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Haunting mystery of what really happened to Helen Duncan


ampaigners looking to overturn the conviction of the last woman to be jailed for witchcraft in Britain are pinning their hopes on the precedent set by a World War II codebreaker. Celebrated medium Helen Duncan was jailed for witchcraft in 1944 for raising the spirits of the dead after a show trial at the Old Bailey just months before the D-Day landings.

Supporters of the former housewife and mother of six from Callander claim she was set up by the security services in an attempt to prevent her revealing secrets of the Normandy landings before they took place. Duncan, who died in December 1956, never fully recovered from the nine-month prison term she was sentenced to under an antiquated 200- year-old law and has since been hailed as spiritualism’s greatest heroine and martyr.


Scotland Correspondent issue 2