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EHIND the Scenes Contouring a BACKDROP of femininity and curves.


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After all we do wear it at all times... so it should always be at its best!


Dr. Tamika L. Sea discusses Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

you don't need words to

MAKE a STATEMENT Let your EYES do the talking.

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EHINDthe Scenes

Contouring a BACKDROP of Femininity


ould you like to add more volume "behind the scenes" to create a more feminine and curvy contour to your back side?

Some women feel they got duped by their DNA... but (no pun intended, okay, maybe a little) there is a possible antidote to your discontentment. Buttock augmentation surgery has become more and more popular over the last few years due to a woman's desire for a more curvy figure which includes a rounder and fuller buttocks.

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The procedure is very appealing to patients for more reasons than just the added volume to their back side. A buttock augmentation (or otherwise known as fat transfer) is done by taking fat from more corpulent areas like the stomach and flanks, (love handles) hips, lower back or thighs. The fat is removed with a very gentle liposuction device that uses a thin cannula (the suction tube) to protect live fat cells. The fat particles are then purified and injected back into the muscle layers of the buttocks through one very small incision.

Your buttocks are too small for your body frame

Clothes do not fit properly on your figure

Weight loss has left your buttocks loose, sagging or flat

The shape or size of your buttocks makes you feel self-conscious



These are actual before and after photos of cosmetic surgery performed by John P. Schilling, MD To see more BEFORE & AFTER photos visit our website:

Basically, you are taking your own fat cells from unwanted area(s) and transferring them to add more volume and curve to your buttocks. The results can look very natural and, because fat is your own body substance, there is little chance for rejection. Fat has some interesting properties. If it is injected into muscles or bones, it feels like muscles or bones once it’s under the skin. Likewise, if fat is injected into a more corpulent area it feels like, well, fat. The down side of transferring fat to the buttocks, face, lips or any other place in the body, is that some of it will be reabsorbed by the body. And often, surgeons can’t really predict how much will be reabsorbed. What we can say is: what you have remaining after three months will be yours permanently. If you are interested in this procedure come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Schilling to find out if you are a candidate!

S K I N BEST ACCESSORY worn well is your

Do you give your skin the tender loving care and attention it deserves? Our skin is under near constant assault from the outside world through harmful elements like extreme temperatures, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. Skin not only protects us but it is put on public view every day. Equally, we should reciprocate with vigilant attention and preservation. When we are born, our skin is supple and soft. But as we age, the skin, particularly around the face, begins to wrinkle as it loses its ability to retain moisture and the dermis loses its elasticity. Environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun and toxins in cigarette smoke, accelerate skin cell aging.


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suggestions from daily skin care routine to more aggressive age-reversing treatments.

A faded complexion is one of the first signs of prematurely aging skin. Luckily, topical ingredients like buffered glycolic acid and retinol can rapidly improve the look and texture of skin by removing buildup of dry skin, smoothing out fine lines, improving discoloration and also helping to trigger collagen production. This is a good starting point if your skin has been neglected, we have the best medical-grade skin care products and treatments that can brighten your skin Use SUNSCREEN diligently! and shed your neglect in no time.


Drink lots of water! Keep skin hydrated.

By middle age the skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic. It begins to sag and fold over on itself, forming wrinkles. By age 40, crow's feet may appear around the eyes, nose, and mouth. It is ideal to start a skin care regimen in early adulthood to benefit fully from natural and environmental aging effects. But, it is never too late to begin and no matter your budget, we can give you great

If you are already on a good skin care regimen and need to focus on wrinkles, loss of facial fat and elasticity, or skin texture —we can also help with various treatments. The right mixture of injectables, such as Botox and different fillers, can lift years off your appearance. Laser tightening can make a remarkable difference, the results are subtle but keep improving as your collagen rebuilds. Give your best accessory the attention it deserves! Come in for a complimentary consultation!

you don't need words to

MAKE a STATEMENT Did we have you at first glance? Eyes can definitely get a point across without a single word uttered. We've all had those looks from mom! But, we also know we can use them to make an impression, maybe even get out of a traffic ticket with a little extra fluttering of our lashes?! For less than a traffic ticket (which also raises your insurance rates) you can grow longer, thicker, and darker lashes with Latisse! Latisse gradually encourages growth of longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. For full results, you must use the medication daily for at least two months. Eyelash improvements remain as long as you continue to use the medication. When you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original appearance. If you're concerned about the appearance of your eyelashes or would like to try Latisse, talk to Dr. Schilling. He can help you weigh the pros and cons of using an eyelash-growing medication.

eeling a little OFF

Are you having any of these symptoms? q IRREGULAR PERIODS?




olycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal problem that causes women to have a variety of symptoms. Most women with the condition have a number of small cysts in the ovaries. However, women may have cysts in the ovaries for a number of reasons, and it is the characteristic of symptoms, rather than the presence of the cysts themselves, that is important in establishing the probability of PCOS. PCOS affects about 5-10% of the population, and is identified by having three key abnormalities: 1. Insulin resistance: Leading to excess weight gain, especially central (or abdominal) weight gain. 2. Increased testosterone levels: Leading to increased hair growth (hirsutism) and excessive acne, especially of the face and upper body. 3. Polycystic ovaries: Leading to excessive estrogen in the body, causing irregular (and sometimes heavy) bleeding with periods, which can also be the cause for infertility. At least 2 of these abnormalities should be identified in order to be diagnosed with PCOS. Dr. Sea answers some of the common questions of patients with PCOS: Q I’m having trouble getting pregnant, and I have been diagnosed with PCOS. What are my options? • Controlling the insulin resistance with weight loss and medications like Metformin can help with getting pregnant. • Occasionally, patients with PCOS do not ovulate.






Other signs & symptoms: Obesity Elevated insulin levels & insulin resistance Oily skin Dandruff Skin discolorations High cholesterol levels Elevated blood pressure Multiple small cysts in the ovary

Adding a medication like Clomid, can help increase chances for ovulation. Q My periods are very irregular and heavy and I have PCOS. What should I do? • Using a combination oral contraceptive can help with regulating periods. Q I have a lot of excess hair growth and acne caused by my PCOS. What can I use to help? • Using medications to decrease androgen levels (testosterone and DHEA's) can help with this. • Spironolactone, a diuretic, can decrease androgen levels to decrease excess hair and acne. • Retinoids can also be used for acne. • Other treatments like waxing, plucking, shaving, and laser treatments may also help with excess hair growth. • Lastly, combination oral contraceptives (birth control pills) decrease testosterone levels that circulate in your body, and can help with these problems. There's no specific test to definitively diagnose PCOS. The diagnosis is one of exclusion, which means we will consider all of your signs and symptoms and also rule out other possible disorders by taking your medical history, doing a physical exam, blood tests, and a pelvic ultrasound. If you are suffering with any female issues, make an appointment with Dr. Sea or Dr. Schilling to discuss a solution and improve your quality of life.

Visit our Women’s Center to discuss your questions. 770.474.7151

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