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UBAY MURILLO (Tenerife, 1978)

'BETE NOIRE’, 2016. Site Specific Installation | Instalación específica. 323 x 170 x260 cms.

'BETE NOIRE’, 2016. Site Specific Installation, Plinth | Instalación específica. Peana. 100 x 60 x55 cms

UBAY MURILLO (Tenerife, 1978)

'ALLES KLAR', 2014. Oil on Canvas | Óleo sobre lienzo. 160x230cm

'BETE NOIRE’, 2016. Site Specific Installation | Instalación específica. Variable dimensions.


‘COLLECTION’, 2014, Acrylic on canvas | Acrílico sobre lienzo, 50x50 cm

RUBEN GUERRERO (Utrera, Sevilla, 1976)

'S/T(EXIT)', 2009. Oil and enamel on Canvas | Ă“leo y esmalte sobre lienzo. 90x71 cm

ANNA TALENS (Valencia, 1978)

‘OBJET TROUVE (Tijeras-Plumas), 2016. Steel scissors, thread and feathers | Tijeras de acero, hilo y plumas. 23x10x2 cm

‘ACARICIAR UN CAMPO PELIGROSO (Negro)’, 2016. Steel pins on silk | Alfileres sobre seda. 120x140 cms

INMA FEMENIA (Pego-Alicante, 1985)

‘70 EVIDENCES’, 2013. Digital print on A4 tracing paper (80 grms) | Impresion digital en papel vegetal (80 grms). 210x208 cms

‘WORN DRUMS’, 2016. Digital printer drums on pedesdal | Tambores de impresora digital. Variable Dimensions.

MARIA TINAUT (Valladolid, 1991)

‘FAREWELL(Making it last)’, 2014 Esmalte sobre lienzo | Enamel on canvas. 160×132 cms

‘CALPE’, 2014. Enamel on cnavas | smalte sobre lienzo. 81×65 cms

‘HARD AND HOLLY’,2014 Esmalte sobre lienzo | Enamel on canvas 81x65 cms

ALEX MARCO (Valencia, 1986)

‘S/T’, 2016. Ink and spray on Paper | Tinta y spray sobre papel. 144x88 cms.

‘S/T( Luxury Object)’, 2016. Oil, spray and permanent marker on board | Óleo, spray y rotulador permanente sobre tabla. 17x25 cms

MARIA LEON (Badajoz, 1984)

‘ELEMENT IV’,2014. Curtain adorned with newspaper clippings | Cortina adornada con imágenes de periódico. 90x200 cms

ALAIN URRUTIA (Bilbao, 1978)

‘CURTAIN (after Rembrandt)’-2012. Oil on canvas | Óleo sobre lienzo., 50x55cms

ALAIN URRUTIA (Bilbao, 1978)

‘HAN/ALLI’-2012. Oil on Canvas | Óleo sobre lienzo, 35x28 cms

‘THE CURATOR’ London, 2014. Oil on canvas | Óleo y esmalte sobre lienzo, 65x60 cm.





April 29th to 27th May 2016

Danckelmannstr.1 / Corps-du-Garde str 18 14059 Berlin S41-S42 Westend / Bus 309- M45

Opening: April 29th 20:00pm

La Plaza Deutsch Spanisches Zentrum e. V.

Organised by

Tuesday to Friday 10:00-13:00| 15:00-19:00 Saturday 10:00-16:00

Sponsored by

Contact: Tel: +30 2394 7684

*Closed from the 15th to the 31st of August Curated by info@scan-arte.comf

Flyer ’Betee. Noire’-Alex marco-2016 BERLIN LAImage: PLAZA V MUSART-

Front Cover: Ruben Guerrero, ’Sounds Good’-2008

Spanish Contemporary Art Network

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