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growing Contents adventure Chairman’s Report


Chief Commissioner’s Report


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Growing Adventure


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s ’ r e n o i s s i m m o c f e i h c repor t


It is hard to think that another year has passed and that the time has come again to write my comments for the Annual Review. We recorded our seventh consecutive year of growth this year. Our membership grew by 4.1% which was the highest growth figure of the four home nations again; indeed Scottish Scouting grew by more than twice the rate of the rest of the UK. Our youth membership grew by 3.7% and total membership has reached 42,950. Particularly pleasing was the growth we recorded in the remoter West Highlands, where, as a consequence of a small amount of funding support, we were able to open seven new Scout Groups and recruit over 300 new members. The challenge ahead is how we sustain such growth and ensure that more and more young people, and adults, get to join our great adventure! The year under review had many highlights for me. Who could forget the iconic images of our young people lighting the Paralympic Torch at the top of Ben Nevis, as fellow Scouts were doing the same at the top of each of the highest peaks in the four nations? Clearly the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games recognised the inclusive nature of our organisation such that they wanted us to be part of something as important as this. This reminded me of how critical our diversity and inclusion agenda is to us as an organisation. We have to continue to break down barriers to encourage people from all walks of life, and with whatever challenges they face, to become members - and we all need to help to make it happen. I was recently delighted to announce the appointment of our first Scottish Headquarters Commissioner for Inclusive Scouting. Working closely with our Development Team, the key task will be to identify where opportunities may arise to widen our pool of members and, indeed, to make such opportunities happen. Blair Atholl in 2012 was a resounding success. A new Camp Chief and his team delivered a high quality experience in the way that we have all come to expect from our flagship national event. It was particularly gratifying that the attendance of Scouts from the area of Japan devastated by the Tsunami generated such positive media interest – and for all the right reasons. I get the sense that, increasingly, society wants to hear our good news stories. It is everyone’s job to ensure that we take every opportunity to ‘blow our own trumpets’ with local and national media when we can. No one will do it for us, if we don’t!


The Minister for Children and Young People, Aileen Campbell MSP, was the guest speaker at our 2013 Annual Awards Day. She was astonished at the range of activities undertaken by our Queen’s Scouts and by the superb service recorded by our adult award recipients. I am determined to increase both in the year ahead. Earlier this year, our Honorary President, Sir Garth Morrison, ‘went home’. He was truly a giant in Scottish, UK and World Scouting. He earned the respect of everyone he encountered during his many years of service as Chief Commissioner of Scotland, Chief Scout and a member of the World Scout Committee. It was fitting that Scouting played such a prominent role in his memorial service in Haddington at the end of June this year. Eleanor Lyall, my predecessor, read a most fitting tribute to Sir Garth on behalf of Scouting. He will be badly missed. Duncan Clark has been Chairman of the Scottish Board for the past six years. During that time he has given focused and good humoured leadership to the Board and has proven to be a source of wise counsel to me as Chief Commissioner. He has taken particular interest in the work of the Scottish Scout Network Council. I was delighted when the Chief Scout awarded Duncan with a Bar to the Silver Acorn in 2013 for further outstanding service. Duncan will complete his term of office at this year’s AGM. On behalf of all involved in Scouting in Scotland, I offer Duncan our best wishes for the future. I am sure his sound advice will not be lost to us in the years ahead. Finally I would like to record my personal thanks to everyone involved in Scottish Scouting in whatever capacity. You have much of which to be proud. Keep up the good work and roll on the year ahead.

Graham Haddock Chief Commissioner of Scotland




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growing adventure


The work of Scottish Headquarters is guided by the Scottish Board’s three-year Work Programme for the period 2010 – 2013. The overarching aim is to develop opportunities for more young people to experience and enjoy the adventure, challenge and fun that is Scouting. This Report illustrates just some of the outcomes from our work in the past year as we strive to achieve our goals.

ruited c e R s r e e t n u ol More Adult V r More Young People = Scouting fo s d West Highlan Highlands and

rtise. Scouting expe knowledge to rtant proved an impo Local schools parents munication to vehicle for com e clear volunteers. Th as prospective d the n Scouting an synergy betwee lped r Excellence he Curriculum fo ity un m m co r alle with access. Sm c ifi ec sp hed magazines reac otional d quality prom oo G . ts en catchm tailored Scouting were materials from saging. with local mes

of the ring A 2011 tour otional ew by 1,689 du the SHQ prom ith Membership gr w s nd la h Is nt ve ,950 - a se ed significant the year to 42 trailer reveal th. We ow gr moter of ar ye Scouting in re consecutive demand for target set us d tio an bi d am an . Highl exceeded an communities 10% of to d ar ed Bo in h rm tis dete by the Scot Islands Region adding s, in ar n ye io e is re ov th pr new growth over help develop ) in the lp 4% he 1. e (1 th rs be ith d, w 4,404 mem the Region an volunteers. t ng 624 adult a pilot projec up t period includi se , of SHQ nded ye, pa ex Sk d ve an ha s er Local Group on Lochab d se cu , fo ed en ble at s have op g only availa and new Group with Scoutin ral and ru in lmallie. y Ki cit d pa an ca increasing e in Mallaig tim e th ities. urban commun ian terest in Stront Building on in idge, Br n ea Sp d ) an (Ardnamurchan through oject funding SHQ secured pr es for Communiti the CashBack ship to er rtn Pa e hem Small Grants Sc officer l development employ a loca initially urs per week, (LDO) for 15 ho ntly s, but subseque for nine month ership . A strong partn expanded to 18 tween the LDO was forged be r, al Commissione and the Region munity iled local com marrying deta

ial mber of potent A significant nu number e forward in a volunteers cam et to . They were m of communities bility; and role suita assess interest ents the appointm taken through ining. ceived initial tra process; and re le e young peop Only then wer Portree in t gh ni open recruited. An w 100 people. Ne attracted over n, t up in Strontia Groups have se ish, ul Portree, Ballach Spean Bridge, k the Isle of Muc Lochalsh and bership em M ). le op pe g (with five youn fro n m area has grow in the project 77 to 391.

National Pro gra = More Scou mme Resources tin at Home and g Adventures Abroad

Through our Na tional Activity Centres, natio Blair Atholl nal events and competitions, appreciation of The 33rd Blai a wide range other cultures r Atholl Intern of at adventurous ac io na fro l m around the Patrol Jambo tivities, person globe, helping rette in summ al and team chal er the Scouts un 2012 attracte lenges are prov derstand more d yo ut id h ed an of . d adult As part of a w the world arou participants orldwide Mov nd them. from 19 coun ement tr of 32 million m ie s, including Braz embers, the il, Russia, Japa international di n “The program and South A mension to ou me provides frica. r youth program so mething for ev me is also signi eryone. From ficant. In addition to canyoning to The 1,350 Jam our flagship Sc crafts, mountai borette particip ot tis h n International ev ants biking to martia were joined by ent at Blair At l arts and boar a fu rth ho er ll, 45 d 0 various trainin games to extre Scottish Scouts g events were me survival, th gaining a first ere held in prepar ar e pl ex enty of opportu perience of an ation for an SH nities to international Q Explorer Belt ex discover a pass scouting even pedition to Es ion for life. Blai t at a Satellite to ni a r Fest, and participat a night of ente Camp on the ion of a Scottis rtainment, this middle weeke h ye nd. ar contingent in included an ex the Boy Scouts clusive perform of ance America Jambo fro m Ex famous singer plorer Scout Vi ree. Sandi Thom. ctoria Holdstoc k wrote of her Bl air Atholl adve nture: “The most im “The Jambore portant tte is set up w ith a outcomes are structure that the makes friends hip valuable skills impossible to le arned avoid. Within each and the intern sub-camp ther at ional e are twelve Sc ottish friendships fo patrols, each pa rm ed ired with an for life. This is overseas patro an l to form a sin gle altogether inva working unit fo luable r the 12 day du ration experience. of the camp. Bl ” air Atholl Jam borette gives a unique insight into an d

Helped by funds raised by Fife Scouts, Japanese Scouts from the Tsunami devastated Iwate Province attended the 33rd Blair Atholl International Patrol Jamborette




Growing Adventure rmed o f n I = s n o i t unica m m o C e v i ofile t r c P e c i l Eff b u P d e mprov I d n a s r e b m Me an ard approved The Scottish Bo ns tio ica un m Com ambitious new al rn te in acing Strategy, embr l ; website; socia ns tio ica commun ic bl pu ; ns relatio media; media d keting, print an ar m d an affairs; d an on g ildin distribution, bu mmunications co e th g refocusin rs. h Headquarte work of Scottis been s ha n tio unica Member comm news ugh regular edelivered thro bers. 400 adult mem bulletins, to 6, early of the twice-y The last issue stributed di as w e azin Pathfinder mag bers 300 adult mem in March to 8,

will fluencers, and and external in ly ith a bi-month be replaced w Hugely e. in az ag m g Scottish Scoutin secured exposure was positive media ng strong e year, includi throughout th owth; membership gr stories around ami un r’; Japanese Ts ‘Bear in the Ai holl At ing the Blair survivors attend lympic ra hting of the Pa Jamborette; lig g tin ou cognition of Sc Flame; and re h by the Scottis Achievements Parliament.



their task d of matches, Without the ai me from Fla c a Paralympi was to create highest ’s nd la ials on Scot natural mater ia and are of the med peak in the gl was then e m n. The Fla live on televisio p and m a Miner’s La transported in uldron c pi e Paralym Ca used to light th in Edinburgh.

venture in outdoor ad Its specialism clusion in mitment to skills and com ner rt g an ideal pa made Scoutin e am Fl Paralympics for LOCOG’s in ak pe t the highes ceremonies on n er th or N nd, Wales, each of Scotla at f of g in gland. Sett Ireland and En y rt pa a ugust 2012 dawn on 22 A , one plorer Scouts Ex of four local om fr s o Instructor Leader and tw ed ad he , ead Centre our Lochgoilh . is of Ben Nev to the summit

pic Adventure, Of his Paralym nt (18), an Assista Jason Ridgley ho w from Thurso Scout Leader problems serious spinal e has overcom er, ampion swimm to become a ch d an ur no great ho said, “It was a nce rie pe ex e awesom privilege… An .” I’ll never forget field t Christina Scho Explorer Scou helping of e nc experie (16) said, “The and e on Ben Nevis light the Flam dron ul Ca e r it to th helping transfe ur. no ho an as such in Edinburgh w is it d an it y part of I’ve loved ever r.” be em m re s ill alway something I w

ent = m e v l o v n I h t You our g n i p a h S ‘ e l dults’ Young Peop A h t i w p i h s r tne Future in Par fe ur Vision to Li Bringing O h ained its om the Scottis ard has maint ies secured fr The Scottish Bo on M t en y m ar lve nt lu Youth Invo National Vo commitment to overnment’s G e tic ac pr d policy an rganisations in all aspects of Youth Work O e Vision of th ed ac br abled a strong em and has fully pport Fund en Su ed tend ap Sh t Movemen Scotland to at Scouting as ‘A legation from de ith w ip ce sh en er le in Partn l Scout Confer by Young Peop a UK Nationa e e Explorer th in n io at sion to Life. Th cip inging Our Vi Adults’. Parti h Br ug ro th e e, Th m lp ed to he ader Sche Scout Young Le r event was design ovide voluntee pr le determine its op n pe g tio which youn out Associa Sc , ns io eving ct Se ger age s towards achi support to youn g work prioritie un Yo Each 6 09 18 1, ting in 20 . t 20% to rose by almos Vision for Scou a 7 27 d 1, te of en n es the additio on was repr Leaders. With r Scottish Regi ee d nt lu an vo er t ul on olds in ad Commissi 18 to 25 year for by its Regional t en pm . lo ve 25 ip skills de t aged 18 to roles, leadersh a young adul ence d investment un so a is of the Confer le s young peop The dynamic s tie ni d by rtu ce po . New op ntly influen for our future were significa ed ch g un un la ve been ortion of yo for training ha the high prop in h ut . Yo ccessful participants following a su adult (>30%) rough the th d bi g in nd the Lead fu Small h Communities (18) from Fort CashBack for Alisdair Keane . ip h sh e Partner ned his Yout Grants Schem Region explai venture: “How ad Involvement table elf sitting at a did I find mys n? ting’s Visio discussing Scou

taste of Youth “Well my first plorer I) was as an Ex Involvement (Y be a was elected to Scout when I osen presentative, ch Unit Council Re to s of my peers to take the idea came tings. Then I be leadership mee pilot Forth Region YI involved in the fo a rum we organised project where s in mp for 14 to 25 and activity ca of rt d now I am pa the Region, an t ul adquarters Ad the Scottish He t group.” Training suppor Scotland g adults from The eight youn ribution nt impressive co made a hugely ting ra ngs, demonst to the proceedi g un impact that yo the value and r ou g ake to ‘shapin people can m ly nt ue ve been subseq future’. All ha e th rious aspects of involved in va Board to include the work of SHQ, uth Yo ittees and the and its comm tation en rategy Implem Involvement St Group.




teers = n u l o V n i g n i Invest More d n a s t l u d A Suppor ted eople P g n u o Y r o f Adventures cceler8 2012

ck was Positive feedba rticipants: pa ceived from re dens A d Acceler8…broa earlier pilot, ult training an ‘An event like g a successful in w ries!’; Resourcing ad llo tte Fo ba r charges rmation and ent is critical fo rizons (and) re ho 2012, an info 8 er el skills developm cc h A ug ctive adult s come thro ement and effe ent event for ‘The best idea sound manag skills developm g tin rs Fi en l m el le rd pp le. It was good Fo Su op livery. talking to pe rs, was held at ee nt programme de lu vo t. e activities being re in Augus ing scheme, th to see various Activity Cent l na io our adult train bitors: at N k across ; and from exhi ary Youth Wor signed-up from demonstrated’ ts ul ad National Volunt 3 61 ed ith id prov ternal satisfied w Support Fund the Isles. 74 ex ‘We were truly very Organisations Scotland and y cit pa ed ca id t excellent and or ov n pr pp ‘A rs 0 to su everything’; rnal exhibito te in us almost £60,00 d ve an ga te event that aterials, including upda well organised me advice, m m ra k development, og or pr tw s s base rtunity to ne aining Adviser d ideas. Skills an ideal oppo seminars for Tr s and information an s); SL ty (G fe s sa er d te gatekeeper ag an ria Man with approp programme ed id and local Group ov r pr t fo ents ying ou l residential ev al training. Tr influencers’. developmenta related practic t Team or ing pp ow Su kn al d on an gi es Re iti e th tiv ac d, e ar the Bo adventur issioners ed District Comm them encourag and Assistant where to find an of e y m er m liv ra de ions; en prog for youth Sect leaders to wid t t ills developmen sk d e and suppor an ic n dv io A at inform horizons. n d tio uc an od es pr te ; and to trus day for adults was available n fund ment Inductio lve too on how to s vo In or h at tr ut of Yo adminis g people. ures for youn Resources. more advent

way time a t s r fi as the ht. em it w an one nig they h t f o h y t t n r a a e ng t wh ‘For m e for lo tories abou fidence in m o h con l of s from ere ful o give them it harder in w y e t h T d ab t helpe ties and try .’ I . . . d i i d g il llengin wn ab their o ey find cha at th erience tial Exp things Residen back nded ey feed ed Exte k fund ut Leader surv c a B h s Ca Sco ilhead, Lochgo



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ottish bate in the Sc A Members De nce MSP of rra n To ul evaluatio d by David wing successf Parliament, le llo Fo l ised al gn Sm co es re hip r Leader) r Communiti sitive relations (also a voluntee r CashBack fo ou ugh ro A continued po th ed t rm d en t an ’s achievem Partnership fo Gannochy Trus young people rants Scheme G g of with both the un n Yo e io r th ut fo ith the contrib otland, Clubs Trust, along w Scouting and with Youth Sc the MacRobert rthered me igade and Br he ’ Sc ys es Bo iti ciety. This is fu g, un so in m Com Scouting to ople, Girlguid Pe t CashBack for e ne th bi Ca ith s land, the gement w substantial fund through enga s’ Brigade Scot irl G has delivered t hLink an or ut d pp Yo ce , su ork, SCVO ice announ small grants to Awards Netw cretary for Just Se e th d with applied as 141 er an , ov rs w and othe rther £1.5m ent; start-up ne Scotland, SAAF location of a fu al l issues al local developm on Sm t e e en th m t and Parliam nd program s to continue en ar pa ye ex nm e er s; re ov up th G ro xt ne local G ch as e a new bers; r members, su and to operat for youth mem pertinent to ou rants Scheme G g opportunities un g. Yo t sin or t tivity Licen ities to supp sts of specialis Adventure Ac stream of activ and support co ills sk . d ad te la Le re e th tivity People Taking adventurous ac It is pleasing to s. er ad le r fo g trainin ified ust has overnment’s Un e Gannochy Tr The Scottish G report that th r ed fo id or Fund prov rther £195,000 Voluntary Sect committed a fu work ort pp su t an g for the core gr t in en valuable fund local developm nd Fu arters. This three years. of our Headqu over the next rategic 2013, but a St ceased in April ernment ov G ership with Funding Partn more t bu enhanced, has resulted in xt ing for the ne focused, fund two years.


The Adventure Continues... The Scottish Board has confirmed a new Strategic Plan for the next three years (2013 to 2016). Seven key themes are shaping the work going forward: Sustainable growth and development of Scouting in Scotland; Volunteer and staff development, training and support; Working in partnership with our wider community; Quality programme delivery and support; Supporting and developing our young people; Strengthening our finances; Safeguarding and Safety in Scouting. A Governance Review will be completed during 2013, the conclusions from which may determine actions to strengthen operational efficiency and impact.




financial sum mary For the Year en ded 31 March 2013

The financial ou tturn for year en ded 31 March satisfactory. 2013 is largely The General Re serve Fund incr eased during th after transfers e year by £69, and before inve 776 stment gains an Unrestricted Re d Designated serves decrease d by £41,265, ag transfers and be ain after fore investmen t gain and inclu spent on the ne ding £74,000 cessary improv ements to the water treatmen Fordell Firs was t system. te Restricted Fund s reduced by £2 ,199 before in reflecting the us vestment gain e of grant fund s ing to support projects. local developm ent

Fordell Firs and Meggernie Ce ntres and the Eq all produced im uipment Hire se proved operatin rvice g surpluses. Headquarters staff and overhe ad expenditure budget, includi was well within ng modest incr eases over prev ious year costs . Income to Restr icted Funds tota lle d £2 56,447, includi of £65,000 fro m the Gannoc ng the grant hy Trust, which used to suppor once again ha t development s been initiatives in Gr Regions across oups, Districts Scotland. Cash and ba ck for Communitie continued at a s Funding slightly reduce d lev el w ith income of £4 providing valuab 5,210 le direct financia l support to loca well as funding l Groups, as development su pport initiatives from the Natio . Grants receive nal Voluntary Yo d uth Work Orga Fund totalling nisations Supp £59,689 funded ort va rio us support initiativ other developm es. The Scottis ent and h Board acknow thanks the finan ledges with gr cial assistance ateful provided by all supporters. our sponsors an d

The value of ou r investments in creased signific the period, endi antly in value ov ng the year £9 er 7,190 higher in value at £836,5 62. On the income side, a further increase in mem 2012 boosted bership at Janu income from m ary em bership subscr The Associatio iptions once ag n was also fortu ain. nate to receive £57,382, £51, legacy income 382 of which th of is Summary Fina year has been Designated Fo transferred to ncial Statemen rdell Firs Develo the ts pment Fund to The summary capital investm co financial statem ve r necessary ent on that site. ents contain in Th fro e m re th m formation extra transferred to e full statutory aining £6,000 the Lochgoilhea cted has been report and acco d Developmen un M ar ts ch fo r the year ende balance on a leg 20 13 , which receive t Fund as a furth d 31 acy previously d an er un qu ali ap approved by th fied audit repo plied to that fu the Scottish Go e Board on 24 rt and were nd. Grants from vernment Unifi August 2013. ed Voluntary Se been lodged w The accounts ha General Fund, ct ith or OSCR and can Fund, in our and The Searle ve be obtained on Memorial Trust, Scottish Headqu support the ce request from specifically to arters. ntre at Megge rnie, continued the previous ye at the same lev ar. el as in Income at the Lochgoilhead Ce ntre was only m previous year, arginally up on and, although the the Centre was over the winte once again clo r months, expe se d nd itu re increased by result that the £32k with the Centre again ra n at a consider able deficit.

Duncan R Clar


Chairman, Scot tish Board

independent auditors statement to the Board of The Scottish Council The Scout Association We have examined the summarised financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2013 set out on pages 18-19. This statement is made solely to the Board as a body in accordance with the terms of our engagement letter. Our work has been undertaken so we might state to the Board those matters we are required to state in such a statement and for no other purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept or assume responsibility to anyone other than the Board as a body, for our work, for this statement, or for the opinions we have formed. Respective responsibilities of the Board and the Auditor The Board are responsible for preparing the summarised financial statements in accordance with applicable United Kingdom law and the recommendations of the Charities SORP. Our responsibility is to report to you our opinion on the consistency of the summarised financial statements with the full annual financial statements and the Report of the Board. We also read other information contained in the financial summary and consider the implications for our report if we become aware of any apparent misstatements or material inconsistencies with the summarised financial statements. We conducted our work in accordance with Bulletin 2008/3 issued by the Auditing Practices Board. Opinion In our opinion the summarised financial statements are consistent with the full annual financial statements and the Report of the Board of The Scottish Council The Scout Association for the year ended 31 March 2013.

Chiene + Tait, Statutory Auditor 61 Dublin Street Edinburgh EH3 6NL 24 August 2013

oung at our y th pport k in es th they su h s m a ti e o d m c eek: I so job they with su unity W at a fantastic ey undertake y see m m o C h Scout vities th alise w that the e don’t re unity with acti nt to Scouting le of th p o e p me mm ard out I think o ta w s c e l r te a ir is c e get th their lo m. Perhaps it tainly, s ers. Cer m into do’, and enthusia right thing to it brings to oth the he ulding nt this as ‘t the enrichme key part in mo a nd oud of. value a ng is playing ll be pr a n ti a u c o c e that S ens w ible citizKirkcaldy) respons th 5 hair, 11 (Group C




statement of financial activities for the year ended 31 march 2013

Unrestricted Funds (£)

Restricted Funds (£)

Total 2013 (£)

Incoming Resources Incoming resources from generated funds Voluntary income 1,018,206 238,330 1,256,536 Activities for generating funds 7,855 - 7,855 Investment income 32,530 18,117 50,647 Incoming resources from charitable activities 1,278,116 - 1,278,116 Total Incoming Resources 2,336,707 256,447 2,593,154 Resources Expended Costs of generating funds Costs of generating voluntary income 451,669 Fundraising trading: cost of goods sold and other costs - Investment management costs 3,637 Charitable activities 1,811,615 Governance costs 41,275



- 2,136 256,510 -

- 5,773 2,068,125 41,275

Total 2012 (£)

1,187,084 5,087 45,732 1,046,266 2,284,169

428,538 5,219 1,741,016 40,293

Total Resources Expended 2,308,196 258,646 2,566,842 2,215,066 Net Incoming Resources Before other Recognised Gains/(Losses) 28,511 (2,199) 26,312 69,103 Other recognised gains/(losses) Investment assets – realised gains/(losses) 598 351 949 (7,494) Investment assets – unrealised gains 60,632 35,610 96,242 33,129 Net Movement in Funds 89,741 33,762 123,503 94,738 Reconciliation of Funds Total funds brought forward 1,424,651 937,789 2,362,440 2,267,702 Total Funds Carried Forward 1,514,392 2,485,943 2,362,440 971,551 The statement of financial activities includes all gains and losses recognised in the year. All incoming resources and resources expended derive from continuing activities.

balance sheet as at 31 march 2013

2013 (£)

2012 (£)




INVESTMENTS at Market Value Unrestricted Funds Restricted Funds

527,034 309,528

465,804 273,568



CURRENT ASSETS Stock Debtors Bank and Cash Balances

23,480 173,360 1,630,654

18,290 126,409 1,843,388











FUNDS Unrestricted Funds - General Reserves - Designated Reserves Restricted Funds

1,239,276 275,116 971,551

1,123,820 300,831 937,789



Approved and authorised for issue by the Board of the Scottish Council on 24 August 2013. Signed on their behalf on that date by:

J DOUGLAS ALLAN OBE Chairman Executive Committee

J W KENNEDY BCOM CA Honorary Treasurer




legal and administrative information The Scout Association was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1912. Its powers include the appointment of local bodies for the management of its affairs in any particular part of the United Kingdom; under these powers its affairs in Scotland are delegated to the Scottish Council, with a board for the management of its business. The Scottish Council is an independently registered Scottish Charity with its own constitution. Honorary President

Vacant Sir W Garth Morrison KT CBE (deceased 24 May 2013)

Scottish Board

Ex Officio Members

Chairman Chief Commissioner of Scotland Honorary Treasurer Chairman of the Executive Committee Depute Chief Commissioner (Region Support) Depute Chief Commissioner (Programme) Chair of the Scottish Scout Network Council SHQ Commissioner (Communication) Chief Executive and Secretary

Duncan R Clark Graham Haddock John W Kennedy J Douglas Allan OBE Chris Brammer Kenneth Robertson William McFarlane Moray Macdonald (from 1 September 2012) James A Duffy*

ELECTED MEMBERS Laura Gilman South East Region Norman Hall North East Region Dan Harper West Region Hilary Kirk East Region Joe Lally Clyde Region John Brierley Clyde Region David Green Highland and Islands Region David Smith Clyde Region Barry Hewitt South East Region Ian McPherson Clyde Region Brian Morrison South East Region Alan Dickson South East Region Simon McGrory Clyde Region Hamish Scott Forth Region Colin Williamson South West Region * elected for a second consecutive term

2009 – 10/11/2012 2009 – 10/11/2012 2010 - 2013 2010 - 2013 2010 – 09/06/2012 29/10/2011 - 2014 29/10/2011 - 2014 2008 - 2014* 10/11/2012 - 2013 10/11/2012 - 2013 10/11/2012 - 10/02/2013 10/11/2012 - 2015 2009 - 2015* 2009 - 2015* 10/11/2012 - 2015


Clyde Region

2011 - 2014

CO-OPTED MEMBERS May Gaffney Barry Hewitt Kris Chalmers

South West Region South East Region Voice for Young People

2011 - 10/11/2012 2011 - 10/11/2012 from 18/06/2011

Girlguiding Scotland

(to 31 August 2012)

OBSERVER Dinah Faulds *

MINUTE SECRETARY Charles Lowe* *Non-Voting Principal Address Fordell Firs, Hillend Dunfermline Fife KY11 7HQ

Auditors Chiene + Tait Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditor 61 Dublin Street Edinburgh EH3 6NL

Bankers Royal Bank of Scotland 36 St Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2YB

Investment Advisors Adam & Company Investment Management Ltd 22 Charlotte Square Edinburgh EH2 4DF



membership census 2013 Male Female YOUTH MEMBERSHIP Beaver Scouts 8,820 1,104 Cub Scouts 10,841 1,397 Scouts 8,359 1,569 Explorer Scouts 2,593 760 Network members 125 48 TOTAL YOUTH MEMBERSHIP 30,738 4,878 LEADERSHIP Sections leaders 2,732 2,006 Sectional Assistants & Skills Instructors 419 301 Group Scout Leaders 343 128 District Skills Instructors 5 1 District Advisers 9 1 District Scouters 21 16 District Commissioners (incl. Assts & Deputies) 95 52 Regional Skills Instructors 7 2 Regional Advisers 17 7 Regional Scouters 3 1 Regional Commissioners (incl. Assts & Deputies) 23 11 TOTAL LEADERSHIP 3,674 2,526 ORGANISATIONAL SUPPORT District Administrators 46 39 District Office Bearers 83 54 Region Administrators 18 14 Region Office Bearers 20 4 Scout Active Support 335 184 Individual Members and Associate Members 196 141 TOTAL ORGANISATIONAL SUPPORT 698 436 Members 35,051 7,802 Associate Members 59 38 TOTAL MEMBERSHIP 35,110 7,840


9,924 12,238 9,928 3,353 173 35,616

4,738 720 471 6 10 37 147 9 24 4 34 6,200

85 137 32 24 519 337 1,134 42,853 97 42,950


STATISTICAL INFORMATION Young Leaders 799 297 Network members (recorded elsewhere) 175 85 Total Network members 300 133 UNITS

1096 260 433

Beaver Scout Colonies Cub Scout Packs Scout Troops Explorer Scout Units Local Scout Networks Scout Active Support Units Young Leader Units Groups Districts Regions

603 655 541 235 36 53 53 604 53 8

7 Consecutive Years of Growth Scottish Scout Membership 2006 - 2013 50000


KEY Adult Volunteers (other)


Adult Volunteers (network) Scout Network


Explorer Scouts Scouts


Cub Scouts Beaver Scouts

0 2006











supporters and sponsors 2012 - 2013 Adam & Company Aileen Campbell MSP Andy Cameron Awards for All Backwoods Survival School BAM FM B&Q Warehouse Bay Printing Ltd Beyond the Beaten Track Blacks of Greenock Bob Dalziel British Airways CashBack for Communities Celtic Football Club Chiene & Tait Cllr Ivor Hyslop, Dumfries & Galloway Council Comrie Croft David Storey Deep Sea World Dewar & Sons Dewars World of Whisky Drinking Classes Dumfries & Galloway Council Dynamic Earth Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries Edinburgh Military Tattoo Exxon Mobil First Scotrail Fordell Firs Active Support Forestry Commission Scotland

Gannochy Trust Gill Bowman G Ingram’s Executry Girls’ Brigade, Scotland Glasgow Marriott Hotel Glasgow Science Centre Glengoyne Distillery Graham Bennet Hobbycraft Hugh & Mary Miller Bequest James Callender James Menzies Executry James Rae & Son John Young Signs Ltd Keegan & Pennykid (Insurance Brokers) Ltd Lloyds Banking Group Lochgoilhead Active Support Mackie’s of Scotland Muir Dean Trust Multiprint – Kirkcaldy Murray Smoked Products MacRobert Trust

Scotshield Fire & Security Ltd Scottish Archery Association Scottish Book Trust Scottish Football Museum Scottish Government Children & Families Unit Scottish Orienteering Society Scottish Police College Scottish Scout Active Support Scottish Youth Hostels Association SCVO Searle Memorial Trust Stenhousemuir FC Stonewall Scotland The Falkirk Wheel The High School of Glasgow The Imagineering Foundation The Miller Foundation The Robert Burns Guild of Speakers The Robert Hall Foundation The Royal Yacht Britannia The Scotch Whisky Experience The Scout Association The Stenhousemuir Tryst Boys Thomas Tunnock Limited Tiso Vestey Foods

National Voluntary Youth Work Organisations Support Fund

Walker’s Shortbread Limited William Grant & Sons

Rangers Football Club Roberta Young Ronald Miller Foundation RSPB Scotland

YouthLink Scotland

The scout movement gave me an opportunity to compete as an equal among those who were able-bodied but who did not see a sight impairment as an impairment‌ The scout movement did not only give me life skills; it allowed me to do many things that I probably would not have been able to do otherwise. I have been canoeing in the Tweed; I have climbed many Munros; I have been pony trekking; I have abseiled; and I had the privilege of going to a world jamboree in Amersfoort in Holland in the early 1970s. At that jamboree, I swam for Scotland, and I won gold. Dennis Robertson MSP (Aberdeenshire West) (SNP), Scotland’s first blind MSP, From members’ business debate on motion S4M-04160, 23/10/12, Recognising Scouting Achievement.


growing adventure opportunities for all shaped by young people The Scottish Council The Scout Association, Fordell Firs, Hillend, Dunfermline KY11 7HQ T: 01383 419073 F: 01383 414892 W: The Scottish Council The Scout Association is a registered Scottish Charity no. SC017511

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