China, Japan & India 2020-2021 AUD

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40 Scenic°

Grand China Beijing > Shanghai

11/19 Day Tour & Cruise

Authentic China beckons From old timber houses on narrow cobblestone streets to cormorant fishermen using their fascinating techniques, this itinerary is your opportunity to discover a China many modern travellers don’t get to witness first-hand. It’s the China beyond Beijing and Shanghai – a charming wonderland where ancient crafts are still applied in the time-honoured fashion. You’ll get to embrace natural wonders, from rivers that snake through beautiful rolling landscapes to striking limestone outcrops that evoke images of old Oriental water colour paintings. There’s something both strange and familiar about the places you’ll visit, at once thrillingly new and comfortingly recognisable. That is part of their allure, and their wonder.

Great Wall of China



China Xi’an 2

Shanghai Chengdu 2




Yangtze River Cruise Yichang



Giant Panda, Chengdu

1 Li River Cruise

1 Overnight

2 Yangshuo


River cruise


Included flight

Scenic Enrich experience In Chengdu, enjoy a special day as a member of the Panda Volunteer Training Program. Enjoy an enchanting encounter with rare Giant panda cubs as you help staff at Dujiangyan Panda Base prepare food to feed and care for them.

Great Wall of China, Beijing