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Class Dojo Parent Meeting – 12.2.18

While we set up you could download the Class Dojo app…

What should children look like?

Realising Hard Work Is Key – Metacognition

Fixed mindset

Learning should come naturally. “When I have to work really hard in a subject, I don’t feel very smart.”

Growth mindset Putting a lot of effort into learning and working hard is key. “The harder I have to work at something, the more effort I put into something, the better I’ll be at it.”

Praise and Feedback Praising pupils’ intelligence puts them in a fixed mindset. Teacher/ Parent: You learned that so quickly! You’re so clever!

Child: If I don’t learn something quickly, I’m not clever!

STAR (growth mindset) lessons relating to a standard

STAR Students Assembly

STAR Rewards: Class Dojo Reports: ‘Your child is a STAR because…’

Teaching Growth mindset

How do we enact a growth mindset culture? ▸ Ensure all stakeholders; staff, students, governors and parents, have the approach clearly explained ▸ Direct Growth mindset teaching as part of PSHE ▸ Use growth mindset praise and feedback

New behaviour policy

STAR Standards


Open the app to register or log in as a parent.

Tap here

Enter your email address, and create a password

Enter the parent code found on the sheet given out at the parent meeting/ sent home.

To see your child’s dojo points first tap here. Then tap on the child’s name.

To add another child tap here.

To see your child’s dojo points first tap here.

To create a child account (so they can change their monster) tap here.

To view points given in the past, tap here

Use another device (with the Class Dojo app installed) and scan this code to connect a student account.

To access the child’s account on the same device tap here.

To get back to the parent account tap here.

To customise the dojo monster the child needs to tap here.

Don’t forget to press save to make sure the new monster shows on the board at school.

Dojo Parent Meeting  
Dojo Parent Meeting