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Spring/Summer 2019 Update Funding advanced medical equipment for local patients

Support our £1.5m Bucks MRI Appeal

‘You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life’ heartfelt message from a Scannappeal supporter £100K raised for Breast Biopsy Appeal Brand new event ScannaRide100 DONATE VIA






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and a warm welcome to our spring edition of Update.

2019 marks a return to our roots with the launch of a very exciting £1.5 million Appeal to fund two new MRI scanners for Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. These scanners will offer so many benefits to local patients at Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville hospitals, ensuring world class diagnostic equipment is available on our doorstep. For the past 32 years our supporters have helped make wonderful things happen and I hope many of you will offer your support once again. There are so many ways you can get involved and the summer is a particularly enjoyable time. Maybe a relaxed Have you spotted visit to one of our open gardens, gathering friends together for our annual Summertime Swing event or for our new look those who crave a challenge, we are thrilled to introduce a brand new cycle challenge in partnership with website? Oakman Inns – see page 12 for more information. We’re excited to finally share our Thank you for being part of the Scannappeal family. new website with you! Our last

William Baxter CBE - Chair, Trustees

‘You Don’t Have To Be A Doctor To Save A Life’

‘Our fundraising shows that you don’t have to be a doctor to save a life’ was the message from Scannappeal supporter Phil Richards at a special reception to mark the conclusion of our £150,000 Cancer Fighting Fund. Phil, together with consultant Neil Haldar, unveiled the Tree of Life which acknowledges major donors to the Appeal. Phil and his colleagues at Tesco raised over £50,000, climbing Mount Snowdon only six weeks after an operation performed by Neil. The equipment was due to be demonstrated at this event, but an emergency case resulted in Neil changing into his scrubs and saving the patient’s life using the 3D theatre equipment funded by Scannappeal. The operation lasted 40 minutes, instead of four hours, and without the patient undergoing the trauma of major open surgery – a real demonstration of the difference our supporters have made. Neil said: The equipment you have helped to fund is hugely important to patients day in, day out and allows us to perform procedures that otherwise wouldn’t be possible or would mean many more hours in surgery.


website redesign was over five years ago, and we decided it was time for a refresh. The project has taken six months from initial concept through to ‘going live’. Our aim was to present a familiar, but modern, look and feel – we wanted to clearly show our aims, Appeals and opportunities to support in a more user friendly design. We have used new images and icons and more information about each of the areas we work in. The great news is that the site now delivers a responsive experience across devices, meaning you can visit us using your desktop, mobile phone or iPad and you will receive the same great experience. The site now also automates ticket bookings saving us postage costs and additional work. We hope you will agree the site is clean and simple to use - take a look and let us know what you think.

Making a donation on our new website is easy

Appeals Update




e ye s e e a p p e

target reached

Larry Benjamin, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, is delighted to announce: ‘The Eye See Appeal has reached its target and we are lucky enough to now have the five new specialist machines. People have been incredibly generous and the Eye Unit is now equipped with state of the art apparatus for removing cataracts as well as for doing more complex retinal work. All the team feel privileged to have been involved with this project and to see the benefits for so many of our patients from the local community. Scannappeal has done a fantastic job of co-ordinating this fundraising which, at first, seemed a difficult task. We are extremely grateful to all those generous people who have been involved and will ensure that this equipment is used to good effect in treating our patients.’

Our supporters are ‘All Heart’

The final funds have been raised for the £185,000 All Heart Appeal for two latest generation scanners to diagnose heart disease. Delivery of the second scanner, for Wycombe Hospital, is expected shortly and the first, at Amersham Hospital, has been in use for over a year scanning hundreds of patients using 3D imaging technology. Dr Soroosh Firoozan, Consultant Cardiologist, said: ‘We are grateful as a department to Scannappeal for keeping us at the cutting edge of cardiac imaging. As our heart valve service expands, access to the best imaging possible helps us to plan our patients’ management and treatment even more effectively.’

Helping our youngest patients

April 18 - March 19

3 Reasons to Be Proud

Completed 3 Public Appeals 2 Major Projects 3 Small Projects

Over £400,000 spent on equipment

Our small projects programme runs alongside our public Appeals for the purchase of smaller items of equipment in different clinical areas. This funding typically ranges from £5,000-£25,000. Two more specialist jaundice meters have been purchased for our small project to extend jaundice testing into the community enabling care closer to home for women and their families. This non-invasive screening of new born babies will mean dependable results in seconds, saving multiple trips to hospital in the first 14 days of a baby’s life. Each meter costs £3,800 and, if desired, any donation can be allocated to the community midwifery team of your choice. If a new baby has been born in your family, why not make a donation to mark the occasion and help thousands of other local babies each year?

Over 100,000 local patients benefit from our work every year 3

Help us raise the next £100,000

The first £100,000 has been raised for our Breast Biopsy Appeal to fully equip a dedicated biopsy suite with 3D mammography technology. This equipment will transform diagnosis and treatment for local patients with early breast cancer. Smarter technology will create sharper images so targeted biopsies can be carried out quicker with pinpoint accuracy. The integrated Breast Unit supports 40,000 patients a year through breast screening and symptomatic care provided by expert clinicians. The biopsy suite will have a 3D mammography machine and a range of associated biopsy equipment ranging from £1,500-£35,000 with individual items available for sponsorship. If you have had a mammogram that was clear, why not celebrate your good health by making a donation and help save lives? If 400 donors gave £25 it would pay for a lateral arm accessory allowing the breast to be accessed from any direction to enable biopsy of lesions in areas not possible using conventional projections.

Behind the Scenes with Wendy

We had a quick chat with Wendy Brazier, Superintendent Radiographer, about her work in the Breast Unit. What does the Superintendent Radiographer’s role involve? I am responsible for the imaging side of the Breast Unit – making sure there are enough appointments, radiologists and radiographers for the 30,000 screening patients and 10,000 symptomatic patients we see each year for imaging and biopsies. You’ve worked at Wycombe Hospital for 23 years, how have things changed during that time? The number of patients has increased considerably. When I came here it was more of a cottage industry with just breast screening. Since then there has been a steady growth in the number of symptomatic patients and we now take four views per patient instead of two. The screening age used to be from 50-65 years old which has changed to 47-73 years old. Overall, this has meant that in the last five years there has been a 40% increase in patient numbers.

Special thanks to….

What is the best thing about your job? Undoubtedly being able to spend time with patients, doing your best for them. I want each person I see to feel like I have all the time in the world for them. We were delighted to welcome representatives from several local organisations to the Breast Unit What is the worst aspect? who saw how their support is Not having the capacity to speed up the process helping local patients. for patients so they have to wait for results. It tears Wendy Brazier, Superintendent Radiographer, with Cathy Sturrock me apart that they have to live with uncertainty, (Roland Callingham Foundation), Lauren but this is where the new biopsy suite will make Taylor (Heart of Bucks) and Sarah Vickers (Rectory Homes) such a big difference. Looking back, are there any particular highlights? When our work went digital, it made a huge difference in terms of better images and efficiency. Also moving into the new Breast Unit five years ago – we are all so proud of being able to offer a one-stop service to our patients.


Donors to our Big Give Christmas Challenge raised an incredible £7,700 including matched funding – thank you to everyone who responded during the challenge week at the start of December, including donations of several winter fuel allowances. We smashed our £6,000 target for funds towards a 3D breast biopsy guidance system.


World Class MRI Scanners for Bucks Thousands of Bucks residents will benefit from our new fundraising Appeal which is set to bring world class scanning technology to Bucks hospitals. The ‘Bucks MRI Appeal’, with an ambitious target of £1.5 million, will fund two MRI scanners sited in Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville hospitals by 2020, making them the first in the UK to have scanners of this kind. With 22,000 MRI scans carried out at Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville hospitals last year, and demand growing by an estimated 13% annually, this Appeal will enhance services for Bucks by increasing scanning capacity and capabilities across a wide range of medical needs.

Did you know? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to produce images of the body by interacting with the hydrogen nuclei within the atoms that make up the body.


MRI Q&A What makes the new scanners so different? Debbie: MRI became mainstream in the 1990s when it entered general hospitals and since then there has been huge technological changes. Modern state-of-theart scanners will open up huge possibilities to us, bringing us up Debbie King, MRI Modality Lead to date with current techniques as for Buckinghamshire Healthcare well as future proofing our services. NHS Trust (BHT) and Andrew Wainwright, Chief Radiographer/ Why do we need to fundraise for medical equipment? Head of Imaging share with us why Andrew: Joining with Scannappeal the scanners are so important. we are able to fundraise for the very best available scanners. New What is MRI used for? technology is coming online all the Debbie: MRI can be used in all time and we will be able to help specialities and is particularly useful develop it for future generations for soft tissue. Originally developed and patients living here in Bucks. for looking at the brain, spine and How is Bucks Healthcare NHS joints, over time it has expanded to Trust helping with the project? allow every area of the body to be

Will staff need to be retrained? Debbie: Across both sites we have 25 radiographers already trained. We anticipate some retraining, but no more than two weeks and this time is already planned for as part of our roll out programme in conjunction with the suppliers. Will two additional scanners be enough? Andrew: The current rate of MRI growth is estimated at 13% annually and we anticipate with two new scanners we will be able to absorb this growth for at least five years before we reach capacity. How soon will the scanners arrive?

Debbie: Preparation begins in Wycombe very soon and we expect to be operational by October. Stoke Andrew: BHT are providing money Mandeville will be one year later. scanned. towards each scanner as well as Are the new scanners Why do we need new scanners? funding the building work and suitable for children? Debbie: The Trust currently has installation. Our staff will get Debbie: The new scanners are two ageing MRI scanners and we involved too; plenty of cake making shorter, wider, quicker and and fundraising! need to replace these so we can quieter and so we expect a Will you be able meet the rising demand of MRI huge improvement for children, to see more patients? scans. The new advanced scanners removing the need for sedation in will be a huge benefit to patients, Debbie: Yes, at Wycombe Hospital some cases. bringing improved diagnosis and we expect to see 60 additional How will patients benefit care to Bucks. patients a month because scan from the new scanners? Andrew: New scanners will provide times will be shorter. At Stoke Debbie: All patients will benefit, more robust diagnosis for our Mandeville the additional scanner not least because the MRI will be will enable us to see an extra 100 patients. less claustrophobic. Because we patients per week. are receiving the first specification What is the difference Where will the new scanners go? of this kind in the UK, our patients between CT and MRI? will benefit from new technologies Debbie: At Wycombe we will Debbie: CT scans and MRIs are before anywhere else. replace the current scanner. At both used to capture crossStoke Mandeville the new scanner How would you sum up the sectional images within your body. will be additional meaning we Bucks MRI Appeal? The biggest difference is that MRIs will have a total of three scanners use magnetic field and radio waves Andrew: Essential for patients in across the Trust. Buckinghamshire. and CT scans use X-rays.

Donate today Together we can make it happen


MAKING A DIFFERENCE THROUGHOUT THE BODY The new scanners will improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients in so many clinical specialities. Here are a few examples of the difference your support will make to local people:

Urology Multi-parametric MRI of the prostate can be performed for the first time in Bucks. This will improve early diagnosis for prostate cancer, allow clinicians to non-invasively monitor prostate cancer patients and reduce the need for invasive prostate biopsies.

Breast imaging, including biopsies Some patients require MRI guided biopsy for breast cancers which are not easy to see on ultrasound or mammograms. These patients are currently sent to London but the new scanners will mean this service can be offered locally. Breast MRI is a very good test for screening patients at high risk, or with strong family histories of breast cancer and this service can be expanded for our local community.

Advanced oncology MRI is key in diagnosing and staging many cancers including liver, bowel and ovarian/cervical cancers. Patients will benefit from accurate diffusion imaging which can enhance accurate diagnosis. For cancer scans of the body, patients are often asked to endure long breath-holds which can be difficult and stressful. The new

scanners will offer a step-change in this as they are faster and offer a much more comfortable experience.


Vascular Patients will be able to have their arteries scanned without using intravenously injected contrast. This will be a major advance in patient convenience and avoids injections.

Heart The cardiac MRI service can be increased to help assess various cardiac conditions in patients, including heart-valve problems, congenital heart disease, heart muscle and blood flows, without using radiation.

Musculoskeletal Scans will show articular cartilage and help diagnose early arthritis much more accurately than currently. Imaging of small joints and tendons will become more feasible and reliable.

Stroke The new MRI systems will provide fast and state of the art stroke diagnosis. The speed is of particular importance for patients who may not be able to keep still for long and will be a key part of a stroke treatment plan.

EVERY POUND YOU RAISE WILL BE DOUBLED! We hope the whole community will want to join us in bringing the best to Buckinghamshire and help us complete the MRI Appeal. As an added incentive, we are in the fantastic position of being able to double every donation until the end of August 2019. Thanks to a generous pledge, for every £1 donated, we are guaranteed £2, and with Gift Aid we will receive £2.25! These local philanthropists wish to remain anonymous and said: ‘Our family charitable trust is delighted to support the Appeal with £150,000 of matched funding for this ground breaking equipment which will make such a difference to the diagnosis and treatment of thousands of patients. We hope this opportunity to double every pound raised will inspire many individuals and organisations in the local community to make a donation or organise their own fundraising activities so that the scanners can be purchased as soon as possible.’

If you want your donation to be doubled get in touch by calling 01494 734161 or


What happens when you have an MRI Scan? • You’ll lie on a motorised bed that’s moved inside the scanner. • You’ll enter the scanner either head first or feet first, depending on the part of your body being scanned. • The radiographer operates the computer, so they’ll be in a separate room to you but you’ll be able to talk to them and they’ll be able to see you at all times. • A single scan may take from a few seconds to 3 or 4 minutes, it takes several scans to make up your complete examination. • Depending on the size of the area being scanned and how many images are taken, the whole procedure will take 15 to 60 minutes.

If you want to support the MRI Appeal for a particular clinical area, there are many specialist parts of the scanner which enable this transformation in diagnosis and treatment. Please get in touch to find out more, including the costs involved. Telephone 01494 734161 or email

A Gastronomic Extravaganza Kick Starts MRI Fundraising! To mark the official launch of the Bucks MRI Appeal, Scannappeal Chairman William Baxter hosted a private dinner for 100 guests at Hampden House, Great Missenden. Hampden House proved to be the perfect backdrop to an evening of delicious food and entertainment raising an incredible £30,000 for the Appeal. Guests were treated to a sumptuous meal cooked by three of the country’s top chefs. Ashley Palmer-Watts (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal) wowed the guests with his Meat Fruit starter followed by Scannappeal Patron, Tom Kerridge (Hand and Flowers, Marlow) dishing up a delicious main course of treacle cured fillet of beef. The guests then enjoyed Tomlinson’s Yorkshire rhubarb a delicious dessert courtesy of Laurie Gear (The Artichoke, Old Amersham). Following the meal guests had the opportunity to hear directly from the chefs when they shared anecdotes from their careers including cooking for royalty and George Clooney! Speaking at the event Tom Kerridge said: ‘Tonight was a fantastic evening. It was a privilege for me and my team to cook alongside two other phenomenal chefs and for such grateful guests. I am delighted to be able to support Scannappeal on this very special evening and to help raise as much money as we can.’

Bucks Healthcare NHS Directors Running Success Huge thanks to Chief Executive Neil Macdonald and Director of Strategy and Business Development David Williams, who took part in the ‘Big Vitality Half Marathon’ raising over £5,000 for the Bucks MRI Appeal.



A Lasting Legacy When thinking about writing or updating your Will have you considered making a gift to a charity close to your heart? We firmly believe loved ones come first, but should you feel able to also leave a gift to Scannappeal we promise your legacy, however large or small, will be used wisely. All legacies received by Scannappeal are used to directly benefit the hospitals and community services we support here in Bucks. It’s really straightforward to include a gift to Scannappeal in your Will. All you have to do is give your solicitor our registered address: Scannappeal, Amersham Hospital, Whielden Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP7 0JD and registered charity no: 296291. For peace of mind we strongly advise using a solicitor to write or update your Will. It needn’t be expensive and you can shop around for quotes and ask for recommendations from friends and family. The Law Society can also help you find a local solicitor visit

Thank You

Did you know that thanks to a generous legacy gifted to Scannappeal by Mrs Margaret Easom a second Cardiology Catheter Lab was built at Wycombe Hospital? Mrs Easom’s gift has benefitted thousands of local patients and there are many more examples of how legacies, large and small, have helped support our work.

Scannappeal Partners A big Scannappeal welcome to SFE Services Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd who have chosen Scannappeal as their Charity of the Year for 2019. SFE are a local, family run air conditioning & refrigeration company based in Hazlemere, High Wycombe. Sophie Davenport, SFE Director, shared her delight at working with Scannappeal: ’SFE Services are very proud to be joining Scanappeal in its mission to provide state of the art medical equipment throughout our local hospitals. As a Buckinghamshire based organisation, we are keen to support a charity which raises funds to benefit our local community. The team here has expressed great enthusiasm for this worthy cause and we look forward to being involved in future fundraising projects.’ 2019 marks a 30 year partnership between Scannappeal and High Wycombe accountancy firm Seymour Taylor. From sponsorship of events, participating in golf days, organising their own fundraising and even jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet to help raise money and awareness of what we do - their support has definitely made a huge difference to our work . Simon Turner, Managing Director of Seymour Taylor, said ’We are proud to be long term supporters of Scannappeal. Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to us as a business as our team love to give something back to the community in which we have been a part for over 100 years. Scannappeal are a fantastic charity to support as the work they do touches David Newton and Kenny Goddard Wagg of Seymour so many people and we hope to continue to support them for many more Taylor, who jumped from the years to come.’ skies in aid of Scannappeal

For more information on how your business can support Scannappeal contact Karen on 01494 734161 or by email 10

Ways you can support our work… Donations can be made very easily by visiting our website or calling 01494 734161. Did you know you can set up a monthly donation to support Scannappeal throughout the year? Visit Make your special occasion mean even more by asking for donations instead of gifts. If you are planning a big celebration, such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or another special occasion, a donation in lieu of gifts will make a lasting difference to our work. Would you consider holding a coffee morning, taking on a personal challenge or creating an event in partnership with your neighbours, friends, family or local group that you are a member of? We are here to support you and a fundraising guide can be found on our website Whatever time you have to give, we can use it! We simply would not be able to do what we do without the hours donated by our volunteers. The level of commitment is very flexible, whether it is once a week, once a month or on an ad hoc basis. Push yourself in 2019 and take on a challenge in aid of Scannappeal. If you want to run, cycle, trek, climb or jump we can help you find the perfect event and work with you to raise funds and awareness. We are always in need of good quality childrens books and adults paperback books to sell in our shops at Wycombe and Amersham. Loose change really does add up – could you place a collection pot at your place of work or local shop? If you are a knitter, baker or crafter why not use your time and talent to support us? We sell handmade craft items throughout the year and our supporters attending events love a homemade cake!

Volunteers’ Week takes place between the 1-7 June and is an opportunity to celebrate volunteering in the UK. The Scannappeal family is fortunate to include over 160 volunteers - we would like to say a warm thank you to every single one of our hardworking, passionate and dedicated volunteers who give their time to help make such a difference in our community. We really couldn’t do what we do, without them.


SCANNAPPEAL CONTACT US ONLINE Administration Office T: 01494 734161 Amersham Hospital E: Amersham Bucks HP7 0JD 04/19

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Scannappeal Spring/Summer 2019 Supporter Newsletter  

Scannappeal fundraise to provide state of the art medical equipment for hospitals in Buckinghamshire.

Scannappeal Spring/Summer 2019 Supporter Newsletter  

Scannappeal fundraise to provide state of the art medical equipment for hospitals in Buckinghamshire.