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Google Documents Go to Google Documents at If you have not used Google Documents before you need to sign up. When signing up ensure you use your email address.

Complete the sign up form including the date of birth and word verification code. If you are using a computer that only you use you can check the “Stay Signed In” box so you won’t have to login every time you want to access Google Documents. When signing up you do not have to enter your mobile number if you don’t want to. After signing up access your email account (via Fronter or Outlook) and find the Email Verification Email from Google. Once you have found it click the verification to activate your account. Once you have activated your account you can login.

Once you are logged in click the button shown below to upload a document to Google Documents. You can find this button on the left hand side of the screen when you are logged in.

After you have uploaded your document it will appear in your “All items� list in the left hand menu (see below).

To share your document with others in the group drag it from your All Items list into the shared folders (Primary, Secondary etc).

Google Documents Walkthrough  
Google Documents Walkthrough