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Grammar and Punctuation


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Grammar and Punctuation A structured scheme for teaching grammar and punctuation while also building on vocabulary, reading and writing skills

What does Grammar and Punctuation include? Six pupil books – one for each primary school year – providing targeted grammar and punctuation practice

Six supporting teacher’s guides containing lesson plans, assessment resources and teacher support

Plus a range of free downloads, including enlarged Focus texts and assessment and target setting resources, available from

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How does Grammar and Punctuation work? Based on the model ‘teach, practise, apply and assess’, Schofield & Sims Grammar and Punctuation provides you with everything you need to teach pupils the art of writing.

Teach Each lesson plan includes detailed guidance on how to teach each learning point in context using the Focus text provided, as well as suggestions for how to extend the lesson for more advanced learners.

Apply The teaching notes are full of ideas for fun activities where pupils can apply their learning in speech and independent writing, while termly Writing tasks in the pupil books allow them to ‘show off’ their skills in a more formal context.

Practise Each lesson is supported by a corresponding page in the pupil books featuring a concise summary of the lesson focus, followed by two sets of tailored practice questions and a short writing task.

Assess A range of formal and informal assessment materials are provided, including a quick dictation task at the end of each lesson, regular Revision pages to check learning and an end-of-year test, similar in style to the national tests.

Grammar and Punctuation and mastery ✓ Teaching is aimed at the whole class and pupils move at the same pace through the programme.

✓ Lessons build on prior learning and link to other areas of the curriculum. ✓ Concepts are continuously revisited, developing pupils’ understanding in greater depth each time.

✓ Children are encouraged to apply learning purposefully and in a range of contexts so that knowledge and skills become automatic.

✓ Suggestions are given for how you can extend the focus for pupils who have mastered the concept and are ready to delve deeper.

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Grammar and Punctuation Taster Pack only £40 Pupil Books The Grammar and Punctuation pupil books link directly to the lessons in the teacher’s guides, providing high-quality, pick-up-and-go practice materials to consolidate learning and help you identify any gaps in understanding. Suitable for use either independently or alongside the accompanying teacher’s guides, Books 2 to 6 each comprise 30 singlepage lessons for pupils in Years 2 to 6, while Book 1 features 15 doublepage lessons targeted at children in Year 1.

Examples given refer back to the examples in the Focus text

Attractive illustrations help to maintain pupils’ interest

Practice pages • Concise Remember panels summarise the key learning point for each lesson • Short Try it activities check for understanding of the key learning point • Sentence practice questions require pupils to compose their own sentence or sentences incorporating the key learning point

Key grammatical terms are defined in a Glossary at the back of the book

Activities expose pupils to a wide range of vocabulary

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Quote code TPGRAM to order Writing tasks • Writing tasks allow children to apply what they have learnt in their own writing • A supporting Pupil checklist and Analysis sheet for each Writing task are provided in the teacher’s guides to facilitate marking

Space is included for pupils to write in the book, providing a permanent record of achievement

Children are encouraged to think about the structure of their work

Measuring progress • Termly Revision pages help you to monitor progress and ensure that learning is not forgotten • A simple Progress chart at the back of the book encourages pupils to take ownership of their learning

For a similar approach to spelling why not try Schofield & Sims Spelling?

Questions are written in the style of the national tests

Child-friendly ‘I can’ statements support self-assessment

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Grammar and Punctuation Taster Pack only £40 Teacher’s Guides The Grammar and Punctuation teacher’s guides provide you with an invaluable set of tools for teaching and assessing these fundamental literacy skills. As well as featuring detailed notes on how to teach each grammar or punctuation learning point, each teacher’s guide also includes a variety of assessment and record-keeping resources, answers to all the pupil book practice questions and extensive subject knowledge support. The Grammar 1 Teacher’s Guide contains an additional fun Activity for each lesson based around a photocopiable resource. Key terminology is listed in an introductory panel

Teaching notes • Carefully designed Focus texts support the teaching of grammar and punctuation in context

All the Focus texts are available as free downloads from the Schofield & Sims website

• An extension activity allows you to challenge pupils who are ready to explore the concept further • Teaching notes include suggestions for activities where pupils may apply their learning in written or oral composition • A short dictation task checks that children have mastered the concept fully

Clear references are given to the relevant practice in the pupil books

Links to other subject areas encourage pupils to apply their learning across the curriculum

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Quote code TPGRAM to order Assessment • A Final test, with Mark scheme and Analysis sheet, help you to assess whether pupils are meeting the expected standard • Writing task analysis sheets allow you to record evidence from pupils’ own writing • A pupil checklist for each Writing task encourages self-assessment and facilitates teacher feedback • Additional resources, including a Dictation assessment sheet and Final test analysis class chart for each year group, are available as free downloads End-of-year test mirrors the appearance and content of the national tests

Writing task analysis sheets list relevant assessment criteria based on what has been taught to date

Teacher support • A special Glossary for teachers provides clear explanations and examples for all the terminology relevant to each year group • Answers are given for all the pupil book questions, with annotations to help you identify areas where pupils may need further revision

Glossary includes page references to relevant lessons

Annotations include detailed guidance on marking and follow-up activities

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Grammar 6 Pupil Book

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Grammar 1 Teacher’s Guide

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Grammar 2 Teacher’s Guide

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Grammar 3 Teacher’s Guide

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Grammar 4 Teacher’s Guide

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Grammar 5 Teacher’s Guide

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Grammar 6 Teacher’s Guide

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Grammar and Punctuation Taster Pack

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Schofield & Sims Grammar and Punctuation leaflet  

Schofield & Sims Grammar and Punctuation leaflet 2017

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