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Monday 14th May 2018 Our News! The Ducklings have been very busy weeding the garden and digging for worms! They have made their very own wormery and have researched and found out what the worms need and how to care for them. They have enjoyed reading and listening to facts about these amazing creatures and were able to make their own informative fact files all about worms. Some of the children took their amazing writing to show Mrs McGrath. She was very impressed with their cursive handwriting. In mathematics the Ducklings have been ordering the numbers on wiggly worms, including random selections of numbers. They have also been confident at using a range of different positional vocabulary to describe the positions of animals hiding in the garden and other position games in the classroom. In PE, Miss Wilson has been teaching them how to skip with and without a rope! Most of us find this tricky, so practising with a skipping rope is something we could do at home, if you are up to the challenge!! With Mrs Cassidy they have also been exploring balancing and travelling along equipment such as benches and boxes and exploring how to jump off and land safely. The children have very much enjoyed finding out about the animals and the different environment in the African story Handa’s Surprise. They know the story so well that they are able to retell it and have written their own Handa’s Surprise stories too! They have loved tasting all of the different tropical fruits during snack time last week! Even if some of them were very sour! The children were trying to develop the confidence to be brave and try new things! They were able to think of different words to describe the fruits. Thank you to those of you that sent in different fruits.

STARS OF THE WEEK Holly Perry for her super phonics and reading and Bailey Skellington for always working hard and being such a kind member of the class. Mila Navruz for growing in confidence and Harry Edge for being a lovely Carleton child. Our next newsletter will be on Friday 25th May and will give details about all the fun activities we have planned. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ring, email or come and see us. Staff email: Mrs Catterall Mrs Lees

OUR LEARNING The Jungle and The Royal Wedding For the next few weeks we will be exploring the jungle or rainforest. We will be finding out where in the world the rainforests are and what lives and grows there. We will explore the different sounds that can be heard in the jungle. We will be reading Walking through the Jungle, Rumble in the Jungle and singing and dancing to The Animal Boogie. For our creative learning we will be making binoculars to explore with and rain sticks to make some music with. We will also be painting and making 3D jungle creatures for our jungle role play area. Our funky fingers will be using tweezers to pick up and share out bananas between different numbers of monkeys and threading with pasta to make jungle snakes. We will be writing lists of what to take with us on a jungle adventure and writing our own jungle fact books and poems. In mathematics we will be making repeating patterned jungle animals and sorting animals according to different criteria. We will also be recapping over halving and doubling using our jungle theme. We will explore what camouflage is and how it helps animals in the jungle. We will create our own camouflaged jungle animals and test out how good they are! In PE the jungle animal theme allows us to explore moving in lots of different ways. Over the next few weeks we will be practising the different races in preparation for sports’ day. On Friday we will celebrate the Royal Wedding. We will be finding out more about the royal family; who they are and where they live. We will be doing lots of wedding themed activities all day such as designing a royal wedding cake and dress, writing invitations, painting Union Jack bunting and flags. Don’t forget to wear red, white and blue!!

REMINDERS Blog Don’t forget to look at the Ducklings Blog on the school website to find out more about what we have been learning! It would be lovely if you could look at it with the children and even add some comments with them! Thank you to those of you who already have! Cardboard Cylinders Please send in cardboard kitchen and toilet roll tubes for us to make rain sticks and binoculars with. Thank you. Jungle/Rainforest Animals Please could you send in toy animals such as snakes, tigers, bears, parrots, etc for us to borrow and use in our jungle exporers’ den? It would be useful to borrow some rucksacks and other explorer items too. Thank you Sun hats, sun cream and water bottles Please can every child have these in school each day to keep them safe in during this warm weather.


Cake Sale Tuesday and Thursday this week – 50p for a cake. Royal Wedding Celebration Day Friday 18th May – Wear red, white and blue PTFA Family Evening Thursday 24th May – 6pm More details to follow soon. Super Hero Community Charity Day in EYFS – Friday 25th May Each Key Stage in school is planning to help support a local charity or community project. In EYFS the children have decided to help a local charity called ‘Cash for Kids.’ Recently the charity held a Superhero Day and the children liked the idea of doing this. The children can come to school on this day dressed as their favourite superhero or their own favourite ‘everyday’ hero, such as a mum, a nurse or police officer. We ask that they bring a minimum donation of £1 for this charity in support of this. Thanking you in advance. Sports’ Day and BBQ th Tuesday 12 June (reserve date-Thursday 14th June) Summer Fair Saturday 30th June Transition Week – Week beginning 2nd July All children to move to their new classes for the week.

TALK HOMEWORK Talk for Numbers Make some repeating patterns with numbers, colours, shapes, letters, music/sounds or action patterns. Draw jungle snakes with repeating patterns on.

Draw some monkeys and ‘share’ out some drawn bananas between them.

Draw and create some addition and subtraction number problems of your own and write the sums, for e.g 10 parrots in a tree. 4 fly away. There are 6 left. Talk for Reading and Writing Write your news in your news book. Practise reading and writing new tricky words and high frequency words that are sent home. Read some jungle stories together. In phonics we are learning to read and write words with two consonants at the start such as crab, train and drum, etc. Have a go at this at home too! See if you can think of a consonant cluster and make a list of as many different words that begin with that cluster, for e.g. st – stop, stamp, stick, stomp, still. Please try to read your reading book every night. - phase 2, 3 and 4 Talk for Topic Go on the class blog with your parents and find out what we have been learning about and leave a comment! Complete the Royal Wedding Home Learning Challenges that will be sent home on Friday. Research and find out about different jungles around the world – Asia, America and Africa. Which animals and plants live there? Make a jungle animal mask or a junk model jungle animal Watch and join in with Boogie Beebies – Hey Monkey on youtube. Make a carrot top jungle - Talk about everything! Have fun!

Ducklings Newsletter 14/5/18  
Ducklings Newsletter 14/5/18