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Andrea Hoyer

Andrea Hoyer

Im Ballet

In der Oper

In the Ballet

At the Opera

32 pages – hardback Illustrated in four colours 21,8 x 27,5 cm € 14,95

32 pages – hardback Illustrated in four colours 21,8 x 27,5 cm € 14,95

ISBN 978-3-7957-0171-0

ED 20358

Little Paul accompanies his little sister Mathilde to the ballet school where people are busily rehearsing for Nutcracker by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Little Paul watches a ballet lesson, learns something about the classical ballet and jazz dance, and finds out that ballet is not just for girls. During the general rehearsal for Nutcracker at the opera-house, Little Paul steps in for a sick extra and suddenly finds himself right in the middle of the action the stage…

ISBN 978-3-7957-0346-2

ED 8947

Little Paul goes to the opera with his grandfather to see Engelbert Humperdinck’s fairy-tale 'Hänsel and Gretel'. As he is absolutely fascinated by the performance, his grandfather, who used to work there as a stage designer, takes him to the opera again the following day to have a look at what's going on behind the scenes… This picture book shows the wide variety of activities at an opera house and how busy things are behind the scenes.

Sold to Korea and Slovenia

Sold to Korea, Denmark, Taiwan

Target group: Children aged 6+, parents, grandparents

Target group: Children aged 6+, parents, grandparents

Also available: Andrea Hoyer

Andrea Hoyer

In der Musikschule At the Music School ISBN 978-3-7957-0339-4

ED 8842

Sold to Korea, Denmark, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao and Slovenia


Im Konzert At the Concert ISBN 978-3-7957-0420-9

ED 9187

Sold to Japan, Korea, Denmark, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao and Slovenia

Jan Marisse Huizing

Eckart Altenmüller and Renate Klöppel

Ludwig van Beethoven: Die Klaviersonaten

Die Kunst des Musizierens

Interpretation and performance practice

From the fundamental physiological and psychological principles to the practice

270 pages – paperback/softcover 14,8 x 21,0 € 24,99

288 pages – paperback/softcover 56 illustrations 16, 9 x 26, 3 € 19,95

ISBN 978-3-7957-0799-6

ISBN 978-3-7957-8706-6

ED 21349

Generation after generation, pianists and aficionados have studied Beethoven's piano sonatas. To each of them, the 'New Testament' of piano literature poses a challenge. Jan Marisse Huizing supports the search for the own 'tone'. In his new study book, he deals with the performance practice and history of piano manufacturing as well as Beethoven's own piano playing. In addition, he follows the path from the original manuscript to the modern urtext edition. This book is completed by quotes from piano methods and renowned pianists as well as by a detailed, annotated discography. Apart from his international concert activities, Jan Marisse Huizing was professor of piano at the Amsterdam Conservatoire. He was also the author of numerous publications, among them the guidebook 'Frédéric Chopin: Die Etüden' (Schott Music).

All Rights Available

ED 8706

Music-making – how does it work? How are the human body and mind capable to accomplish such a feat? 'Die Kunst des Musizierens' not only explains the processes within the brain, nervous system and locomotor system on which music-making is based, but also deals with their practical application: Based on medical findings, musicians are given information on how to overcome unnecessary limitations, release fears and improve their practising. Together with the renowned music physiologist Prof. Eckart Altenmüller, Renate Klöppel has now brought this standard work up to date, based on the latest research.

Sold to China Target group: Professional and amateur musicians, music and instrumental teachers, music students, music lovers

Target group: Pianists, music lovers, Beethoven fans, music teachers and music students


Roberto Braccini

Praktisches Wörterbuch der Musik European Dictionary of Music Erweiterte Neuausgabe Language: English - German - Italian - French 484 pages – paperback/softcover 12,0 x 19,0 cm € 19,95 each ISBN 978-3-254-08279-4 SEM 8279 (Praktisches Wörterbuch der Musik) ISBN 978-3-254-08279-4 SEM 8289 (European Dictionary of Music) This four-language dictionary of music contains more than 4000 terms and is intended for musicians, teachers, students and amateurs who wish to understand and use specialist foreign terms. The book is not academic in scope; it is based on practical experience, derived from the examination of directions given on a large number of orchestral scores, piano pieces and transcriptions, and instrumental parts. In order to complement and clarify this vocabulary, specialist dictionaries and reference books have been consulted. Contemporary musical terms taken, for example, from the fields of jazz, pop and electronic music, have also been included.

Sold to China, Italy, Spain Target group: Professional and amateur musicians, music and instrumental teachers, music students, music lovers


Rudolf Nykrin

Basiswissen Musik Information on music presented in a compact and understandable manner 144 pages with Hybrid-CD – softcover 17,0 x 24,0 cm ₏ 17,50 ISBN 978-3-7957-0811-5

ED 21515

This book contains everything you need to know about music: music theory and theory of form, music history including jazz, rock and pop music, organology, as well as information on music and media. The contents have been edited in such a manner that the texts are particularly well suitable for learning and memorizing. At the same time, the book is ideal as a work of reference. 'Basiswissen Musik' is aimed at all who like to get to know more about music. It can be used in music lessons and helps to lay the foundations of reliable knowledge. The hybrid CD contains numerous audio examples in the audio part while the ROM part contains short analyses, practical exercises and additional information on music.

All Rights Available For all who like to get to know more about music. It can be used in music lessons and helps to lay the foundations of reliable knowledge


Peter Ansorge, Martin Hegel, Bruno Szordikowski

Peter Mohrs

Easy Concert Pieces Vol. 1

for Violin and Piano

Easy Concert Pieces Vol. 1

for Guitar 60 pages – Saddle stitching with CD 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 14,99

32 pages – Saddle stitching with CD 23, 1 x 30,3 cm € 14,99 ISMN 979-0-001-19329-0 ISBN 978-3-7957-4757-2

ISMN 979-0-001-19327-6 ISBN 978-3-7957-4759-6

ED 21633

ED 21636

For use in lessons or for your first concert performances - "Easy Concert Pieces" for Guitar contains easy and wellknown solo pieces carefully selected according to technical and musical demands: Volume 1 Easy, Volume 2 Intermediate. Besides original guitar pieces by Aguado, Mertz, Diabelli, Carulli, Sor or Carcassi there are readily playable arrangements of classical masterpieces such as Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", Handel's "Firework Music", Mozart's "Magic Flute" or Verdi's "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves". These arrangements are designed to give access to masterpieces of the concert repertoire and to promote enjoyment of classical music. All the pieces are included on the accompanying CD.

For use in lessons or for your first concert performances – Easy Concert Pieces for Violin and Piano contains easy and wellknown solo pieces from the Renaissance to the modern era, carefully selected according to technical and musical demands: Volume 1 Easy, Volume 2 Intermediate. All the pieces can be played in first position. Besides original compositions by Milán, Purcell, Corelli, Duval or Telemann there are readily playable arrangements of classical masterpieces such as Vivaldi’s "Four Seasons", Handel’s "Firework Music" or Mozart’s "Magic Flute" and modern compositions from the world of pop, jazz, spirituals, Bossa Nova and tango. Recordings and backing tracks for all the pieces are included on the accompanying CD.

Volume 2 available in August 2013 The series will be continued

Volume 2 available in August 2013 The series will be continued

All Rights Available Target group: Beginners in instrumental lessons, Children, Youth, Instrumental lessons, teachers


Gerhard Mantel

Gerhard Mantel

Etuden üben Vol. 1

Etuden üben Vol. 2

Practising Etudes Vol. 1

Practising Etudes Vol. 2

104 pages – paperback/softcover 23, 1 x 30,3 cm € 18,99

100 pages – paperback/softcover 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 18,99

ISMN 979-0-001-16951-6

ISMN 979-0-001-16952-3

ED 20701

Studies play an important role in musical instrument training. Gerhard Mantel's new edition 'Etüden üben' [Practising studies] (3 volumes) complements his previous successful book 'Cello üben' (ED 8714). The basics of cello technique are worked on in selected studies, with the focus being not only on the ability to learn a technically and musically oriented text within a reasonable time but also on the solution of certain problems typical of the cello. Vol. 1 covers aspects ranging from the orientation on the fingerboard via changes of position, vibrato and trills to changes of strings and double stops. Vol. 2 deals with fingerings, whole-bow stroke, dynamics, articulation and types of bowing, among others. The final volume contains studies on legato, arpeggios, chords, martellato, staccato, spiccato and changes of rhythm. The accompanying volume of commentaries (for all three volumes) describes in detail the methodological practising processes.

ED 20702

Gerhard Mantel

Etuden üben Vol. 3 Practising Etudes Vol. 3 88 pages – paperback/softcover 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 16,99 ISMN 979-0-001-16953-0

ED 20703

Gerhard Mantel

Etuden üben Vol. 4 Practising Etudes Vol. 4 The Basics of Cello Technique in Selected Etudes 158 pages – paperback/softcover 17,0 x 24,0 cm € 19,99 each Language: German ISMN 979-0-001-16954-7 ISBN 978-3-7957-4543-1

ED 20704

Language: English ISMN 979-0-001-17746-7 ISBN 978-3-7957-4574-5

ED 20704-01

All Rights Available Target group: Advanced cello pupils, students


Philipp Moehrke

Nancy Marano

The Easy Groove Piano Book

Musicianship for the Jazz Vocalist

Modern Piano Grooves 160 pages – softcover with DVD 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 34,95 ISMN 979-0-2063-0043-1

ADV 9045

The new text and tune book by Philipp Moehrke is the perfect complement to modern piano teaching and a great resource for self-learners. On the accompanying CD, the author demonstrates the correct rhythm. From rock to soul via disco music: In the Easy Groove Piano Book pianists of every level will find their groove. A collection of popular piano grooves for beginners. The spectrum ranges from pop/rock via disco to Latin jazz.

All Rights Available Target group: Pianists of every level who want to learn modern piano grooves

200 pages – softcover with CD 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 29,95 ISMN 979-0-2063-0016-5 ISBN 978-3-9548100-4-8

ADV 14108

Internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist, pianist, and educator Nancy Marano offers a unique voice and piano system designed to develop the ear and basic skills of any singer who wishes to become a complete musician. Specific weekly lessons are assigned. Vocalists play and sing each exercise. Previous piano skills are not required. Beginning at a remedial level, and increasing in difficulty, studies include scales, intervals, pitch, rhythms, chords and blues. Musicianship for the Jazz Vocalist is an indispensable companion for both beginners and advanced singers. Elementary music theory for jazz singers, developed by the internationally renowned singer and William Paterson University teacher Nancy Marano. Original in English

All Rights Available Target group: Jazz singers


Ellen Mayer

World of Percussion: Cajon

Catrien Stremme Jeanette Hubert – Malte Weberruss

The new percussion method for beginners – find your beat!

Basic percussion workshop

Get Ready: Play Drums! Vol. 1 Illustrated by Beatritze Crespo

108 pages – paperback/softcover with CD 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 16.99 ISMN 979-0-001-17550-0 ISBN 978-3-7957-4603-2

176 pages – softcover with CD 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 24,95 ISMN 979-0-001-17402-2 ISBN 978-3-7957-6049-6

SPL 1084

"In this very comprehensive tutor centered on the Cajon Ellen Mayer shows that she really knows the WORLD OF PERCUSSION. This is the perfect accompaniment to studying this fascinating instrument. The rhythmic exercises, suggestions and music contained in it will be inspriring not only to Cajon specialists but also to any drum set players, like me, who are interested in bringing some new colors to our performance. And you won't find peruvian grooves easily anywhere else. An excellent book and a good companion to her works on Bongos and Congas." (Pete York)

Also available:

World of Percussion: Conga ISBN 978-3-7957-4525-7

SPL 1081

€ 14.99

World of Percussion: Bongo ISBN 978-3-7957-4526-4

SPL 1082

€ 14.99

World of Percussion: Djembé ISBN 978-3-7957-4602-5

SPL 1083

SPL 1066

A graduate of the L.A. Music Academy, Catrien Stremme has compiled her knowledge of rhythm, technique and musicality as well as the most important information from many other percussion books in Get Ready: Play Drums, a comprehensive work book for percussionists. It is aimed at beginners, at anybody who has been playing for quite some time without making any further progress, and at teachers who wish to improve their lessons. Her book covers topics such as grooves, fills, music theory, notes & grooves, footwork, warm-ups, coordination and provides extra information such as road maps, chord sheets and drum charts. The book is accompanied by a CD containing many playing exercises and play-along tracks.

Get Ready: Play Drums! Vol. 2 216 pages – softcover with CD 23,1 x 30,3 cm € 24, 95 ISMN 979-0-001-17403-9 ISBN 978-3-7957-6050-2

SPL 1067

€ 14.99

All Rights Available All Rights Available Target group: Percussionists, drummers, music teachers

Target group: Beginning drummers, drumset teachers


Thomas Blubacher

Bernhard Richter

Gustaf Gründgens

Die Stimme · The Voice


Basics, artistic practice, health maintenance

432 pages – hardcover with dust jacket 54 b&w images 13,5 x 21,5 cm € 34,90

240 pages – hardcover 100 b&w images and music examples 17,0 x 24,0 cm € 29,90

ISBN 978-3-89487-702-6

ISBN 978-3-89487-727-9

- New insights into the life of the great man of the theatre - With previously unpublished photos and first complete list of roles - By the author of the acclaimed double portrait of the Mendelssohn siblings

- The new standard handbook for singers, actors and narrators - Anatomy, physiology, acoustics and psychology, as well as voice types, registers and health maintenance - Contributors are internationally renowned experts from the fields of vocal medicine, voice science, voice pedagogy and singing practice

No one had been as present in the German theatre scene for epochs and across systems as had the actor and director Gustaf Gründgens (1899–1963). Even 50 years after his death, the artist polarises not only because of his controversial role in the Third Reich. The large number of academic studies, novels and plays dealing with him and his life, shows the importance of Gustaf Gründgens. What makes the biography of the Gründgens expert Thomas Blubacher stand out among these works is the plethora of new biographical details which the theatre scholar has discovered due to his meticulous research and numerous talks with contemporaries. His lively portrait of the legendary GG thus is the portrait of an astonishingly insecure, utterly lone man despairing of himself. Blubacher shows what often falls into oblivion: Gustaf Gründgens is far more than Mephisto, his most famous role. Dr. Thomas Blubacher, born in 1967, is theatre scholar, director and author. His biography of the siblings Eleonora and Francesco von Mendelssohn (Henschel 2008) was a great success. »The most important actor of my life« Marcel Reich-Ranicki

All Rights Available 9

This new handbook is presented by Professor Bernhard Richter in collaboration with renowned experts from the fields of voice medicine, voice science and vocal pedagogy. It is aimed at singers as well as actors and narrators alike. The functionality and expressive potential of the voice are introduced and explained in a language that is understandable even for unexperienced and with the artistic practice in mind. The anatomy and physiology of the singing and speaking voice as well as vocal acoustics are explained in the basic part. In the following, the book deals with the individual voice types, Fach and registers in classical and popular singing. Other main topics are the application of physiological findings in training and professional lifetime perspective as well as psychological aspects of the voice. The final part contains therapeutic approaches to overcome vocal crises as well as practical voice care and health maintenance tips. Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Richter, born in 1962, is director of the Centre for Musicians' Medicine at the FIM (Freiburg Institute for Musicians' Medicine), otolaryngologist and specialist in phoniatrics as well as trained singer and one of the leading specialists in the field of vocology.

All Rights Available

Wibke Hartewig

Traumberuf Tänzer · Dream Job Dancer

Opernführer kompakt · Compact Opera Guide

Training, getting started, practice

Introduction to the most popular operatic works

160 pages – soft bound 7 full-page b&w images 13,5 x 21,5 cm € 18,90

Everything you want to know about at a glance With numerous colour and b&w illustrations as well as sheet music examples

ISBN 978-3-89487-711-8 Everything future dancers have to know - The most important information on training, everyday working life, career opportunities - Covers all categories – from classical ballet to contemporary dance - With real-life reports and extensive address section

Volker Mertens

Wagner – Der Ring des Nibelungen 216 pages – soft bound 33 coloured and b&w images and 20 sheet music examples 13,5 x 21,5 cm € 19,95 ISBN 978-3-89487-907-5

'Traumberuf Tänzer' is an indispensable handbook for anyone who wishes to get information on the situation and job opportunities of professional dancers. This book is aimed at both young ballet, jazz, modern-dance or hiphop enthusiasts who want to turn their hobby into a profession, and dancers who have already finished their professional training and want to pursue a career in fields of work related to dance. The reader is granted an insight into the everyday life of professional dancers and is given the required know-how concerning training opportunities and job market. The author also examines aspects such as 'entrance exam', 'auditions', 'dance medicine' and 'transition' after the professional career has ended. This book is a useful work of reference including a comprehensive appendix with indices on training centres, job fairs, dance portals, specialist literature, etc.

Selection of other available editions:

Wibke Hartewig has a Ph.D. in dance science as well as many years of practical experience in the fields of ballet, dance theatre, butoh and contemporary dance. As an editor, she first worked for the Henschel publishing house; meanwhile, she works as a free-lance editor and author, especially in the field of dance and theatre.

Puccini – Tosca

All Rights Available

136 pages - paperback About 35 coloured and b&w images and about 10 sheet music examples 13,5 x 21,5 cm € 14,95

Silke Leopold

Verdi – La Traviata ISBN 978-3-89487-905-1

Robert Maschka

Wagner – Tristan und Isolde ISBN 978-3-89487-924-2

Michael Horst ISBN 978-3-89487-913-6

Robert Maschka

Beethoven – Fidelio ISBN 978-3-89487-904-4

All Rights Available 10

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