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Section Letter from the Chairman


e hope our Lowcountry Visitors Guidebook will assist you in planning your vacation to the Palmetto State’s beautiful Lowcountry region. The Lowcountry

offers a wide variety of activities and culinary delights, as well as a taste of the rich history and culture of the South. Four counties make up our Lowcountry region including Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper. We invite you to explore our cultural heritage and Sea Island lifestyle. Warmed by Southern breezes and shaded by live oaks and stately palms, this area offers miles of pristine white-sand beaches, championship golf and hundreds of shops and restaurants. Activities include eco-tours featuring dolphin watching, canoeing and kayaking, fresh and salt water fishing, as well as theatres, museums and art galleries, African-American Gullah, and garden tours, bird watching in pristine habitats and many custom-designed programs. The Lowcountry region offers first-class hotels and resorts, smaller inns and hotels, vacation rental homes and condos, fully-equipped villas and camp grounds. Wherever you choose to stay, you are sure to receive a level of service and amenities that will ensure an enjoyable stay for your vacation experience. Come, experience all we have to offer and you will soon see why we call the South Carolina Lowcountry home!


Jack Reed

Chairman of the Board SC Lowcountry & Resort Islands Tourism Commission

2 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Table of Contents Section Welcome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Lowcountry Map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Travel and Weather. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Beaufort County

Map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dining. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Arts & Culture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . More about …Gullah Origins. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Arts & Culture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Colleton County

Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dining. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Arts & Culture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

10 11 14 18 28 30 32 37

38 40 44 54 57 60

64 66 72 74 82 83 86

Hampton County

Map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90 Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 Dining. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Arts & Culture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100

Jasper County

Map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103 Dining. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 More about …Frampton Plantation. . . . . . 111

Chambers of Commerce . . . . . 112

A Publication of

Lowcountry & Resort Islands Tourism Commission P.O. Box 615 Yemassee, South Carolina 29945 (843) 717-3090 • 1-800-528-6870

©2015, by SC Biz Custom Media While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, corrections are welcomed. Sights, shopping and dining are not inclusive, but rather are representative of the area’s offering. Materials in this publication may not be reproduced without written permission from the Lowcountry Tourism Commission and SC Biz News. Published By SC Biz News • (843) 849-3143 • Charleston, SC | 3

Section Welcome View from the top of the lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park.

elcome to the South Carolina Lowcountry, a W region rich in history, with plenty of exciting experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Here you’ll find the perfect balance - from world-class attractions and resorts, championship golf courses, and family oriented Sea Island fun, to the quieter side where history comes to life, nature surrounds you, and a quaint small-town feel provides the perfect opportunity to relax. We celebrate all of our culinary blessings through area festivals like Rice, Tomatoes, Shrimp, Soft Shell Crabs, Catfish, Watermelon, Boiled Peanuts, BarBQ, Oysters…even Mullet! We know that once you come and experience everything the Lowcountry has to offer, you’ll be drawn back time and time again, because there’s something special here, something that can’t be described with words. It’s something that has to be discovered, and once you find it, you’ll never want to leave. So we invite you to come and discover each of our beautiful four counties, and explore the beauty, culture, and atmosphere that defines Southern Hos4 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

pitality here in the Lowcountry. Plan your next vacation to the Palmetto State’s beautiful Lowcountry region. The Lowcountry offers a wide variety of activities and culinary delights, as well as a taste of the rich history of activities and culinary delights, as well as a taste of the rich history and Culture of the South. We beckon you to explore our cultural heritage and sea island lifestyle. Warmed by Southern breezes and shaded by live oaks and stately palms, this area offers miles of pristine white-sand beaches, championship golf and hundreds of shops and restaurants. Activities include eco-tours featuring dolphin watching, canoeing and kayaking, fresh and salt water fishing, as well as theatres, museums and art galleries, African- American Gullah, and garden tours, bird watching in pristine habitats and many custom-designed programs. Year-round festivals and special events celebrate music, the arts, local cuisine, wine, antique automobiles, shrimp, watermelons, rice, African-American cultural heritage, championship golf, plantation tours, and antiques – fun for everyone.

You will find our communities internationally famous, featuring Hilton Head Island, a true worldclass destination and Beaufort with its glimpses of the Lowcountry life and history. Cities like Walterboro, home to the South Carolina Artisans Center, Port Royal and Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot offer intriguing sites to visit. Edisto Beach, a family-oriented beach town, and Daufuskie Island, a surprising sea island offer new places to explore, while the inland communities like Hampton, Varnville and Estill surprise visitors with their Southern charm and historic resources. You will also find Bluffton to be quaint and historic – with an eclectic twist. Venture off of Interstate 95 and you will find many more surprises in Yemassee, Point South, Ridgeland and Hardeeville. Our area features several beautiful state parks: Hunting Island and Edisto Beach for beach lovers, Colleton State Park on the beautiful Edisto River and Lake Warren for fresh water fun. The state of South Carolina set aside some of the best examples of its natural, cultural & recreational resources, and

presents them to you as state parks. Forty-seven of these properties, found from the edges of the Blue Ridge to the shores of the Atlantic, protect and preserve the rich heritage of the Palmetto State and invite you to sample its unique offerings. The South Carolina State Park Service takes stewardship of the resources and service to you, the visitor, seriously, and invites you to visit the following state parks in this region. The Lowcountry region offers first-class hotels and resorts, smaller inns and hotels, fully-equipped villas and campgrounds. Wherever you choose to stay, you’re sure to receive a level of service and amenities that will ensure an enjoyable stay for your vacation experience. Come, experience all we have to offer and you will soon see why we call the South Carolina Lowcountry home! Thank you for your interest in discovering and exploring the region we love to call home. Please take time to visit the Frampton Plantation (our Visitors Center and Museum) located at Exit 33, just off South Carolina’s Interstate 95 – a gateway to the Lowcountry. LVG | 5

Section The Lowcountry

Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, & Jasper Counties

6 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

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Section Here Getting Airports Beaufort County Airport

39 Airport Cr, Lady’s Island, off Hwy 21, 843-770-2003.

Charleston International Airport

The Point Limousine & Shuttle Service

907 Calhoun St. 843-263-5793. Airport shuttle available, Charter bus service and tours available. Call for appointments and rates.

Yellow Cab

267 Broad River Rd. 843-522-1121.

North Charleston, off I-526, approximately 75 miles north of Beaufort. 843-767-7000.


Hilton Head Airport

142 Bluffton Rd. 843-757-9999.

120 Beach City Rd, off Hwy 278, Hilton Head Island. 843-689-5400.

Lowcountry Regional Airport

Bluffton Taxi

Camelot Limousine

30 Canter Cr. 843-842-7777. 888-620-7677.

537 Aviation Way, off Hwy 17-A, Walterboro Approximately 8 miles off I-95 from exits 53 and 57 843-549-2549.

Happy Taxi Cab Company

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport/Chatham Area Transit Authority

25 Benton Field Rd. 843-757-5782.

Outside Savannah, GA, off I-95, Exit 104, approximately 45 miles south of Beaufort. 912-964-0514.

Railroad Amtrak

800-872-7245. Seaboard Railway Line from New York to Florida via Washington D.C. Stops in Yemassee, SC twice daily each direction.

Taxis, Limousine & Shuttle Service Beaufort AC Limo & Shuttle Service


Palmetto Breeze

Palmetto Taxi

18 Bridle Path Way 843-683-4279.

Hilton Head Island Advantage Transportation 85 Summit Ave. 843-683-7348.

Carolina Transit, Inc.

262 Spanish Wells Rd 843-681-3970. 877-698-8848.

Coastline Travel, Inc.

6 Office Park Rd. 843-842-9525.

1501 Walsh Dr. W. 843-812-5466. 843-986-8738. Airport & train shuttles

Happy Taxi Cab Company

Happy Taxi Cab Company

S&J Expressway Taxi

Maude’s Cab Co

Yellow Cab

843-575-5000. 843-524-9096. 843-846-4671. 843-575-1179

8 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

843-575-5000. 843-686-3333.

374 Spanish Wells Rd 843-785-8294. 843-686-6666

Bus Services

Budget Car

120 Beach City Rd. 843-689-3737. 800-527-0700.

Beaufort Greyhound Bus Lines

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

3659 Trask Pkwy, 843-524-4646. 800-231-2222.

140-A Beach City Rd. 843-689-9910. 800-261-7331.

Car Rentals

Hertz Car Rental

120 Beach City Rd 843-681-7604. 877-826-8782.

Beaufort Enterprise Rent-A-Car

National Rent-A-Car

2635 Boundary St. 843-524-0494. 800-261-7331.

120 Beach City Rd. 843-681-7368. 888-501-9010.


Thrifty Rent-A-Car

120 Beach City Rd. 843-689-9990. 800-367-2277.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

22 Plantation Pk Dr. 843-706-2660. 800-261-7331.


Hilton Head Island

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

608 Bells Hwy. 843-549-6514. 800-261-7331.

Avis Rent-A-Car

120 Beach City Dr. 843-681-4216. 800-331-1212.

Weather MONTH

Ave. Temp. (f/c)

January 48°/9°

The Lowcountry enjoys over 200 sunny days every year, with April being the sunniest month.

Ave. Max. Temp (f/c)

Ave. Ocean Temp. (f/c)



February 50°/10° 62°/17° 51°/11° March 58°/14° 68°/20° 58°/14° April 64°/18° 76°/24° 66°/19° May 72°/22° 82°/28° 73°/23° June 78°/26° 85°/29° 80°/27° July 81°/27° 90°/32° 84°/29° August 80°/27° 88°/31° 84°/29° September 76°/24° 84°/29° 81°/27° October 66°/19° 66°/19° 71°/22° November 58°/14° 70°/21° 64°/18° Decemeber 51°/11° 62°/17° 54°/12° | 9

Beaufort County




10 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Introduction Beaufort County

Scenic Wonders of Beaufort County

Beaufort’s Waterfront Park


eaufort County features extensive waterways, historic downtown areas, and plenty of vacation fun for your trip to the Lowcountry. The city of Beaufort provides plenty of opportunity for waterfront fun, from a day at the marina and waterfront park, to unique shopping and dining in historic downtown Beaufort. Beaufort and Port Royal have quiet neighborhood streets, overhung by giant live oaks and Spanish Moss - perfect for walking tours or a narrated, horsedrawn carriage ride. The Beaufort region also has a strong military presence with a Marine Corps Air Station and world famous Parris Island, the Marine Corps recruit training depot. History abounds in Beaufort with many historic sites to take in, including rows of antebellum homes along live oak covered alleys in the Old Point, to the Old Sheldon Church ruins, a picturesque site where visitors can visualize the grandeur of the pre-Revolutionary War church. The outer Sea Islands around Beaufort also provide family fun such as Fripp, Harbor, and Hunting Islands. Hunting Island State Park is South Carolina’s single most popular state park, attracting more than a million visitors each year. Five miles of pristine beaches, thousands of acres of marsh and maritime forest, a saltwater lagoon and ocean inlet are all part of the park’s natural allure. Tucked in the heart of the South Carolina Sea Islands and nestled beneath the silvery moss draped limbs of massive live oaks, you will find the Penn

Center—the site of one of the country’s first schools for freed slaves and one of the most significant African American historical and cultural institutions in existence today. Located on St. Helena Island, the historical campus of the Penn School was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1974 and is distinct not only as the heart of Gullah culture but also a place of refuge for Martin Luther King, Jr where he could spend time quietly writing about dreams. Of all the once functioning lighthouses in South Carolina, the Hunting Island Lighthouse is the only one in the state that is publicly accessible. From the top of one of the most distinctive lighthouses in South Carolina, guests can stand 130 feet above the ground to take in the breathtaking, panoramic view of the Atlantic Coast and surrounding maritime forest. The quaint towns of Beaufort and Port Royal share an historic berth on Port Royal Island, adjacent to the deepest natural harbor on the Atlantic coast. Traces of the area’s first inhabitants, the archaic Indians, date back 4,000 years. On this time scale, Europeans are relative newcomers, making their first appearance with Spanish galleons around 1521. Over the next two centuries, Spanish, French, English and Scots sporadically feuded over the coastal plain, while Yemassee Indians fought to protect their claims. Of course, pirates joined the fray too. Beaufort entered its golden era about 1800 when sea island cotton debuted and many of Beaufort’s loveliest mansions were built by the wealthy owners of cotton, indigo and rice plantations. | 11

Beaufort County

Drill instructors leaving the Peatross Parade Deck at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island.

Today, reminders of the area’s colorful history abound. Architecture is preserved with loving care, traditional lifeways are fostered through festivals and special events. Stroll down Port Royal’s distinctive boardwalk and view Parris Island just across the river. Visit one of the country’s only Estuariums on Port Royal’s Paris Avenue. The Town of Port Royal is located between the Beaufort River and Battery Creek. Port Royal is adjacent to historic Beaufort and near the Marine Corps Air Station, and Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. History buffs, nature lovers, and those who enjoy a peaceful quiet community will enjoy time spent in our town. Port Royal has a wide range of recreational activities including The Sands Beach, the boardwalk & observation tower, and boat ramp. These are all located at the southern most tip of Port Royal Island at the intersection of the Beaufort River and Battery Creek. Live Oaks Park is family-oriented with a playground, a covered oyster shed with fireplace and barbeque pit, tennis courts, basketball court, and a lighted roller hockey rink. All of these facilities are open to the public and can be reserved for special events. The Town of Port Royal’s Walking Trails consist of a 3.1 and a 5 mile walking and jogging path. The trails are marked and wind through the town village area, Live Oaks Park, Cypress Boardwalk, Sands Beach 12 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

and Boardwalk, and the YMCA. This rich history peacefully coexists with first-rate entertainment — from shopping and theater to charter fishing and golf – that add zest to travel plans. Our guided tours let you choose your favorite mode of transportation – walking, a romantic horse-drawn carriage, a plush seat in an air conditioned van or paddle your own kayak along the salt marsh. Fripp Island, near Beaufort, is a family-friendly golf and beach resort. A 30-minute drive will take you to quaint, historic Bluffton and its charming shops and galleries. Just 30 minutes more takes you to fabulous Hilton Head Island. More than a dozen movies have been filmed in the Lowcountry, including classics like Forrest Gump. If you prefer self-guided explorations, pick up walking and driving maps for Beaufort, Port Royal and the surrounding islands at the Beaufort Visitors Center. Outlying treasurers include lovely ruins like Sheldon Church, ravaged in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The Lowcountry’s African-American past is being preserved and local guides offer special tours to share insights into the Gullah heritage. At Penn Center on St. Helena Island, you can immerse yourself in Gullah culture, language and folk arts. Penn Center was founded in 1862 by Northern missionaries as the first school for former slaves. It is now a National Historic District. The Center’s

Beaufort County

York W. Bailey Cultural Center welcomes visitors. Make your first stop the unique Beaufort Visitor Center on Craven Street. A mustard-colored, former Revolutionary War arsenal that faintly resembles a castle, it dates back to the 1700s. The staff, including information specialist Angel Nelson, goes out of its way to make tourists feel welcome. When asked why visitors come to her small town versus Charleston or Savannah (both are with an hour’s drive) the native-born Nelson says it’s because “we’re a friendlier, quieter and a quainter place to stay. It’s small and charming with everything you could want in one place.” Next, take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the National Landmark District, with knowledgeable guides who explain the city’s history, from Revolutionary times to modern-day movie making. Bud Kea, of the Sea Island Carriage Company, says best time of year to visit is spring and fall when flowers bloom and the weather near about perfect. “But I love the Lowcountry year round,” he adds. “This is one place you won’t find ice and snow.” Bus tours, boat tours, van tours and bike tours are also available.

Port Royal & Parris Island

Because of the deep, safe harbor, two of the first European settlements in what would become the Colony of South Carolina were established in the mid-1500s. Beaufort, and sister-city, Port Royal occupy the lower half of Port Royal Island, and offer visitors a glimpse of historic sites and homes of the antebellum South. Beaufort and Port Royal have quiet neighborhood streets, overhung by giant live oaks and Spanish moss – perfect for walking tours or a narrated, horse-drawn carriage ride. World famous Parris Island is the U.S. Marine Corps recruit training depot, and the starting point for all those east of the Mississippi River aspiring to become proud U.S. Marines. The base is usually open to the public, offers tours, and features an excellent museum that traces the history of the Corps from its beginning. Beaufort and Port Royal, with their variety of nice accommodations, welcome thousands of Marine parents and family members year-round for graduation ceremonies. If you love seafood, Beaufort and Port Royal boast some of the best seafood restaurants in the State. Several festivals and events are held during the year that celebrate the heritage, food, culture, and environment that these two communities share. (See Festivals & Events in the back of this book.) One of the area’s two public beaches is located in Port Royal, The Sands is just across the

An aerial view of the Waterfront Park in Beaufort.

Beaufort River from Parris Island and is a favorite place to view 4th of July fireworks. The ocean beach at Hunting Island State Park is a 17 mile drive east of Beaufort. Full service marinas assist boaters and fishermen who enjoy the protected waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, or easy access to the open ocean for deep sea fishing and diving. From antique shops to unique gift items to hand made chocolates are found in the quaint shopping districts of the two towns, along with waterfront dining and bed & breakfast inns in lovingly restored historic homes. Nature lovers can take kayak tours, walk the long, marsh-front board walk and climb the tower overlooking the waterfront in Port Royal, or visit the Spanish Moss Trail running through the city. Be warned however, many visitors fall in love with our friendly towns and mild temperatures and find it hard to leave. In fact many return to make Beaufort, Port Royal and surrounding communities their new home. LVG | 13

Beaufort County

Dining China Dragon 14 Savannah Hwy, 843-322-6688. China Express 330 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-525-6041. Chinatown 2301 Boundary St. 843-522-3655. China Wok 350 Shanklin Rd. 843-846-9800. City Java & News 301 Carteret St. 843-379-5282. Common Ground Coffee House & Market Cafe 102 West Street Ext, 843-524-2326. Crave CupCake Boutique 1103 Boundary St. 843-379-1234. Dukes BBQ 1509 Salem Rd. 843-379-4PIG(4744). Due to space limitations, not all national and fast food establishments are listed.

Beaufort Albergotti Grill Holiday Inn & Suites, 2225 Boundary St. 843-379-3100. Athenian Gardens 950 Ribaut Rd. 843-379-9222. Berto’s Grill Tex Mex 9 Market St. 843-644-1925. Blackstone’s Deli & Cafe 205 Scott St. 843-524-4330.

Emily’s 906 Port Republic St. 843-522-1866. Gilligan’s Steamer & Raw Bar 2601 Boundary St. 843-379-2244. Great Gardens Cafe 3669 Trask Pkwy. 843-521-1900. Griffin Market 403 Carteret St. 843-524-0240. Hemingway’s Courtyard Bistro & Pub 920 Bay St. 843-521-4480. House of Tang 1211 Ribaut Rd. 843-524-2898.

Breakwater Restaurant & Bar 203 Carteret St. 843-379-0052.

House of Tokyo 330 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-521-9011.

Bricks on Boundary 1420 Boundary St. 843-379-5232.

Jade Garden 2317 Boundary St. 843-522-8883.

Brusters Real Ice Cream 304 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-982-6277.

Jason’s Seafood and Wings 7 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-379-8257.

14 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide


La Hacienda 330 Robert Smalls Pkwy. #22, 843-982-0009. La Nopalera 1220 Ribaut Rd. 843-521-4882. Lowcountry Produce 1919 Trask Pkwy. 843-846-9438. 800-935-2792. Lowcountry Produce & Cafe 302 Carteret St. 843-322-1900. Luther’s Rare & Well Done 910 Bay St. 843-521-1888. Maggie’s Pub at Habersham 17 Market St. 843-379-1719. Magnolia Bakery Café & Garden Gift Gallery 703 Congress St. 843-524-1961. Marilyn’s Lunch at Southern Sweets 917-F Bay St. 843-379-0798. Marketplace News 917 Bay St. 843-470-0188. Maryland Fried Chicken 111 Ribaut Rd. 843-524-8766. Old Bull Tavern 205 West St. 843-379-2855. Outback Steakhouse 2113 Boundary St. 843-379-6283. The Palm & Moon Bagel Co 221 Scott St. 843-379-9300. Panini’s Café 926 Bay St. 843-379-0300. Papaya Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar 1001 Boundary St. 843-379-9099. Piace’s Pizza at Habersham 5 Market St. 843-379-3287.

Plum’s 904-1/2 Bay St. 843-525-1946.

Beaufort County

Kooky Mookys 101 Scott St. 843-521-4445.

Q on Bay 822 Bay St. 843-524-7771. Rosie O’Grady’s Irish Pub 2127 Boundary St. 843-379-7676. Ryan’s Famous Pizza & Subs 14 Savannah Hwy. 843-379-3479. Sake House 274 Robert Smalls Pkwy, #200. 843-379-5888. Saltus River Grill 802 Bay St. Suite C. 843-379-FISH(3474). Sgt White’s 1908 Boundary St. 843-522-2029. So Hot Mongolian Grill 2121 Boundary St. #103 843-379-5559. Southern Graces at The Beaufort Inn 809 Port Republic St. 843-379-0555. Southern Sweets Ice Cream Parlor 917-F Bay St. 843-379-0798. Sub Station II 7 Robert Smalls Pkwy. #2, 843-525-9224. Wing Stop - The Wing Experts 272 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-379-3535. Wren Bistro, Bar & Wine Gourmet Market 210 Carteret St. 843-524-9463. Yes, Thai Indeed 911 Boundary St. 843-986-1185. YoYo’s Frozen Yogurt 722 Bay St. 843-525-0578. | 15

Beaufort County


Lady’s Island Cat Island Grill & Pub 8 Waveland Ave on Cat Island, 843-524-4653. The Dog House 381 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-770-0013. Fuji - Teppanyaki Restaurant Hamilton Village, 97 Sea Island Pkwy. #202. 843-524-2662.

The Upper Crust Hamilton Village, 97 Sea Island Pkwy. #201, 843-521-1999.

Port Royal Agave 1430 Ribaut Rd. 843-379-0232. Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop 1415 Ribaut Rd. 843-524-8222.

Lady’s Island Country Club 139 Francis Marion Cir, 843-522-9700.

Back Porch Grill Port Royal Landing Marina, 1 Landing Dr. 843-525-9824.

Lady’s Island Dockside II 71 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-379-3288.

Big Joe’s Bar-B-Q 780-D Parris Island Gtwy, 843-770-0711.

La Hacienda 136 Sea Island Pkwy. #4, 843-524-0405.

The Carolina Tavern 1714 Ribaut Rd. 843-379-5959.

The Original Steamer Oyster & Steakhouse 168 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-522-0210. Peking Gourmet 10 Sam’s Point Rd. 843-986-0166. Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant 41 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-322-9909. 16 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

China Dragon Shell Point Plaza, 14 Savannah Hwy, 843-322-6688. Fat Patties 831 Parris Island Gateway, 843-379-1500. Fumiko Sushi 14 Savannah Hwy, 843-524-0918.

Dining Beaufort County

Mikki’s All American 1638 Paris Ave. 843-379-4322. Moondoggies Cafe & Gifts 925 10th St. 843-522-1222. Old School Pizzeria 1635 A Paris Ave. 843-524-1995.

Blue Dog Café The Lowcountry Store 736 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-4646. The Foolish Frog 846 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-9300.

Panda Chinese 860-C5 Parris Island Gtwy, 843-322-0696.

Gullah Grub 877 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-3841.

Red Rooster Café 1210 Ribaut Rd. 84-379-2253.

Island Grill 7 MLK Dr. 843-838-2330.

Smokin’ Planks 914 Paris Ave. 843-522-0322.

Johnson Creek Tavern and Restaurant 2141 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-4166.

Sushi Sakana 860 Parris Island Gtwy, 843-379-5300.

St. Helena Island

Marsh Tacky Market Cafe 2137 Sea Island Pkwy, Harbor Island 843-838-2041.

Bella Luna Café 859 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-3188.

MJ’s Soul Food 1634 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-2009.

Boondocks 1760 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-0821.

The Shrimp Shack 1925 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-2962. Sweetgrass Restaurant and Bar 100 Marina Dr. 843-838-2151. | 17

Beaufort County


Land’s End on St. Helena Island.


of Interest

Beaufort Beaufort National Cemetery - 1601 Boundary St. 843-524-3925. Established in 1863, the landscape plan of this cemetery is very distinguished: laid out in a half wheel. It is enclosed in a brick wall, constructed in 1876. The cemetery is home to 117 Confederate soldiers and 2,800 Union soldiers. John Mark Verdier House Museum - 801 Bay St. 843-379-6335. Built in 1804 the Federal style home was visited by the Marquis de Lafayette in 1825. It also served as Union Headquarters during the Civil War. The house is now a museum open for tours Monday thru Saturday. St Helena’s Episcopal Church - 505 Church St. 843522-1712. Built in 1724 of brick that was carried over in the ballasts of ships. During the Civil War the church was stripped of its furniture and used as a hospital. Many tombstones from the church cemetery were taken inside and used as operating tables. Tabernacle Baptist Church - 911 Craven St. 843524-0376. Built by the African Americans after Federal occupation of Beaufort in 1861. The churchyard cemetery is the final resting place of Robert Smalls, a slave who rose to greatness during the Civil War. 18 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Beaufort Visitors Center at the Arsenal - 713 Craven St. 843-525-7077. Built in 1798, the Arsenal was home to the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, who served in the American Revolutionary War. They were the 5th oldest military unit in the United States. The property now serves as Beaufort Visitor’s Center and Museum. The arsenal houses relics of nature, war and early industry. Spanish Moss Trail - This is an emerging rails-to-trail greenway project located in Beaufort County with a 3.3 mile, 12-foot wide, paved, pedestrian trail open to bikers, runners, walkers, fishers, and nature enthusiasts. Parking trail heads are located at Depot Rd. Broome Lane and Westvine Drive.

Port Royal Parris Island Museum - 283 Blvd. De France, Parris Island. 843-228-2111. The Parris Island Museum is dedicated to showcasing and preserving the traditions of the Marine Corps. The museum is open to recruits, Marine families, veterans, and the general public daily, from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and from 8 a.m. 4:30 p.m. on graduation days. Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center - 310 Okatie Hwy. Okatie, 843-645-7774. The Port Royal Sound Maritime Center feature exhibits,


St. Helena Island Penn Center - 16 Penn Center Cir West, 843-8382432. The Penn Center is the site of one of the country’s first schools for freed slaves. The annual Penn Center Heritage Days Celebration is held here the second weekend of November. Chapel of Ease - Land’s End Road. This structure was constructed of tabby walls between 1742 and 1747 and served as a house of worship. Destroyed by fire in 1886, it remains as a peaceful and tranquil reminder of Sea Island life. Fort Fremont- 1126 Lands End Road. Constructed in 1899, this fort defended Port Royal Sound. Earthen bulwarks are in place to protect the harbor side of the fort, which accommodated disappearing guns and a rapid fire battery.

Beaches + State Parks Fripp Island - 877-871-5051. Fripp Island is considered to be a barrier island. The island is the most seaward of the Sea Islands and forms a de facto cape. Located halfway between Charleston, SC and Savannah, Georgia along the coast, it is locally positioned between Hunting Island State Park to the north and Pritchards Island to the southwest. A wide marsh and estuarine system separates these islands from the larger St. Helena’s Island to the northwest. The upland acreage of the island is approximately 3,000 acres. Fripp has approximately three miles of beachfront along the Atlantic, though some parts of beach are fully submerged at high tide. Fripp Island is located approximately 20 miles (30 km) from Beaufort and is connected with the city via U.S. 21. Savannah is approximately a 75 minute drive by car while Charleston is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes away. Harbor Island - Harbor Island, a private 1400-acre barrier island on the Atlantic seacoast, is located outside the city of Beaufort. The natural beauty of

the island lies in its graceful sand dunes covered with sea oats and coastal grasses and in its tidal waters and saltwater marshes. Three miles of pure, untamed sandy beach is waiting for your exploration, relaxation, and play. Walk among the terns, pelicans, egrets, herons, and horseshoe crabs or sit in the sands and bask in the sun while watching the dolphins play. Sunrises, flowing waters, gentle breezes, sunsets, and spacious views make your vacation retreat an experience worth repeating. A peaceful, gated community exists with nature on Harbor Island. Harbor Island Rentals, the epitome of vacation property management exclusively on Harbor Island for twenty years, has the largest selection of villas and homes on the island.

Beaufort County

classrooms, hands-on learning spaces and other areas where everyone can learn and celebrate the uniqueness of the Sound and have diverse and fun opportunities to experience and connect with the Port Royal Sound Area. Free. Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m

Hunting Island - 843-838-2011. Hunting Island State Park is the most popular state park beach in South Carolina. It is a 5,000-acre park with three miles of natural beach. White sands and warm waters grace this State Park preserved for visitors and locals to “get back to nature.” Hunting Island State Park is located just 16 miles east of Historic Beaufort on US 21. Hunting Island has a 200 site campground with showers and dressing rooms on the beach. There are also cabins, a boardwalk, nature trails, lagoon, fishing pier and boat landing. In the center of the park stands a historic lighthouse which provides a magnificent view of the shoreline from the top. Hunting Island Lighthouse is open for viewing from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an admission fee. Hunting Island is also a popular nesting ground for Loggerhead turtles. There is a visitor center located within the park with a pond that is home to turtles and an alligator. Port Royal Sands - Fish Haul Creek Park - This beach is on Port Royal Sound. This beach offers privacy.

Wildlife Preserves & Nature Trails Beaufort ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve System - Research information: 843-844-8822. Tours 843-521-3099. More than 140,000 acres of winding tidal creeks, salt marshes, barrier and marsh islands. Home to many endangered or threatened species such as Loggerhead Sea Turtles and Southern bald eagles. | 19

Beaufort County

Activities Hunting Island State Park - 17 miles from Beaufort. 843-838-2011. 5,000 acres, cabins, handicapped access, picnic shelters, lagoon & pier fishing, ocean swimming, boat ramp, nature programs, park store, gift shop, tackle shop. Park admission fee. Marsh Boardwalks at Hunting Island State Park – 843-838-2011. Stroll through 200 yards of salt marsh environment and overlook Johnson Creek. Spanish Moss Trail - The Spanish Moss Trail is an emerging rails-to-trail greenway project owned by Beaufort County and is located in the heart of Northern Beaufort County. Today, the Spanish Moss Trail is a 3.3 mile, 12-foot wide, paved, pedestrian Trail open for the enjoyment of bikers, runners, walkers, fishers, and nature enthusiasts of all stages of life.

Port Royal Cypress Wetlands Trail - 843-986-2211. www. A 0.56 walking trail with secluded wetlands providing a refuge for birds and other wildlife. Five boardwalks give one great views of the flora and fauna of the wetlands. Port Royal Cypress Wetlands Walking Trail - 843986-2211. Paris Avenue. Cypress wetland is viewed along boardwalks surrounding nesting grounds for shore birds. It is an awesome sanctuary and a leisurely walk.


and boat rentals

St. Helena Island Barefoot Bubba’s - 722 Bay St. Beaufort, 843-8389222. 2135 Sea Island Pkwy. St Helena, 843-8389222. The Kayak Farm - 1289 Sea Island Pkwy. St. Helena Island. 843-838-2008.


and transportation

Beaufort Barefoot Bubba’s - 722 Bay St. Beaufort, 843-8389222. Bay Street Outfitters, 815 Bay St. 843-5245250, Beaufort means Redfish! Guides fish the Backcountry with fly or spin and lessons are available. Other tours available upon request. Beaufort Kayak Tours - 843-525-0810. Outfitter providing narrated natural and cultural history kayak tours on the waters of historic Beaufort County. Beaufort Movie Tours - 843-838-2746. www. Want to see where Forrest Gump crossed into Mississippi? Where Forrest and Bubba fought in Vietnam? Travel on the funeral procession route of The Big Chill. View the beautiful scenery from the Prince of Tides. Visit the spots where Julia Roberts filmed Something to Talk About. See where G.I. Jane was tortured. Beaufort Walking Tours - 1009 Bay St. 843-476-5100. Beaufort Vintage Voyages Yacht Tours - Downtown Marina, 1006 Bay St. 855-266-2533, www. Vintage Voyages invites you to come aboard the Annalee, and appreciate pleasure yachting the way it was meant to be, comfortably paced, quiet and serene, with that “not in a care in the world” feeling. Departures vary seasonably from the Downtown Marina. Capt. Dick’s River Tours - Downtown Beaufort Marina, 1006 Bay St. 843-812-2804. www. Dolphin watch and ecology tours that are fully narrated and leave from the Downtown Marina.  Janet’s Walking Tours - 1006 Bay St. Downtown Marina. 843-226-4412. www.janetswalkinghistory. com. Guided, fully-narrated, 2-mile walking history tour of Beaufort. Sandlapper Tours - Departs from Visitor Center or Dowtown Marina. 843-986-6960. Enjoy a 45-min narrated tour through Beaufort’s Downtown Historic District. 

20 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Activities The lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park.

Beaufort County

Sea Island Carriage - 930 Bay St. 843-575-1821 Narrated carriage tour of the Old Point neighborhood and Historic District of Beaufort. Southurn Rose Buggy Tours - 1002 Bay St. Beaufort, 843-524-2900. Narrated buggy tours of historic Beaufort by professionally trained guides. Buggies depart from the Waterfront Marina.   The Spirit of Old Beaufort - 1001 Bay St. Beaufort, 843-525-0459. 800-638-3525. Walking tour of East side focuses on the historic homes. West side tour emphasis on churches and historic homes along the bay. Reservations required. A Taste of the Lowcountry - 843-441-7923. Taste the Southern flavor of Beaufort on our 2.5 hour guided walking tours of the city’s culinary delights in historic downtown Beaufort.

St. Helena Barefoot Bubba’s - 2135 Sea Island Pkwy. St. Helena. 843-838-9222. Camelot Farms, LLC - 101 Tom & Mike Ln. St. Helena Island. 843-838-3938. Experience the South Carolina Lowcountry on horseback. Spectacular scenery on our Coast Line Ride, beautiful moss draped oaks on our Plantation Ride, and much more! Located between Beaufort and Fripp Island.   Discover Tours - 843-726-9217. 888-842-9217. Receptive Tour Operator offering tour packages for group tours. Step on guide service available. Member of NTA and ABA.   Gullah-n-Geechie Mahn Tours - 97 Perry Rd. 843-838-7516. This historical tour of St. Helena and the surrounding Sea Islands brings to life stories and contributions of enslaved Africans and how it significantly influenced the growth and development of American culture. The Kayak Farm - 843-838-2008. The Beaufort area’s longest established kayak rental and guide service. Paddling and providing rentals in the areas of Harbour, Fripp and Hunting Islands. 

Lands End Tours - 1152 Sea Island Pkwy. 615-243-4684. Lowcountry Wildlife Photo Safaris - 843-5243037. Explore the SC Lowcountry with Eric Horan, professional wildlife photographer. Eric offers information tours open to photographers of all skill levels through scenic waterways and along pristine beaches of the barrier islands. Penn Center Museum and Historic Site - 16 Penn Center Cir. 843-838-2474.   Pick Pocket Plantation - 93 Trask Farm Rd. 843812-6921. 843-525-0459.www.pickpocketplantation. com. Reservations required.

Parris Island Parris Island Tour - 111 Panama St. Parris Island. 843-228-2951. Self-guided tours available at the Parris Island Museum. | 21

Beaufort County

Activities Fishing off the pier at Hunting Island State Park.

Aqua Sports, Inc. /Sea Wolf Charters 1 Landing Dr. 843-525-1174. 843-521-3372. Bay Street Outfitters - 815 Historic Bay St. 843-524-5250. Beaufort Coastal Adventures - 3013 Shell Point Rd. 843-812-1246. Beaufort Fishing Guide - 1006 Emmons Street, 843-271-5406. Captain “Eddie’s” Fishing Charters 28 Salt Wind Dr. 843-838-3782. Captain “Eddie’s” Fishing Charters 28 Salt Wind Dr. 843-838-3782. Oldfield Club - 10 Oldfield Way, Okatie, 843-645-4600. Sea So Shallow - 17 Meridan Rd. 843-252-3882.

Port Royal Port Royal

Aqua Sports - Seawolf Charters - Port Royal Landing Marina. 843-525-1174.

Port Royal Tours - 1010 11th St. Port Royal. 843-575-1824. One hour, 30 minute walking and golf cart tours of historic Port Royal.

Landing Marina - 843-525-1174. 843-521-3372.

Rev’s Gullah Island Tour - 11 Daycare Ln. 843-838-3185. Showcases historic sites and the Gullah culture as it is today. By appointment only.

Cast Away Charters - Port Royal Marina.

River Safari - Port Royal Landing Marina. 843-575-1748. This is a one to six passenger one and a half hour nature tour.


Fishing Charters Beaufort A+B Fishing Eco Tours & Charter - 30 Yacht Club Dr. 843-812-1722. Abco Fishing Charters - 294 Coosaw River Drive, 843-525-0243.

22 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide


Dataw Island Marina - 100 Marina Dr. 843-838-8410. Downtown Marina - 1006 Bay St. 843-524-4422.

Port Royal Port Royal Landing Marina 1 Landing Dr., 843-525-6664. 800-326-7678.

Activities Port Royal

Fripp Island Marina - 875 Bonito Dr. Fripp Island, 843-838-1517.

Fort Frederick, USN Hospital Boat Ramp Beaufort River. US 21.

Lady’s Island

Parris Island/Battery Creek Boat Ramp Battery Creek. Route 281.

Lady’s Island Marina, Inc. - 73 Sea Island Pkwy. Lady’s Island. 843-522-0430. Marsh Harbor Boat Yard - 45 Colony Gardens Rd. Lady’s Island. 843-521-1500

Public Boat Ramps Beaufort Combahee River Boat Ramp (Steel Bridge) Combahee River, US 17 North. Approx. 6 miles from Gardens Corner. Freedom Mall, City Marina Boat Ramp 1010 Bay St. Grays Hill Boat Ramp - Whale Branch River, US 21 to Route 17 South. Paige Point Boat Landing - Paige Point Rd. off County Rd. 59. Pigeon Point Boat Landing - Pigeon Point Rd. off Boundary St. Wallace Creek Boat Landing - Sam Doyle Dr. off Lands End Rd. Wimbee Creek Boat Ramp - Wimbee Landing Rd. off Hwy 21.

Lady’s Island Brickyard Boat Ramp - Brickyard Creek US 21 to Route 802 East to Route 750 West to Route 72 East.

Beaufort County

Fripp Island

Port Royal “Sands” Boat Ramp Port Royal, 6th Street off Paris Ave.

St. Helena Island Butches Island Boat Ramp - Harbour River, Butches Rd. off Hwy 21. Russ Point Boat Landing - Russ Point Landing Rd. off Hwy 21. Station Creek Boat Ramp - Station Creek Dr. off Seaside Rd. Broad River Boat Ramp - Broad River, Route 170. Chechessee (Edgar Glenn) Boat Landing Echotango Rd. off Hwy 170. Camp St. Mary’s Dock and Pier - Camp St. Mary’s Rd. off Hwy 170. H E Trask (Victoria’s Bluff) Boat Landing Sawmill Creek Rd. of Hwy 278. Bluffton Public Dock - Wharf St. off May River Rd. Alljoy Boat Ramp - May River near Bluffton. US 278 to Route 46 West.

Pinckney Island C.C. Haigh Boat Ramp - Mackay Creek, US 278, Pinckney Island.

Horseback Riding & Stables

Sam’s Point Boat Ramp - Lucy Point Creek, US 21 to Route 802 East.


White Hall (Lady’s Island) Boat Ramp Factory Creek, off Hwy 21.

Above Standard Equestrian Park - 784 Paige Point Rd. Seabrook. 843-812-4225. | 23

Beaufort County

Activities Deep Sigh Horse Farm & Riding Academy 163 Keans Neck Rd. Seabrook. 843-846-2276. Huspa Equestrian Park - 21 Huspa Plantation Road Sheldon. 843-816-1404.

Shopping Beaufort Antiques & Such - 808 Bay St. 843-322-0880.

St. Helena Island

Barefoot Bubba’s - 722 Bay St. 843-838-9222. 2135 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-9222.

Camelot Farms 101 Tom & Mike Ln. 843-838-3938.

Bay Street Jewelers - 902 Bay St. 843-524-4165.

Bike Rentals

Bay Street Outfitters - 815 Bay St. 843-524-5250.


Beaufort Bookstore - 2127 Boundary St. #15. 843-525-1066.

Barefoot Bubbas Beach 722 Bay St. 843-838-9222.

Beaufort Clothing Company - 723 Bay St. 843-524-7118.

Lowcountry Bicycles - 102 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-524-9585.

Beaufort Liquidations - 5 Parker Dr. 843-466-0359. Belk - 332 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-522-9599. Bellavista Antiques & Interiors 872-A Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-3355. Best of Everything – Her Favorite Store 206 Carteret St. 843-770-0400. Bitty’s Flower Shop - 1202 Boundary St. 843-524-4547. 800-809-6999. Bubba’s Lowcountry Collectibles - 463 Parris Island Gtwy. 843-525-1130. Carolina Stamper - 203 Carteret St. 843-522-9966. Carolina Wiggle Wear - 928 Bay St. 843-470-0090. The Chocolate Tree - 507 Carteret St. 843-524-7980. The Clothesline - Liquidator’s Clothesline 64 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-379-3500. Coastal Knitting - 900 Port Republic St. 843-470-0148.

24 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Activities Island Wellness Shoppe - 47 Tidewatch Cir., 843-470-9001.

The Corps Store - 2535 Boundary St. 843-521-1775. 860 Parris Island Gtwy. 843-379-8350.

The Jeweler’s Bench - 603 Carteret St. 843-522-0003.

The Craftseller - 818 Bay St. 843-525-6104. Deals - 724 Bay St. 843-524-4993. Der Teufelhund - 13-B Marina Blvd. 843-521-9017. Divine Shoes - 223 Scott St. 843-524-4300. Downtown Marina Of Beaufort - Ship’s Store 1006 Bay St. 843-524-4422. Finders Keepers - 920 Bay St. 843-525-9200 Finishing Touches, Etc - 917 Bay St. 843-522-1716. Fordham Market - 701 Bay St. 843-524-3161. Furniture Warehouse Design Gallery 745 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-524-8695. The Gay Fish Co, Inc - 1948 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-2763. Grace and Glory Uptown - 1029-A Boundary St. 843-521-4050. Grayco Building Centers & Hardware 20 Sams Point Rd. 843-522-9994. 136 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-521-8060. Her Favorite Store - 206-A Carteret St. 843-770-0400. Herban Marketplace - 1211 Newcastle St. Unit C, 843-379-5550. Higher Ground - 2121 Boundary St. #101. 843-379-GEAR(4327). In High Cotton - 903 Bay St. 843-522-1405. Islands Meat Market - 136 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-525-6162.

Beaufort County

Collectors Antique Mall 102-C Sea Island Pkwy. 843-524-2769.

JC Penney - 328 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-524-5799. Joli Home Accents - 707 Bay St. 843-379-9191. K Mart - 2127 Boundary St. #1. 843-524-1087. Laura Tucker Designs - 918 Craven St. 843-524-2544. 866-953-9599. Let’s Embroider It - 12 Marsh Ln. 843-982-0900. The Lollypop Shop - 103 West St. Ext. 843-379-7677. Lowcountry Bicycles - 102 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-524-9585. Lowcountry Outlet - 53 Sams Point Rd. 843-470-9000. Lowcountry Produce - 1919 Trask Pkwy. 843-846-9438. Lowcountry Store/Lowcountry Chair Company 736 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-4646. Lowe’s Home Improvements - 207 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-522-3144. Lulu Burgess - 917 E. Bay St. 843-524-5858. M Home & Garden - 813 Bay St. 843-524-7465. Magnolia Bakery Cafe & Garden Gift Gallery 703 Congress St. 843-524-1961. Main Street Beaufort, USA - 843-525-6644. McIntosh Book Shoppe - 917 Bay St. 843-524-1119. | 25

Beaufort County

Activities Merle Norman Cosmetics/Sassy South 902 Boundary St. 843-522-8868. Modern Jewelers - 807 Bay St. 843-524-3526. Nuances - 918 8th St. 843-470-1110. Octopuses - 872-B Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-0005. Oyster Cay Collection, LLC - 917-I Bay St. 843-525-0485 Papaya Island - 917 Bay St. 843-525-0513. Pearls Before Noon Antiques 18 Market St. Habersham. 843-608-3150. Red Piano Too - 870 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-2241. 866-408-5665. Rhett Gallery - 901 Bay St. 843-524-3339. Rossignol’s - 817 Bay St. 843-524-2175. Sea Eagle Market - 2242 Boundary St. 843-521-5090. Smart Girls Consignment Store 208 Carteret St. 843-522-0100. Spirit of Old Beaufort Gift Shop - 1001 Bay St. 843-525-0459. Sugar Belle - Sweet Southern Style 1440 Ribaut Rd. 843-379-4141. Sweet Bay - 812 Bay St. 843-379-5125. Sweetgrass Ladies Apparel 707 Bay St. 843-379-3307. TJ Maxx - 320 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-379-4344. Talbot’s - 1029-B Boundary St. 843-322-8040. What’s In Store 853 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-7473.

26 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Where’d You Get That? - 9 Marshellen Dr., Belleview Business Park. 843-379-4900. White Shrimp Co. - 1441 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-3259.

St. Helena Penn Center Museum, Gift and Book Shop 16 Penn Center Circle West, Martin Luther King Dr. 843-838-2474.

Golf Courses Beaufort Gifford’s Golf - 30 Grober Hill Rd. 843-521-9555.

Parris Island The Legends Golf Course - 843-228-2240.

Fripp Island Fripp Island Golf - 01 Tarpon Rd. Ocean Point, 843-838-1521. Ocean Creek, 843-838-1576. 800-845-4100.

Lady’s Island Lady’s Island Country Club - 139 Francis Marion Cr. 843-524-3635. Sanctuary Golf Club on Cat Island - 8 Waveland Ave. 843-524-0300.

Tennis-Fitness Centers Beaufort Beaufort County Tennis Courts - 1105 Bladen St. 381 Broad Creek Rd. 1405 Battery Creek Rd. 843255-6680.

St. Helena Beaufort County Tennis Courts - 242 Scott Hill Rd. St Helana. 179 Ball Park Rd. St Helena. 843-255-6680. Tennis-Courts.php

Lady’s Island EarthFIT - 20-A Market St. Habersham. 800-718-7FIT (7348).

Beaufort County

The brick columns at the Old Sheldon Church ruins in upper Beaufort County.

Omni Health & Fitness Center - 2127-18B Boundary St. 843-379-2424.

Parks & Leisure Services Beaufort Beaufort County PALS - 1 Middleton Recreation Dr. 843-255-6680. Stroller Strides of Beaufort 313 Cottage Farm Dr. 843-379-1039.

Port Royal Wardle Family YMCA - 1801 Richmond Ave. 843-522-9622. | 27

Beaufort County

Arts & Culture Beaufort Music at St. Helena’s Concert Series 843-522-1712. The concert series offers organ concerts approximately four times each fall and again each spring. Concert organists from all over the world are invited to play our magnificent Taylor & Boody Organ Opus II, 1985. The Parish also sponsors other events including the Fall Bazaar, the Spring Tour of Homes and services at Old Sheldon Church. Beaufort Art Association 843-379-7716. The Beaufort Art Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt, membership organization chartered in 1957 to promote community interest and education in the visual arts. The BAA hosts many exhibits, shows, and events throughout the year. Beaufort Orchestra 800-595-4849. The Beaufort Orchestra made its debut in 1986 with a 14-member group. From that small group of local musicians, it has grown to a full orchestra. The annual concert season currently includes an Autumn Classical concert, a Holiday concert, a Spring Classical concert and a Spring Pops concert. Historic Beaufort Foundation 843-379-3331. A Local Partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservations, the Historic Beaufort Foundation was chartered in 1965, with the mission of supporting the preservation, protection and presentation of sites and artifacts of historic, architectural and cultural interest throughout Beaufort County, South Carolina. Beaufort County Arts Council 843-379-2787. The Beaufort County Arts Council is a non-profit organization founded in 1991, whose mission is to promote and nurture the arts of Beaufort County, South Carolina, and to position and maintain Beaufort County as a vibrant arts community and destination through active marketing, service to artists and arts organizations, and advocacy for the arts. USCB Lunch with Authors Series 843-521-4145. The Lunch with Authors Series is sponsored by the University of South Carolina Beaufort Continuing Education, providing a forum for authors to connect intimately with their readers. 28 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Art Galleries Beaufort ARTworks Community Arts Center/ Beaufort County Arts Council 2127 Boundary St. 843-379-2787. Atelier on Bay Studio & Gallery 203 West St. 843-470-0266. Bay Street Gallery 719 Bay St. 843-522-9210. Beaufort Art Association Gallery 1001 Bay St. 843-521-4444. Cassandra Gillens Studios 1766 Gillens Ln. 843-592-0944. Charles Street Gallery & Frame Shop 914 Charles St. 843-521-9054. Coastal Art Supply/Pat Wilcox Studio 812 Port Republic St. 843-524-2787. The Craftseller 818 Bay St. 843-525-6104. The Gallery 802 Bay St. 843-470-9994. Gloria Dalvini Watercolors 1311 North St. 843-521-9776. Green Herring Art Gallery & Frame Shop 1001 Bay St. 843-379-1122. Guild of Beaufort Galleries The Guild of Beaufort Galleries is a group of Art Galleries which provides a unique opportunity to browse these exceptional galleries, all within walking distance of each other, in Historic Beaufort, South Carolina. Enjoy the works of over 500 artists during our many shows.

Arts & Culture Beaufort County

Dancers at the original Gullah Festival in Beaufort.

Indigo Gallery 809 Bay St. 843-524-1036. I. Pinckney Simons Gallery 711 Bay St. 843-379-4774.

St. Helena Island Red Piano Too Art Gallery 870 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-2241.

Performing Arts

Laura Cody Art 701 Bay St. Fordham Market 843-441-0776.


Longo Gallery 103 Charles St. 843-522-8933.

Beaufort County Arts Council 2127 Boundary St. #18A, 843-379-2787.

Lybenson’s Gallery & Studio 211 Charles St. 843-525-9006.

Beaufort Symphony Orchestra 800-595-4849. 912-232-7250. P.O. Box 504.

Rhett Gallery 901 Bay St. 843-524-3339. Thibault Gallery 815 Bay St. 843-379-4278.

Beaufort Performing Arts University of SC Center for the Arts 801 Carteret St. 843-521-4145.

Movie Theatres

Port Royal


Sandra Baggette’s Garden Studio Gallery 1908 Lenora Dr. 843-522-8911.

Highway 21 Drive-In Hwy 21. 843-846-4500.

Susan Graber Studio 805 London Ave. 843-524-4353. (Call for an appt)

Plaza Stadium Theatre 41 Robert Smalls Pkwy. 843-986-5806. | 29

Beaufort County

Events Beaufort USCB Lunch with Authors Series 843-521-4145. The Lunch with Authors Series is sponsored by the University of South Carolina Beaufort Continuing Education, providing a forum for authors to connect intimately with their readers.

January Pelican Plunge Hunting Island State Park. 843-838-2011. Historic Beaufort Foundation Annual Oyster Roast 843-379-3331. The event features a traditional oyster roast accompanied by chicken gumbo, beverages, dessert and live music. Beaufort Bridge 12K Run Downtown Beaufort. 843-441-1269.

February Historic Beaufort Foundation Annual Oyster Roast 843-379-3331. Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Valentine’s Ball 877-532-6472. Beaufort Celtic Festival 843-986-5400, ext 26. Various locations. Beaufort International Film Festival 843-986-5400, ext 26.

March Beaufort Annual Beaufort Arts Association Spring Show, Sale and Exhibit 843-521-4444.

30 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Historic Beaufort Foundation’s Lafayette Soiree 843-379-3331. Celebrate the anniversary of Lafayette’s visit to Beaufort in 1825. Silent Auctions, open bar and heavy hor d’oeuvres from participating restaurants & dancing. St Peter’s Annual Oyster Roast & Micro Brew Festival Live Oak Park. 843-522-2163. Contact St Peter’s Catholic School for tickets.

Hunting Island Hunting Island Adventure Biathlon 843-379-4327.

April Beaufort Annual Spring Home Tour 843-524-0363. Parish Church of St. Helena’s Annual Spring Tour of Homes includes houses, Lowcountry plantations, gardens, and historic churches. MCAS Beaufort Airshow 843-228-7839. MCAS Beaufort.

Port Royal Soft Shell Crab Festival Paris Ave.

May Beaufort A Taste of Beaufort & 5K Run/Walk Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. 843-525-6644. Music, Arts, and Seafood Festival produced by Main Street Beaufort USA in downtown Beaufort. The Gullah Festival 843-525-0628.


Beaufort High on the Hog BBQ Festival 843-522-3500. LowCountry Habitat for Humanity. Annual South Carolina Barbeque Association-sanctioned event, featuring BBQ cookers from around the South in fierce competition.


Fall Festival of Houses & Gardens 843-379-3331.

Port Royal OktoPRfest - Paris Ave. The Old Village Association of Port Royal presents OktoPRfest - “Party Port Royal Style. A party you won’t want to miss! This is an adult only festival.




Beaufort Water Festival - Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park. 800-638-3525. 843-986-5400.

Penn Center Heritage Days Celebration 843-838-2432.

St. Helena Penn Center Gullah Studies - Summer Institute Penn Center, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. 843-838-2432.

Port Royal July 4th Independence Day Celebration Paris Avenue and at The Sands. 843-986-5400.

September Beaufort Labor Day Celebration - Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park. St. Helena Island, 843-838-2432.


Rotary Club of the Lowcountry Oyster Roast Paddlefest - Hunting Island State Park Lagoon.

December Beaufort Night on the Town 843-525-6644. Light Up The Night Boat Parade Historic Downtown Beaufort. 843-525-6644. Traditional Christmas Parade Downtown Beaufort. 843-525-6644.


Port Royal

Beaufort Shrimp Festival & 5K Run/Walk/ Popcorn Shrimp Run - Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park. 843-525-6644.

Watch Night Services - Port Royal Island Churches Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. 843-838-2432. An annual Gullah tradition held in local churches to “bring in” the New Year through songs, testimony and prayer. The ceremony also includes the reading of the Emancipation Proclamation, which was read on January 1, 1863 at Port Royal Island Churches.

The Guild of Beaufort Art Galleries Art Walk - Several participating galleries.

Beaufort County

June | 31

Beaufort County

Accommodations Bed



and Inns

Beaufort Anchorage 1770 1103 Bay St. 843-525-1770. Beaufort Inn 809 Port Republic St. 843-379-4667. 888-522-0250. Beaulieu House at Cat Island 3 Sheffield Ct. 843-770-0303. 866-814-7833. The Cuthbert House Inn 1203 Bay St. 843-521-1315. 800-327-9275. Magnolia Court Guest Suites 1204-1206 Pigeon Point Rd. 843-521-0633. 843-812-5175.

32 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

North Street Inn 1411 North St. 843-986-1126. The Rhett House Inn 1009 Craven St. 843-524-9030. 888-480-9530. Two Suns Inn Bed & Breakfast 1705 Bay St. 843-522-1122. 800-532-4244.

Camping Beaufort Hunting Island State Park 2555 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-2011. 866-345-PARK.


Parris Island RV Park Bldg. 1018. St. Mihiel Rd. MCRD Parris Island 843-228-7472.

St. Helena Island Tuck in De Wood Campground 22 Tuc In De Wood Ln. 843-838-2267.

Best Western Plus Sea Island Inn 1015 Bay St. 843-522-2090. 800-528-1234. City Loft Hotel 301 Carteret St. 843-379-5638. Comfort Suites Hotel 131 Big John Rd. 843-379-9400. Country Inn & Suites 2450 Boundary St. 843-379-4000.


Days Inn 1660 S Ribaut Rd. 843-524-1551. 800-329-7466

America’s Best Inns & Suites 2448 Boundary St. 843-524-3322. 800-237-8446.

Econo Lodge 2227 Boundary St. 843-525-9366.




Beaufort County

Parris Island | 33

Beaufort County

Accommodations The lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park.

Howard Johnson Express Inn 3651 Trask Pkwy. 843-524-6020. 800-446-4656. MCAS deTreville House Bldg 1108 Delalio Ave. 832-522-1663. Quality Inn at Town Center 2001 Boundary Street. 843-524-2144. Sleep Inn 2523 Boundary St. 843-522-3361. 877-520-3361. Port Royal. Super 8 Motel 1360 S Ribaut Rd. 843-524-9333. 1-800-454-3213.

St. Helena Island Quality Inn 863 Sea Island Pkwy. 843-838-5022.

Vacations & Property Rentals Beaufort Cottage at the Arsenal 404 Scott St. 843-441-0817.

Hampton Inn 2342 Boundary St. 843-986-0600. (800)HAMPTON. Hilton Garden Inn 1500 Queen St. 843-379-9800. 800-276-7415. Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites 2225 Boundary St. 843-379-3100. 888-HOLIDAY

34 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Magnolia Court 1204-1206 Pigeon Point Road (PO Box 1614). 843-812-5175. Sleep in History 843-321-8957.

Port Royal Little House by the Sea 67 Shipwright Cr. 828-698-6273. London Mews 905 16th St. | 35

Beaufort County


Oldfield Club 10 Oldfield Way. 843-645-4619. The Preserve at Port Royal 1 Preserve Ave. West. 866-582-8155. Red Door Rentals 1022 11th St. 843-252-1414. Weichert Realtors – Apex Realty 1503 Paris Ave. 843-321-9204.

St. Helena Seaside Getaways 1551 Sea Island Pkwy. St. Helena. 843-838-8001, 888-216-1080. With Seaside Getaways you will find a variety of condos, cottages and beach homes throughout the local islands including Fripp, Harbor, Hunting, and St. Helena. Vacation homes can be found located along miles of beach and also nestled within the boundaries of each island. We are also proud to mention that Seaside Getaways has been voted “Favorite Vacation Rental Company” by “The Island News” for the last two years!

Fripp Island Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort 201 Tarpon Blvd. 843-838-1558. 800-741-8974. We cordially invite you to experience our unique South Carolina seaside charm and consider the unusual combination of relaxation and recreation that the Fripp Island Resort has to offer. The Resort is a hidden treasure on South Carolina’s coast, nestled among beautiful natural surroundings. Whether you want to relax and unwind or fill your vacation with adventure, Fripp Island Resort has what you are looking for - it truly is an island of possibilities. Fripp Vacation 201 Tarpon Blvd. 877-374-7772.

Harbor Island Harbor Island Rentals 2123 Sea Island Pkwy. 800-553-0251. 843-838-4800. Harbor Island Vacations 828-779-1055. 36 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Beaufort County

…Gullah Origins

More about…

Far left: Gullah dancers at the Heritage Days Festival on the Penn Center campus. Above: Aunt Pearlie Sue entertains a group. Left: A local Praise House where Gullah people worship.


ullah is the name of a people, language and lifestyle which is woven inextricably into the history of America like sweetgrass baskets or hand knotted cast nets. It is the story of slavery and freedom, Carolina Gold Rice and Sea Island Cotton, Civil War and Reconstruction, Civil Rights and self-sustaining communities, isolation and the will to survive. It is the taste of red rice, okra, gumbo, fried fish, shrimp & grits, Hoppin’ John, roasted oysters and deviled crab. It is the sound of a lilting, rapid-fire, English-based Creole language filled with African words and syntax heard in the folktales of Brer Rabbit, Pat Conroy’s novel, “The Water is Wide,” plantation melodies, ring shouts, spirituals sung in praise houses, gospel choirs, the recent translation of De Nyew Testament, blues, juke joints and the soulful music of American Idol winner, Candice Glover. It is the color of indigo and captured in the vivid paintings of Jonathan Green, bottle trees, Haint Blue window sills and porch ceilings. It a landbased culture once filled with family compounds, farmlands, marsh tackies, hunting grounds, bateaus and a sense of community. Today, the National Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor extends from Wilmington, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida. Centrally located within the corridor, the South Carolina Lowcountry and surrounding Sea Islands are still home to many direct descendants of West Africans

brought in bondage to work on Lowcountry rice and cotton plantations. Immensely wealthy local planters strongly supported Secession and the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. A few months later, Federal troops took control of Beaufort, Port Royal and the other Sea Islands between Savannah and Charleston after the Battle of Port Royal on November 7. Following “De Big Gun Shoot,” hundreds of abandoned and escaped slaves made their way to Hilton Head Island in search of freedom. As part of the Port Royal Experiment, Union General Ormsby Mitchel housed these “contrabands of war” in the nation’s first freedman’s community of Mitchelville. On St. Helena Island, Northern missionaries founded the Penn School in 1862, as one of the country’s first schools for freed slaves. Martin Luther King, Jr. took refuge at Penn Center during the Civil Rights era and the 50-acre campus was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1972. These isolated Gullah communities along the Southeastern coast managed to maintain more African traditions than any other group in the United States. As the push to develop coastal communities continues, numerous civic and community groups have stepped up efforts to preserve and celebrate this unique Sea Island culture with festivals, tours and museums. To learn more about Gullah culture, call the Penn Center (843) 838-2432 or visit www. LVG | 37

Hilton Head/Bluffton


Hilton Head



38 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Hilton Head/Bluffton

Bluffton | 39

Hilton Head/Bluffton


Miles of glistening sand


ilton Head Island is famous for its twelve-mile stretch of glistening sands. However, a visit here is much more than a day at the beach. There’s golf — perhaps more quality courses and programs than anywhere else on earth, including, of course, the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament, one of the top events on the PGA Tour. And don’t forget tennis. Then, too, there’s fishing, biking, boating, outlet shopping, rollerblading, horseback riding, nature watching, and a wealth of cultural and artistic activities to explore, and that relaxing beach to enjoy. History and nature are inextricably mixed on Hilton Head Island. The first islanders were Indians who lived here as early as 4000 B.C., supported by the rich bounty of earth and sea. In 1663, the fertile land of the New World drew English sea captain William Hilton to explore the Island on behalf of a syndicate of Barbadian planters. His report was enthusiastic, and in honor of his pioneering explorations, the Island was christened Hilton’s Head — a reference to the headlands that marked the way into Port Royal Sound. However, it was not until the threat of the Spaniards to the south and the Indians to the west was quelled in the closing years of the 17th century that English colonists would settle permanently in the area. As the 18th century dawned, the Island pros-

40 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

pered with large indigo and, later, rice plantations. But it was Sea Island cotton — first successfully cultivated in the 1780s — that made the planters wealthy beyond their dreams. By the mid-1800s, at the height of the plantation era, more than a dozen large land-owning families divided the Island’s riches among themselves. The onset of the Civil War brought an abrupt end to the cotton dynasties. The fine homes and fertile fields of the planters were destroyed by occupying Union troops after what would prove to be the largest naval engagement of the entire war: the Battle of Port Royal. A freedman’s village, Mitchelville, sprang up briefly, but its life was short, and when the Union troops left, the Island returned to a long period of bucolic quiet, with those who remained making a modest living farming, fishing and oystering. Hilton Head Island has something for everyone: golf, tennis, beaches, watersports, cultural events, shopping, fine dining, and sophisticated resorts. In many ways, it’s the perfect vacation getaway destination. It’s easy to see how a family whose interests vary widely can be accommodated in one vacation to South Carolina’s Lowcountry. The Island will please beach lovers, with its 12 miles of sandy coastline, perfect for sunbathing, jogging, and bike riding. It’s a sport enthusiast’s

Hilton Head/Bluffton

dream with its world-renowned golf courses and tennis courts, not to mention nature walks, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, and miles of bike paths for rollerblading, strolling or biking. Those who enjoy fine dining, shopping at outlet malls and antique stores will find more than enough to entertain themselves. Highly developed, yet in harmony with nature, Hilton Head has no billboards, neon signs, roller coasters or skyscrapers. In fact, no building can be higher than the trees. Signage ordinances keep signs low key and unobtrusive. Only 35,000 permanent residents live on the island, along with wildlife such as deer, osprey, pelicans, alligators, herons, and near-shore dolphins. It is a wonderful place to visit and perfect even establish more permanent roots.


The town of Bluffton is situated on a high bluff overlooking the pristine May River, source of world-famous Bluffton oysters. The historic riverfront community still welcomes visitors with as much charm and vibrancy as it did in its antebellum heyday. Its’ location was prized by Lowcountry planters and their families as a refuge from the harsh plantation environment of mosquitoes and heat. The high bluffs welcomed strong southerly

breezes that kept possible Yellow Fever infection at bay and dispelled sultry summer doldrums. Bluffton’s reputation as a summer resort village helped it grow into a commercial center, welcoming packet ship trade between Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Savannah. It was the first town in Southern Beaufort County. The rich history of the area includes Native American Yemassee Indians and the Lords Proprietors of the Carolinas. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, this region is full of history lessons. Literally a hotbed for political rhetoric in the 1840’s and ‘50’s, cries of secession were first given serious voice and debate in Bluffton. After incorporation in 1852, the town continued to grow. Then came the war. Initially raided and scavenged in the early days of the conflict by Union forces occupying Hilton Head Island, Bluffton was finally shelled and burned in 1863. The Heyward House, Campbell Chapel AME Church and the Church of the Cross were among 17 structures to escape destruction. Those three historic buildings and seven other houses can be seen today in the Town’s Historic District. The Heyward House, an outstanding 1840’s example of early Carolina farmhouse style, is the Town’s official Welcome Center. It is open Monday– Saturday and is a great place to start your docent or | 41

Hilton Head/Bluffton

Church of the Cross in Bluffton.

self-guided tour of the House or National Register Historic District and the thriving, vibrant arts community. Then you can discover the many wonderful retail shops and restaurants around town. Life in Bluffton is still conducted with tolerance, respect, and courtesy. Please come and discover the Bluffton “State of Mind.” The town of Bluffton is situated on a high bluff overlooking the pristine May River. The Heyward House, an outstanding 1840’s example of early Carolina farmhouse style, is the Town’s official Welcome Center. It’s a great place to start as you explore Bluffton’s many wonderful retail shops and restaurants around town. Each week, residents and visitors gather for the Bluffton Farmer’s Market to enjoy local foods and browse through local galleries and shops.

Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie is only thirty minutes from Hilton Head by boat, and an hour from Savannah, but it feels like you’re going back 100 years in time. Still sandy dirt roads reveal an island that is rich in history and nature with one of the most beautiful and fragile beaches on the East Coast. Native Americans lived on Daufuskie ten-thousand years ago leaving many artifacts that tell of their presence. Indians remained on Daufuskie until the 1800s. The Spanish came to the Island in the 1500’s when Daufuskie was part of Florida bringing a building technique called “tabby” construction using oyster shells as a base. The Spaniards left a herd of sturdy small horses called “marsh tackys”. Plantations were started in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s when England ruled South Carolina. 42 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

For the most part, Daufuskie land grants were given to wealthy English families by the King of England. The early planters grew indigo, and later, long-staple sea island cotton. At the start of the Civil War, there were seven working plantations on Daufuskie Island, working many slaves. Union forces captured Daufuskie in 1861. Thousands of troops were camped on Daufuskie during the Civil War until 1865. At the end of the War, Daufuskie was inhabited primarily by freed slaves. These residents, because of the isolation of the Island, kept a culture alive that would have disappeared decades ago. The culture is called “Gullah” and remains to this day on Daufuskie Island. The word “Gullah” may come from Angola, the African nation origin of many slaves. In 1974 the famous motion picture, “Conrack,” was a story about on Daufuskie Island based on the award-winning autobiographical book, The Water Is Wide, by Pat Conroy. This is a story which recounted Pat’s early days of teaching African-American children at the Island’s two-room schoolhouse in 1969. In 1984, Doctor Jack Scurry built the first Marina on Daufuskie Island. Soon after came the Haig Point and Melrose developments. With no airport or bridge on this isolated and beautiful island, Daufuskie is a rare gem that can be visited by private boats or public ferries. At the Daufuskie Island Resort and Breathe Spa, visitors travel paved roads in golf carts, watch the sun rise over the Atlantic from luxurious rooms at the Inn, quaint beach cottages, or sprawling private homes. Outside the plantations, island residents travel dirt roads at a leisurely pace and enjoy the beauty of Daufuskie and a quiet lifestyle. LVG

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Sunset over the docks on Section Dausfuskie Island. | 43

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton



of Interest

Bluffton Heyward House Historic Center - 70 Boundary St. 843-757-6293. - Built in 1840 as a summer home, this is one of eight antebellum homes in the Bluffton Historic District. A slave cabin and the summer kitchen also remain on the property. Guided tours of the house and grounds are available Mon thru Fri 10 a.m. -3 p.m. Church of the Cross - 110 Calhoun St. 843-757-2661. This Gothic structure was built in 1857. Inside visitors will find soft pink plaster walls and exposed pine timbers, along with a walnut altar. In 1863 Federal troops burned much of the area, but left the Church of the Cross untouched. Rose Hill Plantation House - 199 Rose Hill Way. 843-757-6046. Rose Hill is a Gothic Revival mansion built in the late 1850’s. Its highly sophisticated interior was showcased in Vogue Magazine in 1955. Tours Mon-Fri 2 p.m. Reservations are required. Bear Foot Sports – 843-757-8520. Bear Foot Sports is the Southeast’s premier source for Adult Soccer Six Tournaments and Road Races. They also publish Coastal Sports and Wellness, and provide Consultant Services for soccer, running and festival event planners, with many events throughout the year. 44 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

James M. Waddell, Jr. Mariculture Research and Development Center - 211 Sawmill Creek Rd. off Hwy. 278. 843-837-3795. mrri/waddell/index. One of the largest facilities in the world for fish and shrimp farming and agriculture potential. By appointment only.

Hilton Head Island Coastal Discovery Museum – 843-689-6767. www. Lowcountry culture and heritage can be seen here. Housed on historic Honey Horn Plantation, the museum is located in the only remaining original plantation house on the island. Walking trails lead along the river. Open Mon through Sat 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., and Sun 11 a.m.– 3 p.m. The Coastal Discovery Museum hosts a full schedule of events for the whole family, and is a terrific way to enjoy the island and learn about Lowcountry history at the same time.

Beaches + State Parks Daufuskie Island - daufuskie-island. Daufuskie Island is South Carolina’s southern most barrier island. It lies roughly one mile south of Hilton Head Island, three miles north of Tybee Island and 12 miles north of Savannah. The island is about 5 miles long and 2.7 miles wide and is only accessible by water. Transport can be arranged at Typical travel time by ferry is about 45 minutes. There is approximately 3.5 miles of beachfront on Daufuskie Island. The Island has a rich history, and is the site of


Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Below: The famous lighthouse in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. Left: A ropes course at Zipline of Hilton Heads Island. | 45

Hilton Head/Bluffton

Activities Pat Conroy’s teaching experiences that were the basis of his first novel The Water is Wide and the motion picture Conrack. Historically island slaves once grew indigo and Sea Island cotton in the area. After fleeing during the Civil War, the Gullah people returned to the island. Many historic buildings remain. The Rob Kennedy Historic Trail winds its way throughout the island. Access to the island is by ferry.

Hilton Head Island Alder Lane Beach - see-and-do/beaches. This is a nice wide beach and is relatively uncrowded. Amenities include restrooms and a drink vending machine. It is great for bike riding. There is parking across South Forest Beach Rd at the meters. This beach is also equipped with mats that make it wheelchair accessible. Coligny Beach - This beach is located at Coligny Circle at Pope Avenue and South Forest Beach Drive. It’s the island’s busiest beach. There are restrooms, changing rooms, water fountains, sand showers, pay telephones and other amenities. The

46 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

town has recently added mats designed to make the beach wheelchair accessible at this location. Burke’s Beach - Burke’s Beach is located off William Hilton Parkway at Burke’s Beach Rd. Parking is limited. Dreissen Beach Park - Dreissen Beach is also off of William Hilton parkWay. at Bradley Beach Rd. It has plenty of parking, rest rooms, sand showers and vending machines. It has a playground and a few picnic tables. There is a boardwalk to the beach. This beach is equipped with mats that make it wheelchair accessible. Folly Field Beach Folly Field beach is located on Starfish Road, a right turn off Folly Field Road. Parking is somewhat limited, but restrooms, sand showers and water fountains are available. This beach also is equipped with mats that make it wheelchair accessible. It is a favored beach for surfers. Islander’s Beach Club - 94 Folly Field Rd.,off Folly Field Road at Sparkleberry Lane. This beach is intended primarily for locals and their guests. Parking is available only for those who purchase


South Beach - In Sea Pines Plantation, at the “toe” of the island near the South Beach Marina, is the Calibogue beach. There is no public parking. However, you can get there by walking or bicycling. At high tide there is little or no beach; and tidal currents will move you up or down the beach depending on flow. There are no amenities here. This is a pleasant and uncrowded area where you will see dolphins and other wildlife. Tower Beach - Tower Beach is located at The Sea Pines Plantation. This beach is intended for use by property owners and their guests. Parking is restricted to property owners. It is accessible to anyone by bicycle or on foot. It provides restrooms, water fountains, and a picnic area with barbecue grills. Sea Pines Beach Club - This beach is also in The Sea Pines plantation. It offers many amenities such as restrooms, showers, food service, a bar, picnic tables, and seasonal entertainment. It is attended by lifeguards and has limited parking. The Sea Pines trolley provides transportation to the Beach Club from the Greenwood Drive parking lot, Harbour Town and other locations. Sonesta Resort Hilton Head - This beach is in Shipyard Plantation and is accessible to those staying in Shipyard or visiting the Sonesta. Parking is available at the very end of Shipyard Drive. Palmetto Dunes Beach - This beach is accessible to guests staying in Palmetto Dunes Plantation and can also be enjoyed by visitors to the Palmetto Dunes Resort, Marriott Beach & Golf Resort, and to the Omni Oceanfront Resort. There is a pleasant ocean-front bar from which the beach can be admired. Westin Resort Hotel - This beach is accessible primarily through the hotel, which is limited to hotel guests. It is only a few hundred feet from the Islander Beach Club.

Wildlife Preserves & Nature Trails Bluffton Victoria Bluff Wildlife Management Area Hwy 278 and the Colleton River, 803-625-3569, Controlled hiking, bird watching, picnicking and camping. By appointment only. Regulated hunting.

Hilton Head/Bluffton

annual permits, which are limited to Hilton Head property owners. Amenities here include restrooms, changing rooms, a playground, soft drink machine, sand showers and a few picnic tables. This beach also is equipped with mats that make it wheelchair accessible.

Daufuskie Island Turtle Island Wildlife Management Area 803-625-3569, Boat access only between Daufuskie Island and Savannah. 1700 acres of salt marsh, maritime forest and barrier beach. By appointment only. Regulated hunting.

Hilton Head Island Hilton Head Audubon Newhall Preserve Palmetto Bay Rd. 843-842-9246. This property is covered with trails that allow up close views of local flora and fauna. A self-guided tour map guides visitors. Free and open seven days a week from dawn until dusk. Sea Pines Forest Preserve - Sea Pines Resort. 843671-7170. Over two miles of walking trails on this self-guided tour of Lowcountry nature. Home to a 4,000 year old Indian shell ring, fresh water fishing ponds, and abundant bird habitat. Free and open from dawn until dusk. Coastal Discovery Museum of Hilton Head Island - 843-689-6767. Variety of land-based and water-based tours to educate about the habitat and eco-system of the area. Beach walks, water and marsh tours, cruises of ACE Basin. Jarvis Creek Park - East of intersection of US Hwy. 278 and the Cross Island Pkwy./Gum Tree Rd. www. Freshwater pond fishing, floating dock, playground, meadow, picnic facilities, grills, swings, paved pathways, mulched trails, restrooms. Palmetto Dunes Resort - 843-785-1138. 866-8323799. Explore Hilton Head Island’s only 11mile salt water lagoon system in a kayak or canoe for a one-of-a-kind Lowcountry nature tour. | 47

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Activities Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge Off Hwy 278 past Graves Bridge. 843-784-9911. 4,052 acres that preserve the salt marsh and maritime habitat.

Tours & Transportation Bluffton Heyward House Historic Center - 70 Boundary St. 843-757-6293. Guided tours Mon-Fri 10 a.m. -3 p.m.; Saturday by appt. Island Travel - 14-C Johnston Way. 843-757-5888. May River Dolphin Tours - 1255 May River Rd. 843-757-2295. From The Owners of Pepper’s Porch! May River Dolphin Tours is the only boat tour that departs from the public dock in Historic Downtown Bluffton. As well as dolphin tours, they also provide transportation to Daufuskie Island or Palmetto Bluff. May River Excursions - 81 Calhoun St. 843-304-2878. Offering a variety of boating experiences ranging from cruises to fishing and shrimping excursions. Native Guide Tours - 8 Second St. 843-816-4538. Ecotours of local marshes, creeks, estuaries and rivers. Outside Palmetto Bluff - 37 Boat House St. 843-706-2478. Rose Hill Plantation Mansion - 199 Rose Hill Way. 843-757-6046.

Daufuskie Island Seasonal Hours - Please call ahead Calibogue Cruises - 18 Simmons Rd. 843-3428687. Accessible only by boat, this tour takes visitors to the Island’s winery, church, plantation and lighthouse. Golf carts available for self-guided tour. Daufuskie Discoveries 17 Captain Monroe Ln. 843-384-4354. Freeport Marina - 1 Carvin Rd. 843-342-8687, 843-785-8242. The marina offers several types of tours ranging from narrated historic bus tours, self-guided golf cart tours to nature and dinner boat tours. 48 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Hilton Head Island Advanced Sail Inc. - Palmetto Bay Marina. 843-686-2582. Daily dolphin watch trips, nature and wildlife excursions offered aboard the Pau Hana & Flying Circus catamaran sailboats. Both vessels sail daily. Adventure Cruises - Shelter Cove Marina, Dock C, 843-785-4558. Dolphin watch cruises and crabbing. Call for reservations and rates. Coastal Discovery Museum - 70 Honey Horn Dr. 843-689-6767. Several wonderful tours available. Commander Zodiac, Inc. - 232 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-671-3344. Dolphin and nature-watch excursion; explore tidal marshes and beach comb on secluded outer islands. Cool Breeze Kayaking - Fording Island Rd. 843-683-4040. 877-288-5154. This guided trip ventures into the calm, secluded salt marsh creeks of Hilton Head’s barrier island ecosystem. Crabber J. II, Inc. - Shelter Cove Harbour, Dock C. 843-422-5110. 843-785-4298. Venture out with the crew in search of Atlantic blue crabs. Discover Tours - 843-726-9217. 888-842-9217. Receptive Tour Operator offering tour packages for group tours. Step-on guide service available. Member of NTA and ABA. Dolphin & Nature Cruise/Sonny C Charters 18 Simmons Rd. 843-681-2522. Dolphin cruise. Board the Island Queen SS Pelican for a tour of the island’s natural habitat. Dolphin Plus Jet Boat Tours - 912-572-8687 Drifter Excursions - 232 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-363-2900. Drifter Excursions offers a wide variety of fishing, dolphin watching, nature and educational children’s cruises. Gullah Heritage Trail Tours - 70 Honey Horn Dr. 843-681-7066. This twohour tour explores the Sea Island Gullah Heritage. H2O Sports - 149 Lighthouse Rd. 843-671-4386.


Island Ace Adventure Tours - Cross Island Boat Landing. 68 Helmsman Way. 843-422-2930. Island Explorer - 101 Marshland Rd. 843-785-2100. Dolphin and nature tours. Island Travel Agency - 95-B3 Mathews Dr. 843-681-3033. Island Water Sports - 210 S. Sea Pines Dr. 843-671-7007. Kayak Hilton Head Dolphin & Nature Tours 11 Simmons Rd. 843-684-1910.

ventures: additional activities on property include parasailing, kayaking, dolphin tours and Up the Creek Pub & Grill overlooking the water and boats. Reservations preferred.

Charters Bluffton Fishin’ Coach Charters, Inc. - 16 Rainbow Rd. 843-368-2126 (cell). 843-757-2126 (home). Trailer boat to Hilton Head.

Hilton Head Island Bayrunner Sport Fishing - Shelter Cove Marina. 843-290-6955. Blue Water Bait & Tackle - 232 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-671-3060.

Live Oac Tours - 43 Jenkins Rd. 888-254-8362.

Bulldog Fishing Charters - 19 Myrtle St. 843-422-0887.

Low Country Nature Tours - 1 Shelter Cove Marina. 843-683-0187.

Capt. Hook Party Fishing Boat - 1 Shelter Cove Ln. 843-785-1700. 843-683-9166.

Nature Center & Eco Tours Sea Pines Resort 32 Greenwood Dr. 843-842-1979.

Custom Experience Charters - 843-540-4130.

Outside Hilton Head - 32 Shelter Cove Ln. Suite H. 843-686-6996.

Drifter Excursions - 232 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-363-2900.

Palmetto Bay Marina - 86 Helmsman Way. 843-785-7131.

Harbour Town Yacht Basin - 149 Lighthouse Rd. 843-671-2704.

Sky Pirate Parasailing - 18 Simmons Rd. 843-842-2566.

Integrity Charters - Harbour Town Yacht Basin. 843-422-1221.

Spirit of Harbour Town/Vagabond Cruises 149 Lighthouse Rd. Harbour Town Marina. 843-363-9026, 843-363-9023, 843-785-2662.

Marshgrass Charters - Broad Creek Marina. 843-684-3296.

Water-Dog Outfitter - 18 Simmons Rd. Broad Creek Marina. 843-686-3554. Zipline Hilton Head - 33 Broad Creek Marina Way. 843-682-6000. php. 2 hour canopy thru the trees on 8 interconnected ziplines including the dual cable racing zipline finale. Located at Broad Creek Marina Ad-

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Hilton Head Outfitters at Palmetto Dunes Resort 80 Queens Folly Rd. 866-380-1783.

Megabite Fishing Charters - Broad Creek Marina. 843-298-0448. Miss Carolina Sportfishing - South Beach Marina. 843-298-2628. Outside Hilton Head - 32 Shelter Cove Ln. Ste H. 843-686-6996. Palmetto Bay Marina Charters - 86 Helmsman Way. 843-785-7131. | 49

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Activities Papa Bear Charters - 2 Hudson Rd. 843-816-FISH(3474). Runaway Fishing Charters - 2 Hudson Rd. 843-384-6511. Shelter Cove Marina - Palmetto Dunes Resort 1 Shelter Cove Lane. 843-842-7001. 866-400-7894. Sonrise Fishing Charters - 67 Lowcountry Dr. 843-247-2210. Southern Drawl Outfitters 1533 Fording Island Rd., Ste 316. 843-705-6010. Stray Cat Charters Squire Pope Rd. Docks at Chart House. 843-683-5427.

Boat Rentals Hilton Head Island Adventure Cruises - Shelter Cove Harbor, Dock C. 843-785-4558. H2O Sports - Harbour Town Marina. 877-290-4FUN (4386). Outside Hilton Head - 843-686-6996, 800-686-6996. Palmetto Dunes Ocean Front Resort 4 Queens Folly Rd. 843-842-7001. 866-400-7894.

Kayaking & Paddling Bluffton

Marshgrass Productions Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, 843-684-3296. Outside Hilton Head The Plaza at Shelter Cove, Ste H, 843-686-6996, 800-686-6996. Palmetto Bay Watersports - 86 Helmsman Way. 843-785-2345. Shelter Cove Marina - 1 Shelter Cove Ln. 843-842-7001, 866-400-7894. Water Dog Outfitters - Broad Creek Marina. 843-686-3554.

Waterski/Wave Runners Hilton Head Island Broad Creek Marina - 18 Simmons Rd. 843-681-3625. H2O Sports - 149 Whitehouse Rd. Harbour Town Marina. 843-671-4386. 877-290-4386. Island Water Sports – Skiing. 210 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-671-7007. Outside Hilton Head Skiing. Shelter Cove Plaza, Ste H. 843-686-6996. 800-686-6996. Shelter Cove Marina - Palmetto Dunes Resort. Shelter Cove Harbour. 843-842-7001. 866-400-7894.


Native Guide Kayak Tours - 8 Second St. 843-8164538.


Hilton Head Island

Palmetto Bluff - Wilson’s Landing Marina. 19 Village Park Sq. 843-706-2751.

Hilton Head Outfitters at Shelter Cove Marina 80 Queens Folly Rd. 843-785-2449, 866-650-4125.

Daufuskie Island

Kayak Hilton Head - 11 Simmons Rd. 843-684-1910.

Freeport Marina - ICW 36, 1 Cooper River Landing Rd. 843-342-8687.

50 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Seasonal Hours-please call for more information

Activities Daufuskie Island

Broad Creek Marina - 18 Simmons Rd. 843-681-3625.

Daufuskie Island Boat Landing Accessible only by water at 32.103515,-80.894178.

Cross Island Associates 86 Helmsman Way. 843-785-7131 Harbour Town Yacht Basin 149 Lighthouse Rd. 843-671-2704. Hilton Head Boathouse 405 Squire Pope Rd. 843-681-2628. Palmetto Bay Marina - 86 Helmsman Way. 843-785-3910. Shelter Cove Marina - 1 Shelter Cove Ln. 843-842-7001. Skull Creek Marina - 1 Waterway Ln. 843-681-8436. South Beach Marina 232 S Sea Pines Rd. 843-671-6699. 843-671-3060. South Carolina Yacht Club 10 Yacht Club Dr. 843-681-4844. Windmill Harbour - 161 Harbour Passage. 843-681-9235.

Boat Ramps Bluffton Buckingham Boat Ramp Mackay Creek, US 278 just past Bluffton. Jenkins Island Dock Blue Heron Point Rd., off Hwy 278.

Bike Rentals

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Hilton Head Island

Bluffton Bluffton Bicycle Shop - 4 Oliver Ct. #103. 843-706-2453.

Hilton Head Island AAA Riding Tigers Bike Rentals Palmetto Bike Barn. 24 Palmetto Bay Rd. 843-686-5833. Hilton Head Bicycle Company 112 Arrow Rd. 843-686-6888. 800-995-4319. Island Cruisers Bike Rentals 13 Executive Park Rd. 843-785-4321. LowSea Bike, Beach & Baby Rentals 106 Arrow Rd. Sea Pines. 843-384-9322. Palmetto Dunes Outfitters 80 Queens Folly Rd. 843-785-2449. Patriot Bike Rentals 13 Executive Park Rd. 843-842-3464. Pedals Bike Rental 71-A Pope Ave. 843-842-5522, 888-699-1039. Peddling Pelican Bike Rental - Sea Pines Ctr. 843-785-3546. 800-424-8048.

Hilton Head Island

Road Fish Bike Shop - 807 Wm. Hilton Pkwy. #400 843-686-2981.

Cross Island Boat Landing Cross Island Pkwy., off Hwy 278.

Sundance Bike Rentals - 13 Executive Park Rd. 843-785-8737.

Marshland Boat Landing - Marshland Rd., off Leg O Mutton Rd and Indigo Run Dr.

Vacation Comfort Bike Rentals - 843-342-6673. 800-655-9315. | 51

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Activities Horseback Riding & Stables Daufuskie Island Daufuskie Island Stables - 843-341-2894.

Daufuskie Island Bloody Point Course - 843-842-2723.

Hilton Head Island

Melrose on the Beach - 47 Avenue of Oaks 843-422-6963.

Lawton Stables - 190 Greenwood Dr. 843-671-2586.

Hilton Head Island

Golf Courses Bluffton Crescent Pointe Golf Club 1 Crescent Pointe Dr. 843-706-2600. 866-446-2319. Eagle’s Pointe Golf Club 1 Eagle’s Pointe Dr. 843-757-5900. 888-325-1833. Hampton Hall Golf Course - 170 Hampton Hall Blvd. 843-815-8720. Hilton Head National - 60 Hilton Head National Dr. 843-842-5900. Island West Golf Course - 40 Island West Dr. 843-689-6660. May River Golf Club at Palmetto Bluff - 476 Mount Pelia Rd. 843-706-6580. Old Carolina Golf Club - 89 Old Carolina Dr. 843-757-8311. Old South Golf Links - 50 Buckingham Plantation Dr. 843-785-5353. 800-257-8997. Rose Hill Golf Club - 4 Clubhouse Dr. 843-757-9030. Sun City Courses Hidden Cypress, 672 Cypress Hills Dr. 843-705-4999. Okatie Creek, 60 SunCity Ln. 843-705-4653. Argent Lakes, 1291 Sergeant Wm Jasper Blvd N, Hardeeville, 843-645-0507. 52 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Club Key Enterprises, Inc - 1 Corpus Christie Pl. 843-877-2539 . Country Club Of Hilton Head - Hilton Head Plantation - 70 Skull Creek Dr. 843-681-2582. 866-835-0093. Golf Academy at Sea Pines Resort 843-785-4540. 800-925-0467. Golden Bear Golf Club at Indigo Run 100 Indigo Run Dr. Front Guard Gate. 843-689-2200. The Island Golf School 843-686-3355. Oyster Reef Golf Club - 155 High Bluff Rd. 843-681-7717. Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort Arthur Hills Course - George Fazio Course Robert Trent Jones Course Palmetto Dunes Resort. 843-785-1138. 866-380-1778. Palmetto Hall Plantation Arthur Hills Course - Robert Cupp Course 108 Fort Howell Dr. 843-342-2582. Port Royal Golf Course Barony Course - Planter’s Row Course Robber’s Row Course - 10 Clubhouse Dr. 843-681-1700. Sea Pines Resort - Harbour Town Golf Ocean Course - Heron Point Golf 3200 Greenwood Dr. 800-732-7463.


Miniature Golf

Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center 6 Trent Jones Ln. 866-380-1178. Sea Pines Racquet Club 5 Lighthouse Ln. 866-561-8802.

Adventure Cove - 18 Folly Field Rd. 843-842-9990.

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy - 1 Lighthouse Ln. 843-363-4789.

Legendary Golf - North - 900 Wm. Hilton Pkwy. 843-686-3399.

South Beach Racquet Club - 230 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-671-2215.

Legendary Golf - South - 80 Pope Ave. 843-785-9214.

Tennis Association of Hilton Head Island

Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf 8 Marina Side Dr. 843-686-4001.




Belfair: Fitness & Sports Center - 1 Union Ct. 843-757-0732.

Club Key Interprises, Inc - 1 Corpus Christie Pl. 843-258-2539.

Lava 24 Fitness - Moss Creek Village. 843-836-5282.

Country Club of Hilton Head- 70 Skull Creek Dr. 8 43-681-2582. 866-835-0093.

Powerhouse Gym Family Fitness - 1530 Fording Island Rd. 843-706-9700.

Fore N Shore Golf Packages - 6 Office Way. 843-842-3475. 800-866-6336. Golf Island Call Center - 888-465-3475. Hilton Head Golf Vacations - 843-689-2295. 800-364-9683. Hilton Head Guest Services - 890 Wm Hilton Pkwy. 843-341-9184. 800-621-1518. Hilton Head Rentals & Golf 578 Wm Hilton Pkwy. 843-785-8687. 800-445-8664. Sea Pines Resort - 843-732-7463. 800-SEA-PINES.

Tennis/Fitness Hilton Head Island Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort 40 Folly Field Rd. 800-475-2631.

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Shipyard Resort Brigantine Course - Clipper Course - Galleon Course - 45 Shipyard Dr. 843-686-8802. 800-2FIND-18.

Shaping Concepts of Hilton Head LLC 30 Plantation Park Dr. #205A. 843-757-8626. Beach City Health & Fitness - 39 Hospital Center Comns. 843-681-6161. Breakthrough Fitness Center - 130 Arrow Rd. 843-341-2166. Center for Health and Fitness - 2 Marshland Rd. 843-842-3359. Esmerelda’s Massage Therapy & Fitness Studios 14 New Orleans Rd. 843-785-9588. Lava 24 Fitness - 811 Wm Hilton Pkwy. 843-842-3225. Van Der Meer Shipyard Tennis Resort 116 Shipyard Dr. 843-785-8388. 800-845-6138. Van Der Meer Tennis Center 19 Cordillo Pkwy & Deallyon Rd. 843-785-8388 800-845-6138. | 53

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Arts & Culture Outside art in Old Town Bluffton.

Hilton Head Island Main Street Youth Theatre - 843-689-6246. www. The Main Street Youth Theatre is dedicated to providing a true theatrical experience to amateur young talent, through participation in high-quality productions and educational outreach programs. Art League of Hilton Head - 843-681-5060. www. The Art League of Hilton Head promotes and supports the visual arts through education, exhibitions and partnerships for the cultural enrichment of Hilton Head and its visitors. Enjoy a variety of classes at the Art Academy — from oils and watercolors to photography and sculpture. Classes are open to members and non-members and all ages and skill levels. Hilton Head Choral Society - 843-341-3818. The choirs of The Hilton Head Choral Society present a wide variety of choral music: Classical Masterworks, Pops Concerts and lighter fare, patriotic and Americana, gospel and musical theatre, along with an exciting Youth Choir repertoire. Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra Program - 843842-2055. The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra has 70 musicians under contract and world 54 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

renowned soloists appearing at many concerts. Today the orchestra is said to be “a vision that stays ahead of the curve,” and is satisfying its diverse audience with Classical Music as well as Pops and Jazz. They also sponsor many educational outreach programs. Arts Center of Coastal Carolina - 843-842-2787, Located in the heart of Hilton Head Island, the award-winning regional Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is a remarkable showcase for professional performing and visual arts, as well as cultural festivals and educational outreach. Chamber Music Hilton Head - 773-907-0665, www. Chamber Music Hilton Head is a classically trained repertory ensemble whose members collaborate to present concerts of sonatas, trios, quartets and similar works for small ensemble. Each of their programs is performed in Bluffton Sunday afternoons and on Hilton Head Island Monday evenings.

Bluffton May River Theatre of Bluffton - 843-815-5581. The May River Theatre of Bluffton presents a full season of fun, wonderful productions, from both on and off Broadway for the Bluffton community. Productions are held in the Ulmer Auditorium of Bluffton’s Town Hall.

Arts & Culture

Bluffton Al-Harry Furniture Design - 20 Calhoun St. 843-757-5999. Artist Uncorked Painting Parties - 149 Riverwalk Blvd, Ste 15, inside Creative Outlet. 843-837-4700. Bears Comics - 14 Promenade Ste 302. 843-757-6893. Fantozzi’s Wrought Iron - 41 Calhoun St. 843-301-9855. The Filling Station Art Gallery - 69 Calhoun St. 843-263-4796. Fishbone Gallery - 45 Calhoun St. 843-757-5020. Four Corners Gallery & Framing 1263-B May River Rd. 843-757-8185. Jacob Preston Studio - 10 Church St. 843-757-3084. The LaRoche Collection - 51 Pine View Dr. 843-757-5826. (appt. only)

Art Academy - 106 Cordillo Pkwy. 843-842-5738. The Art Café, Paint Your Own Pottery 1 N Forest Beach Dr. Coligny Plaza. 843-785-5525. The Art League Gallery of Hilton Head 14 Shelter Cove Ln. 843-681-5060. Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, Walter Greer Gallery - 14 Shelter Cove Ln. 843-842-ARTS(2787). Bailey’s Limited - 147-D Lighthouse Rd. 843-671-4715. Bolton Smith Gallery - 9 Harbourside Ln. 843-241-4182. Camellia Art & Gallery - 1 Office Way. 843-785-3535. Endangered Arts, Ltd - 841-B William Hilton Pkwy. 843-785-5075. FastFrame - 95 Mathews Dr. Port Royal Plaza. 843-342-7696. Hartough Gallery - 5 Hunter Rd. Ste A-4. 843-682-3711.

Maye River Gallery - 37 Calhoun St. 843-757-2633.

Karis Art Gallery - 1000 Wm Hilton Pkwy. The Village at Wexford. 843-785-5100.

Pluff Mudd Art - 27 Calhoun St. 843-757-5590.

LaBelle Image - 9-E Harbourside Ln. Shelter Cove Harbour. 843-785-3112.

Society of Bluffton Artists - 48 Boundary St. 843-757-6586.

Morris & Whiteside Galleries & Sculpture Garden - 220 Cordillo Pkwy. 843-842-4433.

Daufuskie Island Iron Fish Art - 168 Benjies Point Rd. 843-842-9448. Silver Dew Pottery - 18 Green Cove Dr. 843-842-6419.

Hilton Head Island Allaben Fine art Gallery - 24 Palmetto Bay Rd. 843-686-6068.

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Art Galleries

Nash Gallery - 13 Harbourside Ln. Shelter Cove Harbour. 843-785-6424. Neptune’s Niche - 9 Harbourside Ln. 843-785-5611. Pink House Gallery of Fine Art & Framing 1503 Main St. 843-681-5169. Picture This - 78-D Arrow Rd. #5. 843-842-5299. Smith Galleries - 1000 Wm Hilton Pkwy. J11, 843-842-2280. | 55

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Arts & Culture

Alex Puette in a production of Singin’ In the Rain. Photo provided by Art Center of Coastal Carolina. Jordan Sturm Photography

Performing Arts

Movie Theatres



May River Theatre - 20 Bridge St. Ulmer Auditorium. 843-815-5581.

Cinemark Bluffton 12 Cinemas 106 Buckwalter Pkwy. 843-757-2859.

Hilton Head Island The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina 14 Shelter Cove Ln. 843-842-2787. 888-860-2787. Hilton Head Choral Society Hilton Head Dance Theatre 24 Palmetto Business Pk. 843-785-5477. Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra 2 Park Lane, Ste 300. 843-842-2055. Main Street Youth Theater 3000 Main St. 843-689-6246. 56 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Hilton Head Island Coligny Theatre 1 N Forest Beach Dr. Bldg I-5. 843-686-3500. Northridge Cinema 10 435 William Hilton Pkwy. 843-342-3800. Park Plaza Cinemas 33 Office Park Rd. 843-785-5001.

Events Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival (Photo/courtesy of the Hilton Head Island Visitor & Convention Bureau)

January Bluffton New Year’s Day 5K & Polar Bear Plunge Bear Foot Sports. Cinemark Bluffton 12. 843-379-3440. Bluffton Rotary Oyster Roast - Rotary Community Center/Oscar Frazier Park. Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon -

February Hilton Head Island Hilton Head Island Carnival Hilton Head Snow Day - Shelter Cove Community Park. 843-681-7273. American Cancer Society’s Annual Winter Ball 843-842-5188. Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration 843-689-9314. Hilton Head Youth Orchestra-Winter Concert First Presbyterian Church. 540 Wm Hilton Pkwy 843-842-2055.

Hilton Head/Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Week - Various locations. 843-785-3673. Hilton Head Half Marathon & 10K 843-757-8520. The Heart Ball - 843-681-2355. Gullah Arts and Crafts Festival - 843-689-9314. PTR International Tennis Symposium 843-785-7244. Cooks and Books - Hilton Head Marriott Resort and Spa. 843-815-6616.

March Hilton Head Island Hilton Head International Piano Competition First Presbyterian Church. 540 Wm Hilton Pkwy. 843-842-2055. HHI Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn Plantation. 843-689-6767. Special Olympics - Please call for more information. 843-785-7244. | 57

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Events June

Hilton Head Island Wine + Food Festival The Sea Pines Resort. 843-686-4944. www.hiltonheadwineandfood


Hilton Head Shamrock 5K Run - Pope Ave. 843-757-8520.

Bluffton Sunset Party - 843-757-6293.

Wingfest - Shelter Cove Community Park. 843-681-7273.

The Burning of Bluffton - 843-757-62936.

Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry Spring Gala - 843-689-3646.

Daufuskie Island

April Bluffton Taste of Bluffton - Bluffton Town Village. 843-757-1010.

Hilton Head Island RBC Heritage Golf Tournament 843-671-2448. DMC Seafood Festival Shelter Cove Community Park. 843-681-7273. The Art Market at Historic Honey Horn Plantation - 843-689-6767. Hilton Head Choral Society Youth Choir Spring Concert - Christ Lutheran Church. 843-341-3818.

May Bluffton Bluffton Village Festival - Calhoun Street. 843-8152277. Bluffton Sunset Party - 843-757-8520.

Hilton Head Island Banana Open Junior Tennis Challenge Palmetto Dunes. 843-785-1152. Kiwanis Club of Hilton Head’s Rib Burnoff Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn 58 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Daufuskie Day - Daufuskie Island Foundation. 843-384-9941.

Hilton Head Island Banana Open Tennis Tournament Palmetto Dunes. 843-785-1152. Harbourfest - 843-785-1106.

July Bluffton Bluffton Sunset Party 843-757-6293. Mullett Day Festival The Bluffton Chamber of Commerce. 843-757-1010. The Players Amateur Berkeley Hall. 843-671-2448.

Hilton Head Island July 4th - Shelter Cove Marina. Harbour Town and Skull Creek Marina. 843-785-3673. Fitness Pro Firecracker 5000 - 843-757-8520. Summer Kayak Fest - 843-686-6996.

August Bluffton Bluffton Sunset Party - 843-757-6293.


Hilton Head Island Brendan Maloney Memorial Golf Jubilee 843-681-7273.

September Bluffton Bluffton Sunset Party 843-757-6293.

Hilton Head Island RE/MAX Children’s Miracle Network Doubles Tournament - 843-785-3673. Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament 843-842-7711. Wheelchair Tennis Championships - Van der Meer Tennis Center. 843-785-7244. Seafood Jazz & Brew Shelter Cove Community Park. 843-686-4944.

October Bluffton Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival 843-757-2583.

Hilton Head Islnd Kiwanis Club of Hilton Head’s Chili Cook-Off Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn Plantation. 843-342-2076. Community Festival - Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn Plantation. 843-689-6767.

November Bluffton Lowcountry Boil & BBQ - 843-757-1010. www.

Bluffton Beer Fest www.BlufftonBeer Music to Your Mouth Festival Lowcountry Soup Challenge Tanger Outlet Stores. 843-837-5410.

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Boiled Peanut Festival

Daufuskie Island Autumn Festival 843-842-7792.

Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance & Motoring Festival 843-785-7469. Hilton Head Oyster Festival The Island Recreation Center. 843-681-7273. New River Auto Mall Hilton Head Bridge Run 10K Run and 5K Health Walk. 843-757-8520. Taste of the Season 843-785-3673. The Piggly-Wiggly Turkey Trot The Island Recreation Center. 843-681-7273.

December Bluffton Christmas Parade

Hilton Head Island Christmas Tour of Homes Hilton Head Choral Society. 843-341-3818. Holiday Lights Tour 843-681-7273. Dove Street Festival of Lights 40 Shelter Cove Ln. Hilton Head Medical Center Jingle Jingle 5K 843-757-8520. | 59

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton


Westin Resort + Spa (Photo courtesy of the Hilton Head Island Visitor & Convention Bureau)




and Inns

Bluffton Inn at Palmetto Bluff. A Montage Resort 476 Mount Pelia Rd. 843-706-6500. 866-706-6565. Rose Hill Mansion Guest Cottage - 199 Rose Hill Way. 843- 757-6046.

Camping Bluffton Stoney Crest Plantation Campground 419 May River Rd. Bluffton. 843-757-3249.

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort 133 Arrow Rd. 843-785-7699. 800-722-2365.




Bluffton Candlewood Suites - 5 Young Clyde Ct. 843-705-9600. 877-226-3539. Comfort Suites - 23 Towne Dr. 843-815-1700. 866-893-2377. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott - 105 Okatie Center Blvd N. 843-705-2300. Hampton Inn & Suites - 29 Wm Pope Dr. 843-705-9000.

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Garden Inn - 1575 Fording Island Rd. 843-837-8111.

Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort - 43A Jenkins Island Rd. I-95 Exit 8. 843-681-3256. 800-845-9560.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - 35 Bluffton Rd. 843-757-2002. 888-465-4329. www.hiexpress. com/blufftonsc

60 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide


Suburban Extended Stay Hotel - 1376 Fording Island Rd. 843-837-9494. 877-424-6423.

Hilton Head Island The Beach House - 1 S Forest Beach Dr. 843-785-5126. Days Inn Hilton Head - 9 Marina Side Dr. 843-842-4800. 800-329-7466. Hampton Inn - 1 Dillon Rd. 843-681-7900. 800-HAMPTON. Unwind in one of 121 newly redesigned, spacious guest rooms and suites with flat-screen tv, minifridge and microwave in each. Enjoy a range of free amenities including WiFi, a gym and outdoor pool, and Hampton’s free hot breakfast. Beach less than 1 mile away, minutes to everything Hilton Head offers with the Hamptonality ™ you expect. Hilton Head Marriott at Palmetto Dunes 1 Hotel Cir. 843-686-8400. Hilton Head Metropolitan Hotel 36 S Forest Beach Dr. 843-842-3100. 800-535-3248. The Inn at Harbour Town - 7 Lighthouse Ln. 843-363-8100. 888-843-4136.

Red Roof Inn - 5 Regency Pkwy. 843-686-6808. 800-Red-Roof. Sea Pines Resort - 32 Greenwood Dr. 843-785-3333. 866-561-8802. Sonesta Resort Hilton Head - 130 Shipyard Dr. 843-842-2400. South Beach Marina Inn & Vacation Rentals 232 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-671-6498. 800-367-3909. Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa 2 Grasslawn Avenue. 843-681-4000. 800-937-8461.

Vacations & Property Rentals Bluffton Weichert Realtors Apex Realty - Parrots Creek. Hwy 802. 843-770-5115.

Hilton Head Island Adventure Inn/Vacation Time of Hilton Head 3 Lemoyne Ave. 843-785-5151. 800-845-9500. Avalon Rentals & Sales - 1 N Forest Beach Dr. Coligny Plaza. 843-757-4201. 800-346-2490.

Main Street Inn & Spa - 2200 Main St. 843-681–3001. (800)471-3001.

Beach Properties of Hilton Head 33 Bow Cir. 800-671-5155. 843-671-5155.

Omni Hilton Head - 23 Ocean Ln. 843-842-8000.

Beachside Getaway - 61 Arrow Rd. 866-443-5922.

Park Lane Hotel & Suites - 2 Park Ln. 8 43-686-5700. 877-BIRDIE-1.

Beverly Serral Properties - 5 Office Way. 843-341-3600. 843-341-3600.

Players Club Resort - 35 Deallyon. 843-785-8000. 800-497-7529. Ramada Hilton Head - 200 Museum St. 843-681-3655. Quality Inn Hilton Head Island - South Forest Beach. 2 Tanglewood Dr. 843-842-6662.

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff. A Montage Resort 476 Mt Pelia Rd. 843-706-6500.

Coastal Owner Service - 1 Mallard St. 843-247-0227. Coral Resorts - 66 Pope Ave. 843-842-3490. Destination Vacation - 7 Executive Pk Rd. 843-785-7774. 877-874-7244. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort - 22 Harbourside Ln. 843-341-4150. | 61

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Accommodations Fore ‘N Shore Golf Packages 6 Office Way. Ste 905. 843-842-3475. 866-645-6006.

Hilton Head Beach & Tennis Resort 40 Folly Field Rd. 843-842-4402. 800-475-2631.

Gainer Vacation Villas - 85 Folly Field Rd. #4501 239-395-3184.

Hilton Head Hideaways 843-868-1171.

Goode Vacation Rentals - 42 New Orleans Rd. #103. 843-681-9325. 800-673-9385

Hilton Head Rent Direct - 840 Wm Hilton Pkwy. 888-444-5573.

Harbour Town Yacht Club - 149 Lighthouse Rd. 843-671-1400. 888-412-7375.

Hilton Head Rentals & Golf - 578 Wm Hilton Pkwy. 843-785-8687. 800-445-8664.

Harbourside III - 9 Harborside Ln. 843-785-4000. 800-542-5535.

Hilton Head Resort 4 Seasons Centre 663 Wm Hilton Pkwy. 843-842-3169.

HHI Vacations - 2 Good Hope Ct. 888-WELUVHH.

Hilton Head Vacation Rentals - 32 Palmetto Bay Rd. 843-689-3010. 800-232-2463.

Hilton Head Accommodations 20 Executive Park Rd. 843-686-6662. 888-433-4762.

62 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Island Getaway Rentals - PO Box 5429. 843-842-4664. 800-608-8364.

Accommodations Hilton Head Island/Bluffton

Hilton Head Marriott Resort Spa (Photo courtesy of the Hilton Head Island Visitor & Convention Bureau)

Marriott Vacation Club 51 S. Forest Beach Dr. 843-842-1400. Palmetto Dunes Ocean Front Resort - 4 Queens Folly Rd. 843-795-1138. Palmetto Sands Vacation Rentals 17 New Orleans Rd. 843-689-5900. 877-597-2637. Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island 32 Palmetto Bay Rd. #1B. 843-686-6008. 800-845-7017. Seabreeze Vacation Rentals 78-B Arrow Rd. 843-842-6069. 800-231-6622. Sea Cloisters - 50 Star Fish Dr. 843-842-5334. 800-845-5334. Sea Pines Resort - 32 Greenwood Dr. 843-785-3333. 866-561-8802. Seashore Vacations. Inc. - 11 Executive Park Road. 843-785-2191. 800-845-0077. Sea Turtle Getaways - 14 Greenwood Dr. #101. 843-842-6000. 866-386-6644. South Beach Inn & Vacation Rentals 232 S Sea Pines Dr. 843-671-6498. 800-367-3909.

Spinnaker Resorts - 35 Deallyon Ave. 843-785-3355. 800-504-8823. Sunset Rentals - 21-D New Orleans Rd. 843-785-6767. 800-276-8991. Trident Villa Rentals at Palmetto Dunes 1-B Shelter Cove Ln. 843-785-3447. 800-237-8306. The Vacation Company 42 New Orelans Rd., 855-845-7018. 843-686-6100. Wyndham Vacation Rentals 21 Executive Park Rd. 843-842-3006. 877-568-4359. Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa 2 Grasslawn Ave. 843-681-4000.

Daufuskie Island Daufuskie Island Accommodations - 13 Bow Cir. 843-785-8021. Melrose Resort - 53 Avenue of Oaks. 843-341-2922. RBC Enterprises – Oceanfront Residence Club 200 Merchant Street. 843-842-5560. 800-603-0386. | 63

Colleton County


Colleton County

64 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Maps Colleton County

Edisto | 65

Colleton County


Lush forests to pristine beaches

Botany Bay Road on Edisto Island.


olleton County has many exciting and beautiful places to explore and discover. From its lush forests and marshes teeming with wildlife to its pristine beaches, historic Colleton County has much to offer. It was named for a Lord Proprietor, Sir John Colleton, who was bestowed a land grant from King Charles II in 1663. During the 18th century, plantations with oak-lined drives and rich fields of rice dotted the countryside, making this area one of the leading producers of rice in America. A traditional, rural lifestyle still prevails. Walterboro, settled in 1784 as a summer retreat for nearby plantations, is situated just off Interstate 95 and is a popular stop for travelers today. This attractive city abounds with fine examples of 19th century architecture including many lovely churches from earlier times as well as the South Carolina Artisans Center that provides a retail outlet for the state’s finest folk art and crafts. Stretching along the county’s northern border is South Carolina’s official canoe and kayak trail tracing 56 miles of the black

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water Edisto River. An ancient waterway important to commerce in Colonial times and to the native Indians, the Edisto is reported to be the world’s longest free-flowing black water river. Lowcountry wildlife, including deer, kingfishers, great blue herons and spot-tail bass, are abundant throughout Colleton County. Preserves, like Bear Island Wildlife Management Area, are a popular haven for hunters, fishermen and nature lovers alike. Located on the coast is Edisto Island. Once famous for growing Sea Island cotton, this beautiful island is now famous as a family vacation destination offering excellent resort accommodations and oceanside campsites. Settled in 1690, the area is rich in history with several plantation homes and pre-revolutionary churches still standing. Edisto Beach is a beachcomber’s paradise perfect for discovering shark’s teeth, shells and sand dollars along its three miles of sparkling sand.

EDISTO BEACH - Experience the beach and capture that island spirit

The secret is being discovered, and Edisto Beach has become known as a coastal island destination, a state of mind, any time…any season. Edisto is one of South Carolina’s largest barrier islands, located approximately 45 miles south of Charleston and east of Walterboro. Historic Scenic Byway SC Highway 174 stretches across the island through moss-hung ancient oaks, unspoiled marshes, and

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Colleton County An inviting front porch in Walterboro.

rich agricultural land. The North and South Edisto Rivers border two edges of the island connected by the Atlantic Ocean and Intercostal Waterway on opposite sides. When you reach the end of scenic Highway 174, you will arrive at Edisto Beach. Edisto, pronounced “EH dis tow”, is one of the most serene beaches found on the South Carolina coast. By water, the ACE Basin offers abundant wildlife including majestic wood storks, egrets, herons and an American bald eagle or two if you are so lucky. The sea creatures that you may encounter can include dolphins, sea otters, alligators and a variety of fish to delight any angler. The beach itself is “gently” developed with low-level beach houses situated along 4.5 miles of uncrowded, pristine beach, beside the many tidal creeks and rivers and throughout the interior. Countless families have spent generations of vacations exploring the natural beauty this special place has to offer. With its laid-back lifestyle and quiet, yet breath-taking, natural setting, this sea island destination provides everyone a chance to enjoy the slower pace of days gone by. There are no hotels on Edisto Beach, but there are many rental opportunities of every type and size available in which you can experience all 68 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

that makes Edisto the unique destination it is. It’s the kind of place you can bring your family, your extended family, your friends or just you and your significant other to take a well deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work to unplug from the stresses of the 21st century. Sure, there are plenty of towers and conveniences of today’s technology, but you will probably find that leaving the laptop off will allow you to experience life the “Edi-slow” way. Edisto is a fantastic beach for shelling and shark’s teeth or other fossil hunting. There have been many rare fossils found along the waterline including the tooth of a three toed horse, skate jaws, whelk egg cases and ribs and vertebrae of all sorts of ocean creatures. Loggerhead Turtles are your neighbors as the females come ashore to lay their eggs in the late spring and summer. These nests are protected and monitored by local organizations. If you like to fish, there are numerous options. Surf fishing requires minimal equipment. A pole, some bait and a bucket to haul off your catch are the basics. Anything you didn’t bring with you can be bought or rented at several places on the beach. There are several charter captains listed further

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Colleton County A look at the marina at Edisto Beach. Above: Headed out to go fishing. Top right: Antique shopping is a popular pastime in Walterboro. Bottom right: The historic BotanyBay Icehouse.

along in this guide that provide trips in shore and off shore. Edisto has several seafood markets that offer up local freshly caught seafood options you can purchase to take back to the house and cook up yourself. And if you would rather have someone else do it for you, there are great restaurants at the beach and a few other options a little further out on the island. Make sure to visit the unique shops and outfitters. And, if golf is your game, the Plantation Course at Edisto is a beautiful but challenging course amid the oaks and the pines. All who visit Edisto experience the comfort and rejuvenation of the island lifestyle, and its residents are committed to moderate well-planned growth that is focused on retaining that spirit. There’s also Edisto Beach State Park opened nearly 60 years ago, putting Edisto on the map of summer attractions. The State Park has expanded many times over the years. It now includes beach and marsh-side camping, cabins, a boat ramp and dock, and a nature interpretative center. And, of course the all favorite past time of 70 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch (in the Southern vernacular, that is whichever side faces the water) with your favorite beverage, your favorite must read or must listen to and watch the sun come up and go down while being lulled by the sound of the surf and watching the pelicans glide effortlessly by. Whether you tap into the wide array of activities and recreational outings that abound, or just take the time to soak in the area’s unrivaled sunsets, Edisto Beach is revered by individuals and families, beach and nature lovers, and golfers and boaters alike who seek to escape the hustle of everyday life.

Welcome to Walterboro

Walterboro and Colleton County offer the beauty of abundant natural resources mixed with the cultural heritage and friendliness of an historic small town. During the summer of 1784, owners of large rice plantations in what is now Colleton County began searching for a better location for their summer homes. They chose the most ideal spot in the area and named it Hickory Valley.

Colleton County

This small summer retreat grew and eventually took the name of two of its original settlers, Paul and Jacob Walters. In 1817, the City of Walterboro became the county seat and was officially incorporated in 1826. Much of the grace and charm of the lifestyle of these early settlers can still be found in Walterboro today. The City abounds with fine examples of their architecture, including structures that are noted on the National Register of Historic Places. Passing along the quiet, treelined streets of Walterboro’s residential neighborhoods, one almost expects to catch glimpses of its earliest residents relaxing on the broad porches or strolling among the gardens. Ancient, mossdraped live oak trees shade streets lined with quaint houses and churches. Our quality of life is enhanced by the availability of golf, tennis, and specialty and antique shops located in the central business district. We have an active cultural arts community, which includes a community theater, a cultural arts council and the official South Carolina Artisans Center with fine folk art and crafts. The SC Artisans Center is a retail outlet for juried

South Carolina artists. Its educational programs and craft demonstrations provide a cultural and educational resource for the state and a oneof-akind attraction for visitors. For nature enthusiasts, the ACE Basin offers wildlife watching, camping, fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing, and hunting. The Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto River (ACE) Basin represents one of the largest undeveloped estuaries on the East Coast of the United States. The Basin consists of approximately 350,000 acres of diverse habitats, forested wetlands, fresh, brackish and salt-water tidal marshes, barrier islands and beaches. The ACE Basin hosts a wealth of wildlife resources, including such endangered and threatened species as the bald eagle, woodstork, osprey, loggerhead sea turtle and short-nose sturgeon. When you visit Walterboro, you will discover the heritage that distinguishes our quality of living, the natural resources that refresh the spirit and body, and above all the friendly hometown atmosphere that epitomizes southern hospitality. LVG | 71

Colleton County


Due to space limitations, not all national and fast food establishments are listed.

Flowers Seafood to Go 1914 Hwy. 174. 843-869-0033.

Edisto Island

The Happie Truck 3101 Myrtle St. 803-984-4231.

Billow Street Pizza 2801 Myrtle St. 843-869-3388.

Island Video & Ice Cream 114 Jungle Rd. Ste D, 843-869-3134.

Buck’s Pizza 114-A Jungle Rd. 843-869-5000.

J Peters Grill 21 Fairway Dr. 843-869-4333.

The Coffee Shop 3731 Docksite Rd. 843-869-3000.

McConkey’s Jungle Shack 108 Jungle Rd. 843-869-0097.

Dockside Bar and Grill 3730 Docksite Rd. 843-869-2695.

Old Post Office Restaurant 1442 Hwy. 174. 843-869-2339.

Finn’s Island Grill 102 Palmetto Blvd. 843-869-4474. 72 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Po’ Pigs BO-B-Q 487 Hwy. 174. 843-869-9003.


Sea Cow Eatery 145-A Jungle Rd. 843-869-3222. Sugartime 114 Jungle Rd. 843-869-4007. The Waterfront Restaurant & Bar 136 Jungle Rd. 843-869-1400. Whaley’s 2801 Myrtle St. 843-869-2161.

Dairyland 438 S Jeffries Blvd. 843-549-7431. Dimitrio’s House of Pizza 656 Bells Hwy. 843-549-5597. Dukes Barbeque 949 Robertson Blvd. 843-549-1446. El Pueblo 103 Eddie Chasteen Dr. 843-549-9530. Fat Jack’s Grillin n Chillin 308 Ivanhoe Rd. 843-549-5096. Forks Food Court 1541 Cottageville Hwy. 843-538-4800.


Fuji Express 339 N Jeffries Blvd. 843-549-8599.

Boochie’s Seafood Market 900 S Jefferies Blvd. 843-782-3990.

Hiott’s Pharmacy 373 E Washington St. 843-549-7222.

Buck’s Pizza Pick Up or Delivery 444 Bells Hwy. 843-549-1995.

Main Street Grille 256 E Washington St. 843- 782-4774.

Castillo’s Pizza 334 Washington St. 843-782-7777. Carmines Trattoria 242 E Washington St. 843-782-3248. China Buffet 2056 Bells Hwy. I-95 Exit 57. 843-539-1381.

Colleton County

Pressley’s at the Marina 3702 Docksite Rd. 843-869-9226.

Old Bank Christmas & Gift Shop Bakery 229 E Washington St. 843-549-6555. Olde House Cafe 1274 Bells Hwy. 843-538-2614 . Willtown Tavern Restaurant Dogwood Hills Golf Course 1 Dogwood Ln. 843-538-8316.

China Dragon 350 N Jefferies Blvd. 843-549-5215. China Express 418 S Jefferies Blvd. 843-549-2598. China Wok 327 Bells Hwy. 843-549-9557. Cliff ’s Hot Dog Station 617 Wichman St. 843-782-3647. Cracker Barrel 59 Cane Branch Rd. 843-538-7800. | 73

Colleton County

Activities Edisto Beach

Points Of Interest Edisto Edisto Serpentarium -1374 Highway 174 Edisto Island 843-869-1171. Dedicated to recognizing, preserving and studying reptiles. Near the Old Post Office Restaurant. Features 1,000 Snakes, alligator pits, turtles, lizards. Interpretations. The serpenterium is open to the public from 10am - 3pm. Edisto Museum - 8123 Chisholm Plantation Rd 843-869-1954. Houses rich history and artifacts that are unique to Edisto Island. The museum hosts several special exhibits and events throughout the year including its popular annual fall tour, “Edisto and Beyond.” 843-8691954, www.edistomuseum.orgOpen Tues thru Sat, 1-4pm. Winter (Jan-Feb) Tues, Thurs & Sat 1-4 pm Botany Bay Plantation - Botany Bay Rd. Edisto Island. 843-869-2713. Along with the natural beauty visitors will also find the ruins of an 1800’s plantation house, slave quarters and several intact outbuildings from the 1840’s. Two miles of beach form the eastern border of the plantation as well. This wildlife management area is open to the public during daylight hours all days except Tuesdays and special hunt days.

Walterboro Bedon Lucas House - 205 Church St. Historic Walterboro. Built in the 1820’s, this is one of the key historic properties in the Walterboro Historic District. The well-preserved interior features original heart pine floors and an excellent display of antique furnishings. Free tours – groups welcome. 74 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Slave Relics Historical Museum - 208 Carn St. Walterboro. This museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history and culture of African-American slaves. Actual artifacts made and used by slaves in their daily lives, along with tools and household items date from 1750 through the mid 1800’s. Tues-Sat 10-3 p.m. Groups by appointment only. Colleton Museum & Farmers Market - 506 East Washington St. Walterboro. Located in the heart of historic downtown Walterboro, you can explore and discover art, history and nature. The museum explores the history of Colleton County and showcases wildlife of the Lowcountry. Free open to the public. Tues from 12 -6 p.m., Wed- Fri 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sat 10a.m.- 2 p.m. Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary - Detreville St. Walterboro. Walterboro’s nature-based sanctuary offers visitors a lowcountry experience combining history, culture, recreation and education in a southern lowlands setting. A network of boardwalks, hiking, biking and nature trails provide perfect views of the diverse plants and wildlife inhabiting the black-water bottomland. Free and open from dawn dusk. Free tours – Groups welcome. Tuskegee Airmen Monument - 537 Aviation Way, Walterboro. This monument commemorates the heroism of America’s first black military airmen, who enlisted during World War II. They learned to fly three types of aircraft that were used to escort larger planes into battle. During the war, 1,000 Tuskegee Airmen flew 1,578 missions.

Activities and

State Parks

Wildlife Preserves, Trails & Sights



Colleton State Park - Hwy 15, 10 miles north of Walterboro, near Canady’s. 843-538-8206. www. Edisto River Resource Center and Ranger Station - 35 acres, picnic shelters, nature trails, canoing, camping, river fishing along the longest free flowing water in North America.

ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve System - Research information 843-844-8822. Tours 843-521-3099. More than 140,000 acres of winding tidal creeks, salt marshes, barrier and marsh islands. Home to many endangered or threatened species such as Loggerhead Sea Turtles and Southern bald eagles.

Edisto Beach State Park - 843-869-4430. www. Rich in wildlife and history, trails are in abundance for hiking and biking. Spacious beach. The park is open from 8am-6pm daily. The Learning Center is open Tues -Sat 9am-4pm. Edisto Island, 843-869-2156, 843-869-2756. 1,255 acres, cabins, picnic shelters, playground, swimming, nature/hiking trails, ocean fishing, beach combing, boat ramp, camping, nature center, gift shop. Admission fee.

Bear Island Wildlife Management Area - TiTi Rd. Green Pond 843-844-8957, This area is considered to be one of the best birding areas in the state. Bird watchers will find threatened and endangered species such as wood storks and bald eagles. Two observation platforms and miles of dikes provide optimum wildlife viewing opportunities. The area is free and open to the general public from dawn to dusk.

Colleton County


Edisto Beach - Located about 45 miles south of Charleston and is accessed via US 17, the coastal highway and state route 174. Edisto Beach is one of the few remaining family-oriented, gently developed beaches on the eastern coastline of South Carolina. Located in Colleton County where the Edisto River, one of the longest free-flowing blackwater rivers in North America, completes its 206-mile journey to the Atlantic Ocean. Today, low-lying houses are situated along 4.5 miles of this uncrowded, pristine beach. With a laid-back lifestyle and a quiet, yet breath-taking, natural setting, this sea island destination offers everyone a chance to enjoy the slower pace of days gone by. For generations, families have escaped to Edisto Beach, just 45 minutes from historic Charleston, where easy access to the area’s rivers and the shell-rich beach gives the Edisto Beach explorer a wealth of opportunities for boating, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, kayaking, bird-watching, or just lounging by the surf. Though best known for its natural beauty and quiet pace, Edisto Beach visitors and residents also enjoy play on the newly refurbished and acclaimed golf course and dining in local restaurants. Whether you tap into the wide array of activities and recreational outings that abound, or just take the time to soak in the area’s unrivaled sunsets, Edisto Beach is revered by individuals and families, beach and nature lovers, and golfers and boaters alike who seek to escape the hustle of everyday life. | 75

Colleton County

Activities Colleton County Bear Island Wildlife Management Area - Located between the Ashepoo and South Edisto Rivers, off US Hwy 17 and approx. 2 miles east of Green Pond. 843-844-2952. Mon.-Sat., Jan. 21th - Oct. 31st. Sunrise to sunset. 11,055 acres includes 4419 acres of impounded marshland managed for waterfowl. Regulated hunting. Donnelley Wildlife Management Area - Hwy 17, Green Pond 843-844-8957. An 8,048 acre diversity of wetland and upland habits including: rice fields, forested wetland, tidal marsh, and upland forest types. This important bird area encompasses a unique diversity of managed rice fields, forested wetlands, tidal marsh, and agricultural land. It includes two designated nature trails and miles of dirt roads for hikers and bicyclists to explore. Alligators are also in abundance here. A driving tour of the area is an option for those who are mobility impaired. Open to the public dawn to dusk. Westvaco Nature Trail - 843-871-5000. Jacksonboro, SC. This trail features fauna, flora and historical landmarks such as the Old King’s Highway (dating from 1700), old rice field banks and an old phosphate plant site. Edisto Spanish Mount Trail at Edisto Beach State Park - 843-869-4430. This four-mile self-interpretive nature trail winds through a maritime forest and includes an ancient Indian shell mound. Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area - 843-869-2713. The 4,360.5 acre Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located adjacent to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast corner of Edisto Island. The area’s location near the North Edisto river places it within the boundary of the ACE Basin Focus Area, one of the largest remaining relatively undeveloped wetland ecosystems along the Atlantic Coast.

Walterboro Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary - Walterboro, Detreville St. 843-538-4353. Comprosed of over 800 acres of braided creek and hardwood flats. The sanctuary offers boardwalks, bridges, bike and walking trails for viewing natural Lowcountry wildlife and beauty. Spanish Moss drips from Cypress trees and wildflowers abound as you pass a beaver pond, duck pond and butterfly garden. 76 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Kayaking & Paddling Colleton County Carolina Heritage Outfitters 1 Livery Ln. Off Hwy 15, Canadys 843-563-5051. Edisto River Canoe & Kayak Trail Walterboro, 843-549-5445. 56 miles of meandering “black water” Edisto River. 5 easy-access public boat landings.

Edisto Edisto Essentials 436-A Hwy 174. 843-869-0951. Edisto Watersports & Tackle 3731 Docksite Rd. 843-869-0663.

Tours & Transportation Edisto Addam’s Artifacts and Relic Hunting Adventures 7865 Little Britton Rd. 843-889-6073. 843-276-8338. Botany Bay Ecotours 3702 Docksite Rd. 843-869-2998. Captain Jimmy Bell’s Edisto Shrimp Boat Charters 8337 Fairview Nursery Rd. 843-869-2726. Edisto Watersports & Tackle 3731 Docksite Rd. 843-869-0663. Island Bikes and Outfitters 140 Jungle Rd. 843-869-4444. 843-869-1321. Pink Van Tours Edisto Island. 843-603-0967.


Singleshot Guide Service 3610 Big Bay Dr. 843-557-0726. Tours of Edisto 843-869-1984. Historical Tours Wilkinson’s Landing Kayak & Canoe 1199 Frampton Inlet Rd. 843-609-7102.

Walterboro Bonnie Doone Plantation Tour Hwy 64 or Hwy 17. 843-723-4571. 888-317-6799. Tour our gardens & plantation house. Call ahead. Walterboro City Walking Tour 403 A. Washington St. 843-549-9595. 1273 Sniders Hwy. 843-538-4353. Walterboro Welcome Center Exit 53 off I-95. 1273 Sniders Hwy. 843-538-4353.

Fishing Charters Edisto Edisto Shrimp Boat Charters 8032 Little Britton Rd, 843-729-2687. Edisto Watersports & Tackle 3731 Docksite Rd. 843-869-0663. Fontaine Charters 3729 Docksite Rd. 843-869-3446. Rudder Craft Outfitters 3761 Docksite Rd. 843-631-0149. Singleshot Guide Service 3610 Big Bay Dr. 843-869-3022.

Ugly Duckling Charters 3072 Brick House Rd. 843-869-1580

Colleton County

Rudder Craft Outfitters 3761 Docksite Rd. 843-631-0149.

Marinas Edisto Edisto Watersports & Tackle 3731 Docksite Rd. 843-869-0663 The Marina at Edisto Beach 3702 Docksite Rd. 843-631-5055

Boat Ramps Edisto Good Hope Boat Ramp Edisto River, US 17A, approximately 2 miles from Cottageville off Route 91, north 3 miles. Long Creek Boat Ramp Edisto River, US 17A, approximately 2 miles from Cottageville off Route 91. Sullivan’s Ferry Boat Ramp Edisto River, US 17A, approximately 2 miles from Cottageville off Route 91. Cuckhold’s Creek Boat Ramp Cuckhold’s Creek, US 17, 3 miles south of Green Pond to Route 119 North to Route 66 West. Chessie Boat Ramp Chessie Creek, from Walterboro, Hwy 64 East to Route 317 South, to Route 458 South. Mars Oldfield Boat Landing Edisto River off Hwy 61, west of Givhans Ferry State Park. Lowndes Boat Landing Edisto River, Lowndes Landing Rd. SE of Cottageville. Steamboat Landing Edisto River, approximately 6 miles from beach on Steamboat Landing Rd off of Hwy 174 (ramp on Steamboat Creek off of the North Edisto River) | 77

Colleton County


Handmade glass at the Artisan’s Center in Walterboro.

Price Bridge Boat Ramp Horseshoe Creek, from Walterboro. Hwy. 64 East to Route 199 South, approximately 2 miles.

Old Chehaw Boat Landing Chehaw River, off US 17 at the end of County Road 161.

Bennett’s Point Boat Ramp Ashepoo River, US 17 to Green Pond. Route 26 South through Bear Island Wildlife Management Area.

Fields Point Boat Landing Combahee River, County Rod 161 off Hwy 17.

Brickyard Boat Ramp Ashepoo River, US 17 to Green Pond. Route 26 South to bridge over river.


West Bank Boat Ramp Edisto River. US 17 from Jacksonboro Route 30 South approx. 3 miles. Live Oak Landing 2 miles off Hwy 174, Big Bay Creek Palmetto Rd. Edisto Island.

78 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Bike Rentals

Edisto Bike Rentals 1 King Cotton Rd. 843-217-8027. Edisto Essentials PO Box 716. 843-869-0951. rentals by pick up & delivery Island Bikes & Outfitters 140 Jungle Rd. 843-869-4444.


Edisto Crafts By the Sea 8548 Racoon Island Rd. 843-869-0075. 866-836-0075. Edisto Beach Pavilion Gift Shop 101 Palmetto Blvd. 843-869-3069. Edisto Bookstore 547 Hwy 174. 843-869-1885. Edisto Island Museum & Gift Shop 8123 Chisolm Plantation Rd. 843-869-1954. Edisto Resort Wear 114-C Jungle Rd. 843-869-1200. Edisto Surf Shop 145 Jungle Rd. 843-869-9283. Edisto Treasures & Consignments 119 Jungle Rd. Palmetto Plaza. 843-869-4044. Edisto True Value 827 Oyster Factory Rd. 843-869-4420. Edistonian Gift Shop & Gallery/Surf & Turf Beachwear 406 Hwy 174. 843-869-4466. King’s Market 2559 Hwy 174. 843-869-3600. Palmetto Gallery and Gifts 438 Hwy 174. 843-869-4002. The Pink Pirate 547 Hwy 174. Ste 1A/2B. 843-209-9431. Plantation Course Pro Shop Edisto Beach 19 Fairway Dr. 843-869-1111. Pluff Mud Love LLC 114 G Jungle Rd. 843-603-4447.

Shore Thing Gift Shop 136 Jungle Rd. 843-869-1550. Tranquil Landing Studio 8557 Palmetto Rd. 843-869-5182.

Colleton County


With These Hands Gallery 1444 Hwy 174. 843-869-3509.

Walterboro Antiques & Collectibles of Walterboro 220 E Washington St. 843-549-7219. Bachelor Hill Antiques & Appraisals 255 E Washington St. 843-549-1300. Belk 389 Bells Hwy. 843-782-8000. Carolina Closet Boutique 261 E Washington St. 843-782-4399. Choice Collectibles 329 E Washington St. 843-549-2617. Colleton County Museum Gift Shop & Farmers Market 506 E Washington St. 843-549-2303. Consignment Envy 813 Bells Hwy. 843-782-5000. East Main Boutique 210 E Washington St. 843-782-4151. The Frame Shop at Bachelor Hill 251 E Washington St. 843-599-1366. The Golden Daffodil 356 E Washington St. 843-782-3455. Grand Oaks Antiques 213 E Washington St. 843-599-5852. Goodys 229 Robertson Blvd. 843-549-6329. Hayes Jewelers. Inc 219 E Washington St. 843-549-7212. | 79

Colleton County

Activities Hickory Valley Antiques 129 E Washington St. 843-549-7392.

Washington Street Antiques 324 E Washington St. 843-549-5527.

Hiott’s Pharmacy 373 E Washington St. 843-549-7222.

Watercolours Interiors & Antiques 267 E Washington St. 570-850-7648.

Infinger’s Jewelry 212 E Washington St. 843-549-5616.

William’s Seafood 100 Frances St. 843-549-5847.

It’s Retail Therapy 248 E Washington St. 843-782-3334.

Golf Courses

Jus’ Sports 1017 Bells Hwy. 843-549-1656.


Olde Bank Christmas. Gift & Bakery 229 E Washington St. 843-549-6555.

The Plantation Course at Edisto 19 Fairway Dr. 843-869-1111.

Once Again Boutique 259 E Washington St. South Carolina Artisan’s Center 318 Wichman St. 843-549-0011. The Southern Lady 523 S Jefferies Blvd. 843-782-3955. Sweet Dreams & Jelly Beans 228 E Washington St. 843-549-6480. The Trading Post 266 Wichman St. 843-217-0443. Treasure Chest Gold Co 619 Bells Hwy. 843-549-2203. Trinkets and Treasures 340 E Washington St. 843-782-3727. Wal-Mart Super Center 2110 Bells Hwy. 843-539-1560.

80 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Golf Package The Plantation Course at Edisto 19 Fairway Dr. 843-869-1111.

Walterboro Dogwood Hills Golf Course 1 Dogwood Ln. 843-538-8316.




Walterboro City of Walterboro 280 Recreation Ln. 843-538-3031 ext103. Forest Hills Tennis Courts 790 Ireland Hills Dr. Fitlife 302 Medical Park Dr. 843-549-0750.

Activities A challenging Par Colleton County

3 at the Plantation Course at Edisto. | 81

Colleton County

Arts & Culture Doug Grier Art & Frame Co. 8905 Marsh Aire Ln. 843-869-0491. Edisto Art Guild 843-869-3576. Susan Roberts Photos 843-869-4346. 877-285-3877. Turtle Tracks Pottery 8747 Marsh Aire Ln. 843-869-1642. Wendie Smith Photography 843-869-7582. Ribbit!

Colleton County Colleton County Arts Council 843-549-8360. Promotes a cultural, social, economic, and educational climate in Colleton County in which the artistic heritage and creativity of all of the area’s people may find a voice. Thousands of local children and adults and scores of professional artists from throughout the region take part in visual and performing arts classes, educational performances, and visiting productions ranging from ballet to comedy improvisation.

Walterboro S. C. Artisan’s Center 843-549-0011. The South Carolina Artisans Center’s mission is to interpret, market, preserve and perpetuate the folk art and fine craftsmanship of South Carolina Artisans while creating a better understanding of our rich and diverse cultural heritage. The Artisan’s Center holds several Artist’s Demonstration at various times during the year.

Art Galleries Edisto Island Colorful Things Photography 3105 Myrtle St. 843-869-1615. 82 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

With These Hands Gallery 1444 Hwy 174. 843-869-3509.

Walterboro Green Lady Gallery 261 E. Washington St. 843-782-4569. South Carolina Artisans Center 318 Wichman St. 843-549-0011.

Performing Arts Walterboro Colleton County Arts Council 334 Wichman St. 843-549-1922.

Movie Theatres Walterboro Ivanhoe Cinema Four 320 Ivanhoe Dr. 843-549-6400.

Events Colleton County The Criterium Bike Race in downtown Walterboro.





Edisto Eats Food Festival – Preliminaries

Arts & Crafts Market - Bay Creek Park.

March Edisto

Easter Sunrise Service - Pavilion Parking Lot. 888333-2781. 843-869-3867. Edisto Day Bazaar - Arts and Crafts Festival Lion’s Club, Myrtle St.

Arts & Crafts Market Bay Creek Park.

EIHPS “Bidding for History” Various locations. Edisto Island Historical Preservation Society.

Edisto Eats Festival & Chef Competition Various locations.


Edisto Road Race- 5K, 1 Mile, Walk & Fun Run Held in conjunction with the Edisto Eats Festival

Wings and Wheels Lowcountry Regional Airport. 843-549-2549.

Edisto Pride-Great American Clean-up Edisto Island Open Land Trust. 843-869-9004.

Taste of Walterboro Downtown Walterboro. 843-549-1079.

A play by the Edisto Art Guild Players Edisto Beach Civic Center. Dinner Theater on Opening Night. 843-869-3192

Colleton County Rice Festival Downtown Walterboro. 843-549-1079.


5K Rice Run Downtown Walterboro. 843-549-1079.

Colleton Open Public Paddle Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail. Colleton State Park.

May Edisto Arts & Crafts Market - Bay Creek Park | 83

Colleton County

Events Back To Nature Outings Edisto Island Open Land Trust. 843-869-9004. Art Guild Show and Sale The Edistonian General Store. 888-333-2781. 843-869-3867. Edisto Beach Offshore Challenge Dockside Restaurant and Edisto Marina Fire Department Fish Fry - Lion’s Club, Myrtle St. Annual Raft Race - Big Bay Creek.

Walterboro Criterium Bicycle Race Downtown Walterboro. 843-538-4353. Walterboro Rodeo 843-893-3894. Walterboro Antiques, History and Arts Festival SC Artisan’s Center. 843-549-0011. Colleton Open Public Paddle Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail. Colleton State Park. Friends of the Edisto Stewardship Day (FRED) Colleton State Park.

Edisto Arts & Crafts Market - Bay Creek Park.

June Edisto Bingo The Edisto Beach Lions Club hosts fun for the whole family Bingo Tuesdays & Thursdays. June through August. Lion’s Club, Myrtle Street 843-869-0585. Edisto Island Open Land Trust Cocktail Party Live & Silent Auction, Edisto Beach Civic Center 84 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Tomato Open Golf Tournament Plantation Golf Course at Edisto 843-869-1111.

Walterboro Edisto Riverfest -

July Edisto Arts & Crafts Market - Bay Creek Park Governor’s Cup Billfishing Tournament Edisto Marina. 843-869-3504.

Walterboro Colleton Open Public Paddle - Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail. Colleton State Park.

August Edisto Arts & Crafts Market Bay Creek Park. Estuaries Day Edisto Interpretive Center. 843-869-4430. Spot Tail/Golf Tournament The Marina at Edisto Beach and The Plantation Course at Edisto

Walterboro Colleton Open Public Paddle Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail. Colleton State Park.

September Edisto Arts & Crafts Market - Bay Creek Park.


Edisto Shrimp Festival Bay Creek Park. 843-869-3867. Edisto Pride-Beach/River Sweep Edisto Island Open Land Trust. 843-869-9004.

Jacksonboro Battle of Parker’s Ferry 843-549-9633.

October Edisto Arts & Crafts Market Bay Creek Park. Art Guild Show & Sale The Edistonian. 843-869-3867. “Edisto and Beyond” Edisto Island Museum. 843-869-1954. Edisto Fall Festival Jungle Shores Road. 843-869-3867. The Bridge Walk for Breast Health Awareness McKinley Washington Bridge. 843-869-4319. Trick or Treat at the Creek Bay Creek Park.

November Edisto

Colleton County

Edisto Beach Music & Shag Festival Bay Creek Park,

Arts & Crafts Market Bay Creek Park. Oyster Roast & Annual Meeting Edisto Island Open Land Trust. 843-869-9004.

Walterboro Oyster Roast at Gracefield Plantation Colleton Historical Preservation Society. 205 Church St. 843-549-9633. Holiday Open House in Historic Downtown 843-538-4353.

December Edisto Edisto Christmas Parades (Street Parade & Boat Parade) 843-869-3867. Edisto Community Chorus Christmas Concert Edisto Beach Baptist Church. 888-333-2781. 843-869-3867.

Walterboro Walterboro Christmas Parade 843-538-4353. Lowcountry International Food and Arts Festival Downtown Walterboro. 843-549-1922.

Jacksonboro Annual Service at Pon Pon and Fall Plantation Tour. 843-549-9633. | 85

Colleton County

Accommodations Camping

Hotel Hammock 214 S Jeffries Blvd. 843-782-7625.

Edisto Beach Edisto Island State Park 8377 State Cabin Rd. 843-869-2156. 866-345-PARK.

Walterboro Colleton State Park 147 Wayside Ln. Canadys. 843-538-8206. 866-345-PARK. New Green Acres RV Park 396 Campground Rd. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-3450. 800-474-3450.




Walterboro Best Western 1428 Sniders Hwy. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-3600. 800-WESTERN. Comfort Inn & Suites 97 Downs Ln. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-5911. 877-424-6423. Days Inn 1787 Sniders Hwy. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-2933. 800-225-3297. Hampton Inn 1835 Sniders Hwy. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-2300. 800-HAMPTON. Holiday Inn Express & Suites 1834 Sniders Hwy. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-2700. 800-439-4745.

86 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Microtel Inn & Suites 130 Cane Branch Rd. I-95 Exit 53. 843-539-5656. 800-337-0050. Quality Inn & Suites 1286 Sniders Hwy. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-5473. 877-424-6423. Ramada Inn - 1245 Sniders Hwy. I-95 Exit 53. 843-538-5403. 800-854-9517. Sleep Inn 3043 Hiers Corner Rd. I-95 Exit 57. 843-539-1199. 877-424-6423. Super 8 1972 Bells Hwy. I-95 Exit 57. 843-538-5383. 800-454-3213.

Vacations & Property Rentals Edisto Island Atwood Vacations 495 Hwy 174. 843-869-2151. 866-713-5214. Edisto Sales & Rentals Realty Edisto Rentals and Sales are our specialty. Unparalleled family vacations in homes & villas on uncommercialized Edisto Beach. Invest in your future with property on Edisto. Edisto Beach... Where dreams come true and families come to play. 1405 Palmetto Blvd. Edisto Beach. SC 29438. 843-869-2527. 866-856-6538. Egret’s Pointe Townhouses - 547 Hwy 174. 843-869-0100. Wyndham Ocean Ridge Resort 1 King Cotton Rd. 843-869-2561. 877-296-6335.

Accommodations Colleton County | 87

Colleton County

Accommodations Prudential, Kapp-Lyons Realty 440 Hwy 174. Edisto Island. SC 29438. 843-869-2516. 800-945-9667. Tom Kapp. 843-708-0008. Van Leer Rowe. 843-607-7082. Matt Van Bakergem. 843-708-9991. Walton Salley. 843-631-0222.

Walterboro The Hampton House Bed & Breakfast 500 Hampton St. 843-542-9498. Nine O’ Seven Bed & Breakfast 907 Hampton St. 843-542-2943. Old Academy Bed & Breakfast 904 Hampton St. 843-549-3232.


ZZZNDSSO\RQVFRP 88 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Accommodations Colleton County Wescott Road on Edisto Island. | 89

Hampton County




90 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide



nce mapped as “Indian Lands”, this county of deep forests, swamps, and ponds is today famous to many sportsmen, hunters and fishermen for its exceptional hunting grounds and excellent river and creek fishing. Not only does the Lowcountry offer one of the longest hunting seasons in the country, it also contains the largest whitetailed deer populations in the state. Evidence of this area’s first residents, the native Indians can still be seen through such fascinating river names as the Salkehatchie, the Combahee and the Coosawhatchie. Hunting for Indian artifacts is a popular pastime, especially over a freshly plowed field after a good rain where many an arrowhead or pottery shard can be discovered. The town of Hampton is the county seat, named after General Wade Hampton, an important Civil War military leader and former state governor. Hampton, along with its sister town of Varnville are the hosts of the annual Hampton County Watermelon Festival, South Carolina’s oldest continuing festival dating back to 1939. Hampton County is

Hampton County

Watermelon Capital

a major producer of watermelons in the state and each June over 60,000 visitors come to help celebrate and enjoy this delicious summertime crop. Yemassee, just one mile off Interstate 95, hosts an annual Shrimp Festival in September, celebrating the abundance of shrimp caught locally each year and featuring a boat parade, kiddie rides and unique shrimp cuisine. Furman, Estill and Gifford are hosts to spring, summer and fall festivals. Brunson is host to a “Fun Day” for you and Varnville celebrates with a “Day in the Park.” Recreation abounds at Lake Warren State Park, a 1,390-acre fishing, boating and picnic area. Nature lovers can view alligators and water birds from the pier or along the lake’s edge. Other attractions throughout this county of friendly rural towns are farms and numerous antebellum plantation homes, historic churches and cemeteries. Unique sights to see include the Webb Wildlife Center, Hampton’s town and county museums (both in historic buildings), and the town of Varnville which was the setting for 1930s scenes from | 91

Hampton County Above: Richfield Plantation is a beautiful venue for special events. Right: Revolutionary War re-enactors.

the movie “Forrest Gump.” The Hampton Museum & Visitors Center is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Town of Hampton is the county seat of Hampton County, and is known as the Watermelon Capital, as it is home to the annual Hampton County Watermelon Festival, South Carolina’s oldest continuing festival dating back to 1939. Hampton County is a major producer of watermelons and each June over 60,000 visitors come to help celebrate and enjoy this delicious summertime crop. Hampton’s historic downtown offers a number of retail stores to explore, and the Hampton County Museum features eight rooms for you to experience with admission to the museum being free of charge. The surrounding small towns of Varnville, Estill, Brunson, for example, offer delightful pastoral settings and surprises around each corner like Penny Branch, a terrific 18 hole course in Furman. Recreation abounds at Lake Warren State Park, a 92 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

1,390 acre fishing, boating, and picnic area. Nature lovers can view alligators and water birds from the pier or along the lake’s edge. It is truly a nature experience you won’t soon forget! Located just off of Exit 38 on I-95 is the small town of Yemassee, home of several privately owned plantations, and a recently renovated Train Depot, which was the location for a BBC Reality Show called The Week The Women Went. Another local favorite is Harold’s Country Club, an old gas station that was transformed into a restaurant and known for its unique interior collectibles, genuine auto parts decor and down-home Southern cooking. Saturday Night Steak Night is a favorite of local residents. Other attractions through this county of friendly rural towns are farms and numerous antebellum plantation homes, like Richfield Plantation, a popular wedding venue, and majestic historical churches and cemeteries. Hampton County is full of fun discoveries during your stay in the Lowcountry! LVG

Section Hampton County | 93

Hampton County


Due to space limitations, not all national and fast food establishments are listed.

Rigdon’s Fried Chicken 801 W Magnolia St. 803-943-4383.


The Wing Place 304 1st St. East 843-943-9464.

China Town Chinese Restaurant 82 Third St W. 803-625-3030.


Elizabeth’s Ice Cream & Deli 220 W Railroad Ave. 803-625-9900.

Lowcountry Grill 965 E Carolina Ave. 803-914-0017.

El Zarape - 73 W Railroad Ave. 803-625-2855.

Lowcountry Seafood 204 E Carolina Ave. 803-943-0170.

Lester Deloach Pit Bar-B-Que 8500 Hwy 601 (Savannah Hwy). 803-625-2305.

Hampton County Coconuts - 120 1st St West. 803-943-3399. El Ranchito - 1369 W Elm St. 803-943-3453. Hampton Restaurant 704 W Elm St. 803-943-3002. Julienne’s Espresso Café 301 Lee Ave. 803-943-0056. New Hong Kong 1001 W Elm St. 803-943-9951. 94 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Yemassee Chinatown 10 Yemassee Hwy. 843-589-2100. Cozy Corner Café 59 Salkehatchie Rd. 843-589-2150. Fletcher’s Finest Deli 17 Yemassee Hwy. 843-589-8300. Harold’s Country Club 97 Hwy 17A & 21. 843-589-4360.

Activities Hampton County | 95

Hampton County

Activities The gazebo on the fishing pier at Lake Warren State Park.


of Interest

State Parks


Hampton County

Frampton Plantation & Lowcountry Visitors Center - 1 Lowcountry Lane. 843-717-3090.www. The original plantation house was built by John Frampton in the 1700s as part of a King’s Grant to the Frampton family. The 4,000 acre plantation produced Sea Island cotton and rice. Frampton served as a delegate in the 1860 SC Convention, and signed the Ordinance of Secession. General Lee commissioned an earthwork gun emplacement that can still be seen behind the house today. The house has been refurbished and is in use today as the Lowcountry Visitor Center and Museum. Located right off I-95 at exit 33, the house is open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Lake Warren State Park - 803-943-5051. Open seven days a week 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 400 acres, picnic shelters, lake fishing, boat rentals, boat ramp, playground, primitive camping, nature trails. Free admission.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins - Sheldon Church Rd. - These ruins stand beautifully under majestic live oak trees off of Hwy 17. Built in the 1750’s, the church was burned by British Troops during the Revolutionary War, then again during Sherman’s “March to the Sea.” The ruins serve as a reminder of the Lowcountry past. 96 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Wildlife Preserves & Nature Trails Hampton County Cypress Creek Wildlife Management Area 843-726-6775. 4605 acres northwest of Grays between Highways 3 and 278. Deer, wild turkey and small game. Regulated hunting. Webb Wildlife Management Area - Off Hwy. 321. 803-625-3569. Bordering the historical Savannah River, the 25,000+ acres provide excellent viewing of deer, wild turkeys, bobwhite quail, gray squirrel and many types of birds. Several nature trails. Ponds available for fishing. Regulated hunting.


Estill Lawton O’Cain Tours - 118 Third St. 803-625-3240. This driving tour retraces Gen. Sherman’s initial entry into SC from Robertville to Lawtonville. By reservation only.

Hampton County Hampton Museum & Visitors’ Center 15 First St. E. 803-943-5318. Self-guided walking tours of Hampton’s historic district. Private guided tours by reservations. Hampton County Museum - 702 First St. W. 803-943-5484.

Boat Landings Hampton County Hwy 601 Boat Ramp. Salkehatchie River. Hwy 601 approximately13 miles north of Hampton. Lake Warren Boat Ramps (3) - Approx. 3 miles west of Hampton between Hwys 363 & 601. Stokes Bluff Boat Ramp - Savannah River, US 321 South approximately 7 miles to Scotia. Route 25 West to Route 19 South, approximately 8 miles.

Yemassee Yemassee Boat Landing - Combahee River, from Yemassee, US 21 North approximately 2 miles.

Hunting Estill Bostick Plantation - 9560 Augusta Stagecoach Rd. 803-625-4512. 800-542-6913. Choose from rustic farmhouse or plantation house lodgings. Accommodations for up to 23. Deer, quail, wild turkey or Russian boar. Buck Run Hunting Lodge - 580 Ben’s Rd. 803-6253791. Lodging, meals, guide service.

Gohagan Guide Service - 3145 Scotia Furman Hwy. 803-625-2987, 877-625-2987.

Hampton County

Tours & Transportation

Hampton County Broxton Bridge Plantation - 1685 Broxton Bridge Plantation, Erhardt, 12 miles north of Hampton, Hwy. 601. 800-437-HUNT or 803-267-3882. www. Deer & wild turkey hunting plus sporting clays courses. Accommodations in 100-year-old restored plantation houses. Meals, licenses, shells & stamps available. Pine Hill Plantation - 2024 Beech Branch Church Rd, Luray. 803-625-3008. Lodging, meals.

Horseback Riding



Hampton Woody Williams Saddle Club 220 Trowell Rd. 803-943-5242.

Shopping Estill Estill Flower Shop 15 Church St. 803-625-2577.

Hampton County Brunson Building Supply/Ace Hardware 616 W. Railroad Ave. 803-943-2619. The Frock Shop 130 Lee Ave. 803-943-2271. It’s Retail Therapy 303 Lee Ave. 803-914-0018. Marjories’s Cards & Gifts 124 Lee Ave. 803-943-4853. Nix Florist 104 Elm St. 803-943-3371. The Paisley Pineapple 947 Elm St East. 803-943-0854. | 97

Hampton County

Activities Penny Branch golf course.




Fred’s - 181 W Carolina Ave. 803-914-0045.

Furman/Hampton County

Goody’s - 233 W Carolina Ave. 803-943-3077.

Penny Branch 400 Penny Branch Trail. 803-625-0222.

Freeman’s Awards & Gifts 50 Main St. 803-943-2819. Moonbeams 114 Main St. 803-943-9001. T Shirt Man 23 E Palmetto Ave. 803-943-0577.





Hampton County Public Courts Kinard Ln. 803-943-2951.

Fletcher’s Finds Antiques 17 Yemassee Hwy. 843-589-8300.

Olympic Gym 1115 West Elm St. 803-943-5170.

Le Creuset - 30 Lane St., I-95 Exit 38. 843-589-6650.


Lucky Duck Distillery 17-B Yemassee Hwy. 843-589-5440. 98 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Public Courts Pine St. 803-943-2979.

Arts & Culture Hampton County The old Bull Durham Warehouse in Estill.

Art Galleries Hampton County/Brunson The Hitching Post 754 N Railroad Ave. 803-632-2896. Southern Girl Studio 947 Elm St. East. 803-943-6474.

Performing Arts Hampton County Hampton County Arts Council 109 Lee Ave. 803-943-3100. The mission of the Hampton County Arts Council is to encourage and assist artistic and creative endeavors in Hampton County through cooperative efforts with schools, social, civic and religious organizations and cooperate with organizations having similar aims. The Arts Council hosts several shows, events, and concerts during the year.

Stained glass at a Hampton County church. | 99

Hampton County

Events April Hampton County Little Buddies Fishing Program - Free event at Lake Warren State Park for children 15 and under (must be accompanied by an adult) to promote the fun of fishing. 803-943-5051.

Furman May Fest - This festival highlights the plaiting of the maypole. Events include a parade, vendors, softball tournament, street dance and good old southern food. 803-625-3680.


Yemassee Yemassee Shrimp Festival - Event highlights are Lighted Boat Parade, Mud Run, Talent Show, Beauty Pageant, Arts and Crafts, entertainment and much more. Shrimp cooked to perfection is in abundance. 843-226-5293.


Hampton County


Hampton County Watermelon Festival - Join the fun at South Carolina’s oldest continuing festival. Events include Youth Parade, Children’s Day, Taste of Hampton, Pet Show, 5K Run, Watermelon Eating Contest, Watermelon Judging Contest, Arts and Crafts, Street Dance, Parade and much more. 803943-4978.

Estill Fall Festival - 803-625-3243.

Gifford June Fest - This festival recognizes the day when residents first learned of the Emancipation Proclamation. Events include a Softball Tournament, Gospel Concert, Parade, Arts and Crafts and lots of food. 803-625-2712.

August Brunson Brunson Community Youth Fun Day - 803-632-3633.

September Hampton County Hampton County Arts Council Friends of the Arts Appreciation Banquet - Palmetto Theater. 803-943-3100. Estill Fall Festival - The annual Estill Fall Festival. 803-625-3243 100 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Varnville A Day in the Park - 803-943-2679. Halloween in the Park - 803-943-2679.

December Hampton County Arts Council Madrigal Singers, Choral Society Christmas Concert Palmetto Theater. 803-943-3100. Tour of Homes, High School Chorus Christmas Program, Singing Christmas Tree.

Accomodations Hotels



Hampton County/Estill Carolina Lodge - Hampton 500 First St W. 803-943-5660. Days Inn - Hampton 1235 W Elm St. 803-943-0411. 800-225-3297. Palmetto Inn – Estill 145 Scythia Ln. 803-625-4322.

Events Hampton County Everyone loves a parade! | 101

Jasper County




102 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide



Revolutionary Roots

amed after young revolutionary war hero Sergeant William Jasper, Jasper County is close to Savannah, Hilton Head and Beaufort. It still maintains the simple, original flavor of the Lowcountry. With roots dating back to the late 17th century, Jasper County is steeped in history with both important Revolutionary and Civil War sites scattered throughout. The Civil War reenactment at the Frampton Plantation provides visitors with front row view of The Battle of Pocotaligo, which took place on October 22, 1862, and was the largest action of a three-day expedition during the Civil War intended to disrupt the Charleston & Savannah Railroad. It’s a great way to experience history and visit the beautiful welcome center in Point South. Known as a sportsman’s paradise, Jasper County’s 662 square miles contain a number of hunting clubs and plantation grounds where wildlife abounds. Along one border stretches the Savannah River. Jasper’s fresh water lakes and salt water rivers make it perfect for hunting, fishing and boating. Moderately priced accommodations and recreation make for a good base from which to explore the Lowcountry region. Golfers can play an entire weekend in Jasper County for less than the fees charged for a day elsewhere. Hardeeville has a number of attractions to

Jasper County

The burial site of Thomas Heyward, Jr., signer of the Declaration of Independence.

discover including Sergeant Jasper Park which provides stunning nature views as well as an exciting disc golf course through the woods. Hardeeville is also home to Argent Engine Number 7, a 1910 model train on display. Ridgeland offers a number of greenspaces in a quaint and historic downtown setting. A local attraction that many visitors enjoy is a visit to September Oaks Winery, a family-owned boutique winery that crafts unique handmade wines from local and regional grapes and fruits. Ridgeland is also home to the Blue Herron Nature Center, a 10-acre green space that boasts a Nature Trail with a quarter-mile of boardwalk through forested wetlands, a butterfly garden, picnic area, outdoor classroom, observation decks and a 4,200-square-foot Learning Center. You can also visit the gravesite of Thomas Heyward Jr who was one of the South Carolina signers of the Declaration of Independence. Off the coast are many beautiful remote barrier islands accessible only by boat that beckon to be explored. Nature lovers will enjoy viewing wildlife at such sites as the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and the Tillman Sand Ridge Heritage Preserve. Festivals are a big part of Jasper County and a great opportunity to soak up the local ambience. Each October, Hardeeville holds its “Celebrate Hardeeville Festival.” | 103

Jasper County A horse hitch at the Frampton Plantation.

In Ridgeland, you can partake in the Gopher Hill Festival, the first weekend in October, where authentic Lowcountry cooking, hand-made crafts and other events make for fun for the whole family. The Jasper Jamboree is the second weekend in February and the Native American Pow-Wow is the second week in March. Interstate 95 North of Savannah runs through the heart of Jasper County and its seven exits offer a variety of accommodations, restaurants, and service businesses for travelers. In the heat of battle during a Revolutionary War skirmish in South Carolina, a young American soldier performed a brave act. Seeing that the South Carolina flag had fallen to the ground, he leaped over the wall of the fort, secured the flag and then safely returned to his post to fight gallantly with his company. This simple, brave action brought notoriety to Sergeant William Jasper. The people of this spirited and independent county at the southern tip of South Carolina chose Sergeant Jasper as their namesake. The deed for which he has been immortalized seems to symbolize both the simple hardiness of the land and the rugged spirit of the people who inhabit it. Through the years, Jasper County has become known as a sportsman’s paradise. Its 662 square miles are dotted with a number of hunting clubs and plantation grounds housing large population of wildlife. From ducks to alligators to marsh hens, the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is the home of an amazing variety of wild species. Historic Sites to Visit Jasper County is a part 104 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

of the South Carolina Lowcountry known for its unique history and natural assets. Neighbor to both the old-world ports of Savannah and Charleston, and to thriving resorts such as Hilton Head Island on the Beaufort County coast, Jasper County has somehow managed to retain the simple, original flavor of the Lowcountry. Important moments in history are permanently etched into historic sites still visible in the area. Valuable archeological digs date the history of the area back to ancient Indian tribes, while the site of an early Swiss settlement stands as a reminder of pre-colonial days. Thomas Hayward, a Revolutionary War statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence lived and died in Jasper County, and Civil War heroes fought here for their respective causes. All types of wetland waterfowl, along with numerous alligators, call the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge home along the Savannah River border with neighboring Georgia. Jasper County’s many fresh water lakes, streams and salt water rivers make ideal fishing territory, while hunters come from a number of other states each year for the excellent deer, quail and boar hunting. The Jasper County Chamber of Commerce is located next to the Pratt Memorial Library in downtown Ridgeland. Its Visitors Center and the Webel Museum invite you to come discover some of the area’s intriguing past and today’s special events. The Hardeeville Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to visit and will be glad to help you with accommodations. LVG

Dining Jasper County

Due to space limitations, not all national and fast food establishments are listed.

Hardeeville Chickin Lickin’ Hickory House 16161 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-5141. Dunkin’ Donuts 524- Independence Blvd. 843-784-5557.

The Swimming Mermaid Coffee House Point South KOA, Exit 33 off I-95. 843-726-5733.

Ridgeland BBQ Grill 8084-D E Main St. 843-645-4414. Country Morning Bakery 128 W Main St. 843-717-2828.

Gwen & Franny’s Fried Chicken 22141 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-6080.

Duke’s Barbeque 690 Jacob Smart Blvd. 843-726-6244.

La Botana Mexican Restaurant Hwy 17, 22733 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-7757.

El Ranchito 11382 Jacob Smart Blvd. 843-717-2420.

Los Angeles Mexican Restaurant 18736 Whyte Hardee Blvd - 843-784-2074. www.

Fiddlers Seafood Restaurant 126 West Main St. - 843-726-6691

Mi Tierrita 15578 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-5011.

Jasper’s Porch - Lakefront Dining 153 James Taylor Rd. I-95 Exit 21, Hwy. 336. 843-726-9521.

New China 19533 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-6888.

Little Boy’s BBQ 231 Hazzard Creek Village. 843-645-2233.

The Pink Pig BBQ 3508 S Okatie Hwy. 843-784-3635.

New Hong Kong Restaurant 8176 E Main St. 843-726-8897.

Point South

Pizza Bella 8196 E Main St. 843-717-3111.

KOA Campground Pizza Service Exit 33 off I-95. 843-726-5733. | 105

Jasper County

Activities Points

of Interest


Re-enactors on horseback at the Battle of Pocotaligo.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 2718 Bees Creek Rd. 843-726-3743. Originally built as a chapel of ease in 1835, the current structure was built in 1858. The beautiful live oak trees that frame the church were planted by the ladies of the congregation in the nineteenth century. The church-yard contains three graves that pre-date the Civil War. Euhaw Baptist Church 2576 Bees Creek Road. 843-726-3343. Built in 1860, it was burned in Sherman’s “March to the Sea.” It fell victim to fire again in 1904. A new church was built in 1906. This late-Victorian structure proudly displays a three-stepped bell tower and arched windows. Thomas Heyward Jr. Tomb Jct of Hwys 462 & 336. Thomas Heyward Jr, signer of the Declaration of Independence, was born and laid to rest here. This spot is a quiet and restful spot to picnic.

Hardeeville Sgt Jasper Park 1458 Red Dam Road. 843-784-5130. This park features walking trails, kayak and canoe rentals, and a disc golf course. The activity center is open daily from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. The park is open during daylight hours. Purrysburg Monument Intersection of Hwys 34 & 203. This stone monument was erected in the 1940’s by the Huguenot Society of South Carolina. The oldest tomb is dated 1781. In 1731 a group of 600 Swiss colonists migrated to this spot along the Savannah River. Argent Steam Engine “Old Number 7” 205 Main Street. This rare train was built around 1910 by the H.K. Porter Company. “Number 7” was used to haul timber. It is a wonderful relic for the logging and lumbering industry. The train engine is on display at City Hall and can be viewed during daylight hours.

106 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Wildlife Preserves & Nature Trails Ridgeland Blue Heron Nature Trail - Exit 21, 843-726-7611. blueheron. Walking tour of Lowcountry Wetlands and wildlife viewing. Cypress Creek Wildlife Management Area Between Highways 3 and 278. 843-726-6775. More than 4,600 acres northwest of Grays. Deer, wild turkey and small game. Regulated hunting.


Savannah National Wildlife Refuge - Located on Hwy 17, north of the Georgia border. 843-726-8126. A 3-mile drive through old rice field dikes. Over 7,000 acres of wetlands flora, fauna. Tillman Sand Ridge Wildlife Management Area 5 miles west of Tillman on Hwy S-17-119. 803-6253569. This 952-acre tract protects the endangered Gopher Tortoise. By appointment only.

Tours & Transportation Ridgeland Palm Key - 330 Coosaw Way. 843-726-6468. Guided kayak tours of Lowcountry blackwater and saltwater rivers.

Hardeeville Swamp Girls Kayak Tours - 843-784-2249. 843-415-1225.



Jasper Corner Lake Boat Ramp - Coosawhatchie River, US 278 West from Ridgeland to Route 87 North to Route 207 East. Dawsons Boat Ramp - Coosawhatchie River, Hwy 462 East from I-95 Exit 28 to Route 206 East. B&C Landing Boat Ramp - From Tillman, approximately 4 miles West on Route 119 to Route 201. Tillman Sand Ridge Wildlife Management Area.

Bolan Hall Boat Landing - Euhaw Creek, County Road 3 off Hwy 278.

Jasper County


Horseback Riding & Stables Ridgeland All American Petting Zoo 398 Tickton Hall Ln. 843-717-2356. Lazy Oak Horse Ranch 7724 Bees Creek Rd. 843-368-1558.

Shopping Hardeeville Aleida’s Antiques & World of Wood 9 Main St. 843-784-6122. Wal-Mart Super Center 4400 Hwy 278, 843-208-3021.

Point South Carolina Cider Company - 1398 Kings Hwy, 843-726-4477. 81 Charleston Hwy. 843-846-1899. Frampton Plantation: South Carolina Lowcountry Visitor’s Center, Museum & Gift Shop Civil War replicas, books, local arts, crafts, unique gifts, local wines and more.1 Lowcountry Ln. I-95 Exit 33, 843-717-3090. 800-528-6870. Sabatier Cutlery Outlet - I-95, Exit 33. 842-7266444, 800-525-6399. Factory outlet featuring quality cutlery. Visit us or call now for a free catalog.

Millstone Boat Ramp - I-95 Exit 5 in Hardeeville to US 17 North to Route 31 West to Purrysburgh.


New River Boat Ramp - New River, from Hardeeville, Hwy 46 East to Route 170 North.

Another Man’s Treasure Antiques 7775 W Main St. 843-384-3554.

Tuten’s Boat Landing - Boyd’s Creek and West Branch Creek,County Road 249 off SC 462.

Blossoms on Main Gifts and Flowers 7769 W. Main St. 843-645-2121. | 107

Jasper County


The Outpost 10535 S. Jacob Smart Blvd. 843-726-9555.

September Oaks Vineyard 893 Grey’s Hwy. 843-726-WINE(9463).

Pearls & Plunder 7772 W. Main St.

Shine Town 857 James Taylor Rd. 843-645-0657.



Ridgeland Sergeant Jasper Country Club 50 Country Club Dr./ Glover Rd. HWY 174. 843-726-8977.

Tennis/Fitness Ridgeland Public Tennis Courts & Skateboard Park at Turpin Park Corner of Smith and Logan Streets. 843-726-7500.

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Jasper Jamboree PKC Coon Hunt 843-726-8126. Presented by the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce.

Gopher Hill Festival - Main Street. 843-726-8126. Jasper County Chamber of Commerce Justin Ihly Baker Golf Tournament. 843-726-8126. Team Tradd Memorial Bike Ride September Oaks Vineyards, 893 Grays Hwy.

May Ridgeland Hog Jog Trail Run, 5K Trail Run and 5K Health Walk - Bear Foot Sports. 843-379-8520.

August Brunson Brunson Community Youth Fun Day 803-632-3633

September Hardeeville Catfish Festival - Highway 46. 843-784-2231.

Jasper County

A fragrant Magnolia blossom.

November Ridgeland

Annual Clemson/Carolina Oyster Roast Held annually the Saturday before the Clemson/ Carolina football game. 843-726-8126.

December Hardeeville HardeevilleChristmas Parade

Ridgeland Holiday Festival of Music & Lights Blue Heron Nature Trail, I-95 Exit 21. 843-726-8126 for Blue Heron Nature Center; 843-726-7500 for Town of Ridgeland. | 109

Jasper County

Accommodations Camping

Point South

Hardeeville Camp Lake Jasper - 44 Camp Lake Dr.

Point South The Oaks Campground- 1292 Campground Rd. I-95, Exit 33 at Hwy 17. 843-726-5728. Point South KOA Kampground I-95, Exit 33 at Hwy 17 843-726-5733. 800-562-2948.




Best Western Point South 3536 Point South Dr. I-95 Exit 33. 843-726-8101. 800-780-7234. Knight’s Inn 420 Campground Rd. 800-477-0629. 843-726-8925. Red Roof Inn 138 Frampton Dr. 843-726-9400 Point South Hotel 139 Frampton Dr. 843-726-9222



Days Inn - 16633 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-2281.

Carolina Lodge I-95 Exit 21, Hwy 336. 843-726-6050.

Deluxe Inn - 19725 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-3155. Economy Inn - 518 Frontage Rd. 843-784-2201. Holiday Inn Express - 145 Independence Blvd. 843784-2800, 888-465-4329. Knights Inn - 19527 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-2196. 800-477-0629. Motel 6 - 120 Independence Blvd. 843-784-3192. 800-466-8356. Quality Inn & Suites - 19000 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-7060. Red Roof Inn - 1122 Hummingbird Ln. 800-733-7663.

Econo Lodge 511 James Taylor Rd. 843-726-6213. 877-424-6423. Quality Inn 221 James F Taylor Dr. 843-726-2121. 877-424-6423. Travelodge 8216 E Main St, I-95 Exit 21. 843-726-5553. 800-525-4055.

Vacations & Property Rentals

Sleep Inn - 16553 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 877-424-6423.


Super 8 - 19289 Whyte Hardee Blvd. 843-784-2151, 800-454-3213.

Palm Key 330 Coosaw Way, Knowles Island. 843-726-6524. 866-PALMKEY.

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More about Section … Jasper County

…Frampton Plantation Frampton Plantation


he “Frampton House” got its name from its original owner and builder, John Frampton, who, along with his brothers shared thousands of acres in what is now Beaufort and Jasper counties in South Carolina. Originally a King’s Grant to the Frampton family in the early 1700’s, the land was divided into working plantations. This site was known as “The Hill” plantation because it is the highest elevation for several miles around. John Frampton, with the aid of about 130 slaves, grew cotton and some rice nearby. Frampton was one of the signers of South Carolina’s Declaration of Secession from the Union, which started the Civil War. In 1865, General Sherman’s Union troops burned the original plantation home and various buildings. Frampton, who had evacuated prior to the Civil War overtaking his home, returned with enough resources to build this house in 1868. The front façade rises two stories with posts that originally supported a second-story porch and French doors. These features were removed by the Campbell family who occupied the house in the 1950’s, for fear of children playing on the upper porch. Windows are two over two (2/2) lights with exterior blinds. A half-round bay window adorns the front parlor room. The house was heated by seven fireplaces. The original roof was split, wooden, shake shingles. The present roof is an authentic turne-metal roof of that period. Built as lathe and plaster walls, the interior was refurbished after the turn of the 20th century with more modern plaster board over heart pine studs and beams. Various owners and families resided here over the years, and the old house fell into serious disrepair. In 1993, the Lowcountry Tourism Commission acquired the property and saved it from certain destruction. (Plans were being discussed

that would have seen the house bulldozed, along with the wonderful 250-to-300-year-old Live oaks, to make way for another interstate truck stop.) Thanks to various grants, community support, donations (and hard work), the Frampton House has been re-born and opened to the public as the Lowcountry Visitors Center & Museum. Several visitors to the “Frampton House” have mentioned sensing an other-worldly “presence” in the old house. Some have asked about the old woman in the parlor, or the little girl and the calico cat on the stairs. (All of these entities remain aloof from the present staff.) Two important periods of South Carolina and United States history are represented just behind the house: During the War Between the States, General Lee’s Confederate troops built an earthwork gun emplacement in 1861 to help protect the Charleston to Savannah railroad – an important supply line for the Southern troops throughout the war. The mounds under the trees in the back yard are the remains of this earthen fortification. Another addition marks yet an older conflict. The gazebo behind the house is the trailhead for the Lowcountry Revolutionary War Trail. The trail is a four-county driving & biking tour of sites of historical interest from the Colonial conflict. Few people realize that more skirmishes and decisive battles of the American Revolution occurred in South Carolina than in any other colony. The Lowcountry Visitors Center & Museum (the old Frampton House) is located at Interstate 95, Exit 33 in South Carolina. The Center offers clean restrooms, a unique gift shop, historical displays and is open to the public seven days per week. LVG | 111

Chambers of Commerce

Lowcountry Tourism Commission P.O. Box 615, Yemassee, SC 29945 843-717-3090 or 800-528-6870. Email:

Beaufort County Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 754, Beaufort, SC 29901 843-986-1102. Fax: 843-379-8027. Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s & Convention Bureau 701 Craven St., P.O. Box 910, Beaufort, SC 29901 843-986-5400 or 800-638-3525. Fax: 843-986-5405.

Bluffton Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce 7 State Road S-7-241, Bluffton, SC 29910 843-757-1010. Fax: 843-785-7110.

Hilton Head Island Hilton Head Island/Bluffton Chamber of Commerce 1 Chamber Drive P.O. Box 5647, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938 843-785-3673. Fax: 843-785-7110. 112 | Lowcountry Visitor Guide

Colleton County Edisto Chamber of Commerce 430 Hwy 174. P.O. Box 206, Edisto Beach, SC 29438 843-869-3867. Fax: 843-869-0510. www.edistochambercom Walterboro/Colleton Chamber of Commerce 109 Benson St., P.O. Box 426, Walterboro, SC 29488 843-549-9595. Fax: 843-549-5775.

Jasper County Greater Hardeeville Chamber of Commerce and Vistors & Convention Bureau 36 Main St., P.O. Box 307, Hardeeville, SC 29927 843-784-3606. Fax: 843-784-3606. Jasper County Chamber of Commerce 403 Russell St., P.O. Box 1267, Ridgeland, SC 29936 843-726-8126. Fax: 843-726-6290.

Hampton County Hampton County Chamber of Commerce 200 Jackson Ave. E., P.O. Box 122, Hampton, SC 29924 803-914-2143. Fax: 803-943-7538.

2015 Lowcountry Visitors Guide  

The Lowcountry Region offers so much to see and do, from a variety of recreational pursuits (fishing, sailing, hunting, bird watching, paddl...

2015 Lowcountry Visitors Guide  

The Lowcountry Region offers so much to see and do, from a variety of recreational pursuits (fishing, sailing, hunting, bird watching, paddl...