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ASH/ABA 14th January 2014

Dear Parents/Carers, Ski 2014, Attitash & Wildcat, U.S.A. - Final Itinerary and Information Sheet This document contains all the relevant information and trip details. Please make sure you keep this document safe until we return on Friday 21 st February 2014. If, after reading this, you still have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at school on 01942 747693.

Yours sincerely,

N. Ashton (Mr), Trip Organiser

TRAVEL DETAILS Date of Departure


Thursday 13th February 2014

Time of Departure


03.30am from St Peter’s

Departure Airport


Heathrow, England

Flight Details


British Airways

13th February

Heathrow to Boston


Departs 11.25 Lands 13.55

20th February

Boston to Heathrow


Departs 17.55 Lands 05:15 (21st February)

We hope to arrive back at school at approximately 11am. TIME DIFFERENCE Boston time is 5 hours behind UK time. HOTELS Skiing Resort Hotel: Route 16 at Settlers' Green North Conway,

North Conway Grand NH 03860

USA Tel: 001 603-356-9300 Thursday 13th February – Wednesday 19th February

Dates staying: Boston Hotel: 220 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 USA

The Midtown Hotel

Tel: 001 617-262-1000 Wednesday 19th February

Date staying:

STAFF The following staff will be accompanying the pupils on this trip. Miss A Jackson

Mr P Taylor

Mr M Keating

Mr P Santus

Mrs D Harvey

Mr N Ashton

Mr T Heyes

Miss G Gaskell

Mr S Cunliffe

Mr K Stead

Each member of staff will be responsible for a group of 10 pupils

MEALS Breakfast

Breakfast will be buffet style and will consist of cereals, bagels, waffles, fruit, bacon, eggs etc. It must be eaten. You cannot and will not be allowed to ski on an empty stomach.

Lunch a substantial lunch.

On the mountain at one of the Lodges. Pupils will need about $10 to buy


In the evenings we will receive a 3 course meal in the hotel restaurant


DAILY ROUTINE 7.30 Get up 8.00 – 8.30 Breakfast 10.00 – 12.00 Ski instruction 12.00 Lunch 14.00 – 16.00 Ski instruction 16.30 – 18.00 Free time at Hotel (school bank available during this time) 18.00 – 19.30 Dinner at Hotel 19.30 Evening activities (These times may change) EVENING ACTIVITIES A variety of activities have been planned including a disco and the Cinema (pupils will not be required to pay for these), also there are a number of activities/entertainments within the hotel including use of the swimming pool and games room. SHOPPING We are staying on Settler’s Green which is one of the best shopping outlets in the area and offers a wide range of shops including Nike, Reebok, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Adidas etc. There will also be shopping opportunities in Boston. MONEY English Money – we recommend that all pupils bring a small amount of English money for the journey and at the airport. Due to the short amount of time in England £10 - £20 should be enough. American Money – pupils will need American dollars for travelling to and from the resort, for lunchtime meals, souvenirs, telephone calls home and the trip to Boston. We will securely keep $200 per pupil. This will be collected in resort, as we are not insured to carry pupils’ money in transit. All money must be in dollars. EXTRA MONEY Pupils may bring extra money other than that given to staff. However, this will not be the responsibility of the staff and is at the parent’s discretion. MASS We will celebrate Mass at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish Church, North Conway on Saturday 15th February.

INSURANCE As we all know, accidents do happen when skiing, especially when learning. All pupils are insured for accidents and any medical treatment needed. However, there is an excess of £50 per child, per claim. If your child has an accident you will be asked to meet this expense on our return to the UK. Insurance Information: Company


Chartis (organised through the authority)

EMERGENCY CONTACT For any emergencies during the holiday please contact: School on 01942 747693, or the School Mobile on 07765121399 (this is only to be used if you can’t get hold of anyone at school). Alternatively you can contact the hotel and they will pass any messages on. LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE You are allowed to check in one piece of luggage which must not exceed 23kgs. Please check the weight as you will be asked to remove items and leave them at the airport if it is in excess. Please try to use a compact non-rigid holdall/suitcase as space on the coach is limited. DISCIPLINE Whilst we hope the trip to be a fun holiday it is a school trip so school rules apply. Use your common sense, no alcohol, smoking, drugs or visiting rooms of the opposite sex. Any breaking of these rules will result in punishment. THE SKIING The skiing is very physically demanding, and I would recommend that you try to improve your fitness prior to the trip! On the first morning you will be supplied with your ski equipment and lift passes. These are your responsibility for the rest of the stay and will not be replaced, take great care. You will be informed about storage after you have been equipped. Any problems with equipment should be reported to your teacher and your instructor and repairs or a change can be made. Everyone finds the first 2 – 3 lessons difficult – do not give in easily. As the week progresses you will gradually fly down the slopes!!! PASSPORTS & ESTA Forms Please pass on Passports and ESTA forms to Mr Keating as soon as possible (please don’t hand in your passport until you have completed your ESTA as you will need details from it). Passports will be carried by the staff and given out as and when needed at the airport. You should apply for your ESTA from the following website: All passports need to be handed in to Mr Keating by Friday 24th January LAST NOTE Please make sure that you have handed in the medical form (these will be handed out 2 weeks prior to our trip), with at least two emergency contact numbers for your child in case of an emergency. If this has not been handed in by the holiday your child will NOT be allowed to travel.

Kit List •

Outer jacket – It must be made of a water-repellent fabric that keeps the wind out.

Salopettes – These should have an elasticated snow cuff at the bottom to fit over the boots and prevent snow going up inside the trouser leg.

Thermal wear – pair of thin leggings or long-johns to wear underneath salopettes on very cold days. Long sleeved t-shirt or thermal top – polo neck style is ideal. If you have them, special fabrics that wick away sweat from the skin are the best but by no means essential.

Additional layers – you will need a couple of fleeces/sweatshirts/thermal shirts of varying thickness to layer under your jacket. Remember it is easier to remove a thin layer when you get too hot than to try and get warm when you are not wearing enough clothing.

Ski Socks – At least 3 pairs,

Ski gloves - good quality fabric or leather – as waterproof as possible. You may prefer mittens if you are particularly prone to cold hands but they are not as convenient as gloves when adjusting equipment. Thermal liner gloves can also help keep fingers warm. Cuffs on gloves must be long enough not to leave a gap at the wrist, even with arms outstretched.

Goggles are essential – used in snowy or overcast conditions or if travelling at speed. If the lenses are strongly tinted then they could be used instead of sunglasses. The more expensive double layer lenses are stronger and less prone to misting.

Sunglasses – must have lenses with high level [100%] UV protection. Ordinary sunglasses with limited tinting are not acceptable. The glasses should screen out glare at the edges as well so wrap around styles are best.

Helmets – You will be given a helmet from school (which must be packed in your luggage).

Face mask or neck warmer (optional)

Sun cream & lip salve – high protection factor is essential – 25+. If you are fair skinned buy the highest factor. Be prepared to reapply regularly– once every two hours – the effectiveness is reduced by sweating, wiping your face and diving head first into snow drifts! [Reapply after falls].

Also don’t forget to pack: •

Sensible footwear for snow/slush/ice/rain in the resort – footwear must have a good tread pattern.

Personal first aid items e.g. paracetamol, Strepsils, Ibuprofen and plasters. If you have an inhaler then please bring a spare one to keep in the first aid bag

Casual wear – you do not need a new outfit for every evening!

Spare gloves [the ones you wear during the day may need drying out!]

Woolly hat


American plug adapter

Ski Trip Itinerary  
Ski Trip Itinerary