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A Great Selfie from Every Angle by Tracy Katz, MD

by Suzanne Bruce, MD

Suzanne Bruce, MD Founded SBA in 1997 Dr. Bruce is founder and President of Suzanne Bruce and Associates, P.A. She has been practicing dermatology since 1985. A graduate of Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine, she completed her dermatology residency training at Baylor. She has been recognized by many organizations for excellence, including Texas Monthly (voted a Super Doctor, 2005 - 2016), Houstonia (voted a Top Doctor, 2013), H Texas magazine (voted a Top Doctor, 2014 & 2015) and Houston Woman Magazine (one of Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women – 2009).

Have you ever caught yourself taking selfies from just the right angle and pushing out your chin to take the perfect picture? We all have done it at some point, and as we age it starts to happen more and more. That is because as we age we start to accumulate fat right under our chin. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of our body, there are no exercises for the chin! That fat is pretty much stuck there, or at least it was until Kybella® hit the market late last year. Kybella is the latest in slimming technologies designed just for the chin area. It brings definition to the chin and jaw area by dissolving the fat safely and permanently and letting the lymphatic system drain away the waste.

Welcome to The Skinny – our magazine devoted to giving you all the inside information to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Even after 20 years of new technology in cosmetic dermatology, I never cease to be amazed by the continuing innovation in this field, and this issue is a testimonial to “what’s new”. In these pages you’ll learn about new procedures and products that can improve the health, beauty and shape of your skin and body. I encourage you to read all about these advances to see which ones may be right for you. I also invite you to come see and learn about them first hand at our Red Carpet Open House in our Galleria area office on Saturday, September 17th. Many celebrities have undergone the same procedures and used the same products that we offer so they can look great when they walk the red carpet. A second key ingredient to healthy skin is our talented providers at our Houston and Katy offices who develop their techniques with all these technologies. Their knowledge and experience are evident in their articles and interviews in this issue. The final key to our practice and the innovations in our industry is our patients. Nowhere is this more evident than in our research volunteers who help our site advance science and new treatments for acne, psoriasis, eczema and pre-cancerous lesions as well as new cosmetic indications for wrinkles and acne scars. So a big thanks to you, our medical, cosmetic and research patients, who have trusted us to be your caregivers and guides in the evolving world of skincare and dermatology. I look forward to seeing many of you on September 17th on the red carpet!

The best candidates have a small to moderate fatty area under the chin, and treatment generally consists of 2 - 4 visits. Your provider will inject Kybella in tiny quantities in a grid like fashion directly into the fatty pooch, making sure to feather out the product for a smooth and perfect

Coming Soon: Juvéderm® Volbella®

finish. At first, you will experience some swelling and possible bruising, but improvement can be seen in just a few weeks. If you have a more substantial amount of fat under your chin, there are options available to you, too! I love the CoolMini™ to help debulk fat. The CoolMini is one of the newer applicators from CoolSculpting® that uses cryolipolysis to freeze and destroy approximately 20% of the fat in the targeted area. This applicator uses CoolSculpting’s newest 3D technology which allows for a more comfortable treatment with much less suction than the original CoolSculpting procedure. Then, after you have completed the CoolMini, we often recommend treating with Kybella to help target smaller areas and fine-tune the contouring of the under chin area. Puckering, angling the camera and selfie sticks are really not necessary anymore. With Kybella and CoolMini we can make every camera angle your best.

Tracy Katz, MD Joined SBA in 2012 Dr. Katz has been practicing dermatology since 2012. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, she completed her dermatology residency training at the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

celebrity sighting CoolSculpting & Kybella: Khloe Kardashian, 32

by Suzanne Bruce, MD

KATY/CINCO RANCH 23510 Kingsland Blvd., 3rd Floor Katy, Texas 77494 Ph. 713.850.0240 Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

GALLERIA/HOUSTON: 1900 St. James Place, 6th Floor Houston, Texas 77056 Ph. 713.850.0240 Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM Saturday: 8AM – 2PM

This fall Allergan is bringing a new hyaluronic acid (HA) filler to market called JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC. Its scientists have engineered it to be a soft, spreadable filler with the lowest affinity for water, meaning a lesser tendency to swell after injection. It was FDA-approved in June 2016 for lips and lines around the mouth and lasts up to 12 months.

by Malcolm Waddell, Director of Clinical Research

Filling the vertical wrinkles that develop with aging on the upper lip can be tricky. With some thicker fillers, it is easy to overcorrect and create ridges or unnatural looking thickness. Volbella is specifically designed to be used in this area to create a smooth, natural looking result. Similarly it can be used in the lips to subtly add fullness without overdoing it and getting the dreaded “duck lips”. So what can produce those results? First, Volbella is formulated with VYCROSS®, a proprietary filler technology, which yields smooth products engineered to address specific patient concerns, such as lip fullness, age-related volume loss in the cheek area or lip lines. VYCROSS® blends different molecular weights of HA for efficient and tight cross-linking. This contributes to the gel’s 12 - month duration. The VYCROSS® technology debuted in the U.S. in 2013 with the FDA approval of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC for age-related mid-face volume loss. Voluma has revolutionized how we treat and improve the appearance of the mid-face. Second, great results come from experienced injectors. Injection technique matters. Our dermatologists and our midlevel providers have treated over 1,000 patients with over 2,700 syringes of Voluma since it became available in December 2013. Our doctors have received training with internationally renowned MDs in the latest techniques with the Voluma technology, and I personally train injectors from ours and other practices on the proper technique for injecting this remarkable filler. I will be attending my second Advisory Board Meeting on this new filler in late October in Vancouver, and we look forward to introducing Vobella later this fall. I invite you to join our monthly e-newsletter so when we announce Vobella’s arrival, you can be among the first to try it.


The Research Edge

Cover Art By: Dixie Friend Gay


2016 marks our 17th year performing dermatological clinical trials at Suzanne Bruce and Associates. Our Centers for Skin Research in Houston and Katy have conducted over 200 studies, and we are considered two of the top skin research sites in the United States. Participating in the research of new drugs, devices and products has kept our dermatologists on the leading edge of medical and cosmetic dermatology. Many of the drugs and devices we have investigated over the years have gained FDA approval, ranging from Picato® gel for pre-cancerous lesions to BOTOX® Cosmetic’s crow’s feet indication. Like our medical and cosmetic practices, we owe our success in research to our patients who

participate in our studies. Most get the investigational drug and some get the placebo, but it is these volunteers who help us achieve advances in dermatological medicine. We are currently or will soon begin clinical trials for acne, actinic keratosis (sun spots), alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, rosacea and tinea pedis (athlete’s foot). Being a part of one of our studies offers qualifying patients free medical care and treatment here at Suzanne Bruce & Associates, with our boardcertified dermatologists, and possible compensation for their time and travel.

Malcolm Waddell, MBA Joined SBA in 1997 Malcolm is the Director of Clinical Research. A graduate of Rice University and Harvard Business School, he completed his MBA in 1979.

So if you or someone you know would like to learn more, visit our website at 2

Micropen™ and PRP for Melasma

Game Changer: HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

After my third pregnancy, I have been plagued with melasma on my cheeks. Luckily, I have had lots of experience helping people deal with pesky dark blotches that stubbornly refuse to go away. From experience, I can tell you how annoying these areas can be when they are prominent on your face.

At SBA we love injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the skin to lift, plump and smooth. Now SkinMedica® has developed the perfect hyaluronic anti-aging product to use topically to plump and hydrate your skin daily.

by Marcela Ramirez, MSN FNP-C, Nurse Practitioner

Marcela Ramirez, MSN, FNP-C Joined SBA in 2000 Marcela has been a practicing nurse at our office since 2003. She obtained her nurse practitioner degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 2015, where she also received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing with high honors in May 2003. Marcela is bilingual in both Spanish and English.

celebrity sighting Kim Kardashian, 35

I decided that the micro-needling in combination with a good sunscreen and 4% hydroquinone, a prescription bleaching cream, would help me get great results in just a few months. Using products is often as much about penetration, as it is active ingredients. It is very difficult for products to get through to the dermis, but microchannels made with micro-needling devices like our MicroPen™, or any type of fractional resurfacing (we have many!) means that the applied product can and will go deeper than if it was just applied to the top of the skin. Let me explain how micro-needling works. Our device called MicroPen makes use of a process known as automated micro-needling, or collagen induction therapy (CIT). As we move the “pen” across the treatment area it creates micro-injuries that are surrounded by healthy skin. These micro-injuries send a message to your skin cells to jump into repair mode, kicking collagen and elastin production into high gear. This not only helps increase healing, but also helps the trapped melanin surface. Now that you have avenues into the deeper portions of the skin, applying a great topical product like 4% hydroquinone will help spur lightening of the blotchy parts (melasma).

by Pauline Scott, MD

Why is hyaluronic acid (HA) so important in skincare? HA is a natural, “water-loving” substance found in the skin, acting as your body’s natural hydrator. HA holds in moisture, keeping skin healthy, resilient, and supple. With age, the amount of HA in the skin decreases, diminishing your skin’s ability to remain hydrated. Between the ages of 40 and 50, your skin has lost 50% of the HA it had at age 20. Most topical HA products only hydrate the surface of the skin temporarily. HA5 has a

proprietary mix of 5 forms of HA that work synergistically to provide continuous hydration and immediate smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. The other key component of HA5 is VITISENSCE™ Technology, a potent blend of antioxidants that support the skin’s ability to replenish its own HA. The results? Healthier looking skin and long term hydration. We recommend using HA5 twice daily once in the morning and once at night to the face, neck and décolleté. It should be applied before you apply sunscreen.

Pauline Scott, MD Joined SBA in 2016 Dr. Scott has been practicing dermatology since 2016. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma and University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, she completed her dermatology residency training at University of Illinois at Chicago where she served as Chief Resident. Prior to starting medical school she also received her MBA from the University of Oklahoma.

See Trudi’s article on page 7 to learn about the new SuperScreens that have hit the market; any of them would be a great complement to HA5.

Three visits should be spaced about 4 - 6 weeks apart. In about 8 - 12 weeks you will see a positive result. However, it is important to keep in mind that melasma is very difficult and stubborn to treat, and depending on the severity of your case, a different treatment plan may be in order. I also recommend adding on PRP to your treatments. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and has been used for decades for its wound healing ability in various medical fields. We draw a small sample of your blood before the treatment and then place that blood into a centrifuge to separate out the plasma. Plasma is very rich in growth factors, one of the key ingredients in great skincare lines! In this case, these natural growth factors are produced by you and could not be better suited to help expedite your body’s repair process and stimulate collagen. It can be applied in 2 ways, as a topical to the skin postMicroPen treatment or injected into specific areas as a temporary filler, such as under eyes or the parentheses around the mouth. It is an exciting and very natural treatment! Check out my video online, to see firsthand what it all looks like.

OcuMend™: Avoid Filler Bruising One of the downsides of getting a filler injection is the possibility of bruising. Many variables can affect bruising. People with thin, sun-damaged skin tend to bruise more as do people taking drugs or supplements that inhibit blood clotting, such as aspirin. If you are prone to be a bruiser, we have good news for you. We now carry a product called OcuMend that delivers arnica to the skin using nanotechnology. The arnica nano-particles have been shown to penetrate the skin more easily resulting in significant reduction in bruises after injection procedures. One pad is applied to each side of the face immediately after injection & is left on for 6 hours. A second set of pads is applied at bedtime & worn overnight. If you are a bruiser, try it on your next filler injection. You may be able to avoid those pesky purple spots! 3

Still Not Sweating It - 4 Years Later by April Harrison, MPAS, PA-C

Some of you may remember my article discussing having miraDry® performed on me because of overactive sweat glands in the underarm area. I am a “social sweater” and had been using BOTOX® to control and reduce my underarm sweating for a while. When we purchased this technology, I had jumped at the chance to be one of the first to try it. That was 4 years ago. Today, I can honestly say I have not used my fallback (BOTOX) once since my treatment, and I no longer deal with issues from sweaty armpits! First off, and most importantly, I am dry most of the time, and I have experienced no ill effects since healing from the treatment. Secondly, I have enjoyed a bunch of extra benefits! For example, my favorite tops get to stay in my closet until I have worn them out or until the fashion changes, not until underarm stains begin to appear. I have also experienced a decrease in odor, too! Looking back I would not have done

anything differently, miraDry has been fantastic!

April Harrison, MPAS, PA-C

miraDry is great for anyone who experiences excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. We also treat people who are social sweaters, like me, although the treatment might be slightly different in those circumstances. Depending on severity, we treat the underarms 1 2 times. The way the system works is by using microwave technology to destroy the sweat glands that reside in the underarm skin. It will not destroy all of them in one go, so sometimes your provider will recommend a second treatment. After treatment it may be sore, red and swollen for several days, but it subsides back to normal before you know it. Immediately you should start to experience less sweating! Since hindsight was 20/20 in this case, I highly recommend you try it or come in for a consult if you have been thinking about doing something about underarm sweating. We still think miraDry is a game changer!

Joined SBA in 2005 April has been a practicing physician assistant since 2000 and has worked in dermatology since 2001. She received her bachelor of science in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and her master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. She is certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and is a Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA) Diplomate.


meet the newest


Our newest providers and aesthetic coordinators sat down together to get to know each other and introduce themselves to you. Dr. Pauline Scott (PS), Aesthetician Heather Davis (HD), and Aesthetic Coordinators Trudi Bonomi (TB) and Cynthia Cantus (CC1) all call our Katy office home. Aesthetician Clarisse Clements (CC2) is in our Galleria office. We start with where each of them grew up:

CC2: I am from Portland, Oregon, and grew up in the Northwest. I have lived in Houston for a while now and love it! The sunny skies and the diversity of this city can’t be beat anywhere in the U.S.! Where did you all grow up? HD: I’m originally from Austin, Texas. I’m definitely a Texas girl! What about you, Dr. Scott? PS: My family is originally from Burma (now called Myanmar), but I grew up in Muskogee, OK. Trudi and Cynthia, aren’t you both from Katy? CC1: Close! I am a full blooded Texan born and raised in Rosenberg, Texas. TB: I was actually born in Jamaica, but I am a Katy local. I moved away for a while, but now I’m home. Go Katy Tigers! I’m so happy

to be in Katy and at Suzanne Bruce. Heather, what attracted you to SBA? HD: I have always been interested in health, beauty, and helping people. I received my aesthetician’s license in 2010. I started here in 2013 as a medical assistant. In that role, I was exposed to all the latest cosmetic treatments on the market. From that point, I knew exactly where I wanted to practice as an aesthetician. When the position opened in Katy, I applied and got it! CC2: That’s exactly what I was looking for in a practice, too. Our spa lets me combine cosmetic treatments with medical benefits. Together they help heal skin and make patients feel great! Skin and beauty have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I knew my career would be centered on them. How about you Dr. Scott?

next day I got a call. I was looking for a group that was a leader in cutting-edge dermatological technology and research, and I found it here. I also share this team’s commitment to patient well-being and high satisfaction. CC1: I don’t think she knows this, but I have been a fan of her practice for many, many years. I have been referring to Dr. Bruce for the last 20 years. The practice has always been cutting edge and offers some of the best customer service you can find! I stopped working for about 3 years, and when I mentioned to my husband I wanted to go back, I said, “Only if I could work for Dr. Bruce.” Lucky me, because here I am and I love it!

PS: I earned my medical degree at The University of Oklahoma where I also completed my undergraduate studies and MBA. I did my dermatology residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago. How about you, Trudi? TB: I graduated college with a Healthcare Administration degree and have worked in both hospitals and private practices, but I found my passion when I started working with a large dermatology group in Austin, TX. I worked there for 9 years before we moved my family back home to Katy. Over those 9 years, I really developed my style of care. I like getting to know my patients and listening to their goals and also their concerns. My priority in my consultations is to educate. With all the technological advancements in dermatology, patients often need a navigator to help them figure out what services and products they need to achieve their aesthetic goals. How would you guys describe your styles as providers? CC2: I, too, am an educator first and foremost. I like to answer questions about skin treatments and beauty and help my patients understand and feel at ease with the course of action, and, ultimately

accomplish the results we discussed in the beginning. HD: I am passionate about achieving healthy glowing skin. I like sharing tips and tricks with my patients. I really like to get to know my patients. It is important that they feel comfortable, cared for, and especially well-informed about skincare. CC1: I agree! It is still amazing how many people do not know which products they need and where to even start. I have been in this business for more than 14 years, and although it has changed a lot and people know more, there is still plenty of ground to cover. I am a friendly person with a lot of inner spirit and nothing beats that feeling when your patients come back with a big smile on their faces because they have had great results! PS: I am passionate about advocating for my patients, preventing skin cancer, and positively impacting their health and their self-esteem, I am cognizant of people’s time and try to be efficient while still providing the best care possible. I

love helping my patients feel better about their skin. I also like to chat with them about their lives and families. Nathanial and I just moved into our new home in Cinco Ranch. I love the genuinely friendly people here and the diversity of the area. I have a strong desire to give back to the Katy and Houston communities. TB: Yes, I love that SBA is so connected to the Katy community through its support of the Katy ISD Foundation and sponsoring such events as the YMCA Turkey Dash, the Katy Triathlon and Fort Bend Literary & Fine Arts Festival & Parade. To learn more about our providers visit:

HD: Where did you get your medical training, Dr. Scott?

PS: My husband is based out of Houston so my career search brought me here, I had heard of Dr. Bruce and SBA so on a trip down, I dropped my CV off, and the

PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: Pauline Scott, MD Heather Davis, Aesthetician Clarisse Clements, Aesthetician Cynthia Cantu, Aesthetic Consultant Trudi Bonomi, Aesthetic Consultant



A Perfect Pair of Legs

Give Us 3 Days to Make a Big Impact

Shorter hemlines are clearly here to stay. Wearing your bikini, shorts, and short dresses should be done with confidence, and the good news is that we have all the tools in-house to give you your leggy confidence back!

When my patients ask me, “What is the best procedure I can do to improve etched in lines on my face, coarse skin texture, crepey eyelid skin, and/or indented acne scars?” I quickly answer, “The most effective procedure that has the quickest results and least amount of treatments is fractionated carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing.” Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing creates fine channels in the skin surrounded by a small zone of heat. This heat results in immediate collagen contraction which the laser surgeon can see during the procedure, and over time, increased collagen.

by Jennifer Peterson, MD and Clarisse Clements, Aesthetician

Clarisse Clements, Aesthetician Joined SBA in 2016 Clarisse has been a practicing licensed Aesthetician since 2005. Prior to working as an Aesthetician in The SPA, she was a Mohs Surgery Coordinator.

celebrity sighting The Kardashian’s, 32 - 37

First, let’s take care of the dimples on the buttocks and upper thighs. Cellfina® was FDA approved in 2015, we were the first to get it, and it is a game changer. For the first time, we have a tool that can help fight cellulite and minimize those dimples for years! Cellfina releases the connective tissue bands that pull down on the surface of the skin and provides a smoother appearance for your posterior and thighs. Cellfina is a relatively simple in-office procedure and only requires a single treatment. Results are seen in just a few short weeks. Next, let’s tackle those spider veins using sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is an injectable procedure which usually takes 1 - 2 treatments, depending on severity of the veins. New sclerotherapy solutions have become available in the last 7 years. They are more effective and more comfortable for our patients. Reducing spider veins on the legs not only helps to improve your legs’ appearance but also can reduce the chance of your spider veins progressing to larger varicose veins down the road. Last, but not least, the perfect pair of legs should be toned and look firm. VelaShape® is ideal for doing just that! VelaShape uses radiofrequency and infrared light energies to bring heat into the tissue to firm the skin and allow the fat cells to release excess fat. The results are smoother, tighter legs in as little as 4 treatments. These are just 3 of the options available to improve the appearance of your legs, but since every person’s physiology is unique, a consult is necessary to help pick the right combination of treatments for you. At SBA, we have a wide array of devices and products available and the experience and skill to tailor the right treatment for you. Come by for a consult at either location, and let’s get the discussion started!

The Emergence of the SuperScreen by Trudi Bonomi, Aesthetic Consultant

Trudi Bonomi, Aesthetic Consultant Joined SBA in 2016 Trudi has been a practicing aesthetic consultant since 2007. Prior to working as an aesthetic consultant she received a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in Healthcare Administration.

You may have heard us talking about SuperScreens lately: it is all the rage in dermatology. New research has found that you need to protect yourself not only from UVA and UVB but also infrared (IR)! UVB rays penetrate shallowly: they cause sunburns, generate free radicals, and have a role in causing skin cancer. UVA light penetrates the skin more deeply resulting in skin aging and wrinkles and generating free radicals that can further damage your skin. We try to make it easy to remember by saying, “A stands for Aging” (UVA) and “B stands for Burning” (UVB), but now we need to add IR to our sun-protection vocabulary! The infrared sun rays reach down to the skin’s deepest layer and generate free radicals that can accelerate skin aging by actually mutating our skin’s cells. Sounds complicated and gnarly right? It is! The research behind it is quite interesting and shows that if we can protect our skin’s cellular structure with antioxidants, we can stave off and even reverse aging. We have 6 SuperScreen options from which you can choose. SkinMedica® offers us 2 Total Defense + Repair’s in SPF34, either tinted or untinted, as well as an untinted SPF50. Revision® has a fantastic option for people that suffer from oiliness or have a difficult time finding the right shade of tinted sunscreen: the Intellishade® SPF 45 comes in matte or original (both tinted), and they are an office favorite. MDRejuvena® brings us an SPF30 Daily UV protector that is fragrance, oil and paraben free that works delightfully under makeup.


by: Jennifer Peterson, MD

At this point in our conversation, the procedure sounds great to my patients, and it is the option that they were looking for to achieve their aesthetic goals. However, as the consult continues I also ask, “Can you give up a week of social downtime to recover?” Quickly, the response is: “No, what are my other options?” Here at SBA, we understand our patients have busy work and family lives and being able to stay home for a week is out of the question for many of them. We strive to provide our patients with the most recent, cutting-edge procedures in cosmetic dermatology. Recent advances in laser surgery with the Lumenis® UltraPulse® laser allow us to decrease this social downtime to as little as 3 days. Therefore, the procedure can be done Friday, and the patient is ready to return to the office, socialize with friends, and/or attend their kids’ school activities on Monday.

The difference is in the new technology of the UltraPulse laser which allows us to now deliver energy deeper into the skin and treat smaller percentages of the skin surface. Unlike our previous fractionated CO2 laser, the Fraxel® Repair, the UltraPulse has 3 handpieces – the ActiveFX™, DeepFX™, and SCAAR FX™ – which allow us to customize the resurfacing procedure to limit the social downtime to as little as 3 days. To perform a 3-day downtime resurfacing procedure, the DeepFX is first used to trace out the individual lines or acne scars. Next, the DeepFX and SCAAR FX treat the entire surrounding skin tissue at varying depths and percent coverages. Immediately following this resurfacing procedure, the skin feels warm, similar to a sunburn, for the first 12 - 24 hours. The skin is red to pink for 3 days, and gentle skin care products are applied to facilitate healing. On Day 4, you are back in action. With this procedure, patients with fine lines will often need 2 treatments. Those with more etched-in lines will need 3 treatments. Most acne scar patients will need 2 - 3 treatments.

Jennifer Peterson, MD Joined SBA in 2014 Dr. Peterson has been practicing dermatology since 2010. A graduate of Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, she completed her dermatology residency training at Texas Tech. She also completed a prestigious fellowship in Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in La Jolla, California, and has participated as an investigator in numerous cosmetic dermatology and surgery studies. Dr. Peterson has been recognized by many organizations for excellence, including Houstonia magazine Top Doctor (2013) and H Texas Magazine (voted Top Doctor 2014 & 2015) and Texas Monthly (voted Super Doctors Texas - Rising Star 2016).

Now when I ask my patients, “Can you give me 3 days to get the best results?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes, let’s get started!” We invite you to come speak with me or one of my colleagues to create a customized laser procedure for your facial rejuvenation.

CoolAdvantage™: 35 Minutes to a Flatter Stomach We are one of the first offices in Houston to receive the CoolSculpting® CoolAdvantage™ applicators. These new applicators reduce treatment times by 42% (just 35 minutes), are more comfortable & treat larger areas, all for the same great price. CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. It’s an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime. Since introducing CoolSculpting in 2010, we have performed over 3,000 treatments. We can treat under chin fullness, arm-fold & bra fat, flanks, abdomen, inner & outer thighs & above the knee, comfortably, conveniently & now more quickly. Come watch a live demonstration at our Red Carpet Open House celebration at our Galleria office on Saturday, September 17, 2016. 8

Clear+Brilliant™ Comes to Katy!

Our express65 Program

Clear+Brilliant™ has finally come to Katy, and we call it the Baby Fraxel®, because it shares the same technology as the Fraxel, the most well-known, very effective fractional skin resurfacing device. The “baby” label is because the Clear+Brilliant (C+B) laser treats at a lower intensity level. Hence, it is a great starter treatment for patients who have light sun damage and are experiencing the first signs of aging. C+B is also perfect for our patients who are ready for or need something more than facials or peels. This gentle, minimum downtime laser procedure can help prevent the visible signs of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores – and give you the smoother, radiant glow of healthy, youthful skin. I’ve been treating my patients with this remarkably simple 15-minute, effective treatment since it was first introduced in 2011, and many see it as just part of their normal skincare routine. The face is the most popular area (70% of what we treat), but you can also improve the skin on your neck, chest, forearms and hands. In a patient survey, 92% of C+B patients claimed their skin looked younger and felt smoother, and they saw a noticeable “Clear+Brilliant glow” after a series of treatments.1

Do you want to take better care of your skin, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time?

by Maria Antesoda, RN

Maria Antesoda Joined SBA in 2000 Maria has worked in skincare since 1996 and been a practicing nurse in cosmetic dermatology since 2000. She received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Houston Community College.

celebrity sighting Christy Brinkley, 62

In addition, we address pigmentation issues with the Clear+Brilliant Perméa™ handpiece. Perméa treats at a different wavelength to achieve a more even skin tone. Introduced in 2013, it is gentle enough for my patients who have hormone-related skin pigmentation, such as melasma, and those who are predisposed to hyperpigmentation (darkening of an area of skin). Both the C+B and Perméa treatments have minimal downtime so you are back to work or socially active in as little as 2 days. Optimal improvement is seen as quickly as 2 months. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free consultation to see me or our other C+B providers in Katy. 1Solta Medical Clinical Study Report, 2011

A Slimmer Face and Brighter Eyes Did you know Dysport® & BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used to slim a wide face? In some patients, this is a great aesthetic option. Our masseters are a set of thick muscles on the side of our jaw that help us chew. If they are overworked due to grinding teeth, TMJ disorder or excessive gum chewing, the muscle responds by becoming larger & bulkier, much the way our other muscles respond to workouts. By injecting botulinum toxin into the masseter muscle, communication between the nerves & the muscle is reduced, resulting in slimming of the masseter muscle over time & improved contouring of the lower face. Treatment involves a few injections into the masseter muscle, then a touch up two months later. Results can last up to a year making touch up treatments a breeze! What can be done about tired looking eyes? In some cases, filler is the answer. We’ve been using filler to treat under-eye hollows & circles for years now, but what about the upper lid? With normal aging, the fat pads in our face shrink & shift around causing us to look tired, particularly around the eyes. Hollowing on the upper lid, also called the A-frame, can be treated with discrete amounts of hyaluronic acid filler. The treatment is painless & requires very little filler. Typically we recommend two treatments spaced 2 - 4 weeks apart. In just a week after a treatment with Restylane® Silk, patients appear more youthful & vibrant. You can view before & after photos on our blog at: • April Harrison, MPAS, PA-C


by Maria Martinez, Aesthetician

Our express65 spa program is the solution you are looking for. These quick once-a-month, personalized treatments will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin in just 15 minutes and keep you glowing until your next appointment. The program is simple and customizable by choosing from or combining: a microdermabrasion, the SkinCeuticals® Gel

Peel GL or the SkinMedica® Illuminize Peel®.

Maria Martinez, Aesthetician

Your first treatment is at full price, but return within 4 weeks, and you automatically qualify for express65 - a $65 per treatment price. Keep returning to the SPA at SBA within a 4-week window, and the program lasts as long as you want.

Joined SBA in 2000

For more details and to book your start-up appointment on express65 at either office, call us at 713.850.0240 today.

Maria has been a practicing licensed Aesthetician since 2005. Prior to working as a full-time aesthetician in The SPA at SBA, she also served as an Aesthetic Consultant and certified Medical Assistant for Suzanne Bruce and Associates. Maria is bilingual in Spanish and English.

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Loyalty = Royalty at SBA by Heydy Hillis, Aesthetic Consultant

There are many ways to save on future treatments and services at our office, and we wanted to highlight some of the great options so you can stay in the know and get the best value on your service and product purchases. SBA ONLINE STORE » Don’t have time to run to our office to pick up your products or want to take advantage of certain procedure discounts? Don’t worry we have you covered! Shop at our online store at and earn generous loyalty points on all your online purchases. These points turn into real $ savings when you come back to repurchase online. You can earn additional points just for reviewing products or referring friends. MONTHLY NEWSLETTER » At the beginning of each month we send out an e-newsletter where we highlight all our special deals and keep you on the forefront of what’s happening in cosmetic and medical dermatology. Learn about new services and breakthrough technologies before anyone else, get discounts on services and products, and find out about our upcoming Lunch and Learn and other educational events. Signing up is easy at

BRILLIANT DISTINCTIONS® » Love Allergan injectables (BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvéderm® fillers, & Kybella®) and SkinMedica® products? Then download the Brilliant Distinctions app from the Apple Store or Google Play on your smartphone! It helps keep track of all your Allergan treatments and SkinMedica purchases and lets you know when you are eligible for discounts. It can also make taking advantage of those earned discounts simpler at check out.

Heydy Hillis, Aesthetic Consultant Joined SBA in 2011 Heydy has been a practicing Aesthetic Consultant since 2012 and has been the Aesthetic Consultant Manager since 2014. Prior to working as an Aesthetic Consultant, she served as a licensed medical assistant in our medical and cosmetic centers. Heydy is bilingual in Spanish and English.

ASPIRE GALDERMA REWARDS » Do you prefer Dysport®, Sculptra® Aesthetic and Restylane® fillers? Galderma believes you should be rewarded at every point in your facial aesthetic journey with their injectables. With ASPIRE, it is simple to earn exclusive rewards, bonuses and discounts. Join at and receive a code for a $20 discount on your next Dysport treatment. There are other ways to save at SBA. Our events usually feature special pricing, and our ReferA-Friend and Seeing Is Believing Programs also earn you a discount on your next service or in-office product purchase. Sign up for any or all of these programs today and find out how rewarding being a loyal SBA customer can be!


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Wanted: Men Who Want to Look Their Best by C. William Doubleday, MD

Welcome to The Men’s Shop at SBA. We see plenty of women here who all want to look their best, but their spouses and significant others seem a little hesitant to enter what they perceive to be a feminine domain. Vanity is a normal and healthy human characteristic, and women certainly do not hold a monopoly on vanity! I have never met a man who did not care about how he looks. So here is a short rundown of available options! My male patients complain about either having too much hair on their backs or not enough hair up top on their scalp. That grizzly-bear back hair can easily be eliminated using our advanced laser hair removal treatments. And men can grow more hair “up top” with prescription finasteride tablets taken daily which is very effective in most men. Plus, the cost has decreased significantly at the drug store! Recently we just launched another treatment for re-growing and maintaining your hair naturally, using platelet rich plasma (PRP). Basically, we take a little blood, place it in the centrifuge to separate the plasma, which is rich in growth factors, and then we inject it superficially in the scalp. In essence this treatment fertilizes the follicles for greater health of the scalp. Ideally we perform 3 treatments spaced 2 - 3 weeks apart, and then all you need to do is maintenance once or twice a year. It’s the most natural and chemicalfree approach to hair loss on the market! Frown lines and creases can be greatly diminished using neurotoxins, such as Botox® Cosmetic or Dsyport®. These are relatively painless injections into the muscles of the forehead and crow’s feet which relaxes those muscles for approximately 4 months. In men, it is sometimes referred to as

“Brotox.” The deeper lines that are present on the lower face, next to the nose or at the corners of the mouth can be filled in with safe and effective hyaluronic acid fillers. We like to use Juvéderm®, Voluma®, Restylane®, Silk®, and Lyft® which usually lasts about 1 year or even 2 in the case of Voluma. That pesky double chin is nicely reduced using cryolipolysis to freeze the excess fat cells in that chin into oblivion. Our CoolSculpting® CoolMini™ reduces the fat and improves the neck contour in just 45 minutes. Two treatments 1 month apart are usually required. Many men have what I refer to as “barnacles” aka, seborrheic keratoses, which are harmless brown crusted growths. They are very common and easily removed either by freezing with liquid nitrogen or scraping under local anesthesia. Excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) is now readily treated in our office with miraDry® which uses microwave technology to selectively heat and destroy sweat glands in the armpits. This safe and effective treatment takes about 1-½ hours and requires 2 treatments 3 months apart to reduce sweating by up to 90% - permanently! So, guys, if you want to look your best, and we all do, please come see us and schedule an appointment at your convenience. We do not serve beer or offer shoeshines, but you can get an up-front discussion of what your options are. I promise that you are going to like the way you look!




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