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Everything I See I Swallow by Shasha and Taylor Productions Summerhall, Demonstration Room, 31 July - 25 August Billed as a provocatively erotic examination of a mother daughter relationship and shifting attitudes to empowerment, feminism and sexuality. Circus artist, burlesque performer, actor and stripper Maisy Taylor teams up with trained classical actor and theatre-maker Tamsin Shasha to perform an erotically charged fusion of theatre, aerial performance and

Photo by The Other Richard Everything I See I Swallow


shibari – the erotic art of Japanese rope bondage. Exploring themes of control, gender power, dominance and submission, just how does a woman defend the objectification of her own body? Maisy comes to the Fringe for the first time this year while Tamsin last appeared in 2007 with her show Bacchic, which drew very favourable comparisons with that year’s production of The Bacchae starring Alan Cumming.

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