Discover Germany, Issue 27, June 2015

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Page 46

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

Timeless, beautiful children’s furniture and toys by wohnstuecke – the result of great craftsmanship Classic designs with surprising details, wohnstuecke pieces are made from solid hardwoods and the best natural materials. From rocking horses to dressers, from little chairs to wooden boats, any child's imagination can run wild with these beautiful designs. The elaborate products are a joy for children and parents alike. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: WOHNSTUECKE

The brown body shimmers in daylight while the long mane sways with every movement. With its strong flanks ready to jump the horse finally moves forward, and then backward again. The rocking movement is accompanied by a child’s laughter and joyful cries, small hands grab the holster while the horse’s fearless rider gallops through an imaginary world. Rocking horses by wohnstuecke are special. Handcrafted out of wood they are durable even for centuries to come and not only bring joy to children, but make beautiful living accessories as well. They unite children, parents and grandparents in enthusiasm. The idea to make high quality rocking horses with a beautiful design goes back more than 25 years. During that time Birgit and Joachim Sauer’s three year old son had

46 | Issue 27 | June 2015

wanted nothing else but to have his very own horse. A living one was out of question and so his father built him a horse out of wood, bigger and better than any rocking horse that could be found on the market. This experience inspired Birgit and Joachim Sauer to establish their own business. Contentiously developing new elaborate products, wohnstuecke today has become a well-renowned brand in the premium sector featuring three product lines: rocking horses, wooden toys and furniture for children. Sometimes two products are combined in one. Who says a piece of furniture could not also be used as a toy? A wooden barge with a painted blue hull and billowing white sails makes its journey over the carpet on castors instead of waves. This houseboat

called, 'Moby Dick', can also be turned into a toy box or baby cot. On the other side of the child’s room stands a wooden horse with a mane and tail made of real blonde horsehair. It is the smaller of two models, the 'Pony'. Like the extra large version 'Premium', it is made from quality hardwood that distinguishes wohnstuecke products. All products are available at sophisticated toyshops or ordered directly from the company.