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23/05/2018 2:33 pm

Sabine Bannard

Natural light photography, styling & visual content creation @_housefrau

Beautiful cake creations by @marinamachandocakes Sabine Bannard, food, lifestyle and portrait photography, social media, content, product, styling & personal branding photography formal local business, cafes & artists. Either it’s a lifestyle shoot at our premises, a styled product shoot in my home studio (where I have many props to choose from) or anything in between. I would love to hear from you. Ph: 0435 055 213 or and sabinebannard.com_housefrau If you are interested in my upcoming social media content & styling workshops, register your interest under:

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23/05/2018 2:33 pm

EDITORS LETTER What makes a great magazine? Most certainly the answer to that is relevant content. What makes a business idea come to fruition? Planning and hard work. I can honestly say with humble confidence that this first edition of Scenic Road Living has both of those fundamentals behind it. Our team of contributors, photographers, advertisers and graphic designers have all worked extremely hard in providing high-quality content. A special acknowledgement to Kerri Hill who has helped pull this titanic task together. Our vision for the publication was never about clogging the pages with small advertisements but more of a visual experience. We want our readers to be inspired by the imagery and read feel-good stories focusing primarily on the people, the produce and the places of this amazing region. Now it’s not just me on my own. I have a fair bit of help – a support crew in fact. A massive thank you to my funny, loving parents who have always given me the confidence to take calculated risks in life. My extended family and friends, asking, ringing and texting even when they know I might not be able to get back to then right away AND a huge thank you to my husband who has proven himself to be a great team player, even washing his own clothes and hardly complaining about it :) In the past 12 months, we have sold our home and relocated, launched two new businesses and had our third baby. It’s been the busiest time of our lives - both personally and with work and yet I would have to say the most rewarding time. Our love of the country and horses, of real estate and creative industries, such as photography, writing, music and cooking have brought us to this point; launching a vehicle to promote the lifestyle we love, where people can switch off from the digital world, flick through real pages and be inspired by what others are doing. I hope you enjoy reading Scenic Road Living.

Luisa Slack Smith LUISA SLACK-SMITH editor-in-cheif

A dream you dream alone is only a dream, A dream you dream together is reality. - John Lennon.

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18/05/2018 12:26 pm

experience the

food & wine

of the scenic rim region

30 JUNE - 8 JULY 2018

Festivals ★ Farm Tours ★ Fine Dining ★ Family Fun

to find out more visit

#eatlocalscenicrim #SCENICRIM







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CONTENTS 4 - Events Calendar 6 - The Light Chaser 12 - Featured Property 18 - The Mistaken Owl 20 - Wagons made with love 26 - Cooking the Beef Brisket 30 - POLO - a scenic sport 36 - Fashion for HER, HIM and THEM 40 - My Country Escape 44 - The Shoe Vault 46 - Property for sale – Scenic Road Properties.

COMPETITION - WIN A COPY OF EAT LOCAL Vol 2 The Scenic Rim council have given us copies of their latest edition - Eat local Vol 2 to give away to our 4 of our lucky readers. Please go to our Facebook and instagram for more information on how win your copy. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Luisa Slacks-Smith | EDITOR: Kerri Hill GRAPHIC DESIGN: Kerri Hill (formally known as Grisham) CONTRIBUTORS AND SPECIAL THANK YOU: Berlin Friswell, Sabine Bannard, Amber Walker, Kaihla Cudbertson, Scenic Rim Council For editor contact Luisa Slacks-Smith E: or P: 0434 074882 Copyright © 2018 by Scenic Roads Living All rights reserved. This magazine or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher.

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AUGUST 4th Scenic Rim World Multi Cultural Day 25th Canungra Show 26th Greek Cooking Kooroomba Gulley & Tommerups Dairy

JULY 1st Beaudesert Gourmet Street Food Festival 7th Winter Harvest Festival Walk Christmas Creek 14th Canungra Rode 21st Boonah World Environment Day

SEPTEMBER 1st – 9th Richies IGA Boonah Arts 7th & 8th Beaudesert Show 14th Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival

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18/05/2018 12:26 pm

MARKET DATES BEAUDESERT MARKET FEST 1st Saturday of each month / 7 am – 12 pm Dick Westerman Park Enterprise Drive, Beaudesert BEECHMONT MARKETS 3rd Sunday of each month / 8 am – 12 pm Beechmont Community Centre Beechmont & Binna Burra Roads, Beechmont BOONAH COUNTRY MARKETS 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month / 7 am – 12 pm Springleigh Park,Coronation Drive, Boonah CANUNGRA VALLEY MARKETS Last Sunday of each month (except January) 8 am – 12 pm Canungra School of Arts, Canungra

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN LOCAL PRODUCERS MARKET Every Sunday / 7am – 12 pm Held in the Green Shed Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds Main Western Road, Tamborine Mountain TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN SCHOOL MARKETS Last Sunday of each month / 8 am – 2 pm Held in car park accross from School Long Road, North Tamborine TAMBORINE VILLAGE MARKETS 1st Sunday of each month / 7 am – 12 pm Tamborine Memorial Hall Tamborine-Waterford Road, Tamborine Village

KOORALBYN RSL MARKETS 2nd Sunday of each month / 7 am – 12 pm Billabong Park, Kooralbyn TAMBORINE CRAFT & COLLECTIBLES MARKET 3rd Sunday of each month / 9 am – 2 pm Bearded Dragon Hotel Tamborine Mountain Road, Tamborine TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN COUNTRY MARKETS 2nd Sunday of each month / 6 am – 2 pm Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds Main Western Road, Tamborine Mountain


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18/05/2018 12:27 pm


Light Chaser You may have seen this image used by the council to help promote the SCENIC RIM. Meet the photographer behind the lens... Kate Wall aka The Light Chaser is known for her various landscape shots of variegated sunsets, bountiful colour or twinkling night skies. But the girl chasing these amazing photographic opportunities shines her own beam of light. Kate has a bright smile, infectious energy and contagious laugh, with a typical warm country demeanour. Scenic Road caught up with this outrageously busy lady, who - like the perfect ray of light - is extremely hard to catch. You grew up on a farm in the local area. Why live in the Scenic Rim? I grew up in and around the outer areas of Ipswich, as well as some time in rural South Australia during my teenage years. After SA, my family moved back to Queensland to the Sunshine Coast and I lived there until about 3 years ago. I came down to the Scenic Rim roughly 4 years ago for a camping trip in the Mt Barney area and fell in love with the place. It is so naturally beautiful and the country just seemed to agree with me - it was the change I needed. Things just seem to fall together, with a great job combined with the help of my aunt and uncle, I settled into the Scenic Rim and I

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

can’t see myself living anywhere else now. It’s not just the stunning landscape opportunities but the incredible people whom I’ve met, many who have become great friends. How long have you been a photographer for? For about 9 or so years now. I tend to say I’m a “retired professional photographer” these days as I am happier working in a school again and shooting my real passion of landscapes on the weekends. Are you self-taught or did you do a course? I am predominantly self taught, but I did do a TAFE course for 6 months and I learnt lots there too. I find that I love the self-teaching as it challenges to learn so much more. I taught myself to shoot manually as I got frustrated not being able to do what I wanted to shoot. Trial and error is a great way to learn. What brand and model of cameras have you worked with and what are you using right now? I got my first DSLR for my 18th birthday in 2008 which was a Nikon D40. I have only owned Nikon cameras since. I currently work with Nikon D610 & D600 with an assortment of lenses, flashes and other camera accessories. Nikon zooms the right way for me - that’s why I use them haha. As you mentioned earlier, you are now a school teacher and obviously enjoy teaching kids. Do you enjoy teaching kids photography? I love to encourage kids to find their creativity in whatever way they can. I love connecting with any young, promising photographers from any walk of life and providing them with mentoring and support as they learn. I always make myself available to anyone, young or old, who want help or advice.

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

The astrophotography is a bit of a trademark for you. Can we expect more of this work? I love capturing the stars. It is truly an incredible sight that deserves to be captured and shared with everyone so that they can enjoy such a beautiful vista. The milky way is so unique and so incredibly visible here in Australia – it’s so special! I love being able to share my passion of astrophotography with others and to teach them how to photograph the stars as well. The Scenic Rim offers so many incredible things to see during the day but at night, the clear, dark skies are filled with the stars above – such an inspiring view - it will make you speechless! You can certainly expect a lot more astrophotography work from me, it’s a real passion of mine. It turns out I love to chase the light during the day and the night lights too! Tell us about some of your favourite images and why they are your favourites? It’s honestly hard to pick favourites. All my images have a special meaning to me. My favourite image is actually a self portrait of myself and my horse, Goldie under the milky way stars. I wanted to shoot something that had never been shot before and it took some amount of planning and a couple nights to get it how I wanted and it’s my favourite shot to date. A lot of planning goes into my photos and I really love to share and educate people about the work and preparation that goes into my photos; it’s not just rocking up with a camera and pointing and shooting. I love to capture animals in landscapes and in particular, horses in landscapes. I have a few photos like this in my favourites collection too. A recent favourite was of two grey horses standing in the cold fog, in their frost covered paddock. It’s eerie but beautiful. I love to work with golden light (hence how I earned my name, The Light Chaser) and of course, lots of colour. I watch the cloud maps religiously, trying to predict the good clouds for the best photos. Again, lots of arrangement is always involved.

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

What would be your ultimate dream or aspiration with photography? My ultimate dream would be to travel around the world and photograph wild horses in their natural environment. You love your animals and your horses, how long have you been riding for? And do you compete in any sports? I have been blessed to grow up around so many animals and even from a young age I gravitated to them. I’m sure I would’ve had every animal I came across as a pet had my Mum let me, ha! I grew up riding with my best friend on her family’s property - both of us were horse mad. I was sporty as a child and teenager, so most of my time was taken up with training and games across a broad selection of sports to high levels but always managed to get in rides when I could. My wonderful horseloving aunt always made sure I had horsey things and experiences, too. Consequently, she has been a wonderful support for me getting back into the saddle. As an adult, it took a severe break to my leg in a soccer accident for me to farewell my sporting days. 3.5 years after that injury, I got back into the saddle – and it’s where I’ve been ever since. I started off with bareback riding as it was just too painful and awkward with the leg injury (permanent) and it constricted my movement. I’ve had to learn to re-ride and adapt to learning new ways to ride with such restriction in my left leg. The same with my horse Max, who has learnt with me. He is without a doubt, the biggest blessing in my life. Riding gives me freedom of movement which is something I don’t have with walking and this makes riding such a vital part of my life. Moving to the Scenic Rim has helped rekindle my love of horses and find a new sense of freedom. Now, I have 3 horses – yes I’m one of those crazy horse people! I have two ex-racehorses, my beautiful riding horse Max and my mare, Goldie, who is a broodmare as well as a special rescue Welsh pony, April, who has just turned three. You really are one busy girl and very inspiring. Give us a quick snapshot into a typical weekend for you? Gosh, I never stop still to even think how much I can fit into one weekend. Generally, I’m not home much on the weekend. I try to fit in a ride or two with friends, as well as doing a general paddock clean-up and spending as much time as I can with my horses. I love exploring throughout the Scenic Rim so I’m always off to explore somewhere with my camera, particularly when it’s a new moon, for astrophotography trips. I love to explore one of the many short walks through the national parks, waterfalls and gardens where I live on Tamborine Mountain. I do love to get out camping or fishing and I often travel to the Sunshine Coast to visit family. If the conditions are right, I will pack up my camping gear and head out for an overnight trip to take photos. The Scenic Rim has so many great camping areas, so there is always somewhere new to go. If I can time it right, I will head into Brisbane to watch the footy or cricket as well - I’m still very much a passionate sports nerd! And finally, can people purchase your images? Yes, they certainly can. People can head to my website Or Facebook and Instagram @Katethelightchaser  

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm



Beautiful Homestead with 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Swimming pool on 162 Acres

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

Blakehurst, Mt Alford‌‌ Is stunning lifestyle farm located on the southern outskirts of Boonah. Only 12 min drive or 17klm to be exact.

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

Blakehurst, Mt Alford is a stunning lifestyle farm located on the southern outskirts of Boonah and is only a 12-minute drive (or 17km to be exact) to the area that sits on the doorstep of Lake Moogerah. It's also becoming known for its boutique tourism establishments, wineries, breweries and artisan markets, making it an interesting place to live. Owners Chris and Joanne Reid came here by chance - a sliding doors moment that changed the next 18 years of their lives. They share their story with us and talk about their home, the location and future plans. "We were living in Montville and decided to sell," Joanne recalls. "We were really looking for something that stood out to us. One day Chris suggested to go for a drive and look at some areas - we stumbled across this part of Mt Alford, just south of Boonah purely out of curiosity. With Chris’s work in Brisbane, we felt like we needed something that was an easy commute. When we got to Boonah we thought, 'well this is far enough', but just like riding a horse on a big station, you always wonder what will be over the next crest. We drove through Boonah, and then just over the next few rolling hills this absolutely stunning scenery opened up. It was like something out of a picture book. You know you have found the right place when your heart speaks to you.” Chris who has always loved looking at properties and their potential goes on to add ”We bought the property in 2004 and it needed a lot of work. This original farmhouse is circa 1910 and the history of the region is quite interesting. This property and homestead was

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

established when Queen Elizabeth and King George were visiting Coochin Homestead (which is just down the road) and riding horses in the area – it's very fascinating. Jo and I had renovated before, but like most things it was a work in progress. However, we always loved the Cape Cod and Californian Bungalow style so it’s a mix of both.” "Our boys were still small and it was our forever home to raise our family," Joanne says, "So the main home and the separate cottage were designed with family in mind, while keeping all the great views of Mt Barney and the range. The ideas were all in our head along with masses of magazines. Pinterest just didn’t exist then so there was a lot of scrapbooking.” Chris goes on to talk about the finer details of the home and what really made them fall in love with it. “With the original plaster on the roof and the way the home felt with it’s soaring ceilings and fireplace, you could tell it was a well-loved home built with quality. The other influence was that we wanted somewhere that friends and family could call home; lots of bedrooms, bathrooms and places to relax. Our love of horses and polo is evident in the styling which we both enjoy doing." “We also made that final decision to live in Boonah because it’s an incredibly safe environment for us and our 2 boys,” says Joanne.

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

“The town has everything you need - hospitals, banks, good produce and good coffee, great schools and extremely friendly community. I feel like there are a lot more families moving here but I like that it hasn’t changed that much and it’s still a bit oldfashioned - you will never find a McDonalds going in.” Chris elaborates on the lifestyle for the children and how their boys have had a great upbringing here. "Both boys ride horses, motorbikes and have learnt to drive on tractors. Our weekends have been filled with campfires, BBQs and friends and family coming to stay. I am sure they will have great memories of this farm" And on the land itself, Joanne says "Family or farmer would suit this property. We chose to do horses as that is our passion but I think it would suit cattle or even cropping because of the incredible pastures and great water supply." Chris adds that it's definitely a low maintenance property"... As I commute to Brisbane and Joanne primarily runs the horses so it’s great for that. It’s not too big that you can’t look after it, but large enough to ride horses and bikes.” "Our stock have done so well on this land," says Joanne. "We have never had to send them away for conditioning or spelling and the property is drought-proof with two creeks and a bore. When farmers in the same valley are growing crops and fattening cattle you know you are in a fertile area." Where to from here? "We love this region and want to stay in the area so we have started looking for our next renovator. Our boys are almost out of the nest and we are ready for the next chapter."

For more listing information contact DREW SLACK-SMITH Ph: 0407 324 399 |

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

The Mistaken Owl:

Australia’s Tawny Frogmouth Kaihla Cudbertson is our resident wildlife contributor. She has been a wildlife presenter and ranger for the past 4 years and has been a fauna spotter for the last 5 years and a vetinary nurse for the high end a decade. If you ever had the pleasure of booking Kaihla for one of her wildlife presentations you will not only be educated on the facts of these wonderful animals, but you’ll also experience a powerhouse of knowledge and understanding, compassion and deep-seated love for our native Australian wildlife. She inspires both children and adults to be more mindful of our living environment and our animal friends. For bookings, contact Wildlife Rangers and speak to Kaihla. The following article is writtten by Khaila Cudberston. Often mistaken for an owl, the Tawny Frogmouth is closely related to the nightjar family. They are found throughout mainland Australia and Tasmania in most habitats except for dense rainforest and deserts. Known for their unique ability to hide in plain sight and with big, yellow eyes giving off many different expressions, the Tawny Frogmouth certainly is one fascinating character. The Tawny Frogmouth is one of my favourite species of birds. I still scream with excitement when I spot our resident Tawny family up in the tree. “I see you!” I always say to them with a real sense of achievement, like when you finally spot Wally in those Where’s Wally books. If there was a champion bird for hide and seek, the Tawny has that title. Their plumage is a dappled grey, white, black and rufous. They blend in so perfectly to the colours of the bark on trees. During the day Tawny Frogmouth will be perched on either a branch or fork of a tree. They stretch their neck out and close their eyes. This is so they look like a broken piece of the trees limb.

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

Camouflage is their most successful defence strategy. If they feel threatened or unsure of a certain situation they will also puff their feathers up and spread out their wings and sound their warning call (Our Tawny’s at work do a magnificent job of demonstrating this every time I go into their aviary). Tawny Frogmouth are also nocturnal hunters. Their diet is made up of insects such as centipedes, spiders, slugs and worms, to bigger prey like frogs, reptiles, small birds and mammals. They swoop down and grab their prey with their feet, or by snapping their beak in flight (no wonder people mistake them for owls). Their feet are quite weak and can only hold on to prey for a short amount of time unlike the owl, which are raptors and have large, strong feet armed with lengthy, curved talons. They attract insects with the bright yellow inside their beak. Did you know that in the animal kingdom yellow means ‘light’ and insects love that light! They also have small, wispy feathers sticking up above the beak that act as sensors for insects flying past. You can usually find the Tawny hunting around street lights and flood lights. Unfortunately, this makes them extremely vulnerable to vehicle collisions. Our resident Tawny, Stanley, come to us roughly 10 years ago as a juvenile. He had been hit by a car and lost one of his eyes. Stanley did make a full recovery with care of the vets but he was unable to be released back into the wild. When a Tawny looks for love and finds it, they are committed to each other exclusively as Tawny Frogmouths mate for life. Breeding is advertised by both partners drumming nightly from the nest site. Nesting duties are shared evenly by the male and female, which include building, incubating, brooding and feeding one another on the nest, as well as their young. Each may

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 19

spend up to 12 hours incubating up to three eggs. Talk about relationship goals. The Tawny Frogmouth is always a favourite at our Wildlife shows. When we introduce our birds during our talk, the reaction from the crowd is always the best. A sea of excited faces accompanied with lots of “Aww, I love Tawnys”. We are so lucky to live in a place where we can share our back yard with such fascinating wildlife. So next time you are out in your garden, going for a walk in the park or a hike in the bush, see if you can spot a Tawny hiding. When you do spot them, the joy of finding one is worth the crook neck from looking up in the trees. for bookings contact wild rangers and speak to Khalia and mention this article.

18/05/2018 12:27 pm

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

Wagons made with love Bowtop Wagons arrive in Canungra

Written and Photos by Luisa Slack-Smith Sometimes the road less travelled is the bumpiest of rides. However, the scenery along the way is usually breathtaking, making the journey well worth it in the end. I think to myself often, after driving past the little red wagon parked up on the hill on the way into town (Canungra) each day, 'How does one come to the decision of wanting to build a gypsy wagons?' and secondly, 'How extremely talented and clever are the builders?' So one afternoon I call into Bowtop Wagons and meet the people behind the artwork Karlie and Alan have always lived together on the Gold Coast and only recently moved to the beautiful Scenic Rim. They didn’t move alone though - they’ve moved their whole family, including children, grandchildren and their pets. Karlie is Gold Coast born and bred, while Alan met Karlie on holiday from Adelaide. They tell me this was many moons ago. I get the impression these two have both been down a few of those roads less travelled and their smiles and warmth still shine bright. Extremely family oriented, hard working and generally nice people, this couple create beautiful bespoke artwork together, with Alan constructing each wagon from scratch and Karlie is in charge of design, internal upholstery and fitout.

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

How did you start with this idea to build Gypsy style wagons? Karlie: I had always wanted a little gypsy wagon so I just asked him to make me one. Alan: After a few persistent requests, I finally said yes. And how long have you been making them? A: We’ve been building them for around 3 years now. We made the first one from recycled timbers and old materials. As I was making it and it started to take shape, people would stop and want to talk to me about it - it was parked on the front lawn of our house at Nerang. I can understand the curiosity of passers by. After all, here we are writing an article about your beautiful wagons…. What made you start building more? A People kept asking so we thought, why not? They create so much conversation when you pull up somewhere. K: We like the idea of helping people create memories so these wagons are for those free-spirited people like us, who dare to dream and take their families with them. What sort of clients have ordered your wagons? K: We have a range of clients from market stall holders, festival goers and families wanting something different for camping. A: One client uses her wagon as a guest room for her mother to stay in. It’s parked up by the veggie patch. Each wagon is different, with different requirements so naturally, they are custom made. I am currently making Karlie a bigger one as her first one was a bit of an experiment. How long does It take you to make a wagon? A: It depends [on the design and fitout] but if I would have to say 6-8 weeks. What else have you got planned for these lovely wagons? K: We would love to do a gathering of all the clients we have sold wagons to for a weekend of camping/glamping. And finally what do you love about living in the Scenic Rim? K: Everything; the mountains, the fresh air, the peace and quiet and the townspeople have been great. We are so pleased to have found a wonderful area to call home. A: It’s a great place for our children to raise their children and for this sort of artisan work - there’s lots of creative people here. For more information, you can contact Bowtop Wagons. Alan 0413 512 573 or Karlie 0422 470 717w Email:

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

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18/05/2018 12:27 pm

Country Mile Escape is a boutique country getaway nestled amongst the picturesque rolling hills of the Gold Coast Hinterland, (only 40 minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast). Country Mile Escape has two brand new, modern self-contained studios​perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle. 63 Little Flying Fox Rd, Flying Fox via Canungra Phone: 0419 090 246 Contract Trish for bookings at find us on face book at countrymileescape

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

Specialty Coffee and Tea Cafe in the Gold Coast Hinterland inspired by fresh, local, healthy food with some classic cafe items for the old school crew.

Shop1/141 Maudsland Rd, Maudsland Ph: (07) 5573 0649

Find us on facebook at Terraruimgoldcoast

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

Meet the owner of Canungra butchersJoe


Dont let the name fool you, there's nothing "brisk"about it! There is revived interest in some of the less glamorised meat cuts, ones our nanas or mums had simmering away in the oven or over-sized pots. Some, like lamb shanks, can be found on the menus of the best restaurants. Slow cooked beef cheeks, properly trimmed, are well worth the wait. Shin or osso buco, and the lesser experienced ox tail are all featuring in contemporary dishes. Beef Brisket is a cut that needs time; don’t confine it to the Texas BBQ or smoker. It is the wonderful cut you rip into with forks for pulled beef in Mexican dishes; it features in Asians soups with noodles, in curries and in a hearty casserole or pot roast. The brisket is the lower chest or pectoral muscles, it works hard supporting over 60% of the animals weight as it grazes. It needs time for all that connective tissue to break down and gelatinize in the cooking process and that is its special flavour trapping talent! Make sure to brown or sear before going into the slow cooker. With any recipe don’t cut corners on the cooking time or underestimate the humble onion or veggies role in the stock. Set the slow cooker and free yourself for other things!

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

Meet the Farmers Eat Local Vol 2.


These days, Tony and Jacky White primarily grow pumpkins and keep bees — and their raw honey is absolutely delicious. They sell their pumpkins from their farm-gate roadside stall in Kerry, on the corner of Duck Creek Road, and the honey is sold locally. The farm, originally a dairy, has been in Tony’s family for generations, and it is where Tony and Jacky have raised their three children. The Whites are passionate about growing and producing food naturally, and they’ve made many of their farming decisions on the basis of ‘keeping it real’.

PUMPKIN & PECAN TARTS WITH HONEY RICOTTA CREAM Recipe by Brenda Fawdon, from EAT LOCAL Volume 2 This is an enjoyable recipe to bake with the kids on the weekend — quick and simple. It is also a great way to get them to eat their veg! Replace the ricotta cream with freshly whipped cream, if you prefer.


INGREDIENTS - Makes 12 small tarts. 250 g kent pumpkin, skin and seeds removed, and chopped into 3 cm chunks 2 tablespoons raw honey 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 60 g plain or spelt white flour 3 eggs 100 g pecans, lightly toasted (put a few nuts aside for decorating the tarts later) SWEET SHORTCRUST PASTRY 120 g plain or spelt white flour, sifted 40 g coconut sugar or light demerara sugar 1⁄2 teaspoon vanilla paste 50 g unsalted butter, chilled and cut into 2 cm cubes 1 egg yolk, lightly beaten a little iced water HONEY RICOTTA CREAM 250 g ricotta (best from a deli) 40g icing sugar - 1⁄2 teaspoon vanilla paste 2 teaspoons raw honey

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm


To make the ricotta cream, place the ricotta in a food processor and process to a smooth consistency. Add the icing sugar and vanilla, and pulse to incorporate. With the motor running, add the honey and whip. Scrape the ricotta into a container, cover and refrigerate until required. Meanwhile, steam the pumpkin for 10 minutes, or until soft. Set aside to cool, then place in a container, cover and refrigerate until required. To make the pastry, place the flour and sugar in a food processor, and pulse for 1 minute. Add the vanilla and butter, and process until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. With the motor running, add the egg yolk and enough iced water to bring the pastry to a ball around the processor blade. Don’t over-process the pastry or it will be too tough. Tip the pastry onto a bench and form it into a disc using your hands. Wrap it in biodegradable cling wrap and refrigerate until required. The pastry will need at least 20–30 minutes to firm up. Preheat the oven to 170°C. Lightly grease each hole of the muffin tray. To make the tart filling, place the pumpkin, honey, cinnamon and flour and in a food processor, and process to smooth. Add the eggs, one at a time, with the motor running. Combine well after each addition. To make the tarts, remove the pastry from the fridge and let it rest until it is pliable enough to roll out. Lightly dust your bench with flour and roll out the pastry to 3 mm thickness. Use a 9 cm round pastry cutter to cut pastry wide enough to fit the muffin holes. Press the pastry into the holes. Scatter pecans evenly around the base of each tart. Cover the pecans with pumpkin filling, and don’t overfill. Place the muffin tray on the middle rack of the oven. Bake the tarts for 10–12 minutes or until they are firm to touch. Remove the tarts from the oven and cool. Spoon some honey ricotta cream on top of the tarts and finish with a few slivers of toasted pecans. Equipment note: Use a 12-hole muffin tray with 7 cm muffin holes.

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 30

18/05/2018 12:28 pm

POLO A SCENIC SPORT with International Status

Written by Luisa Slack-Smith In South East Queensland, it’s no secret we are blessed with fantastic weather. The days in autumn, winter and spring are comfortably warm and between the months of March and September, it’s the perfect time to play polo (or any other horse sport for that matter). The Scenic Rim is quickly becoming known as the darling of Thoroughbred country in Queensland with studs, spelling and pre-training facilities alongside established polo fields which have been in the region for over 20 years. Polo in the nature-rich Scenic Rim rivals locations in some of the best polo meccas around the world, with some fabulous private polo farms and clubs less than one hour from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, making them close to tourist hot spots, international airports and stunning golden beaches. In the game of polo it’s no surprise that Australians and New Zealanders lay claim to some of the best polo professionals and horses in the world and with free and readily available social media, it has provided a new platform for this sport to continue to thrive. Diehard fans can follow games played live from Argentina, USA and the UK while websites such as YouTube and Vimeo provide new reach. Right now, there is no better time to push this traditional horse sport to the masses. The use of GoPros (cameras fixed to players helmets) and drone videography has changed the spectator perspective, bringing them closer to the action than even before. Polo is renowned as a fast horse sport which is preferably played on a full-sized field (nine football fields) and manicured turf equaling that of a golf course fairway. With fields like this and home grown talent playing with the best of the best, those knowledgable in the world of sports tourism understand this is a sport that has plenty of room for growth. SCENIC ROAD magazine recently covered the World Polo Championships in Richmond NSW, held at the prestigious Sydney Polo Club where live updates were streamed to the internet, putting this event front and centre on the world stage.

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 31

18/05/2018 12:28 pm

Held every 4 years in different host countries, this was a great opportunity to see international talent right here at home. Teams from England, Spain, Chile, Argentina, USA, India, NZ and our very own Aussies made the cut of finalists who put on a spectacular display of horsemanship and sporting skills, playing high goal polo on a pool of horses that were generously donated by the Australian polo community. With over 300 horses offered up to the home and visiting teams and 150 volunteers as support, it was an outstanding example of the home country's generosity and unwavering love of the sport. With the work of a combined total of 1677 people, it can be said the Australian polo community set a memorable benchmark for the World Polo Championships. Destination NSW provided over $1mil in funding for the event, in addition to contributions made by the Australian Polo Association, the Federation of International Polo and a major contributing private entity. The event was considered a success by all who attended and the trade stands, food stalls, private marquees and function rooms drew in over 12,000 spectators. With accommodation venues and AirBNB vendors experiencing peak booking rates, the area of Richmond and Windsor was a hive of activity for that week and the weeks either side of the event. The Polo community is renowned for being a well-connected one with clubs dotted around the globe in some spectacular locations. No matter where your travels take you, there is always polo season somewhere in the world. The sport is mostly recognised for attracting the likes of a Royal or two, but the majority of professional players grew up around horses on farms or having learned to ride at pony club. Having the ability to ride is certainly an advantage but surprisingly not an absolute pre-requisite. For the everyday hacker, the game of polo is extremely accessible with most clubs welcoming new members to take up polo lessons, with beginners and kids absolutely welcome. Similar to golf, polo has a handicapping system (although a reverse numerical system, 10 being the highest and -2 the lowest). The handicapping system ensures each player's ability is assessed, then a team total is calculated to devise match grades. For example, a lowgrade competition being a low number and a high-grade competition being a higher team total. The polo season in Queensland has just begun, with low and high goal competitions being played most weekends. You can head to the Queensland Polo Association website for a full calendar of events, or follow on Facebook and Instagram. Most weekends are free entry so pack a picnic and enjoy getting to know the players and their families. Should you wish to learn the sport of polo or organise a private corporate day, you can contact one of the clubs listed on the QPA website. We look forward to seeing you at a match soon.

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 33

18/05/2018 12:28 pm


Sunday 27th - Lance Shepherd Memorial Picnic Polo


Sunday 10th - USA Auto's & Monte Vista Family Charity Day Saturday 16th - Bromelton House Ladies International


Sunday 1st - Eat Local Week Exhibition game and farm tour


Sunday 2nd - JMG Memorial Fathers Day Tournament Sunday 23rd - QLD Gold Cup Pink Polo Day



The South East Queensland Polo Club has a number of games in the Scenic Rim this year. Each event is open to the public. For information on where games are being held visit our website SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 34

18/05/2018 12:28 pm

128 Long Rd Eagle Heights | Mount Tamborine 4271 | @mtnhouseshop | 10am - 4pm Everyday SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 35

18/05/2018 12:28 pm

Autumn/Winter essentials in quality natural fabrics in...

Elk linen box tee, Tan Elk leather satchel, bamboo wide leg pants, elk leather Slides.

3/11 Main Street, Nth Tamborine QLD | P: 0421 862 361

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

timeless styles that will see you all year round.

Elk cashmere sweater, elk stad leather boot, outland denim - supporting ethical fashion.

3/11 Main Street, Nth Tamborine QLD | P: 0421 862 361

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

TOP LEFT "Created to Be" books $10.95 Bela&Nuni jumpsuit $64.95 Bela & Nuni bag $36.95

TOP RIGHT "Created to be" books $10.95 Sunday Soldiers jumper $49.95 Sunday Soldiers beanie $24.95 Sudo jeans $79.90

BOTTOM IMAGE All 4Ella knitted blanket $69.90 Baby Quoddle bottle $29.95 Milk & Masuki bib $10.00 Milk & Masuki zipsuit $44.99

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 38

18/05/2018 12:28 pm

FOR HIM Birthday and Fathers Day Ideas for him

TOP IMAGES - ELKE leather bags for Him from Illahie boutique on Tamborine Mountain MIDDLE IMAGES - Soaps by RC Brandy Rathlogan Grove Caraelised Balsamic Vinegar & Extra Vergin Olive Oil, Kooroomba Gully Damn Hot Chilli Sauce, DJ's Tomato Jam - all from Oppy's Fruit and Veg Boonah. MIDDLE RIGHT IMAGE - St Hugo Wine from the Barossa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra. BOTTOM RIGHT IMAGE - Mens shoes from The Shoe Vault at Canungra. BOTTOM LEFT IMAGE - A selection of Books from My Country Escape.

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 40

18/05/2018 12:28 pm




Owner Michelle Roper-Dennis How long have you owned the business? I have had My Country Escape for almost three years. But the shop has been here for about five. I feel I was given this beautiful gift and it is growing before my eyes in ways I could never have imagined. What is the basic outline of your business and what other services do you provide (crafts) etc. Fashion and homewares is our main line of business but I also want the shop to be more than that. We are peopledriven rather than sales-focused and I really believe that if we create an environment where people can feel relaxed and happy then our job is done. Giving gifts is personal and we want people to have the time to shop in a 'no pressure' zone. We have a craft morning once a week but it is more about connecting women with women who support and encourag each other, so it is very social but disguised as a morning of craft. We also run other classes as required with Mezzie and Frank chalk effect paint and jewellery classes. From time to time we add different types of classes. What can someone find in your shop? (what types of customers do you aim to attract) When I took on the shop I felt there was a real gap in this area from good quality Australian gifts and homewares - that remains one of the shop's goals; to keep as many Australian brands as possible. We really try and look after our local customer and where we can, have a gift for every budget. Candles are a large part of our business, but quality remains the most important thing with Ecoya, Drift, and now our own My Country Escape label. We will also giftwrap as part of the service. We are always looking for and introducing new products. What is most important to you when you are looking for stock for the shop? Quality of product is key for return custom. We are still stocking some of the first brands I introduced and they prove themselves over and over. There are some products I would be foolish to let go of as they have become a staple in store, for intance, Est soap balls made on an extra virgin oil base as well as their body butter.

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 41

18/05/2018 12:28 pm

How does Feather and Find fit into a country boutique like My Country Escape? Feather and Find is a new addition to My Country Escape. In a way I feel we are going back to our roots where we had a very strong boho feel when I initially took over the shop. I had dropped a few brands as I felt the quality was not quite there and I really wanted a more lux range. One day Hope, the lovely Australian agent for Feather and Find, walked in the store and it was a match made. We have been delighted with the range being so diverse and it feels so right for the store at this time. As a woman in business, do you encourage other women to go into business in these more rural areas? Absolutely! I think we have so much talent in our small towns that is so underrated and underused. I love watching women reach for the stars and find their true value. I love working with women in business, but also women in the community. What do you love about running a business in Canungra? Wow, what a town! Canungra has embraced me as one of their own and it feels like home. I’m so grateful. It’s always a risk when you start a business but I have received nothing but encouragement and support from everyone in town. I think most people know running a small business can be trying and require long hours but the community here is so giving and generous it keeps everything fresh. There's something to be said for a small country town with a big heart. What have you got planned for your business in terms of growth? This year is very exciting as we are aiming to be online in the next few months. We have more fashion nights planned with new and emerging brands landing in the store. We are enthusiastic about this year and our little team is growing.

29 Christie Street Canungra QLD 4275 P: 07 5543 4042 E:

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 42

18/05/2018 12:28 pm

LY D I A S G A R D E N by Samantha Dusting

Hand crafted orders for special celebrations, weddings, wreaths, corporate functions and events, or the perfect way to say…..“I love you”. "Lydias Garden is a tribute to my wonderful Grandma, Lydia Alice, affectionately known to all as Mickee. She had an amazing Victorian cottage garden and shared her love of flowers with my sister Emma and I. When we visited we were given a basket and a pair of snips and allowed to cut as many flowers as we liked." Purchases and orders taken at My Country Escape in the heart of Canungra. or call 0488 664 183 Look for us on

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18/05/2018 12:28 pm


"The Shoe Vault is a destination shopping experience and we would like to encourage people to visit Canungra and enjoy all it has to offer" - Owener Nora Jones

Our Location - 35 Christie Street, Canungra Queensland 4275 Contact us - E: P: 0400477818 SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 44

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

The cooler days and nights are here‌


"The Shoe Vault caters to a large array of customers including both men and women of all ages. Our shoes, bags, accessories and other products are of very high quality regarding to both style and comfort. We stock both leather and non-leather products for all customers to enjoy" - Owner Nora Jones

Find us on

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18/05/2018 12:29 pm


905E Main Western Road | Tamborine Mountain 5 Bed / 6 Bath / Multi Vehicle / 11.9 Acres Price on inquiry


SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 46

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

DREW SLACK-SMITH Ph: 0407 324 399 SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 47

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

Current custodians and designers Suzanne and Richard have crafted a masterpiece on the mountain. Every detail in this properties design caters to the natural environment. Every window a moving picture, every door a new delight. A rare location with a majestic views, sheltered and exclusive. This property is a destination in itself, resort style living without being overstated, completely at one with the natural habitat. With a deep connection to the mountain, Mandalay has been built with extreme mindfulness, a home that embodies sub-tropical Queensland living, combined with Asian influences through out. This unique combination provides the owners of this home, spaces that are individual, while remaining connected, peaceful and harmonious to the mountain and its surrounds. Privately set within 2 security gates, the 11.9 acres of land commands huge 180 degree mountain range views, and at 435m above sea level, the clean mountain air is truly invigorating. Located only minutes away to the amenities of Canungra Village and Tamborine Mountain, the location is extremely private and one of the Gold Coast Hinterland’s best kept secrets. Living at Mandalay you will find the 782 sqs of living spaces easily flow from one connecting pod style room to the next. The soft and subtle Asian influences, such as water features and fish ponds, compliment the modern contemporary build, with 3m high ceilings, stone coloured porcelain tiles, wool carpets, with warm natural tones throughout. Each hallway is a journey through this highly functional home, with garden or mountain view from every living connecting space and room. The main entrance to the home is truly magnificent, with a clear long view from the main entry way, stretching through the home, and taking flight off the mountain shelf to the western ranges.

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 48

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 49

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

The functional and relaxed open plan kitchen, living and dinning areas, with large stacker doors, open up to two under cover out door area’s which are surrounded by spring fed gold fish ponds, sub-tropical gardens and uninterrupted views. This large open plan living space features stone bench tops in the kitchen, miele appliances, butlers pantry, temperature controlled wine cellar, fire place and soft window furnishings. The heated salt water swimming pool, flows off these outdoor area’s, making the Queensland lifestyle complete with family BBQ’s and swimming top of mind. The master bedroom continues to impress, with a raised sleeping platform, fireplace, large walk in dressing room and ensuite with stand alone bath and floor to ceiling glass shower windows, tiled with stone and rain shower fitting above, all of which again, take in the magnificent mountain range views and private gardens. The southern wing of the home features a large theatre room, study/library, and two guest bedrooms, which are privately set away from the master bedroom, both ensuited and again feature captivating mountain range views. “Villa Mandalay” is the private guest house, separately located away from the main house, this guest area is fully self contained, with large two bedrooms, well appointed bathroom and open kitchen, living, dinning – all spilling out on to a private deck area. Again this space has been carefully planned, with privacy from the main house and the long views all taken into consideration. With a fireplace, stone features and timber floors, “Villa Mandalay” is an experience in its self. The luxury touches and the fine attention to detail make this home a true sanctuary, a full comprehensive list of the luxury features, fixtures and inclusions are available upon request. For a private inspection please contact Drew Slack-Smith 0407 324 399

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 50

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 51

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

16-20 Roslyn Court | Tamborine Mountain 5 Bed / 3 Bath / Multi Vehicle / 8.77 Aces Offers Over $1,500,000


SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 52

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

DREW SLACK-SMITH Ph: 0407 324 399 SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 53

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

Textures, flavours and beautiful smells, privacy, sanctuary, earth, timber, open space, animals, fruit and veg, sustainable living and spring water. The words to describe this property are endless. Perfectly position, within walking distance to the village amenities, on 8.76 acres in a quiet cul-de-sac surrounded by the natural beauty and tranquillity of the green rolling hills of Tamborine Mountain. The architectural rammed earth home, oozes warmth and character, whilst remaining modern and uncluttered. Spaces flow easily from one room to the next, with views from every room to the beautiful gardens and green rolling paddocks. Purpose built for functional living and entertaining in mind, this is a lifestyle farm that will exceed your expectations. Beautiful ex dairy paddocks, boutique orchard, vegie garden and spring water bore. The property has endless potential and is truly a special offering on The Mountain. Completed with 5kw Solar, massive insulated attic storage, workshop, machinery shelter, storage and studio, great fencing, milking crush. For a private inspection please contact Drew Slack-Smith 0407 324 399

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 54

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 55

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

432 Guanaba Creek Road Guanaba 4 Bed / 3 Bath / Multi Vehicle / 10 Acres Offers Over $1,500,000

This property is a beautiful piece of the Guanaba Valley. With the Gold Coast on your front doorstep and the hinterland at your back, your investment will be safely guarded in this highly regarded hinterland location. If you are looking for a great property to bring up a family in then this is a must inspect; The land is richly fertile and features both gentle north facing slopes and flood free creek flats fronting Guanaba Creek, famous for its clear running waters. The home features well-appointed bedrooms, stunning, newly renovated bathrooms and kitchen & the massive alfresco overlooking the pool and property. Complete with sealed entry through automatic gates, 5kw solar, solar HW, stable block, dam, Olympic arena pad and great fencing makes the property perfect for those with equine interests or a great foundation for someone wanting the space for other uses.

For more listing information contact DREW SLACK-SMITH Ph: 0407 324 399 |

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 56

18/05/2018 12:29 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 57

18/05/2018 12:30 pm


77 Holyrood Road, Maudsland 8 Bed / 5 Bath / Multi Vehicle / 7.4 Acres Price - $2,650,000 Magnolia Manor - luxury, style, space and quality. This property epitomises grand acreage living and is conveniently located close to everything. The main home commands the centre of the manicured landscape gardens providing sweeping views of the property and Tamborine Mountain backdrop from the surrounding bull nosed verandas. Every room, grand in scale and finish, feature sweeping ceiling heights with windows and doors framing the wonderful hinterland backdrop. Bedrooms and living spaces access the verandas through french doors and allow everyone in the home to enjoy the delight of living in such a magnificent example of a federation style home. The home has many features including, massive open planned living areas, Butler’s Pantry, Wine Cellar, Entertainment Room with Wet Bar, Kids Arcade, pool and a grand Master Bedroom Suite suitable for Royalty. Magnolia Chapel serves as a self-contained 2 bedroom cottage, lovingly renovated and maintained. Just walking in, you feel completely enamoured by the history of the building and the spacious environment created by the lofty exposed beam rooflines and the classical tones and textures. A once in a lifetime home you won’t ever want to leave. A 1st Class acreage offering. Don’t miss the chance to inspect. Seeing is wanting!

For more listing information contact DREW SLACK-SMITH Ph: 0407 324 399 |

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 58

18/05/2018 12:30 pm

SR_FirstEd_2018.indd 59

18/05/2018 12:30 pm

When you entrust the design and construction of your new home to Lear Homes, expect a completely transparent process backed by outstanding customer service. Lear homes provides innovative sustainable yet practical home designs to suit your family and its needs. We pride ourselves on excellence to build your home with quality and style to meet Queensland living. Our point of difference is our processes, being totally different from other home builders. our thorough and detailed approach from the outset ensure the most accurate pricing and transparency along your home building journey. We are supported by a team of professional consultants & subcontractors who are committed to our philosophy of delivering exceptional workmanship.

For more information contact us at P: 0411 209 787 |

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18/05/2018 12:30 pm

From the sporting field to the everyday BEAUDESERT MAZDA is there looking after local families.

185 Brisbane St, Beaudesert P: 07 5540-1903 |

Making memories with you for over 35 years

180 Brisbane St, Beaudesert P: 07 5540-1000 |

SRL_inside cover.indd 3

23/05/2018 2:34 pm



“We are a boutique Real Estate firm with over 12 years industry experience, specialising in Sales and Marketing of lifestyle properties within the scenic communities - where our roots run deep”.

DREW SLACK-SMITH Ph: 0407 324 399 SRL_Cover.indd 1

23/05/2018 2:32 pm

Scenic Road Magazine - Winter Edition - 2018  

A Free Boutique Lifestyle and Property Publication for the Scenic Rim, Gold Coast & Brisbane Hinterland. It's all about the People, the Pro...

Scenic Road Magazine - Winter Edition - 2018  

A Free Boutique Lifestyle and Property Publication for the Scenic Rim, Gold Coast & Brisbane Hinterland. It's all about the People, the Pro...