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Literacy – Reading/Writing - Investigating the political and social aspect of the events leading to World War 1 through a variety of different viewpoints use of British perspective and trench life -text types – letters, reports, diaries, arguments, persuasion. Continued revision for year 5/6 SATS. Speaking and Listening – MAEI drama work. Grammar/Punctuation – KS2 objectives revised. Geography – The Countries involves in the European trench battles and how tactics were actually executed. The Implications of plan/war for people of France and UK Europe. History – The political/strategic events leading up to the outbreak of World War 1, focusing on relationships between the various countries involved. Implications of this on civilians and soldiers. How did the soldier’s lives change in trench The conditions food clothing?

Art – Study/emulate propaganda art/cartoons from various countries in run-up to war; to create 3d landscape models of trenches; to create collages and statues depicting elements/emotions of the war.

Maths – P.E. – Athletics and Team Games Healthy schools week Dance and composition-Traditional music hall

Continued teaching of KS2 objectives – Calculations, Using and Applying within Problems, Measure, Shape and Data Handling. Continued revision for year 5/6 SATS.Transition to be secondary ready Music – Traditional Music hall music, particularly Vesty Tilley song books

Trench warfare Religion – The Work of The Apostles – To know and reflect on our calling to be disciples of Jesus; to look at the apostles and know that they were ordinary people; to know that apostles changed when they received the Holy Spirit and reflect on how we can be changed; to know about the early Christian community and our relationship to it; to know and think about the persecution and preaching of the apostles. Called to Serve – To be aware of Jesus’ teaching on and example of service and know how we should try to be like Him; to recognise that God has given us gifts and talents to use; to be aware of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to understand we receive these in a particular way in Confirmation; to know and reflect on different ways we can serve God; to know and think about the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders. Sex Education – to undertake school’s scheme/booklets for relevant year-group.

Science – Life Cycles - learn that plants and animals reproduce as part of their life cycle and that in every life cycle there are distinct processes and stages. Interdependence and Adaptation - extend their knowledge of the way in which plants and animals in different habitats depend upon each other and are suited to their environment.

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