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Eric Carle – collage project Email your work to me and I will share it on the school blog!!!!! caroline.smith@bridge.kent.sch.uk Check out Eric Carle’s official website:


Make your own animal illustration.

Step 1: Find your pet or a photograph of any animal will do.

Step 2: Make and find your collage paper. You can paint a variety of colours onto white paper. Once dry these are perfect to use in your collage. I have chosen to use different blues and purples. You can also find different coloured paper in your recycling bin (very eco).

You can use any type of art media available at home. I used:

Colour pencil and watercolour pencil Poster paint - scratched into with a pencil to create texture Wax crayon with watercolour paint on top (Wax resist). If I’ve ever taught you, you will know that it’s my favourite!!!

Step 3: Sketch out your idea.

Step 4: Be brave! Chop up your sketch to make templates. Draw around them on your coloured papers and cut out parts of your animal. When you are ready, these will be stuck together to create your collage. If you are really brave, don’t worry about templates, cut straight into your coloured papers. Cut out the large parts first – head, body tail etc. Stick these down onto another piece of paper (you could stick your collage on to the card from a cereal box).

Continue to cut out pieces to make up your collage, but (and this is important) think carefully about the colours/shades/tones of papers that you stick next to each other. Each piece needs to be different from the one next to it – each piece of the collage needs to stand out.

Step 5: Cut out small details for the face and body – eyes, nose, Whiskers, claws etc. Position these on the body. Play around with them until you find their best position and stick! Step 6:

Add details with colour pencils or pen. I used colour pencil within the eyes and the dots around the mouth. I also added colour pencil shading where I thought the papers were too similar in colour. (Mrs. Smith does cheat sometimes).

Here’s mine! Now I want to see yours!

Step 7 Please email me your collages. It would be great to share them with each other on the blog.

Don’t forget to add your name and class to the email.

caroline.smith@bridge.kent.sch.uk I look forward to hearing from you! xxx

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Eric Carle Art Project  

Eric Carle Art Project  

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