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Nutrition and Food Development Newsletter - Issue 3

Hello and welcome to our Food and Nutrition newsletter. My name is Daniele Bretherton and I am head of Nutrition and Food Development at Mellors Catering Services. I lead the development team who are out in your businesses, schools and academies on a daily basis training our Mellors food teams to produce wholesome and nutritious food for your customers. As a registered Nutritionist I understand the importance of a nutritious diet and the benefits that eating well can have on your workforce and pupils. It is our role within Mellors to generate innovative nutritious food ideas and share them with your teams. Danielle Bretherton BSc (Hons) RPHNtr

The following pages will give you an insight as to what is happening behind the scenes at Mellors Catering Services and how the Food and Nutrition team have been developing and supporting your sites.

TEAM EXPANSION - We are growing!


Mellors Catering Services are delighted to welcome Laura Whiting to the Nutrition and Food Development team. Laura is Mellors second qualified nutritionist, working alongside myself and the rest of the team, supporting Mellors Catering Services continued growth in the North as Contract Caterer of the Year 2018! Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her previous role as Nutritionist for the Children’s Food Trust. The Trust closed in September 2017 but spent over 10 years providing support, training and advice to anyone responsible for providing food to children. During Laura’s 9 years at the Trust, she provided nutrition advice and support to schools, early year’s settings and parents using practical resources, delivery of training and the provision of a nutrition support line to ensure that children’s nutritional needs were met at school. Mellors Catering Services now has over 210 contracts serving some 80,000 students WWW.MELLORSCATERING.CO.UK

and adults a day. It was important for the company to recruit additional support staff to ensure that all our sites are able to deliver excellent quality and nutritious food. The focus for this new role at Mellors will be to support education sites as well as business and industry staff restaurants, to exceed the Government’s Food Standards and improving the nutritional content of food across the estate. Laura will be working with Mellors Development Chefs (Richard and John) to design new and innovative recipes and menus, supporting our sites to promote healthy choices. A fantastic addition to the Mellors team!




Are some of your staff slimming or conscious about the food they choose in the dining room?

Summer is fast approaching and I am very pleased to say that the Summer Food Shack BBQ food concept is back by popular demand and hitting your dining room soon!

We are very excited to launch our Mellors Catering Services slimming friendly staff menu. Our staff menu is a pre-order service designed to support your staff who are short of time and want to enjoy the benefits of the Mellors dining experience.

The concept has been designed for Secondary schools, Academies and B & I sites. It delivers a range of innovative BBQ dishes perfect for the summer months! As with all our food concepts, we will be taking over the dining room with food shack bunting and table talkers. We run three food concepts per year and the Summer Food Shack was one of our best sellers last year.

Whether you choose the salad ‘your way’ option or a delicious homemade soup, we can ensure that your staff’s nutrition needs are met. All of our staff meals use fresh ingredients, contribute to your 5 A Day and are based around the Eat Well Plate, ensuring they offer a balanced approach to lunch.

To keep you and our customers excited, we have added 6 new dishes to run alongside the original 16 we had in the previous pack. I can personally recommend the Bondi Greek Salad and Portobello & Halloumi Burger, both dishes are packed full of flavour and designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer! They also contribute to your 5 A Day making them the perfect lunch time choice. Look out for the summer take over in your dining room and let us know what you think of our tasty new dishes!

I am pleased to say the staff menu is now live so if you are interested in the offer, please speak to your Catering Manager who can provide more information for you.









NEW - MEAT FREE MONDAY CONCEPT PACK Are you looking at sustainability as part of a project within your business or school? Have you heard of ‘Meat Free Monday’ or people adopting a meat free day within the week? Mellors Catering Services are supporting the government-led ‘Meat Free Monday’ campaign that looks at the sustainability of our food sources. We have created a menu pack that contains recipes to support our sites if they wish to adopt a meat free day. The pack contains food and farming facts to support the project and is a great resource for your on-site team. If you do think this is something you


are interested in, please speak to your area manager who can give you more information. Please see the next page for more information on the Meat Free Campaign.


eM Meat Fre

An area of rainforest the size of a hundred football pitches is cut down every hour to create room for grazing cattle. According to research from the University of Oxford, a person moving from a diet high in animal products (100g a day) to a diet low in animal products (50g a day) would save as much carbon dioxide a year as their carbon footprint from an economy return flight between London and New York.


buffet for 4 or a canapé event for 200, we are the caterer for you.

We are ¾ of the way through our hospitality training tour and I am so excited to share our new hospitality offer with you. So far we have trained 86 Catering Managers across the North East of England and Yorkshire. Our tour continues over the next eight weeks, ending in Lancashire on the 4th June. The new hospitality offer has a modern twist on classic favourites and some innovative new ideas for you and your guests.

Your Catering Manager/Area Manager will be launching the new hospitality offer in your site once they have attended the training tour and at one of our ‘pop up’ kitchens. So please look out for the new brochure or speak to your Catering Manager for more information.

Mellors Catering Services are here to support all of your catering needs, whether you are looking for an intimate

ONE DAY A WEEK CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE As little as 50g of processed meat a day (the equivalent of one sausage or two bacon rashers) increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 42% and diabetes by 19%.

Wow, what an amazing last three months!

If you are an early rise like me, I can definitely recommend the yoghurt and granola shot pot or the salmon and cream cheese bagel which our Development Chefs can’t get enough of! We really hope you enjoy sampling the menu as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Overfishing and agricultural intensification/expansion are major factors in loss of species and biodiversity. If present trends continue, over the next 100 years or so there will be a global mass extinction of species. In a world where nearly 800 million people are suffering from malnutrition, one third of all cereal crops, and more than 95% of soya, is turned into feed for farmed animals. This could be fed to people instead! Eating less meat and more fruit and veg can boost your lifespan. A report for the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer categorised cured and processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen – on a par with cigarettes and tobacco.





IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MELLORS If we want to improve the health of our children, this has to be done through a partnership approach. We are here to support your pupil’s nutritional journey through the lifetime of their education and the results for us demonstrate how important a closed gate policy really is.

You may remember some time ago Mellors Catering Services were selected by Sheffield Hallam University to take part in a food and nutrition study. The study was to explore the influence of fast food takeaway outlets in a close proximity of Secondary Schools, and to assess whether these outlets affect the eating behaviours of pupils.

Sheffield council commissioned the study to see if they should re-assess granting planning permission for such outlets near Secondary Schools and whether tighter restrictions needed to be in place. Three of our Secondary Schools and 6th forms took part in the research project and I am pleased to share the results with you today.

- At all sites, more male pupils purchased food off-site than female pupils - The majority of takeaway meals analysed contained higher levels of fat, saturated fat and sugar than school meals


Options suggested by the students to improve nutritional value of lunch choices included; - Discussing a ‘green zone’ around schools with the local authority in which new takeaway licenses are not issued or are restricted to non-school hours - Considering restriction of off-site policy to discourage/prevent pupils from leaving site at lunchtime

Our evolving menus and grab and go offers are here to engage your pupils in the service we provide. In order for these things to be effective, we need to ensure pupils are in school over the break and lunchtime period. High fat/sugar snacks bought from local take away outlets will have a negative effect on your pupils learning in the afternoon. Mellors Catering Services wants the best for all of our pupils and we have been working with our catering managers to

- Working with school canteens to provide more healthier versions of takeaway/’tasty’ meal options in school canteens

ensure they have a range of nutritious meal deals available, offering pupil’s healthy snacks and meals at low prices. Have you ever considered a healthy afterschool tuck shop? Maybe this is some food for thought and an option to provide this for those pupils who have a distance to travel home. What next with Sheffield Hallam University? Research into the eating habits of children is something that needs to continue and develop. I am pleased to share with you that Mellors Catering Services are a preferred partner with Sheffield Hallam and we will continue to support their research studies. If you are interested in nominating your school to take part in a food and nutrition study then please e-mail me on the address below.


- Running healthy eating education sessions with pupils to encourage healthier choices

Thank you for taking time to read our Nutrition and Food Development update. If you do have any questions, please feel free to get in touch at:

- Introducing a short snack period between final lessons of the day/healthy snack shop within school prior to the end of school day to prevent purchase of unhealthy snacks on the way home from schools


Many Thanks Danielle Bretherton



Mellors 2018 Newsletter  
Mellors 2018 Newsletter