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dressing up FUN AGAIN

Who needs a new dress when you can look FIT and FAB in the old one? turn up the mood for

Blues winter

Winter is the perfect season to illuminate tired skin with an Obagi Blue Peel.

SIZE IS ALWAYS a weighty ISSUE Lighten up. Coming and going —it’s a winning combination.


when do you know? The stages of menopause and what to expect along the way.

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turn up the mood for the


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everse signs of aging with the WINTER BLUES! Instead of letting winter get you down... get busy and get the better of the season. There is no better time to revitalize your skin and mood... make a resolution to be the best YOU can be... peel away a younger and refreshed looking you.

peel based on your level of skin damage and your desired level of transformation. This transformation level will be discussed at your consultation. We highly recommend prepping your skin with the use of the Obagi Nu-Derm system for the most optimal results.

Chemical peels have a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra. Over years and years we have acquired knowledge through experience to offer an advanced peel to remove damaged outer layers of skin and improve texture.

The Obagi Peel is our deepest peel and depending on the strength and depth of the peel, you will experience light swelling following the procedure. Within 2 to 3 days, your skin will begin to peel. This peeling continues over the next several days. By Days 7 to 10, your skin should be healed.

Chemical peels can be individually formulated based on your skin and your aesthetic goals. Schilling Medical Spa offers several types of peels, in general the deeper the peel, the more significant the results. You can discuss this with our Registered Nurse or Aesthetician to see what kind of peel is right for you.

Once your skin has completely recovered and is finished peeling, you will notice a visible improvement in your complexion. Your skin’s appearance should continue to improve for the next 4 to 6 weeks, becoming firmer, clearer, smoother, healthier, and more youthful looking.

Lighter peels will be performed by our licensed Our most popular is the Obagi Blue Peel. We aesthetician and most require no down-time. have seen remarkable results with proper prepObagi Nu-Derm System ping and this chemical peel combined. If you’ve This winter energize your mood and welcome the Winter Blues! Call, been considering a chemical peel procedure, you should know click, or come by to find out more —all our consultations are comthe Obagi Blue Peel may help to restore a tighter, smoother, more plimentary. radiant look to your skin. As mentioned, we do offer several types of chemical peels ranging from light peels to deeper peels that may require light sedation and some recovery time. Peels can be done on just one area of your face, such as around your mouth, or on your entire face. Peels can also be used on your neck, chest, back, arms or hands.

Peeling back the facts...

If you decide on the Obagi Blue Peel, Dr. Schilling will perform this

Reduce fine lines, especially under the eyes and around the mouth.

Correct mild scarring.

Treat certain types of acne.

Diminish sun spots, age spots, liver spots, freckles, or blotchiness.

Refresh and rejuvenate skin texture and color.

Did you know?

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? 15

SIZE IS ALWAYS a weighty ISSUE los e?

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Globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them obese.


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.W to hat have you got

Lighten up. Coming and going —it’s a winning combination. “Weight-loss benefits go well beyond simply looking better.”

hat have you got to lose? Dropping a few pounds makes you look and feel better — but getting down to a healthy body weight has dozens of other pluses, including some health benefits that researchers are just discovering. When you’re overweight, your entire system is out of balance, and this includes the hormones that impact your mood. As a result, losing weight can increase your overall well-being and decrease the severity of depression. Many overweight people suffer from severe depression, and depression can also increase the chances of being overweight as it reduces the individual’s ability or desire to help their overweight situation or to prevent it in the first place. PMS also can be helped by losing weight, as the loss of fat tissue can have a favorable effect upon hormonal balance.

related chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer. The health consequences range from increased risk of premature death, to serious chronic conditions that reduce the overall quality of life. Of especial concern is the increasing incidence of child obesity. By losing weight you can decrease your risks. You can’t beat that for weight-loss motivation. There are so many benefits you gain from losing weight. Losing is a WIN-WIN —lose pounds and gain health! Feel better, look better, and be healthy. Ultimately it takes genuine commitment and lifestyle changes regardless of what is happening in your life. If you are up for the challenge, we have medically supervised weight-loss programs to get you started. Call today! 770-474-7151

Make dressing up Fun Again Obesity and too much weight pose a major risk for serious diet-

Who needs a new dress when you can look FIT and FAB in the old one?


ost of us love the thought of dressing up... it’s so Hollywood. After all, we all watch what is on the red carpet right? Especially in the winter months we have holiday parties, company dinners, and many social occasions where we want to not only LOOK fabulous but FEEL fabulous!



One of the best feelings in the world is to be ABLE to fit or “fill” in a dress or suit you already have... or just to prove you can! — Whether it is your skinny jeans, your favorite suit, or a little black dress, let us help you get your “bragging rights” back.

This patient had a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and breast augmentation (breast not shown) performed by John P. Schilling, MD. Patient is thrilled with her results. Dr. Schilling performs the following cosmetic surgery procedures: Liposuction including Smartlipo Laser Liposuction. Fat Grafting/Enhancement. Breast Augmentation. Abdominoplasty.

From liposuction, breast enhancement and fat transfer —get your body back to “your” fabulous with cosmetic surgery. The perfect candidate for most cosmetic surgery is someone who is close to their ideal body weight but has isolated “problem areas”... and wants to go from flab or sag to FAB! What’s on your To-Do List?

• • • • •

Tighter Tummy Sexy Breasts Curvaceous Buttocks Thinner Thighs Smaller Arms

Dr. Schilling is performing cosmetic surgery procedures. Come in for a complimentary consultation and see how much fun you can have dressing up again!

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290 Country Club Drive Suite 110 & Suite 130 Stockbridge, GA 30281

Always a fitting gift...

John P. Schilling, MD, FACOG

menopause when do you know?

Menopause is genetically predetermined and is a gradual process which naturally occurs between the age 40 and 58, though there are always exceptions to the common ages. The experience preceding and following menopause can be an immense change for women physically and emotionally. The symptoms can last from a few months up to 10 years. Menopause is actually defined when you have had your last cycle. This will not be able to be determined until you have been completely free from menstrual cycles for one year. Leading up to this time, many symptoms and changes can occur in your body. Most times this is troubling or causes anxiety because you are not certain it is part of the natural occurrence, the unknown is always the most alarming.

Have any of these symptoms?

Mood Swings

Hot Flashes


Decreased libido


If you feel you have any of the symptoms or suspect you are approaching menopause, your symptoms can be evaluated along with blood tests to determine what is happening and what stage of menopause you are in. Often, you may just be in peri-menopause and the blood tests are more difficult to evaluate due to the fluctuation of hormones. Either way, Dr. Schilling understands you want relief and reassurance for your individual symptoms.

Trouble sleeping

Heart palpitations

Vaginal dryness


Irregular cycles

Breast tenderness


This also gives you a chance to discuss your issues with Dr. Schilling and consider different treatment options that fit your lifestyle.

Urinary urgency

Weight Gain

...among more

Visit our Women’s Center to discuss your questions. 770.474.7151

Schilling Healthcare Winter 2011-2012 Issue  

Our winter newsletter is here! Full of updated information on skin care, weight-loss, cosmetic surgery and female issues!

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