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Thematic Knowledge Organiser- Fight For Your Country! Year 4 Koalas Spring 1 Design Technology



Vocabulary Countries, Europe

Stir, Mix, Combine, Weigh,

Skills and Objectives  Identify where countries are within

Skills and Objectives

Europe; including Russia

Measure, Grams

Read and follow recipes which involve several processes, skills and techniques

History Vocabulary Allies, Axis, Alliance, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Blitz, Gas Mask, Anderson Shelter, Morrison Shelter, Evacuation, Rations, Holocaust, Sources, Propaganda, Luftwaffe, Anne Frank, Blackout, Evacuees Skills and Objectives 

Place some historical periods in a chronological framework

Use historic terms related to the period of study

Use sources of information in ways that go beyond simple observations to answer questions about the past

Use a variety of resources to find out about aspects of life in the past

Communicate his/her learning in an organised and structured way, using appropriate terminology

Knowledge Nuggets

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Koalas Knowledge Organiser Spr 1  

Koalas Knowledge Organiser Spr 1  

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