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Useful information: Guiseley School’s Top 10 Tips 1. You can find a map of the school in your planner. 2. If you need the toilet during a lesson, you must ask for permission and get a note in your planner. 3. If you feel unwell or need medical attention you can go to First Aid (located at student reception). 4. Reception is located in the main building next to the main hall. If you come in after registration you must sign in at reception. 5. If you have lost something, you may ask for lost property at reception. 6. You may not walk up the school drive to/from school. You must use the back lane entrance / path around Technology. See the map in your planner. 7. There is no school bell! If you hear a bell, it is probably the fire alarm. Go straight outside and find the rest of your form on the tennis courts. 8. We have a two week timetable: red week and blue week. It tells you which week it is in your planner at the top of the page where you write your homework. Don’t forget that we finish at 1.45pm on a blue Wednesday 9. You are not allowed your mobile phone out in lessons at any time (unless the teacher has specifically given you permission). You may only use your phone before registration, at break and lunch time and after school. 10. You must bring your planner, a pen and the correct exercise books with you every day!

School Rewards System You will be awarded stamps for excellent work and effort, positive attitude, behaviour for learning or being a good citizen. Each sticker will be recorded as a point and points will be able to be exchanged for small items at the schools reward shop. Or points may be exchanged for passes to participate in fun activities. You will be allocated a house: GAMMA, OMEGA, DELTA or SIGMA You can earn points for your house!






Bullying – We Won’t Stand For It! If you, or someone you know, is being bullied you must tell someone. Here’s how.... Speak to your form tutor (you see them every day!). Speak to any member of staff. Put a note in the ‘bullying box’. Speak to the anti-bullying ambassador for your year. Go to for independent advice and support.

After School and Lunchtime Clubs There are many opportunities to get involved with school sport and perhaps represent the school in a team. We offer: Boys - Rugby, Football, Basketball, Cricket Girls - Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Dance, Football Both - Athletics, Cross Country, Badminton, Gymnastics, Languages The languages department run a weekly lunchtime Spanish and Italian club for Years 7-9.

Music There are many musical activities to get involved with: Choir, orchestra, wind band, folk group, guitar group, sound and lighting club, flute group, saxonettes and soul band. Pupils may also book the music rooms individually for after-school/lunchtime practice. Many subjects hold after school and lunchtime clubs – speak to your class teacher to find out when they are.


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In-year Transfer Booklet  

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