Discover Benelux, Issue 64, April 2019

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Eggs and bunnies Peck yourself out of your proverbial egg and arise from hibernation because spring has finally arrived. With that first sun, the urge to redecorate our nests pops up as well. So, add a touch of Easter to your house and make the bunnies feel extra welcome this year. TEXT: ARNE ADRIAENSSENS  |  PRESS PHOTOS



2. Eggheads

1. Nesting place Do you need a spot to disconnect from the world? Just get inside this comfortable egg and float above the surface for a while. You will be ready to spread your wings again in no-time. €300



Nothing is as vital to the Easter breakfast than freshly-boiled eggs. These furry, woollen egg warmers will keep them hot until you are ready to attack. All of them are hand-crocheted by women in an ethical workshop in Nepal, giving them more financial and social independence. €3


3. Easter glow

4. Webcam buddy

5. Miffy at the table

In stark contrast to their sunny days, spring evenings can be all too cold and dark. The hand-woven Wicker Egg Shaped Floor Lamp, however, will brighten up these nights in style. With its dimmer switch, you can even adapt its glow to your own liking. €400

Guarding your privacy online is more important than ever. Luckily, the cute Konijntje Webcam Cover helps you to protect it. Simply mount it on top of your laptop’s camera and prevent anyone who should not be, from peeking at you. €32

No bunny is as loved by the Dutch as their very own Miffy. Her cute face, although just two dots and two lines, is loved by all ages. With this adorable chair at your table, the minimalist rabbit will become a daily dinner guest for your offspring. €149

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