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Maths –Continued teaching of KS2 objectives – Calculations, Using and Applying within Problems, Measure, Shape and Data Handling. To continue developing their mental skills and strategies.

Literacy – Reading/Writing – Macbeth – narrative based on playscript. To use novel as basis for exploring characterisation, settings, language, plot development and to develop an appreciation and understanding of poetry. The children will experiment with a wide variety of writing types through the novel, such as diaries, letter-writing, poetry, newspaper reports and descriptive narrative. During the first half term the children will have the opportunity to visit the Lowry Theatre to watch a children’s version of Macbeth. Speaking and Listening – MAEI drama work. Grammar/Punctuation – KS2 objectives revised.

Music – To create soundscapes based on the story and setting of Macbeth. To explore which instruments are best used to create different moods and to use these within their compositions. To explore music and songs within Shakespeare plays.

History – To explore the life and times of William Shakespeare. To investigate what life was like in Shakespeare’s Elizabethan England, including entertainment, food, the Spanish Armada and the court. Geography –To investigate and compare the areas of Stratford upon Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace) and our locality.

ICT –To learn how to enter numbers, labels and simple formulae into a spread sheet and to use this data to calculate totals. They will learn how altering this data will lead to changes in their totals. They will also develop their multimedia skills and create a presentation about Shakespeare utilising these.

P.E. – [1] Tag Rugby [2] Dance and Movement

Religion – [1] Inspirational People – To discuss what it means to be inspirational and research such people. To know what it means to be a follower of Jesus and reflect on the life of a person who showed great love for those rejected by society. [2] Reconciliation – To be able to reflect on wrong choices and the consequences of our actions. To know that sin hurts us, others and our relationship with God but that God loves us and forgives us if we are truly sorry. To understand and appreciate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Art/DT – To investigate the work of famous period artists such as Acimboldo and Holbein and to use their work as starting points for their own art and design. To look at the fashions of the Elizabethan period and design their own items of clothing.

Science – [1] Changing State - To consolidate their ideas about changes of state which can be reversed, using processes such as evaporation and consolidation. [2] Micro-organisms – To learn that there are many very small organisms called micro-organisms which feed, grow and reproduce and which may be harmful or beneficial. In both of above, the children will make observations, take measurements and draw conclusions.

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