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SCE PROJECT Providing intelligent solutions to challenging problems, SCE Project is a global, multidisciplinary, architecture and engineering firm of energetic, creative, and highly qualified staff offering integrated design and management services since 2001.

OUR APPROACH SCE Project’s integration of multidisciplinary services provide solutions that are of the highest quality and meet time and cost targets. With over 1000 built projects in Italy and abroad, SCE Project is the ideal choice for a reliable partner whose focus on technical systems, planning, documentation, and project management produces the best results. Passion for its work and a strong spirit of initiative distinguish our teams who are led by senior staff whose common knowledge base and experience inform every project. Principals actively lead project teams in a practice where active participation is encouraged.

A MULTIDISCIPLINARY STRATEGY To ensure the greatest optimization in terms of functionality, cost, and schedule for all our clients, SCE Project adopts an innovative, multidisciplinary strategy. Right from the start, all factors that determine a successful outcome are identified and then tracked throughout the design process to guarantee our projects fulfill their objectives. With a broad capacity for understanding the importance of integration across all disciplines, our search for symbiotic solutions provides added value for our projects. Quality certified under the Quality Management UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 system is essential, achieved through a methodical analysis of these factors and reliance on our experienced professionals using the most advanced tools in the industry.

RESEARCH AND TRAINING Commitment to innovation and the evolution of our staff are one of the primary reasons for the success we have achieved over the last 17 years. We strive to select and develop the most promising figures in the industry from an ethical, creative, and technical standpoint. Young architects and engineers are valued teammates whose new ideas challenge us to keep open minds when searching for solutions. We acknowledge the changing world we live in and feed on the enthusiasm and desire to investigate new methods and software that our younger staff bring to the design process. Working together in this open, creative environment, we experience individual growth while sharing in the joint successes of our teams and our projects.

OUR OFFICES With offices in Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, SCE Project employs over 100 highly-skilled professionals including engineers, architects, and specialists, alongside administrative, IT, and support staff. Working with international clients seeking to build in Italy, the primary service offered from our Los Angeles office is project management. We have the capacity to work on projects of any scale and complexity and bring the added value of clear communication to the complex process of developing in Italy. Detailed design and structural refurbishments are our primary services offered from our offices in Asia. Our expertise in structural renovations gives SCE Project a unique advantage given the renewed interest in preserving the cultural monuments in East Asia. Although spread across different continents, the common culture found in each office is our genuine delight in and dedication to the craft and technology of building.



Focusing on the comprehensive and coordinated development of our client’s vision is what makes SCE Project an ideal partner. Starting from a thorough understanding of client goals and maintaining a flexible, integrative approach, SCE Project believes in the importance of arriving at concrete solutions developed within an interdisciplinary team of architects, engineers, and specialists. Working together with our client to reach common objectives over the progressive phases of design, from concept design through construction, our project managers lead by example. Our ability to plan and budget is fundamental to the activities of value engineering, risk assessment and cost control. Planning, organizing, and monitoring throughout each design phase ensures the highest quality results and is critical to successfully perform within the determined time and cost constraints.

Full-Service design Coordination and integration of Specialist Services Coordination of Health and Safety during design and construction Planning and Time Management Estimation and Cost Management

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING In the structural engineering sector, SCE Project’s vast and varied experience is the basis of our flexible and conscientious workflow. Each team of engineers not only have great expertise, they focus maximum attention to crucial elements such as careful coordination with the architectural design; construction details, means and methods; construction safety; construction schedule and cost control; research and selection of materials; and innovative construction techniques. The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) programs as a tool for sharing information among the various specialists; the ability to use the most current calculation software; and exploiting the interoperability between today’s tools make it possible to complete structural projects of any nature, scale, and complexity.

ENGINEERING FOR ARCHITECTURE SCE Project’s architectural experience in various sectors includes residential and hospitality, shopping centers and entertainment complexes, logistics and industrial centers, building for the tertiary sector, hospital and educational facilities, cultural and sports venues, as well as multifunctional centers. Because SCE Project adopts a multidisciplinary and interactive approach, we can realize any architectural idea, from complex forms to building systems to specific details. Our Full-Service approach to the design process ensures complete coordination of all the components of a building, to guarantee the maximum functionality and best performance of the project. The team brings great attention and efficiency to all aspects: design of interactive and fixed facade systems, structural features, safety, thermal and acoustic performance, fire resistance, special roof systems, analysis of complex elements, and studies of optional solutions. The result is the highest quality product that respects the original design vision, the budget, and the time schedule.

Architectural Design
 Architectural Restoration and Rehabilitation Architecture for Sustainability Documentation for Administrative Approvals Facade Design

ENGINEERING FOR RESTORATION SCE Project also specializes in restorations and renovations of existing buildings and structures. Special attention is given to aspects of fundamental importance, such as diagnostics, the selection and adoption of conservation techniques and materials, analysis, testing pre- and post-intervention, and monitoring during the construction phases.

ENGINEERING FOR INFRASTRUCTURE Civil and Infrastructure Engineering is a field in which SCE Project’s specialized skills such as geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, building services engineering and construction management are best integrated. From the design of roads and railways, to transport buildings and intermodal exchange centers, SCE Project’s experienced specialists bring a sustainable approach aimed at mitigating the impact of construction on existing environmental and transportation systems. Our specialized skills include researching and selecting materials known for their durability and ease of maintenance, fundamental aspects to ensure the highest, most long-lasting quality project. During the construction phase, we carefully manage the installation, start-up, and commissioning of the systems through the handover phase of the project.

GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING SCE Project pays utmost attention to geotechnical engineering, applying the most scrupulous criteria to study and simulate all aspects related to the interaction between the soil and the structure. As structural engineers, we are driven by the continuous desire to apply tested, state-of-the-art, geotechnical solutions with the aim of minimizing the environment impact and lowering the cost of construction. Our experience in the geotechnical sector and our ability to evaluate multiple solutions according to site specific conditions, brings an indisputable advantage, especially when operating in complex environmental contexts. Shallow and deep foundations, containment and underground works are all systems we evaluate and utilize to support our most ambitious projects with efficient and safe solutions.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING All design solutions and methods implemented by SCE Project consider resource management. Care is taken in the selection of materials and in highly sustainable building construction techniques. We rely on and collaborate with colleagues who specialize in researching renewable energy solutions and providing experience and multidisciplinary expertise to achieve our commitment to the highest environmental quality standards. Projects with specific sustainability certification requirements are followed by our in-house experts who are responsible to ensure the entire project meets the determined certification.

FACADE ENGINEERING One of the most recognizable feature of any project is its facades. In SCE all engineering aspects of the facades are addressed synergistically with the goal of ensuring maximum performance. Energy efficiency, natural lighting of the interior environments, and the structural design interface in complete creative coherence with the architectural concept. The team focuses on the design intent of each construction detail. By synchronizing objectives in terms of energy efficiency, structural performance, constructability, materials research, and systems maintenance, the result is a coherent and unique building identity. Our experienced specialists also provide third party consultation in diagnostics, repair, and maintenance, offering professional advice for every facade system type.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Based on our commitment to excellence regarding the technical and managerial qualities needed to oversee construction, we are recognized as leaders in the field of construction management. Our diverse experience obtained working on all design aspects of projects, and the knowledge we have gained in overseeing the construction of large-scale projects are our key qualities. Problem solving skills in SCE Project are extremely practical and thorough. They are reflected in our ability to propose optimized, prefabricated, adaptable, and flexible solutions. We begin thinking about constructability in the earliest design phases. This aspect is considered fundamental to our team, and the construction phase benefits from this efficiency associated with our awareness of the means and methods of construction, the value-added result of our multidisciplinary team. Each design solution is verified before the start of construction. Any modification proposed is careful to maintain the same construction schedule and strict coordination with the detailed design intent, including compatibility with any exiting conditions which are always verified by onsite surveys necessary to validate their effectiveness.

Construction Management
 Health and Safety during design and construction Technical and economic supervision Technical assistance for the contractors
 Third Party Testing

INTEGRATED DESIGN Integrated Design is the result of a collaborative approach of a multidisciplinary team of specialists with common goals led by a project manager who understands the client’s objectives. Passionate experts, we enthusiastically undertake even the most complex challenges, synergistically and creatively contributing to the enhancement of each project. With the services we provide in-house and our select group of specialists, we offer our clients all design services necessary to realize their projects.

SPECIALIST SERVICES Feasibility and Environmental Studies Health and Safety during design and construction Estimation and Cost Management LEED and BREAM Civil and MEP Design including due diligence of existing buildings Third Party Auditing of the design process and during construction


Mixed Use Public and Cultural Residential Office Commercial and Logistics Hotel Retail Industrial Healthcare Educational Entertainment and Sport Infrastructure Restoration

We thank all those who have contributed to the founding and growth of SCE Project.


WORLDWIDE I Operating Offices I ROMA I Via Alessio Baldovinetti, 15 00142 Roma tel. +39 06.55302097 fax +39 06.55307423 I LOS ANGELES I tel. +1 818-5100696 3531 Royal Woods Dr, 91403 Los Angeles

MILANO I Registered Head Office I Operating Office Viale Sarca, 336/F 20126 Milano tel. +39 02.70006530 fax +39 02.71091187

I SINGAPORE I tel. +84 906 656822 19 Cecil Street The Quadrant at Cecil, Singapore Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur


labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim I HO CHI MINH CITYI ad mini 906 656822 laboris nisi ut aliquip ex tel. ea+84 commodo 111 Ly Chinh Thang, District 3, IDD Building – 3rd Floor HCMC – Vietnam


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