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Henri Dutilleux 1916-2013 2016

Dutilleux Centenar y

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Henri Dutilleux


orn on 22 January 1916, French composer Henri Dutilleux was mainly active in the second half of the twentieth century. Initially, he studied harmony, counterpoint and piano with Victor Gallois at the Douai Conservatory before attending the Paris Conservatory.

In Paris he studied harmony and counterpoint with Jean and Noël Gallon, composition with Henri Busser and history of music with Maurice Emmanuel. He has received a number of awards throughout his career including the Grand Prix de Rome in 1938, UNESCO’s International Rostrum of Composers in 1955, the Grand-Croix de la Légion d’Honneur in 2004 and the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize in 2005. His style shows strong influence from Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy and Albert Roussel but has a very individual element to it. His attitude towards serialism is difficult to discern. Although he did include some elements of the style in his own music, he criticised those behind the ideas saying that he disliked ‘the dogma and the authoritarianism which manifested themselves in that period’. He consistently refused to be associated with one single school of compositional thought. Rather, he merged and fused elements of earlier styles with those of the post-Second World War to create a rather unique style. The influence of jazz can also be heard in the regular use of pizzicato bass and syncopation. He passed away on 22 May 2013 in Paris.

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Keyboard Piano

Au Gré des Ondes (1946) Alphonse Leduc AL20446

I Prélude en berceuse II Claquettes III Improvisation IV Mouvement perpétuel V Hommage à Bach VI Étude Dutilleux’s compositional style greatly reflected that of Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy and Albert Roussel. Yet his unique, individual style is still evident in his Au Gré des Ondes composed in 1946 and still performed to this day. The work, translated as Along the Waves, contains six movements, including a homage to Bach, and reflects Dutilleux’s style in its atonality and modality, use of pedal notes and subtle hints of the jazz style.

Le Café du Cadran (1947) Film Score Choudens ACF021631

Résonances (1965) Choudens ACF020154

Trois Préludes (1973-1988) Alphonse Leduc AL28904

I D’ombre et de silence (1973) II Sur un même accord (1977) III Le jeu des contraires (1988)

2 Pianos

Figures de Résonances (1970) Heugel HE32611

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Strings Cello

Tout Un Monde Lointain (1970) Cello Concerto Heugel HE33633

Cello/Piano Reduction

Trois Strophes sur le Nom de Paul Sacher (1982) Solo Cello Heugel HE32630

String Quartet

Ainsi La Nuit (1976) Heugel Study Score - HE32609 Parts - HE33293

Woodwind Flute

Sonatine for Flute and Piano (1943) Alphonse Leduc AL20257

Written in 1943 as part of the four exam pieces for the Paris Conservatoire, this charming work for flute and piano is an early work. Despite the composer becoming quite critical of the work, this Sonatine, which lasts nine minutes, is the most recorded of his compositions and has become a standard in the flute repertoire.

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Sonata for Oboe and Piano (1947) Alphonse Leduc AL21159


Sarabande et Cortège (1942) Alphonse Leduc AL20097

The Sarabande et Cortège for bassoon and piano displays influences of Debussy’s eschewing of tonality and Ravel’s inventive textures. These, combined with Dutilleux’s unique uses of structure and pedal points create a truly riveting piece.

Brass Trombone

Choral, Cadence et Fugato (1950) Trombone/Piano Alphonse Leduc AL20786

Vocal Chanson de la Déportée (1945) Medium Voice/Piano Alphonse Leduc AL30441

San Francisco Night (1963) Medium Voice/Piano Alphonse Leduc AL29424

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Ensemble & Orchestra Au Gré des Ondes (1946/2014) (orch. Kenneth Hesketh)

2(II/pic).2.2.2/2100/hp/str Alphonse Leduc Score/Parts – Hire Only

Choral, Cadence et Fugato (1950/1995) (orch. Claude Pichaureau)

Tenor Trombone/Concert Band Alphonse Leduc Trombone/Piano Reduction – AL20786 Score – AL28933 Parts – AL28934

Les Citations (1985/1991) Oboe/Harpsichord/Double Bass/Percussion Alphonse Leduc Score – AL28708 Parts – AL28978

Les Citations (2010 Version) Oboe/Harpsichord/Double Bass/Percussion Alphonse Leduc Score – AL30718 Parts – AL30719

Métaboles (1964)

2+2pic.3+ca.2+Ebcl+bcl.3+cbn/4441/timp/ 3perc/hp.cel/str Heugel Study Score – HE31794 Parts – Hire Only

Mystère de l’Instant 18 Strings Version (1989) 2perc/cimb/str( Alphonse Leduc Score/Parts – Hire Only

Mystère de l’Instant Large Version (1989) 2perc/cimb/str( Alphonse Leduc Score/Parts – Hire Only

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Mystère de l’Instant Reduced Version (1989) 2perc/cimb/str( Alphonse Leduc Study Score – AL28215 Parts – Hire Only

Pièce Sans Titre ‘Muss es sein’ (2000) 3+pic.3+ca.2+Eb+bcl.3+cbn/3431/ timp.2perc.vib(mba)/hp.cel/str(no violins) Alphonse Leduc Score/Parts – Hire Only

San Francisco Night (1963/2015) (orch. Kenneth Hesketh)

3(pic)23(bcl)3/2200/2perc/hp.cel/str Score/Parts – Hire Only

Slava’s Fanfare (1997) 0+3pic.0.0.0/0440/3perc Alphonse Leduc Score/Parts – Hire Only

Symphony No.2 ‘Le Double’ (1959) Large Orchestra: 3(pic).2(ca).2(bcl).2(cbn)/ 2221/perc/hp/str; Small Orchestra: 0111/0110/timp/cel.hpd/str(11110) Heugel Study Score – HE31721 Score/Parts – Hire Only

Timbres, Espace, Mouvement ou La Nuit Etoilée (1978) 4(2pic).3+obda.2+Ebcl+bcl.3+cbn/4331/ timp.perc/hp.cel/12vc.10db Heugel Study Score – HE32608 Score/Parts – Hire Only

Tout Un Monde Lointain (1970)

Cello Concerto Cello/2+pic.2.2+bcl.2+cbn/3221/timp.3perc/hp.cel/str Heugel Cello/Piano Reduction – HE33633 Study Score – HE32207 Score/Parts – Hire Only

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Dutilleux Centenar y

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