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Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council

GSSGC Fall Picnic 2012

8, 2012 . t p e S sert

Low De tral West n e C & 3 - 6 p.m.

We learn best when we are laughing! * Three-Legged Race & Wheelbarrow Race – Teamwork

* Patch * Fall Product Samples * Bandana for tie-dyeing * Kettle Corn for completing Goal Sheet Cotton Candy for making * an “I Care” card One ticket for Glitter Tattoos * * DJ

Sept. 15, 20 12 t n r a e l , Southw C & High Dese est r 3 - 6 p.m. t

* Swaps * DJ Dance Off

* Marshmallow Shooters – Hitting Your Goals

* Simon Says

* Wagon Mega Drop - Leadership

* In line Dancing

* Tug of War – Team Work

* Glitter Tattoos

* Clown Relay Race – Organization & Teamwork * Ring the Nutty Bird – Hitting Your Goals

* Cut Out Photo Stops * Tie-dyeing Station – Bandana’s

* Sponge in the Face – Customer Service is about remaining calm

* High Wire Relay Race – Staying On Task

* Fun House Mirrors

There’s More! * Contest- Caramel Apple Decorations

Check out

(one entry per troop)

* Mobile Shop – (Cash and Cookie Dough Purchases only) T-shirts for Tie-dyeing, Tutus, Small tchotchkes for sale

to the second edition of our Food for Thought products magazine. We know your days are busy; schedules are full. That’s why we thought, let’s do this crazy mailing again!! many of you still don’t know we do a Fall Sale? Better yet, did you know that by participating in the Fall Sale, your girl scout and her troop can work towards some fantastic short term goals like earning troop proceeds from selling fall product to go ice skating, buy new troop materials or even save up towards surf camp? Take a look through our many pages and see the fantastic things that are going on in the World of Product Sales. Starting with, and most importantly, the 5 Skills:

The 5 Skills

When girls participate in the largest girl-led business in the world, they learn these essential 5 Skills: GOAL SETTING Girls set sales goals and, with their team, create a plan to reach them. DECISION MAKING Girls develop a basic business plan for sales and work as a team to decide when and where to sell cookies and fall product, and what to do with the money they earn. MONEY MANAGEMENT Girls develop a budget, take orders, handle customers’ money, and gain valuable practical life skills. PEOPLE SKILLS Girls learn how to talk to, listen to, and work with all kinds of people while selling product. BUSINESS ETHICS Girls are honest and responsible during every step of sales.

Contents 2 Nuts & Candy: Fall Product

Line up, Description and Cost


Girl Rewards


Troop Proceeds & Rewards

7 PPP – Progressive Proceeds Plan


Girl Scouts My Way


High School Package


QSP Online Magazine Sales


Why Facebook?

13 Cookie/Nutty Dough Explained

14 Giving Back Community Service Opportunites

15 Getting Started (Troop Fall Product Coordinator)



17 Where To Find What You

Need When You Need It & Teams

As a parent you may ask yourself, Why Do These 5 Skills Matter?

18 Girl Scout Financial Literacy

Because when a girl has learned these skills, she’ll be poised for career success. In a Girl Scout, future employers will find:

20 Programs, Trainings and


Event Course Descriptions

A girl who can set goals and meet deadlines. A girl who works well with others. A girl who understands customers. A girl who can influence others. A girl who is honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

22 Programs, Trainings and

What employer doesn’t want this? Our Sales program prepares our girls with real world skills.

24 Troop and Regional Events

Event Dates, TImes and Locations Guidelines

NUTS & CANDY Blueberry Pomegranate Crunch $7

Gl uten Free

Chocolate Covered Raisins $6

Butter Toasted Peanuts $5

Gl uten Free

Gl uten Free

Chocolate Toffee Almonds $7

Cranberry Nut Mix $6

Whole Cashews $7

Deluxe Pecan Clusters $5

Mint Penguins $5 “I Care” Donation $5

Select an “I Care” donation for $5.00. Our military will receive a delicious can of Fruit Slices, Butter Toasted Peanuts or Cranberry Nut Mix. What a delicious way to say Thank you!

Fruit Slices $5

Gl uten Free

Salsa Mix $6

Limited Edition Girl Scout Tin with Caramel Treasures $8


GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

Wasabi Almonds $6

Gl uten Free

e ar C I





5 Nuts/Candy or 1 Magazine Sale will get you the Flamingo Patch and

5 “I Care” Donations will get you the I Care Patch

nutty dough card! Here’s the breakdown for what you’ll earn: • $500+ in total sales earns a $35 Nutty Dough Card* • $600+ in total sales earns a $40 Nutty Dough Card* • $700+ in total sales earns a $45 Nutty Dough Card* • $800+ in total sales earns a $50 Nutty Dough Card* • $900+ in total sales earns a $55 Nutty Dough Card* • $1000+ in total sales earns a $60 Nutty Dough Card*

* Nutty Dough is not cumulative.

13 exp. June 7, 20

Cookie/ Nutty Dough

NEW THIS YEAR! $300 in Paid early sales (By Oct. 10, 2012) I Care & Magazine Sales Only:

Complimentary Ticket to B.I.G. Expo

can be used to pay for camp – and not just ours! Many camps accept our cookie/nutty dough. It can also be used in our shops, in our online store and for event registration fees, like going to B.I.G. Expo. For our high school girls, cookie/nutty dough can help pay for graduation announcements, cap and gown - even a senior class ring! This is a wonderful way for girls to fund or earn their own opportunities over and above the troop proceeds and rewards.

Cookie/Nutty Dough – it’s come a long way!

But it still expires every year, so don’t wait to use it!

les: a s in $150 of choice ngo Flami Small OR Case & r e p p i hZ Cheeta icolor Pen Mult


$300 in sales: Lap Top Desk

$200 in sales: Tee Shirt

e Level * Any Ag

: ales s in 0 $40 of choice ide OR Girl Gu tivity Set y + Ac e n r u o J OR h Card g u o D tty $25 Nu


exp. June 7, 20 13

OR el e Lev

Ag * Any

$1500 in sales: Kindle Fire

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

$1250 in sales: Foldable Wagon with Girl Scout Logo


Troop Proceeds Item Nuts and Candy Magazine 12-Email Address I-Care

Troop Proceeds $1.00 10% $3.00 $1.00

Leader/Troop rewards h r Patc e e t n u of Vol d two n a u o s for y helper p o o r t your troop) r e p l a (3 tot

p each troo m o r f r e d One Lea receives a n io t a ip partic op with 100% ulti-tool! What tro m flashlight se that? u ’t n ld u o leader c

Troop with the highest per-girl average, per region, receives a set of two Cookie Merchandising Shelves with Girl Scout logo and Troop Banner

Troop with the highest percentage of Limited Edition Tin sales receives a weekend at Camp Wi-Wo-Ca-– the whole troop!

p o & o s d e s e Tr c Pro Reward

PPP PROGRESSIVE Proceeds PLAN (Created by Volunteers for Volunteers) The More You Do, the More You Earn! The Progressive Proceeds Plan (PPP), formerly known as PIP, is a completely new system designed to allow troops the opportunity to earn additional proceeds based on performance — not only for volume in sales, but more importantly for administering their sale properly. It is imperative that we stress the importance of using the systems (NutE, SNAP, Wufoo), meeting deadlines and paying their bills. There is still a large amount of additional proceeds available to earn for high sales-volume troops based on ranges of boxes sold for troops that qualify.

With this new program, your troop can earn MORE money during cookies! Did you attend fall live training? Your troop proceeds (to be received at the end of the Cookie sale) went up! Meet important deadlines? Your troop proceeds go up! And with each one of the milestones listed below for the Fall Product Sale, your troop profit will increase! The More You Do, the More You Earn!!! Fall Product milestones will include: Parents getting information to Leaders on time, helping Leaders keep the troop on track. Parents: Did you know that turning your order cards in to your troop late can cost your troop proceeds?

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

The Progressive Proceeds Plan (PPP for short) will have a variety of milestones which will be assigned a dollar amount. At the end of the Fall Product sale, the earned amounts will be calculated and that amount will be deducted from your final payment due to Council at cookie season. If you don’t qualify for one milestone (e.g., miss a deadline, didn’t participate in the Online Magazine Sale), you still have many more opportunities to earn additional proceeds for your troop.


Juliette Girl Scouts My Way


whatever you call it – that’s you; courageous, strong, confident – you!

Independent Girl Sc outs Partici

articipate in Fall Sale

Read all about it….

Learning business skills, budgeting and planning isn’t just for girls in troops. It’s for all Girl Scouts. By participa ting in a product sale, you not only learn to stay organized an d to reach a goal, you also learn to se lf motivate and believe in yourself. The Pathways Program allo ws your Girl Scout to partic ipate in the sale on their own, sellin g directly with council. My Troop is not selling fall products – Can my child still participate? YES If my troop IS participa ting, can one of our girls sell independently? NO Does my Girl Scout still ea

rn rewards? YES

Does my daughter earn troop proceeds? NO – she earns Pathway Credits. Pathway Credits are accessible to pay for Girl Scout programming , Girl Scout travel and Girl Scout experience. These credit s are held in trust for up to three years. Meaning your Girl Scout can fund her own ex perience with her troop even if the troop is not selling produ ct, or your independent Girl Scout ca n now work towards going to camp or even that Europe Exten ded Troop Trip. Want to know more abou t the Girl Scouts “My Way” Pathways Program?! Contact Vickie Ward at and she will happily help you learn more about independent fun draising opportunities.

Already selling as a “Girl Sc out My Way” and need to ac cess the Pathways Credits but can’t find the application? t

or Go online to forms, choose Cookie Forms, choose Pathways Credits Form an d fill it out!

My daughter is in high school and has no use for a cookie dough card. REALLY?! WOW!!! Did you know you could “bank” up to three years of your cookie dough towards your high school needs? What kind of high school needs? Well... Class rings, cap-n-gown, yearbooks, letterman’s jackets, graduation announcments etc. All the things that are incredibly expensive that you can earn on your own through participating in the products programs and earning nutty/ cookie dough. Think, when you look back and say to yourself I did this with my hard work! That sense of accomplishment never leaves you.

How do we do this?? Super easy, that’s how!! • Fill out the Cookie Dough Agreement form. • Insure we have your cookie dough card number and attach the card. • Once it is banked you have three years to use it.

How do I access the money? • Fill out the Cookie Dough Check Request form. • Attach an invoice and fill in ALL info in regards to who we are paying (e.g., Jostens for the class ring). • NO Invoice NO check – we pay businesses NOT people. Meaning we cannot reimburse individuals. • How soon do you fill out the Cookie Dough Check request form? Minimum 30 business days before money is needed.

My daughter is a freshman – can we participate in this?? YES!!! Deposits are made far in advance on high school items. This program allows you to utilize cookie dough to pay for: • ASB Package • Senior Photos • Yearbooks all 4 years of high school • Uniforms • Class Rings • Letterman’s Jackets • Etc…


Who do I submit my forms to?? • Product Sales – we are your Cookie & Nutty Dough people! • Insure you write ATTENTION Product Sales – High School Package on your envelope or fax cover sheet.

Online Magazine Sales How Does It Work? It’s easy... just click on the QSP Online Program button to get started! Found on our web page at 1. Register. 2. Complete the goal setting activity. 3. Personalize part of the message that will be emailed. 4. Order your family’s subscriptions and invite other family members and friends to shop online.

12 emails = $3 Troop Proceeds

You can also check throughout the sale to track your progress and enter additional emails to meet your goals quicker!

Benefits • All major credit cards are accepted • Subscriptions start faster • No paper order forms to complete

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

In addition to the early troop proceeds for just 12 emails, your Girl Scout and her troop will also receive credit for all online orders. At the end of the sale, the Detailed Order Report will be emailed to the registered email address. Girls will print or email the report to you prior to the due date, so you can credit each girl with her sales. IMPORTANT ~ QSP and Nut-E do not communicate. Having each girl print out and return the form to you and you entering the info into Nut E is the ONLY way for her to receive credit for the online sale.

• No need to collect money


* QSP does not rent or sell e-mail addresses or use them for any other purposes. We respect everyone’s right to privacy.

Why Facebook? FACEBOOK: If you aren’t a fan it’s time you “Liked” us Contests, updates, networking, late breaking news…yes all this happens on Facebook.

Fall Sale 2012 what’s coming on Facebook? IT’S MY MAG CONTEST September 20th - September 28th (vote for a photo of a Girl Scout with her favorite magazine) • Submit a photo of a girl or troop reading their favorite magazine in their favorite reading location. • Person whose photo receives the most votes will receive four free subscriptions to their favorite magazines compliments of QSP. • These four free subscriptions can be ordered through the paper order process and count towards your sales!!!

WHY I’M A NUTTY GIRL CONTEST October 8th - October 19th (vote for your favorite Nutty Girl) • Submit a photo of your Girl Scout showing off her own unique sparkle. • Winning girl will receive a front-of-the-line VIP photo pass and an entrance ticket for our Believe in Girls event. Get all those autographs without waiting in a long line!

What can a Girl DO? November 6th - November 18th (vote for your favorite photo) • Submit a photo of you doing your dream job. • Include the “job” in the description of the photo •Winning girl will receive a front of the line VIP photo pass and an entrance ticket for our Believe in Girls event. Get all those autographs without waiting in a long line!

Cookie/Nutty Dough Explained! exp. June 7, 2013

What can I use Cookie/Nutty Dough For?!?! Cookie/Nutty Dough Cards may be used toward the fee for Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council (GSSGC) sponsored events and/or approved camps and events: • Any event that Council provides registration for, to include Council events and regionally sponsored events. • Any Girl Scout resident or day camp as listed on GSSGC website. • GSSGC approved Extended Troop Trips. • Any official GSUSA destinations. • Merchandise from the GSSGC Retail Shops. • High School Package Program. • Camp Surf or approved camps – e.g., Pali Mountain, Diabetic Camp. (Call Council)

With so many uses, Why Oh Why would you let your card expire?!?


Q: I didn’t know they expired. A: The expiration date is noted clearly on the back of the cards. This year we have even added it to the front of the card for your convenience! Q. What can cookie dough be used for? A. Camp, retail shop, Council registered events, High School package, Lifetime registration, and so much more.



What cookie dough CAN’T do is live past it’s expiration date. Our girls use it or lose it on the expiration date.

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

Q: Why do they expire? I thought gift cards can’t expire? A: Cookie Dough/Cards are not gift cards. They are a reward card that can be used for merchandise, camp and events throughout the following year. No cash was exchanged for these cards.

Giving Back

I care -eat them treat them”

“if you can’t g them” when Be a part of the “treatin munity service of we complete the com ing. Our Girls learn collecting and distribut ilanthropy. the amazing gift of Ph

atitude Operation Grup ) d (12 an packages Help us pack care ts and candies with the I Care nu - watch our and cookies in May date! Facebook for the

Salvation a rmy, Nov nd (Ages 12 and u . 22 p) Help us set the tables, serve a hot meal and h and out our Fa ll Sale I Care nuts and candies.

USO (Any Age) Watch for dates in December 2012 and May 2013.

Getting Started

Fall Sale is not scary. You CAN do this at the beginning of your troop/school year.

Troop Fall Product Coordinators Must: • Be registered – as 01, 02, or 03 • Have an approved volunteer application on file • Be background cleared — if you aren’t yet, do this NOW! • Take Fall Training at one of our Regional Fall Trainings • Sign a Troop Product Sale Manager Contract • Make sure that the troop and all participating girls are registered • Schedule a girl/parent meeting to discuss the Fall Sale


Remember: Nuts/Candy may NOT be returned.

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

• Distribute Parent Letter and Permission Slips. • Discuss troop’s goals and budget. Explain the importance of participating in a Fall Sale. Girls learn to support their own Girl Scout experience. Girl Scouts learn to be independent, financially rewarded and goal-driven. • Introduce the three parts of the sale: Nuts and Candy, Paper Magazine Orders and Online Magazine Sale • Distribute Order Cards and the Magazine Packets • Discuss sale dates. Penalties for early selling will be enforced. • Review “Safety-Wise” requirements and discuss safe selling practices. • Review deadlines, banking instructions and rewards information. • Instruct girls and parents that they are to collect money for magazine orders and “I Care” when orders are placed. They are not to collect money for the nuts and candy, other than “I Care,” until they deliver the products! • Make sure all order forms are complete, legible and accurate!!! Make sure the Troop # and Council name abbreviation (GSSGC) is on each form.

Booth Sales are not permitted, unless you are participating in a pilot program directly with Council. NO OTHERS are cleared for booth sale.


Calendar Quick pullout guide of due dates for leaders. Parents be aware these are the dates leaders have paper work due. This means they need their troop information from you ahead of time. Do not use these as YOUR dates.

Calendar & Info



August 21

Southwest Fall Regional Training

August 22

High Desert Fall Regional Training

August 23

Central Fall Regional Training

August 23 Morning Fall Regional Training at Redlands Council August 24

Central West Fall Regional Training

August 25

Low Desert Fall Regional Training

August 25 Morning Fall Training at Redlands Council September 8 Fall Picnic for Low Desert and Central West September 15 Fall Picnic for Central, Southwest, and High Desert September 20

Fall Sale Starts

October 9

Nut and Magazine Ordering Closes

October 12

Fall Paper Push

October 18

Fall Swoop & Sweep # 1

November 3

Fall Mega Drop

November 6

Fall Cupboard Open

November 22 Salvation Army Volunteering at Various Locations Contact Michael Wyatt

r ch fo t a p e this heduled v i e c Re ng sc inings! i d n atte nal Tra o Regi

November 28

Online Magazine Orders Close

November 29

Fall Sale Closes

December 4

Southwest Cookie Regional Training

December 5

High Desert Cookie Regional Training

December 5

Fall Swoop & Sweep # 2

December 6

Central Cookie Regional Training

December 6 Morning Cookie Regional Training at Redlands Council December 7

Central West Cookie Regional Training

December 8

Low Desert Cookie Regional Training

December 8 Morning Cookie Regional Training at Redlands Council

Where to find what you need when you need it…. – Our Council web site gives you access to forms, links to Ashdon Farms Nut-E, QSP, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Snap, Regional News Pages, Online Shops, Resources on Patch Placement, Event Calendars, Registration and so much more! - This is the Nut-E web site where leaders and troop coordinators go to enter all nut/candies and magazine orders for their troop. – This is where leaders, parents, and council staff help one another by discussing questions in a real-time environment. You can learn cool things about upcoming events and see all the latest Girl Scout blog stories and news articles. It’s your advance notification station! - Read wonderful stories about girls and volunteers in our own Council on the Press Enterprise’s website.

Need forms? Go to our web site at, click on “for leaders” then choose forms. Don’t have a computer? We have computers at all of our offices! Or give us a call and we can mail you what you need!

Your Team REGIONAL Teams Phyllis Dailey Lisa Reynolds Kimberly Romero Tami Swanson Charlie Engeron

council Team Elizabeth Locke-Thomas “E” Devon Spira

Vickie Ward

Michael Wyatt


Vice President Retail & Product Sales Product Sales Manager Product Sales Assistant Girl Scouts My Way Coordinator Product Sales Assistant

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

Regional Manager – Central West Fall Coordinator – Low Desert Regional Manager – Central Regional Manager – South West Regional Manager – High Desert

The Girl Scout Financial Literacy Curriculums

Our Vision Girls build on their financial skills as they progress up the K-12 curriculums to become knowledgeable, confident, and self-reliant consumers and business leaders.

Programs, Trainings & Events Basic Leadership Training This is a required training for leaders (01), coleaders (02) and troop committee members (03) who will be directly working with girls or handling Girl Scout money or property. Training includes rules and regulations, policies and procedures, required paperwork, safety instruction, Girl Scout history and tradition, troop governance, troop finances, and how to get your troop off the ground. You’ll learn about Council and volunteer structure and what resources are available to you.

Azalea Trails Training Academy – ATTA This advanced training is intended for leaders with three or more years experience. You’ll learn First Aid/CPR, Advanced Outdoor Cooking, Environmental Emergencies, Land Navigation, PVC Kitchen Creations, Project Wild, Project Learning Tree, Songs and Ceremonies, Extended Trip Training, Knots and Lashing and Fall Product Training.

ABC – All Basic Classes This training is intended for new leaders and those with up to three years experience. It contains all the basic building blocks to help you start a troop and be a good leader. Enjoy a beautiful weekend camp experience at Camp Azalea Trails and have fun getting to know other leaders.You can choose from Basic Leadership Training, Basic Outdoor Training, First Aid/ CPR, Songs and Ceremonies, Paper Push and Journeys 101. Do you know what a swap is? You’ll learn this weekend!

Destination Unknown Imagine taking off on a secret weekend adventure to an unknown destination with all your girlfriends! Should you pack a swimsuit or a sweater? You won’t know until you get there! Past destinations have included San Francisco, San Diego, Monterey, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Solvang. Package includes all transportation costs, activities, meals and overnight accommodations.

Extended Trip Training This is a required training for all girls and adults who plan to travel internationally or for trips of more than two nights. Girl Scout Progression must be integrated into trip preparations a minimum of 60 days prior to travel. This is taught in the Basic Outdoor Training which is a required class for overnight experiences with girls. Extended Trip Training includes money earning and goal setting, budgeting, itineraries, travel procedures, packing, and travel etiquette. Learn about currency exchange and how to stretch your money in a foreign country. We also discuss practical travel concerns: Will my cell phone work in a foreign country? What cities have the highest incidents of pick-pocketing? Are there any health or safety precautions I need to be aware of? ***If you have 10 or more participants we will come to you for your ETT training. Effective Oct. 1, 2012, a parent/guardian meeting is required 30 days prior to leaving, for all girls attending the trip. A council rep will come to your scheduled meeting to conduct this meeting.

Basic Outdoor Training This training is required for anyone who will be spending 24-hours or more with their girls or engaging in any sort of cooking activity. Class must be taken a minimum of 60 days in advance of your scheduled event or activity. Class will include cooking, safety, leave no trace, policies and procedures, GSSGC requirements for overnight stay, trip preparation and planning for outdoor activities.

Bronze/Take Action Training This training is highly recommended for leaders who want to guide their girls through the Bronze Award, the third highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Training includes how to choose a Bronze Award project, project examples, mandatory paperwork and integration of Journeys and badge work. Leaders will also learn the difference between a community service project, a required take-action project and, ultimately, the Bronze Award project.

Silver/Take Action Training This training is recommended for girls who would like to work towards their Silver Award, the second highest award a Girl Scout can earn, and the leaders who want to mentor and guide them through this process. Training includes project examples, mandatory paperwork and integration of Journeys and badge work. Participants will also learn the difference between a community service project, a required take-action project and, ultimately, the Silver Award project.

Gold/Take Action Training

Gold Award Committee Meetings

American Red Cross Babysitting Get the skills and confidence you need to be a great babysitter. Participate in hands-on activities, fun role playing and lively discussions. You will receive a handbook and earn an American Red Cross Babysitters Training Certificate. Bring water bottles and lunch.

Program Aid If you are interested in working directly with a troop, group or camp unit of younger Girl Scouts, you may volunteer to become a Girl Scout Program Aide. As a Program Aide, you will work directly with younger girls under the supervision of an adult volunteer or staff member. Being a Program Aide gives you an opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge of Girl Scouting with others. This class is a prerequisite for the upcoming VIT (Volunteer in Training) class for Seniors and Ambassadors.

Journeys 101 Learn how to incorporate the Girl Scout Leadership Experience into the Journeys and how they relate to the other resources available for Girl Scouts including Girl Guides, Product Sales Program and optional patch programs. Real examples are given of how to guide the girls through the Journeys, concluding with the definition and examples of the required take action project.


After you have taken the Gold/Take Action Training, filled out the appropriate paperwork (which you can obtain at and spoken to the council representative about your project’s measurability and sustainability, the next step is to present it to the Gold Award Committee. The Committee meets every six weeks.

Participants will learn to respond to breathing/ cardiac emergencies in adults and children, and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Instruction includes how to recognize and respond to sudden illnesses and injuries such as: bleeding control, burns, shock prevention, fractures, etc. Upon completion, participants receive a 2-year certificate in First Aid and 2-year certificate in Adult, Child CPR/AED.

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012

This training is required for girls who are interested in working towards their Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. It is recommended as well for their parents and mentors who will help guide girls through this process. Training includes project examples, mandatory paperwork and integration of Journeys and badge work. Participants will also learn the difference between a community service project, a required take-action project and, ultimately, the Gold Award project.

American Red Cross C.P.R. and First Aid

GSSGC Fall Sale 2012


Troop and Regional Event Guidelines Hosting and running events is a great way for girls to get together, learn new skills, have fun and even make money for the troop! Each region has a dedicated Event Chair who can assist in the planning, budgeting, and paperwork for events. They are familiar with council policies and the Intent to Event form and can be helpful in anything else you may need.

Event Chairs Central Central West High Desert Low Desert Southwest

Jennifer Thomas Julie Jordan Barbara Pepper Nancy Baumbusch Susan Wade Adele Pacheco

Intent to Event forms MUST be submitted to council 2 months prior to the event date. If you want to have an event that acts as a Money Earning Activity, you need to fill out the application at the end of the Intent to Event and it must be approved by the VP of Product Sales. In order to qualify for a Money Earning Activity, a troop must participate in both council-sponsored product sales.

To find the Intent to Event form: 1. 2. Just for Volunteers 3. Forms and Resources 4. Under “I,” Intent to Event (3045)

To view the events calendar to find events in your area and all of council: 1. 2. “Events” tab 3. “Events Calendar” Troop and regional events are processed by the Program Assistant. Events are neither approved nor denied, as all events may be advertised and executed as long as they follow the Safety Wise Checkpoints.

You can find Safety Wise Checkpoints online by following these steps: 1. 2. Just for Volunteers 3. Forms and Resources 4. Under “S,” Safety-Wise (Updated April 2010 from GSUSA) You may also request a hard copy of Safety Wise Checkpoints from council.

For information and assistance with the Intent to Event form, questions regarding events, and anything else pertaining to the planning and execution of region and troop events, contact David Maxfield at

GSSGC Reta i Guest Spea l Sho k Girl-friendl ers, p, y A and V ctiv i en do ties rs !!!


ivity areas, t c a l e gir r u lodeon, t e a k e c i f dN will n a o y ch more! p e u x n m E is so . D d n G a m .I. fro ors t B i t b n i e me e exh Th n i bl rta a e k t ar en m e r

s r e t g n n e i pr tion C S m ven l a P on C BER D

EM 2012 – 4PM C E M




u hen yo w s n e at happ See wh Girls!

in Believe

For more information please call


or visit us at

Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio 1751 Plum Lane, Redlands, CA 92374


(800) 400-4475

Locations Central Service Center & Executive Offices 1751 Plum Lane Redlands, CA 92374 800-400-4475 909-307-6518 SHOP High Desert Service Center 15329 Bonanza Road, Ste. C & D Victorville, CA 92392 760-241-3558 760-241-0273 SHOP Low Desert Service Center 77-734 Country Club Drive, Ste. C Palm Desert, CA 92211 760-345-1703 Southwest Service Center 26855 Jefferson Avenue, Ste. B Murrieta, CA 92562 951-813-3355 951-813-3339 SHOP

Fall Product Sales 2012  

gssgc Fall Product Sales 2012

Fall Product Sales 2012  

gssgc Fall Product Sales 2012