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Pearl of an idea to celebrate the “best Oysters in the world” T he catch from Scotland’s only wild, native oyster fishery is the focal point of a brand new seafood festival – being launched next month. The three-day Stranraer Oyster Festival – believed to be the first of its type in Scotland – aims to encourage visitors to the town to

celebrate the seafood heritage of Stranraer in south-west Scotland.

The event, which takes place from 15th to 17th September, marks the start of the oyster harvesting season which runs from September through to April. The weekend festivities will

Photo by Martin Troon - Loch Ryan Oysters


commence with an oyster landing ceremony, complete with oysters being piped ashore, live music, a giant paella for visitors to the festival to share in, a community performance with the support of Oceanallover and fireworks. Festivities over the weekend will include oyster tasting

Scotland Correspondent issue 8