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Discover Benelux | Top Boutiques in Het Noordeinde | Steltman Jewellers & Steltman Watches

Small business on the top Being a jeweller is one of the oldest fine crafts. The profession has evolved greatly, and recently many jewellers have noticed a change. Today’s big, renowned names can make it hard for a small shops to make the difference. This isn't the case for Steltman Jeweller, a jewellery store at Het Noordeinde in The Hague. It has been in business for nearly one hundred years. TEXT: CATHY VAN KLAVEREN | PHOTOS: STELTMAN JEWELLERS & STELTMAN WATCHES

“We want to involve people in the process of making jewellery. We never have to say ‘no’ to anyone,” says Erik Nieuwenhuys, head of the jewellery store. It is like selling emotions, Nieuwenhuys says. “People have to be sensitive to it. Every employee, the goldsmiths and gemologists, has to know everything there is to know about gems and all sorts of materials. When a client asks us something, we don’t look it up in a book.” Steltman has its own brand of jewellery. They do all the inquiries, purchasing and craftsmanship themselves. “When someone comes in with the desire to buy a ring with a blue stone, there are of lot of options,” Nieuwenhuys explains. “We have a small collection in stock. But we can show different colours and sizes of blue gems. Maybe the client even brought their own

76 | Issue 21 | September 2015

gold for us to make a new piece out of it. Because when people make a decision to wear something beautiful, it mostly comes along with a story.” It is thanks to these qualities that Steltman Jeweller, as a relatively small business, can compete with the big names. “There are clients who tell us they like a certain kind of stone, but they don’t like the model that’s been used. We then use the stone and design a different model for it, just as the client desires. Big international jewellery stores don’t work like that.”

Watches To keep up to date, Steltman decided 16 years ago to open Steltman Watches. This store is in the same street as the jeweller. “By coincidence, but it’s nice to be close to our jeweller, as we do most of the deci-

sions together,” says Andrew Brom, the head of the Steltman Watches store. “Last couple of years watches became very important, and we noticed our other store got too small to show them.” Some exquisite and beautiful watches are available here. Steltman Jeweller can be visited at Plaats 26, and Steltman Watches at Plaats 16.