to be concerned. What we don’t want is joint and muscle injury or inflammation. If you do feel that you have caused something to flare up, use ice rather than heat to treat the painful area, as the issue more than likely involves inflammation. If the pain doesn’t resolve itself in a few days, give us a call, as it could be more serious.

TESTIMONIAL “Dr. Hudson has the perfect balance of knowledge and warmth. She listens to her patients and treats their bodies and minds.” - Judy H.

26 I Spring 2018

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By: Glenn Courtney, A.B.O.C. Delaware Eye Optical Like any retail company products change over time and Delaware Eye Optical has seen a change recently regarding the lenses we dispense. Throughout my career in the optical business we have fit and dispensed various lens designs by various manufactures. Manufactures of lenses are all hoping to be the lens of choice with opticians throughout the world and recently we have come full circle. Varilux was one of our most successful lens brands throughout the mid-eighties and through the 90’s when the progressive lens market really took off. Early on as independent opticians in an eye doctor’s world progressive lenses were not well received especially early on when opticians were asked to increase the add or bifocal power by +.25 diopters. Doctors perceived this as opticians over stepping their bounds. Those days are well behind us now and we have been working with doctors for over twenty-seven years. Varilux is back with us and improved in many ways. The design of their upper tier lenses is much improved by adding new technologies to their digital design manufacturing as well as material additions like Trivex. (not available in all designs) The family of Varilux branded lenses are extensive. The newest addition being the Varilux X Lens series. Key aspects of the lens design are extending vision within arm’s reach, sharp focus at all distances and comfortable

sight in all lighting conditions. Crizal Sapphire 360 UV and Transitions when added to a Varilux lens provide protection from UV light and Harmful Blue Light while reducing glare adding comfort. The Varilux X series featuring X Tend Technology is their most advanced lens providing less need to tilt your head to find the right angle to focus clearly. The smooth transition near to far helps eliminate the off balance you might feel with traditional progressives. Varilux X also extends your vertical field of vision from distance to near through the arms reach area reducing that need to tilt that I mentioned earlier. The success with the Varilux X series when combined with Transitions and Crizal Saphire 360 is an example of new designed technology combined with lens treatments that improve one’s quality of life. Less tilt, extended vision sharp

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and clear in all light conditions benefit everyone. Crizal Sapphire 360 UV lenses reduce glare for the clearest vision, resists scratches and smudges, repels dust and water, and has optimal UV protection. The multi angular technology reduces reflections from all directions for less distracting glare, improving aesthetics, enhanced protection and safer night driving. The benefits of this coating improve night vision and in cases of cataracts developing when glare can be an issue, less glare is safer and more comfortable. Whenever Crizal 360 UV is added to Transitions lenses or clear lenses protecting against Harmful Blue Light has longterm benefits. Current research shows a direct correlation in the need to protect retinas from this harmful spectrum of light. Transitions adaptive lenses continuously adjust to changing

light optimizing the amount of light that reaches your eyes. This enables you to see everything the way its meant to be seen. The multilayer coating blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays while helping protect your eyes from Harmful Blue Light indoors and out. Transitions lenses are available for most any frame or prescription and have options for every life style and every age. Transitions Signature lenses are fully clear indoors and just the right amount of tint outdoors. They begin to darken as soon as you step outdoors and offer the fastest fade back to clear indoors. Transitions Xtractive lenses provide extra protection from light outdoors, indoors and even in the car. They are extra dark in bright sunlight and provide a hint of tint indoors to protect against harsh artificial light. Transitions Vantage lenses not only adapt to changing light, they also polarize as they darken

to reduce outdoor glare for better clarity and color. This family of lenses with the Smart Blue Filter feature block at least 20% of the Harmful Blue Light indoors and at least 85% of the Harmful Blue Light outdoors. Harmful Blue Light falls between 415 and 455 nanometers on the light spectrum and is suspected to be the most toxic to the retina cells. This in an area currently under research to find if there is a direct correlation of exposer to Harmful Blue Light and development of macular degeneration. Delaware Eye Optical has always strived to provide the best products available today for our clients by improving vision and protecting your eyes while enhancing your quality of life. If you’re interested in great eyewear please stop in and let us show you all our latest lens development and frames. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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A New ERA In Lens Choice For Cataract Surgery educate. enrich. empower. health&medicine 40 years. Our surgeons here at Delaware

ďŹ nd that the number of patients with used to improve our odds of meeting the excellent (within 0.5 diopters of the goal) patients’ goals for visual function after Eye were among the ďŹ rst in Delaware to results improved by about 50%. surgery. pioneer modern small-incision, no-stitch In addition to the improvement in Traditionally, surgeons have relied surgery with foldable intraocular lens lens power selection, the if ORA provides on measurements made prior to surgery This took usclearly, from a time others areimplants. easily picked hitwhere and field ages 65 and 74. Early manageable disease up duringcataract a routine eyewas routinely a baseball better and detection of macular caught valuable early. information for dealing with by instruments measuring through the surgery an inpatient examination. improve their lacrosse degeneration allows your astigmatism. Astigmatism is a natural cataract of the patient to determine surgery requiring sandbags to immobilize game. If no signs best lens choice. doctor to council youofon kDiabetes: irregularity of the shape of the front While this method the head for several days postoperatively Let’s start with the or symptoms exist, I preventative measures Diabetic retinopathy of the eye that leads to a distortion of measurement has been effective and and a healing process that stretched over children. One out of recommend a routine eye and create awareness is responsible for 8% images both near and far without glasses accurate for a good portion of patients, several months, to a point of outpatient every four children has exam at the age of four, of vision changes that of legal blindness and correction. Traditional there is an inherent be aw toand measuring surgery typically lasting 10-20 minutes aoffered visual impairment. another before school need to the leading cause ofintraocular lenses patient‘s faceaddressed eye will be patients will be asked at the Delaware Eye to wash physician’s pre-op instructions. outcomes. used at the time of cataract surgery are through a cataract that candraped skew these with rapid results, showing their face and hands. Ittwo is not prepped and for surgery¡ new Patients are generally infeel any discomfort. closed-circuit television system Modern cataractCenter surgery Surgery ishas more efficient oftentimes When you consider starts, then every immediately. Research cases of blindness The anesthetist administers I.V. sedation and Patient comfort is an important goal at the necessary to disrobe for most and the eye. This During surgery, most patients to measurements, refrain eating Following surgery, patients in connected to theyears surgeon’s undergone a gentle revolution in the incapable correcting astigmatism, which must be very cant improvement in visual function that 80%onsigniďŹ of learning thereafter. has shown that a diet adultsofages 20-74. the eyefrom is anesthetized to guarantee patient surgery center. Certified anesthetists arestructed on procedures, but shoes precise will efficiency tofor more patient remain aware oftotheir surround- conďŹ ning the patient with signiďŹ cant ˜› Â?›’—”’—Â? ŠĞŽ›be –’Â?—’Â?‘Â? are moved our The recovery operating past decade. Today, leads cataract toWhen attain the best within aeach few daysmicroscope. of surgery. Weexperts have staff case. Our nurses are in comfort. the forresults. surgery arrives, is delivered through rich intime green leafy Each year 12,000 to lesskeeping inflammation, removed. Dentures, prosthetics, ings. They canoperating hear voices and Charles Curry,surgery MD comfort, before procedure. Howarea where, once again, their Uponmore arrival, patients is invasive than patients comfortable and safe during patients arevegetables, wheeled to the room. a less child’s eyes, it isamong Of course, asa we nocalculations smoking 24,000 people lose sight astigmatism to constant glasses wear, even ORA works by making the also been the leaders inwill the use of(except rapidprocedures. recovery and better visual and hearing aids forblood the music, butsigns don’t feel any dis their visit. Patient family members are invited to ever, heart and pressure vital will be monitored. check-in with our receptionist. many dental The There is no need (or patients to transfer to an- because of uncontrolled imperative that they start age, the chance for and taking vitamin after cataract surgery, for all distances. of lens power while in the operating premium intraocular lenses that enable outcomes. remain with the patient during surgical side ear) may remain in. comfort. their staymedications in pre- other in the ’•• operating room shouldstretcher. usually beOnce ŠÂ?’Ž—Â?Âœ ‹Ž ˜ěŽ›ŽÂ? “ž’ŒŽ At that time, the eye receptionnewest-generation offPatient withequipment a foundation disease increases. supplements tailored for blood sugar. Annual eye while Vital signs will be monitored and comfort is an Following surgery, patients are The ORA measures astigmatism room after the surgeon has removed the more glasses-independence for those with Cataract surgery is, by far, the most op and recovery. Familyand members with the vital signs will again˜›be monitored and the pataken. Allispatients make  ŠÂ?Ž›ǯ ist will review help themay, ˜ěŽ›ŽÂ? ŠÂ?of Â?‘Žclear Ž•Š Š›Ž  ¢Ž —ŒŽ inhibit Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Š‹•Žǰ the operative dilated. Oncemust important goal at the surgery moved to our recovery area vision sopermission, they Routine eyeeye care the disease can exams are used to permitting detect two patient’s observe the procedure tient‘s face and eye will be prepped and draped in the operating room, cataract. This permits much more reliable signiďŹ cance astigmatism and for those frequently performed procedure by the patient complete theirpatient admis- is comfortably sure they understand theirwhere,aonce Surgerycenter. Center isCertified more ef- anesthetists familyagain, member mayvitals join the are their can concentrate instrumental in theforsettled, leaking blood vessels, through aon c1osed-circuit television surgery¡progression. By:ophthalmologist. Jay Taylor, M.D. measurement that will requires, typically, who desire less need forPatients glasses for near general This, course, physician’s pre-op instructions. sion paperwork. aresystem ꌒŽ—Â?ofŠ—Â? Â?Ž—Â?•Ž ˜— Â?‘Ž Ž¢Žǯcase. them. Post-op instructions are useful strategies for reducing astigmatism they may have a family member on staff for each Our nurses signs be monitored. Patients the material they to are detection, monitoringDuring surgery, most patients remain aware retinal swelling (macular connected the surgeon’s operating microThe anesthetist then invited to our pre-op ÂŽÄœÂŒÂ’ÂŽÂ—ÂŒÂ˘ •ŽŠÂ?Âœ Â?˜in –˜›Ž reviewed and hear copy given to join them. are experts keeping patients will offered juice ortime water. postoperatively in these patients: 1) only aadminiscouple of be extra minutes of vision activities. makes it imperative that the‘’œ surgeon scope. of their surroundings. They can voices and edema) learning, not wasting and treatment of many kGlaucoma: The and lipid mportance routine, ters I.V. sedation the eye areaexcited forpatients the administration of are ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â? Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Ç° •Žœœ ’—ĚŠ––Šthe patient forItause at home. Patients generally in- and comfortable and safe during their Once comfortable family specialized premium lens implants called while in the operating room. does not We are to, most recently, hones his or her of skills and utilizes the music, but don’t feel any discomfort. Upon arrival, will check-in with our energy struggling tonecessary seeare medications. ocular and systemic leading cause comprehensive eye tion, more structed to refrain eating or second visit. Patient family member may join are them. Post-op is anesthetized toFollowing guarantee anyAt rapid recovery and members Patients must be released into deposits in the retina – surgery, patients moved to receptionist. that time, the receptionist willfromrequire toric lenses can be chosen and any repositioning of the patient in be the ďŹ rst practice in Delaware to offer most advantageous technology to attain clearly. Some children’s diseases including: of blindness in the U.S. all of which are signs of accurately drinking midnight before a the area invited to remain the patient exams. Too often I instructions are and patient comfort. When time where, entering pre-op pa- after ‹ŽĴŽ› Â&#x;’œžŠ• ˜žÂ?ÂŒÂ˜Â–ÂŽÂœÇŻ the care of areviewed responsible adult. reviewwith andWhile help the patient complete their our recovery once again, their vitals David Robinson, M.D. positioned in the eye to maximize the midst of surgery because the ORA is ORA Wavefront Aberrometry to our repeatable and exceptional results at eye diseases, such as is found mostly in the damaged blood vessels. procedure. However, heart and during their stay in pre-op and copy given to the patient for use have seen Robinson, patientsM.D. Patient comfort is anadmission surgery arrives, patients will be asked to wash impor- tients PleasePatients do not plan signs will be monitored. will on bedrivoffered paperwork. Patients are then for invited By: David medications blood members may, recovery. Family atOnce home. Patients must bethat reamblyopia and infantile kMacular 40 crowd. It isGenerally, to over the operating microscope cataract patients to this mostpermanent common and,vision arguably, suffer juice water. comfortable a family mem- reduction of astigmatism, 2) standard lens to our pre-op forimprove the administration of any attached are wheeled to theoroperating theirarea face and hands. It their ispressure not results, tant goalmost at the surgery center. ing yourself home. With the experience of 16,000 surgical proceshould usually be taken. All with the patient’s permission, care of a responsileased into the glaucoma, need to be Degeneration: The characterized by high kCataracts: you ber may join them. Post-op instructions are re- implants necessary medications. While entering pre-op ŃŽŃŁŃ–Ń‘ ÇŻÇŻprocedure. loss that could have WithŃœŃ?Ń–Ń›Ń ŃœŃ›Ç° the surgical experience of 16,000 can be used,Ifbut supplemented is being used throughout the procedure. i.e. possibly reduce their need for glasses important Here room. There is no need for necessary to disrobe for most Ž›Â?’ęŽÂ? Š—ŽœÂ?‘ŽÂ?Â’ÂœÂ?Âœ Š›Ž ˜— patients will wear an eye patch dures, Delaware Eye Surgery Center combines patients must make sureviewed they and pressure observe the procedure through a to leading ble adult. Please doeye notfor plan on copy given to thethe patient usethe at live long enough you patients will be asked wash their face and cataract surgeries, Delaware Eye picked up as early as cause of in that been prevented if the patients to transfer to another procedures, but shoes will be ÂœÂ?Šě Â?˜› ŽŠŒ‘ ÂŒÂŠÂœÂŽÇŻ ž› —ž›œŽœ for a short time following with corneal incisions guided by the It doesprenot require ayourself second trip to Generally, the fortelevision some activities afterunderstand surgery. Each at Delaware Eyeeye Institute, of our the most modern surgery all technology and their physician’s c1osed-circuit system driving home. home. Patients must be the released intonerve. the care of will have cataracts. hands. It is not necessary toprosthetdisrobe forinÂœÂ?›ŽÂ?ÂŒÂ‘ÂŽÂ›ÇŻ most Surgery Center combines the are experts possible to prevent problem had only been blindness the U.S. damages optic —ŒŽ ’— Â?‘Ž ˜™Ž›ŠÂ?removed. Dentures, in keeping patients —ŒŽ ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â?Âœ ‘ŠÂ&#x;ÂŽ he Delaware Eye Surtechnique with a warm and friendly atmosoperating suite for ™›˜ŒŽÂ?ž›Žǯ lens our cataract now has about surgeons are dedicated to doing just that. connected toof the surgeon’s patients willimplantation, wear anplan eye on patch a responsible adult. Please do not driv- ORA to help reduce astigmatism. These procedures, but surgeons shoes willop beinstructions. removed. Denmost modern eye surgery technoldetected earlier. Accurate permanent vision loss. is a result of the It is typically a slow, cataract is any phere. This combination promises patients an ing room vital signs will again comfortable and safemicroscope. durics, and hearing aids The (except recovered and receivedthe their gery Center combines anesthetist administers operating for a short time following pro- A ing yourself home. Generally, of patients strategies can reduce or eliminate a full consignment lens will wear two years of experience frequently usingfor because Our surgeons bring years of dedicated tures, prosthetics, and hearing aids (except ogy and technique with a warm spectacle prescriptions unparalleled surgical experience. Amblyopia, in particular, deterioration of certain progressive process that opacification or clouding be monitored and the patient’s ing their visit. Patient family for the surgical side ear) may post-op instructions, they the most modern I.V. sedation and the eye is cedure. Once patients have Upon arrival, patients will an eyeand patch for a short timeon following the pro- astigmatic glasses the surgical side ear) may remain in. Vital signs types and friendly atmosphere. Thisand have need after surgery. powers are kept in this exciting new tool in thewill surgical service learning their craft Modern cataract surgery hasmembers undergone a with are commonly aand isaremuch more difficult face and eyecedure. will be prepped invited to remain remain in.and Vital signs aresymptoms wheeled tohand their car and cells inbethe macula, has no until anesthetized guarantee patient check-in our At the recovered and recovered received their post- of the lens in the eye. eye surgery technology Once patients have and rewill bereceptionist. monitored operative eyeto dilated. combination promises patients an revolution in thea past decade. Today, cataract It is always important our surgical suite. For the patient and suite. This revolutionary system isthe the demonstrated commitment to openness simple solution for 40 comfort. When the time for surthat time, the receptionist will op instructions, they are wheeled and draped for surgery. with the patient during their monitored and the operative released. For most patients, the to treat after the age of which is portion of only 10% of the nerve Typically cataracts do to keep in technique with a warm and ceived their post-op instructions, they are Once the patient is comfortably settled, they unparalleled surgical experience. surgery is less invasive than many dental procegery arrives, patients are wheeled to their car and released. For somethings with chronic review and help the patient mind that no technology or surgical surgeon the process is seamless, while the ďŹ rst of its kind to gather information in to the newest technologies to improve our During in surgery, and recovery. Ž¢Ž Â?’•ŠÂ?ÂŽÂ?ÇŻ —ŒŽthe Â?‘Žjoin ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â? Â’Âœ located experience at the center wheeled to patheir carentire and released. most pa- not pose a health risk may a family member them. friendly cataract atmosphere. This has stay in pre-op 6-9. Often a have detailed retina themost is functional andFor the Modern surgery dures. The newest-generation equipment offeredtheir admission paperto the operating room. There isthe notheir most patients the entire expericomplete headaches andpatients fatigue at members tients entire experience at the center takes but Patients are generally instructed tocataract refrain tients remain aware of Family may, with the Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Š‹•¢ œŽĴ•ŽÂ?Ç° Â?‘Ž¢ –Š¢ only takes about 90 minutes. undergone a revolution 1n the procedure is perfect. The ORA Wavefront improved results are dramatic. Studies real time during the course of the surgical results. combination promises refraction for glasses back of the eye necessary patient has permanent can seriously impair at the Delaware Eye Surgery Center iswork. more Patients are then invited to need (or patients toatransfer to90 ence at the center takes about 90 about minutes. from eating or drinking after midnight before work and children doing past decade. cataract surroundings. They can hear patient’s permission, observe have a family member join For an appoinment otr more an unparalleled surgical expecan be found to improve for sharp vision. This vision loss. Treated your vision. Many Aberrometer is one more tool that looking at the results after use of the ORA procedure which helps guide the surgeon Technology has been especially kind efficient and Today, gentle on the eye. This efficiency another stretcher. Once in the minutes. or more information call our pre-op area for the adminisForbut andon’t appointment procedure. However, heart and blood pressure poorly in These surgery lessschool. invasive than voices and versus music, the procedure throughvision a the them. information call 302-645-2300. rience. leads toďŹ ismore patient comfort, less inflammaathe child’s so they disease affects 11% of predominately with eye people will struggle improves our results after cataract surgery. with traditional lens measurements in choice of lens power and type to be to the eld of ophthalmology over last operating room vital signs will tration of any necessary medicaFor an appointment or more 302-645-2300. medications should usually be taken. All pamany dental procedures. The better visual problems and many tion, more rapid recovery and see the board school Caucasians between drops; glaucoma is a very to enough light to again be monitored and the tions. While entering pre-op information call 302-645-2300. tients at must make sure they understand their Noget machine or surgeon can guarantee a newest-generation equipment read stop driving at patientand perfect glasses-free eyesight after night because of their surgery. Almost all patients, regardless cataracts. The visual of technologyprogressively used, will ďŹ nd they require symptoms glasses for near vision activities after worsen and are cataract surgery. Almost all patients sometimes accompanied willaďŹ shift nd their vision could be by indistance the glasses prescription. improved, at least slightly, by a mild pair of glasses for the distance after surgery. TheFortunately, ORA and othermany technologies we use ocular diseases are permit a larger at Delaware Eye Institute treatable and vision number of patients to function more loss can be prevented comfortably for more activities without if caught in a timely the use of spectacles. We are committed manner. We rely on to continued advances that facilitate our vision for so many continuedeye improvement these results. things, health isintoo The most endorsement I can important toringing overlook. Igive strongly recommend is to echo Dr. Robinson’s statement adding that “If I,aorcomprehensive, my family members, were dilated eye exam to I would insist having cataract surgery your regular health careSystem on my surgeon use the ORA regimen. intraoperativelyâ€?.




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Dr. Jay Taylor, at For more information The Delaware Eye about ORA technology, cataract surgery, Institute, has been premium and serving thelens eyeimplants, care needs of patients in center our ambulatory surgery Sussex County for 14 please visit years. To make an www.delawareye.com appointment call (302) 645-2300.


The County Woman’s Journal

Health & Medicine Kenneth DiGregorio, MD

Dr. Kenneth DiGregorio is a board certified gastroenterologist at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates. He is the Medical Director of Hunterdon Endosurgery Center. Dr. DiGregorio has received advanced training in both biliary endoscopy and the specialty of liver disease. Additionally, he has been involved in several research trials for the treatment of Hepatitis C. He has been trained in the ReShape procedure.

Anik Patel, MD

Dr. Anik Patel is a board certified gastroenterologist at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates. He completed his internal medicine residency and fellowship in Gastroenterology at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineloa, NY where the institution’s strong nutrition department led him to a focus on nutrition. He has been trained in endoscopic mucosal resection, which involves using an endoscopic technique to remove large polypoid growths and early cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. He has been trained in the ReShape procedure.

Richard Arrigo, DO

Dr. Richard Arrigo is also a board certified gastroenterologist at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates. Prior to his fellowship, Dr. Arrigo was in practice with the Liver Transplant program in Newark, NJ where he managed patients with severe liver disease. Dr. Arrigo is trained to perform Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS), a procedure that uses sound waves to create visual images of the digestive tract, and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), a procedure that is used to diagnose diseases of the gallbladder, biliary system, pancreas, and liver. He is also trained in the ReShape procedure.

Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates Is The First In Hunterdon County To Offer Reshape® Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure New dual balloon technology proven to provide more than twice the weight loss of diet and exercise alone Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates, are the first in Hunterdon County to offer the ReShape® Integrated Dual Balloon System, an FDA approved, first-of-its-kind nonsurgical weight loss procedure for people with mild to moderate obesity. ReShape provides a new option for adults with a BMI of 30-40 and a related health condition who haven’t succeeded at diet and exercise alone and do not want or do not qualify for bariatric surgery. “For years a significant gap has existed in treatment options for obesity with limited, effective therapies available,” said Kenneth DiGregorio, MD; Medical Director of Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates and Hunterdon Endosurgery Center. “We often see patients who are clinically obese and in desperate need of medical intervention to help them lose weight, when diet and exercise alone have failed and surgery is not an option. ReShape provides this group of ‘in-between’ patients with access to a non-surgical, reversible option to encourage new habits and lasting results.” The ReShape Dual Balloon is inserted in the stomach during a short outpatient procedure, where it remains for six months, serving as built-in portion control so people may feel full and less hungry. It does not change or alter the natural anatomy of the stomach in any way. During this time and for the six months after removal, patients receive frequent diet and exercise coaching sessions. More than 78 million adults in the U.S. are obese. In June 2013, the American Medical Association officially classified obesity as a disease. Clinically defined as

The County Woman’s Journal

having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30, obesity can lead to numerous, serious health complications including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. In an FDA clinical study of 326 patients conducted at eight sites in the US, patients with ReShape experienced 2.3 times more excess weight loss at six months compared to those who had the diet and exercise program alone. In the clinical trial, patients lost up to 72 pounds in 12 months.

Hunterdon Endosurgery Center, established in 1998, is accredited by the AAAHC and the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy for Promoting Quality in Endoscopy. The center is the only one of its kind in Hunterdon County and offers faster access to high-quality, cost-effective treatment for disorders affecting digestion and the gastrointestinal tract, including diseases of the liver, pancreas and gallbladder. The team of 9 board-certified gastroenterologists from Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates provide all medical care. The physicians utilize the most advanced diagnostic equipment and technology and are supported every step of the way by an incredible staff of nurses, technicians, administrators and staff members who share our commitment to patient-centered care. For more information contact Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates; www. HunterdonGastro.com; 908-905-0303.

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Chris Rementer Budget Blinds

Chris and his brother, Tony, started Budget Blinds back in 2005 and now they and their highly experienced staff cover the southern half of Delaware from just south of Dover on down and three counties in Maryland. Both he and his brother are native Sussex Countians in fact their family has been here for many generations and self employment was a model presented to them early with one grandfather an area farmer and the other owning a shoe shop just off the circle in Georgetown. Growing up in a close family, they were taught the virtues of love, grace, loyalty, and hard work. They were always taught to be accountable to one another, to work first, play later and if it’s worth doing, it is worth doing right. They carry those values into both their personal lives and in the business that they run. After more than ten years of Budget Blinds they have acquired a great deal of knowledge about window coverings and running a business in general but they feel that one of their best assets is the desire to learn more and improve along the way. With only 10 full time employees, including the two of them, and one part time, they have nearly 70 years of experience when combined. That is a particular point of pride because they feel it is an indicator of what really makes a good company, which is employees that love what they do. They know that a person who is enjoying their job, will do it better and with more care. That leads to what Chris and Tony feel is their most important skill and that is choosing employees. “If we make sure our employees and our clients are happy, our happiness will always fall right in line.” says Chris. Chris is Married to his wife Julie who is a speech pathologist for a local elementary school and they have 2 boys, Gavin and Parker who are 9 and 7 respectively. He loves just being around his family, reading, golfing and fishing.

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Deborah Ann Crawford

Ida Scott

Debbie joined Wealth Advisory Group in March of 2016. Debbie was educated at Hofstra University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. She has always had a strong work ethic and drive to succeed, starting off with her early high school graduation and first job working in bookkeeping. Her experience working with finances led her to the decision to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Debbie served as the CFO of Markson Management Services for over twenty years. She prides herself on building strong relationships with the executive team which allowed her to manage effectively. She continues to be a part of The Markson Connection which coaches Chiropractors to become better people both professionally and personally. She is involved in the day to day financial & managerial operations and has developed strong, trusting relationships with the members over the last 30 years she has worked with them. As a Financial Representative, Debbie works hard to educate and empower her clients in their financial lives. Her goal is to have her clients protect their assets, including themselves, first then teach them how to become world class savers. Having been in the Financial Services field her whole career, Debbie was drawn to the idea of helping the people closest to her create impactful financial strategies. For over twenty years, Debbie has been a practicing CPA, which gives her a unique perspective on holistic financial planning. She looks forward to the opportunity to develop her new client base in Sussex County, Delaware, where she owns a residence.

Ida Mae West started her Furniture Career in June of 1994. She was hired as a sales and customer service trainee, and quickly applied her knack for interior design. Within the next two years, she became an accomplished home furnishings consultant. In March of 1995 Ida Mae became Mrs. Ralph L. Scott III. Ralph and Ida welcomed their first daughter, Rebekah Lynn in April of 1996, Second daughter Rachael Lee in August of 1998, and adopted Ryan Luke in March of 2007. Ida stayed home with the children and remained active in the Family Business. Ida is back at Scott’s full-time once more, now that her children are older, and with the untimely passing of a long-time employee and early retirement of another. Ida oversees accounting operations, manages office personnel, assists customers in the showroom, looks after Ryan Luke, and cooks and cleans for the boss. She enjoys her large family of West’s, her church Family, crabbing, fishing, gardening, and exercising.

Financial Representative

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), 355 Lexington Avenue, 9th Fl., New York NY 10017, 212 541-8800. Securities products/services and advisory services are offered through PAS, a registered broker/dealer and investment adviser. Financial Representative, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian. Wealth Advisory Group LLC is not an affiliate of Subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. PAS is a member FINRA, SIPC. 2018-54391 Exp. 2/20.

Scott’s Furniture

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Jeanine O’Donnell

Matt Whalen

Patrick Cummings

Jeanine O’Donnell was born and raised outside of Philadelphia. She relocated to Sussex County when she married her husband Stephen in 1984, and raised their two daughters, now 25 and 33. A few years after moving to the Millsboro area, Jeanine started her career with State Farm as an agent’s team member, then became the first agency training specialist in Delaware and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for State Farm. Because community development and nonprofit support was something Jeanine always had a passion for, she changed positions and became the Public Affairs liaison for State Farm, until 2006 when she opened her agency. Jeanine was selected by State Farm to open a “new market” agency, meaning she started with no accounts. Now in her twelfth year, she has a team of 7 licensed agents who can assist customers with everything State Farm offers. Jeanine spends her time developing her team, helping her customers through the claims process, more complex life policy cases, and meeting all new customers once they join her agency. Many know her from her work in the community with non-profits like Clear Space Theatre Company, Sussex County Habitat for Humanity, the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, and the local chambers. Jeanine also supports many events in the LewesRehoboth area with sponsorships. She prides herself on the relationships she has with her customers and the communities she serves. In her spare time she loves spending time with family-especially her new granddaughter-and traveling with Stephen. Stop by and see why her agency continues to grow with satisfied customers!

Matt Whalen is an experienced designer and builder in the residential construction industry. He has been helping homeowners achieve their home improvement dreams since 2001. Matt is currently an owner and the head of production for Betterliving of Delmarva, a company that specializes in sunrooms, porch enclosures, and retractable awnings. His passion for building and dedication to customer satisfaction has taken his company from a startup business idea to an industry leading powerhouse. His drive to be the best has helped Betterliving of Delmarva achieve four consecutive first place National Sunroom Association design awards. As a Delaware native Matt enjoys spending time at the beach and boating with his family. Matt is an avid sports fan and you can often find him enjoying sports games and attending his son’s sporting events.

Patrick Cummings, part owner and Design Consultant of Betterliving Sunrooms of Delmarva, provides homeowners throughout Delaware and Maryland with Betterliving porch enclosures, year round sunrooms and awnings. As a professionally trained Design Consultant, Patrick takes pride in establishing great relationships with his customers to ensure that they are one hundred percent satisfied with their project. He understands the impact that a project like this has on the value of your home and he wants his customers to be able to experience the joys of living on the Delmarva shore no matter the season. Patrick resides in Dagsboro, Delaware with his wife Ashley and their Newfoundland dog Louie. He enjoys working with people which led him to be involved in the community with mentoring youth, most recently through the national guard armory youth challenge academy. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time on the boat and relaxing at the beach.

State Farm

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Betterliving Sunrooms of Delmarva

Betterliving Sunrooms of Delmarva

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Profiles Barbara Ward

Programs Director, Sussex County Habitat for Humanity Marketing is the common thread throughout much of Barbara’s career. A native New Yorker, she spent her early years as an advertising account executive, before moving to client-side corporate marketing within the news industry. In 1997, fueled by a desire for greater professional purpose, Barbara transitioned her skills to the non-profit sector. Following a year as Marketing and Development Manager for her local council of Girl Scouts USA, she became Director of Admissions at a private Lutheran Middle and High school. She was responsible for marketing the school to prospective families and administering financial aid and scholarship programs. Barbara found great reward in representing the faith-based mission of the school. She felt that working to understand the educational, social, and emotional needs of students, and helping parents find the best environment for their children, was more of a personal ministry than a job. After 18 years at the school, Barbara relocated to Lewes and went to work for Sussex County Habitat for Humanity. As Programs Director, she is responsible for volunteer engagement and providing leadership for the affiliate’s Neighborhood Revitalization and AmeriCorps programs. Characterizing her move to Sussex County as a giant leap of faith, she feels blessed to be part of the Habitat team, serving with staff and volunteers who dedicate themselves to improving lives through affordable housing and financial empowerment. Barbara and her husband, Peter are loving life in their new community and embrace the pace and lifestyle of southern Delaware. They spend their leisure time enjoying new friends, entertaining whenever they can, and pursuing their newfound love for biking.


KƉĞŶƚŽƚŚĞƉƵďůŝĐĂƚƚǁŽ ^ƵƐƐĞdžŽƵŶƚLJ>ŽĐĂƚŝŽŶƐ͗  ϭϬϳĞƉŽƚ^ƚƌĞĞƚ 'ĞŽƌŐĞƚŽǁŶ͕ϭϵϵϰϳ  ZŽƵƚĞϵ͕ϯŵŝůĞƐtĞƐƚŽĨZƚ͘ϭ ;'W^͗ϭϴϱϬϭ^ƚĂŵƉĞƌƌͿ >ĞǁĞƐ͕ϭϵϵϱϴ  ;ϯϬϮͿϴϱϱͲϭϭϱϲ 

Mike Baker

Founder, C.M. Baker Photography

Mike Baker is the founder of C.M.Baker Photography with over 25 years experience. His photography ventures have been quite diverse. Throughout the year you may find him shooting a wedding, a Quinceañera, in the pits of a NASCAR race at Dover Downs and now at front stage at the Firefly Festival or flying over doing aerials. Giving back to the community has always been an important part of it all. Mike was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” from CDCC (Central De Chamber of Comm.) in 2005, ”Volunteer of the Year” from Kent County Tourism 2010,”Chairman’s Outstanding Partnership Award from CDCC in 2010 along with “Business Person of the Year” from CDCC in 2008. Since 1997, Mike has been the “official” photographer for the KC Heart Ball and for the “Go Red” in Kent County since it’s onset. Some of the past and present organizations have been: MD Kidney Foundation, De Breast Cancer Coalition, Various De Fire Companies, Bayhealth Foundation, Beebe Hospital, Dover Air Force Base, Autism DE, Relay for Life, MS Bike to the Bay and the Amish Bike Tour , to name a few.

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Our World In Photography


In 1987 I started C.M.Baker Photography with a goal to provide quality photography service to the Delmarva area. Since then, C.M.Baker Photography has expanded and evolved just as the photography world has. From film to digital, and weeks to develop to instantly printing photos on site, C.M.Baker Photography has many services to offer today’s client looking for photography services. Printing photos onsite started about 10 years ago. We were able to capture the shot, take the card out and print out a 5x7 or 4x6 about 45 minutes after the photo was taken. Boy, have things changed! For events, we now can take photos in front of a background or green screen with limitless choices, and have the photo print out in about 15 seconds. This is great for birthday parties, corporate events or fundraisers. We can even include your logo or text on the 4x6 or 5x7 image. With wedding packages, you will also receive 10, 8x10 photos printed onsite from earlier in your day that will be on display at your reception. Recently our onsite printing experiences have expanded even more as we now have two photo booths! We have a classic black, indoor photobooth that adds a fun experience for your guests to any event. We come to your event loaded with props

The County Woman’s Journal

and ready to have fun! Our second photobooth is inside of a 1969 Shasta Compact Camper and is perfect for your next outdoor event of any kind! We have had so much fun taking our Shasta Shutterbug all over the state and surrounding areas! Upon reserving either photobooth for your event you are able to personalize your photo strip size, color and text. This makes a wonderful favor for guests to remember your celebration or providing advertisement for your business event. Something else that has emerged over the years? Social media! Social media and technology have become a huge part in today’s word. Website photos and head shots for your LinkedIn page or business website are an important part of today’s advertising. We have enjoyed coming into many local businesses and colleges and taking head shots for current employees or new graduates to help them start off on the right foot toward their career. In addition to the newer services being offered, we are still providing the classic wedding packages, engagement sessions and event photography. In 30 years, C.M.Baker Photography evolved just as the world around us has. Prices and more information can be found on our website cmbaker.com. Also check out our Instagram @c.m.bakerphotography and Facebook page! We can’t wait to be your photographer!

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Integrated Health and Wellness Conference May 19, 2018 Wicomico Youth and Civic Center Participate in a day of health and wellness education with a holistic approach, hosted by your local breast cancer awareness non-profit. Admission is FREE!  Breakout session speakers include topics on medical marijuana, preventative health, living a holistic lifestyle, relaxation and guided imagery  Vendors from women’s health, genetics, herbal teas, nutrition, reiki to acupuncture and more!  Featuring guest Speaker, cancer survivor, artist and author, Darryle Pollack Conference funded by a grant from:

Register on our website under the “EVENT TAB—May 19” at womensupportingwomen.org Women Supporting Women 1320 Belmont Ave. Salisbury, MD 21804 410.548.7880

Sponsored by Sussex County Women’s Journal

Part Time Sales Help Perfect For The Stay At Home Mom or Retired Business Owner, that wants extra spending money. If You’re Not Making $35,000 to $40,000 A Year Part-Time Then it is time to think of the Women’s Newspapers. We are looking for two part-time sales people. All sales training is included. Applicants must have a great personality! Schedule your own hours from home! Applicants must be bright, energetic, love to meet people, and most of all...

Love Our Educational Women’s Newspaper With A Passion!!!

CALL 1-800-993-3822 34 I Spring 2018

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TheCounty County Woman The Woman’s Journal


Sussex County Women's Journal is proud to sponsor this page.

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June / July 2015 Spring 2018 I 35 Guide


Saturday, June 2, 2018 7:00 am Onsite Registration Opens Early Start for Century & Metric Riders 9:00am / Mass Start ~ 9:30-10:30am Leisure Start

North Laurel Elementary School | 300 Wilson St • Laurel, DE 19956


• All routes begin and end in Laurel. • Designated rest stops with restrooms, beverages and light snacks. • Rides include historic attractions, beautiful waterways, Trap Pond State Park and more. • Finish party at Janosik Park featuring local microbrews and a barbecue chicken lunch. Late seating available for Century riders. • Rain or shine ~ Extreme weather could force cancellation.

For More inForMation: Laurel Chamber of Commerce info@laurelchamber.com (302) 875-9319

Register Online @ www.broadcreekbikeandbrew.com


offering 15-mile, 25-mile, 50-mile, Metric Century and Century routes

april 13 & 14, 2018

7 annual Bike tour

3rd Annual


Live Music • Vendors • Jeep Show • Food Family Friendly Event ~ No Jeep Required Sponsored by the Laurel Chamber of Commerce www.partyatthepond.com / 302-875-9319

Historic Lewes Celebrates its Dutch Heritage 4-C Process

Tulip Celebration April 6–15 New this year: TWO-Lips Culinary Week April 6–12

Contact the Lewes Chamber of Commerce for additional information— Located in the Fisher–Martin House, 120 Kings Highway toll-free 877-465-3937 • 302-645-8073 www.leweschamber.com, email: inquiry@leweschamber.com

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Home & Garden


It’s more than just a great name, it is a whole new way of living. Betterliving of Delmarva is the exclusive provider of Betterliving sunrooms, porch enclosures, and retractable awnings in the Delmarva area. The Betterliving Sunrooms and Awnings Dagsboro, DE location was opened in 2009 by Michael Cummings. He saw the need for this product in the area and formed Betterliving of Delmarva as a sister company to his premier home building company MIKEN Builders Inc. Formed with the help of MIKEN employees, the high level craftsmanship and top notch customer service MIKEN provides became the standard for how Betterliving of Delmarva would conduct business. The entire Betterliving Sunrooms and Awnings product line is made and manufactured in Souderton, PA at Craftbilt Manufacturing Co. Craftbilt Manufacturing was started in 1946 by Bud Stone. They are confident the Betterliving products are the best in the industry so they back all parts and pieces with an industry leading 50 year, nonprorated, fully transferable warranty. At a fraction of the time of conventional construction, Betterliving can transform your unused deck or screen porch into the focal point of your home. Relax, entertain, or host family and friends in style. Wide spans of glass and screen allow you to enjoy your surroundings and watch the seasons change all around you. Experience the joys of living on the Delmarva shore no matter what the season. Enjoy the summer sun or the vibrant colors of the fall as you sip your morning coffee from the

Act Now to Secure Your Spring Installation!


comfort of your Betterliving of Delmarva porch enclosure or sunroom. If you’re just looking for a little shade, you need to stop in and visit the Betterliving of Delmarva showroom. With our wide variety of retractable awnings, drop shades, and solar shades, we can provide shade for you just about anywhere. All products have lots of color selections to match any existing façade.

❛❛ My porch enclosure is wonderful. I am so happy with the whole experience. Now I can enjoy my water view all year long.

❜❜ The staff at Betterliving has more than 35 years — Mrs. C. of Ocean View, DE

combined experience in the sunroom construction field. They understand the impact that a project like this has on the value of your home, and we treat each installation as if it were our only one. All installations are supervised and performed by factory trained installers. We take great pride in the quality of our work and the level of service we provide each of our customers. With our state of the art job tracking system, we keep you updated on the progress of your job every step of the way. We have the tools, the team and the technology to ensure that your job goes up without a hitch, and you are completely satisfied. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business and have maintained

❛❛ We couldn’t be more pleased. This is a top quality product. Installers were knowledgeable, skillful and conscientious. The sunroom is beautiful and well constructed.

❜❜ Starting in 2018 Betterliving of Delmarva will — Mr. and Mrs. O. of Lewes, DE

have new majority owners. Mike Cummings has decided to pass off the reigns to the guys who helped him build the company, Matt Whalen and Patrick Cummings. They will continue to hold up the strong core values the company was built on and continue to innovate and grow with the community.

Our Porch Enclosure!


Transform Your Porch, Patio or Empty Deck into a Comfortable Added Living Space for Year-Round Enjoyment!

FREE FLOORING Best at the Beach!

and A+ rating. We are a member of multiple Chambers including, Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce, Bethany Beach-Fenwick Island Chamber of Commerce, and the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce. Betterliving of Delmarva supports our troops and vets, and also enjoys sponsoring Lewes Little League teams. Betterliving of Delmarva performs every project with such passion and outstanding craftsmanship that their worked is recognized nationally. They are the proud recipients of 4 consecutive first place National Sunrooms Association design awards. If you’re on the fence and not sure what to do with your house, adding a Betterliving Sunroom is the obvious solution. Just about every time we finish up a job the home owner always says “we wish we had done it sooner.”


3,500 OFF



*Limited Time Offer. Call for Details.




302-732-9860 or 877-251-0080 delmarvasunrooms.com


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Home & Garden

TESTIMONIALS FOR TAILORED LIVING As the National Publisher of the Woman’s Newspapers, I had an opportunity to work with many independent service professionals. I am personally inpress and proud to say, I never work with anyone who has a better work ethic as yourself. You are always on time and do exactly what you say you will do without hesitation. Your staff members are extremely polite, introducing themselves as they entered my home leaving me with a secure professional feeling throughout the project. I am happy to say I love my new office. Thank you, Elizabeth Kapke, Publisher, CEO

We have enjoyed the fine services of Tailored Living. Bill and his staff arrived on time and completed the job beautifully with no mess left behind. Our garage floor and cabinets make life so much easier, and when it rains on our outdoor parties, it is a comfortable retreat. - Barbara, Milford

I’m really glad I selected Tailored Living and Bill Nickerson to design and build my two master bedroom closets. The process was easy and Bill and his employees did an excellent job. They were prompt, courteous and were very accommodating even when I made changes. I highly recommend Bill and will refer him whenever the opportunity arises. - Joyce, Selbyville

I got your email from Scott Barnes at the corporate headquarters. I wrote to both him and Dan concerning the tremendous job that Howard and his crew did re-doing my garage floor. They corrected all the problems, and even really, really, impressed me with how they performed and the night and day difference between their work, and that done by the previous franchisee. Please pass on my compliments to Howard and his crew and I greatly look forward to giving your franchise as many referrals as I can. Thanks for helping me get this in the rearview mirror. We went from a kind of dangerous eyesore of a garage, to something we can really feel proud of. - Gerry Matteson

38 I Spring 2018

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Home & Garden

Murphy Beds: A Great Addition at the Beach! Many of us remember the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy gets trapped in a Murphy bed! Those days are long gone with modern Murphy bed designs but the advantages of the wall bed remain. Being at the beach, we all get a lot of company but real estate is expensive. We need a way to dual-purpose our rooms without sacrificing comfort for our guests or styling for our décor.

Bill and Janis Nickerson opened Tailored Living Serving Rehoboth Beach in early 2014. Janis is a Georgetown native. This move completes a commitment Bill made 20 years ago to “retire” to Sussex County. The Tailored Living franchise allows Bill to pursue two of his passions of woodworking and entrepreneurship. It has been an exciting second year completing many pantries, garages, home offices, Murphy beds, and closets in and around DelMarVa. Let us design a solution for you!

The Murphy Wall Bed offered by Tailored Living Serving Rehoboth Beach offers a great solution. We custom design the bed in twin, double, or queen size with side storage and decorative panels to enhance your room. We also offer a library style that hides the bed with sliding bookshelves and lighting for reading and accent. Avoid the discomfort for your guests of foldout couches while enjoying the benefits of reclaiming the guest room in your home. A Murphy bed instead of a standard queen bed will save 30 square feet of floor space when the bed is closed! Use that found space for a home office, play room, craft room, whatever you like by calling your Tailored Living Organizational Specialist to design a Murphy bed for your home.

A custom Murphy bed installed in Bethany Beach!

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR 2018? Work Smarter? Take up a new hobby? Get your kids ready faster?


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Shop, compare and SAVE as many exhibitors offer EXPO specials! Benefits Habitat for Humanity - Come and learn more about this organization and how YOU can help!

Cape Henlopen High School

Sponsors: Andersen Windows, The Cape Gazette, Comcast Spotlight, Sussex County Women’s Journal.

Sat., April 7 • 9am-5pm & Sun., April 8 • 10am-3pm

Over 80 Exhibitors, Realtors, Developers, Builders, Mortgage and Financial Firms, MANY Home Products and Service Companies All sharing some of the newest products on the market!


Free Parking • Free Admission • Gifts and Prizes!

The Home Expo will be showcasing the finest products and services for ALL of your home needs! Come and meet “face to face” and get “feel” before you hire.

Contact Kathy Benson 302.236.0857 This ad sponsored by The Sussex County Woman.

APRIL 27-28, 2018 Cycle through Sussex County’s scenic landscapes and flat terrain – the perfect destination for an early season ride! Beautiful views and vistas highlight rides of all lengths, which begin and end in Bethany Beach, DE.


m e tri c c e




c o u rs e

ry co u rs

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urs e le





50 62.5 100 co




n ri d e




Friday on






Presented by ™


40 I Spring 2018


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(302) 537-2508


Ground Maintenance • Lawns • Hedges • Shrubs Tree Cutting & Pruning • Planting • Sodding • Seeding • Fertilizing Mulching • Bluestone • Hauling Stone Walls Built • Brick & Cement Work Snow Removal • Fully Insured Landscaping, Bobcat & Backhoe Services







RE , N





“The Best Little Boat Dealer In Delaware” Lingo Marine is your full-service boat dealer, representing manufacturers such as Xpress Boats, Veranda Pontoons, Mercury and Suzuki outboards, and LoadRite trailers. Our 10-person service department is led by factory-trained techs with over 40-years combined experience, specializing in Mercury, Mercruiser, Suzuki, and Yamaha outboard motor repairs. Marine services include boat bottom painting, fiberglass repair, pontoon repair, custom canvas work, rigging, and boat storage, including hauling and launching. We maintain an inventory of the parts most often needed by our customers, along with accessories to compliment everyday boating activities. Our new and used boats inventory varies with the season. If you’re looking for a bass boat, deck boat, or pontoon - aluminum or fiberglass - hunting boat or for fishing - check with us often. And, we regularly accept consignments. Lingo Marine is a third generation business serving local boating needs since 1961.

121 Delaware Avenue • Millsboro, DE 19966 “Tax Free Delaware” 302-934-9877 • lingomarine.com

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SEASONAL SEASONAL SOLUTIONS: SOLUTIONS: Benefits to hydrotherapy relief: Cost analysis and energy efficiency

The idea of a relaxing soak in hot water is by no means a new one. Throughout history people from many cultures have enjoyed this practice. From naturally occurring thermal springs to elaborately constructed bath houses, the benefits of hydrotherapy are well established. Once you experience Jacuzzi Hot Tubs brand of hydrotherapy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. When you slip into the hot massaging waters, your muscles will relax, and your mind will clear. Jacuzzi, truly water that moves you. Energy efficient hot tubs are the standard today for the hot tub industry and much research goes into improving the energy consumption rates for hot tubs. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are the most efficient available with monthly

42 I Spring 2018

electric usage rates below $11.00 per month for a hot tub holding 350 gallons. Larger models usage rates are below $20.00 per month. Full foamed maintenance free cabinets and energy efficient motors all contribute to a hot tubs energy usage. This is less than your typical water heater for your house. Maintenance of a hot tub is easier than most people think. There have been vast improvements in filtration and chemical care as well as other means of sanitation. Jacuuzzi Hot Tubs utilize an ultra violet system that improves and simplifies the maintenance process. This treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and up to 50% reduction in sanitizing chemical usage. And most of all no harmful odors or by products

produced. This makes hot tub care easy and hassle free. Affordability and financing have also become commonplace in the hot tub industry with consumer financing companies like GE Capital and Wells Fargo. All offer special deals and rate plans based on the consumers needs. This line of unsecured credit is readily available to customers. Monthly payments are as low as $65.00 per month with unlimited payoff time periods. Bank financing and credit card purchases are the most common forms of financing a Jacuzzi Hot Tub purchase. Warranty and service are Seasonal Solutions main priority after the sale. All technical service is provided by our factory trained technicians in a fast and courte-

ous method. The dependability has been improved with warranty coverage out to 14 years on the electronics and 5 year minimum labor and parts coverage on the entire hot tub. This makes your first five years of ownership a secure investment. Jacuzzi has become the world’s most recognized and largest selling brand of Hot Tubs. Always looking to improve the Jacuzzi experience, the addition of waterfalls, stereos, and easy care synthetics keep Jacuzzi on the cutting edge. This ongoing commitment to innovative product development ensures Jacuzzi’s and Seasonal Solutions leadership position in the industry, and sets standards the world over.

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AVAMER ROOFING We Look Forward to Earning Your Business

Locally owned and operated, specializing in full service roofing. We provide excellent workmanship and use only quality materials. Fast, friendly, professional, and bilingual, we take pride in every job. Owner Operated by Angel Merino.

KNOWN AS “THE BEST ROOFERS IN TOWN” COVERING AREAS FROM OCEAN VIEW TO MILFORD WITH FOLLOWING SPECIALTIES: INSTALL, REPLACE OR REPAIR TO ASPHALT SHINGLES, FLAT, FOAM OR SINGLE PLY, METAL. Jasok K. says, “I had a hard time getting roofers in the area to show even up for an estimate. Angel came out the next day on time and quoted a fair price. He squeezed me between a couple of other jobs and had it done 2 days later. I couldn’t be happier. Don’t call anyone else. This is your guy.”

Call NOW for free estimate.



Dee’s Cleaning Service 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for 35 Years! Licensed, Insured & Bonded

• Residential • Commercial • Weekly, Bi-Monthly & Monthly • Windows • Vinyl Tile • After Construction

FREE House Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Pay for 3 home cleanings and get your 4th cleaning free!

Save 20% on 2 or more cleanings Call for Quote Today!

Fall Window Cleaning

Vinyl Tile Strip & Wax

Reservations being accepted Call Today • Condition Apply

Save 10%

Call Dee’s at 302.856.7989 ... You’ll be pleased! The County Woman’s Journal

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Watching out for the little ones….. Not too long after the first of the year, I saw a story on one of the morning shows talking about new recommendations being handed down from the CPSC (consumer product safety commission) to window covering manufacturers concerning child safety. The recommendations were aimed mostly at coverings that are sold in big box stores and not custom shops. Four or five years ago there was a similar story and the main concern was on stock Roman shades that people would buy off the shelf at big box stores. The cording on the back of the shades that was connected from pleat to pleat could cause a loop and a small child not raising the shade but trying to just get between the shade and the window could get their head inside the loop. It was a problem and the industry really did make

good changes to help prevent this from happening. The story obviously couldn’t relay all the details but I did notice that the CPSC concentrated more on blinds this time and not on shades as in the past. Faux wood blinds are horizontal or Venetian style blinds made in the same fashion as what most people refer to as a wood blind. They have 2 or 2 ½ inch wide slats which are made out of vinyl. They are widely used because they are timeless and universal. They are also less expensive than many other treatments which makes them a good value and a popular choice. As mentioned before most of the concern is with stock blinds sold at big box stores. Faux wood blinds are made to a couple different quality levels. Faux woods sold by custom retailers will most often be of a higher quality and amongst other things use what is called a cord condenser on the lift cords. The cord condenser goes a long way to prevent a safety hazard that I see with lesser cost faux wood blinds quite often.

The hazard I refer to is tangled lift cords which are all too often hanging low enough for a small child to reach. The tangled up cords can create another loop that a small child can get their head into and get twisted. Often there is enough extra length on the cords and the window is mounted high enough that they can be shortened, not affect lift operation, and get the cords out of reach of the smallest and most vulnerable. Another fix is to attach cord cleats and tie off the cords high enough that small hands cant reach. As I said before, faux woods are very popular and are sold by big box stores and custom retailers alike so if your child is or will be around them just take a look at the lift cords. Are they tangled, do they present a danger? If they do do, the answer can be inexpensive and quick.

“Loved working with budget blinds. They were recommended to us by friends who used them. Service was great. Sales associates helped with choices. Installers were terrific. Mark and Doug our installers were knowledgeable and professional.” - Nancy and Marc M

44 I Spring 2018

The County Woman’s Journal

Home & Garden With the blind completely down and covering the window, you can shorten the cords to as much as a few inches below the bottom of the head rail. As long as the cords are not up in the head rail in this position they only need to be long enough to get a hold of for lifting the blind. Once you figure out how short to make the cords, make sure they are not tangled and tie them all into an overhand knot. If you want to put a tassel or barrel over the knot be sure to put it on before you tie it. At this point, any string below the knot is excess and can be cut off. You can cut most of the strings and leave one or two hanging lower for looks and for function. Just two cords compared to many are much easier to keep untangled and you can put tassels or barrels on the ends of those to help lift the blind and for appearance. That essentially gives that blind a cord condenser and makes it much safer. It will also help the blind to function longer and easier so take and look and see if this may help you or someone you know get rid of a safety hazard.

“Good afternoon, Ashley and Tony. Your team arrived on schedule and completed the job….perfectly with the upmost professionalism. I was impressed with the last installation and even more so with today’s install!! THANK YOU for a job well done from start to finish, it has been my pleasure to have worked with your organization. Since you have covered every window and door here, I didn’t expect that I would be calling on you again for this property, until Doug mentioned that you also do exterior solar shades, so…. I will be calling you Ashley during the first quarter to give me a quote on at least five units for our back porch.” - Merry Christmas! John “Please know that I could not be any more pleased with my dealings with your company. From the begining, meeting with Krista for blind selection to the installation by Cody & Jeremy. They were all helpful, competent and pleasant to do business with. I will happily recommend your services.” - Jean - Rehoboth Beach , DE

The County Woman’s Journal

Spring 2018 I 45

Home & Garden

Sleep: The Key To Vitality And Well-Behaved Kids Most of us know, or at least acknowledge, that we must eat right and exercise in order to remain healthy. But what about sleep? Sleep is essential – a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Yet, majority of us struggle and report having sleep problems at least once per week.

Did you know that sleep deprivation can lead to problems including obesity, heart disease, depression and impaired immune function? (Reported by The National Sleep Foundation) Sleep problems are no longer adult issues either. New research shows that there is a direct correlation between disruptive behavior in children and sleep. School children who are disruptive with aggressive behaviors are twice as likely to show signs of sleep problems compared to well- behaved kids. (Parker-Pope, Tara. “The School Bully is Sleepy”. Web blog post. Ask Well. The New York Times. June 2011. well.blogs.nytimes.com) So how do we combat this problem? How do we get a good night’s sleep, protect our children and get quality sleep which is a predictor of physical and cognitive health, wellness, and vitality? One of the best ways to achieve optimum sleep is to make sure that you create the perfect environment. Start with your bedroom by settingup a blissful dreamland you’ll be excited to spend two-thirds of your life in. Keep a reasonable daily schedule, keep the room dim, hide your electronics, and most importantly invest in an awesome mattress. That is especially true for your children! Local retailers, such as

46 I Spring 2018

Scott’s Furniture in Bridgeville, DE, can help you with that last detail. The foundation, of any sleeping oasis, is a quality mattress. It can be a daunting experience choosing the right one with so many brands and styles available. Each brand has its strengths which needs to be catered to individual needs. Scott’s Furniture carries DelMarVa’s largest selection of TEMPURPEDIC (America’s most recommended brand), Sealy (the most trusted name in sleep) and Stearns & Foster (America’s #1 brand of luxury bedding) mattresses and bed bases. Scott’s Furniture, on Route 13 North in Bridgeville, DE, has a mattress or sleep set to fit any budget, any support level, any comfort preference or any sleep need. Free delivery is available for most sleep sets plus a complimentary haul-away of your old mattresses. Whatever your personal preference; Spring, Foam, Memory Foam, Gel Memory Foam, or Hybrid - Scott’s Furniture has your next great night’s sleep covered. Euro Pillow Tops, Plush, Cushion Firm, Firm, Ultra Firm all on display! The latest in sleep technology, support options, and comfort choices along with old fashioned quality and service are right around the corner. In addition to the massive

mattress inventory, Scott’s Furniture sells Egyptian Cotton sheet sets, waterproof mattress protectors, and box spring encasements. Interest free financing is available as are additional hours by appointment. Layaway is always an option plus discounts for cash purchases. With over 100 years of combined

experience among Scott’s Sleep Specialists, plus the most trusted names in bedding, Scott’s provides you better quality, better sleep, for better health, for less money. Scott’s Furniture, Inc., 18451 Sussex Highway (U. S. Rt. 13 N) Bridgeville, DE 19933 302-337-8274 www.scottsfurniture.com.

Delmarva’s LARGEST Sealy, TempurPedic & Stearns & Foster Selection!

Route 13

18451 Sussex Highway, Bridgeville (Across from Jimmy’s Grille)

Open Monday - Saturday 10a-5pm Additional hours by appointment

302-337-8274 • ScottsFurniture.com

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Testimonial: Twila Farrell is truly my favorite women’s clothing store. Unique quality, and unparalleled personal service. - Nancy E.

Distinctive Clothing & Accessories at Twila Farrell!

When you visit Twila Farrell on Second Street in Lewes, it is more like visiting the closet of your stylish best friend than just going shopping. That’s because owners Twila and Sandy Farrell not only have impeccable sense of style, but they have a goal to make each and every customer’s experience a personal one. “Your job as a customer is to have an exceptional shopping experience, and my job is to make it happen,” says Sandy, who is Twila’s daughter-in-law. Customers are happy to know that Twila Farrell places emphasis on items made in the USA. The store specializes in casual, yet elegant looks for women of any age. Not ones to be restricted to just clothing, Farrell’s offer a variety of shoes and accessories for purchase (including scarves, exquisite necklaces and earrings.) “Our customers become our friends, and we find ourselves selecting pieces specifically for certain customers.” Sandy says. For us, it is more about our relationship with our customers and the shopping experience. We focus on unusual pieces that define your personal style.” “Our day’s work revolves around creating a warm and inviting store. We strive to provide all of our customers a personal shopping experience.” The store is open year-a-round, seven days a week from 10am to 5pm except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The County Woman’s Journal

Spring 2018 I 47


s k r o SAVE w e r i F ! k s orks u w e D r i F at ! sk u D t a

THE 2018 2018

O DATE ne Day One D Eve n ay t! Event !

Mispillion Riverwalk in Downtown Milford, DE

Saturday, September 8th


All Day Events start at 9 am ★ Food Court Opens at 9 am Over 100 Vendors ★ Car Show ★ Boat Parade Kids’ Activities and Games ★ Petting Zoo ★ Pony Rides Live Entertainment ★ Dunk Tank ★ Beer Garden

in Downtown Milford, DE

Saturday, September 8


@RiverwalkFreedomFestival for updates!

MILFORD’S LARGEST OUTDOOR FESTIVAL! Talleyville Center, Concord Pike 302.477.1870 Hours: Tue, Wed, Fri 10-5 Thurs 10-6 Sat 10-4

Talleyville Center, Silverside Road 302.478.7890 Hours: Tue, Wed, Fri 10-5 Thurs 10-6 Sat 10-4

All Day Events start at 9 am ★ Food Court Opens at 9 am Over 100 Vendors ★ Car Show ★ Boat Parade Where Style Meets Savings! A Resale Furniture Shop like no other! Kids’ Activities and Games ★ Petting Zoo ★ Pony Rides Women’s Clothing, Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes, Artwork, Furniture & Home Accents Live Entertainment ★ Dunk Tank ★ Beer Garden Start the New Year off @RiverwalkFreedomFestival with some fun! Schedule your Girls Night Out Sip & Shop or Sip & Paint NOW. Dates are filling up fast! Call Dale at 302.478.7890. SHOP


All net proceeds benefit the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition


for updates!

Supported by:

All donations tax deductible

Sussex County Women's Journal is proud to sponsor this page.

48 I Spring 2018

The County Woman’s Journal



2018 Pineapple Princess Summer Wear

Oh sweet summertime, how we have missed you. Summer 2018 is fast approaching which means sun and fun and swimwear time. We, at the Pineapple Princess, are gearing up for a fabulous summer season with lines of swimwear and apparel arriving daily starting in April for the summer season. It is looking like it will be a great summer ahead so let our gals at the Pineapple Princess help fit you in the perfect swimwear when it comes time to tackle the lovely task. We carry a wide variety of sizes ranging from XS-XXL (4-24) and we specialize in cup sizes A-G in one pieces, tankinis and two piece bikinis in name brands that include Tommy Bahama, Sea Folly, Sea Waves, Sunsets, Swim Systems, Betsey Johnson, William Rast, Becca, Maxine, Penbrooke, Gottex and many more. Match any swimsuit with a beautiful coverup and/or dress for the perfect beach day or cruising around town in brands such as Dream Dance, JValdi, Dotti, Tommy Bahama, Alison Sheri and more. Accessories are always a must at the beach to doll up an outfit and we love to hand pick our accessories such as jewelry and sun hats for you to highlight any outfit or swimsuit. For that even more perfect fit, we offer alterations and adjustments on swimwear right on store premise which makes the choices  endless with one of the largest swimwear selections at the beach! Let our staff make you feel like a princess and assist in making the daunting task of swimsuit shopping into a pleasant one as we handpick selections for gals to help flatter any shape. Open daily through Spring 10am-6pm and starting memorial day weekend 9am-10pm daily. Hope to see everyone at the beach this summer and have blessed 2018 beach season!

The County Woman’s Journal

Spring 2018 I 49


Legal Responsibilities of Dog Ownership Susan D’Alonzo Ament is a partner with Morris James LLP and has practiced for 33 years representing personal injury victims. Over the years, Mrs. Ament has found that some women don’t understand the crucial need to have adequate automobile insurance coverage in the event of a serious accident. Susan Ament educates women on these needs every day in her practice and in seminars that she presents throughout the year. We all love our dogs. Our furry friends often become members of our family. Their loyalty and companionship provide a constant source of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction. We welcome them into our homes and hearts with steadfast devotion. However, welcoming a canine friend into your life also comes with legal responsibility as well. It is important to know how Delaware views your responsibility as a pet owner – and how Delaware dog/dogbite law could affect you. First, if you are a homeowner, you should check your homeowner’s policy to ensure that there are no restrictions in your policy that limit or nullify your coverage in the event you own or purchase a dog. Insurance companies, in an effort to limit liability, will often restrict the type, breed, size, or weight of dog you can own. Even if there are no such restrictions in your policy, it is good practice to contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier regarding any “changes” to your household or home. Place your carrier on notice that you now have a dog living at your property. Next, you should contact the applicable local and county agencies to ensure your dog is properly registered and licensed. Your veterinarian’s office can be extremely helpful in this regard. Most veterinary offices have a listing of the various offices/agencies in Sussex, Kent, and New Castle County where you can obtain a dog license. The veterinarian’s office can also provide information on the cost of these dog licenses. Delaware’s dog license laws are governed by 16 Del. C. §3042(F). Third, as a dog owner, under Delaware law, you must exercise reasonable control over your dog at all times. Your dog is not permitted to run “at large” at any time of day. You must also ensure that your dog is confined in your home, is secured in a pen, or collared or chained to your premises between the hours of sunset and sunrise each day. These rules can be found at 16 Del. C. §3048(F). Failure to comply with these rules will result in fines and other potential legal consequences. There are also rules in Delaware about when you can walk your dog on the beach. Specifically, pursuant to 7 Del. C. §1702, your

50 I Spring 2018

dog is not allowed in a “designated swimming or sunbathing area” at any time between May 1 and September 30. Violation of this rule, again, will subject you to fines and other potential civil penalties. Finally, you must understand your potential liability as a dog owner. It is often said that “every dog gets one free bite.” That could not be further from the truth in Delaware. Furthermore, dog bites are not the only potential way your dog can expose you to liability for someone’s injury. Delaware’s “dog bite” law, highlighted at 7 Del. C. §1711, covers both bite and non-bite injuries – and is generally one of the more expansive laws for victims of injuries caused by a dog in the country. 7 Del. C. §1711 reads: The owner of a dog is liable in damages for any injury, death or loss to person or property that is caused by such dog, unless the injury, death or loss was caused to the body or property of a person who, at the time, was committing or attempting to commit a trespass or other criminal offense on the property of the owner, or was committing or attempting to commit a criminal offense against any person, or was teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog.

Michael Owen with his dog Stella

In short, this statute means that the owner of a dog is liable, or legally responsible, for ANY injuries caused by his or her dog. This statute also means that, as the owner of a dog that causes injury to someone else, you do not have to be proven negligent – or having done something wrong. As long as you were the owner of the dog when it caused injury, you are Stella on the proverbial hook – you are Reneta Green-Streett’s “strictly liable” for any injuries three dogs. caused by your dog. Strictly liable is another way of saying strictly responsible. Delilah There are a few exceptions to this rule, but those exceptions are limited. Unless the person who was injured was trespassing on the owner’s property; was on the owner’s property to commit a crime and was in the process of committing that crime; or was “teasing, tormenting, or abusing the dog,” the dog owner is going to be legally responsible for injuries caused by his or her dog. Delaware law interprets what constitutes teasing, tormenting, and abusing fairly narrowly.

Represen�ng Individuals Injured in Auto Accidents and at Work

Dixon Darbi

Reneta Green-Streett and Darbi



“Your Quality of Life is Our Top Priority” Francis J. “Pete” Jones, Jr.

Clayton E. Bunting

107 W. Market Street Georgetown, DE 19947 302.217.3390 Free Consultation No Fees Unless We Win Day, Evening & Weekend Appointments Home and Hospital Visits

Keith Donovan, Kevin Healy, Wilson Gualpa*, Reneta Green-Streett, Michael Owen,


Clayton Bunting, Susan D’Alonzo Ament, Pete Jones

Other Locations to Serve You:

Wilmington 803 N. Broom Street Wilmington, DE 19806 302.433.6780

Newark 16 Polly Drummond Hill Road Newark, DE 19711 302.318.8486

Dover 850 New Burton Road #101 Dover, DE 19904 302.213.3071

*Hablamos Español 302.318.8458

Rehoboth Beach 402 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302.260.7290

VISIT OUR WEBSITE to request a complimentary copy of our book Anatomy of a Personal Injury Claim

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Be It Ever So Humble ...

By Jeanine O’Donnell There is certainly no place like it! Your “castle” can be your first apartment or the mansion you always dreamed of sitting steps from the beach. How do you keep it safe? How do you make sure it is protected? Those questions are asked and answered every day with people who are renting or who own; those that have a card table and blow-up mattress to fine arts and the finest of furniture. There are things that you may not even think of until a thorough review is done. Here are some important tips to keep your home sweet home safe and coverage questions to make sure you can answer: ** Make sure your home and contents are covered for replacement cost. This avoids depreciation in the event of a loss which can mean more money out of your pocket. ** Review all deductibles on your policy with your agent. This is especially critical if you are in a coastal area, as there can be additional out of pocket expense in the event of high winds, tropical storms or hurricanes. ** Ask your agent what special limits exist on contents. Items like money, coins, jewelry, business property, collectibles, guns, silverware, and computers can be limited to a certain dollar amount. There are special policies available that provide increased coverage and sometimes even a lower deductible on these items. ** Remember floods and earthquakes are not covered on a homeowner policy. If you own a condo, there may be coverage offered under your association, however you must check to make sure. These disasters can be covered through endorsements or a separate flood insurance policy. Ask your agent for details. ** You should take a photo inventory of your contents to substantiate your property in the event of a loss. This also helps you get a clear picture of what you may have. Just think 100 music CDs/movies at an average of $15 and you are already at $1500! It adds up quickly when you talk about clothing, furniture, electronics-don’t underestimate what you have, as saving a few dollars up front could cost you thousands out of pocket in the event of a loss. ** Understand there is another section for of your policy for liability which can assist you in the event of a lawsuit. Discuss the coverage available especially if you have pets, a swimming pool or trampoline, children who bring their friends over to play or you entertain a great deal. ** Make preventative maintenance a part of your routine. Check your washing/ice machine hoses for wear and tear to prevent ruptures. Get on

The County Woman’s Journal

a regular schedule for pest control as most policies will not cover termites or vermin that can do significant damage. Clean your dryer vent after each load and check your output hose for lint accumulation. Being a homeowner comes with excitement and lots of responsibility. Review your policy annually with your agent to insure proper coverage and peace of mind in the event the unfortunate occurs. We see it every day. While you can’t prevent it you can mitigate your loss with good coverage! Knowledge = Protection.

“There are things that you may not even think of until a thorough review is done. Here are some important tips to keep your home sweet home safe and coverage questions to make sure you can answer ...”

It’s why I’m here. Your home and car are more than just things. They’re where you make your memories – and they deserve the right protection. I get it. It’s why I’m here. LET’S TALK TODAY.

Jeanine O'Donnell, Agent 16583 Coastal Hwy Lewes, DE 19958 Bus: 302-644-3276 jeanine@lewesinsurance.com


State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Fire and Casualty Company Bloomington, IL

Spring 2018 I 51


We help leaders make better technology decisions. Strategic Technology Solutions built around your organization.

Our expert team of IT professionals are here to help you make better technology decisions that help drive your business forward.

Managed Security Solutions Threat Management • Vulnerability Management • Compliance Management

Industries we serve. •







Real Estate


Managed IT Solutions Service Desk • Business Continuity • Disaster Recovery • Cloud Solutions • IT Consulting

Unified Communications VoIP Phones & Services • Call Flow Design • Enhanced Call Analytics • Secure Email & Fax

IT Infrastructure

Structured Cabling • Wireless/WiFi Communications • Infrastructure Design www.ThinkSecureNet.com

52 I Spring 2018

The County Woman’s Journal

Event Planning

Planning the Perfect Event should not be complicated! Today more than ever it is essential to consider liability and budget limitations regarding meetings and special events. Private parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings and birthdays should be festive with delicious food and beverages. Pharmaceutical and medical research meetings have the additional burden of ACA compliance. It’s a delicate balance between quantity, quality and cost.

Our experienced coordinators, at The Pearl, are fully committed to providing quality private dining services and meeting support services, within budgetary restrictions, and in compliance with ACA regulations. Our 25 years of experience and committed staff of experts will assist you every step of the way, elevating your image and your professional agenda. As we partner with you, our endeavor is to provide first class food, beverage and support services. This allows you to focus on issues important to you; your guests, your agenda and achieving your goals.

It would be our privilege to help you host your next event!

“If we plan it, they will come!”

The County Woman’s Journal

Contact The Cultured Pearl Event Coordinator 302-227-8493 or Email: Lisa.cpearl@gmail.com

Spring 2018 I 53

Business & Finance PROTECTION PLANNING • YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET IS YOU! The most important financial decision you make is PROTECTING you! • We all work hard to accumulate wealth, why wouldn’t we want to protect the thing that we continue to work hard for?

Allow me the opportunity to meet with you. Together we can create a balanced financial plan that gives you security, confidence and clarity!

• Traditional planning focuses on chasing the best rate of return and guessing our future needs.

Deborah Ann Crawford financial representative

• A new approach to creating your financial freedom includes: • PROTECTION FIRST! • BECOMING A WORLD CLASS SAVER! • Protect your todays so we can create a secure financial foundation for your future. You protect your possessions, why wouldn’t you protect yourself? Once you’ve properly protected your assets, then the focus shifts to becoming a world class saver. Many people I speak to initially never feel like they are saving enough, if at all!


Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), 355 Lexington Avenue, 9th Fl New York NY 10017, 212 541-8800. Securities products/services and advisory services offered through PAS, a registered broker/dealer and investment adviser. Financial Representative, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian. Wealth Advisory Group LLC is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. Wealth Advisory Group is not a Registered Investment Advisor.

C: 516-497-0225 deborah_crawford@wagllc.com www.wagllc.com

PAS is a member of FINRA, SIPC. 2018-54391 Exp. 2/20

Change Your Life in 2018 Licenses Available In Your Area Woman Publishing Entrepreneurs Wanted ... Join over 371 other counties that are publishing or have an option to publish in the United States and BE YOUR OWN BOSS! We are looking for a few bright, energetic, creative women and men to publish our trademarked, copyrighted newspapers IN YOUR COUNTY, IN YOUR STATE, IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Join the fastest growing educational Woman’s Newspaper syndicated in the United States. MINIMAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED! Maximum return ... Be your own boss, set your own hours and make your life mean more! ALL TRAINING PROVIDED! If you are interested in developing with us in 2018 in your STATE, in your COUNTY ...

CALL 1-800-993-3822 Join the #1 Woman’s Educational Newspaper in the U.S.

54 I Spring 2018

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Best Little Gift Shop in Long Neck

Treasures, Trinkets & Treats 98 Rudder Rd., 302-858-2117

We offer the latest in Permanent Makeup techniques! Natural hairstroke eyebrows. Softly-defined waterproof eyeliner. Fully blushed lips.

BROWS, EYELINER & LIPS Define and enhance your makeup today. Call for a Free Consultation 302-525-0822

* actual client photos

Eastern Shore Makeup 34548 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean View DE 19970 www.espmakeup.com

Featuring Dixie Belle Chalk Paint, Slower Lower Delaware Merchandise and Locally Crafted Products

    Visit

Us in Rehoboth    

Open Fri.-Mon. in March and April; Thurs.-Mon. in May & June. Alpaca clothing, accessories, yarns, Peruvian Pima Cotton clothing.

33 Wilmington Ave, Rehoboth Beach

Call Today! Kelley 302-236-7950 Karla 302-236-6512

Part Time Sales Help Perfect For The Stay-At-Home Mom!

If you are not making $35,000 to $40,000 a year part time Then it is time to think of the Women’s Newspaper. We are looking for one part time sales person. We train for Sussex County.


Call Today! Blair 443-477-2220 Kelley 302-236-7950


And Also in Laurel    

Open one Sat. a month. Mar. 17, Apr. 14, May 12; or by appt. Check websites or FB for summer. Alpaca clothing, accessories, yarns. Stonewall Kitchen Products, Lang stationery products. Tours, birthday parties offered.

28494 Fire Tower Road, Laurel

The County Woman’s Journal

Applicants have to have a great personality and work ethic! Work from your home and make your own hours. Applicants must be bright, energetic, love to meet new people, and most of all, love our educational women’s newspaper with a passion!

CALL 1-800-993-3822 Spring 2018 I 55


Social Workers

• ASSIST application process • Applying for food benefits

at the Library

• Medicaid • Long-term nursing care

DHSS Community Partner Support Unit In Sussex County at: Frankford Public Library • Seaford District Library • Selbyville Public Library

• Childcare • Home energy assistance • Learning about other DHSS agencies • Referrals to partner organizations

Visit delawarelibraries.org/socialworkers for locations, times and more information.


Sussex County Women's Journal is proud to sponsor this page for our libraries.

An Award-winning Chamber with Nationally Recognized Events Voted Best Chamber 2 Years in a Row!

Our focus is on businesses with 0 to 100 employees and any business that economically supports our local small business community.

Designed with you in mind... We offer monthly or yearly subscription plans. Become a Member today! Learn More at www.dsbchamber.com or Call (302) 482-2120

56 I Spring 2018

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What is Neurotherapy? For an understanding of the science of Neurotherapy please visit www.isnr.org and click Resources. Next click Overview of Neurofeedback and watch the short film. You can also click “comprehensive bibliography” to see studies that include various brain related conditions such as:

Part Time Sales Help

· ADD/ADHD · Addiction Disorders · Anxiety · Autism/Asperger’s · Cognitive Enhancement · Depression · Epilepsy · Headaches · Insomnia · Strokes · Traumatic Brain Injury Neurotherapy can contribute to general overall health by increasing the brain’s ability to self-regulate, focus, relax and be emotionally flexible. Brain Love® Neurotherapy was founded by Lauren Haggerty, MSPT, BCN. Lauren is a Board Certified Neurotherapist and a Physical Therapist with over 17 years of experience. You can contact Lauren at Lauren@brainloveneurotherapy.com. Please Contact us for a free consultation:


WWW.BRAINLOVENEUROTHERAPY.COM 19633 Blue Bird Lane, Suite 5 Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Perfect For The Stay-At-Home Mom If you are not making $35,000 to $40,000 a year part time Then it is time to think of the Women’s Newspaper. We are looking for one part time sales person. We train for Sussex County. Applicants have to have a great personality and work ethic! Work from your home and make your own hours.

Applicants must be bright, energetic, love to meet new people, and most of all, love our educational women’s newspaper with a passion!

CALL 1-800-993-3822 TO FIND OUT MORE!

Factory Sports Complex

Your Premier Indoor Sports Facility in Sussex County Pickleball • Basketbal • Flag Football • Birthday Parties Indoor Lacrosse • Indoor Soccer, Youth & Adult Strength & Conditioning Senior Strength Training • Home School Gym Class • Preschool Sports Speed & Agility Training • Group Fitness Strength & Conditioning Programs Student Athlete Before/ After School Program Corporate Team Building Experiences “The coaching staff. They are excellent teachers, leaders and role models for the players. The player improvement from beginning to end of season was fun to watch.”


302-703-6964 I www.factorysportsde.com 17543 Nassau Commons Blvd Lewes, Delaware 19958

The County Woman’s Journal

Spring 2018 I 57

Fabulous Foods

Crab & Seafood Market Specializing in Jumbo Crabs All Hand Sorted Steamed to Order & GUARANTEED Variety of Wild Fresh Fish Fillets, Shellfish, Sandwiches, Platters, Homemade Crab Cakes, Soups & Sides

Order Ahead 302.537.7511 42A Atlantic Avenue • Ocean View, DE 19970 • 302.537.7511


58 I Spring 2018

The County Woman’s Journal

Arts & Leisure

Back Bay Art Glass We carry a full line of stained glass and fused glass supplies. We give instructions privately so we can move at your pace. We have finished artwork on display and will also gladly make a custom piece for you. Stop in to visit with us. We are open daily from 10am-5pm and closed Thursdays.


I love shopping for stained glass supplies at Back Bay Art Glass in Oak Orchard. Besides a wide selection of art supplies, Ace and Nancy, the owners, are such wonderful people. Their help they offer in doing stained glass projects, their suggestions, and simply their friendship make going to Back Bay a wonderful and rewarding experience. - Paul Puch

31507 Trading Post Plaza, Unit #4, Route 24, Millsboro, DE

Backbayartglass.com • backbayartglass@hotmail.com

Lighthouse Catering Experienced, Unique, Affordable What makes us unique? We customize our menus for each event to make you comfortable not just with the food choices, but pricing as well. Our goal is quite simple, to make you Paul happy!

Established 1982

H. Buchness Proprieter

854-2883 Cell 302 542-4086 302

20520 Sand Hill Rd., Georgetown

www.lighthousecateringde.com lighthousecatering@netzero.com email The County Woman’s Journal

Spring 2018 I 59

Health & Medicine

HCW ~ Page 42

Health & Medicine

Fall 2017

ARE YOU READY TO QUIT SMOKING? I CAN HELP YOU DO IT!! “Studies have shown that hypnosis has a 66% success rate...much higher than other methods to quit smoking”

Hypnosis is a proven, reliable method for smoking cessation. You can stop smoking for good! Become one of the thousands of people who have quit smoking using hypnosis. For personalized, one-on-one hypnosis sessions to stop smoking, call 1-855-HYPNOSIS or 1-855-649-7667 today. You don’t have to gain weight because you quit smoking! We work to reprogram your subconscious mind so you will be able to remove cravings and redirect the habitual behaviors, and many people may even shed a few excess pounds after the sessions. We will give you the tools to eliminate this life-threatening addiction. You’re not giving up a habit or quitting anything … you’re taking control over your life!

Celebrities who have quit smoking using hypnosis Here are some well known smokers who kicked the habit and how they did it. Matt Damon smoked for 16 years before ridding himself of nicotine using the hypnosis method and reaching a new understanding of the harmful effects of smoking. Drew Barrymore reportedly used hypnosis to end her two-pack a day habit. Charlize Theron started smoking cigarettes to deal with stress and ended up smoking as many as three packs a day at one time. She quit smoking with hypnosis and now turned to yoga and pilates to de-stress. Hypnosis, Qigong and mediation are also great at managing stress. Ashton Kutcher quit smoking after reading the popular book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. The book combines hypnotic techniques with psychotherapy. Ellen Degeneres quit smoking using Hypnosis, live, on "Ellen Show". Anthony Hopkins quit with the help of Allen Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking".

Winona Ryder has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Samuel Jackson has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Ben Affleck recommended to him by his friend, Matt Damon, has used Hypnosis to quit smoking after being hooked on cigarettes for almost 20 years. Ewan McGregor has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Billy Joel has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Anthony LaPaglia has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Mark Knopfler has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Aaron Eckhart changed his life forever after he used Hypnosis to give up smoking and alcohol. Britney Spears has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Courteney Cox has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. Dorothy Hamill has used Hypnosis to quit smoking. David Arquette has used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

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ONE STOP AUTO - A COMMITMENT TO SERVICE DON’T TAKE A CHANCE WITH YOUR AUTO! CALL ONE STOP AND HERE IS WHY: “We have used one stop for Fifteen years. Being a female and truly not knowing anything about mechanics always made me feel vulnerable until I started using Joe from ONE STOP! I guarantee as a woman that you will not be taken advantage of. They are fair, they fix the problems and never ever do work that is not needed. With five business vehicles, they have provided me peace of mind.” Elizabeth Kapke, The Publisher

ONE STOP was recommended to me by a female V.P. of a local bank. Her exact words were, “Don’t get ripped off ever again, you can trust Joe and Bobby at ONE STOP.” Kathy M Bethany Beach, Delaware

“ONE STOP AAA Trucks got me out of a jam when I needed it. I was on the way to a woman’s network meeting and I ran out of gas. Called AAA and Joe was there in 15 minutes. I was not even late for my meeting.” Barbara S. Milford, Delaware “I used one of ONE STOP coupons for an oil change and now I give them all my work on my husband’s car and mine.” Joyce W. Seaford, Delaware

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OIL CHANGE & LUBE WITH 16 POINT INSPECTION “I bought a used Chevy from a Dealer. They said it was mechanically perfect. I drove it to ONE STOP. They found 2 leaks that were not disclosed by the Dealer. The Dealer adjusted the price.” Betty Lou G. Georgetown, Delaware

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! d e e t n a Guar

2098 Bay Road • Milford • 302-422-6026 • 302-335-1100 • Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm The County Woman’s Journal

Spring 2018 I 61


Rehoboth Car Wash By: Chris Dispoto We are certainly receiving our share of winter wrath here at the beach. Salt and sand on every road from curb to curb helps make it safe for travel, but what a mess it makes of our cars. This mess not only looks terrible, it is harmful to your vehicle. The white coating of salt on the paint you see also coats the undercarriage of your car. If this corrosive coating is not removed in a timely manner, it will certainly plague you in the future. Lucky for everyone, Rehoboth Car Wash offers an undercarriage wash with every Deluxe or Ultimate Wash Package. This service safely removes the salt and sand from the bottom of your car. It is also a good time of the year to book your Spring detailing appointment. March and April are our busiest months in the detail bay. With winter behind us and summer in front of us that once a year service will be much appreciated by your hard working vehicle. For an estimate or detailing, stop by the car wash anytime. Rehoboth Car Wash is located on the Route 1 service road at Rehoboth Avenue. Winter hours are 8a.m. to 5p.m. everyday, weather permitting. For more information call 302227-6177.

62 I Spring 2018

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Recreation & Leisure



10595 Worcester Highway Berlin, Ocean City MD 21811

410-641-3040 • www.baysidejetdrive.net

©2016 Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA. Follow instructional materials and obey all laws. Drive responsibly, wearing protective apparel. Always drive within your capabilities, allowing time and distance for maneuvers, and respect others around you. Don’t drink and ride. For more information, visit yamahawaverunners.com or call 1.800.88. YAMAHA. WaveRunner® is a Yamaha brand personal watercraft and not a generic term. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price does not include prep, freight or tax.

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Spring 2018 I 63

Recreation & Leisure

The most versatile wake-ready boat on the water.

10595 Worcester Highway Berlin, Ocean City MD 21811

410-641-3040 • www.baysidejetdrive.net

©2017 Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA. Follow instructional materials and obey all laws. Drive responsibly, wearing protective apparel. Always drive within your capabilities, allowing time and distance for maneuvers, and respect others around you. Don’t drink and drive. For more information, visit yamahaboats.com or call 1.800.88.YAMAHA.

64 I Spring 2018

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This is What Our Advertisers Say About the Women’s Journal! Claudia Alesi Oasis Wellness Spa

Regan Roberts Deck

Custom Mechanical, Inc.

“I would like to thank the Women’s Journal for the opportunity to be part of their publication. Barbara is wonderful to work with! I have received many comments from readers who have seen my articles and who are now loyal clients. The feed back has been great!”

Beth Berger

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition “We thoroughly enjoy working with the Sussex County Women’s Journal. For the past six years, it has allowed us to reach a large group of readers to share information on DBCC programs and events. Thank you for being so responsive to our requests and so available to meet our needs.”

Dr. Tracy Hudson

Henlopen Chiropractic and Acupuncture “Over the years, I have advertised in many publications and can honestly say that I have never gotten the response that I have with Sussex County Women’s Journal. The Journal is unique in that it educates our community while being professional and personal. My patients (new and old) love reading the articles and often take multiple copies to give to friends and family. And not only is it flying out of my lobby, I often receive calls from patients all over the county who have read my article and are interested in care. Not to mention how great it is to be working with someone as hardworking and driven as Barbara! I am proud to be part of SCWJ for the service it provides to the community.”

Terri Pippen The Medicine Woman

“I have advertised with the Sussex County Woman for several years. I am always being told by my clients that they see my advertisement and it reminds them to call my business and make an appointment for a service or to enroll in one of my classes. This has been a wise business decision I made that has helped my business become the success it is”

Chris Rementer Budget Blinds

“We advertise in the Sussex County Woman for a few reasons. First, it is a good read, second, it’s an opportunity to go into a little more detail to reach the more educated customer and third, the readership definitely represents our clientele. We stay because it gets results.”

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Sussex County Woman and Delmarva Parent since 1994 and love the response we get from their papers. Month after month, we consistently received feedback from existing clients and new customers who read our articles and appreciate the tips we pass along courtesy of the magazine.”

Luanne Holland and Barbie McDaniel Delaware Hospice

“The County Women’s Journals have been a great tool for Delaware Hospice to reach and educate the community on Delaware Hospice’s programs and services. Directed to female readers who are caregivers and decision makers, the Journal provides health information for all types of symptoms and illnesses. It has increased community awareness on how to live a better life and provides options of care for our community members.”

Ford C. Waggoner

Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore I advertise with the Women’s Journal because it is more personal than straight advertising. Articles help us relate to prospective consumers by sharing real stories about Easterseals services that have made a real difference for local people in our community. In addition, readership is off the charts as I frequently have people tell me that they recently saw my ad (i.e. at a doctors office) months after it was published. In addition, Barbara and the staff have been extremely supportive of Easterseals.

Mary Beth French

Eastern Shore Permanent Makeup Working with the Women’s Journal has been a DEFINING BEAUTY AT THE BEACH wonderful experience. It has also been the most productive advertising investment I have made. Its placement in doctor’s offices, eye care centers, beauty salons and more truly targets my demographic. Many clients have mentioned they read about my business while waiting for appointments. Invaluable! Wide distribution allows for a much greater audience then most local publications. Lastly, Barbara and her staff are kind, energetic and dedicated to seeing me succeed. EASTERN SHORE

Reaching 100,000 + Readers Throughout Delaware & Reaching 44,000 + Readers in Sussex County, DE

Don’t you think it’s time you test theWomen’s Journal TM?

1.800.993.3822 | www.sussexcountywoman.com Rated the #1 Educational Newspaper in the U.S. ~ U.S. World and Review

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Wellness Cherag A. Daruwala, M.D.

Dr. Cherag Daruwala is a board certified gastroenterologist who graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine and proceeded to complete his residency at Temple University Hospital and his fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Daruwala came to Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates from Philadelphia, where he was working at Temple University. “Like many gastroenterologists, I enjoy the technological aspect of my specialty. Because of my training and experience, I am proud to have been the first gastroenterologist in Central New Jersey to offer endoscopic ultrasound. This emerging technology is quickly becoming the gold standard in the diagnosis of various gastrointestinal illnesses. With endoscopic ultrasound, we are able to get high quality information about a patient’s condition in a way that is much easier and less invasive than other diagnostic procedures.”

Esophageal Cancer – Are You at Risk? Although esophageal cancer is still relatively rare compared to other cancers, there has been a staggering 600% increase in the disease over the last three decades. The number of people diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and the number of deaths from the disease, have increased more rapidly than any other gastrointestinal tumor. Esophageal cancer is one of the most deadly cancers. Only 18% of patients diagnosed live 5 years, as many cases are diagnosed after the disease has spread. The dramatic increase in esophageal cancer has been linked to the increased incidence of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). If you have been diagnosed with GERD, keep reading… The esophagus is a tube that connects the throat to the stomach. There are two types of esophageal cancer – squamous cell and adenocarcinoma. Squamous cell is normally seen in the middle of the esophagus, and is associated with smoking and alcohol use. Adenocarcinoma typically occurs in the lower esophagus, closer to the stomach, is associated with GERD, and is the more common of the two types of esophageal cancer in the U.S. When individuals have reflux, acid from the stomach enters the esophagus. Over time, the stomach acid changes cells in the lining of the esophagus. This condition is called Barrett’s esophagus. When Barrett’s esophagus is left untreated, the risk of developing esophageal cancer is increased 40-50x. However, if detected early, Barrett’s esophagus can be treated. Our physicians periodically monitor patients with GERD to watch for the cellular changes of Barrett’s esophagus.

66 I Spring 2018

Monitoring is done by performing an endoscopy. An endoscopy is a quick, 20 minute procedure. During an endoscopy the physician passes a flexible tube into the patient’s esophagus. He or she takes samples of cells that are studied in the laboratory to determine if there are any abnormalities in the cells. If Barrett’s esophagus is diagnosed, the physician will implement a patient-specific surveillance plan to watch for other cellular changes that could indicate a progression to esophageal cancer. This formal surveillance is critically important, even if the patient has no symptoms. A lack of symptoms doesn’t mean no damage is occurring. The esophagus may get used to the reflux, and, as a result, discomfort lessens or disappears entirely. What can you do to limit your risk of developing esophageal cancer? • First, watch your weight. GERD occurs 50% more often in overweight patients. • Second, don’t ignore symptoms of heartburn or reflux. It is important to both treat these symptoms, as well as ensure routine surveillance, to identify damage to your esophagus early. • Third, take medication prescribed by your physician as he or she directs. Do not change the dose, decrease frequency of taking the medication, or stop the medication without consulting your physician. Although you may no longer feel the heartburn or reflux, there may still be a negative effect of stomach acid impacting the cells of your esophagus. • Fourth, watch for symptoms that may indicate a change in your condition. If you experience difficulty swallowing, feel food stuck in your throat or chest, choke on food, have unintentional weight loss, worsening heartburn, coughing, hoarseness, or loss of appetite schedule a visit with your physician.

The bottom line: • Increased weight may result in GERD • Reflux from GERD may result in Barrett’s esophagus • Although rare, Barrett’s esophagus may lead to esophageal cancer • Esophageal cancer diagnosed at later stages has a high rate of death But, GERD can be controlled with medication, and both Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer can be detected early with routine monitoring.

Our physicians have many years of combined experience diagnosing and treating GERD and Barrett’s esophagus. At Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates, our physicians have many years of combined experience diagnosing and treating GERD and Barrett’s esophagus. To learn more about how to improve your digestion, schedule an appointment today with one of our board certified, highly qualified physicians. (908) 483-4000.

“I lived on antacids for years and then learned it was the worst thing I could have done for my condition.” – Carol C.

HEARTBURN You don’t have to live with it Now you can enjoy permanent relief from the pain of acid reflux, gas, or bloating. The first step is discovering why you have it. 1) Do I have GERD? Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is chronic acid reflux, the result of stomach acids flowing back up into your esophagus. A medical exam is required to determine if your heartburn is the result of GERD. 2) What are the symptoms of GERD? - Chronic heartburn - Heartburn that disturbs your sleep - A sour taste in your mouth - A burning sensation in your esophagus - Excessive belching - Hoarseness, voice changes or dry cough - Chest Pain 3) How do you diagnose the cause of my heartburn? Our board certified gastroenterologists offer the most advanced tests to assess gastrointestinal conditions and determine the cause of your heartburn.

Call to schedule an appointment (908) 483-4000 We have extended hours for your convenience. Flemington Office Monday through Friday: Monday and Thursday: Somerville Office Monday and Thursday: Wednesday: Hunterdon Endosurgery Center Monday through Friday Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Saturday

7:30am-5:00pm 7:30am-8:00pm 7:30am-5:00pm 11:00am-7:00pm 7:00am-5:30pm 7:00am-8:00pm 7:00am-2:30pm

Flemington Office:

Hunterdon Doctors Office Building 1100 Wescott Drive, Suite 206/207, Flemington, NJ 08822

Somerville Office:

135 West End Avenue, Somerville, NJ 08876

4) If I self-medicate with antacids, will my acid reflux go away? If left undiagnosed, GERD can lead to the precancerous condition known as Barrett’s Esophagus – or worse, to esophageal cancer. We also look for esophageal ulcers and the narrowing of the esophagus (stricture). 5) How can I learn more? HGA offers a complete overview of digestive health disorders and the tests and treatments for all disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Visit HunterdonGastro.com to learn more.


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Fabulous Foods

Fabulous Foods

Fabulous Foods

PUBLISHER’S RESTAURANT POLICY Our criteria said it all! First and foremost, the food has to be of the highest quality and freshness. Second, the staff must be courteous and friendly. Third, is the consistency. Knowing that each and every time you dine at that restaurant, it will always live up to its reputation.

Reop Open Open Th the the Spr Sea Seas

This is the most controversial category in all our newspapers. So, we thought we would answer honestly and objectively the most frequently asked questions by our friends and readers.

“Why do you have so few restaurants in your newspapers?” Simple! The following restaurants in this Women’s newspaper are the only restaurants we HAVE INVITED to join our list of restaurants, and that we could absolutely guarantee met our criteria. Try any of the restaurants listed in this paper and if you don’t agree with us, call us at 1-800-993-3822 or if you have other restaurants that you would recommend, please let us know. We will review them.

Reopening Open for Open We unconditionally guarantee the foods reviews in all our newspapers. This the 2014 2013 They have been prepared by the restaurants that have been personally invited the to be with us.” Spring! Season The restaurants that you see on the following pages are not advertisers.


We are presenting them to you as hand selected skillful artists who take pride in preparing the best meals possible.

No other newspaper syndicate turns down advertising from restaurants. WE DO! In fact 95% of all restaurants that contact us are not invited to be with us, after we try them. We take the time to go through our criteria and only select the best for your enjoyment.

Serving Dinner starting at 6pm Lunch and Sunday Brunch 11 to 3



Après Surf menu is served 3:00 to 5:30

(302) 227-3674 • www.b “ Give us one try, and you will keep coming back ” A conversation with Shawn Xiong of Confucius Chinese Restaurant or “palace”, yet I want people Cumin Beef or Confucius Chinese know it is Chinese. Kung Pao Restaurant was opened in the And everybody knows who Shrimp. If you Confucius is. spring of 2004 in downtown like fish, Rehoboth Beach. Shawn Salmon with Q: What made you decide to Xiong, the owner, had previBlack Bean relocate to Rehoboth? ously owned a Chinese Sauce, X: When I had my previous restaurant in Wilmington Steamed Halrestaurant in Wilmington, I prior to relocating to the ibut or Crispy educate. enrich. empower. beach area. Since then, Con- was working 360 days a year, Whole Black 12 hours a day. After I had fucius has been named the Sea Bass are best Chinese restaurant in the my son, I decided that I all excellent thand wanted to spend more time Delaware Today magazine choices. If or “palace”, yet I want Cumin Beef or with people him, more time with his favorably mentioned in variyou are a first ilmington Avenue inknow downtown My wife and I came to Confucius Chinese it isWilmington. Chinese. Kung Pao education. Coming to a resort ousRehoboth newspaper and magatime cusBeach has long been Rehoboth because we want to have Restaurant was opened in destination. the everybody Shrimp. If you a food lover’s Popular a restaurant that wewho areitexcited town, allows me to take zines.We had aAnd chance to talkknows tomer, we eneateries have called Wilmington about. We want to have exciting Confucius is.folspring of 2004 in downtown like fish, you to tell our server fast food restaurant COMsome time away from work with Shawn XIong and the courage Ave. their home for a long time. food for people who are looking for a Rehoboth Beach. Shawn with Located on is the the second block of the of good dining experience. Wefeeling only put guilty about it. BINED ). While this has made Salmon without lowing summary our or what you do or do not like, avenue is a small building on our menu fooddecide that we ourselves Q:housing What made you to Xiong, the owner, Confucius had previChinese food popular in this Black conversation. and Bean we will offer the right recRestaurant, the only fine love or we think our customers will relocate to Rehoboth? ously owned a Chinese dining Chinese restaurant in the enjoy.” country, it has made Chinese Sauce, ommendation for you. I beQ: What was your Rehoboth – Lewes area. X: When had myphilosophy previous restaurant in Wilmington Steamed Hal-customer deserves food a stereotype ( think lieve every Q: Why do you callI your biggest Shawn’s is bestchallenge comone of exemplified in his menu selections. restaurant in Wilmington, I prior to relocating restaurant toChinese the food has been ibut or Crispy “$5.99 eat all you can eat”, special attention at my “Confucius”? ing to Rehoboth? the most popular ethnic foods People who enjoy a good seafood was working 360 a year, beach area. Sincein then, ConBlack If they order “free deliveries” for example). I Whole restaurant. X: When I started Confucius, X: There were America, as evidenced in the meal can finddays such popular items plenty of chalnumerousthe take-out and12 Salt & Pepper Shrimp, athat day. After I had fucius has been named Bass are they don’t quite have to explain to people whatSea something I wanted to offerbuffet ahours menuas lenges I Halibut have faced. The restaurants in pretty much every with Ginger & Scallions, or PanI seared decided that I of best Chinese restaurant in the excellent shopping center or stripmy mall.son, But Salmon with black bean they are welcome to send most “generic” Chinese biggest all was not knowing we do, but once people give usalllike, unfortunatelyand for real Chinese sauce. Anyone who loves hot & wanted tospicy spend more time Delaware Today magazine a try, they keep coming back. choices. it back Iffor exchange AT NO restaurants Wherever market food lovers, most of offer. these places food willthe be very happy to when I first with more time with his favorably mentioned variyou are a Ifirst offer more oryou less the same kindhim, entrees such as Hot Pepper COST. want customer to youin go, probably willfind find opened. The other challenge of menus. In order to enjoy a good Cumin Beef or Fiveeducation. Coming to a( up resort ous newspaper and magacusQ: What are your most time have a pleasant dining experia Chinese eatery everyChicken, and Chinese meal, you will havein to take spiced Duck. was Growing in continues to be estown, itoffers allows mepecially toof take zines.We had a chance talk tomer, en- place. a trip to to a nearby big city to satisfy Hunan Province China, Shawn popular dishes? ence we at my shopping center that during the summer craving. Xiong has a particular affection fast food COMsome time away from work with Shawn XIongyour and the fol- the courage youtoto tell our server X:effort This is a hard question pretty much same items )tofood. convince people that ChiTherefore, herestaurant has made every for hot and spicy As a to ensure that Confucius kitchen Established years ago, Confucius Restaurant result, any spicy food lover will ). While this has made without feeling guilty about it.be BINED lowing is the summary of or you isdo or Q: do not like,are your hours answer. There arewhat different such asour loseven meins & chow nese restaurant IS INDEED What staff be as accommodating as Confucius was designed to provide located at 57 Wilmington happy to learn that Confucius is Chinese food popular in this conversation. and we will offer the right recpossible. Rice You want to request gluten popular dishes tothedifferent an alternative to a take-out meins. Our menuoris more fo- stocked more and and Specials? regularly with than all kindsjust Fried Avenue on second block free meal? Not ahas problem. You are buffet style menu. According to hot ingredients ranging from it than made Chinese ommendation I beWhat your from the beach. Iton is now customers depending theirfor you. cused on itemsQ: you don’tofwas usuEggrolls. Therecountry, are more X: Confucius is open year a vegan or vegetarian? We are going Shawn Xiong, owner of Confucius, Habernera, Jalapeno, to Szechaun open forlieve Summer day (own think every customer deserves Q: Why do youhis call your biggest challenge comto try a ourstereotype best. don’t like whatpersonal taste. goalfind is to provide quality food Ifevery you like round. ally in those places. SoredI peppers. 40000 Chinesefood eateries inYou this 7 days a week in seadry at 5pm for dinner. For other you ordered? Weall canyou replace it. Noeat”, and quality service. “ I used to can “$5.99 eat special attention at myand currently is open for restaurant “Confucius”? ingnot to name Rehoboth? spicy we offer dishes reservations/information, call decided that will country ( more than McDonson reasonable request is ever denied at food, own a restaurant in aI typical Shawn Xiong is fully aware that 302-227-3848. example). restaurant. If theydinner order everyday except TuesX: When I startedshopping Confucius, X:or There plenty of chalConfucius. mall setting when I was in were every customer’s taste is different. as HotI Pepper Chicken, my place “ wok” “great wall” alds’, Pizza Hut“free anddeliveries” all other forsuch have to explain to people what something they don’t I wanted to offer a menu that lenges I have faced. The dayquite beginning at 5:00pm. We most “generic” Chinese biggest of all was not knowing we do, but once people give us like, they are welcome opento forsend lunch and dinner a try, they keep coming back. it back for exchange AT Sunday NO restaurants offer. Wherever the market when I first every starting at Voted by the National Women’s Newspaper COST. I want customer to Every Monday, ALL you go, you probably will find opened. The other challenge 11:00am. Q: What are your most have a pleasant dining a Chinese eatery in every was ( and continues to be esFISH experientrees are on special popular dishes? ence at my place. while supplies last. Next Febshopping center that offers pecially during the summer X: This is a hard question to pretty much the same items )to convince people that Chiruary around President’s Day, answer. There are different such as lo meins & chow nese restaurant IS INDEED Q: What are your hours we will hold our annual CHImeins. Our menu is more fomore than just Fried Rice and popular dishes to different and Specials? NESE NEW YEAR BUFFET. cused on items you don’t usu- Eggrolls. There are more than customers depending on their X: Confucius is open Foryear a fixed amount, you will ally find in those places. So I 40000 Chinese eateries in this own personal taste. If you like round. 7 days a week haveinaseachance to enjoy about spicy food, we offer dishes decided that I will not name country ( more than McDonson and currently 30 is open for dishes, most of different such as Hot Pepper Chicken, my place “ wok” or “great wall” alds’, Pizza Hut and all other dinner everyday except which Tuesare seafood. day beginning at 5:00pm. For moreWe information, you can open for lunch andcall dinner Confucius at 302-227every Sunday starting 3848ator visit us online at ConVoted by the National Women’s Newspaper 11:00am. Every Monday, ALL fuciusrehobothbeach.com. FISH entrees are on special is located at 57 Confucius while supplies last. Next Feb- Avenue, Rehoboth Wilmington ruary around President’s Beach. Day, we will hold our annual CHIYEAR BUFFET. June/July 2012 The County NESE Woman NEW Newspaper 48 For a fixed amount, you will have a chance to enjoy about 30 different dishes, most of which are seafood. For more information, you can call Confucius at 302-2273848 or visit us online at Confuciusrehobothbeach.com. Confucius is located at 57 Wilmington Avenue, Rehoboth Beach.

“ Give us one try, and you will keep coming back ” A conversation with Shawn Xiong of Confucius Chinese fabulousfoods Restaurant

Confucius 8 Season At The Beach W

www.backporchcafe.com Fabulous Foods

Fabulous Foods

A 5-Star Restaurant

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Rudy 40th Anniversary

Voted 59 Rehoboth Avenue •Rudy Reho Best FineOur Dining Celebrating in Bethany

55 53 59 Rehoboth Avenue • Reho Call for Hours and

The County Woman Newspaper

302.537.7500 • www.p

The County Woman Newspaper

A 5-Star Restaurant

53 The County Woman’s JournalSummer Spring 2013 • 55 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Reopening Open for Open This the 2013 the 2014 Spring! Season Season


Serving Dinner starting at 6pm Lunch and Sunday Brunch 11 to 3

Summer 2014


114 Garfield Parkway, B

The County Woman Newspaper

Spring 2018 I 67


Fabulous Foods

Voted the Only 5 Star Restaurant in Bethany Beach THE SUSSEX COUNTY TM

Traditional Fine Dining

Steaks, Crabcakes & Seafood • Full Bar • Catering Childrens’ Menu • Lite Fare Menu In-House Private Parties

Perfect Dining Room for:

Rehearsal Dinners • Birthday Celebrations Family Reunions • Anniversaries • Wedding Receptions 114 Garfield Parkway • Bethany Beach, Delaware 19930

(302) 537-7500 www.parkwaydana.com

68 I Spring 2018

The County Woman’s Journal

Fabulous Foods

PRIVATE EVENTS With multiple private venues, both indoors and out, the Brick is a great choice for your next special occasion! We can accommodate parties of 15 - 85. With all inclusive packages starting at $18, we have options that fit any budget. When booking your event, you’ll work one on one with members of our management team to insure your celebration is perfect. With customizable menus, flexible floor plans, and varied beverage packages, your event will be as unique as you are. Let us take care of the work so you can enjoy your celebration!

SPECIAL BRICK EVENTS We’ve always got something interesting going on at the Brick! We schedule special events almost monthly, including Murder Mystery Dinners, Wine Pairing Dinners, and Beer Dinners. We also have some annual special events, including our Red Solo Cup Party, Breakfast with Santa, and Sip Sup & Shop - our afternoon Champagne Tea. Visit our website to find out what’s coming up!



The County Woman’s Journal

THE FOOD The Brick is excited to welcome Chef Mike Smith to the team! The Brick Hotel Restaurant and Tavern serves classic American cuisine with a modern twist. The culinary team at the Brick, under the direction of Chef Mike, excels at presenting quality food with simple, yet elegant preparations. The menu changes twice a year to capitalize on the flavors of the season, and our Spring/Summer menu will be introduced on April 3rd. This will be Chef Mike’s first menu, so be sure to stop in and sample the new menu offerings with Chef’s special flair!

GREAT BEGINNINGS The Brick’s Cheesy Crab Dip has been named one of the top 11 in Delaware. With layers of cheese, chunks of Jumbo Lump Crab, and chunks of Pretzel Bread for dipping, this dish starts your meal off right. The Fried Green Tomato Tower is the top seller at The Brick. Crisp Fried Green Tomatoes, creamy Goat Cheese, chunks of Crab and a Honey drizzle stack up to an amazing appetizer.

Live entertainment most Fridays and Saturdays!


“Delicious food at a decent price and wonderful service. The room is cozy and warm. Love the fireplace. A favorite restaurant I look forward to visiting.” “My husband and I visited last night for the first time and we will be back! We had a delicious dinner in a lovely environment! The staff was attentive and kind. We had a great date night!!!”

Spring 2018 I 69

Fabulous Foods

70 I Spring 2018

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Fabulous Foods


Confucius Chinese Restaurant was opened in the spring of 2004 in downtown Rehoboth Beach. Shawn Xiong, the owner, had previously owned a Chinese restaurant in Wilmington prior to relocating to the beach area. Since then, Confucius has been named the best Chinese restaurant in the Delaware Today Magazine, Sussex County Woman and favorably mentioned in various newspaper and magazines. Wherever you go, you probably will find a Chinese eatery in every shopping center that offers pretty much the same items such as lo miens and chow miens. The Confucius menu is more focused on items you don’t usually find in those places. The name Confucius lets people know it is Chinese, but with a delicate, refined gourmet restaurant and not a fried rice and egg rolls fast food eatery like a McDonalds. There are different popular dishes for different customers depending on their individual personal taste. If you like spicy food, we offer dishes such as Hot Pepper Chicken, Cumin Beef or Kung Pao Shrimp. If you like fish, Salmon and Black Bean Sauce, Steam Halibut or Crispy Whole Black Sea Bass

are all excellent choices. If you are a first time customer, they encourage you to tell your server what you do or do not like, and they will offer the right recommendation for you. Confucius believes that every customer deserves special attention, if you order something that you don’t like, they encourage you to send it back and try again AT NO COST. They want customers to have a pleasant dining experience. Reservations Are Recommend.

15 of us were in Rehoboth Beach over the past weekend. We had decided to try Confucius based upon friends recommendations and Yelp reviews. They were very accommodating with the reservation and by providing a nice space, including a high chair. We started with assorted appetizers, including spring rolls, various dumplings, beef sticks and the like. Everything was delicious. So on to the main courses. Eggplant in black bean sauce, Singapore Rice Noodles, Hunan Beef, Chicken with Broccoli, 5 Spice Duck (they will warn you it is very hot-we asked for it to be on the mild side, and still had some heat, but we loved it!) Shrimp and scallops with walnuts (my favorite dish of the night), soft shell crab, chicken fries rice and a few other dishes that never made their way to my end of the table. Portions are large, but the food was so delicious we had very little left over. This is not your typical Chinese restaurant - everything is prepared to order, and they deserve all 5 stars. First time here, and it won’t be our last. Loved the seafood hot and sour soup; chicken hot and sour was excellent as well. Spicy shredded duck was under-spiced, but that was my fault for telling server I did not want it too hot, and she bent over backwards to make sure it was mild. Can’t wait to try other menu items. Our server was outstanding. Could not have been more attentive and accommodating. Co-owner Danielle was a pleasure to talk with as well. This is not your typical fast-food Chinese restaurant, so be prepared to pay up for quality. - Glen L., Pikesville, MD Awesomely amazing with a side of extravagance!” - Steven B., Baltimore, MD The food here is beautiful. The setting is elegant. The drinks are fine. It is a nice change from the seafood staples of this beach town. I always over order. It is worth it. - Badhoh G., Rehoboth, Delaware

57 Wilmington Avenue • Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302.227.3848 • www.confuciusrb.com The County Woman’s Journal

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Fabulous Foods

“Quietly cooking slow food for over 43 years”

Will Be Opening for 20 18 Season

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

George Bernard Shaw

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Bypassing the Corporate Ladder By: Luke Kennedy I was lucky enough to grow up in a well educated, affluent family that had the ability to afford me every opportunity parents could want for their child. I went to a prestigious private school, participated in sports, and extracurricular activates. I had great friends and managed to stick to the principles my parents had brought me up to believe in such as hard work, honesty, Integrity, and self sufficiency, effectively keeping me out of harm’s way and trouble. When it was time to go to college, I was glad to go. I had been accepted to a prestigious school In Boston that I was excited about, and felt that it was time to stand on my own two feet and start carving my own way in the world. College accomplished for me what any realistic expectations could hope for: the ability to think analytically and express myself appropriately. However, the reason I chose my school, and the reason most people I know went to college, was not for these rather humble aspirations. I was career focused and wanted college to be my ticket into an amusement park of opportunity. What I found was my analytical mind saying, “You’ve got a $120,000 education. What now, hot shot?”

Although I had a good experience at college, I wasn’t an academic at heart and knew that spending another $100,000 for post grad was not for me unless absolutely necessary. Of course it was time to get a job, but where? I started contacting all the advertising companies I had been studying over the past four years and managed to land a handful of interviews. It became quite clear that nobody was hiring, and that the whole industry was slow enough to grant interviews as a way of distracting themselves from the fact that they didn’t have enough work to do either. The offers I did get would have given “education investment” a return in about 6 years as long as I didn’t need to pay rent or eat. We all have to start somewhere, but I refused to believe that my value to the professional world was within $5.000 of minimum wage. “Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know,” and that was certainly true with me. My mom had worked for a guy named Bob who had started a woman’s focused educational newspaper out of Las Vegas 31 years ago, and he was trying to get one started in Boston. My mom told him my position and soon enough I was meeting the President of The County Woman Newspapers. He has trained over 370 women across the country to publish the format he invented and told me that fear was the only thing to stop me from doing it, too. Bob has been in educational publishing since 1969. The more I found out about it, the more confident I became. Not a single paper using his format, formula, con-

cepts, marketing and sales techniques, trade secrets and business plan of the Sussex County Women’s Journal ever went out of business and more to the point, my first year gross was $86,000 plus. I complained that I didn’t have any background in publishing and he told me that he had never trained anybody with a publishing background. So with a little help from my family I got the money together for the initial down payment and soon I was getting all the “real world” training I needed to run my own newspaper. Training took about a week and is continual, you never feel vulnerable. With several other first time entrepreneurs, I learned everything that can be taught about the County Woman’s Newspaper. By the end of the week I knew how to operate a women’s newspaper, sell advertising, and manage distribution. It was all very fast, scary, and exciting, and before I knew it, I was scheduled to print my first “sample” run of newspapers back in Boston. I followed my training, called local contributors, and scheduled appointments to meet with professionals in industries proven to have strong track records with our format. By the time the first issue was printed, I had $24,000 in advertising sales. Within the first 2 years I had taken about 10 weeks of vacation and grossed over $175.000. I now run two papers and estimate their total sale value around $450.000. When I do sell these papers I can go wherever I want to go and do it all over again. Sometimes I daydream about what my next job interview will be like (if I ever want

one), and I’ve decided it will probably be significantly different than my last one. If I’m going to ever get on the corporate ladder, there’s no way I’m starting on the bottom. In fact, I’ve virtually created my own ladder. There are a lot of perks doing what I do, but it’s certainly not all fun and games. A lot of it is real work. Still, any job worth having is hard work, and more to the point, most jobs not worth having are hard work, too. At least I like what I do, and feel confident in calling myself a success only 2 years out of college. I was lucky to know Bob. There’s no way around it. But most people who can relate to where I was 2 years ago don’t know Bob. I like to think that America can still be about what you know rather than who you know, which is why I’m writing this article. I’m a testament to the fact that everyone just needs the right break, so hopefully anybody reading this now knows of one. There are lots of counties still available, so if you would like to know more about publishing our trademarked and copyrighted newspaper in your area, call Bob at l-800-99-EDUCATE. “CHANGE YOUR LIFE THIS YEAR” Check out a few of our websites to see what fully developed women’s newspapers look like.

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CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN “2018” LICENSES Available in Your County Women Publishing Entrepreneurs Wanted

Join 371 other counties that are publishing or have an option to publish in the United States and be


We are looking for a few bright, energetic, creative women and men to publish our newspapers

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We want to be your Real Estate Consultant for life. Our Passion Is Real Estate

We believe that our future as Real Estate professionals lies in providing the utmost in client service along with the latest in technology. The Emma Payne group is a team of leaders who function because of their exceptional commitment, credibility and innovation in their field. A home is not defined by the size or color of the walls; it is about how you feel when you walk through the door. Find your dream Home today or get your home sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time! The Emma Payne Group is a growing team of Real estate professionals that are committed to being your real estate consultants for life! Our state of the art web site allows you to receive “E-lerts”. This offers instant notifications when a property that matches your search criteria, created by you, comes on the market! Not tech savvy? not a problem with our team. We can still provide you with the same level of service! We also offer “coming soon alerts” for properties that are not yet available on the market. The site also offers a matching system that analyzes new listings and price reductions every day. This gives our listing agents information on the homes we need to find for our buyer agents ensuring you don’t miss out on the home of your dreams! The future of real estate is now! Let us help you with the journey.



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We began our search for the best realtors in the Sussex County Delaware area via the internet. We quickly received a list of prospects and met with several real estate agents . From the first contact that we had with Emma Payne we felt confident that she would be able to quickly and professionally sell our house. We were not disappointed! Emma knows the area real estate market and has a good working knowledge of her client list and this resulted in us receiving an offer for our townhouse within ten days. This was a second home for us and we were not in the area for the two months prior to the closing. Emma handled everything in our absence keeping us informed along the way. What a relief it was knowing that we could rely on her and her team ! She was accessible, friendly and extremely helpful during the entire process from listing through closing and we would highly recommend DelMarVa Resorts Realty and the Emma Payne Group. - Jim and Kalat Sylvis

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER PAULA MYERS PAULA MYERS paula@coastalstylemag.com paula@coastalstylemag.com

Front, Left to right: David Wallace, Emma Payne, Julia Idoni Back: Kim Rodriguez Jackie McMaster, Connie Cooper and Jeannie Mack Missing from the photo is Keilanna Brown

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1632 Savannah Road Suite 2 • Lewes, De. 19958 tepgoffice@gmail.com www.Theemmapaynegroup.com • www.Delmarvaresortsrealty.com The County Woman’s Journal

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Stem Cell Therapy Dr. Childers believes that by harnessing your body’s innate capacity to heal and grow itself, new progress can be made without the use of drugs and invasive procedures so that our patients get healthy and stay healthy. The use of stem cells, which have the ability to regenerate themselves and selfreplicate, is a crucial new component in a regenerative cell therapy approach that allows different types of medical issues to be treated, including issues related to chronic pain. Adult mesenchymal stem cells are your body’s internal repair system and replenish other cells. These regenerative cells have the unique capacity to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a specific function within the human body such as bone, cartilage, muscle or skin cells. Given their powerful and unique regenerative nature, adipose derived regenerative cell therapy offers new potential in the treatment of certain issues as a way of non-surgical treatments for most skeletal-muscular conditions.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Sometimes hormone balance and decreased hormone levels brought about by the aging process can create issues that undermine your wellness and quality of life, and Dr. Childers can help. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) allows Dr. Childers to help you restore balance to your hormones, with a customized treatment program, that will allow you to regain hormone balance so that the aging process does not mean a decline in mental energy, sexual vitality, and your general physical well-being. BHRT allows you to enjoy a higher quality of life, minimizing issues such as declining elasticity in skin and muscle tissue and bone density.

Lyme Disease Specialist Delaware Integrative Medical Center is a Lyme literate institution and specializes in an integrative approach to the treatment of Lyme disease. Dr. Childers, a respected international clinician in the treatment of Lyme associated diseases, frequently presents new findings at medical conferences.

Medical Weight Loss Do you need to lose weight, but are finding that diet and exercise alone are not enough to achieve your goals? With a medically supervised diet, and utilizing a very low-calorie meal plan, over a prolonged period of time in conjunction with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), you can achieve extraordinary results so that you can lose the weight, and keep it off for good.

Henry Childers, IV, MD, FAAO Board Certified in General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery Advanced certifications in Cellular Medicine Dr. Henry Childers is board certified in General Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery, with advanced certificates in both FSM and ozone therapy. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and is co-investigator on the Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board Ozone efficacy research study. Dr. Childers has a special interest in alternative therapies for the treatment of Lyme Disease and is one of the only Lyme Literate medical doctors (LLMD) in the region.

CALL 302-258-8853

delawareintegrativemedicine.com 20930 DuPont Blvd, Suite 203 Georgetown, DE 19947

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