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“Before trying this nutritional system I was exhausted, stressed and living with constant brain fog. I believed that my healthy balanced diet was giving me all the nutrition I needed, but I was really struggling with my health and unable to do the exercise I wanted to do. I couldn’t be the mum, wife, daughter or friend I wanted to be” Kathryn

I’m Heather Atkinson and I can help you take control of your health and stay there Call: 07507 493 299 Email: Visit:

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a collective of women in business Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Savvy Women Hopefully better times for business are on there way and the impact of Covid 19 is behind us. However the impact that small businesses have suffered will take time to rebuild and recover, however, i am confident that the women in business that we at Savvy have worked with over the last 12 months will come back stronger than before. I’m sure that many businesses have had to make changes in the way they operate, some small, and some that have completely changed the direction of the business for the foreseeable future. We have considered many changes since the last publication to try and help those that have managed to keep their business alive. Most of them must have thought whats next, this is so hard to keep our heads above water, this is why it is so important to collaborate and support each other more than ever before. To help, in the last quarter of 2020 and in 2021 we have made some changes that we hope will encourage many more women in business to become a part of Savvy Women over the coming months. So please keep a look out on our website at Don’t forget, we are more than just a magazine. Until the next time!! Stay safe and well.

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HEALTH/WELLBEING 8 Karen Chappell - Stress Management & Chronic Pain Specialist 10 Vanessa Augustus - Lifestyle Coach for Mums 12 Celia Gaze - The Wellbeing Farm 13 Kirsty North- Right Time PT 14 Emma Wennington - E W Nutrition 15 Jo Peirson - Intuitive Health & Wellness Warrier


FOOD/DRINK 16 Ruth Chubb - Three Bears Cookery Club

CREATIVE/HOME 18 Lisa Greener - Editor-in-Chief - Green Cat Books 19 Jae Malone - Author

BUSINESS/MONEY/FAMILY 20 Sandra Pollock - Award-Winning Business Expert 22 Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE - Transformational Business Coach 24 Lyn Cutler - The Edge Events 28 Mee & Dee Charity

cover story SANDRA POLLOCK The Women’s Awards Community


The Women’s Awards Community by Sandra Pollock

Have you heard about the Women’s Awards Community yet? Well, you’ll want to read on… Following on from the tremendous success of the Women’s Awards (previously, the East Midlands Women’s Awards – EMWA) Founder, Sandra Pollock has launch something else to support the women of our region. “It was always my intention to create a community as part of the Women’s Awards. The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant that we like every other business has had to change how we’ve done things. So instead of starting with in-person events, we took our community to an online approach. Having only launched in June this year, I’m pleased and excited about the amount of benefit and progress our members have already received. The Community has been set up as a safe place for our members to grow, explore their options, possibilities, and opportunities. It’s a community created for ambitious women, by ambitious women.


So, what’s on offer? We have monthly webinars where our high achieving guest speakers share from their experiences, knowledge, and skill, offering our members the chance to learn, ask questions and grow. We also have our Mastermind groups, which are closed, private meetings where our members can raise real issues of concern in their business or career paths, in a safe and strictly confidential environment. They receive experienced, practical, information, support, and advice to move forward. The Mastermind groups are a great place to help with focus and accountability. Two areas that are shown to help us really power ahead of our peers. Here’s what members are already saying... “Being a part of the community is uplifting, inspiring, and offers opportunities, including the chance to give back.” B. Sankey. These are successful, experienced business women, who want nothing more than to associate with other successful, likeminded women, who are prepared to help each other succeed. There’s no competitiveness. “I was looking for a community where women could support each other into excellence, and I have found it!” K. Cureton The Women’s Awards Community is a subscription membership which is open to all women, at all levels of their business and career development journey. Women are amazing at supporting others and have a great amount to give and share. My job, as I see it is to create the environment where that happens, and it’s doing very well so far. I also have the help of our wonderful Founding Members, who joined us early on with a remit to assist me in building this great vision.

In addition to the benefits I’ve already mentioned, you’ll have access to our Development Programme ‘Shine’, which is due to come online soon. Membership offers a range of training, workshops, workbooks, and materials, coaching, mentoring. Not forgetting our private Facebook group where members are free to share and support each other. If this sounds like something, you’d like to be a part of, I encourage you to hurry. The Women’s Membership opportunity will only be open a couple times each year. I’m pleased to be able to offer Savvy Women readers a special discount of 10% on their annual subscription. To benefit this must be taken up before the end of September 2020. Please contact me directly at info@ using Quote SVY2020 to get the discount. We have so much more planned for the coming months and I look forward to sharing more with you in due course. The Women’s Awards is a movement of change. I hope you’ll join us. Wishing you much success. Sandra Pollock MA, FCMgr FIC Multi Award Business Coach & Consultant, Founder, The Women’s Awards

Mobile: 07977227872 Email: Website:

So, the Women’s Awards Membership is the start of our development programme bringing you together with women, who like you, have dreams, ambitions, and goals they want to achieve and are looking for a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment. We welcome applications from women from all sectors, cultures, races, religion, etc. The only prerequisite is that you are ready to commit to your own development and growth and that of your fellow members.


Hi, I’m

Karen Chappell

Stress Management & Chronic Pain Specialist

Photo: Ursula Kelly @ Studio Softbox



ARE YOU IGNORING PAIN? ARE YOU MASKING PAIN WITH PILLS? HAVE YOU BEEN PUTTING UP WITH PAIN, ON AND OFF, FOR YEARS? I’ve written a couple of articles here on Savvy Women, talking about BodylogiqTM but, “what is the BodylogiqTM approach?” I describe it as the bridge between health centre and leisure centre. There are a lot of people who suffer with joint pain and need help before going to the gym. BodylogiqTM is the missing link that unwinds the impact that life has on your mind and body. We have pain for a reason, the body is letting us know that there is a problem. And, you know what? We usually ignore it or mask the pain with pills. Or we put it down to getting older. It doesn’t have to be this way. If a child cried, would you ignore them or stop them from talking? Pain is no different. Pain is the body’s way of drawing attention to a problem that needs a remedy rather than shutting up. My BodylogiqTM approach has been developing for many years, a fusion of therapies with outstanding results. It has evolved with over 10 years of training, in a broad range of subjects, and more than 20 years perfecting the practice of helping people become pain free, without pills. “The best thing about working with Karen is her ‘whole body’ approach. I can honestly say that I have never looked or felt better.” Val I believe that the Bodylogiq TM approach offers a revolutionary solution to personal healthcare. It is the attention to detail that delivers a 98% success rate of helping people to be pain-free without pills. Bodylogiq TM isn’t just a ‘quick fix’, it is a long-term solution.

Are you ready to feel great again? NOW is the time to really look after yourself.

Success Story

“I have no pain or anything, it’s absolutely amazing! She’s made me be much more self-aware of how things should be in the body. Certainly, I had got used to “Oh yeah, that’s just my hips. Oh yeah, that’s just my leg” and we forget that it shouldn’t be that way. Our bodies are not made to be like that. I’m so much more aware of any little niggles that don’t feel right.” Sarah Join me and be pain-free! I have worked on my own body using BodylogiqTM methods. Now, I don’t even think about buying painkillers, I’m 2cm taller and feeling the best ever at 60! • Resolve headache, back ache, neck & shoulder pain, hip & knee pain • Reduce the side-effects of pills • Return to sport, dance, playing with the children or just having fun again

“I can’t recall a time when my back didn’t ache on waking or standing for a short period of time. After only 3 sessions over a 4-week period, my back is noticeably improved. If you suffer with pain get in touch with Karen today, your only regret in doing so will be that you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.” Janet Are you ready to turn back time? Are you ready to invest in yourself to feel great again? Pick up the phone and give me a call to chat about your pain-free future. If you want to be a success story and pain-free again contact me to book your no obligation consultation Karen Chappell, 07917 410770



How Mums new to business get into the

By Vanessa Augustus

fast lane

Are you a Mum starting out in business? The world is changing fast. More people are going into business for themselves. Perhaps you’ve only got an idea you’ve been thinking about for a while. Do you see starting a business as an opportunity for yourself to leave your present employer? Maybe you are already on your way to embarking on a new journey. Whatever stage you are at right now; do you want to know how to get your business off to a flying start?

It begins with a strong desire for change either for yourself or your potential customers. Then your big vision needs to be broken down into realistic activities. Your positive mind-set is vital to get you through, especially when self-doubt appears.

Mums at the beginning of a business venture may have concerns about how quickly they can replace their present income. This is where the experience and opportunity to learn from others can make a positive impact.

Don’t forget about your structured milestone plan and robust accountability framework. Now add your physical and mental drive. Finally, you need to focus on maintaining high energy levels. So you can invest the extra time around existing commitments to make your business a profitable success.

In a previous edition we introduced you to Vanessa Augustus, Lifestyle Coach for Mums to showcase the launch of her innovative service the Mummy & Me Health Club. During the quarantine period Vanessa took the activities online and launched her first coaching programme - ‘7 Steps to a better you for start-up entrepreneurial Mums’. This online programme is available to members of the Mummy & Me Health Club who are at the start of a business journey. Vanessa developed the programme on key elements to provide a firm foundation to help you prepare to build sustainable wealth.

Meet first time Mum Joanna. Over the last year she has established deeper friendships and discovered a practical way to start her transformative journey within the Mummy & Me Health Club.

“The support and advice I received within this community helped me to reassess my lifestyle choices. This benefitted my general health and wellbeing. Vanessa has also helped me to gain confidence about starting a business around the needs of my son”. Joanna, JoJo Creates, Nottingham

“The ‘7 Steps to a Better You’ –is an excellent personal development course! It’s a useful tool for any Mum wishing to strengthen her vision, set big life goals and learn what is needed in order to achieve them”. Joanna, JoJo Creates, Nottingham

The Mummy & Me Health Club is now a hybrid of online and community based activities. These activities are aimed at Mums who are interested in improving their nutrition and fitness. Now the mind-set and business development programme is open, Vanessa is excited about using her knowledge and expertise to work closer with likeminded entrepreneurial Mums.

“I am creating a fast track environment for Mums who have an inner drive for wanting more in your life. My approach will show you why focusing on your health will boost energy levels so you can create the best start for your business. This will bring you the type lifestyle you strive to live”. Vanessa Augustus, Lifestyle Coach for Mums

Are you a Mum with the drive and ambition to walk the entrepreneurial path? You don’t need to be in business yet, but if this message resonates with you join Vanessa’s free Facebook group now where you can learn how to get started in business to achieve your goals.

Facebook Group: ‘7 Steps to a better you for start-up entrepreneurial Mums’.

Find out more: 07480 118851



Celia Gaze, Turned Stress to Success Celia Gaze, made a name for herself putting bow ties on llamas - after hitting burnout in a high powered NHS job and experiencing the very real de-habilitating impact of stress. Quitting her high pressured job, she spent three months reflecting and reviewing her life and found the answer to her future staring back at her, in a rundown farm owned by her partner. Attracted to a new challenge that took her ‘back to basics’ Celia decided to dedicate her time to bringing this farm back to life, with a vision of harnessing nature to provide a sanctuary focused on wellbeing. She created The Wellbeing Farm. This passion project saw her in court, nearly bankrupt and once again experiencing high levels of stress as she had walked in blindly to a project she was out of her depth in…..then inspiration came when she put a bow tie on a llama and she transformed the venue into an award-winning wedding venue that attracted couples from miles around. Having made this a hugely successful business Celia has now revisited her original goals of the farm to provide a wellbeing space for other burnt out professionals and has proudly just incorpo-rated The North West Centre for Business & Team Wellbeing into the Wellbeing Farm, offering events space and team building days to corporates keen to look after their staff. This idea was inspired during lockdown after Celia revisited her own health and wellbeing and undertook a 100 days of wellbeing challenge, incorporating daily exercise, meditation and commitments to self-care. This reconfirmed to her the powerful connection between physical and mental health and she’s now even more passionate than ever about providing opportunities for others to find their passion. Celia has written a book about her experience: ‘Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama? How a crazy idea can change your life and transform your business’, is an honest and highly practical guide to starting your own business, recovering from work-related burnout and bouncing back from failure.

Bursting with down-to-earth, straight-talking advice and Celia’s passionate guidance on self-care, it is an inspirational and invaluable read for anyone looking to transform their business or even start their own. The Wellbeing Farm is a multi-award winning wedding and events venue which is known for its quirky and fun approach. It was crowned best wedding venue (countryside) in the North West by The Wedding Industry Awards. Fully licensed for civil ceremonies, the venue’s aim is to make planning a wedding as stressfree and fun-filled as possible. The rustic barns, an Aladdin’s cave of amazing props to decorate the venue and some very special guests – bow-tie-wearing llamas, alpacas and donkeys to join the party all add to the uniqueness of The Wellbeing Farm. The farm has its own family butcher’s (Whiteheads Butchers which has been trading for over 130 years) and rears its own lamb and grows edible flowers for decorating the wedding food served. The venue is also very sustainable achieving the highest awards for green business.

Do we stop exercising because we get old,

or do we get old because we stop exercising?

Three years ago, I was sitting with my partner in a hospital ward. I watched a steady flow of older people being brought in with varying degrees of frailty, some in chairs, some on trolleys, and a few walking in slowly. It was this scene that made me think: what had happened to them to bring this about? I wondered too whether any of it was avoidable? Ultimately this question resulted in me changing careers and becoming a personal trainer and nutritional coach. I strongly felt that at least some of the outcomes for these people could have been improved with better advice and action at an earlier age. I wanted to be part of this fitness for life change for others moving forward. Some illnesses and conditions are beyond our control, but many can potentially be delayed, improved, or even reversed with the right approach.

as we get older, particularly when being physically active. As a 50+ woman this is something I am personally aware of! However, this does not mean you should stop exercising but rather look at alternatives or variations. Stopping all activity is the problem not the solution! When I train clients, I use exercises that will work across all joints and major muscles during each session. Exercises will feature balance, control, strength and movement across different planes of motion; up, down, sideways, forwards and backwards. Many of these can be done at home with no equipment. I train this way because this conditions the body for day to day activities. If you think about getting out of a car, reaching up to a high shelf, or bending to pick something off the floor, your body needs to be able to move at different angles and positions.

During my studies I was surprised to learn that muscle deterioration starts in your 30s, slowly at first but accelerating as you get older and that inactivity will hasten the decline.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also key as it reduces wear on your joints and reduces the risk of certain illnesses. For long term success this should not mean rigid exclusions but increasing understanding and developing long term positive habits.

Put simply: move more, do more, and use your whole body regularly. This can be done both formally, for example a Pilates class/ gym session, or informally through the day. Next time you are waiting for the kettle to boil try a few gentle squats or challenge yourself to stand up from the settee without rolling forwards or using the arm?

Recently a nutrition client said she had thought she would always have the leg pain she was feeling. Since losing weight this has gone and she is enjoying long walks in the countryside again. A priceless result that will have lasting benefits. That is what I am all about‌ fitness for life. Kirsty North, Right Time PT 07803 597157

It is natural for many of us to start to get aches and pains




I OFTEN GET ASKED THE QUESTION WHY DO I HAVE SUGAR CRAVING. THERE IS NO ONE ANSWER, BUT HERE ARE SOME GREAT CONTENDERS. POSSIBLE REASONS FOR SUGAR CRAVINGS; 1. Bliss point – our food is actually perfectly manufactured to hit that ‘bliss point’. Howard Moskowitz referred to this as the secret balance between sugar, fat and salt that keeps you coming back for more. 2. Your brains want’s more – the bliss point produces a pleasurable experience which stimulates the production of dopamine adding to the experience and making you want more. Highly sugary products have been found to produce a reaction stronger than to cocaine. 3. Emotional eating – our brains can link the pleasurable experience of eating sugary products and encourage us to consume them when we are feeling low or we want to treat ourselves. A strange concept really, because sugar creates havoc in our body and it more torturous than beneficial. Emotional eating has recently been associated with irrational beliefs and ultimately a highly incidence of food addiction. 4. Blood sugar imbalance – Eating high levels of sugar laden food will cause an initial high and then a crash. The body’s preferred source of fuel is glucose and we instinctively recognise this as fuel. So, when we are low in energy it is very easy to reach for a carbohydrate rich food. However, this only repeats the highs and lows cycle. Our blood can only manage a small amount of sugar at a time equivalent to less than a teaspoon. Here’s where the clever bit comes in. A hormone

5. Hormonal imbalances – Insulin is a hormone, but as I’ve

called insulin monitors our blood glucose levels and when the levels

covered that I’ll move onto leptin.

get to much it signals the body to remove it from the blood and store it. Over the years consistently high blood sugar levels can prevent insulin working properly, hence the phrase insulin resistant. So, where blood glucose levels fluctuate there is an increased risk you reaching for a sugary product address the balance in a crash.

6. Leptin is a hormone which is responsible for telling you when you are full. Just like insulin a poor diet can lead to leptin resistance, which simply means you never feel full and continue to eat. Leptin is now considered to be the primary driver for obesity and insulin resistance. In addition to leptin and insulin poor sleep has a substantial effect on our food choices. Sleep deprivation is associated with additional hunger, reduced feeling of fullness and increased consumption of carbohydrates. Poor sleep also impairs how the body processes sugar. 7. Bacterial overgrowth – when our gut bacteria becomes unbalanced, unhelpful bacteria can colonise and take over. This very bacteria feeds on sugar and therefore signals us to consume more. To find out more about sugar and ways to kick it read


Emma Wennington DipION mBANT mCNHC 07772 734351 email website


Relaxing The whole Covid experience has shocked the world, waking us up, pushing us to think and live differently. Challenging us to step outside our comfort zones, to try new ways of working and basically asking us to improve our game on all levels. Even though restrictions are lifting, and the country is opening up a little more, I’ve made the choice to continue to treat Reiki clients remotely until at least the end of 2020, revisiting this choice after Christmas. So, what does this mean exactly? Let’s explore the wonderful world of remote Reiki. Across Distance, Time and Space Reiki practitioners use a specific series of 5 Japanese symbols, collectively called Hon-ShaZe-Sho-Nen, (pronounced Hon-Sha-Zay-Sho-Nen), which form the distance healing symbol when used together. This symbol carries healing across distance, time and space. Think of Hon-Sha-ZeSho-Nen as a bridge between the healer and the recipient. Using this bridge, the recipient can draw the healing energy as needed.

by Jo Peirson The client and I have a chat at the start of the session, so I get an indication of how they’re feeling and where their energy’s currently at. If they’re an existing client, we’ll discuss anything that’s changed since their last session. I’ll then go ahead and do the Reiki treatment as I usually would in person. Once the session is completed, we have another quick chat where I’ll ask how they’re feeling, how they found it and if they have any questions. I email new clients an aftercare sheet and all clients any feedback / suggestions to help and support their healing journey. As you can tell, I give the same care and consideration to my clients remotely as I do in person.

Find A Quiet Space There are various ways distance healing can be given but the most important part of the process is to obtain permission from the recipient before beginning. This ensures they are safe and in the best place to receive, ideally in a quiet space, where they’ll be undisturbed for the duration and can truly relax. As most Reiki sessions are booked in advance using some form of appointment booking system, this isn’t usually an issue. One way is for the healer to have a photo of the recipient, draw the distance symbol on the photo with one hand then enclose the photo in both hands. This is ideal for a quick treatment if time is limited. Another is to use an item that belongs to the recipient. For example, in the past I’ve successfully used a teddy bear. The distance symbol is drawn over the item. and the Reiki treatment is then given as if the item was the person (therefore a teddy bear works well here).

Evolution Remote Reiki treatments were something I’d resisted until now. I’d done them as part of my training, but much preferred the in-person practise. However, judging by the incredible feedback my lovely clients are giving me, my remote Reiki sessions are here to stay. They’re challenging me to expand and evolve my healing to a whole new level, utilising my intuitive skills even further, tuning into my clients before each session. Enabling me to create a greater bespoke service for each client than ever before. Plus, with remote Reiki the recipient enjoys the same benefits from the comfort and safety of their own home.

The Full Works I prefer to give my clients the full treatment. I follow all the same systems as I would for an inperson session. I set up my treatment room as normal, with soft lighting, a scented candle or essential oils diffuser. My couch will be laid out as always so I can give the treatment as if my client were laying on it. The only difference is the session will be done via Zoom or FaceTime.



“I always found the whole mealtime took such a long time from starting tea to actually being cleared away, while my kids were just sat on their tablets. Then you call them for tea and it takes a good 5 minutes to get them to come downstairs. They don’t eat it or just mess about it with it and you feel why have I bothered! then they disappear leaving you with a pile of dishes and food all over the table and floor!” aaarrgghh!


FOODDRINK Time for a change! How about you, do you get your kids involved in mealtimes?? Now, I don’t mean just eating, I mean getting them to help you prepare the meal, from setting the table to clearing away and doing the dishes? If the answer is yes that is fab, woohoo, I’m impressed as a mum of three girls I appreciate this can be no easy feat!! If the answer is no, why not? I know the thought of it might seem stressful and you just want to get dinner on the table. I completely get that, but it can make your life so much easier, not just with time but they are much more likely to try different foods if they have been involved in the process. Not only that they will be learning valuable life skills as they grow up. Knowing how to prepare a meal and what kind of foods they should eating. Start off by choosing one or two days a week when you have more time and get them involved right from the word go. Check out our top tips on how to get them more involved;

just helping you get herbs and spices out the cupboard. ii. Older Children – depending on their confidence in the kitchen let them do more so ask them to keep an eye on the pan so it doesn’t boil over, why not let them make the sauce or gravy. f. Clearing away: Give out jobs to help clear away for example: i. Get them to help you clear the table ii. Clean the table and sweep the floor iii. Loading the dishwasher iv. Washing & drying the dishes Don’t be disheartened if they don’t always want to help or some days it is just too much of a battle but start doing it on the days you have more time. Tell them in advance that you would like them to help. I find giving them advance warning goes a long way with actually getting them to do things.

1. Get them involved in the planning. Ask them to give 1 suggestion each of a meal they would like for tea that week. 2. Make the mealtime list accessible so they know what is for tea each night, there are no surprises! 3. When it’s time to start prepping for tea, call them in to the kitchen and give them jobs to do so they are involved, here are some examples: a. Unload the dishwasher from lunch or clear any dishes on the side b. Set the table c. Ask them to clear away any toys away d. Meal prep: i. Young Children (under 6) – get them to help you with the veg prep or pasta by putting it in the saucepan. ii. Older Children – ask them to do the veg prep, if they are unsure help them, show them what to do. e. Cooking the meal: i. Under 6 – they can’t be left with a hot pan but they can still help you, whether it’s helping you make a cheese sauce or gravy or

I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you get on. Why not join our Junior Chef’s Kitchen it is online club over zoom and suitable for children over 8 years? Each session we make an easy weeknight supper and pudding plus the kids do all the work! Head over to our social media to see what we have been making in August.



Me and My Shopping Trolley My Shopping Trolley and I

Twenty-odd years ago I dreamt of being a writer one day. There weren’t many options around for having a book published; you could send off a typed manuscript to each publisher you knew about or you could turn to ‘vanity publishers’. Lacking in confidence, I looked into the latter and found that for just £2,500 you could have your book published! That was my aim – to save up enough money to pay to have my book published. It never happened though (and I still haven’t written that story I had all those years ago!). Over the next 14-odd years that followed, most of them as a single mum, I was ‘lucky’ that my health deteriorated so drastically that I could no longer have a ‘proper job’, and that freed up more time for me to focus on my writing. I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012, a chronic pain and chronic fatigue hidden illness. I had battled for the diagnosis for around 25 years, but was then knocked off my feet; a new combination of medications making me sleep (or rather what I assumed was sleep) for up to 20 hours a day. The hours I was awake were painful and groggy. However, the good thing about this situation was that the hours I was awake I was determined to keep my brain active, as that really was my only asset! I continued to check ‘that’ publishing company. They were still charging beyond my means. This time, I compiled a small collection of poetry and managed to self-publish it. That feeling when you hold your own book in your own hands is up there with holding your child for the first time. That giant step helped the writing flow, and I realised there was so many other writers out there wanting to publish, but having to choose from traditional publishers, who were no longer even accepting ‘unsolicited’ manuscripts or to pay for ‘that company’ at whatever their extortionate charges would be now. Surely I could help them? So I did!


Fast-forward to now, 2020, the year that everyone hates, I finally found that it wasn’t a big deal to work from home, albeit on the sofa in pjs and surrounded by cats. Of course, 3+ months at home can play its toll on chronic illnesses, and I found myself torn between giving up and getting a mobility scooter or soldiering on and getting a bike. Both were wrong for me; wrong for my pride and wrong for my pain levels. I compromised by getting myself a shopping trolley – WITH A SEAT!! Meanwhile, work had thrived for Green Cat Books, and for my writing. To date, I have written 2 novels and 3 selfhelp journals (plus my poetry book in 2014), and ‘we’ (Green Cat Books) have over 30 authors and over 60 books. Or to be more precise, 9 poetry, 7 fiction, 6 non-fiction, 5 fantasy, 2 supernatural, 4 sci-fi, 2 romance (plus 4 which have been added to our new LGBTQ+ genre), 6 (including those 4) LGBTQ+ and TWENTY-TWO children’s books. We have also won awards such as Theo Paphitis’ #SBS and #QueenOfBookPublishing. And my shopping trolley and I are getting along splendidly! Lisa Greener Editor-in-Chief Green Cat Books Award-winning Book Publisher Websites: Social Media: @greencatbooks Tel: 01332 460240




If you have the passion and energy to start a new a business, you want to bring your product or service to the public notice. As an author, my ‘products’ are my books, my characters and plots are the components. Of course, that’s looking at it from a purely business-like point of view, but I have an emotional connection with my characters, and storytelling for me is not a business; it’s a joy and something I have to do. It may take a while, sometimes years, to go from that vision you have, to perfecting your product or service before you launch it. Writing a book doesn’t happen overnight either. Some authors are able to write two or three books a year, but usually they are working to a tried and tested formula which makes it easier, or they have far too much free time on their hands! Many others take years to write one book. I wrote a book each year for three years and then, due to other commitments, it took me nine years before I could get around to writing the fourth. Last year, I am delighted to say, was a very productive year from a creative point of view and I launched three books; ‘Avaroc Returns’, the fourth in The Winterne Series, and two books for younger children: ‘Lorna and the Loch Ness Monster’ and ‘The Raven and the Thief’. I have followed those up this year with two further books in the series for younger children: the first about a mother badger, ‘Blue Teaches a Lesson’ and ‘Mrs Pringles Needs a Nurse’ which advises not to give hedgehogs cow’s milk. In addition, I am well on the way with the prequel to The Winterne Series, giving the back story to a number of historic incidents mentioned in the previous four volumes.

Some of my characters and scenes have ‘lived’ in my imagination for a number of years before they ever appear in print, and It is a great relief to get them out of my head and down on paper. I can then move on with the next scene or book. My characters, whether human or mythical, have moments of great joy, danger or endure some terrible ordeals and, although I have created them, I suffer with them. I hear their arguments and their laughter, strange though it may sound, I listen to their suggestions about how the plot should evolve. It may sound a strange, but when an author really gets to know their characters, they take on a life of their own, and can react to situations in a completely different way to how the author would in the same set of circumstances. When this happens and the character takes over, those sections generally flow so well, they play out in an author’s mind as though they were watching a film scene. But beyond the writing comes the publicising and marketing. Know your market, I was advised. So, I initially aimed my fantasy adventure books at the nine to fifteen-year-old age group. That advice was proved to be wrong. It’s surprising how many adults enjoy that kind of escapist story and my books ‘crossed-over’ to adult readership. This has been very beneficial for me as more adults than young people give reviews, and I have been fortunate in receiving some terrific reviews. So, although you may receive advice on which market to aim your product or service at, don’t be scared to ‘test the water’ elsewhere a little, you never know where or to whom it might lead you.

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Balancing the Soul & Business

I’ve been in business nearly thirteen years. Life pushed me into it when I became unhappy with my corporate experiences. It was my husband, Mike, who said to me one day after hearing how I had been treated, “You’ve always talked about starting your own business, why don’t you just do it.” And with that I did. Helping people, individually and in groups to develop their skills and abilities to be their best self has always been my passion. People Development, Leadership, Management and Mindset are my focus. The Deeper questions We’ve all had questions pop up for us like, Is there more? Why am I here? How can I make a real lasting difference through my business, career, and my day to day actions? Many people are afraid to voice these questions out loud, particularly in the corporate world for fear that they might be considered off their rocker and lose out on opportunities. However, I’ve always felt there was a bit of a miss match between just focusing on helping people reach their professional excellence and helping them connect with the depth of who they are inside. Bringing these two disparate aspects together, has been something that I’ve long held a desire to do more openly:


combining my professional expertise with my spiritual experience in my work with people. Many in the corporate world see these two things as separate, I don’t. It’s been my experience that many more people want to connect with the deeper questions of life, and as a part of their businesses. There is a growing yearning for more out of life. For many, the previously accepted avenues people would have gone to for answers, are proving less appealing and still prone to separate the two.

Changing tide As more women make the choice to run their own businesses, and move away from either the frustration of what the corporate world offers, or finally, taking that step into doing what they’ve always dreamed of, there is a changing of the tide. The freedom of running one’s own business, whatever size, has allowed women, and some men, the autonomy to explore, without the fear of judgement or criticism, what they might consider the answers to some of these questions might be; bringing their discoveries into their businesses. I believe the separation of mind and soul (higher self, spirit) or whatever term you may feel comfortable using, is what has been lacking in the world of business. This, in my opinion, has been what has lead humanity down the road to making decisions that are destroying our planet. More and more of my work with individuals and groups now includes the spiritual aspect in varying levels. More people want to connect with their deeper selves and bring our findings into all areas of our lives and contributions.

What’s the point? I used to be concerned that if I shared my deep interests in connecting the spiritual with the professional, I might be shunned. However, on the contrary, this aspect of my work is busiest. So, what is this all about? It’s about encouraging us, you, and me, to follow our hearts’ yearning even when we feel or cannot see that it might be financially profitable. Profit or should I use the better word, success, covers much more than the coin. And our higher self knows far more than our mind can see from its current vantage point. The greater the numbers of people who are prepared to connect the spirit with the professional, the greater the discovery of our individual and human purpose in answering the question, why am I here, will be. Love, Life & Good Health Sandra Pollock

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Take time out for self-care Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE When was the last time you took some time to look after yourself? As a busy woman, you might think that looking after yourself is a bit of luxury especially if self-care means a spa day or a weekend break Self-care is much more than that. It is not just taking a hot bath and going to a spa once in a blue moon nor is it longing for that holiday. It can be hard to clock-off and take time out, especially if you run your own business and you are wondering how you will earn enough for you to take that time away!

A self-care plan enables you to address certain areas of your life and create positive interactions in those areas. These are: • • • • • •

Your workplace and your professional life or in this case your business The physical or your body The psychological The emotional and The spiritual Relationships

Self-care is about how you look after yourself on a day-today basis to maintain your health and well-being.

In each of these areas, you look at how you can create more positive experiences. For example, you could look at your work environment - if you work from home, do you have a dedicated place to work? Is it arranged how you would like it to be?

Stress is one of the top causes of ill-health and in a recent survey 74% of people reported feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Other studies have shown that one of the top issues for people who run their own businesses is stress and unfortunately ladies, stress affects women 50% more than it affects men.

Whilst the self-care plan is about you, it is also about how you interact with others and how you give to others. It is just one of the pillars of success that I teach my clients. The idea it is about making small changes, being consistent and creating new habits which enable you to be happy, healthy and thriving.

A little bit of stress is useful but constant stress takes its toll on your body as well as your mental health. Symptoms such as headaches, backaches, low energy or just a general feeling of being unwell can be signs of stress. Overtime this can lead to Chronic Stress and if left unresolved, chronic stress can lead to burnout.

Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE is a transformational business coach, consultant and recovering overachiever! She works with high achieving women in business to get the success without the burnout.

Burnout is very different from chronic stress and the numbers of people experiencing burnout are growing. With burnout, symptoms are not feeling like you want to do anything, the thing that you loved no longer appeals to you anymore, you simply have no energy - it’s a feeling of ‘you’re done’. Creating a self-care plan enables you to combat stress, develop physical and mental well-being and build resilience. If you are already experiencing stress it helps you manage it and stop it getting worse. If you are already burnout, it is a way to ease you out of that place and develop healthy habits and behaviours.

Yvette is passionate about ensuring women have the optimum environment, tools and skills to thrive in business. She believes that this starts from the inside and working in a way which builds sustainable and profitable businesses without overwhelm, stress and burnout. Too often looking after yourself is an after-thought or only happens once there is an impact on health and well-being. Yvette wants self-care to be a priority and for self-care plans to be just as important other plans! She has over 20 years of business experience and is an accredited NLP coach. She won a Microsoft/O2 award for business in 2013, was shortlisted for Best Coach at the Best Business Women Awards, 2015 and was awarded an MBE for her work with women in business in 2017. In 2019 she was awarded a PhD in sociology.

Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE 07940799807

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About The Edge Events/My Journey: The Edge Events came about over an idea while out with friends in Alderley Edge – Hence the name “The Edge Events” I set the company up over eight years ago. I had back then and still do (more than ever) a real passion for events. Having worked in marketing/sales for seven years previously to setting up the company. This was due to several factors, one being the company I worked for outsourcing and taking a different direction meant I could seek new opportunities. Having a real vision and determination and after applying to several companies with no Joy I hit a brick wall and decided that not only did I want the freedom to set up my own company on my terms I also had such drive and ambition to create seamless events. Having experienced attending events and special occasions I was always left feeling I could see where there was a lack of attention to detail or customer service that was missing, and I wanted to bring that to my events. The Edge Events was born! To establish myself I volunteered to assist red carpet charity events to raise and build my profile. I even put together my own PR party to launch The Edge Events – which was a huge success! I attended every launch and networking event and quickly became established as a recognised face in Manchester as well as building a huge database of contacts! I saw a niche in the market for a cuttingedge events company and grabbed it with both hands! The Edge Events eight years on has successfully organised business events, red carpet events, charity events as well as launch parties, birthday parties (for restaurants/bars) and more.

Most recently focusing on a new side of the business. Women in Business events bringing new business and increasing footfall and profit during off peak times for the venue. In addition, when the doom and gloom of the pandemic hit in March 2020 I was determined to keep the brand alive and with no events in the foreseeable I set up Women in Business Go Digital With the #womeninbusinessgodigital The Edge Events organises PR, deals with the press, as well as PR campaigns/Blogs. I have now set up The Edge Events Loyalty club as well as The Edge Events lifestyle which includes the skincare company Temple Spa, I am a brand ambassador that supports MIND as well as well-being. I am also up for an award for The Downtown in Business Awards and would love your vote. SHORTLISTED FOR FEMALE NETWORKER OF THE YEAR DOWNTOWN IN BUSINESS AWARDS CLICK TO VOTE I have also added Garden Parties and social distance parties to my portfolio/baby showers/weddings and special occasions. With packages to suit you and your budget Get in touch! INFO@THEDGE-EVENTS.COM WWW.THEEDGE-EVENTS.COM THE EDGE EVENTS FACEBOOK THE EDGE EVENTS LOYALTY CLUB FACEBOOK THEEDGE.EVENTS -INSTAGRAM @LCTHEEDGEEVENTS TWITTER





“We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.” Beyoncé

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