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HOME & GARDEN Where Global Designs Find Modern Lines

L ifestyle home furnishings store, Habitat Home and Garden,

has served Central Coast customers and designers for over 25 years and recently opened a showroom in Santa Barbara. The 5,000 square foot showroom at the corner of State and Gutierrez with a 2,000 square foot attached warehouse, has plenty of off-street parking and anchors the retail and restaurant renaissance currently underway on lower State Street. Habitat offers a full range of design services and specializes in guiding customers, both commercial and residential, through interior



and exterior projects from consultation and conceptualization to installation and completion. It’s also a welcome alternative style to conventional box home furnishings stores. Here, custom is king and the past and present blend effortlessly. The Habitat team scours the globe, primarily throughout Europe and Asia, in search of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces that have both history and soul. Some treasures are left intact, but most are customized, reimagined, and repurposed to meet the unique design needs and whims of each customer.


Profile for Santa Barbara Dining and Destinations

Santa Barbara Dining and Destinations Spring/Summer 2019  

Santa Barbara Dining and Destinations Spring/Summer 2019