Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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FEILER PURE collection

The lightness of being Achieving the balance between luxury and lightness is no problem for FEILER, the world’s leading manufacturer of bathroom textiles made out of real, colour-woven FEILER chenille. The company with a long-standing tradition accomplished a small sensation in January: the family business presented itself with a completely revised brand identity and a new, restructured product range on the international Heimtextil trade fair. TEXT: ERNST FEILER GMBH, TRANSLATION: NANE STEINHOFF  I  PHOTOS: ERNST FEILER GMBH

In the future, all of FEILER’s designs will either be part of the PASSION or the PURE category. PASSION will comprise of the FEILER-typical, colourful designs, while PURE will present more progressive designs that orientate themselves towards contemporary interior design through restraint and a clear design language. In the limelight of the new features is the butterfly, a symbol for the real FEILER chenille. The real FEILER chenille is a worldwide speciality. It consists of 100 per cent cotton, has a velvety, soft surface and the pattern is identical on both sides. Furthermore, the double-sided, patterned fabric is manufactured in an extremely elaborate process. Thus, after the first weaving process, the chenille yarn is created with all required colour and pattern information. From this 18  |  Issue 47  |  February 2017

yarn, the unique designs emerge in an astounding way from a second weaving process. The FEILER PURE collections comprise designs that orientate themselves towards modern interior design styles in the bathroom through elegant restraint and a clear design language. They stand for new design standards and present themselves in an unpretentious and modern way. The era of innovative FEILER designs begins with the PURE products, such as MIRAGE or ILLUSION, which are restrained, yet modern. MIRAGE is a true understatement: the products are made out of the finest terry and comprise a chenille border that graphically interprets the butterfly. The design is available as a shower or bath towel in white and misty grey.

ILLUSION places emphasis on confident accents. Made from real FEILER chenille, the design with colour accents is available in the trend colours pool, gorse, azalea, salmon and grey. With a bath towel, a makeup bag and a hand, shower, guest or soap towel, it offers the FEILER all-round package. A summer blanket with the ILLUSION pattern will also be available in the future. Unlike any other symbol, the butterfly celebrates FEILER chenille’s lightness and colourfulness. To emphasise this, the butterfly has been picked up in all new designs of 2017.